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Recently Added Posts


X-T1 shutter life

Today, 01:27 PM

Posted by nickruss in X-T1 Forum



I shoot a lot of commercial timelapses and was wondering if it is preferable to use the electronic shutter over the mechanical shutter for a camera that is getting a huge number of actuations?


Does the electronic shutter, by it's nature have a longer life than mechanical?

Thanks for any advice,



  66 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Greg_E )


Anyone having any problems with LR CC and Fuji Files the last couple of days?

Today, 01:01 PM

Posted by justbeckman in Fuji X Post Processing

The last couple of days Im having some serious issues with LR CC and my raw files.  While shooting some long exposures like I normally would the images have looked good in camera.  When I import them into LR I'm getting some serious blown out highlights.  Never had this issue up until the past 2 days.  I can't explain it at all.  Hoping someone with a little more knowledge than me can work it out.  Here is an image imported into LR and exported straight out, no tweaks whatsoever.


Attached File  DSCF0664-4.jpg   235.29KB   2 downloads


The second file is from Capture One


Attached File  DSCF0664-2.jpg   270.83KB   1 downloads



  95 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by rod.kendall )


Instax SP-1 and X-T1 connectivity issue....

Today, 12:41 PM

Posted by noeltykay in Fuji X Accessories

All of a sudden my Fuji X-T1 will not connect to my Instax printer.  The printer can connect to my phone.  I can get a wifi connection from my phone to the X-T1...but whenever I try printing directly from the camera to the printer I get this message :(





Grrrr!!!! by noeltykay, on Flickr


I have checked every setting on the camera.  I had gone as far to change the SSID, and then change it back.  Still no luck


Anyone ever experience this issue?  What was your remedy to overcome this issue?

  70 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by noeltykay )


OIS on the 55-200mm

Today, 12:28 PM

Posted by 5ivesense in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

I'd like some opinions on the OIS on the 55-200mm lens.  I'm somewhat confused about the OIS on my rental copy of this lens; it just doesn't seem to be very effective.


I watched a Fuji Guys video that showed four stops of effective stabilization with the OIS, and I've read positive reports.  The rental copy I have doesn't seem to be consistent, and it's not nearly as stabilizing as I'd been lead to believe.  Is it likely just my copy or is the OIS on the 55-200mm just average?


I've tested it in good lighting in AF-S.

  92 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Johnny_Johnson )


BIF with 55-200mm

Today, 12:24 PM

Posted by 5ivesense in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

I'm renting a 55-200mm this weekend and have been impressed overall; I think it's a must-have lens to complement my 18-55mm.


While I don't think it's the ideal action or wildlife lens, it is nonetheless quite capable in each regard, under the right conditions.  Here are two shots of fowl in flight- they aren't amazing but I am pleased as I had to make some quick manual changes to be able to capture the images.


Attached File  heron.jpg   168.99KB   5 downloads


]Attached File  waterfowl.jpg   202.82KB   3 downloads

  48 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Fenwoodian )


Ubiquitous "What should I bring" thread (Germany/Prague/Amsterdam)

Today, 11:55 AM

Posted by pechelman in General X Camera Forum
I generally dislike these sorts of threads, as they always come off as being from indecisive folks, with too much gear. Put a check next to each of those for me at the moment. I think I have a plan, but looking for some insight as to how others have traveled and any thoughts on my plan. I'm headed to Germany, Prague, and Amsterdam this May for ~3 weeks and looking back to a trip of mine last year to Ireland ( http://www.fujix-for...os/#entry268195 ) I definitely want to travel a bit lighter. (we are renting a car)

To Ireland I brought a Siriu tripod (12" collapsed), X100S with a few filters, X-Pro1 with 8mm, 14mm, 27mm, 56mm, and a handful of filters, and a Flash\trigger that never got used.
Chargers for both and a bunch of batteries for both. (on 2 separate days I killed all my xpro batteries, but 2 were brand new)

I shot LOTS of IR in IReland thanks to visiting sights mid-day in a spectacularly green country, and really needed a tripod. Ireland is a different type of photo trip than the more metropolitan stays we'll be have in Munich, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and even to the smaller Rothenburg, Dresden, Bremen, and the Mosel Valley (prob the most similar to ireland). Reflecting back, I dont think I used my tripod once in Galway, Belfast, or Dublin.

Fast forward to now. I have since added an XT1, wcl converter, 35mm, and 18mm XF. (i also have had the 60mm since day 1 that I almost never use)

I'm considering the following kit for this trip:
  • XT1, 14mm, 18mm, and 35mm
  • No filters, no tripod, no flashgun.
  • X-Pro1 for more "street shooting" thanks to the OVF....and to have ready to go with a different focal length...i hate swapping lenses

  • Leaving the X100S will let me carry only 1 charger\battery type, while not hugely significant, does increase the amount of gear.
  • I *think* I can get by with the 18mm+35mm over the X100S 23mm FOV. I hesitate slightly because I did use my X100S for something like ~50% of my shooting. The other ~40+% was the 14mm (lots of landscape & arch) and the remainder was shared between 56 and 8mm's.
  • While there will be some interesting IR opportunities (old churches and castles and some parks) the majority I think will be city life, cityscapes, people, and arch.
  • To me, the 18mm especially, but also the 35mm just render so nicely. I really love the color and contrast. They are super special and I'm really looking forward to using the 18mm, especially on the streets of Prague and Berlin.
  • 14mm is on specific duty to shoot interior spaces and landscapes of castles, buildings, and parks and such.
  • 18mm for walkaround city "reportage" and for night
  • 35mm same as 18mm but also for some "tele" landscape and street stuff and picking out details. (how I used the 56mm in ireland)

Specific questions;
  • Should I bring 2 NP-126 chargers? (I think I have 5 or 6 batts total). Thankfully, these batteries seem to charge in about half the time as my NP-95s', so maybe I wont need two chargers. On those couple of days that I killed all batteries, I might have had trouble the next day. Obviously this would negate some of the benefit of leaving the X100S at home.
  • Tripod; I've never "seriously shot" photos without one. I'm a slow methodical shooter so a tripod helps me step back & also get pictures of us without asking for someone to take a photo I generally dont like.Obviously using a tripod for "selfies" of my wife and I in places like Prague is probably a no-go, but for the castles and such, probably just fine. Leaving the tripod would certainly make me leave my 10stop and IR filters and also let me ditch another pound in arca grips in addition to the tripod itself.
  • Lack of 23mm FOV: I see really well in "35mm equiv" and I'm worried I'll be cropping a lot when I get home. Reviewing my Ireland photos I'm reminded at only a few instances I wish the 23mm was longer\shorter, but in 90% of the instances, zooming with my feet would have gotten the same shot minus a little perspective\distortion changes. I do not like nor want the xf23mm.
  • Tele FOV: Again, not sure if 50mm equiv is tele enough. A few shots I really enjoyed from Ireland came off the 56mm. Had I "missed them" I probably wouldnt have cared\noticed when I got home, but it did make for a nice photobook with some different perspectives mixed in.

Any thoughts on the plan? Anything you might be able to chime in with experiences to these specific places? The big question for me is tripod to be honest.
Sorry for this super long post, but thanks in advance for any opinion or insight!

If anything is clear, it's that I need to sell some stuff ...

  130 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by rpavich )


Hello from Upstate New York

Today, 11:40 AM

Posted by David Condinese in Members - Introductions

Hi I'm David from the Albany, NY area.  I just made the full transition from the depracated Olympus E-System to the my X-E1.  I love the analog controls and the overall size / weight of the camera,  I bought the X when it first came out over a sony NEX and Olympus OMD that I was looking at in late 2012 to use for adapted manual lenses but never really used anything other than a 21mm Voigtlander Skopar since other lenses stuck out too far.  After a less than satisfactory experience using the Oly gear at a birthday party I dropped the hammer on trading it in for the XF 55-200 and 35mm lenses. 

  27 Views · 0 Replies


Setting for viewfinder to show in low light

Today, 11:27 AM

Posted by ianpiper in General X Camera Forum

Hi folks,


I'm having a brain jam. There is a setting on the X series cameras that shows a bright view even when the light settings are low. I'm using manual exposure and 1/180 sec, and the viewfinder and lcd are dark (I'm lighting with flash). I remember being able to set a parameter that brightens up the display. Can anyone help?





  68 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by robert )


fujinon 16-55/2.8 for street

Today, 11:21 AM

Posted by Rytis in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum
Question is probobly strange one, but any way...Any users of 16-55/2.8 for street photography? Would be interesting to hear opinions and if there are any personal expierences.
i like take pictures on the street, but im a little people shy,then it comes dawn to near personal space.Been using small'er /shorter focal lenght fix lenses. Love the size,but missed shots due to not beeing closer... 16-55/2.8 is exelent focal range,loved my ex nikkor 24-70,but never took it on the street ,becouse of the size. Fuji is about 1/3 shorter..but i think its still too big..? Whats peoples reaction gonna be..? Of course,i saw many people lurking with Ca/Nik 70-200, but its not my way
..tryed 18-55 its ok,but you can see the difference in IQ

  91 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Narsuitus )


x100T...where art the background color in Screen set up?

Today, 09:58 AM

Posted by davidyeiter in X100, X100S and X100T Forum

I can not find the option to change the background color under Screen Set up as was the case with my X100S...is this a glitch or did Fuji do away with this option or move it somewhere else...can not find it, driving me crazy!!!

  83 Views · 0 Replies


Some low key play

Today, 08:49 AM

Posted by DarenJ in B&W

X-T1 & XF 23mm, single flash in a home made softbox, low key...


Attached File  X-T1-FXT11624-Edit.jpg   517.04KB   4 downloads


Attached File  X-T1-FXT11608-Edit.jpg   477.35KB   3 downloads


Attached File  X-T1-FXT11616-Edit.jpg   409.54KB   3 downloads

  84 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by DarenJ )


Hello from county Durham UK

Today, 08:08 AM

Posted by bowie in Members - Introductions

Hello from Seaham county Durham, Just bought a second hand Fuji X10 great little camera I also have a Fuji t500,HS20,and a finepix 770.will be asking questions about the X10 easy ones

best wishes johnAttached File  DSCF0020.JPG   68.47KB   2 downloads our beach.

  76 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by bowie )


Secure camera straps

Today, 08:02 AM

Posted by Woody R in General X Camera Forum

I don't know if anyone has seen these, or already uses them, but they are very secure. They have stainless steel wire running through them, so the strap cannot be cut, they also have a locking system on the connecters. They also come with a five year warranty.


                                            http://www.amazon.co...fe camera strap

  124 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Fwestivus )


Can people tell you not to take their photos in public ?

Today, 05:50 AM

Posted by ralfwinston in General Photography Talk
So i was doing some streets with my 50-140 and like to include human subjects in my pictures. I was happily snapping at a far distance with a woman in question as part of the composition in some of the pictures.

I was at that place for close to 20 min and its not like I kept following her. And then she came up to me and said she noticed i was taking some pictures with her in it and told me she dont want to be in it. Yes after like 20.

So i tried to be polite and lied to her.

So can people stopped u from taking their pictures in public ? If so, the paparazzi would be out of work. What if they demand to see your files and demand that u delete them ?

  765 Views · 30 Replies ( Last reply by ReporterMike )



Today, 04:59 AM

Posted by simonartist in X100, X100S and X100T Forum



I am a deaf community artist and Life Skills Assistant, I got rid of my Canon 60D with two lenses because it was to heavy to carry around. 


I am fan of prime lenses, and would welcome what settings should I use for indoor shootings with mental health and learning disabilities deaf clients doing activities as art/drama? My mind tells me group shootings, close ups, sharp images, quick shootings, what settings would you suggested as the hall is with light and some natural light shinning through the roof windows? I got a massive discount with EF-42 flash but not sure if I should shoot with this or not, or maybe exchange for another flash as it look big.


I would like to set this up as custom settings for above. I am looking to buy either tel or wide angle lenses and would your suggestion please?


Finally, I could not believe it as an ex-apple employee that you can link X100T to iPhone.



  143 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by simonartist )


Unloading the bumper cars

Today, 04:45 AM

Posted by fatmod in Portraits, People, & Pets

Caught these fair worker unloading the cars,they told me it takes about 8 hrs to set it all up.

  105 Views · 0 Replies


X-pro1 stabilisation

Today, 03:46 AM

Posted by Billdad in X-Pro1 Forum

Can anyone advise on how to activate ois on an X-pro1 and 50-230 lens please

  263 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by Arjay )


X100T File date minus 6 hours?

Today, 03:22 AM

Posted by sabin in X100, X100S and X100T Forum
I'm getting a strange problem on my X100T. File date and time is written with minus 6 hours. The embedded in the camera ExIff data is correct.

Can anyone else confirm the same problem?

  130 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by sabin )


First (ever) corporate executive photo shoot with TCL-X100

Yesterday, 10:05 PM

Posted by sour_soup in X100, X100S and X100T Forum

Long story short, word got around the office that I'm an amateur photog (about 2 years now) and that the president and CEO needed their headshots taken. I went along with it, as I'd never done an "official" photo shoot outside of just taking snaps of my daughter. Tried to capture both "standard" shots as well as get in a portrait style photo.


It was a mixed response. The president loved his shots, but the CEO didn't. I won't be disclosing who's who.


Results below. JPEGs are downsampled to 25% of original


Criticism and feedback welcome. I'd like to up my portrait game.


Attached File  Image00001.jpg   181.57KB   31 downloads

Attached File  Image00002.jpg   185.31KB   30 downloads

Attached File  Image00003.jpg   184.44KB   28 downloads

Attached File  Image00004.jpg   176.82KB   24 downloads

Attached File  Image00007.jpg   174.35KB   26 downloads

Attached File  Image00008.jpg   153.28KB   24 downloads

Attached File  Image00009.jpg   155.17KB   26 downloads

Attached File  Image00010.jpg   171.55KB   26 downloads

  423 Views · 13 Replies ( Last reply by David Schneider )


X-A1 screen goes black when turned on its side

Yesterday, 09:23 PM

Posted by noexpert in X-M1, X-A1, X-A2 Forum


My daughter recently purchased an X-A1. It does not matter what program she has it in but when she is going to take a pic if she turns the camera on its side to portrait the screen fades to black. If she takes a pic it comes out black as well. She can turn the camera power on and off and this makes no difference. On one of these attempts it will then come good and works ok holding the camera in both portrait and landscape position. She does not have an issue with landscape.

Has anyone else had this issue? 


  112 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Activatedfx )

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