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Just thought I would share what I came across this morning whilst on a hill local to me and though not the best of light for photographs the subject matter appropriately and poignantly offered itself to me on this the eve of the 100th anniversary of the start of the battle of the Somme.

Stood in a 15/20 acre crop field - a solitary poppy.......

DSCF5014.jpg DSCF5015.jpg DSCF5016.jpg
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Tony Phillips mentions both in his X-Pro2 book and the one about X-flash photography that the flash that comes with the X-T1 works on the X-Pro2 as well. As the flash can be bought separately (at least over here across the water in Germany), I bought one, and it works perfectly (read that, Rockwell). As it draws its power from the camera, you need no batteries, in works efficiently like a built-in flash. Great to have, I tend to leave it on the camera all the time for fill-flash use.




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The last of my Palouse (E. Washington State) photos that I'm going to share. Hope you didn't mind so many but it was an incredibly productive 36 hours in the Palouse.

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I was taking a time lapse the other day and I noticed that between images the rear LCD displays much more detail than what shows up in the final image. Here is a video showing whats going on.

I want to know why this is happening. I would really like the final image to have all the detail visible on the display between shots.

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An old enlarger lens adapted with a 39mm-to-42mm ring(M39-M42) + helicoid(17mm~35mm) + a very thin 42mm-to-xmount. Photos were taken at F5.6 or F8 for DOF. One is cropped because bees are too small and 50mm is too short that getting closer scares them. This one is not very sharp wode open, the Nikon 55mm micro F3.5 is sharper wide open, but this Fujinon one is smaller and lighter, weights 200g with adapters(vs. 350g Nikon 55mm + adapter). This Fujinon is single coated, no filter thread and the double Gauss type makes bokeh kind of busy.
XT1F0926.JPG XT1F0805.JPG XT1F0957.JPG XT1F0855.JPG XT1F0958-2.jpg
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The sequel: “Dark Animal Portraits”
(Apenheul/ Netherlands)

Thanks for viewing. And I wonder what you think.

1) Meet Kevin (Alpha Male)

2) A new friend

3) The proud mother

4) The curious orangutan

5) The beautiful sleeper
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Love is all there is...

Found on an Irish rag tree.

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Fuji Xe1 + Aki Asahi walnut covering.

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Another from our Southern Winter Sky. Only five frames. Those that don't live here might say it's been 'shopped. No it ain't.

[​IMG]Milky Way over the Boat Shed by niggyl, on Flickr
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Hi all,

I really enjoy the X30 B&W photos. It sometimes adds the character to the not so great low light performance of X30.

Being just a beginner, I am open to your advises, critique.

My daughter is actually doing what all teenagers do - chatting on her mobile. But that we she does not even notice being photographed and does not protest :)

If I want to take a photo of her and she notices, this is a look she throws at me...
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I've used X100, X-Pro2, X-T1, and X100T since their inception, and got X-Pro2 at once and took it on vacation, using OVF as before. I've been surprised to find many photos underexposed. I've noticed the same "slow warm-up" that usually happens with X system when taking the lid off the lens, but also mid-flight with X-Pro2 -- it would be slow to adapt to a scene, sometimes bleaching the shot and requiring another one. The only difference in settings I can think of was the focus joystick activated. I had to bring up exposure by up to a stop and generally use Autotone in Lightroom on underexposed shots. At this point I feel safer with my new Pentax K-1, which, as K-3II, is delivering stable exposure. Has anybody encountered it, and how can exposure be stabilized?

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We all watch TV and or go to the movies or create our own video’s but have you ever wondered how moving pictures came to be? Who was the first to use a high speed shutter to stop action and who may have been the first to use an electronic shutter. Check out our brief review of “The Inventor and the Tycoon”. Had it not been for a courts failure to convict a killer, despite the fact that he never denied his crime and there were numerous eye witnesses to the event, the invention of moving pictures might have taken a different route.
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This may already be known, but Photoshop Express on the iPad can handle RAW files including the X-Trans sensor files from my X100S.

I tested by shooting our black fireplace very underexposed (no fire going) in RAW only and JPEG only modes.

PE told me the file was RAW and gave me the option of which to open. I chose Original and proceeded to lift the exposure.

I was gobsmacked!!! Added a touch of noise reduction (RAW files have none anyway so no surprise here) and WOW! Saved it and checked EXIF and the file was full size!

Tried lifting the JPEG and you know the result. Unusable.

I imported using the Camera Connection Kit.

Snapseed also recognized and handled the raw but the lifting was far less successful than PE Express.

Works with files from my Canon 6D as well.

Anyone know of other apps that truly handle RAW files? The capability is said to be included in iOS 10 in the Fall as well.

Woo hoo!
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One of my horizontal pictures displays vertically (on its side, if you will). All other horizontal pictures display horizontally. Can't find any way to correct this in the manual. Also, how can I get a vertical picture to display horizontally so that it fills the display screen (if this is possible)? Thanks for any help
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After using my recently purchased X-E2 for a week, I decided to update the firmware to the latest version. Namely, 4.01.

My camera came with version 1.00 installed and I carefully downloaded version 4.01 directly from the Fuji website. This is not the first time that I've downloaded firmware so I know what I'm doing. All went well with the update and the camera is working perfectly (with some nice improvements), with one exception.

When I try to download the files to my PC (Win 8.1) using a known-to-be-good USB cable, my PC doesn't recognize the camera at all. Prior to the update, the camera was instantly recognized and downloads via USB were no problem. Using that same cable, my PC finds my X-30 just fine. Using the same port, I can download perfectly from my X-E1 and X-30 as well as a few other cameras.

I can download files from the X-E2 using a card reader with no problem at all. What's going on here? I know, from searching this site and elsewhere, that others have also had this issue. What I'm not finding is a solution that doesn't involve returning the body to Fuji for some surgery.

I can work around this issue by using a card reader, but I've always downloaded via USB cable as I find it easier than having to remove the card, download the files and then replace the card. I can live with this, but it bothers me that Fuji seems to have screwed the pooch with 4.01 with no indication of a fix being in the works.

Is anyone aware of a "home remedy" for this issue?
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Hi folks,

Finally, after a long wait, I had the opportunity to meet and take pictures of the beautiful and enigmatic Little Owl (Athene noctua), one of my favorite European birds, and probably the cutest bird I’ve ever seen.

This little fluffy raptor measures around 21 cm in length with a wingspan of 55 cm (both male and female). Its weigh is about 170 grams. Its plumage color is brown and grey spotted with white. Its big yellow eyes stand out giving the bird a funny frowning expression as you can see in my new article on my website: Come check it out here: Little Owl Photo Hide

I show you one of the pictures of the article. You can see the rest of them on the article.

Little Owl - XT-1 + XF100-400mm f4.5-5.6 LM OIS WR

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Hi! I've been going through my images from my first trip to Cuba - when I got hold of my original X100 on launch day, the day before I left! Hope you like them, I'm quite happy with what that little camera could deliver. Edit: Sorry for so many images, turned out to be more that I wanted to post than initially thought.





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I've sold my Nikon D7000 and all bits and bobs relating to a DSLR..I have an X30 and want a bigger sensor Fuji, I very much enjoy street and urban as well as candid/documentary people/portrait style budget is £800 and I'm swaying to the X100t..or should it be the XE2s which will add the interchangeable lens capability into the mix, but on the other hand I'm into 'back to basics' approach and use a fixed focal length and move my feet!
Your views would be appreciated

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A couple of shots I got on a flight over the Austrian Alps, X-Pro2 with the 60mm f2.4.


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Some street photography from Bologna, I had a morning and an evening off while being there for a couple of days for other business. Hope you like them :)





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Intentional Camera Movement is becoming popular in the photography's one by rotating my X70

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Having recently purchased the X-Pro 1, and then an X-E1 and been impressed by the ease of use and image quality I decided to take the plunge and get the X-T1.

I have not been disappointed. It's a great camera!!

The only thing left to do now is clear out my m4/3 collection on eBay, maybe I'll keep one just for funzies.

When I finally get some shots good enough to post I'll put them up here.

Looking forward to sharing with the crowd and getting feedback.
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But...I scored one on CL for $1100 after selling off the two lenses it came with. Also, it came with a receipt and is still under warranty. Lucky me! The X-Pro-2 is so fun to shoot. I loved my XT-10, which I just sold, but there's something special about the look, feel, quickness, and sound of the X-Pro-2. I'm in love again after having the X-Pro-1 last year and selling it. I also repurchased the original X-100 because that was my first Fuji camera, and I loved it more than all the other X-100 cameras. Now it seems all is complete...until the XT2 comes out =p

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X-T1, shutter speed 1/180, at ISO 200, lens 35mm f1.4 set to f3.2, Yongnuo YN-560III Speedlight in Octagon Softbox some outdoor light coming in from camera right.
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Taken with Canonet QL17 fixed 50mm lens. Scanned from Kodachrome slide. A sheer 1900ft drop to the sea these days very attractive to base jumpers. Completely deserted at the time but probably not so today now that access has been eased with a path. A stupendous view, well worth the effort and still tempting 34 years on...but thinking about it and doing it are two different things...

Norway & Denmark 1982_0061.jpg

Norway & Denmark 1982_0065_edited-3.jpg
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Hey there,

Once again I am looking for some thoughts on the composition and tones of a black and white image.

A little context for the image, I live next to an army Barracks, that is occupied by the Royal Engineers in England, lately I have been thinking of all the people that I have known and lost that have been part of the military in recent conflicts, I decided to take a self portrait next to one of the fields that they regularly have late night exercises in.

I decided on the scream as a "scream of many, that is heard by few."

I'd love to hear your thoughts again, thank you very much.

Shot on an XT10 with the 35mm f2

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National Camera Day – 15% off Digital & 25% off Film Gear. Use Code CAMERADAY.

Bought the 18-55 in EX+ for $288 after discount with free shipping (CONUS only I think).
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I read this concern in a review of the lens:
"I’m not convinced that letting the weight of this lens pull down on the X-T1s lens mount for extended periods of time is a good idea either. There’s a good reason Fuji includes the tripod collar to distribute that weight on a monopod or tripod. I was too paranoid to find out what would happen if you let the 50-140mm f/2.8 dangle from the lens mount for too long, so I always found myself cradling the lens in my left hand while holding the camera in my right. The weight of the lens demands some respect in that way."

I will use this lens on a tripod but do not want this all the time. Has anyone experienced the possible negative effect on the X-T1s mount? Or is it recommended to buy a strap that lets you attach the it via the tripod socket?
Review site: Review: Fuji XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Lens
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Hi all. Just starting out with an X-e2 after selling all my canon gear. Really looking forward to trying to get to know and understand he camera and lenses. Thanks for all the tips and looking forward to learning a lot more here.

image.jpeg image.jpeg
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My first outing with the X-Pro2 since getting a new one from my wife as an anniversary gift (her gift topped mine to her). We had already planned a trip out to Lake Michigan, but the waters were deemed unsafe due to the waves and wind. So my daughter had the X-Pro1 and the 16mm and she is a challenge to photograph. I got behind her on the beach and yelled her name and was able to get a decent shot of her.
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OK, so I picked up the EF to Fuji adapter and was terribly disappointed as there was no way to control aperture. Then yesterday I noted a thread complaining this fact and someone commented the reason the FD adapters are so popular is that the old FD lenses have an aperture ring same as Fuji lenses. So digging into my closet to locate the 30 year old AE-1 system I had, I find I have three FD lenses.

The 28mm f2.8 not so exciting as my 27mm f2.8 Fuji is likely a duplicate

The 50 f1.8 should be very interesting as with the crop factor makes a 75 f1.8 and I don't have a prime in that range or that speed.

The 75-200mm was my favorite as I enjoyed the zoom back in the day, but after looking at it I noticed not only does it have an aperture ring, but it has a Macro ring as well!!!! Now THAT really fascinates me. I enjoy close up photography and never knew this lens had Macro capability.

The FD to Fuji adapter is now ordered so I should get to play with it next week some time. 30 years ago I really enjoyed these lenses, but had NO knowledge - It was Automatic all the way. I know theses lenses put out some great pictures back then. So I am a bit excited to realize this idea has some great possibilities!

Does anyone else own the 75-200mm Macro? And can provide some input on how well it works?
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Someone mentioned to me that Fuji now has a much longer lasting battery available for pro 2, pro 1 and Xt-1 etc.?
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I am just back from an 8 day river cruise taking only my x-100T, TCL and i40 flash. On loading the 1780 raw images (64GB card) into Lightroom cc I see that many of the standard lens images that used the i40 with the supplied diffuser, contain flare.

The standard lens sees the light from the diffuser base :( I will put black cloth tape on the lower surface which should eliminate the problem.

Fortunately Lightroom cc and photoshop cc have a Haze filter that is quite effective in removing the flare.

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Morning all, just a quickie . Is it worth updating my XE-2 and lenses firmware to the latest for the improved manual focus functionality . I can't seem to find anything on the internet about it .... Cheers all
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Have any of you managed to get thumbnails of RAF files visible in Windows 10 Explorer? I only shoot RAF so do not have in-camera jpg for display.

I do not want to use a separate image reader its just that when working with Lightroom cc import it would be useful to see the thumbnail in Explorer when Lightroom cannot find the images to image from my Lexar Pro reader (as is happening just now).

Some are saying that the Windows 8 codex works but other say it does'nt.

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My last weekend I spend in Gothenburg to watch two Springsteen concerts. I took my X70 to photograph the beautiful city. Here are my favorites.
image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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