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Recently Added Posts

  • dmwardPhoto

    dmward - Today, 09:27 PM

    lens arrived. Only had a chance for a couple of quick test shots.Appears that OIS does what it claims.Also, is delivering sharp images. Lookin...

  • jwrPhoto
    Why You Should Shoot Jpeg

    jwr - Today, 08:55 PM

    In the old days, photographers slowly build up their system. A photo would get a lens and use that lens until they knew that lens like their right...

  • thevideojunkiePhoto
    Fujifilm X Magazine issue 6 is out now!

    thevideojunkie - Today, 08:38 PM

    Yes, right here: http://en.fujifilmxmagazine.eu/6 Thanks, Jesper. I've started to really look forward to this magazine every month. I haven't...

  • jwrPhoto
    Thumb Rest Question

    jwr - Today, 08:32 PM

    I just cut a small hole in the back of the case. The Fuji branded cases have extremely low resale value anyway and I liked being able to have the c...

  • jwrPhoto

    My experience as well. Two failed attempts at the repair center each having the camera come back worse than when it was sent in. Rather than send i...

  • redshiftedPhoto
    Hi! From SoCal

    redshifted - Today, 07:46 PM

    Welcome, Ahhhh!!! Manhattan Beach... climbed that very sidewalk last year  ;) . We had a great seafood dinner at the FishBar restaurant....

  • redshiftedPhoto
    so much depends on a red wheel barrow...

    redshifted - Today, 07:23 PM

     apologies and appreciation to poet William Carlos Williams today downtown Cbus Thanks for looking,Ed  My eyes are typical...

  • newsstrategiesPhoto
    Fuji X-E2 vs X100 … and X100 wins

    newsstrategies - Today, 07:22 PM

    Let me just express thanks to the many people who have taken time to share help, advice and perspective on this rambling thread that I started....

  • stefano60Photo

    camera was SOLD today, LENS might still be available....

  • dankinPhoto
    X Series Landscapes

    dankin - Today, 07:17 PM

    just bought my X-E2 two weeks ago, and since I'm into HDR, was wondering if this cam could meet my needs.Missing the function to bracket 3/5/7 shot...

  • BlazerPhoto
    Hello from Hampshire, UK

    Blazer - Today, 07:16 PM

    Hello and welcome to the X-family from deep in the Southern USA... Louisiana... another ex-Pentaxian here...

  • BlazerPhoto
    Hi! From SoCal

    Blazer - Today, 07:14 PM

    Hello and welcome to the X-family... you are off to a great start... thanks for sharing some of your first images...

  • BlazerPhoto
    Hello from Kristiansand, Norway

    Blazer - Today, 07:13 PM

    Hello and welcome to the X-family from deep in the Southern USA... Louisiana... another ex-Pentaxian here...

  • BlazerPhoto
    Hi from Vienna

    Blazer - Today, 07:10 PM

    Hello and welcome to the X-family from deep in the Southern USA... Louisiana...

  • BlazerPhoto
    Hello from Calgary, Alberta!

    Blazer - Today, 07:08 PM

    Hello and welcome to the X-family from deep in the Southern USA... Louisiana...

  • rudeonePhoto
    X Series B/W

    rudeone - Today, 06:56 PM

    X-T1 18mm f/2

  • Richard_RPhoto
    In Melbourne tonight

    Richard_R - Today, 06:54 PM

    I was born and raised in Wellington. I like sudden and extreme variations in weather. :DA week in QLD is more than enough for me, it's nice to step...

  • LaserdPhoto
    Stranger shooting (with and without TCL)

    Laserd - Today, 06:37 PM

    I think they both look awesome and at no point in photography are any rules set in stone. "Missing Blacks"? maybe he didn't want those blacks in th...

  • dpt.calvinPhoto
    so much depends on a red wheel barrow...

    dpt.calvin - Today, 06:35 PM

    My eyes are typically drawn to the brightest parts of an image. The garage door is larger and brighter, competing with the wheel barrow IMO. L...

  • dpt.calvinPhoto
    Which flash should I buy?

    dpt.calvin - Today, 06:31 PM

    No one knows. Find a used EF-42. That should get you started as it has TTL for on-camera use, but can still be used off-camera. It's Fuji's be...

  • jypfotoPhoto

    Selling F-Stop Gear District 13, ONA Brixton Field Tan Prices $100 for District 13 $180 for Brixton Prices are firm and include PayPal fees (will...

  • Miyata610Photo


  • kidnaperPhoto
    FS CA: XF 55-200 Virtually New $550 shipped

    kidnaper - Today, 06:16 PM

    It's gone!

  • FranPhoto
    Which flash should I buy?

    Fran - Today, 06:05 PM

    Are you wanting to keep the flash on-camera? Do you want something small and discreet, or does size not matter much? Do you need to bounce the flas...

  • stomachshouldersPhoto
    FS (US): CONTAX G Lenses 21mm/28mm/45mm/90mm

    stomachshoulders - Today, 06:02 PM

    I'm going to think this over very seriously :)

  • fotoman56Photo

    I found this, Manfrotto 682B Aluminum Self Standing Monopod, for $112.47 with free shipping if you are in the USA. Another alternative, if you...

  • redshiftedPhoto
    so much depends on a red wheel barrow...

    redshifted - Today, 05:58 PM

    Is the wheel barrow the primary subject?Yep, The wheel barrow, flat tire and it's contents. The contrasting colors, textures, forms and angles...

  • JaquesPPhoto

    I have just received an email notifying me that the XE-2 eBook by Rico http://www.rockynook.com/book_details.php?id=345 will be again delayed,...

  • CrazyCanukPhoto
    X-T1, 60mm 2.4 Macro lens and Tiny Flowers

    CrazyCanuk - Today, 05:55 PM

    #1 here... its got a 3D feel to it.

  • nfranchiPhoto
    Zeiss 32mm 1.8 BRAND NEW $450

    nfranchi - Today, 05:53 PM

    Brand new Zeiss 32MM 1.8 selling for $450.00. Free shipping within the States.  Still in Box. Awesome lens. 

  50 Views · 0 Replies


The XE-2 book "Beyond the manual" has been delayed again to September

Today, 05:58 PM

Posted by JaquesP in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

I have just received an email notifying me that the XE-2 eBook by Rico http://www.rockynook...ails.php?id=345 will be again delayed, until September because:


"New software updates were just made available and Rico is including these in the book to ensure that you will have the best, most up-to-date information on this fantastic camera."


Looking forward to that book and I am hoping there won't be an "XE-3" when the book becomes available ! :huh:





  43 Views · 0 Replies


Hello from Calgary, Alberta!

Today, 02:01 PM

Posted by Dan MacDonald in Members - Introductions
I'm a portrait photographer who switched whole hog from Canon to Fuji a couple of months ago, and couldn't be happier. My keeper rate has gone up and post production time has gone down.
Glad to find this forum!

  86 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Blazer )


X-T1, 60mm 2.4 Macro lens and Tiny Flowers

Today, 01:54 PM

Posted by pvs in Fuji X Photos

Same pic metered and processed four different ways. I can't decide which one I like best. Let me know your thoughts.



Attached File  _DSF0653.jpg   355.61KB   2 downloads



Attached File  _DSF0653-2.jpg   327.14KB   2 downloads



Attached File  _DSF0656-2.jpg   151.68KB   2 downloads



Attached File  _DSF0656.jpg   162.77KB   2 downloads

  94 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by CrazyCanuk )


Samyang (Rokinon) 12mm f 2.0 Review - first hour!

Today, 01:09 PM

Posted by Jemhayward in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

Not many reviews of this lens about, but I decided the 10mm is way too big for the X-E1, so, although I'd really like an ultra-ultra wide, I do have my 8mm fisheye for that, so I bought the 12mm ready for my forthcoming waterfalls trip.


Build Quality - standard solid Samyang construction and style, compact and balances well on the X-E1.

Features - the hood is removable and reversible and when reversed the filter thread is accessible.  It has a filter thread which a lot of superwides don't.  Even better, it will take a Cokin P system filter holder without vignetting - my Canon 24-105 struggled with that!

Handling - the aperture ring is clearly marked and has half stop detents, except between 16 and 22.  Focus ring is smooth and operates the same way around as my Zeiss lenses, so I don't get confused!


Images - well, I've not taken it out of the house yet, but there is very little distortion of edges - better than the Canon 24-105 L at 24, and better than my much loved Zeiss 18mm f4 and Sigma 12-24.  


I've read one review, quoted widely, about this lens having a feint central yellow colour cast.  Mine does not show this at all so I think that review was of a faulty lens.


I look upon this as the equivalent of my Zeiss 18mm f4 on my old Contax RX, but this is less distorted, faster, slightly wider, and ten years ago my Zeiss lens cost £1k - in 2014 this costs < £300


So far, I'm very happy.

  187 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Dobson )


Hi from Vienna

Today, 01:01 PM

Posted by db_ in Members - Introductions

I started about 18 months ago with photography. First i bought a NEX-6, afterwards a A6000 with some lenses and a RX100M2. Since about two months i own a fuji X100S. As i mainly shoot street photography i decided to buy the X100S.


br -db

  50 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Blazer )


Which flash should I buy?

Today, 12:58 PM

Posted by Fran in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion
Any recommendations for a flash for the x-e2? I noticed they're aren't many fuji options. Is anyone using another brand? I want something that I can grow with.

  157 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by dpt.calvin )


Hello from Kristiansand, Norway

Today, 12:52 PM

Posted by Pande in Members - Introductions


Just bought my first Fuji, a XQ1. I am a Pentaxian (K-30/K200D and MX), but they don't have a pocket sized camera, so i had to look elsewhere. I was looking to Sony and Canon, but Fuji had that little extra, so the choice was an XQ1.

Just had a few test shots, and it looks promising. To be a snapshot camera, it takes really sharp and nice photos. I will try this out, and maybe later i take jump up in the Fuji ladder :rolleyes: Attached File  Den Femte.jpg   41.86KB   2 downloads

  56 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Blazer )


Hi! From SoCal

Today, 12:34 PM

Posted by Fujitime in Members - Introductions

Hi All,


I don't join many online forums, but Fujifilm has reinvigorated my passion for exploration and capturing the best of life's moments.  Traveling with a DSLR and equipment has been and increasing hassle, and relying on the cell phone camera just wasn't cutting it...so I decided to take a new direction and go with the X100S. So glad I did! Below are a few frames from my first session ever with the camera.


I've already come across many talented photographers on this site, and I look forward to learning and sharing experiences down the road.





  95 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by redshifted )


No Thoroughfare

Today, 10:16 AM

Posted by Dobson in Fuji X Photos

I took my brand new Zeiss 12mm for a walk around town after work yesterday. This is my first ultrawide lens, and the field of view is a bit of a shock to my system. It really requires a different way of looking at a scene.


So far, I'm impressed with the quality of the lens. Handling is better than I expected from the reviews, and aside from the very tips of the corners (which are a bit mushy) the optics are great. I did have to take the giant lens hood off several times to get the camera through fences. A bit of an unexpected issue.


A gated off alley near my workshop. The evening light was fading fast and the scene had a lot of contrast. I exposed to keep the sky from clipping at the lowest ISO I could still hand-hold (1/15s). I then brought the shadow areas back in post.

Attached File  sm.jpg   1.09MB   1 downloads


The Anselmo mine yard. This was shot in even less light. I managed a reasonably sharp image at 1/4s by bracing against some barbed wire.

Attached File  DXE16290sm.jpg   244.71KB   2 downloads

  89 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Dobson )


Eyecup EC-XT L for X-T1

Today, 08:40 AM

Posted by gillesdebda in About the Fuji X Forum



Is someone has an idea why this eyecup is out of stock everywhere ?



  186 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by apsphoto )


Hello from Hampshire, UK

Today, 08:32 AM

Posted by Rustiebin in Members - Introductions

Hi All,


I've just moved across to the world of Fuji having been a dedicated (and very happy) Pentax user for 5 years. The lure of a lightweight, massively capable camera body proved irresistable in the end, so made the switch to a Fuji X-E2. Well actually have the X-A1 as well but only bought it for the dual lens deal. Plan to sell the X-A1 body, only trouble is, i love it. In some ways more than the X-E2. And the standard cmos sensor is superb, i can't see any difference with X-Trans II.

Anyway, so far loving Fuji life. There's a few things i'm missing about the K5 but on the whole love the X-E2 and X-A1.


I'm not an experienced photographer. Dabbled since i was 13 but didn't take it up seriously until 30 years later. So only have 2 years of trying hard to learn the hobby. So much to learn and take in.


Hmm i think that's it. Just wanted to say hello before posting on the forum.



  87 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by Blazer )


Review: Novoflex BALPRO T/S with Fujifilm X-T1 and Fujinon-EX enlarger lenses

Today, 06:58 AM

Posted by ohm in X-T1 Discussion



In part 1 of my review of the Novoflex BALPRO T/S, I look at the images taken by the X-T1 and the stability of the system for stacking. Parts 2-4 should come at a clip of once per week (if not otherwise too busy)


I finally completed part 1 of what I hope will be a helpful article for those looking for a bellows system to replace, or complement their macro or tilt/shift lenses/system. As you may or may not know, I am a full-time audiophile photographer based in Tokyo. I shoot for magazines, boutique shops, large and small manufacturers. 


Earphones are to me jewellery. For review I don't bother with anything but technical stuff, so please forgive the rudeness of the photography. Please instead note the spirit in which the photos were taken.


And the growing love for the BALPRO T/S. It is a valid system for those looking to one-up the macro-ability of their T/S system, or merely to try out lens moving systems. Enlargement lenses are inexpensive and super-duper sharp, if, as is seen in the Fujinon-EX series, poorly made, and in need of massive modifications to be shoot worthy in a heavy strobe system.


Anyway, I used the X-T1 for all of the photos in this review (a pain, but whatever, it's just a review), but workable. I don't recommend the X-T1 for full-time or merely interested still life parties. I'll talk about that later in another review. But it worked fine and didn't put any undue stress on the BALPRO (which is quite strong and stable). 

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Pixel Mago - Canon ETTL Flash

Today, 06:26 AM

Posted by pllphotography in Fuji X Flash Photography

I saw news about this flash from another photography forum.




I know it's a Canon ETTL flash, but can still be used in manual mode. What I thought was neat about the flash is the LED video light. This photographer did a review on this flash unit, and used the LED light as a modeling light! I don't know if the intensity of the light can be changed, and I doubt its power output is related to flash output like monolights, but would still be very helpful, especially when shooting in dimly lit locations.





Looks like the cost is roughly $80-90, which considering I spend $60+ on Yongnuo flashes, I might be willing to give these a try.


Just thought I'd share.


Attached File  Capture.PNG   310.94KB   0 downloads

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First B-Day

Today, 05:46 AM

Posted by Seniorbrucio in Fuji X Photos

First proper studio set up after i got my seamless white vinyl. Lighting is Elinchrom Quadras both on B channel with a Apollo Octo on the camera right and a Photek softlighter to light the background camera left.

X-T1 with 18-55 set to ~35mm.
1/125 f8
JPEG SOOC hi neg

Critique is welcomed. 




14765620914_b6df2c54d5_c.jpg_DSF2681 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr



14768007005_c8db83201e_c.jpg_DSF2667 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr


14581363078_ee8f2ff7ac_c.jpg_DSF2670 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr


14581492337_2c2fd2f99a_c.jpg_DSF2710 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr


14581215720_37139ab210_c.jpg_DSF2719 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr


14787833053_e1d3cc4ddb_c.jpg_DSF2702 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr


14787785993_70d7ee04d2_c.jpg_DSF2724 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr


14744846966_3e22760892_c.jpg_DSF2756 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr


14765491624_5db5055ea6_c.jpg_DSF2761 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr


14767493312_b42de8fa26_c.jpg_DSF2784 by Sandy Camel, on Flickr


  130 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by mikey town )


Do we want OIS on 16-55/2.8 WR or 90/2.0 WR?

Today, 05:15 AM

Posted by MikeS in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

OIS or no? Please vote!

  970 Views · 33 Replies ( Last reply by Anthelix )

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