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Recently Added Posts

  • mickeyjuicePhoto
    how many of the members look at the photos?

    mickeyjuice - Today, 10:09 PM

    i'm curious how many of us regularly head over to the photo section of this website and look at the images?  I've got the images forum on subs...

  • RonSmithPhoto
    56mm f/1.2 - Not Just for Portraits

    RonSmith - Today, 10:08 PM

    Beautiful! It's good for birds too ...  20140412 100a by Ronald S. Smith , on Flickr    ... and trains ...  201...

  • mikealex42Photo
    totemic waterfall...

    mikealex42 - Today, 10:03 PM

    The colour is better than the B&W, although the seam from the flip&stitch is a little more obvious in the colour. I like the 6s exposure to give a...

  • mikealex42Photo
    how many of the members look at the photos?

    mikealex42 - Today, 09:58 PM

    i would rather just state that than try to explain what it is about the image that draws me in…i don't really feel qualified to do that...  S...

  • Richard_RPhoto
    Anyone up for a Model T?

    Richard_R - Today, 09:43 PM

    Something I do like - the raw format is a DNG. This is WONDERFUL.... why can't other manufacturers realise that proprietary raw formats actually ma...

  • RapidCancelPhoto
    how many of the members look at the photos?

    RapidCancel - Today, 09:41 PM

    Love looking at them, I just wish I had more comments to make.

  • Aby_CatPhoto
    56mm f/1.2 - Not Just for Portraits

    Aby_Cat - Today, 09:38 PM

    I have seen many posts on the forum with people saying that the 56mm is primarily for portraits.  Yes, it is great for that, but I am finding...

  • etnPhoto

    I do look at pictures, mostly via the "what's new". Some pics are truly amazing and they expand my photographic vision.

  • noisejammerPhoto
    Canon EF mount

    noisejammer - Today, 09:35 PM

    One thing worth noting is that while EF lenses are basically fixed aperture lenses on your Fuji, they don't have to be used wide open.  Set th...

  • ArbibPhoto
    X-Series Wildlife

    Arbib - Today, 09:27 PM

    Birds: 2014-4-24 par Peter Arbib , on ipernity

  • sohcsleeperPhoto


  • ArbibPhoto

    I use the "What's New" and go though the "Fuji-X Photos" and look for resent posts.... And, the "New Content" also.I do like looking at the photogr...

  • back alleyPhoto

    I found that the vari-nd are not very good, color casts etc. especially the lower cost ones.  I just carry a few NDs and you can stack them. I...

  • Elf_8Photo
    totemic waterfall...

    Elf_8 - Today, 09:12 PM

    Great impact. You did a nice job nailing the exposure. Love the postprocessing too.

  • afkennerPhoto
    X-T1 | A macro afternoon in the woods

    afkenner - Today, 09:12 PM

    Seriously, those are INCREDIBLE

  • back alleyPhoto
    Fujinon 60mm f/2.4

    back alley - Today, 09:10 PM

    20140420 002a by Ronald S. Smith, on Flickr nice colour and detail

  • Desert PhotogPhoto
    50-140 Release?

    Desert Photog - Today, 09:08 PM

    Are there any indications that the Fujinon 50-140 zoom will actually be released this year? Or, like most of the other releases will it be put off...

  • back alleyPhoto
    how many of the members look at the photos?

    back alley - Today, 09:06 PM

    interesting…i also dislike when someone only post a link to their work but no on forum pics. i often say, nice pic and follow with an 'i like...

  • ice_manPhoto
    Leather Neck Straps: A&A and Tap&Dye.

    ice_man - Today, 09:04 PM

    44" on the Tap&Dye. Tapatalk.

  • Desert PhotogPhoto
    Zeiss Touit 2.8/50mm Macro

    Desert Photog - Today, 09:04 PM

    I agree with the "tough crowd" observations. I can't take pictures any better than those hand held. They look pretty good to me for some initial tr...

  • timichangoPhoto
    A fancy strap was given to me for my birthday.

    timichango - Today, 09:03 PM

    Certainly not my intention whatsoever to make you feel ashamed of yourself, hence my admission of my own prior guilt in being a language bully in t...

  • summiterPhoto
    Is your X-T1 sensor a dust magnet?

    summiter - Today, 09:02 PM

    I remember something years ago about a Canon-Nikon naming thing.  Loved my 40D, especially with the 70-200 IS USM.  That lens will never...

  • RonSmithPhoto
    Fujinon 60mm f/2.4

    RonSmith - Today, 09:01 PM

    20140420 002a by Ronald S. Smith , on Flickr

  • thomaslchenPhoto
    X-T1 Interval Shooting Timer

    thomaslchen - Today, 08:59 PM

    Yeah I thought of that too. I turned off image review and it still does the same thing

  • fischmannPhoto
    X-E2, 55-200 lens and Tulips

    fischmann - Today, 08:54 PM

    Beautiful color and bokeh of the second one...congratulations..!!

  • One frame at a timePhoto
    X-T1 Interval Shooting Timer

    One frame at a time - Today, 08:51 PM

    Wondering if you have image review tuned on? 2+1=3?

  • b-9Photo
    New DIY Hand Grip

    b-9 - Today, 08:50 PM

    Check out my new thread, nothing like a bit of friendly competition to dust off the cobwebs and stretch those brain muscles after a long, hard wint...

  • dpt.calvinPhoto
    X-T1 Firmware Wishlist

    dpt.calvin - Today, 08:49 PM

    Re: multiple exposures - maybe a balance fader between image 1 and image 2?Go big or go home, might as well make the multiple exposure mode more ad...

  • mikealex42Photo
    how many of the members look at the photos?

    mikealex42 - Today, 08:48 PM

    I look at a lot of the photos posted, but not all. I ignore the sticky topics, I'd rather see a photo by itself at the beginning of a thread and th...

  • mickeyjuicePhoto

    mickeyjuice - Today, 08:48 PM

    I wish there was a magical merger of the two.. CaptureRoom... :)  :-) I'm hanging on due to Adobe and Fuji "working closety together" or...


56mm f/1.2 - Not Just for Portraits

Today, 09:38 PM

Posted by Aby_Cat in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

I have seen many posts on the forum with people saying that the 56mm is primarily for portraits.  Yes, it is great for that, but I am finding that it works wonderfully for other applications, too.  Nature photos are a good example.

Attached File  Iris-2771.jpg   110.91KB   3 downloads

  25 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by RonSmith )


50-140 Release?

Today, 09:08 PM

Posted by Desert Photog in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

Are there any indications that the Fujinon 50-140 zoom will actually be released this year? Or, like most of the other releases will it be put off until sometime in the late winter or early spring of 2015?



  34 Views · 0 Replies


Fuji Craftsman Build Off 2014 Cat: Ergonomic

Today, 08:43 PM

Posted by b-9 in Fuji X Accessories
Hello! And Welcome!

Here's an interesting idea, let's have a friendly competition amongst DIYers.
Here are the details:

2014 Craftsman Build Off (Fuji specific)

Category: Ergonomic Extensions (grips, straps, bases, what have you's?)

Rules for entry:
*Must be a member of Fujix-forum (duh)
*Must be made for/to fit a Fuji product
*No previously finished projects
*Must be an original design (not particularly an original idea)
*Must contain at least one (1) entirely handmade component (by you)
*Must include photos from start to finish (6+ recommended) this includes your finished entry.
*Must finish on or before June 30th (including build post)
*Limit one (1) entry per member

Guidelines are subject to change with reasonable notice.

Please use this thread to post your build and comments, a new thread for voting along with voting instructions will post June 30th. Limit one (1) vote per member (members may vote for themselves).

Please feel free to forward your questions and concerns to my inbox, avoid cluttering this thread to allow easier viewing/posting by build off participants.

1st- bragging rights, and one (1) N&N Classic strap in your preferred length
2nd- 2x 24exp rolls of Fuji color print film (35mm)
3rd- Certificate of Participation (1-3rd receive these) to hang next to the drill dress ;)

(Prize donations welcome, prizes ship free in the U.S., international entries will require postage to collect prizes, unfortunately I'm a broke college student even though I wish I could ship free worldwide, so keep this in mind)

Let the build off begin!

  30 Views · 0 Replies


X-E2, 55-200 lens and Tulips

Today, 08:13 PM

Posted by pvs in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

After a long, cold winter, the tulips are finally blooming!


All pics were taken with the X-E2 and 55-200 lens at ISO 200.


Attached File  _VCS0603.jpg   95.8KB   1 downloads


Attached File  _VCS0647.jpg   82.87KB   1 downloads


Attached File  _VCS0626.jpg   89.91KB   1 downloads


Attached File  _VCS0610.jpg   90.75KB   1 downloads


Attached File  _VCS0627.jpg   86.82KB   1 downloads





  41 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by fischmann )


Is your X-T1 sensor a dust magnet?

Today, 08:05 PM

Posted by summiter in X-T1 Discussion

I was with Canon before Fuji.  Few dust issues.  My 40D, in 4 years, never needed a sensor cleaning.  My 10D needed 2 in as many years, and the same with my 30D.


I love my X-T1, but it somehow catches more dust than a Swifter in an abandoned house.  I'm resigned to cleaning every week or so, if that's what it takes.  I change lenses more carefully and quickly than I've seen done by anyone else- the same way I did with all my other cameras- the new lens hovering over the one being removed, ready for immediate attachment.  


So, my question, for those of you who have had other cameras for a number of years, is: 

Are you finding more dust on your X-T1 sensor, that rises to the level of stark visibility in a normal sky shot, than you've encountered with your previous cameras?


Maybe I just have bad camera-karma this time around, but you never know...





  89 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by summiter )


how many of the members look at the photos?

Today, 07:47 PM

Posted by back alley in Fuji X Photos

i'm curious how many of us regularly head over to the photo section of this website and look at the images?

not just at the images made from the lenses we might be thinking about buying or comparing them to the lenses we have bought, but purposefully look at member's pics for the sheer enjoyment of it?

this might not be a fair question to ask on a forum dedicated to one brand of gear and therefore a gear focused forum…but i am sincerely curious.

for the record…i travel through several forums a day and often head over to flickr just to look at photos.

  89 Views · 11 Replies ( Last reply by mickeyjuice )


Large MHG-XT Grrip Release Date

Today, 06:28 PM

Posted by pdrober2 in X-T1 Discussion

I bought the regular sized grip a few weeks ago, but I'm interested in comparing it to the larger model to accommodate my banana hands. Any idea when these things will be released? 

  41 Views · 0 Replies


totemic waterfall...

Today, 05:55 PM

Posted by redshifted in Fuji X Photos

why should John Paul Caponigro have all the fun  ;) ?








for a couple of hours this morning

i had this fantastic waterfall to myself

the whole time

i was shooting pics of it

i had this sense

that there was someone standing beside me

waterfall sounds often begin

to resemble human whispers and speech

if you listen carefully


X100S on a tripod on a very slippery wet ledge using the built-in 3 stop ND filter for an exposure time of 6 seconds


thanks for looking and reading,


  50 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by mikealex42 )


Who likes eggs on their burgers?

Today, 05:00 PM

Posted by dpt.calvin in Fuji X Photos

How about eggs in their burgers?











  96 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by dpt.calvin )


A few Local Birds in my back yard

Today, 04:54 PM

Posted by Arbib in Fuji X Photos

I have been practicing taking photos of local birds in a tree right outside my patio...

This is a hard thing with a MF adapted lens, because they move so fast...


Fuji X-E2

Vivitar 200mm f/3.5 (M42) at f/11 mostly.

And ISO 400-1250



ISO 1250

Birds: 2014-4-24 par Peter Arbib, on ipernity



ISO 400

Birds: 2014-4-24 par Peter Arbib, on ipernity



ISO 500

Birds: 2014-4-24 par Peter Arbib, on ipernity

  28 Views · 0 Replies


Anyone have an XPro1 AND an X100s? VF query.

Today, 04:48 PM

Posted by denton in X-Pro1 Discussion

Hi all:


I have an X100S and recently got an X-E2. I'm getting increasingly unhappy with the view options in the X-E2, especially with the lack of a 'view' button. I'm sure it is my fault as I wear large glasses, am left eyed, and mostly shoot verticals (I do street style in NYC). I miss an OVF.

OTOH, I love the VF options in the X100S, and almost always use the OVF.


I was thinking of trading the X-E2 for an Xpro1. But before making the same mistake again, I wanted to compare the X100S finder with that on the Xpro1. Any comments as to differences and/or similarities?


For my street style work, I almost always have the 35mm mounted to my X-E2, altho I also own and sometimes use the 14mm and the 60mm.


Secondarily, anyone who has happened to use an XPro and a X-E2, is there really a significant difference in focusing speed?





  65 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by AtelierPhoto )


Fuji 35/1.4, SMC Takumar 50/1.4, Canon FD SSC 50/1.4 or..?

Today, 03:11 PM

Posted by Tracktionmonkey in Adapted Lens Discussion

To adapt or not to adapt, that is the conundrum? I'm relatively new to the joy of the Xpro1 and Fuji's cabinet of slightly pricey delights. At the moment my only lens is the dependable Fuji 10-24. I'm a wide angle addict (!)
I had a Fuji 35/1.4 for a short time. I loved its sharpness. And would have liked to have explored what I could have done with its sweet DOF, much more.
And here is my dilemma. Born of financial limitations as so often...As I'm currently having to choose, the auto focus Fuji. Or a new venture into the world of adapted glass and that awkward extension of the adapter! I do not have much experience of manually focusing any camera! But, after reading of the delights here and elsewhere, I am tempted by the bokeh of the Takumar. Or the contrast of the Canon FD.
Yet, concerned over the cost, the added length and the functionality of the adapters out there. How simply the adapter would allow me to mount either lens without having to do any filing!
Learning the art of swiftly focusing one of these beautiful older lenses is a main concern. As I do not tend to use a tripod. And then making sure that I don't get caught up in any time consuming or expensive delays in getting 'the adapter' to work correctly. Perhaps, ideally, I might go for the Fuji 56/1.2, or even the Fuji 23/1.4. But, not at the current prices. Ideally I'd have or will have a 35/50/85 and so on!
So, I am left wondering where to put my limited funds and get a functional, sharp and creative lens. I know the Fuji can cut it. I guess I'm unsure how well I'd get the manual lens habit, after years of being spoilt with AF! And if only those adapters were not required to stick out so far! As this lens would be my walk around alternative to the hefty 10-24/4.
Rather a long introduction to my question. But, if anyone has any advice I'll be most grateful. I currently wish there were a smaller, better looking, 'manual' lens/adapter combination I could afford. But Leica etc. are pricey. (I even had a look at a £75 tilt Kipon adapter today!) Does anyone have any tips I've not considered? Or should I fork out for the slightly more expensive but reliable option of S/H Fuji AF glass?

  103 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by cug )


X-T1 | A macro afternoon in the woods

Today, 03:05 PM

Posted by Macmodus in Fuji X Photos

A macro afternoon in the woods



XC 50-230

Raynox DCR5320 ( only the +2)








3 (Green filter)

















  116 Views · 11 Replies ( Last reply by afkenner )


More X-T1 kits

Today, 02:34 PM

Samy's sold theirs, but here is more from Kenmore

  35 Views · 0 Replies


X-T1 Interval Shooting Timer

Today, 02:30 PM

Posted by thomaslchen in X-T1 Discussion

I just tested out the interval shooting timer on my X-T1 and noticed something.  


I set the camera to take a picture every second, but when I set the camera to start shooting, it takes a picture every ~3 seconds.  It seems like it's writing to the card til it takes any more photos.  I'm using a Kingston 32GB Class 10 SDXC card which should be adequate for this shooting speed.  It has a 30MB/s speed.


Has anyone else that used this function found the same thing?  Or are there some settings I need to change?

  129 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by thomaslchen )


So who was the LUCKY guy who bought this?

Today, 02:15 PM

Posted by oneder in X100 and X100S Discussion

I have been following used X100S auctions lately to see how prices have been holding up and was shocked when this deal went down!


Wow, $600us for an X100S with wide conversion lens, case and thumbs up grip!!




That has to be the best deal anyone has gotten to date on a used FujiXtrans?


Attached File  $_57.JPG   97.9KB   8 downloads

  271 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by J Thomas )

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