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I was wondering if anyone has any idea of what type of focal lens equiv. the TCL mounted on a X70 would give.
I understand that it would screw on since the lens diameter are the same as the X100 series.
my suspicion is that if the TCL on a 100 gives the FL of a 50mm then on a X70 it should give only something like a 35mm or so, anybody run a test or have feed back to share? thansk
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The ski lodge at Lake Louise, Alberta, this past September. I used the Classic Chrome colour profile which I generally don't care for that much. The shot could have been a tad wider, but...

_DSF1567 copy-Edit.jpg
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_DSF1493 copy-Edit.jpg


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1. Floor of cedar forest (X-T10 + 14mm f/2.8)
2. Crevasse in rock face (7D + 70-300mm L)

_DSF1552 copy-Edit.jpg

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IMG_0106.JPG EM10
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After a year or more of use (should look up when I purchased the camera...can't remember,) an SD card got stuck n the slot. I managed to get it out. Now, SD card when inserted won't click in, but will read if I close the door over it.

Is this a common malady with the xt1? Any home cures known or do I have to send it to Fuji to be fixed?

Help and thanks.
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My X20 died and costing the same as new X30 to fix it, ordered the X30 from T-dimension. Now they say no stock and it appears the same story across most retailers (amazon, adorama). Any suggestions for sourcing a new or as new /used X30?
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Got another XT2 and the 56 1.2 today so I'm almost there in terms of replacing my Nikon kit with just a couple more lenses or three to get.
I have the 16, 56, 60mac and 90 at the moment, and will be getting the 50-140 and 10-24 and the 23f2 next.
So pretty much ready for work as a 3/4 Fuji Guy.

Only hold up really is the flash-on-camera situation at this point and while I don't use flash on camera all that often, when you need it, you need it and I certainly wouldn't go anywhere without one.
I bought the little Nissin i40 today thinking it would be a good pack/back-up flash for travelling light on the fishing stuff I do, but still want something properly beefy like the new 500 that's coming out soon. (maybe)
First testing with the i40 reveals it doesn't work beyond a tiny little bink of light in any settings.
After a bit of reading I see there's some issues with firmware and I might have jumped the gun ?

I did expect there might be glitches when buying a just released model so I'm not angry about this, but I do hope there's a fix in the works.
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Thought I'd set myself a challenge, on my way to the dentist this morning I brought my X-T1 and chose the XF35mm and shot it wide open at f/1.4 for all these shots, here's what I came up with, nothing exciting really, just to see what I could photograph within thirty minutes.

All shot on 1:1 ratio with classic chrome selected and NO processing whatsoever, J-Peg only, kind of arty/abstract captures;

[​IMG]Hygienist suite by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

[​IMG]Trolleys by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

[​IMG]Tuned in by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

Just a bit of fun and personal creativity.

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5D3_2680.jpg 5D3_2681.jpg I never been a big fan or 56's supplied hood, so i bought 23's hood from a friend and I love it
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I have never had problems updating either camera body or lenses before, but have run into a problem this time. I downloaded the updates from the Fuji site - version 3.11 from version 3.10 for the 35mm F1.4 lens, and for the XPro 1 body update from version 3.50 to version 3.70 but the camera cannot find either of these on my card when transferring to the camera. I did this one at a time, formatting the card between downloads, but cannot get them to work. Any suggestions please?

OK ALL DONE: the file name had been altered by the download and had to be revised.
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Now that I'm back in Asia from sunny Southern California I am confronted with how to store my lenses and bodies in a very humid environment. The first couple months I used a box with desiccant and kept an eye on the humidity level with a hygrometer. I was able to get it down to 45%, but was having to replace or add to the desiccant every week or so.

Yesterday I was finally able to find a dehumidifier box. Got it home and moved all my equipment over to it. This morning the humidity in the box is at 37%! I couldn't be happier. The cost of the box, $US 185, is money well spent. Beats the cost of losing a lens or body to fungus.

Any best practices out there? I'm keeping the box in an area that is cooler than many areas of the house without air-conditioning so I can take out a body and lens and not have to worry about condensation forming on them.
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I can't get AF+MF to work on my XE2. I can't tell if this is a lens issue with the new 23 f2 or a camera issue.

With AF+MF turned on and set to AF-S, nothing happens when I turn to focus the lens. Wondering if I'm doing something wrong here or it's not designed as expected.
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hey guys! I have fuji xt1 and 35mm f2 wr, every time I hit play/browsing photo button, I heard aperture click sound then photo could show up, is this normal? Or I have a defective lens?
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Went to NYC for my first time this weekend. Took a picture of the amazing Oculus shot witt an XT2 and the 16-55:
[​IMG]DSCF9147 by Mark Mito, on Flickr
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Fall colors at the Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle. These photos were taken Sunday 10-23-16. Leaf-4.jpg Leaf-2.jpg Leaf-7.jpg

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Fuji Australia are offering $300 off in a cash back. When I mentioned it today to my Fuji retailer in NZ he laughed and said his store is offering $400 off for cash deals. He said since the T2 has been launched Pro2 orders almost 'dried up overnight'.

I have the T2, but if I didn't- buying a Pro2 at $500-$600 less would be very attractive regardless of the viewfinder. That's almost half a 56! Almost.
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make an Arca Swiss compatible tripod?
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I left work a bit early today so that I could go for a hike in Ohiopyle State Park. I haven't been out too much yet this Autumn and I missed the peak color, but it was still very nice to get out. A few more on my website. All pictures taken with an X-T1, Rokinon 12mm f/2 and a B+W Circular Polarizer on a tripod. Some shots had a variable ND filter as well.

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hi everybody,
I am a cross road and I need your advise.
I had in the past an X100S which I loved but regretelly sold to finance my XT1.
I have always heard so many good comments about the originla X100 but never had a chance to fidn out on my own.
I finally decided to act. I found a useed X100 for sale for 550 canadian the SN starts with 21 so ther should not be a sticky blades issue with it hopefully.
I know it is a 12 MP instead of 16, but that may be part of the great looking files it produced compared to the more modern S/T models.
I would like you to tell me what am I not getting by buying the original camera that instead I would get by buying the S or T
in therms of features and or quality of the pictures.
that would really help me in my decision making.

thanks a lot
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I took a walk through the Bozenkill Nature Preserve this afternoon. Fall is fading. Cold days ahead.
X-e2, 10-24

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Almost every time I see an image, usually a street shot, of a person looking at his phone, I am annoyed for two reasons:

1. It's usually not an interesting shot.
2. It probably means the shooter is choosing subjects based on level of distractedness and therefore, ease of access.

That is all.
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What's the best way to view our beloved pictures ?
I mean my monitor is Samsung TV is even less : 1920x1080
Surely, that means everything is down-sampled to around 2 Megapixels ?

So, are 4k televisions a serious upgrade / worthwhile for viewing pics ?
What about 4k projectors ? Still too expensive ? (and I'd need a 4k laptop, no ?)
Obviously a large print would justify a 24 MP camera. But can't have a lot of those around the house!

Seriously ; has anyone found a decent way to view their X-Files while making (more) use of 16-24 MP ?
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Quick question: has anyone tested or read anywhere that there is a fundamental, noticeable rendering of bokeh on 55-200mm when the OIS is off/on?
I can certainly give it a test when I get a chance, but was just looking for quick info.

Thanks in advance-
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I went to Castle Combe last Saturday, one of our local race circuits to attend a sprint event, a great selection of cars from differing eras from track to road.

The weather was dull and overcast and we first saw signs of sun later in the afternoon but regardless, the XT2 with 16-55 for the close ups and static shots as well as the 100-400 for the track shots.

These images were my first conversions using Iridient and I have to say I am really impressed and happy with these versions compared to the images converted in LR.

CC 3.jpg CC 6.jpg CC 14.jpg CC 25.jpg CC 28.jpg
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...a favorite. Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Chicago's Lincoln Park. Designed by Jens Jensen.

X-E2 with 56mm f/1.2

Mr. Wood Duck
by David, on Flickr
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Hi folks,

I would appreciate any advice. There is a stubborn dust spot which can be seen on the attached image. I tried to clean the sensor using sensor I have smudges along the bottom of the image. It's been several days, and I tried a second swab cleaning (wet). Still, smudges and dust.
Should I send it off to Fuji? Any suggestions?


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Fujifilm X-pro 1 + Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2
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OK, this is a really stupid question, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

When I switch the dial on the left side of the camera up to "MF" and look through the viewfinder to frame a shot, nothing happens when I spin the focus ring on the lens. Nothing goes in or out of focus when I'm looking through the viewfinder.

Is there something else I need to do here?

I haven't used my x100s in a while. I could have sworn all I did to use MF last time was flip the switch up from AF.

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Hogback sunrise-1.jpg
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I haven't used my X-100T for a while, and now I suddenly realize something I may have forgotten or that just didn't happen before: in AF-S mode, and any View mode, if I focus using the LCD screen, I always have the little square to indicate where I am focusing, BEFORE having to half-press the shutter button. But I do not have it in the viewfinder, be it in OVF or EVF mode, UNTIL I half-press the shutter button, which seems a bit odd. Is this normal, is there something wrong, or is there a menu setting I forgot? Thank you for your help.

BTW, my X-T2 always gives me the square in the viewfidner in any View mode.
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had a photo featured on flickr explore yesterday.

nice... over 8k views in 24 hrs and still gently rising.
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Hello fellow Fujistas! I apologize if this may be the wrong forum but, while reading latest conversations, I had a thought about a remote possibility of "inviting" one of Fuji USA Steves to have a presence at FujiXForum. I am sure Steve(s) is busy enough as it is but what if Robert could convince him to check a designated thread (once a week?) where we could post technical questions that may get the benefit of Steve's expertise (most probably, a "send it in" advice :). Like the old Dear Abby column :)))) There could also be some legal barriers for Steve to be involved with a non-Fuji entity...
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It's a rather dull time of the year where I am. Most of the trees and bushes have divested themselves of their colourful autumn leaves and I'm left with drab shades of brown and yellow.


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anyone have a solution?

I have an iphone 6 plus and the problems i'm having with the remote app and the X-T1

1. keeps disconnecting if i move 5 ft away.
2. images are fine but as soon as a person moves into the shot, it gets beyond choppy and freezes, needs to wait 20sec for it to unfreeze, or it just disconnects.
3. constantly freezes and unable to focus anytime a person moves into the shot.

any suggestions? beyond frustrating so any advice is welcomed.
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