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zion national park in utah receives nearly 2 million visitors yearly. most of these, however, occur during the warmer summer months. nonetheless, our january trip brought very good fortune of mild weather, clear skies and very few other people. the remaining snow provided some great contrast to red and orange that dominate the landscape. here are a few images from our travels.
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_DSF3654.jpg _DSF3659.jpg
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Since I'm already active on this forum I thought I'd ask the question here. Hop there are some Hasselblad fans in the room. I'm new to medium format photography but have been looking around to buy a Hasselblad. I'm pretty good at knowing prices for 35mm film camera's but I haven't a clue about medium format film camera's.

So I recently saw an add for a Hasselblad 500C/M. The guy send me a snapshot of it, but can't tell me too much about it since he is no expert.

So it's a 500C/M with the waist-level viewfinder and (I think) a NC3 prism viewfinder based on the shape and the Hasselblad logo. There are three film backs. It has a 100mm F3.5 lens with a rectangular hood. Looks like a C lens with ribbed focus ring. It comes with a neck strap and a case.

Since I've got no idea what a set like this would be worth, I would like to ask you before I make a bid.

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I have both cameras, I thought it might be a good idea to keep hold of my X-E2 body and sure enough, now fw 4.0 is available, I'm really glad I did.

It occurred to me that the two cameras are now not so different to each other, so I started putting together a comparison spreadsheet of specs, using the latest fw versions for both cameras.

Hopefully, if you're in two minds about whether to keep your X-E2, upgrade to an X-T1 or maybe even buy a second-hand X-E2 instead of an X-T1, this might help.

Let me know if I got anything wrong, but I did most of this using the info on Fuji's website so it should be accurate

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I've just received confirmation from my Munich camera dealer that Fuji has also delayed shipments for X-Pro2 in Europe. While Fuji hasn't directly contacted dealers here in Europe, they apparently communicated with their wholesalers that they follow the same schedule that was published by Fuji USA.

Here's the translated original press release by Fuji HQ.

That is - sometime in March. :(

I believe that the reasoning behind this delay is just the same as was explained for the US market - to avoid having people pre-order at multiple sales outlets.
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So I've read all the initial reviews...I'm totally convinced that the XPro-2 is the obvious next camera after my X100s. Money is all saved up....
My question is twofold:
1. will there be production glitches that will get sorted out along the line? - not talking about firmware, but, rather, the hardware side of the camera. What's Fuji's record on the initial realise of new camera models??
2. There seems to be a massive rush on pre-orders at all the camera dealers; any chance of special offers or bundled lenses in the near future?? (and not a year after the initial release)
Happy for feedback and opinions. thanks
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My wife walks along a beach and finds things. I photograph them. It's a bit weird but it works



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A few shots from a quick trip I had to Porto (Portugal) last September.

Here went that way....jpg

More to follow...
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Hey there

For a long time now I've been eyeing the ONA Prince street for my Fuji and a Retrospective 30 leather for my DSLR..

I still think that, some day, I will get the Prince street, and be it for my future with the Leica Q.

However, I realized that the bag wouldn't work for my USA roadtrip and the RS 30 is simply too big. (I tend to fill it with all sorts of stuff I don't use and end up with a bag of 15kg..)

Bottom line:
I want to get a RS10 because it can fit the 1Ds with 85/1.2 and two primes or the 70-200/2.8

The question that remains:
Will it do for my roadtrip?

What has to fit in there:
- x-pro1
- X-T10
- 35mm f/2
- 23mm f/1.4
- 10-24mm f/4
- Rokinon 12mm f/2
- Fujinon 50/1.4

Jobi Gorillapod SLR
Google Nexus 9 (or Pixel C, if the price keeps falling)

2 spare batteries and memory cards

The Gorillapod and Fujinon 50/1.4 won't always be in there, but the bag has to fit all of it for the flights.

Any ideas?
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For those of you who use the excellent Fast Raw Viewer app with their X-E2....

With the FW 4.0 update, Fuji changed the metadata format a bit. As a result, the current version of FRV (anything up to and including version 1.2.4) no longer works. I am expecting a beta version of FRV to test shortly, so this should get sorted soon.

I will post updates.
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Help! Need a silver OEM front trim ring in silver, does anybody know if where to get one, or does anybody want to sell me theirs?

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I currently have a Fuji E-X1 with three lenses. I'm tempted to take advantage of the upcoming offers from Fuji or even ordering Canadian. But I know new cameras are on the way. Don't know if I'm ready for the X-Pro2, but definitely would be interested in it or X-T2 or X-T20(?). How much of an improvement would I get with the X-T10 with regard to autofocus and Trans II sensor? I like the Wi Fi and tilt screen. What about the X-E2s?
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I currently have a Fuji E-X1 with three lenses. I'm tempted to take advantage of the upcoming offers from Fuji or even ordering Canadian. But I know new cameras are on the way. Don't know if I'm ready for the X-Pro2, but definitely would be interested in it or X-T2 or X-T20(?). How much of an improvement would I get with the X-T10 with regard to autofocus and Trans II sensor? I like the Wi Fi and tilt screen.
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X-T1 10-18mm

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Has anybody tried this raw processor the on Trans-X files?
I'm curious how well it handles Trans-X files.
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Anyone else getting a malware alert when visiting the Fuji Rumors website?
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I'm new to the group and after a week test drive with a rented XT-1 and 23mm I fell in love. I recently sold my D800 and 50mm 1.4G.

I have a budget of $2,800 to spend and start my Fujifilm journey. I mainly shoot glamour, fashion look books, party events and the occasional wedding so with they upcoming Fuji instant savings event I'm trying to decide between the following kits to get me going,

Kit#1 - Fuji XT-1 ,Fuji grip and Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8
Kit#2 - Fuji XT-1 ,Fuji grip Fuji 23mm & Fuji 56mm

Any advice is greatly appreciated

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While I was trying out an X-Pro2 today I also took a look at the new X-E2s. I had my X-E2 with me as well, and compared the cameras. They are close to identical, but the new camera has a better EVF, like the one in the XT10. It is a bit larger, and noticeably sharper, crisper. So there is at least one significant upgrade that I saw right away. The X-E2s also has a differnt tactile feel, with a slightly more grippy-rubbery skin.
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hi all,

Anyone experience such before when focusing using face detection mode, green box is locked onto the face and shutter is pressed. However when playback, the image appears misfocus. Face detected green box is still shown on the face however the background is focused instead. Hence, the person appeared to be blur.

Any idea?

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I stumbled on an opportunity to try out the new X-Pro2, and just spent 2-1/2 hours playing with one. I am totally sold. It is fantastic. The viewfinder is beautiful, with really crisp EVF that made me feel like peaking was no longer needed for manual focus. The faster refresh rate is phenomenal. Both the OVF and EVF seem a bit bigger as well. The frame lines in the OVF are very precise compared to the X-Pro1, and the mini-evf visible in the OVF works very well. I love this camera. Everything works better, faster, snappier, sharper.

The new shutter is very quiet. The controls are all right where you can hit them without changing grip or needing to look up from the viewfinder. Even the new ISO dial works fairly easily while looking through the VF. The new sensor produces images that look great at at least one stop faster ISO.

I had the presence of mind to bring along a Pentax 55mmf2 lens and adapter, so I was able to see how an adapted MF lens handled on the X-Pro2. I really like the new Hybrid finder for MF lenses. The EVF is really nice for focusing, very very clear and sharp, as I said I like it best without peaking now. The experience is much closer to a bright old style manual focus SLR viewfinder now. At the same time using the manual focus lens with the OVF is greatly improved. I like using the small EVF window to tune MF while in the OVF, and in addition you can have it set to show the whole frame to confirm framing, although the framelines in the OVF are so accurate now that this is really redundant.

AF is much faster and super precise in the OVF, but I also really liked using back-button AF while using the MF mode; the little EVF window functions as focus confirmation when you focus this way.

The X-Pro2 is on a whole new level. The myriad small changes sound less impressive when you list them one at a time, but when you use the camera they add up to a whole new experience.

I also tried out the new 100-400 zoom. The OIS on that thing is astonishing. I was hand-holding the camera at 400mm and 1/50 of a second, no problem (as best as I could see while reviewing the image in-camera). For all I know it might go even lower. This lens will be a truly effective wildlife shooting tool. With the 1.4 x teleconverter on it was still easy to get hand-held shots, at the equivelant framing of a 900mm lens. Insane.

Here is my Pentax SMC-M 55mm/2 on the X-Pro2:

X-Pro2 sm one.jpg
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I have a RR-90 Remote Release and plan to get an XP2.............will the RR-90 work with the XP2?
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10ºF (-12ºC) at a local State Park today.
XPro1 and XF55-200mm
In-camera B&W(Y) jpeg tweaked in PSCC 2015.

Thanks for looking,
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Took my X-E1 out for a walk with my new XF18 and took a couple of shots from the Archway bridge, also infamously known as suicide bridge.

Here's a quick B&W conversion from one of the shots. This one is 4 seconds at f/4.

Archway Night Feb.jpeg
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Can't wait for the ceremony to end...

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Mom almost sat on Bride's bouquet

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Hey guys,

I am planning on switching my camera gear out and wanted to look at either the X-T1, X-t10, X-e2. I have done the research on all of these but I can't find any test results on these cameras with the new firmware 4.0 updates. The prices for each new with the 18-55mm 2.8-4 kit lens
X-T1 - $1699
X-T10 - $1149
X-E2 - $949
( All Canadian prices)

I am planning on using if for more hobby than professional but I am a secondary shooter for weddings. I don't really care about the weather sealing aspect of the X-T1 or the tilt screen in either of the XT1/XT10. Some questions I have are:

1 - Is there much difference between the cameras performance now with the Firmware updates?

2 - Is the X-T1 worth the extra ( 500-700) if I do not need weather sealing or tilt screen?

3 - Is the 50-140mm 2.8 worth the extra $1000 over the 50-200mm 3.5-4.8?

Thank you all for your help.
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Taken at Loch Lomond when there was a particularly high water level. Fuji X Pro1 with 18mm lens. f11 at 1/4 secs.

Flooded Tree.jpg
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image.jpeg abandoned office building occupied by people without à home.

X-E2 18-55
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I am in the enthusiast market so I’m sure someone who is a better photographer than I could have taken some better photos. But for myself I am very happy with the lens. The build quality is very solid and for the weight balances quite nicely with my XT1. The build quality on the 1.4x is great and the size and weight of it is not noticeable against the big lens.

I had the opportunity to try out the 100-400mm this past weekend in southern Missouri. The weather was overcast and incredibly windy so I appreciated the image stabilization to get some okay shots of the bald eagles wintering there. The shots are not incredibly sharp of the eagles due to some camera shake. I also did miss the extra stop of light when I added the 1.4x teleconvertor but the reach made up for it. However I was personally happy with the images I got. I'm sure using a tripod would make the images much sharper.

560mm f8 ISO 200 1/450
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Managed to get out between the showers today and travelled to Loch Lomond

Inveruglas Viewpoint
Inveruglas Viewpoint.jpg

A'Chrois with Sloy Hydro Electric Station

Taken with the X-E2 and 18mm
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Nice morning so took a walk over to Houghton Mill on the Great Ouse river in Cambridgeshire.
The Mill is still operational and when its open you can buy bags of flour that have been milled there.
Taken with X-T1 and 18-55mm

Houghton Mill.jpg
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Don't know if it is of interst to someone, but the Fujifilm Gallery Store in Funan Digital Mall in Singapore already has an X-pro2 to play with.

I spent about an hour today at their place and played around with the camera.
I liked it's overall speed, PiP focus assist/confirmation, focusing speed, solid feel and the optical viewfinder in general.
I did not like the eyepoint of the viewfinder as it was not possible to see the whole viewfinder with my glasses, it also felt quite heavy.

I tried the camera with the 23mm f1.4 and the 35mm f2 lenses. Both lenses give the same viewfinder experience due to the optional lens in the viewfinder. EVF felt just like my X-E2.

I own an EOS 5DII (850g) and an X-E2 (350g). The X-pro2 at 495g feels more like my 5DII, the lightness of the X-E2 is gone, even if it's closer in weight to the X-E2 than to the Canon.

So, if you pass through Singapore during the next few weeks, as I did today on my way home, and you are interested in the X-pro2, go and have a look. The guys in the shop were very friendly.

Oh my, I seem to develop some GAS. Go home, see the doctor, maybe he has some pills... .
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Hi, I've bought my Fuji kit after a long time shooting with SLR Canon gear, low weight and optical quality were the reasons for the move, hoping to enjoy here a lot.
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Two times a hear, if the weather cooperates, you can catch the sun setting over Mt. Fuji from my location. Not great weather as the air was full of moisture. I'm looking directly over Tokyo which accounts for the muck in the air...but, it does make for a colorful sunset. X-T1 50-200mm

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XT-1 / 50-200mm


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Anyone else see this posting?

The main gist of it says, "You should always turn off image stabilization on your lens before you travel so as to lock floating lens elements in place and minimize the chances of them being jostled and damaged en-route.”

Near the end of the article Thom mentions that Lens Rentals tested a bunch of lenses by gently shaking them. I figure I'd try with my two zooms. Well the 55-200mm definitely has a rattle. While the 18-55 has a subtle movement.

Anyone else care to test there lenses?
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