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Recently Added Posts

  • TomRoperPhoto
    PW mini TT1 on X-T1

    TomRoper - Today, 05:20 PM

    It sounds like the camera is correct, so it probably is your PW setup.  What flash are you using and it is set to manual?

  • Miyata610Photo
    Your Ultimate Travel Kit

    Miyata610 - Today, 05:19 PM

    My Nikon 85mm 1.4 (w /metabones speed) & fuji 27mm I like this. A very fast f/1.0 60mm and a pancake. I'd take two bodies.

  • morhafrenPhoto
    14mm in Low Light, Tromsø, Norway

    morhafren - Today, 05:15 PM

    Diolch, Peter. Rwyt ti'n iawn - penwythnos da i'r Cymry../Thanks, Peter - you're right - a good week-end for the Welsh. Although I have to say the...

  • ChaseGPhoto
    Your Ultimate Travel Kit

    ChaseG - Today, 05:13 PM

    of your setup... Id suggest just the 10-24 or the 35 (maybe both). Leave the 56 and the other zoom.  My travel setup that I'm taking to i...

  • BillC-PAPhoto

    It's been a long hard winter, and I haven't been out much to photography much of anything.  I decided to go to a local photo meet-up last week...

  • Miyata610Photo
    M-Mount and XT-1

    Miyata610 - Today, 05:10 PM

    That's a real bummer if you can't see the f.stop in the viewfinder. It's unfortunate as for me, I don't want to physically look at the lens barrel...

  • Cruzan80Photo

    Umm, wasn't this supposed to run thru tomorrow night? My calendar reads 3/1...

  • Paul MarshallPhoto
    PW mini TT1 on X-T1

    Paul Marshall - Today, 05:06 PM

    It does so I'm guessing its the PW

  • Pedro1948Photo
    A few colour shots.

    Pedro1948 - Today, 05:02 PM

    Lovely shots Leon. The second one is my favourite. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Peter

  • TomRoperPhoto
    PW mini TT1 on X-T1

    TomRoper - Today, 05:02 PM

    With your current camera settings will an ef-x8 flash fire?

  • Pedro1948Photo
    14mm in Low Light, Tromsø, Norway

    Pedro1948 - Today, 05:00 PM

    Well done. Nice shot! A good weekend for the Welsh, doubt if too many on this forum will pick up on that!! Cheers, Peter

  • jknightsPhoto
    Lightroom Tethering for XT1: FUJI FAIL.

    jknights - Today, 04:58 PM

    I haven't a true need for tethering software but I'm following this topic out of curiosity and technical interest.  The Fuji "Camera Remote" a...

  • montymoPhoto
    Socks and chatter

    montymo - Today, 04:55 PM

    This was a fun photograph to take (make???)I liked a lot about the setting. The first thing that caught my eye were her socks. I liked that she was...

  • Rodney9Photo

    As I am the sole I judge, the winner is "Our home is your home" Congratulations.  A very close runner-up was the Sister and Brother Dande...

  • Cruzan80Photo

    other topic : fraud . i wasnt wanting to tell it this way , but some people here drive me to express very clearly . but "correction functionality"...

  • jknightsPhoto
    Horizontal banding

    jknights - Today, 04:50 PM

    I'm completely baffled by the last few posts. :) I wonder if greiner has a Fuji camera with the features we are talking about as there seems to be...

  • ian66Photo
    Your Ultimate Travel Kit

    ian66 - Today, 04:43 PM

    I've just come back from 3 months in Europe and I only had the 10-24 off my camera once - perfect for streetscapes often in narrow spaces, inside b...

  • robertPhoto
    Horizontal banding

    robert - Today, 04:42 PM

    I'm completely baffled by the last few posts. :)

  • NarsuitusPhoto
    Leather strap for the X-Pro 1

    Narsuitus - Today, 04:41 PM

    I find it relatively easy and inexpensive to make do-it-yourself neck straps and wrist straps for my cameras by purchasing 7 meters of suede leathe...

  • jknightsPhoto
    Horizontal banding

    jknights - Today, 04:37 PM

    I am baffled the exposure indicator, or some other indicator, was showing that this is incorrect? The "manual/doc" knows that could be a poten...

  • BubingaPhoto

    Late 1890's Steamed and bent wood frame, with exquisite chromed head tube lug.

  • robertPhoto
    Thumb grip vs command dial

    robert - Today, 04:36 PM

    Yes, positive grip while keeping the hand relaxed. The muscles in the hand can get tired quickly. They also can recover quickly as they are small m...

  • Johnny_JohnsonPhoto
    M-Mount and XT-1

    Johnny_Johnson - Today, 04:34 PM

    I think leica calculate the aperture to display in the VF by having a seperate body mounted light meter just so it can guess what the lens is set t...

  • robertPhoto
    Horizontal banding

    robert - Today, 04:31 PM

    Your statement is not making sense. What are you trying to point out here?

  • NarsuitusPhoto
    Your Ultimate Travel Kit

    Narsuitus - Today, 04:25 PM

    I will respond to the three different questions I see in this thread. 1. What is my ultimate travel kit? Fuji S5 Pro (two bodies) Nikon 1...

  • jo53moPhoto
    Lonely Bench, Bee Hive

    jo53mo - Today, 04:20 PM

    Very nice, liking # 1.

  • Paul MarshallPhoto
    PW mini TT1 on X-T1

    Paul Marshall - Today, 04:19 PM

    Yeah I have flash on and the tt1 fires flash when detached, very strange

  • rpavichPhoto
    Thumb grip vs command dial

    rpavich - Today, 04:10 PM

    I used a well-designed thumb grip for a while on my XPro1. It helped at first, but I got rid of it after a couple of months because it was loosenin...

  • Miyata610Photo
    long fast prime?

    Miyata610 - Today, 04:10 PM

    Stupid n00b question here.  Will focus peaking function with a MF lens? One of the biggest problems I had with my Nikon DSLR was my inability...

  • greinerPhoto
    Horizontal banding

    greiner - Today, 04:10 PM

    The camera was set to electronic shutter when the lighting was not appropriate for it. Not really related to suggestions or exposure. I am ba...

  • mcbradPhoto

    I'd go with the subscription. Photoshop makes the $10 a month worth it. 

  • gduncansonPhoto
    First Effort With (New to Me) X100S

    gduncanson - Today, 04:07 PM

    very nice! in the school of contemplative photography this would be top marks for "seeing fresh"  [Light] [Texture]


Pennsylvania Train Museum - Rokinon 8mm and Fuji 14mm

Today, 05:12 PM

Posted by BillC-PA in General

It's been a long hard winter, and I haven't been out much to photography much of anything.  I decided to go to a local photo meet-up last weekend at the Pennsylvania Train Museum in Strasburg, PA. I mostly used the Rokinon 8mm on the X-T1 and the Fuji 14mm on the X-E2. 


 Here's a few pictures from the museum.Attached File  pic1resized.jpg   173.63KB   1 downloadsAttached File  pic2resized.jpg   197.86KB   1 downloadsAttached File  pic5resized.jpg   142.75KB   1 downloadsAttached File  pic6resized.jpg   200.18KB   1 downloads

  11 Views · 0 Replies


Socks and chatter

Today, 04:55 PM

Posted by montymo in Street-City-Architecture

This was a fun photograph to take (make???)

I liked a lot about the setting. The first thing that caught my eye were her socks. I liked that she was intently looking at her computer. I also liked the people in the background.

Now, how to take the picture and not disturb things? I used a Zack Arias trick. I walk right up to her, maybe within four feet. I did not look at her. I looked up at the second story balcony above her. While looking up I raised my camera and pretended to take a picture. I lower the camera and look at the screen as if I was reviewing the picture. I shook my head in disgust as I snapped a few pictures of her. Then I looked up and "took a few more pictures" then I looked at the camera screen and snapped a few more pictures of my real subject. I did this three or four times. I never looked at the girl directly, only through the back of the camera. 


I walked away and resisted the temptation to look at her.

When I got home and reviewed the pictures, not one photograph was of her looking at me. It helped that I had my camera set to use the electronic shutter, not the mechanical one. The camera was dead silent.







16480638167_2c350cef48_b.jpg20150301-DSCF2451-Edit.jpg by MontyM, on Flickr

  7 Views · 0 Replies


Bicycle: Brazed and Luged Frame w/ Renolds 531 tubing? Not.

Today, 04:36 PM

Posted by Bubinga in 14mm f/2.8

Late 1890's Steamed and bent wood frame, with exquisite chromed head tube lug.

  29 Views · 0 Replies


1st of March

Today, 04:01 PM

Posted by Xabier Segurola in General

Is the spring coming???


After a long time with grey sky and rain and rain and rain... here you have some little flowers!



  13 Views · 0 Replies


A few colour shots.

Today, 03:57 PM

Posted by leontaylor in Landscape
Still getting used to the X-E1

Attached File  2015-03-01_09-52-45.jpg   236.2KB   3 downloads
Attached File  2015-03-01_09-53-03.jpg   488.62KB   2 downloadsAttached File  2015-03-01_09-53-35.jpg   423.51KB   2 downloads[attachment=38179:2015-03-01_09-53-03.jpg]Attached File  2015-03-01_09-53-19.jpg   517.21KB   2 downloads

  32 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Pedro1948 )


Let's cook!

Today, 02:52 PM

Posted by 13Promet in Food & Drink

During this weekend I took some time for cooking and try some food photography.

All shot with X-E2, 18 or 35mm, off-camera Nissin i40, shoot-through umbrella.




Recipe n. 1: Texas-style pork ribs

















  27 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by stillfilm66 )


14mm in Low Light, Tromsø, Norway

Today, 02:40 PM

Posted by morhafren in 14mm f/2.8

  46 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by morhafren )


Today the rubber grip started to peel off my x-t1

Today, 02:37 PM

Posted by maurotandoi.com in X-T1 Forum

Today the rubber grip started to peel off my X-T1 anyone know if i can just glue it back? THat should be ok right?

  69 Views · 0 Replies


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 - hard copy or online subscription?

Today, 02:17 PM

Posted by M2014D in X100, X100S and X100T Forum



I am considering getting Adobe Lightroom 5. I can get the hard copy for $159 (Canadian dollars). It is also offered now through the Adobe online subscription for about $12 (CDN) per month. I guess the advantage of the online subscription is that you also get Photoshop, plus any updates/upgrades in the future will be automatic.


Any thoughts on what I should do?


Also, any comments in general on Lightoom 5 for post processing work? I already have Tonality for Mac and it seems pretty good for B&W processing.


Thanks in advance.

  127 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by mcbrad )


Fuji OEM Grip for XE-2?

Today, 01:44 PM

Posted by Jason NYC in Fuji X Accessories

Does anyone here have and use the OEM Fuji grip for the XE-2?  Just curious how much bulk it adds and if that added size is rewarded with a more secure grip if you use any heavier lenses.



  63 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Cruzan80 )


M-Mount and XT-1

Today, 12:48 PM

Posted by StefX in X-T1 Forum

I was wondering if anyone is using M-Mount lenses on the XT-1 (or similar) and can tell me the following?


1. Can you control the aperture by using the aperture ring on the lens like you would do for the XF lenses?

2. Is the aperture value displayed in the EVF?


I know these are very stupid questions but I came across so many instances on the Net that hints that the aperture value s not displayed in the EVF and the aperture needs to be set some other way. If this is the case, it defeats the purpose of using M-Mount lenses. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.






  121 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by Miyata610 )


The Perfect Combo (for me)

Today, 12:43 PM

Posted by gene lowinger in B&W

Yup, the XT1 and new 16-55mm zoom make the perfect combo for me. A few more pics here.


Attached File  150228_074_sep2.jpg   425.98KB   2 downloads

  58 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by dmward )


Fuji 35mm to sharp at f/1.4 portrait? Need some info

Today, 12:41 PM

Posted by Mark2009 in General X Camera Forum
I don't have my camera or picture with me, but will try to explain my understanding, I think.

I have a fuji X-E2, and used a 35mm to take a few test shots of a family member, indoors, shutter auto, and iso auto upto 6400, I don't remember what the camera picked for iso, and I was about 4 feet away.

Shutter was auto, and I set aperture at f/1.4, shutter was around 1/125, and his face was so clean and sharp, you could see his 5 o'clock shadow, almost to much detail.

I then set aperture to f/2.8, shutter was around 1/80, and his face was smooth, and actually more pleasing photo.

My question is the smoothing of the face a result of the camera applying noise reduction?

  171 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Bananapies )


X-T1 front button program options suggestion

Today, 12:28 PM

It would be nice to be able to program the front button on the X-T1 to focus assist mode (magnify mode). Seems to be the only thing missing from the current choices. Maybe add af-l to the list too.

  56 Views · 0 Replies


Dynamic Range Bracketing

Today, 12:26 PM

Posted by J. Peg in General X Camera Forum
I have an X-E1 and as I continue to learn the nuances of this machine I am curios about dynamic range bracketing. Does anyone use this feature? Is it valuabe? I shoot a lot at night on city streets with street lights and store fronts as my illumination. While I am pretty happy with my results, I am always looking to improve. What are the advantages or any disadvantages of this feature? BTW, I have my camera settings for dynamic range, noise reduction, etc. at "0".

  53 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Mannymal )


First Effort With (New to Me) X100S

Today, 11:19 AM

Posted by tangram in Street-City-Architecture

I picked up a new X100S for a nice price about a month ago, just in time for a trip that would take me to Cape town, Perth, Australia and Hong Kong. It was a great chance to try out the new kit, my first time deviating away from a DSLR (I am a long-time Canon shooter).


Here is a shot from the Hong Kong leg. I was there during Chinese New Year. Most of the stores in the area I was in (just up the hill from the Central Station) were closed and the streets were eerily quiet. This was part of a sign that caught my eye for its cool form and texture. RAW processing in LR4.4, with a couple of basic adjustments.


So far I am very impressed with what this little camera will do. I can't honestly see myself leaving for a business trip without tucking the X100S in my carry on.  



Attached File  Corrugated Pipe Sign HK.jpg   268.82KB   3 downloads

  54 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by gduncanson )


Lonely Bench, Bee Hive

Today, 10:52 AM

Posted by Arbib in General

Lonely Bench


More Snow Pics-2015-3-01 by parbib-Non Street, on Flickr


Bee Hive


More Snow Pics-2015-3-01 by parbib-Non Street, on Flickr


Fui X-E2

Vivitar 200mm f/3.5

  33 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by jo53mo )


PW mini TT1 on X-T1

Today, 10:50 AM

Posted by Paul Marshall in X-T1 Forum

Hi all


I have followed many instructions but i can not get my XT1 to trigger my Mini tt1 ?? is there any setting in the camera i need to enable ? silent mode is off. 



  89 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by TomRoper )


Winter Pentathlon with the XF16-55mm

Today, 10:14 AM

Posted by GilBarib in 16-55mm f/2.8



A Few pics from yesterday at the annual Winter Pentathlon in Québec City...

I used the 16-55 with my X-E1 and I also had the 50-140 with the X-T1. Shot all day with this combo hug from a Black Rapid double strap system, worked out really nicely, great for that type of event!

It was nice to use the two f/2.8 zooms, great coverage from 16 to 140mm, good af, contrast and definition. Only "problem" is, well, this lens is going to be so sweet with one of the next generation bodies, cant wait!


Raw, LR5.7, Nik Presharpener, Nik Dfine


The rest of the set is on Flickr at: https://flic.kr/s/aHsk8UyVc5

Thanks for looking



16495996769_2d50694ae5_c.jpgPN 2015 #29 by GilBarib, on Flickr

16494816940_f280ff5c00_c.jpgPN 2015 #14 by GilBarib, on Flickr

16060003344_d2c69b31af_c.jpgPN 2015 #36 by GilBarib, on Flickr

16680851591_f24263b12c_c.jpgPN 2015 #12 by GilBarib, on Flickr

  51 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by trickletreat )



Today, 10:12 AM

Posted by GregWard in General Photography Talk

Just a quick (positive) "shout out" for Lenstag.com. I have my D800e registered with them and got an email today from the Lenstag Rescue service. It had picked up on the photos I posted on this forum about my recent trip to take photos of Big Cats at WHF.


Obviously the camera hadn't been stolen (and it was me that posted the images) - but it was good to see Rescue working.


Anybody else use it? If so - what do you think?


For those who haven't come across it - you can register your cameras and lenses in case they get stolen - the (more recent) "rescue" service keeps an eye open for images posted with your kit online.

  37 Views · 0 Replies

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