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Recently Added Posts

  • jadesdanPhoto
    US: X100s + Extras - $960 shipped

    jadesdan - Today, 10:29 PM


  • mhuangPhoto
    Blue Bonnet

    mhuang - Today, 10:26 PM

    Awesome landscape imagery!  Am dying of envy.  Wish I live in a place with such lush flora.

  • FredericoPhoto
    fstop bag shipped to canada?

    Frederico - Today, 10:24 PM

    Ordered a Bandon on April 12. It was shipped on the 14th and has not arrived yet. I'm in Western Canada too.

  • Aby_CatPhoto
    Happy Easter

    Aby_Cat - Today, 10:21 PM

  • beakhammerPhoto
    Taxes came help me decide!

    beakhammer - Today, 10:21 PM

    Although the issues about the speed of the 55-200 in available light are real, I think the reach is necessary, as you say, for the ceremonial parts...

  • dpt.calvinPhoto
    Show us your setup and the final result!

    dpt.calvin - Today, 10:20 PM

    Could've fooled me! Nice job.

  • PhoTomPhoto

    PhoTom - Today, 10:18 PM

    Looks great. Thanks for posting. I will soon have the full set. THIS is the camera system I always wanted. Luxurious, artsy, great image quality, s...

  • BlazerPhoto
    New Bag for X-Gear

    Blazer - Today, 10:13 PM

    Do you mean the top flap covering the main compartment? It just fold over... has two covered magnets to keep it closed but not scratch anything......

  • PhoTomPhoto
    How My X100S Looks Like...

    PhoTom - Today, 10:12 PM

     What is that in front of the lens. A custom lens hood?

  • RonSmithPhoto
    Fujinon 56mm f/1.2

    RonSmith - Today, 10:12 PM

    20140419 039v by Ronald S. Smith , on Flickr 20140419 053b by Ronald S. Smith , on Flickr 20140419 118b by Ronald S. Smith , on Flickr

  • BlazerPhoto

    ...and you can not change th AF box size in that configuration... however unless my X-E2 on silent... it will "beep" on acquiring focus this way......

  • afbPhoto

    Here's a fun one from a school assignment a while back (not a real ad).  We had to construct a set w/ at least 2 walls, so this is what we cam...

  • BlazerPhoto
    Some B/W with xpro1 and 23mm 1.4

    Blazer - Today, 10:04 PM

    I've always liked industrial subjects... especially pipe... in B&W... thanks for sharing.

  • BlazerPhoto
    fstop bag shipped to canada?

    Blazer - Today, 10:03 PM

    Sorry to hear that... My USA delivery came in just a few days... good luck!

  • Chang HePhoto
    Taxes came help me decide!

    Chang He - Today, 10:01 PM

    Check out Kevin Mullins' thoughts on shooting weddings with a Fuji: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl1Jfxd2OKE It may not be your style,...

  • dantesanPhoto
    Post Processing with Photoshop & Topaz

    dantesan - Today, 09:59 PM

    A bit too much halo methinks. I guess if you like the motivational poster look it's ok. :) I expect some kind of caption below.

  • back alleyPhoto
    fstop bag shipped to canada?

    back alley - Today, 09:57 PM

    i ordered a shibata on the 12th of april…just checked it's delivery progress by tracking number and canada post says it will be here on april 29th!...

  • ArbibPhoto

    yes you're absolutely right, so close but yet so far away it is kind of weird having to have to go into manual focus to use a one-button AF-L lock...

  • golgo13Photo

    golgo13 - Today, 09:44 PM

    Looks great. Thanks for posting. I will soon have the full set. THIS is the camera system I always wanted. Luxurious, artsy, great image quality, s...

  • barisaxerPhoto
    X Series Street

    barisaxer - Today, 09:43 PM

    From my XE1

  • JJF88Photo
    Fuji X pro 1 35 1.4 Ishoot L bracket

    JJF88 - Today, 09:41 PM

    Trade considered for x100s as well

  • errol afedPhoto
    Hi from an absolute beginner

    errol afed - Today, 09:36 PM

    Welcome to the forum Franco, you joined the right one! Very friendly and informative members who will help and guide you with your X E1.

  • AusPhotoHikerPhoto
    Recommendations for an Intervalometer?

    AusPhotoHiker - Today, 09:30 PM

    I'll accept that :) But I have to say the description is quite vague. Apart from the vagueness of the operation description, there s no mentio...

  • MBX100Photo
    ONA Brixton vs Tenba DNA 15

    MBX100 - Today, 09:30 PM

    I have the Brixton in smoke. Fitsy 13" MBA easily. I've been very happy with the bag and it fits a lot of gear. Only downside is the weight. I have...

  • barisaxerPhoto
    some from my OLD x100

    barisaxer - Today, 09:29 PM

    I have to thank Fuji as the software upgrade made this camera really work well for me. I have some XE-1s and lenses but really like the handling, a...

  • thakanPhoto
    Spring waters sw Finland

    thakan - Today, 09:21 PM

    My first post here. Having had my x-pro 1 for few months now. Did my first long exposure shots with standard hitech 10 stop filter. Color cast is q...

  • back alleyPhoto
    New Bag for X-Gear

    back alley - Today, 09:19 PM

    so the top snaps together at the ends? and the body length flaps? do they just fold down on their own?

  • lecyclistePhoto

    Couple thoughts - 1. Editors don't buy blurry pictures, and spouses/partners won't look at 'em 2. Pre-visualization usually gives better pictures -...

  • back alleyPhoto
    Some B/W with xpro1 and 23mm 1.4

    back alley - Today, 09:16 PM

    very dramatic…i like them!

  • KameraObscuraPhoto
    Some B/W with xpro1 and 23mm 1.4

    KameraObscura - Today, 09:06 PM

    Today Thanks for looking,Dario.


Happy Easter

Today, 10:21 PM

Posted by Aby_Cat in Fuji X Photos

Attached File  Semi-3059.jpg   127.12KB   0 downloads

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fstop bag shipped to canada?

Today, 09:57 PM

Posted by back alley in Fuji X Accessories

i ordered a shibata on the 12th of april…just checked it's delivery progress by tracking number and canada post says it will be here on april 29th!

seems very slow…even for the post office...


fstop sent it as 'international parcel'…i wonder if that's the slowest form of delivery…a bit annoyed as shipping was not especially cheap…almost 32. usd.


and other canadians ordered from fstop? and what was your delivery times like…i

i'm in western canada btw.



  19 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Frederico )


Spring waters sw Finland

Today, 09:21 PM

Posted by thakan in Fuji X Photos

My first post here. Having had my X-Pro1 for few months now. Did my first long exposure shots with standard hitech 10 stop filter. Color cast is quite strong and needs quite a lot post processing in lightroom.


Attached File  nautelankoski.jpg   101KB   0 downloads

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Some B/W with xpro1 and 23mm 1.4

Today, 09:06 PM

Posted by KameraObscura in X-Pro1 Discussion



Thanks for looking,


  48 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Blazer )


Another from Blakeney Rapids

Today, 08:57 PM

Posted by mikealex42 in Fuji X Photos


  35 Views · 0 Replies


X-M1, X-A1 LCD in bright sun

Today, 08:56 PM

Posted by gigabloke in X-M1 and X-A1 Discussion

On the X-M1 or X-A1, can anyone tell me if it is possible to compose at waist level on the LCD flipped out in bright sun. I am thinking of getting one of these, but I live in California -- always strong sun in the summer... Thanks for your help

  26 Views · 0 Replies


Llynnau Mymbyr, Snowdonia

Today, 07:37 PM

Posted by fxylxy in Fuji X Photos


  35 Views · 0 Replies


Taxes came help me decide!

Today, 07:26 PM

Posted by hoobashoot in X-T1 Discussion
Ok I bought the X-E1 when it launched. Taxes came and it's time for an upgrade. I am buying the X-T1 straight away. I plan to start shooting weddings. My budget is roughly 1800 dollars. I can get either the X-T1 and the 55-200 to use along side my X-E1 and 18-55 or should I sell the X-E1 and get an X100S. And just use the 18-55 until I can afford the 55-200? I feel like I will never use the X-E1 after I get the X-T1 and would get more use out of the X100S however I might really need the long zoom. Wish I could afford 2 xt1s and all the lenses but school bus driver is my day job and it hardly pays the bills I'm hoping to suplement my income with photography.

  123 Views · 11 Replies ( Last reply by beakhammer )


Used the 55-200 on the XT1 for Portraiture

Today, 06:18 PM

Posted by sebrock in X-T1 Discussion

Not the fastest focusing lens in a darker studio setting stopped down but overall very pleased. The compression does not do justice to the sharpness of these shots.


Attached File  DSCF3179.jpg   49.88KB   5 downloadsAttached File  DSCF3172.jpg   69.18KB   4 downloads

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Blue Bonnet

Today, 05:53 PM

Posted by nepali in Fuji X Photos

As a Dallas resident, this had to be done! ;)


Attached File  DSCF0750.jpg   222.05KB   1 downloads

  53 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by mhuang )


Kayaking at the Pakenham Bridge

Today, 05:14 PM

Posted by mikealex42 in Fuji X Photos


  51 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by mikealex42 )


Anyone use a Jupiter 3 or a Jupiter 8?

Today, 04:43 PM

Posted by Beena in Adapted Lens Discussion
I am looking for a small fast lens for my X-E1 and was toying with the idea of a Voigtlander 40mm 1.4 but have recently become interested in the Jupiter 3 instead as I have heard good things about it (the usual Zeiss back story etc.) and it is half the price of the Voigtlander, which means I could also buy a Jupiter 8 to try out, which I understand is another decent lens.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these (or even the Nokton) particularly on an X-E1? I've heard that getting a good copy of a Jupiter 3 can be a bit of a crap shoot. I've seen a couple of 50's copies on eBay that use original Zeiss glass which sound interesting.

I currently have a Rokkor 45mm F2 which is a great little lens but I'd really like a faster lens with a bit more character. I own a Jupiter 11 and the images that produces are lovely and creamy.

  90 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Arbib )


Blakeney Rapids

Today, 04:06 PM

Posted by mikealex42 in Fuji X Photos


  88 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by jo53mo )


X-T1 LCD/EVF Custom Display Setting/s Question

Today, 03:46 PM

Posted by framus in X-T1 Discussion

Is it possible to have separate Custom Display settings for the EVF and LCD?


That is, can I configure settings for the EVF that are different than those that apply tot the LCD?


If separate custom settings are possible how do I access this in the menus?



Jim D.

  77 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Blazer )


ONA Brixton vs Tenba DNA 15

Today, 01:21 PM

Posted by No Regrets in X-T1 Discussion

Hello Folks,


I have on order from B&H an X-T1 with 23mm 1.4mm and the 55-200mm as my start into the world of Fuji.  Hopefully the order will be fulfilled once they return from the Easter Holiday.


I also need to order a camera bag.  I want one that I can grow with as I'm sure that I will be ordering more of the Fuji lenses as my bank account starts to recover.lol  I also want to be able to carry my MacBook Pro 13" with me so that I can view photos right away, etc.


I've narrowed my search down to the ONA Brixton  http://www.bhphotovi...Loptop_Bag.html


and the Tenba DNA 15  http://www.bhphotovi..._messenger.html


as being possible good choices.


I was wondering if anyone here might have any experience with either of these bags that you'd be willing to share with me (whether they be good or bad experiences).


Thanks much and Happy Easter!

  204 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by MBX100 )


x-E1 exchange for x-100s or x-T1?

Today, 01:19 PM

Posted by xNOKIAx in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion


i am new on this forum and i would like ask question. i have X-E1 and i am thinking buy x-T1 (just read good things about it). but when i am shooting now i have to exchange my lenses all the time. i have primes 28mm and 35mm. i am thinking buy XF55-200 f3.5-4.8. i am thinking sell my x-E1 and buy x-100s instead. i want have something small for traveling and with wider lens. on x-T1 i can change lenses if i need. is it worth sell x-E1 or just keep it and buy x-T1? i know its not cheap buy everything. but i am not sure which option will best.

thanks for any advice.

  161 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by beakhammer )

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