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The Seven Preset Shooting Modes / 2 ISO Settings / Film Sims

Today, 08:00 PM

I may be dense, but today I finally figured out the priorities when shooting with the auto presets. Previously I had programmed a high ISO and a low ISO mode for three film simulations, along with a high and low shutter speed for good light and dim light. But today, I was playing with the auto ISO in different lighting situations, and I realized that in aperture priority, it won't up the ISO until it can't match the shutter speed/f stop settings. Then once the ISO is maxed out, it will start dropping the shutter speed below my setting. If I have too much light for my f/stop, it will take my lowest ISO and start increasing the shutter speed.


That means I can set a minimum typical shutter speed (80th/sec), and set the auto ISO setting way up high at my maximum setting for shooting in the dark, and most of the time in good light, it will stick at the 200 ISO base I have set and just up the shutter speed. If I see the ISO at max and my shutter speed dropping, I can choose to open up the aperture or just let it peg the ISO and have the shutter speed drop. I can concentrate on JUST aperture and shutter speed and let the camera control the ISO, because it will always choose the lowest ISO possible with my choice of aperture and speed.


That is liberating, because it's one less thing for me to fuss with. Like I say, I'm dense. It took me a while to realize that the priority for the auto settings is aperture and speed first and ISO second. I really don't need two ISO settings the way I shoot. All I really need is aperture priority and a minimum shutter speed that can handle my shaky hands.


So I went through and changed my seven presets to B&W yellow filter, B&W red filter, Classic Chrome, Velvia, Standard Provia, Neg Hard and Neg Soft. I have a mountainside and neighborhood outside my office that makes the perfect test subject. I'm going to shoot all seven modes with the exact same settings and look at the jpegs and decide how to set saturation, highlights and shadows on each mode to make them all even out. I've already found out that Classic Chrome +2 color and Velvia at 0 lines up exactly with where I want the saturation, and the B&W modes require a +1 highlights. I'll see what settings pull the other film simulations into line where I like it, and my seven presets will be like a Swiss Army Knife of options.

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50-140mm and X-T1 for portraits

Today, 04:51 PM

As much as I love my 56mm 1.2, unless I need super shallow depth of field and a smaller form factor, the 50-140mm zoom is now my go to portrait lens. It has faster and more reliable focus and image quality comparable to a prime. Not to mention the extra reach.

This shot was taken in a way that I wouldn’t or couldn’t have taken with my Nikon gear, with face detect and eye detect on, using the latest firmware on the X-T1. All I needed to do was frame the shot. In 155 out of the 156 shots the focus was perfect.



Shot at 80mm, f/5.6, 160th sec.





  78 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by Ken Bennett )


Full spectrum converted X-M1

Today, 03:52 PM

Hello folks!


This is my first post in the forum and these are my first attempts at IR photography. Have to say, I like faux colors.  :)


XF 35mm + Kolari Vision K665





XC 50-230 + Kolari Vision K665



XF 35mm + Hoya R72




  34 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Macro )


X-Pert Tips, X-T1 - any good?

Today, 02:57 PM

Hi everyone,

Has anyone read that book that's been advertized/recommended at the top of this site for the last couple of days? Would you recommend it? And for what reasons?

  160 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by adzman808 )


New lens, 24mp

Today, 01:47 PM

I must say I'm both surprised and impressed that the members of the leading Fuji X forum have chosen to seemingly ignore the rumors of a new X100. I've actually read it on a few sites, don't know if it's the same source all the time. 24mp and a new lens. 


So so let me start off:


I can understand a new lens with the sensor. The current one was designed for 12mp and, while very good, does not fully resolve the current 16mp sensor (comparing to the XF 23 on an X-T1). 


Hopefully the lens will result in improved AF performance. While the X100T is certainly better in low light than its predecessors, it's not in the same league as my X-T1, firmware version 3, XF 35. Other XF lenses with v3 are even more reliable in low light. My belief is the lens on the X100's is the gating factor. 


I like 24mp on a fixed lens cam. Helps with the inevitable crops when pushing the focal a bit further than it intended use. 


I have concerns about low light performance. I hear great and wonderful things about the Sony 24mp. Unfortunately, the images I look at don't translate to great and wonderful low light performance. Even adjusting for Fuji's ISO liberties, the Fuji 16mp XTrans ll puts the Sony to shame. Big concern here, I'm not going to be an early adopter here as clean low light files are important to me. 


A want is a responsive eye sensor like the ones on my X-E1, X100 and X-T1. Another reason I'm not going to be an early adopter.


A flip LCD would be nice. 

  254 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by Spikey131 )


Fisherman in the surf, San Francisco's Ocean Beach

Today, 12:50 PM

Posted by denissf in Landscape

Got out to the water a bit later than I'd like last night.  A buddy and I stuck around until the sunset became late blue hour.  


This guy was out in the water up to his thighs.  We spotted some other fishermen on the rocks to the north, as well.  That's a daunting exit, particularly in the dark.


20744566309_bf75ca3908_b.jpgOcean Beach Fisherman by Denis Lincoln, on Flickr

  91 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by denissf )


On the road with X100s

Today, 12:43 PM

Posted by DJL813 in Landscape

I just returned from a business trip and on the way home decided to pass through Kent, CT....simply beautiful country.  Anyway, drove over Bulls Bridge (old wood covered bridge) and decided to stop and pull out the X100S---the shots of the rapids were taken through the windows of the bridge.  Recently put the X100S up for sale (just too many lenses in this focal length)...but after this trip---think it's staying with me.

  128 Views · 0 Replies


Best place to rent XF glass?

Today, 12:38 PM

I am in need of an XF23 next Friday and would like to rent one.


Can anyone recommend a company?



  100 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by robert )


Playing with FD 80-200 f4 L on X-T1

Today, 12:37 PM

A couple from yesterday, taken with FD 80-200 F4L on X-T1, shot wide open. These are basically in-camera Jpegs, (shot in Normal) with slight PP in PS5 for exposure - colors are as shot. I will work on the RAW files later when I have some time available. This is a manual focus lens, but outside of that, I think it can stand up to any Fuji lens including 90mm. I am still practicing on my MF skills, but I think I am improving (not easy to shoot constantly moving kids with MF)


The boys were sick and thus they were home - when they got a little play time outside, I couldn't resist taking a few shots. 


20930862025_6daf0f9146_b.jpg2015_0826_11151900 by Sanjay Nayar, on Flickr


20921121842_4982f8162c_b.jpg2015_0826_11244100 by Sanjay Nayar, on Flickr


20742804560_a29115d1ca_b.jpg2015_0826_18545900 by Sanjay Nayar, on Flickr


20921122162_e4bd1b4e3c_b.jpg2015_0826_11184100(2) by Sanjay Nayar, on Flickr

  69 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by RaoG )


KC Royals XT-1 Rokkor 50mm 1.4

Today, 11:57 AM

Used Lightroom + Exposure 7 + Perfectly Clear

My wife Shell and Family Friends from Tivoli, Italy. Italian skin tone is a difficult one not to over or under saturate. 


20903088626_67d04b5830_k.jpgUntitled by Stefan West, on Flickr


20742234709_a71ea9770f_z.jpgUntitled by Stefan West, on Flickr


20306261904_2c4dc15aff_b.jpgUntitled by Stefan West, on Flickr


20740699040_963f1f57a9_b.jpgUntitled by Stefan West, on Flickr


20740606528_1202363c27_b.jpgUntitled by Stefan West, on Flickr

  105 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by roalk )


Begonia Bud

Today, 11:55 AM

Posted by dpc in General


  44 Views · 0 Replies


Garden Ornament

Today, 11:53 AM

Posted by dpc in General

Garden faerie with antiquing applied

  43 Views · 0 Replies


White Poppy

Today, 11:50 AM

Posted by dpc in General



White poppy with part of the pod 

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Bald Eagle at Grand Barachois, N.B., Canada

Today, 11:37 AM

Posted by DHA in Wildlife-Nature

Before today I've only seen this magnificent animal from a distance. With the tide low, I went around a point where the grassland meets the sea, and there he was, perched and fearless. I was surprised he let me get so close. Taken with Fuji X-Pro1 and XF 55-200mm lens. SOOC JPegs with no work up.

DSCF6147.jpg DSCF6141.jpg DSCF6130.jpg DSCF6135.jpg

  73 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by DHA )


Her hair growing back

Today, 11:20 AM

Step by step things are slowly getting back to some sort of normality


Talking to her father  :thumbsu:



  67 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Wilco10 )

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