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I use my Focus Assist button on my X-T1 a lot and want to raise it so it’s easier to feel. Has anyone experimented with any kind of stick on solutions, maybe micro peel and stick rubber feet or other suggestions?
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Two sides of the River.jpg
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I've started getting several disfiguring smudge-marks on my pictures. Always in the same place, but generally only visible when I'm using a relatively small aperture. One obvious example is shown in this picture:

I can't see any obvious damage to my lens. I've brushed it with my lens cleaner to get rid of any dust, to no avail, tried the wiper on my lens cleaner and even cleaned it with an alcohol-based cleaning fluid and lens cloth.

Although I've never removed the lens since I bought the camera, I've even tried cleaning the inner lens; still no difference.

Any suggestions what I might have done? And more important, what I might be able to do to solve the problem?
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Three-image panorama with 23mm from Mirador de las Yeguas, Gran Canaria:

Gran Canaria Mountain Panorama_edited-3.jpg
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First photo taken with my newly acquired 14mm lens and X-T1. Edited of course.

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Me again!

Yes it was a big sporting week-end :)
Here is a few pics from l'Épreuve du Nord, a SAE mini-Baja endurance race. The Engineering Department at Laval University has been hosting the northernmost race in the circuit for the last 11 years, it's also the only one to take place in the snow !
It's the second time that I get a chance to shoot this really amazing and gruesome 2 hours event, out of the 27 Bajas on the starting line only 14 will make it to the end!

Here 's a link to the Wikipedia article on Baja SAE: Baja SAE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Flickr Album: Baja SAE 2016, Épreuve du Nord

Thanks for looking !

The Flickr Sport and Action group on Flickr: Fuji-X Sport and Action

In order: first, second and third place winners
[​IMG]SAE BAJA - 2016 #59 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr
[​IMG]SAE BAJA - 2016 #63 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr
[​IMG]SAE BAJA - 2016 #28 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr

And here's one of last years winner doing a face plant...
[​IMG]SAE BAJA - 2016 #51 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr

...and a roll over:
[​IMG]SAE BAJA - 2016 #41 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr
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I will be going on a dream vacation to Galapagos in Ecuador, next May, and I am trying to decide which best combo lens to take with me....Currently own the 18-55 and 55-200, 35mm f/1.4, I am curious as if the 18-135 with its WR would be a good choice or perhaps should I take care of my WA needs and either get the 14mm or the 10-24 for the wide angle shots?? what do you recommend??
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I've just had an email saying my pro 2 will be coming at the end of Feb, is this right? I thought they were delayed? I have pre ordered from Jessops, U.K.
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I caved (actually I knew that I would) and just placed my pre-order. Looks like I will have at least a couple of months to ponder my next move (whether to sell the X-T1 or X100T). I'm in no hurry, as long as it is here by November when I head to Japan ... ;)
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Hi All !

This is a classic here during the Winter Carnaval, this sport is very specific to the St-Lawrence River and it's history, I don't think there is any other place where you can see something like it. This really active and dynamic sport is very demanding for the athletes, in this race the pro class will do a total of 15 km, crossing the river three time. During the winter there is a total of 7 races along the St-Lawrence River, and lucky me, two of them are in my home town, Quebec City.

Not much ice on the river this year made it easy and fast for the "canoteurs", but it was less spectacular for us the spectators and photographers. Never the less it was a great opportunity for some good action shot.

Here's a link to the Wikipedia article about the sport: Ice canoeing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I used mostly my X-T1 with the Xf50-140mm + XF1.4 TC and a second body, my good old X-E1, paired with the XF16-55 for close shoot. I was standing right by one of the three buoys delimiting the race course, so it was easy to get some shots of the canoes coming toward me.

The Flickr Album: Course CMQ 2016

Thanks for looking !


My Flickr: GilBarib
The Fuji-X Sport and Action group on Flickr: Fuji-X Sport and Action

[​IMG]Course CMQ 2016 #1 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr
[​IMG]Course CMQ 2016 #8 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr
[​IMG]Course CMQ 2016 #5 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr
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I have often commented on too much emphasis being placed on Weather sealing equipment. As I have noted in those threads, during the “old school” film days we did not worry about weather sealed cameras but relied on keeping our equipment in plastic bags normally used by bakeries to wrap loafs of bread. These were water tight and very flexible and did not impact operation of the camera in a negative manner. Today I was watching a rebroadcast of the women’s golf tournament (LPGA) that took place in the rain sometime over the weekend and I noted that every single photographer, judging by the gear they were using, I am assuming that they were “professionals” had their camera wrapped in a plastic bag. So I guess old school is never out of date.
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Is there anything new in 1.20 other than....Supports focus limiter function for XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR.
Thank you
I think you can tether with the XT1 but would love to be able to do it with my XE2 though. Don't know if Fuji think of it as a pro feature and only putting it on their top of the range cameras but the it's a very useful feature on any camera and a easy firmware upgrade I'm sure.
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I have looked at some online pre-reviews of the new model, but could not find a clear answer: Will the OVF "zoom" like the one on the XP--1 does when a short zoom, like the 18-55 is mounted?
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I seem to have lost the focus box in the view finder. I can hear the focus beep confirmation but no box. If I select the box to resize it or move it it is there. On the LSD it is normal and working. I did do a firmware update but don't remember if it occurred then as I was testing out a new lens.
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Hi Guys..going through the set up of my new do I display the histogram on the LCD and viefinder when in shooting mode?

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What are your users experience with the X T1 FW4.30

Greetings Jakke
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Recently I started having problems with changing the view mode from LCD to eye sensor. When I look through the viewfinder I am seeing the lens. I turn it off and on , push the view mode button , and no change. Anyone else have this problem?

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i recently try a nikon 20mm f3,5 on my XE2 but with f3,5 , i could hardly set focus because through the viewfinder it's very the "bright" idea is to go to menu and set viewfinder brigthness at +2 or 3
so now manual focusing would be easier
that was "trick of the day !"

see you
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I'm a 5 day owner of an XT-10, love the camera. I've been spending lots of time with the menus and related settings to customize it for my own use. I am baffled with the Q menu system, yes I understand what it does just can't get settings to stay in place. For excample I try to set Film Simulation to Sepia in C1 so far so good, but when I return to Base Sepia is in place and not Std. With that said are there are sources where I can find an explanation. I do have a copy of Rico Pfirstinger's Rocky Nook book on the X-10 that does shed light on the Q menu, but I'm missing something.

By the way Macmodus great job on that excel spreadsheet.
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Probably like a lot of other enthusiasts I found I was'nt going out shooting because I could'nt be bothered with carting around a DSLR and after visiting a lot of you tube reviews I've purchased an x-30, low price on Amazon, (would love an x pro-2) which arrived today, just waiting for battery to charge then I'm off out shooting!
Hope to chat with you all from time to time

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Massdrop has the FX 27mm f/2.8 in black Massdrop: Bringing Enthusiasts Together for $249.95 plus $6.50 shipping! Massdrop as far as I know is a gray market seller. It says; 1-year manufacturer warranty covered by Massdrop.
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...isn't recommended. The 56mm is great for those individual shots but I'm not sure it's the lens of choice in the outdoors with two running Labradors in a estuary. Probably won't do that again!!




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Sfendyli was a small village on the island of Crete, Greece. A dam was built nearby to create a reservoir that occupied the flat land of the village. So people had to abandon it.

[​IMG]Derelict & almost submerged by John Kapelakis, on Flickr
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i was asked by my friend who has anew Fuji XT1 as to how to get the flash to operate. I know this issue has come up a number of times and I have gone through both this forum and DP review looking for an answer. I even read the manual and the new editions manual. I still can't get the flash to fire on my XT1 and neither can she. I have the camera set up as described in the manuals and the forums:

1. Mechanical shutter
2. Sound and flash off is off so I have full sound on the camera (old silent mode)
3. Camera is on single shot on the drive dial
4. Flash is correctly situated.
5. fLash head is in the upright position
6. I can access the flash menu in both Q menu and menu 4

I have turned the camera on and off, I have turned off and removed the flash, turned on and reattached the flash. I have tried each of the different flash menus and tried shooting in P mode. I have tried each of the three metering modes. My friend has tried all of these strategies too. The one thing that is interesting is that I don't get a flash symbol. Each time I take a shot the flash fails to fire.

Clearly we are both missing something as it can't happen with two different bodies and two different flash units. I can't find an answer in old forum posts. Can someone please point me in the right direction as my friend is getting very frustrated and I don't want something to beat me.

Thanks in advance, jane
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Hoddles Creek, X-T1, 10-24OIS

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If anyone is interested...

I'm writing about my lust/hate/love affair with the X-Pro1 on my blog!

My Love Affair with the Fujifilm X-Pro1

As well as this story, there's many shots taken with the X-Pro1 and some with the XT1.

Please note that my blog features NO donate links, or buy prints links or buy from advertising partners links! It's simply a labour of love - a bit like using the X-Pro1 can be!! :D
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Is there a way in X-E2/FW4 of using AF-C (either mode) to track the subject but allow the AE adjust itself as it tracks it? I seems to me that half-pressing the shutter (in order to track the subject) locks the exposure, and I can't figure out how not to lock the AE but still be able to track the subject using AF-C.

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Took a stroll at the cemetery next door last weekend and came away with this one.

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I like to visit this place when I can. It's in the Minneapolis area (Minnetonka, I believe), and is a beautiful old house on a nice bit of land. The sun was shining for a bit this weekend, which has been a rare site this winter. Taken with an X-T1 and XF 16-55/2.8 lens.

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X-T1, 14mm, 1/80sec, f/2.8, ISO3200

I really do like reflections.
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Doh, I just bought an X-E2 from the bay. Put a bid in just north of lowball and surprisingly, won it. Somewhat conflicted, since I have a perfectly usable X-E1. But I was compelled by the recent upgrade goodness that's been discussed so much.

I think that I'll dedicate the X-E1 to legacy lenses, as I'd intended when I bought it, and use the impulsively collected X mount glass for the 2 (Zeiss 32, Fuji 60, and Fuji 18-55).

GAS attack or reasonable? You decide.

Good to see y'all. John
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Thinking about printing. Mostly thinking that I haven't been doing it and I'd like something to hang on my wall as well as a handy non-screen way to check out whether I really like a shot. Casual looks here and there can sometimes tell you more about whether you like A vs. B than an intense moment of on-screen scrutiny will? Don't know... but seems to have some merit. Bear in mind I'm not thinking I'd be printing "art prints", but for everyday and workflow... seems there might be a point to those who suggest including printmaking in the creative process.

Maybe that's rationalization? Sure. Fact that there's not a section of these forums focused on printmaking might be suggesting I should think again. Fact is, there are a fair number of folks dead set against home printing. I've started out that way... generally 'cause of all those bad experiences with ink jets. "Been there, done that... not going there." Whose experience with these critters back before office lasers dropped in price... didn't run from foul to worse sufficient to swear off the beasts? Frankly... don't know the person. But it's been what... 20 years or more? Okay.

So I'm reading that's changed... but wondering, "Really? Didn't they say that back in the 1990's, too?" Interesting that Canon has a rep for "it just works" while Epson... not so much. But it brings other issues to mind:

1) How hard is it to calibrate the screen?
2) Do we calibrate the printer, too? or is that the same thing?
3) And is this the sort of exercise we should be doing anyway before shipping images off to print by third parties?

So maybe the squeeze is worth it no matter what. Curious what others think... or whether they're done thinking and quit the whole idea of printing and just use labs. If that's the case... then doesn't the calibration bit still matter? Hmmmm. Your thoughts appreciated.
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Which one is the best option right now? After the firmware release for xe2, these all 3 looks pretty similar on paper. So, which should I buy considering ergonomics, ease of use etc.?
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I realized that the bank at the back of my mum's house could be a reasonably consistent if not entirely scientific place to compare what different lenses do on the bokeh front. The photos were taken on 4 different days within a yard or so of each other, at their widest aperture and MFD. All focally reduced but due to M42Fuji adapter incompatibilities the Yashinon is on m43, so is at 70 rather than 50. In order of width:

Sigma 24/2.8


Yashica ML 28/2.8


MIR 35/2


Zeiss 45/2.8


Zeiss 50/1.7


Yashinon DX 50/1.7


I guess I've drawn some conclusions from doing this, but I won't bore you all with them. Yet.
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XT1•55-200•Lightroom/SEP image.jpeg
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I have an XE1 which I enjoy using. However, it appears to me that the color balance on the lcd if off because it appears more yellow than the actual pictures do when processed and displayed on my imac screen. I first thought the pictures themselves were to yellow when compared to the lcd of my other cameras, Pentax, Nikon and Olympus, but when loaded on the imac, they are just fine.
Is there some to check or adjust the white balance or color of the lcd of the camera?
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