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make an Arca Swiss compatible tripod?
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I left work a bit early today so that I could go for a hike in Ohiopyle State Park. I haven't been out too much yet this Autumn and I missed the peak color, but it was still very nice to get out. A few more on my website. All pictures taken with an X-T1, Rokinon 12mm f/2 and a B+W Circular Polarizer on a tripod. Some shots had a variable ND filter as well.

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hi everybody,
I am a cross road and I need your advise.
I had in the past an X100S which I loved but regretelly sold to finance my XT1.
I have always heard so many good comments about the originla X100 but never had a chance to fidn out on my own.
I finally decided to act. I found a useed X100 for sale for 550 canadian the SN starts with 21 so ther should not be a sticky blades issue with it hopefully.
I know it is a 12 MP instead of 16, but that may be part of the great looking files it produced compared to the more modern S/T models.
I would like you to tell me what am I not getting by buying the original camera that instead I would get by buying the S or T
in therms of features and or quality of the pictures.
that would really help me in my decision making.

thanks a lot
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I took a walk through the Bozenkill Nature Preserve this afternoon. Fall is fading. Cold days ahead.
X-e2, 10-24

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Almost every time I see an image, usually a street shot, of a person looking at his phone, I am annoyed for two reasons:

1. It's usually not an interesting shot.
2. It probably means the shooter is choosing subjects based on level of distractedness and therefore, ease of access.

That is all.
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What's the best way to view our beloved pictures ?
I mean my monitor is Samsung TV is even less : 1920x1080
Surely, that means everything is down-sampled to around 2 Megapixels ?

So, are 4k televisions a serious upgrade / worthwhile for viewing pics ?
What about 4k projectors ? Still too expensive ? (and I'd need a 4k laptop, no ?)
Obviously a large print would justify a 24 MP camera. But can't have a lot of those around the house!

Seriously ; has anyone found a decent way to view their X-Files while making (more) use of 16-24 MP ?
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Quick question: has anyone tested or read anywhere that there is a fundamental, noticeable rendering of bokeh on 55-200mm when the OIS is off/on?
I can certainly give it a test when I get a chance, but was just looking for quick info.

Thanks in advance-
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I went to Castle Combe last Saturday, one of our local race circuits to attend a sprint event, a great selection of cars from differing eras from track to road.

The weather was dull and overcast and we first saw signs of sun later in the afternoon but regardless, the XT2 with 16-55 for the close ups and static shots as well as the 100-400 for the track shots.

These images were my first conversions using Iridient and I have to say I am really impressed and happy with these versions compared to the images converted in LR.

CC 3.jpg CC 6.jpg CC 14.jpg CC 25.jpg CC 28.jpg
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...a favorite. Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Chicago's Lincoln Park. Designed by Jens Jensen.

X-E2 with 56mm f/1.2

Mr. Wood Duck
by David, on Flickr
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Hi folks,

I would appreciate any advice. There is a stubborn dust spot which can be seen on the attached image. I tried to clean the sensor using sensor I have smudges along the bottom of the image. It's been several days, and I tried a second swab cleaning (wet). Still, smudges and dust.
Should I send it off to Fuji? Any suggestions?


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Fujifilm X-pro 1 + Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2
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OK, this is a really stupid question, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

When I switch the dial on the left side of the camera up to "MF" and look through the viewfinder to frame a shot, nothing happens when I spin the focus ring on the lens. Nothing goes in or out of focus when I'm looking through the viewfinder.

Is there something else I need to do here?

I haven't used my x100s in a while. I could have sworn all I did to use MF last time was flip the switch up from AF.

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Hogback sunrise-1.jpg
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I haven't used my X-100T for a while, and now I suddenly realize something I may have forgotten or that just didn't happen before: in AF-S mode, and any View mode, if I focus using the LCD screen, I always have the little square to indicate where I am focusing, BEFORE having to half-press the shutter button. But I do not have it in the viewfinder, be it in OVF or EVF mode, UNTIL I half-press the shutter button, which seems a bit odd. Is this normal, is there something wrong, or is there a menu setting I forgot? Thank you for your help.

BTW, my X-T2 always gives me the square in the viewfidner in any View mode.
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had a photo featured on flickr explore yesterday.

nice... over 8k views in 24 hrs and still gently rising.
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Hello fellow Fujistas! I apologize if this may be the wrong forum but, while reading latest conversations, I had a thought about a remote possibility of "inviting" one of Fuji USA Steves to have a presence at FujiXForum. I am sure Steve(s) is busy enough as it is but what if Robert could convince him to check a designated thread (once a week?) where we could post technical questions that may get the benefit of Steve's expertise (most probably, a "send it in" advice :). Like the old Dear Abby column :)))) There could also be some legal barriers for Steve to be involved with a non-Fuji entity...
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It's a rather dull time of the year where I am. Most of the trees and bushes have divested themselves of their colourful autumn leaves and I'm left with drab shades of brown and yellow.


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anyone have a solution?

I have an iphone 6 plus and the problems i'm having with the remote app and the X-T1

1. keeps disconnecting if i move 5 ft away.
2. images are fine but as soon as a person moves into the shot, it gets beyond choppy and freezes, needs to wait 20sec for it to unfreeze, or it just disconnects.
3. constantly freezes and unable to focus anytime a person moves into the shot.

any suggestions? beyond frustrating so any advice is welcomed.
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1. Abandoned granary at the verge of a wheat field. The wheat has been weather damaged and is lying every which way.
2. Wheat, again weather damaged and leaning over.


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So I finally received my XT2. I was excited for it's video capabilities so I put it to test shooting a cooking video.
I used the 16-55mm lens. The camera was locked off on a tripod for each shot. The panning and dolly moves were done in post. I was able to do this by shooting 4K and editing in HD resolution. There's some lost details in the highlights on overexposed shots that were clipped. On other cameras (Canon C100, Sony FS5) I'm able to fix the by using a correction curve by pulling down the highlights. Unfortunately I cannot do this on the XT2. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next firmware release.

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Hi all, I just received my xe-1 back from Isaac Szabo, he did a great job and has been very informative and helpful, cannot praise this guy enough.
This image was shot with the Samyang 12mm f2, a few people have said that this lens is not usable for IR due to hot spot issues, I have found my copy to work well up to f8-11.
This is one of the first images that I had a bit of fun shooting and processing, I am so enjoying viewing the world in IR!!
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Hi all,

Until recently, Lightroom 6 (non-subscription-version) applied built-in lens profiles on all of my pictures taken with XF or XC lenses. Today I realized that this was no longer the case. Instead of the message "built-in lens-profile applied", the Lens Corrections panel now informs me that it's "unable to locate a matching profile automatically".


I did an update to 6.7 a few days or weeks ago, maybe that was the reason?

What's even stranger, Adobes's list of supported lenses does no longer include any of the XF and XC lenses: Supported lenses

Anyone else noticed this? Am I missing something or what's going on here?
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Recent street photography...I like going to hot rod shows because you get a real cast of characters.







NASCAR SaveMart 350, Sonoma Raceway, June 2016
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Hi, This is my first air show photography, I also never use XC 50-230 to photograph fast moving objects before, so I had hard time taking sharp close up of the planes, to make it easy for me, I then decide to go with shorter end of the zoom, now I think I should use XF 18-55 instead. Some photos, while panning, was directly at the sun, so pp might be not right. Thanks for looking, please cc
This is only sharp one I got.




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I'm considering selling my XP2 to pick up an XT2. Does anyone know what a used XP2 is selling for these days?

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Every October, we spend a week in Door Co., Wis. I usually try to get out on my own for a photo-only day, but this year our time quickly vanished, so that didn’t happen. I didn’t shoot very much at some places, simply because I have done it so many times already, or conditions were poor, etc. But anyway, here is a sampler, starting with our cottage on a fruit farm and the area nearby. I’ll add more as I go through them all and find some favorites. All were shot with the X-E2, handheld, and XF55-200 lens, unless otherwise noted. Some are from JPEG, some from RAW, some are cropped, some are not. I had no real agenda, so I just took whatever presented itself. I know some are snapshotty, but hey, it’s supposed to be a vacation, not a working gig. ;)



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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I've been having a debate in which lens to go with. So I own the Fuji xpro1 and ive done my fair share of portrait photography. I want to do more landscape and im not really cut to buy the 10-24. So I was thinking which of these two rokinons would be a better option? I will be using my set of cokin p filters and the widest lens i own at the moment is a 37mm. So I really need a wide angle for some landscape I plan to do in yosemite. Any tips on which of the two would be great help
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If you aren't familiar with Two-Cow Garage, you should be! One of the best rock and roll outfits in the US.
All shots taken with the Fuji 18-55. I had taken along my Konica 57 1.4 for low-light artist isolated shots, but discovered during the course of the night that it had de-centered (I believe) and failed to focus at all on the right side of images (or the bottom in portrait mode) :(

However, all was not lost as the 18-55 as usual came through with flying colors.

Two Cow 4wmforum.jpg

Reaching Outwmforum.jpg

Two Cow Letterbox BWwmforum.jpg

Two Cow 1wmforum.jpg

Back to the Audiencewmforum.jpg
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This weekend I ventured out to a local waterfall with my new tripod and trusty old X100S. I experimented with the built in ND filter so I could use longer shutter speeds. But that got me curious - how does the built in ND filter work? What does the camera actually do internally to give you that 3 stop effect?
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When in aperture priority mode (shutter dial set to "A") the camera will default to a maximum shutter speed of 1/30 and will go no longer than that regardless of the aperture and ISO. I fix the problem by going into the menu >SET UP >RESTORE ...however, at some random time, it will default back to the 1/30 maximum shutter speed. I can understand not allowing a longer speed than 1/30 in the auto mode because it automatically adjusts the ISO but not in aperture priority and with a fixed ISO.

I actually use slower shutter speeds and the lowest ISO quite often with the camera mounted on a tripod and using a remote release this is a bit of a problem. Does anyone know about this or have a solution?

Thanks, Mike.
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In southern Washington State. Didn't get much time to work the falls as I had to get my sister to the airport.


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Rain in the desert is always a treat. Pro-2, 90mm 2.0. Rain_La_Quinta.A.jpg
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Fuji Rumors says yes, later this week. I'm hoping it includes Tethering. That's on my wish list at numbers 1 through 9 :)
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I am on the market for a used X100 the original, I remember reading about this sticky blades problem and someone suggested that the camera between a certain SN range were the ones to be affected by this problem.
Can anyone remember? also is there anything else I shoud look for when I meet the guy to buy his used Fuji X?
thanks A lot
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Does anyone know if an NP-W126 battery with only about half the charge remaining be recharged to a full charge without any harm to the battery's life?
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The first chance for some shots, more later in the week. :)

Churchill 2016-01.jpg
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