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A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure of working with a new model, Alana, at the beach on her very first shoot. We were shooting fashion and I was using a Godox AD360 fitted with a Godox 120cm octabox. Shots were taken on an X-Pro2 with XF50-140mm f2.8 and XF16mm f1.4 lenses.
For the final outfit I asked Alana if she would stand right at the waters edge. With the temperature sitting at 3 degrees centigrade, I had to take my hat off to her for kicking her shoes off and walking knee deep into the sea as she reckoned it would make for a better shot - and BOY was she right!

ISO200, 1/250 sec at f4-f3.6, flash was 1/8th - 1/4 power.




The set-up before she went into the water (obviously, I had to move the lightstand closer to her once she was in the sea)
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Given the sale that B&H is currently running on PSE15, I'm considering an update from PSE12. Can't really go wrong for 40 bucks.

However, I'm wondering if Adobe has included the codec required to view Fuji RAF thumbnail files in Windows 8.1. in PSE15. As much as I like the X-mount system, not being able to view thumbnails of certain RAF files without using workarounds (like FastTone Image Viewer which is great) has been a source of frustration to many, myself included.

Trying to get any information about Adobe Camera Raw as it pertains to Photoshop Elements directly from Adobe is pretty much a lost cause. I've been using Silkypix to convert my RAFs, as whatever version of ACR included in PSE12 won't convert RAF files from either my X-30 or X-E2. It would be very convenient to be able to do conversions and subsequent processing in PSE, but I see no reason to throw away money if PSE15 isn't going to do what I need.

Can anyone who has tried PSE15 fill in the blanks?
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Little pinup-style from last session.

X-pro2, 35mm/f2@f11, 1/250s
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Hello Friends,

I have a old Crumpler bag that I like but is too big for what I pretend.

The idea was to have na inexpensive bag that could carry, not more nor less, my X100 with the TCL mounted on the camera, as a flash like the EF-X20 or the EF-20, also mounted (still have to decide for the flash).

For those of you who carry a similar setup what will you advice?

I have been thinking on something like these options but I´m not sure if the setup fits.

Light Delight Photo Sling 2500 Steel Grey | Crumpler Official Store

Light Delight Photo Pouch 300 Platinum | Crumpler Official Store

Mirrorless Camera Bag Coal / G1751 - Golla

Thank you and cheers.
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My first XF lens arrived yesterday afternoon, a 27mm f/2.8, so this morning I headed out in search of a sunrise. 6:00am and -5c. Came upon this magnificent tree suggestive of a Crucifix. This is Point Pleasant Park, located at the tip of the Halifax (NS) peninsula, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. In 2003, Hurricane Juan came right up the harbor and wrecked severe damage on the Park's old growth forest. That makes this tree all the more remarkable. X-E1 on Provia, manual, ISO200, f/16, 1/4 sec.

Pt Pleasant Pk sunrise 1447 port med.jpg
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Some video streetphoto not-photo among the happy shoppers.
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XT2 and XF60mm from late Fall in western Massachusetts.
There's a little subtle wave action that I like in this one.

Thanks for looking,
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Canon 7D + 24mm pancake lens

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Make FX communications protocol public

I think this is a worthwhile petition as Fuji seem to be very slow at providing reasonable flash solutions at a reasonable price to X camera users.
The lens communication protocols may be more contentious as these expensive items and usually a manufacturer will licence the use of the interface.
I finally managed to get out with the 10-24mm yesterday. Sadly, it was bloody freezing and my walk along the river Clyde didn't offer too much in terms of foreground interest which is clearly absolutely essential when using an UWA.

Shot both of these in RAW and edited in Lightroom. I am impressed at the amount of detail recoverable so will look out my grads and give them a bash next time around. The RAW files looked very different to the end product here and would appreciate any suggestions on where these could be improved upon (subject matter aside).

Down the Clyde
by Ian Williams, on Flickr

Inaccessible Jetty
by Ian Williams, on Flickr


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Not a Chinese horoscope sign, but the glue from a Parking sign that fell off :)

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Stumbled upon this and couldn't find a reference in this forum, so here it is. Formatt Hitech circular Firecrest filters are 40% off from Formatt Hitech directly.

U.K site: Formatt-Hitech


U.S. site: Formatt-Hitech USA

For what it's worth, at least on the U.S. site, the prices generally seem to be a little more than 40% off the prices I see advertised at some big New York suppliers. I did just place an order for one filter, and there was no additional charge for shipping. Just have to hide it from the wife now.

-tom a.
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One of the magnolia flowers on our tree last evening... Its nice to see one in pristine condition, they usually end up bruised by our 4 seasons in one day weather :(

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Lovely morning on Sunday past so meandered along one of the old canals here in Shaoxing. X-E2 with XF 18-55mm. Processed in LR. Don

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valley road.jpg
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As the title states last week I sold my beloved but neglected x100s. Ever since I bought the x70 umm... for my wife.. the x100s has not seen much action. I have to admit I felt a little empty inside after the sale.

Looking forward to trying the 56 on my x-t1.
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I am new to HDR, but when I went down into Carlsbad Cavern I decided to try out the X-T2's in-camera combined exposure setting. I messed up a lot of shots by using two different focuses and by using auto-white balance which sometimes set two different colors for the separate exposures, but I got a few decent ones. Several more I was able to change to sepia and get rid of some of the color problems. Some of these I don't even feel like I extended the dynamic range much, like I accidentally exposed one of the exposures wrong. I'm going to try doing multiple RAW exposures and merging them in Lightroom from now on, but I enjoy the feature.

Bike Trip November 27, 2016 - 82-6-2.jpg

Bike Trip November 27, 2016 - 82-8-2.jpg

Bike Trip November 27, 2016 - 82-28.jpg

Bike Trip November 27, 2016 - 82-27.jpg

Bike Trip November 27, 2016 - 82-5.jpg
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I'm a newbie here so I hope I'm not breaking any rules here posting...

But I've some Amazon giftcards that I want to use towards purchasing an XT2 via Amazon (not 3rd party sellers). Is there any info on when Fuji will produce/send out more stock?

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I took the plunge in November and purchased the X-Pr2 (my 4th Fuji X Camera). Wow...I am impressed. I don't visit this site much except to look for answers and see what the conversation is about product. I was looking at some very nice images today here on the site, so I decide I would share a one from the first days of use of the X-Pro2...just delighted. This Color image was an only a slight enhanced Vivid Jpeg captured using 35mm WR, ISO 3200, 1/180s, f/11, Lightroom. I adjusted tone curve, clarity, vibrance and noise a tiny bit. Dusk in Milwaukee-1.jpg
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Hi everyone,

I have an XPro1 with the 18f2 and 35f1.4 as well as the X100T. I've found that I tend to use the latter as I prefer the focal length most of the time. But there is something very charming about the XPro1 and I've found it difficult to bring myself to sell it despite its shortcomings - namely the slow AF and laggy EVF.

So I was wondering if anyone here has used their XPro1 with the new XF23mm and how they have found it. From what I've read the XF35mmf2 focuses pretty quickly on the XPro1 and I presume the new 23mm would be similar. I'm not asking whether I should necessarily sell the X100T, I realise people will have different opinions here, that can be my 1st world dilemma ;-)

I'd just like to hear people's actual experiences with this combo (and the 35mmf2 for that matter) and how it compares say with the X100T.

Thanks in advance
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Drove along the Hwy 1 coast in Northern California near Jenner, CA

Here are some photos during evening light at Goat Rock Beach. The color changed dramatically as the sky got darker and darker, going from warmer to much cooler colors. Fuji X-T2 and 18-55.




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I have a X100S that I love using for landscape and portraits, but I would like to supplement it with a longer lens at minimum cost (for landscapes, portraits and close ups)

For now, I would like to get a used X body and fit my existing 55mm micro nikkor to it (eventually to be replaced with a 60mm Fuji macro), but I might also use other manual focus Nikons.

Although, I by far prefer the OVF, and the Xpro1 would be my preference, I am obviously going to need to use the EVF with the Nikkor lenses and for closeups. But, I don't know whether I would be better to go with an XE2/1, or whether the EVF on the XPro1 would be just as good.

Can anyone with experience with both cameras and adapted lenses share some practical experience and help me decide which camera I should buy. Any advice on a good quality adaptor would also be appreciated.

Many thanks,

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I didn't get out and about during yesterday's snow, but I grabbed some shots around home to document the occasion. A couple here and a few more in the reply. All X-E2 and 55-200, JPEGs with a few tweaks in GraphicConverter.

1st_snow_A.jpg 1st_snow_B.jpg
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My wife and I took advantage of a beautiful day in Edinburgh to cycle to Portobello, on the river Forth. It was showing minus 2 degrees on my car thermometer, so the air was clear and crisp. I staged this by sticking my Brompton on the low wall at the seafront, and quite liked it!

Brompton Visits Portobello.jpg
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Took a walk yesterday. More here.

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been travelling in india quite a way off the beaten track... including sonepur mela (near hajipur in bihar... northern india) which is basically a massive festival.

i believe somepur mela began as a cattle fair.. then included an elephant fair .. a horse fair.. circus.. fairground and attractions... markets and now government information and buisness stalls.

some say a million people attend and i didnt see a western face for 10 days... well thats a slight exageration as i bumped into one bloke from france wandering around on his own... random... and also a small goup of japaneese tourists who appeared for a morning on a photo trip with a guide etc... just popped off some photos of an elephant then dissapeared as if by magic.. they had wicked and expensive kit mostly canon and long "L" lenses. blah blah blah... anyhow... good times.

[​IMG]sonepur mela 2016 11 by simon green
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Shot a family at sunset last night for their holiday card, and gift prints for their relatives. Shot with the X-T2 and 18-55. One Adorama Flashpoint Lithium Ion Zoom shot through a Speedbox-60. Here are a few from the session....



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Sharing my work a couple of weeks ago. Shot entirely with xpro1 35mm f2.0 and xt1 56mm f1.2. Editing done in LR with exposure and contrast enhancement mainly.

Photography By Rye
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X-A1, Samyang 12mm
Kind regards,
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I just bought a brand new factory warranty unit and after fully charging the battery, using the camera for a whole day, the date and time resets after replacing the battery. Also tried charging the battery to full again and leaving it on for 20 hours. I am still experiencing auto reset. Should I still try leaving a full battery on for 48 hours? Or should I already have the unit replaced while I am still covered by the 7 day new-unit replacement?
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On my XPro1 body. Will have to read a bit more about infinity focus, these taken at a local church





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I and my wife involved in organizing a wedding party of our relatives last week and I brought my XE2 with 14mm, 35mm, 56mm to the wedding. Being so busy greeting and guiding the guest I almost had no time snapping the wedding ceremony and these photos taken after the ceremony finished. Selfie and wefie with tripod and 10s timer.





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