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Recently Added Posts

  • robertPhoto
    New Firmware Released! -- & Discussion

    robert - Today, 09:10 PM

    Here is the long-awaited link!

  • robertPhoto

    Come on in everyone, spread some holiday cheer!

  • SpudPhoto
    The Sound of Silence ...

    Spud - Today, 06:31 PM

    Dead silent? I wouldn't say that. Definitely audible in a normal internal room. Out on the street however, I had to double check I took the pic as...

  • zenPhoto

    read the article, it says he borrowed the camera from the photographer who was documenting his trip.

  • bcaslisPhoto

    It's amazing to me the amount of responses on this forum about firmware upgrade problems and responses that it must be because they are using a mac...

  • jknightsPhoto
    Too sharp--how to get softer images?

    jknights - Today, 06:25 PM

    Photoshop and use Gaussian Blur for selected areas ?

  • jknightsPhoto

    Safari, Chrome, Firefox - all no issues for the last few updates. +1 However it does depend on whether you keep you downloads or put them in a di...

  • cugPhoto

    One of the biggest problems in that regard is that a lot of people do double clicks when they should do single clicks. Doesn't matter too much when...

  • ryboltPhoto
    No Classic Chrome

    rybolt - Today, 06:18 PM

    There are many presets for Lightroom and actions for Photoshop that provide this look. These can be applie as defaults on import to Lightroom or on...

  • jknightsPhoto

    +1 It would be good to see an indicator for highlight/ shadow clipping.

  • jknightsPhoto
    Fotga Macro extension tubes - mini review

    jknights - Today, 06:13 PM

    Hello, the heck with all the tubes. About 1 hour ago I bought the 2 rings from 11 and 16 mm in a shop in Holland for total € 170,-.  Wonderful...

  • qhs232Photo
    Buy/Sell Feedback

    qhs232 - Today, 06:12 PM

    Bought a Billingham Hadley Small from 'jwr'.... beautiful bag, great service. Seller highly recommended.

  • BlazerPhoto
    Hi from San Francisco

    Blazer - Today, 06:10 PM

    Hello Jared and welcome to the X-family...

  • johnnydlsPhoto
    XT-1 in Video mode w/ 3.0

    johnnydls - Today, 06:09 PM

    tried it and now it's like having my canon 60D again when shooting videos. no focus peaking during recoding though.

  • jknightsPhoto
    My "new" X-E2

    jknights - Today, 06:07 PM

    After the hardware update, now I've got the firmware 3.0: classic chromewireless remoteAF + MFWB previewSo, I really have a "new" X-E2  :) Yes...

  • GregWardPhoto

    Mac does the download perfectly but you need to know where you are downloading to and only download the file once. User error is not Mac error ;)...

  • jknightsPhoto
    Next lens

    jknights - Today, 06:05 PM

    I am very pleased with the results I get from my 55-200. I havent seen or used the 50-140 f2.8 but it is a bigger and heavier lens. My next lens w...

  • DownderoadPhoto
    Thumbs Up for X100T! Black or Silver

    Downderoad - Today, 06:04 PM

    It looks beautiful, but that is a crazy expensive accessory!

  • Spoony.DanPhoto
    Shooting the X-T1 in the Studio

    Spoony.Dan - Today, 06:04 PM

    ^this, or shots were taken off video at the same time with the D600.     Honestly it doesn't suprise me, if the model shoot wasn't j...

  • jknightsPhoto
    Shooting the X-T1 in the Studio

    jknights - Today, 06:02 PM

    My guess is, after DPR left, she went back to work - and shot with her normal camera.  ;) :lol:

  • jknightsPhoto
    Updating X-E2 firmware from 1.00 to 3.00

    jknights - Today, 05:59 PM

    I just checked my XE2 and the counter is as it was before so maybe itis a variable item!

  • Double NegativePhoto
    Shooting the X-T1 in the Studio

    Double Negative - Today, 05:58 PM

    My guess is, after DPR left, she went back to work - and shot with her normal camera.  ;)

  • jknightsPhoto
    X-Pro1 Firmware 3.40 AF + MF...

    jknights - Today, 05:56 PM

    Yes I think this works well for me. :)

  • lysanderPhoto
    Shooting the X-T1 in the Studio

    lysander - Today, 05:55 PM

    The image in post #13 is different to the one shown on screen in post #15. I use XT1 in the studio alongside my D600. It depends on the image you...

  • jknightsPhoto
    No Classic Chrome

    jknights - Today, 05:55 PM

    There are many presets for Lightroom and actions for Photoshop that provide this look. These can be applie as defaults on import to Lightroom or o...

  • jknightsPhoto
    Shooting the X-T1 in the Studio

    jknights - Today, 05:52 PM

    With the latest firmware for XT1 they promise the capability to shoot tethered on Windows in early 2015, I hope they release a Mac version of the s...

  • Double NegativePhoto
    Having trouble setting higher than 1/4000?

    Double Negative - Today, 05:51 PM

    Canon does this too; setting aperture/shutter speed with dials.  It was awfully annoying though, as the function changed, depending on the mod...

  • jknightsPhoto
    Shooting the X-T1 in the Studio

    jknights - Today, 05:50 PM

    The image in post #13 is different to the one shown on screen in post #15. I use XT1 in the studio alongside my D600. It depends on the image you...

  • JonimagesPhoto
    Having trouble setting higher than 1/4000?

    Jonimages - Today, 05:49 PM

    I'm coming from Nikon too so this was one of those quirks to get used to. As a former Nikon shooter I am accustomed to setting SS with rear co...

  • FujiCharlesPhoto
    Fujinon 27mm f/2.8

    FujiCharles - Today, 05:48 PM

    Shot on an overcast day on X-E1. Raw Therapee and Picture Window Pro. About 4 cm from subject.   

  155 Views · 0 Replies

  13 Views · 0 Replies


Thumbs Up for X100T! Black or Silver

Today, 05:40 PM

Posted by Papaflash in Sponsor Forums

We just got these in, just released....


  21 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Downderoad )


Foggy morning | Clearwater Beach, FL

Today, 04:57 PM

Posted by David R in Fuji X Photos

X-T1 / XF 55-200


15430208664_43be9d82d8_b.jpgDSCF0611 by a camera., on Flickr

  48 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by jknights )


Firmware v 3.0 will not install on my XT-1 - HELP!

Today, 04:44 PM

Posted by NatePT in X-T1 Discussion



I followed the directions - consistently get the "NEW FIRMWARE NOT BE FOUND. TURN OFF THE CAMERA" message which the fuji help site says means:



Cause: The Memory card loaded in the camera does not contain the firmware upgrade.

Response: Copy the firmware upgrade onto the card and then reload it into the camera.    


I'm using a freshly formatted memory card (formatted in camera) - the same card I've used in my XT-1 since I got it. I'm going out of town tomorrow and would love to have 3.0 on my camera - anyone have any advice? I've tried on a spare card - same thing. The firmware is definitely on the SD card (verified the file size and everything and done multiple copies on multiple cards). I have not seen any other threads where people had this problem, but if I missed one please direct me to it.

  185 Views · 12 Replies ( Last reply by bcaslis )


Updating X-E2 firmware from 1.00 to 3.00

Today, 04:36 PM

Posted by dfom in Fujifilm X News & Rumors

Fujifilm states on their website that when updating the X-E2 firmware to Ver.1.10 from Ver.1.00 "all the camera settings including date will be reset to the factory setting". 


Does anyone know if the reset will occur when updating to Ver. 3.00 from Ver. 1.00?

  74 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by jknights )


Next lens

Today, 04:35 PM

Posted by tommaddison in X-T1 Discussion

Hi everyone advice needed.

I have only just moved to the X-T1 with 18-55 kit lens good as it is, I am looking for my next lens now, can anyone let me know if it's worth the difference between the 55-200 and the new 50-140 yes I know this new lens is a 2.8, but whats the quality and focusing like on the 55-200.



  92 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by jknights )


Macro mode on XT-1 with 3.0 firmware

Today, 04:30 PM

Posted by ziggy1 in X-T1 Discussion

Fujifilm's  firmware 3.0 PDF explanation for the XT-1 shows that 


Direct selection of Macro mode


"ON" or "OFF" of Macro mode


can be directly selected without using the shooting menu.




Can someone explain to me is this a new setting in the menu or does it happen automatically without intervention








  129 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by secondintime )


Capture One Pro 8 update for X100T

Today, 03:24 PM

Posted by jwr in Fuji X Post Processing

I see Phase just released an update that supports the X100T. I've installed it and everything looks fine so far. It's nice to be able to process X100T files without editing the EXIF.

  40 Views · 0 Replies


Capture One Pro 8 update for X100T

Today, 03:19 PM

I haven't seen it posted here yet. It looks like earlier today Phase released an 8.1 ver of Capture One Pro 8 that supports the X100T.


I noticed there's a warning about upgrading critical workflows while they're still testing but it's out there. I just updated and it seems fine so far.

  38 Views · 0 Replies


Northern India

Today, 02:46 PM

Posted by mikealex42 in Fuji X Photos

Hi all. I haven't been around for a while. Many things have been keeping me busy and off the forums, but fortunately still shooting lots and traveling when I can.


In September, I was in Ladakh, which is the northern part of India, in the Himalayan Mountains. We were above 11000 feet for 2.5 weeks, and were as high as 18000 feet (but not for long) on the highest roadway (if you want to call it that) in the world.


Here are a few images from the trip, all taken with my X-T1s.


For more, check my Flickr album


Young Monks at Lamayuru Gompa (monastary)






Lamayuru Woman walking under a Stupa






Nomad Woman and Child in Rupshu Valley









Young Student at the Government Middle School for Girls in Nubra Valley






Man and his Camel in Nubra Valley



  96 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by maurotandoi.com )


my first chroma pics...in silent 100% mode (56 1.2)

Today, 02:36 PM

Posted by maurotandoi.com in Fuji X Photos
X-T1 + xf 56

  132 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by infinapix )


HOLY COW-- New firmware Autofocus speed?

Today, 02:20 PM

Posted by Bananapies in Fujifilm X News & Rumors

I upgraded my Fuji X-T1 from v1 to v3 today (like many people)


The only lens I have is the 35 1.4


Most of the photography I do is in my lab, and I am in the middle of the project now.  During lunch I upgraded the firmware expecting to go through the changes later after work.


Holy cow, I don't know if one of the advertised features was increases Autofocus performance with the 35...but there is a VERY SIGNIFICANT difference. I wasn't expecting this at all, so I don't think it is just hype bias.


This is a completely new camera!  I took my A99 with me when I needed fast autofocus out in the field but I might be able to take my Fuji instead.   :D



  279 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by jknights )


XF 50-140mm OIS always active?

Today, 02:18 PM

Posted by mikealex42 in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

Hi all. I haven't been around much recently. Lots going on.


I just received my XF 50-140mm f/2.8 (minutes ago) and I have a question for others with this lens. As soon as I turn the camera on, I can hear a motor spinning inside the lens, like the OIS is active. The IS mode setting in the camera is set to "shooting only", so the OIS shouldn't be on unless I press the shutter. I even turned the OIS switch off on the lens, and I can still hear a spinning motor inside the lens. I also notice that the picture in the EVF is rock steady all the time.


Anyone else find this, or do I have a dud that needs to go back?

The obvious concern is the effect on the already too short battery life on the camera.

  103 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Johnny_Johnson )


PC gurus, need your help on a new PC

Today, 01:47 PM

I am trying to purchase a new pc before the end of the year and for the most part I know what components I would like. I have looked at Dell, HP and Lenovo and I can't quite seem to find the right fit for me.


For some reason Dell has done away with a lot of the customization that they used to offer. I am leaning towards a Lenovo but my hesitancy is that it is marketed as a "business" machine rather than for graphics. Hence the choice in graphics cards is weak and I worry that it might not have the best chipset for a lightroom/photoshop oriented machine.


If you were buying a new pc today, what would you recommend? I would appreciate any input. Please don't tell me to buy a Mac :)




  204 Views · 20 Replies ( Last reply by Arbib )


New Firmware Changing CoC?

Today, 01:31 PM

Posted by Cruzan80 in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

Just updated my X-E1 and it seems like the focus peaking is showing more "in focus" than before. I know it isn't mentioned in the release notes, but anyone else noticed it? Unfortunately I updated both of my bodies, so unless it is possible to "rollback" firmware to do a A/B comparison, it is just gut feeling. Didn't change the peak level from low to high.

  127 Views · 0 Replies

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