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Hi all,

I recently got a new XF 35 F2 and I am quite satisfied with the IQ and AF speed.
The only thing I don't like about this lens is the aperture ring: it's damped well, but does not provide enough resistance when there's a click. Actually, it almost makes me feel like it's de-clicked...
Since I don't observe this problem on my XF 14, 23, 35/1.4, 56, and 90 lenses, I am wondering if this is a designed "feature" of this lens, or it's just that mine is a bad copy.

I would appreciate any inputs from owners of XF 35/2 on this issue, thanks!
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At a cold and deserted local State Park on Monday after the long holiday weekend.
XPro1 and XF55-200mm.

Thanks for looking,
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Understory of the Twenty-fifth Street Bridge in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan yesterday afternoon.


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You are about to hear something you don't hear very often, praise for Fuji's Autofocus.
Even more shocking, it is regarding the contrast-only AF of the X-E1.

I have always hated Autofocus. I could never trust it. It regularly chooses the wrong place to focus and nothing is worse than being angry because you let a computer make choices for you.

However, the other night at the Local Legends tribute show here in Sacramento, I put on my 18-55 and didn't notice at first that the front dial had been bumped from M to S. A shot or two in I had figured out and was flabbergasted.

Instead of blurs and tons of photos with nothing but a mic stand in focus, I got gorgeous, clear and engaging shots. It wasn't blazing fast by any means, but far more important was the accuracy. I had never been able to get ones that good using the focus-by-wire. It was also obviously much easier to shoot moving subjects with AF than trying to MF every single shutter click.

I swapped it out for my Konica 52 1.8 for close-ups and single subject isolation, but the 18-55 did better for that than I was expecting as well. Also, the 52 was a bit narrow with me right up to the stage. If I can take a step back it is perfect (and I got tons of wonderful shots with it as well) but getting a head, hands and instrument shot was nearly impossible.The combination of these things has me thinking an XF 35 1.4 should be an acquisition asap, especially since the bulk of my photography income is coming from bands and the AF would be a huge help.

Most shots taken at f/3.2 1/100 sec ISO 2000 Rear Curtain Sync flash at -2/3 compensation

Magchado Thunderfinger (a tribute to Magnolia Thunderfinger)
Magchado Flyer Photowm.jpg

Skid Jones, former lead singer of Magnolia Thunderfinger, looks on at Emile Dalkey playing his songs approvingly.

I was even able to get decent shots of the drummer Bill Hunting sitting in the back in the dark. This one was cropped significantly and still the resolution holds.
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Hi there, I would like to be able to set the camera to take a jpeg in a film simulation e.g Monochrome +R along with store a raw file.

I can set this however the image I see in the viewfinder or rear screen is in B&W

I have the latest firmware and can change the options in Screen Setup

I see one for Preview EXP/WB and one for Preview WB

Along with another

Preview PIC effect

I have tried all variations and I am guess it isn't possible.

The obvious setting to me would be Preview PIC effect "off" however as I say this doesn't make any difference.

Is this possible?
Thanks for help
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New rumour about XPro2 and 100-400mm super zoom that seem to be announced officially in January 2016.
No rumours on delivery dates.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 | Camera Times
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Cute kids. More here.

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Had a meal at Tom Kerridge's place in Marlow. Naturally took the Fuji along.

Marlow High Street.jpg
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After my son visited the Gananoque Brewing Company ( he came back with some samples to enjoy. I thought I'd try photographing one of the cans. I used my X-A1 with 16-50 kit lens (at ~50mm) and I lit it with my two old flashes (Sunpak 422D and Braun Hobby 17BC), both triggered by optical slaves from the on-camera flash in commander mode. The can was sitting on a black cabinet in the first and second photos and on a sheet of white melamine MDF for the last. For the second I used the white melamine as a backdrop and aimed the Braun flash directly at. I also had a piece of white paper on the right reflect some of the light that was coming from the left. I had no black backdrop in the first image, so there was a very small amount of light in parts of the black background that I removed with the GIMP.




by Robert Campbell, on Flickr
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This is episode #14 of the WeShootFuji Podcast and it's the last interview episode that will air in 2015.

The end of the year is also known as the time when we think about helping others in need. And we wanted to share with our audience how we photographers can give back to the community with a camera.

On this show we interview commercial Fuji X-photographer Paul Petch from New Zealand. Besides his commercial work, Paul uses his time and skills to bring together a community of creatives and business people to organise charitable events and give back to the community. His current project revolves around running and is called "Good People Run".

Paul shares his experience and some tips on how you can get involved or start these kinds of projects, too. And we talk about other nice charitable projects from photographers around us.

WeShootFuji-Podcast #14.jpg

As always you can listen, subscribe & download the episodes here:

iTunes: WeShootFuji Podcast by Scott Bourne & Marco Larousse on iTunes

Show Website :

Web Player: Podcast Hosting | WeShootFuji Podcast


The next episode will go live on December 15st.

Looking forward to your feedback and ratings on iTunes

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I'm looking to buy a 2nd hand X100S as a carry with me camera. I've got the chance to buy one locally. I don't know the seller. Anyone able to give me any tips on what to look out for - if anything?
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Like my previous post shot in a nearby zoo... fun to watch !
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Shot a while back in a zoo nearby but I thought I'd share it while I think it's a funny picture...
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This is my first fashion show shoot-out and I like the images. How about you?

DSCF6090 (2).JPG

DSCF6098 (2).JPG

DSCF6136 (2).JPG

DSCF6157 (2).JPG

DSCF6226 (2).JPG
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Shot this image with my Fuji X100 LE and it heavily rained after the shot. Lucky I was couple of meters away from my car when it rained.

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I bought radio trigger for my Fuji X100 and tried the off camera flash this morning. The fact that you can shoot some off camera flash scenes with high shutter speed is fun. Love the simplicity of X100, Fuji EF20 Flash and the radio trigger.


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