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A few shots from my trip to PV earlier this month.




[​IMG] [​IMG]
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SC20-2a.jpg Here is a color version of custom bike builder Strife Charming. I posted a black and white image a short time ago. This will be used to promote his business. Shot on my XPro 1 with the 10-24 lens. Processed in Lightroom and HDR EFEX Pro.
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Taken with a Canon 5DMII + 300mm f/4L IS lens... :)


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A recent portrait. All natural window light and a reflector. Shot with my XPro1 and the 56mm. Processed with Lightroom. PD20-2.jpg
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I thought I had lost this site, sure, I had been to the new Photozine site which reviews lenses and summarizes the findings into a score. Many of the Fuji XF lenses are reviewed here. It is a gold mine of data points regarding old lenses.

Back in the day of my D70, which was two generations ago in my dslr history I had exported this master list to an excel file and setup a data filter on it to find all lenses that met criteria (yes-I can be obsessive). For instance, show me all lenses with AF speed rating greater than 4.25. And, through a lucky strike of a broken link and some fiddling with it, I found it again. It was there all along, just not published. I'm no longer as obsessed about gear, thankfully. As a resource it's great for fine tuning suitable lenses. Select what your looking for from the output filter drop down box, then choose Performance, and press the Start Query button.

Lens Performance Survey

Another site which has every lens I've ever looked for, but very few data points is still good for general specifications. Just start typing the focal length in search lenses field and matches will popup.

All About Photographic Lenses, Modern and Old. Specifications, comparisons, user reviews, features, comments, tests, MTF-charts for lenses by Canon,Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Sigma, Tamron, Carl Zeiss, etc.
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These stats flicked across my FB page the other day. It was on a very pro canon site ( though I don't dispute the figures). What it says to me is that Fuji is making its own niche, and though still small on a global scale - reasonably significant when the 'big two' have had the market to themselves.
Quite surprised at the lens sales - though I'm guessing most are included in a kit lens sale.
Stats come from a site called



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Ok, this might be akin to cursing, but I don't have a photography background and I was hoping to be able to use the software I already have instead of shelling out for Lightroom - so...anyone got any tips for getting the X-T1 RAFs nice and shiny using ACDSee? How to cope with ISO DR?

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I know in the past that B&W prints made on color printers were not actually B&W but colors blended together to make B&W and that caused unsightly casts. Is that still the case? If so can anyone recommend a company that can print true B&W? If that is no longer true can you recommend a company that you like for B&W printing in the USA? I need to get a 16x16 inch B&W print of my nieces wedding and want it to look real nice.

Zack S
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Just wanted to give a shout to all X enthusiasts.
Had an X 100 quite some time ago and sold it to do the usual rounds of DSLR's and lenses.
Finally decided to by another Fuji and settled on the X100T.
Things have moved on and this camera seems to have everything I need.
I am sure to need help, so please reply if I shout out.
Anyone know if there are any fellow X users in the Manchester area?
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Hi all,

I need to upgrade for a viewfinder. I love my XA1 and find it very easy to use. However, it has got to the point where I have to admit that half the time I cannot see what I am taking on the screen!

I think the only options are either XT10, XES, or a refurb XE1/2.
While I am comfortable buying a used camera, I want to make sure it will have the same features I am used to with XA1, and not be out of date too quickly. Also, I have no style preferences on the 2 camera types, and use my left eye so my nose will hit the screen on all cameras. I am trying to work out which is the best feature wise/ease of use.

Also, I have a lens dilema.
Ideally I would buy body only (better for my funds), and use my current lens (the 2 XC kit lenses and 27); But the other half wants the XA1 when I upgrade, with the XC16-50 kit lens.

Should I get new camera body and buy the lens I really want (35) or go for a deal which has the 18-55 on it (this will duplicate a lens, but I may never see the Xc16-50 again?).

Any advice?
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I couldn't help but notice all the excitement in this forum about the use of adapted lens. It wasn't until recently though that I decided to include a Metabones Nikon adapter in my most recent order, to explore the practice with some of my old Nikkor glass. Boy am I humbled. This is a real eye-opener!

I thought I'd try my 50mm f/1.8 Nikkor first, stuck it on my X-Pro1, and headed for my wife's flower bed. I took a shot with the Nikon lens, and then swapped the lens for my trusty Fuji 35mm f/1.4, and took a comparison shot. To deal with the different focal lengths, I moved the tripod back a little bit with the Nikon lens setup. I hate to say this but I think the color is more natural with the Nikkor lens as compared with the Fuji lens, when comparing the untouched RAW files! The greens seem too saturated in the Fuji lens version. Additionally, I think the Nikkor lens version has more of a 3D effect that I didn't expect to see. I welcome some input from the adapted lens community regarding the sample images.

I used RAW files for the comparison because I didn't want the in-camera JPG process to influence the results in any way. Each shot was taken with the same ISO, shutter-speed, and aperture settings. The only editing in post was some notes for reference.

Here's the image taken with the Fuji 35mm f/1.4:
Fujifilm 35mm 1_4.jpg

And here's the image taken with the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8:
Nikkor 50mm 1_8.jpg

Some Milkweed Tiger Moth caterpillars, taken with the Nikkor 50mm lens and an MCEX-11 ring:

X-Pro1 setup with the Nikkor glass:

Now I'll have to try my old Nikkor 80-200 f/2.8 with my Fuji. This should be interesting.
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Mounted on a NEX 7. Very good close focusing, less than 1 foot, (.3m). For scale, the Phlox flowers are around 1/2 inch.

Vivitar Series 1 28mm f1.9.jpg
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I'm a little surprised JJC hasn't done a bayonet vented hood for the 35/2 WR - they didn't take long to do their version of the bayonet X100 hood and adapter. Has anyone heard any rumblings?
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I bought this a couple of years ago and finally decided to get a nice pic of it. Shot it with the T1 and 35mm 1.4 and used a Foldio 2 for the lighting. Turned out quite nicely. Hope you enjoy it. I traced it down to be a 1916 model. If you want to read up on the camera's history I recommend reading this page.

1916 No. 1 Autographic Kodak Junior
by Neil, on Flickr
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Several pics from the fireworks last night with my X-T1 and 23/1.4.

Fireworks 7.jpg

Fireworks 8.jpg

Fireworks 9.jpg

Fireworks 10.jpg

Fireworks 11.jpg
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Hi, I took this photos during holidays in Salou (Spain), using a Haida ND 1000 Filter. Hope you like them.

X-E2 + XF 18-55mm


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Why is the XT10 £100 cheaper than the XE2S when the former is newer and some might say slightly has the edge on the latter?
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I haven't taken my battery out of my x100t (even though I have 2 extra batteries)since I bought it. I usually am not a heavy shooter and I use the OVF and do very little chimping. I get a day's worth of shooting on one battery, so at night I just plug my USB cable between my camera and laptop. Tops up nicely. Obviously if I am traveling or doing a very heavy day of shooting the extra batteries and charger will get put to use. nice.
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I have the above lens. I have the Fuji supplied lens hood but I like the look of the slotted round lens hood too. I notice that strobist has the same lens but he has the round slotted hood. But the Fuji spec says it's compatible with the f2 lens, not the f1.4 lens. Does anyone know which round slotted lens hood will fit the f1.4 lens?
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BLAK0085V2.jpg Right near the historic City Hall in Kingston, Ontario, is a restored steam engine called the Spirit of Sir John A. This is named after the Kingston resident , Sir John A Macdonald, who became Canada's first Prime Minister (1878–1891). The name of this train has some ironies.

Macdonald was for some years a heavy drinker, so the "spirit" referred to may be Scotch.

But also, Macdonald's involvement in the negotiations for a contract to build the Canadian Pacific Railway involved him in a scandal. He and some of his colleagues had received campaign contributions from someone who was to have headed the syndicate to build the railway from East to West. Macdonald's government was forced to resign in late 1873. In the election of 1874 his government was defeated. The train in the photos is labelled Canadian Pacific Railway.

Following the suggestions of some of you below, I have revised the shot of the full locomotive by cloning out the buildings above the top of the train. My limited artistic abilities made this an imperfect edit, but still better than the previous version.




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I made it out to the last day of CA State Fair this past Sunday. It was my first time there with my X-E1.

Raging Waters Sacramento
Slide Spraywm.jpg

Swings on the Midway Swings and Bearwm.jpg

This exhibit for Sacramento County hurts my brain
WTF Sacwm.jpg

Fountain and Couplewm.jpg

View attachment 87357
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Reflection.jpg XE 1 XF 35mm f1.4
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Fuji X-T1, ISO 400, 1/180 second, f1.4 35mm lens shot at f1.4
Fuji X-T1, ISO 400, 1/250 second, f1.4 35mm lens shot at f1.4
Fuji X-T1, ISO 200, 1/180 second, f1.4 35mm lens shot at f8
Fuji X-T1, ISO 400, 1/180 second, f1.4 35mm lens shot at f4.0
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I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this in. If not, Moderator, please move.
Sometimes there is no apparent alternative than using HDR to capture the full tonal range of a scene. Such was the case here as the shadows on the tree bark were deep and highlights beyond the ability of the camera to capture.
5 Exposures, taken with a Nikon D300 and processed in Lightroom and Photomatix Pro

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The Minolta SR System

came across this site, there is a lot of detail regarding serial numbers and how to tell them apart. Plus, an index, a database, specs for every lens.

just passing it along as general interest.
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Most images were shot at f1.7- f2.8 ISO200. JPEG Velvia. Fotasy MD-Fx adapter.





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I've been a canon full frame shooter for quite some years now. I've always loved landscape / scenic photography but have also had a good crack at weddings, live music, fine art, tabletop... I love it all! Since my first bambino came along 3.5 years ago my heavy stash of camera kit has seen less and less use. A 5dII with 2.8 L-zooms seems overkill when going out adhoc with the family, especially with my aching back when I have a 3 yr old on my shoulders and a scooter/ball to carry around! The photos from my DSLR have always looked great but regretfully I've found myself reaching for my iPhone rather than my DLSR, out of pure convenience.... So ashamed!

Having sought advice from close friends who are pro photographers and also Fuji users, reading tons of reviews / forums I've finally made the switch. Of late, true photography seemed to be just for special occasions! My hope is that a lighter-weight system might encourage me to pick up my camera and carry it around everywhere, just as I used to.

I've already sold my 5dII and most of my lenses and pre-ordered myself an X-T2. I can't wait to get going with this new system. I've ordered the XT2 with the 'kit' lens, which seems perfect for a compact and lightweight, but high quality system to just have with me when out about with the family.

But for when I get the chance to go full-on photographer I've set myself up with a selection of excellent primes. Today I received the 16 F 1.4 / 35 f2 / 56 f1.2 / 90 f2.

Now I just wait..... Cameraless..... and with amazing glass just itching to be used!

Seems like I'm going to have an adjustment period in moving from canon to Fuji. Is there anything I can do to prepare before I'm finally reunited with a camera?
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Hi, my x-a2 smooths all my images, like when its in the portrait mode, but it does it in evey mode, how do i turn the smoothing off?
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hadn't been out much with my camera for a while due to work etc and the poor summer we have had here in scotland
last weekend i headed out on a little road trip to loch are near aberfoyle the weather was pretty poor
but i thought to hell i need to shoot some pics again
i took along the X-T 10 with XF 18-55
i just thought i would post some pics as i just loved the colours especially as it was dull and grey everything seemed to pop

loch ard-8.jpg ISO 400 F/16 18mm 1/60 SEC loch ard-18.jpg ISO 320 F/13 55mm 1/60sec
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As mentioned in another post I too have recently acquired this lens and so far struggle to get good focus. This is my best effort so far. DSCF6901-2.jpg
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They come as boys and leave as young men dedicated to keeping the flame of Torah alive. More here.

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Hi all, there are a ton of adapters for third party lenses to Fuji bodies, but does anyone have any experience of mounting Fuji lenses on Canon (or Nikon) bodies?

I only ask as my partner needs to do some video work and I'm thinking that a 5d mkii might do a better job of video than my x-t1. An x-t2 is probably beyond the budget as well…

Any suggestions and recommendations would be very welcome!
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I am thinking about getting an xt10. I will use it for hiking and landscape photo. Which fuji lenses will be a good match?
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Earlier today I went out early. I wanted to catch the sunrise and here are the results from my lovely X70:

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Just curious! Wondering if anyone knows what happens to the preproduction Fuji cameras sent to reviewers after the new models are released. Are they returned to Fuji, updated and refurbished and sold as new? If so, can one tell from the serial number if indeed it was a preproduction model?
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As a child i spent a great deal of time with my pop at his cabin in a Newfoundland outport community where he was born. We'd drive the couple of hours to the cabin and i'd spend a week chasing him around. Most importantly he took me fishing for cod very regularly in a place they called the Tickle, a body of water between the mainland and the island where he was born. My pop was a major factor in shaping who i am today.

Fast forward 30 years and this past weekend i was hired to shoot a wedding in the small outport town of Triton just a few kms from where i spent half of my youth. The day before the wedding i scouted the area and found this spot with a fantastic view of where my pop and i did all of our fishing. Sunset was almost a total bust but thankfully i got about 2 minutes of good light as the sun was about to set behind the mountains.

This image i titled 'The Tickle' and it meant the world to me to get this photo. I just hope my pop could see my happiness from the heavens.

Photo taken with a preproduction X-T2 and XF10-24mm.

Cheers all.

The tickle.jpg
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