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I have an XE1 which I enjoy using. However, it appears to me that the color balance on the lcd if off because it appears more yellow than the actual pictures do when processed and displayed on my imac screen. I first thought the pictures themselves were to yellow when compared to the lcd of my other cameras, Pentax, Nikon and Olympus, but when loaded on the imac, they are just fine.
Is there some to check or adjust the white balance or color of the lcd of the camera?
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Hi all,

I am new to this forum, and unfortunately I would like to start directly with a problem.

I borrowed a X100s from a friend of mine and was going to test it before the delivery of my brand new X-E2. Now I have this problem (and I have seen a few posts about this subject) that when I turn the camera on it freezes directly and the on/off button doesn't work anymore. Removing the battery switches off the camera, but when I insert the battery I have the same problem. When I turn on the camera (after removal of the battery) and I press the Play button, I can enter the Play menu and everything works OK, but when I try to go to the photo-mode, same problem again. This also is the case when I turn on the camera (after removal of the battery) and press the 'DISP/Back' button, then I can enter the firmware update menu.

As said, I've seen a few posts on this matter, but there was no follow up how the story ended. I feel quite bad about this, so I would really appreciate some information/help.

Thank you from a desperate new forum member
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Has anybody tested to connect with USB cable to pc after upgrade to latest firmware on X-E2 ?
My camera can't be found in WIN7, or WIN10.
I have also tried to connect to another computer.
Camera acts as it not connected to pc. But if I remove the USB cable it hangs.
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The top 3 are from Belize, the bottom from Ernesto's Fajita Factory in Cozumel.. I really like photo #2, he was a river guide and was intensely looking for wildlife to show us.

DSCF5495.jpg DSCF5546.jpg DSCF5487.jpg DSCF5920.jpg
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Brand new X Shooter here.. Green as they come. In my quest to find the Camera that's right for me I was able to use an X-T1 with XF18-55 and Rokinon 12mm for a few weeks. It was a great experience, and I really started to fall in love with the Fuji System. I will be purchasing Fuji gear soon for sure..






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Dylan leading the first pitch of Leaning Tree. A little scrambling with my X-E1 and 12mm Touit lead to this photo. Really interesting light in the deep canyon.

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Fairly hurried and hand-held, set at 800 ISO and f/1.4 or f/2 aperture priority. Difficult to set up tripod and make careful exposure adjustments when you're in strolling crowds with your nearest and dearest who haven't brought their cameras along. Tried to take advantage of f/1.4 for both lenses but depth of field considerations made it more complex than I'd thought. Love these wide apertures on the primes but still waiting to try out the 16-55mm...

Paddle steamer Tattershall Castle

DSCF7729  Ship and HoP_edited-1.jpg

Festival Pier

Festival Pier Panorama night reduced.jpg

Houses of Parliament

DSCF7688Old and New H of P_edited-3.jpg

London Eye


Just a thought - do they allow tripods on bridges and along the South Bank? I'm asking because back in 1997 I got told to take one down while doing tourist-type shots of Darling Harbour in Sydney "because the pics could be sold as postcards"...
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And so I have searched and read some older posts about dealing with Henry's, the gray market etc.

Bottomline is that i preordered the XP2 from Henry's for $1358 understanding is that this will come with a two year Fuji warranty, the first year I can get serviced in the US and the second year, serviced in Canada..The camera is selling in the US for $1699. I would be getting it for $350 I missing anything, is there a cost benefit analysis that I am not considering. Do I cancel the order with Henry's and get from a local camera shop for piece of mind or do I save $350 and be smart???? Everything I have read indicates that I will be ok but just one last word of encouragement from someone that KNOWS would be appreciated...
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I'm curious about your idea of '3d pop'? Please let your images speak.
Here's one from the weekend (XF35/1.4@1.4):


Next please ...
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hi i have been thinking about this matter since the xpro2 dropped a few weeks back and i was thinking, as many on this forum seem to be thinking.. that i wish fuji would hurry up and deliver the new stock so i can "upgrade" quickly.. mostly... because the X-Trans™* CMOS III sensor & X Processor Pro (and "improved" AF and faster, cleaner ISO) .. does look to be the business.

however.. and call me controversial.. i'm not so cool about the xpro2 not having an articulated viewing screen.. not going to lie i was a little disappointed to learn this at the launch and it has been playing on my mind.

since using xm1... a lot... i'm finding the screen to be a god send especially for framing those low and high shots blah blah blah... its just ultra convenient not to have to stick your nose on the back of the camera all the time... and a moving screen has grown into a must have feature afaik... i can no longer live without one.

over the weekend ... out and about with my beloved x-m1... i was mulling over buying the xpro2 again blah blah blah and in a bolt of clear consciousness decided to make a firm decision and forget about upgrading anytime soon.

i love that my x-m1 is so small, cheap and light weight.... stick an xf 23mm lens on an xm1 and that is the perfect x camera afaik.

having said that i still fancy that cmos 3 sensor and the nu processor... so.. in my dreams i would be looking forward to fuji launching an x-m1(2)... but truth is i will take a box brownie with a cmos 3 + processor pro and an articulated LED screen in it.

question: has anyone heard any rumours about a forthcoming x series camera with a cmos 3 and an articulated screen?
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I have tried to assign one of the function buttons to Face Detection on my X-E2, but without success. There is probably a very simple reason, but I can't see it.
Can someone please help.

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My wife recently found a whole new part of her family, many are living, some have deceased. Traveling 3 hours to a remote cemetry to pay respects, the only lens I'd consider is the 23mm. It won't let you down



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Almost zero light pollution in the north of northland NZ. Another star shot. Astro is a funny path. You get addicted to it but those around you don't share your enthusiasm as 'one star shot is the same as the other'. To me it's a new frontier in photography, like underwater. The samyang for its price is fantastic. Highly recommended if you think you want star shots but are still saving for the Fuji 16mm'n

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hi could I have some recommendations for viewfinder on XA-1 & 27mm lens?
On a budget so used one is fine
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I have installed firmware version 4 for my XE-2. Takes some time to adapt and figure out all the focus options. Missed a lot of pics due to confusion from my part. The biggest problem, however, remains and old bug that haunted the XE-2 from the beginning: the impossibility to have EVF for shooting and automatic LCD for playback. I read several posts going back months ago, and many persons wished that Version 4 would solve that problem (which, incidently does not exist on other X models). Am I wrong? Is there a reason why Fuji did not implement this crucial change?
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It was one day after Fujifilm announced their newest cameras (X-Pro2, X70, X-E2s) and the newest XF telephoto zoom lens (100-400mm) that I sat down together

[​IMG]Continue reading...
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Been tinkering with a DIY ringlight last week. This is one of the shots I got out of it. X-E1 with the 56mm wide open.

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Taken with X-T1 , with simple LTM > FX 11$ adapter:

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Just thought I try my XT1 Version 4.0 continuous autofocus on wide mode, using the Fujinon 55-200





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My X-E1 had worked fine until I tried out the custom settings. After that, its operation is somewhat unpredictable. Like the settings changing unexpectedly (e.g. AUTO ISO changing to 200). Also the Q button just does not work properly. When I push the button, the options show up, but when I select any one of them, it just goes back to the image display.

I tried a reset, but that had no effect. Hope someone here can offer a suggestion.

Thanks in advance,

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This is what you get when you are on the phone around me and you get bored. lol

02-07-2016_XT10_cbus_DSCF9020.jpg 02-07-2016_XT10_cbus_DSCF9021.jpg
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Havent thought through any details but thought this might be a fun and interesting project. :)
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I first noticed my i40 not behaving itself on Christmas, using the strobe on my X100s set to TTL, would work properly, then suddenly it would flash, but with not near enough power, yielding way underexposed photos. Last evening using it on my X-T10 at an awards banquet it worked fine for a bit then start giving the same underexposed results. I both cases the ambient light didn't change, the batteries where fairly fresh and the ready light was green. Fortunately I had a Yongnuo set up to give some off camera light for the awards presentations. Not sure what is going on with it, I have cleaned the contacts on both cameras.
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Three-image stitched panorama using 23mm:

Thames by Night resize.jpg
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I used to own the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens, sold it last year after I acquired the Fuji X-E2/1 pair, still hanging on to the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8. In any case, my current thought is no matter how enticing it is, I will not fall into the trap of buying another big and heavy zoom. I have a Olympus Zuiko 75-150mm f/4 that I got with a OM-1 I bought a few years back, that is really small. The one I have, however, produces really low contrast images, I am disappointed. This past December, I happened to find this Tamron on eBay for $18 and got it. It has an Adaptall mount for OM, and I already had the OM-to-FX adapter.

I was playing around with this lens yesterday, as well as trying some JPEG settings on the camera. Took this picture with the X-E1, handheld. I believe the aperture was at f/8, but I forgot to note the focal length. This is SOOC JPEG, settings were Auto ISO 6400, manual shutter at 1/500th, Auto WB, Velvia, DR100, NR -2, HL-Tone -1, SH-Tone 0, Color +1, Sharpness +1. It was quite difficult to focus, though, on the X-E1. I am finding that the contrast change on long-throw manual lenses is gradual enough that it is hard to detect the "peak", especially in flat and "lowish" light. Then again, I am pleased with the edge of the petal closest to the camera, which is where I focused.

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Walhalla is a former gold mining town about 200 km east of Melbourne. It is located in a very steep valley and the local cemetery is on a hill overlooking the site of the township. Rumour has it that the hillside is so steep that many were buried vertically (Standing up in other words). From looking at the graves I suspect there is an element of urban myth in that but maybe there were some instances of it happening.
If you look carefully at the photo just right of centre you can see the roadway below.
X-T1 18-55OIS

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Hello All,

Photo made with XT 1 GS and XF 10-24mm

greetings Jakke

GXT16660 v2 FF.jpg
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Normally I shoot roller derby with a Nikon D750 and the 70-200 f2.8 VRII but due to the recent 4.0 firmware update decided to give the X-E2 a try. Turns out that it is more than possible to use the X-E2 to shoot roller derby with the recent firmware update. It is not as effortless as the Nikon D750 in shooting action but results can be gotten with the Fuji. Was more hit and miss for focusing than with the Nikon kit but ended up with images that I could work with. With the Nikon kit almost all come out in focus and will only get rejected due to content of the image. With the Fuji there were more out of focus shots but it was workable. Shot primarily with the 90mm f2.0 and a couple of shots were done with the 16mm f1.4. Also used a remotely triggered Godox AD360 mounted on a 12' light stand. Did shoot with ambient light and also with the remote light. Tried to use the 56mm 1.2 but found that the lens is just not fast enough for focusing even with the 4.0 firmware, at least for action. Shooting roller derby is quite tough on any camera to shoot due to the light levels and the X-E2 did quite well all things considered. Ended up with pretty decent results compared to what I would normally get. Here are a couple of shots, one with strobe and one with ambient light. And the links are to the full Flickr galleries for both bouts.

Smoke City Betties vs Chicks Ahoy!

Death Track Dolls vs Gore-Gore Roller Girls
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Have a photo comp coming up soon at work, nothing serious just run as part of the work photography club. Anyway this months topic is 'Portrait" took this today with my Sony RX100M3 whilst visiting family. This is my son. Shot RAW and edited in Lightroom.

Anyway, I would welcome feedback on which I should submit, or if its not worth submitting at all.

Joe Portrait-1
by Peter Goodwin, on Flickr

Joe Portrait-2
by Peter Goodwin, on Flickr
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As has been extensively discussed, Fuji's jpeg engine is excellent. While I can produce equivalent results from raw conversion I've found it more practical to shoot jpeg and just let the camera do its thing. For a significant majority of images the results are more than good enough and spending time tinkering with development settings isn't my thing. However, on a few images I've hit trouble with jpeg compression artifacts. Mainly ringing of high contrast edges.

So if there was a near lossless superfine jpeg setting I'd shoot it all the time. Jpeg fine usually gives me between 3.6 and 7.1MB images depending on subject matter. I'm unsure of the details of the .raf format but 12 bits/pixel is 24MB---in reasonable agreement with the 25.6MB .rafs my X camera produces---implying lossless 8 bit would be around 18 or 19MB. I'm thinking if superfine jpeg typically came out in the 8 to 16MB range that'd work out pretty well.

This should be straightforward to implement; it's just another click on the fine/normal knob that's already in the firmware.
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[First, I'd like to say hello to the FujiXer's, looks to be a great forum. The first part of this was written by me December 16th 2015 and posted on the DPReview forum. They completely ignored it from what I can tell and it was never posted. I suppose it was viewed as flame-bait but that absolutely wasn't my intent. I simply wanted to share my view as a person completely outside of the photography world attempting to wade the waters of value and feature sets of the incredibly complex camera landscape. It has taken me months to come to a conclusion on the system that deserves my hard-earned dollars.]


I’m a Photography Newb for context here.. lets get that out of the way. I’m 40 years old, highly technical, but have never owned a real camera. For more context, I carry 2 iPhones everyday, my entire family have iDevices and I live my life using and selling, cost-justifying technology and technology consulting services. I don’t have any biases for or against any camera manufacturers whatsoever.

The Camera

My Wife and I have spoken throughout the years about getting a real camera and taking classes so we might understand how to leverage it to create better memories and heck, even some art for our home. It’s obvious to us how much better the photos taken with decent cameras appear in the hands of someone understands the craft. This year (2015) I decided to journey into the photography world (completely cold mind you) and do the research to find the camera that is right for us. I thought it would be a great Christmas gift for us to share and another thing we could enjoy doing together. I’m a researcher by nature too, one of my character flaws is that I deeply dislike buyer’s remorse thus I really spend time reading and fully understanding just about anything I purchase. I wanted to buy a Camera (and lenses) that might be easy enough for us to use while we were beginners and then not limit us as our skillset improved. Money was really no object but I don’t really intend on carrying something full-frame. Honestly I’d never even held a modern camera.

I stopped by our local camera store, Murphy Camera in Lexington Kentucky and was greeted by an incredibly helpful staff, they were patient and gracious as I began to understand their product lines and different offerings. They were also trying to understand me, the buyer and what would fit me best. Honestly with the bit of research I’d done before visiting the store, I made the decision that the Fuji XT-1 was most right for me until I held it in my hand. It’s gorgeous, reminiscent of my Dad’s 20 year old Pentax Super Program SLR (I’m a closet romantic and totally into nostalgia), but I found myself feeling intimidated by the dials and compact nature. I shared that with the representative and he smiled and wisely allowed me to hold one of Canon’s DSLR’s. A 70D. I’m 6’2” with proportional sized hands and I immediately found that to fit my hand so well. It felt like home. Still not ready to make a decision, I decided to return home empty-handed and research several of the Camera lines we discussed. I committed to purchase from my Camera store when I was ready (I’m in to supporting local business when possible). After week of research, I was pretty certain I wanted the Canon 70D and somewhere on the DP review forum I read where Camera Stores will rent cameras. It made perfect sense for me to rent the 70D and see if that’s what I wanted to plunk my money on. They were, of course, on sale and Canon was running a special with a free 13x19 Printer.. Which seemed like a decent value. I rented the 70D and spent the weekend with it. I carried it nearly every where I went and took the best pictures of my life (remember, I'd never actually use a decent camera). We couldn’t believe the difference in image quality. One thing became apparent though is the thing was just too big. In the first couple statements I shared that I carry 2 iPhones. I’m used to my devices being small, powerful and highly interactive. The Canon was large, heavy and only somewhat interactive. I liked the quality of the 70D’s photos, but not the size/weight. A friend of mine (unbeknownst to me) had just purchased a Nikon 7200 for his family and I had the opportunity to take a look at that also over the weekend. One thing that struck me immediately was when I went to touch the screen, it did nothing. Dead as a cold stone. That surprised me, kind of like a WTH moment. When I found myself rotating a detented wheel to see the photos on the camera, I felt like it was 10 years old. While the 70D’s touch screen works, it’s hardly what I would call a “good” user interface and it can be a little laggy when flipping through photos when compared to the iDevices I use every day. The revelation that far too many of the enthusiast level cameras have a large fancy screen that the manufacturer shares the dot count specs about but has zero interactivity or poor user interfaces makes no bloody sense to me whatsoever. I suppose this is where I begin to grind my axe (a little). Just about everyone today has a modern smartphone that provides a fast, rich, fluid, helpful experience that is connected to internet of things and can even update its own firmware. Why doesn’t the modern camera provide the same? I know the 70D is long in the tooth at this point but even the backlit Drive LCD panel on top seems a little last-decade not 3 years ago... I was struck by my impending conclusion. These camera’s just don’t seem modern to me. Heck they have WiFi but even then their experience varies. I’d expect for a camera to connect to a wifi access point and be able to seamlessly transfer photos to iCloud, Google, or Amazon photo services but that apparently doesn’t exist, I’d expect of all of them to provide a rich GUI experience helpful to the beginner, enthusiast and pro alike, I’d expect for them to HELP you take better pictures (I supposed some of the new “post photo adjustable focus” features are starting to do that) – I guess I was just expecting too much.

Where did I end up? Well, I ended up deciding I absolutely don’t want a DSLR as I don’t want that size. I like the idea of Mirrorless and after all of my research, the two cameras I was most excited to part with my money for are the Fuji XT-1 and the Sony a6000. What was the one thing that kept me from buying them? Might have guessed it. No touch screen. I cannot get used to having a device in my hand that has no direct way to interact with it’s interface. I decided not to buy a camera at all this time. (hangs head low) I’m waiting for CES this year to see what that brings. I promised my local camera shop that I’d be back (and I will). I’m hoping it’s 2016 that the Camera begins to catch the modern technology context, I’m hoping it will. I have the money burning a hole in my pocket and cant wait to hand it over..

[This ends the piece I wrote on December 16 last year. Fast forward to February 7th 2016]

After I took the 70D back I spent 2 weeks reading 2-4 hours a day to finally settle right back where I started. (Keep in mind how green I was, I didn't even fully understand what an f-stop was in December of 2015) I really like the Fuji System, especially the X-T1. I was able to use one for a couple weeks which included the XF 18-55 and a Rokinon/Samyang 12mm F2. I took it with me on a Cruise to Belize and Cozumel where I really started to fall in love with it during the week on vacation. I took over a thousand pictures and was incredibly satisfied with the results on my first go. Just 2 weeks ago I finally downloaded lightroom so I could learn how to work with RAW images and certainly see how incredible post-processing can be. I read somewhere that there are 3 types of photographers. Photographers that try to get it all correct in camera, photographers that try to get it close in camera and put finishing touches in post and finally photographers that that shoot in RAW on ISO Invariant cameras and do most of the work in post. I suppose I'm the 2nd type.

I'm 100% convinced the Fuji X system is for me. As it happened that my purchase fell at the emergence of a new generation of Fuji cameras, I've held off purchasing for now. In my mind the X-T2 is what I want and I'm hoping the X70's Touch Screen is a leading indicator of things to come. Several times over the weeks with the X-T1, I touched the screen to try to change the focus point or pinch to zoom a photo which is frankly an intuitive action, even with my love for the camera, it reminded me why I wanst ready to part with the money for it yet. I'm considering an X-E2S or X-T10 to have a great camera until we see the X-T2 and then perhaps will pass it to my wife. If the X70 had interchangeable lenses I'd probably look harder at it, but while using the X-T1 I really enjoyed using the EVF and really want that feature. The X-PRO2 looks awesome, but again for me, no touchscreen. It's really hard for me, an avid iDevice user to spend 2 grand on something with no direct interface. Also, my personal preference is more for the body size of the X-T1 versus the XPRO size. I really like the flip screen on the T1.

Anyway, if you're still reading.. Thanks. Sorry for such a long post. Just wanted to share, say hello and join in. Looks to be a great group here versus some "other" forums that seem more like shark infested waters of d-baggery. I'm looking forward to 2016.
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