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Has anyone tried Pinhole photography using either an X Pro1 or X-E1?
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Okay so I have an X-T1 with a 10-24mm and 35mm. Is it bad that I want an X-T10 just so that I can have the 10-24 permanently attached to the X-T1 and only whip out the X-T10 + 35mm at night? The important people in my life tell me it's a bad use of money (but that's what they said about converting my stocks into bonds a few months ago, look at what happened to the stock market now), but I'd like to hear what yall folks have to say. The X-T10 just look so small and fun... That with a compact lens, it's like a beefed up version of the X100T. Speaking of which, I want one of those as well just as a pocket camera. :):):):):):D:D:D:D:D
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I'm coming from Nikon and Godox - love the AF assist beam with this combo. Is there a flash which you can use AF assist beam on Fuji? Thanks!
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The sun is out in London this morning, but yesterday was gloomy. I've posted the rest of the series as a reply to the thread to save the What's New page...

[​IMG]Winter's afternoon: roundabout on Flickr
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Hello, fellow X-ers!

I have an X100T, X-T1, and several Fuji lenses, including the 35/1.4 and the 56. I'm looking to simplify my kit and perhaps sell the 35.

My question is, for those who have a 35, when would you choose that over your X10o/S/T?

Many thanks!
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Saw this strange place for companionship,within a restricted area, barred by a high fence, no gate to be seen. Would seem to take a lot of determination to get these chairs there. What might have been the idea to set up a place for two at a place like this, with trains passing all the time?
(X-T1, 18-55, 1/125 at f8, flash on camera, raw processing in C1)

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X-T1 50-14mm

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Found this nice looking pup on the street, waiting for her owner that was shopping in a store. Her white chest markings reminded me of a Bikini..

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The lake acts like a big mirror. Makes for some spectacular sunsets.

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I decided that 35 was suddenly to wide for my film stuff so I just had to have a fast 50 of some kind. Leica glass is prohibitively expensive (save the 35 Cron that my M4 wears most of the time), so I started looking elsewhere and, as many of you can probably relate, stumbled across the term 'Japanese Summilux.'

I have never shot with a Summilux, will quite likely never shoot with a Summilux for the aforementioned reason of cost. In addition, after purchasing this little gem, I think I'm good on glass for awhile.

I found this one on eBay for a decent price. It is immaculate and the glass is pristine. On my M4, it is just beautiful.


The 50 has primarily been on my film camera since it arrived. I've got an exposed roll of XP2 to drop off to see how it performs on film. Being a proper nut job I couldn't help but verify that the lens's and the rangefinder's focus points agreed. To test, I lined up the rangefinder in the camera on the edge of a lamp, took a look through a ground glass at the film plane and all was well. Phew! Now I can quit worrying about that.

Of course, on a mirrorless camera, there's no need to worry about where the mechanical rangefinder lines up as opposed to the lens itself. Which brings us to the digital shots.

At 1.4, this lens is sharp with some of the Canon glow wide open. It's perfectly usable provided you're not in a hurry. Depth of field is pretty thin. Also the focus throw is 180 degrees from minimum focus distance (just under a meter, bummer) to infinity. Moving the focusing ring is smooth but a bit stiff for my liking. In other words, there is no fast focus adjustment. :)

Aperture clicks are firm and it's not particularly easy to move the ring off of whatever setting it's on. This has its positives and negatives, depending on how you look at it. I may have the lens CLA'd to see whether it's just a function of old lube or whether that's just the way it is. I've read it both ways on the ole internet. Whatever the case may be, the clicks are in full stops.

Until I get the film back (and share the results in the various film threads), here are some various results having shot the 50 on my XE-1 over the last week or two. My girlfriend absolutely abhors having her photograph taken so when my friend and his son stopped by today I made the most of the opportunity.




I'm very happy with this little lens. It's solid, good looking and pretty much ignores flare (the little that's present in the above photos is from the B+W UV filter I leave on there all the time). I do get some CA wide open but it's pretty easy to address in Lightroom.

Another thing worth mentioning is that I own the 50mm 1.4 SSC in FD mount and never really got along with it on the Fujis. The LTM lens is head and shoulders better and is MUCH more compact with the tiny Leica adapter and smaller footprint. If anyone cares I can shoot some comparison shots at like apertures. I've seen some great shots out of the FD 50/1.4 so I've likely got a sub-par sample.
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Visiting family in the Las Vegas area last week-end and we decided to visit the Valley of Fire State Park. If you get a chance to visit, it is about a 50 mile drive and well worth it.

The road before the park entrance:


Aurora HDR Pro 3 image bracket VoFBestXT1HDR_02.jpg

Aurora HDR Pro 3 image bracket

Rainbow Vista - Aurora HDR Pro 3 image bracket
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Winter returns.
XPro1 and XF55-200mm today at a local MetroPark and more or less sooc.

Thanks for looking,
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I updated the X-E2 today and really am pleased. Someone referred to the improved focus speed of the 60mm with the update. Wow! So true. Like a different lens, free update, and a new and improved lens for free. Focus is quick and definite, no hunting at all. I've always liked its size, weight and how it renders.

Hung on
by David, on Flickr

by David, on Flickr

by David, on Flickr
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Yesterday in the afternoon, my wife and me took our children after the school and went to Donibane Lohizune (St Jean de Luz in french). It was a very beautiful afternoon and we wanted to enjoy the beauty of this town. It was a good way to begn the weekend with our children.

When the sun was going down there were really beautiful colors and I remenbered that Maurice Ravel was born in Ziburu, the town is next to Donibane Lohizune... and I thought he would enjoyed a lot this kind of sundowns, and maybe, only maybe, he had the memory of these colors when he was composing his music... it was my thought.

I had my X-Pro 1 with me and took some photos. Here you have some of them:


Photo 01
: it seems, I didn't know it before, some children died in this place and there were these flowers in their memory...


Photo 02-03: there were some men enjoying the afternoon. They were from another city of France (Pau) and I asked him if I could take some photos of him while he was drinking his beer...

The sun was going down, so I took my tripod and filters (Neutral degradated ND0.9 + ND 0.9) and began to take landscapes (seascapes):

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I'm sure this will seem a bit basic, but would like to try some shots with long exposure. X-T10 gives a 1 second, 2, second, and 30 second options on the dial. Haven't tried the iphone app... but wonder whether there aren't other choices? Maybe some sort of remote allows expanded (electronic) choices? If not... then looks like I'll save a lot of money on ND filters, huh? ;)
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I wrote a wish list in Oct. 2014 after having shot with the X-E2 for 7 months. Some had agreed with the "silliness" of the way it was set-up, others not so bothered. (Wish list for firmware/settings)

The main one was having the 4 buttons around the menu button not programmable, one only for a macro which many didn't really use, and two that were either redundant with the wheel and/or the shutter speed dial/f-stop ring, or actually did nothing!? The only programmable one had something pretty important anyway (AF).

With the new firmware ALL of this was taken care of. WOW!!!!! (sigh.) 7 programmable buttons v. 4!!!

The other was met with more sympathy, no fast switch from EVF to LCD. Now there is one, and with extra buttons, easy enough to do (I put mine on the white balance because 99% I keep it on auto, and if I am in a strangely lit room, I will set it and leave it till I leave, no real hurry).

YAY AGAIN!!!!!!!

Finally, I was strongly unhappy with the focusing system. Now, well, stay tuned, but I think me like!!!

Still some questions, but will open a thread for them.


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The day after I received my review copy of the Fuji X-Pro2 I was off to photograph one of Vancouver’s best local bands at a country cabaret. The combination of low light, changing light, and moving subjects always presents a great challenge to photographers, and I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to test the autofocus and high ISO performance of this new camera.

Continue reading...
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I know this isn't a particularly new thought but I'm posting it anyway.

Camera bodies tend, these days, to have a life cycle measured in a couple of years (by which I mean the time before the next generation appears rather than the time before they become 'obsolete') whereas for lenses it is probably more like decades. Combine that with the fact that any self-respecting ILC owner invests a lot more in his/her lenses than the bodies they attach to.

And yet you hear a lot more about brand loyalty based on the bodies rather than the lenses. Also you get the feeling that the big boys in the camera world (Canon, Nikon, etc., etc.) make more profit from the lenses than the bodies. Once you have a comprehensive collection of lenses switching brands becomes a tough decision (although it's one I did take in moving from Canon to Fuji because I no longer wanted the sheer weight of stuff in my bag).

Fuji bodies are brilliant at the things they do well (obviously) but do have their shortcomings (e.g. video, which the XP2 may or may not overcome) but as video is a nice-to-have rather than a must-have for me I live with that limitation.

But what I do have now is a superb set of lenses with focal lengths from 8 mm to 200 mm (most but not all Fuji) that form the heart of my system. And of course Fuji's reputation for lenses is well established.

So this posting is mainly to express my thoughts, but I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts on what's special about the Fuji-X system for them.



p.s. my apologies to the Royal Society for borrowing their title.
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Purchased 'The Photographers Playbook' ( 307 assignments and ideas) on a whim. It's turned out entirely different than I thought. It kinda assaults the reasons why you're into photography. It's not a 'today take a photo of a tree' book! Some of the 'assignments' are brilliant, some are totally cracked. If you are a 'list' person then this will be frustrating book, if you are abstract - you'll love it.
It's definitely got inside my head - in a good way


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I've just installed the new upgrade in my X-E2. It's a welcome improvement in the EVF. I was wondering about the new eye detection focus function. Does it have to work independently or does it work together with the face detection function?
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Hello from N.Z., my winter home. I downloaded the new 4.0 Firmware yesterday and used up a fully charged battery going through all the massive changes. I'll miss the Background Color Option but that's small potatoes. But when I review shots by pressing the review button, I only get a 2 thumbnail shots (1/2 & 2/2) with the shooting info. The only way I can get a full image to look at is by using battery draining Auto Review (3 settings) or in the Playback Menu when I choose Protect and and then Frame. Before the upgrade, simply hitting the review button button would bring the full image, plus all the shooting details with subsequent clicks of the Macro Button. So I'm asking, is this they way it is for reviewing images in 4.0 or am I missing somenthing?
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who's sitting whom? DSCF3457 (1).jpg
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I have just taken some pics with my new xt1, attached the cable and right clicked on xt1 on the 'my computer tab' here i selected 'import pictures and video', then i get the message 'no pictures or video found'. they are there in the camera but i really dont know what to do, my old canon 5d3 automatically uploaded images as soon as i plugged in the usb cable.
I'm sure i can do it, i mean surely its possible, but its all new and im a bit befuddled as to how to do this.
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We're tearing our hair out trying to find an answer as to how to update my wife's X-E2 with the latest firmware. It is already on v3.0 and we've download the latest v4.0 software to a freshly in camera formatted card. We've tried downloading via Mac and Windows and tried more than one card but still no luck. We've also made sure that file name is correct - FWUP0004.DAT. Each time we get the message "New firmware not be found. Turn off camera."

Any assistance would be gratefully accepted. Many thanks.
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X-t1 and an incoming tide

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does anyone have any experience with the Lens Tab
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X-T1, 55-200mm @200mm, 1/500 @ f18, ISO 1000, 4 shots.

With all this light this morning I wanted to see what happens stopped down at a relatively high ISO -- decently sharp all over and no discernible diffraction limiting. Nice lens.
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Yeah right. :D
X-T1, 10-24OIS. Shooting left handed while standing on the pegs on a gravel road.

BTW for the sake of those in the USA that is kph so it's about 30mph.

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image.jpeg Hydraulic boat-lift number 3 on the 'Canal du Centre'.

X-E2 (fw 4.0) XF 18-55
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My X-E2 does not respect the minimum shutter speed defined int the AUTO ISO settings after the firmware upgrade to 4.0. There was only one AUTO ISO mode in the old firmware, but the minimum shutter speed worked without issues. Now I've got 3 AUTO ISO modes, but none of them respects the settings.

Have you observed such problem?
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X-E2, Walimex 12mm f2, double exposure


And no, this is not Brazil...
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I'm looking for base plates with battery access and with a tripod socket sufficiently removed to fit a Peak Design standard tripod plate and allow easy battery removal. Does any one have any recommendations?
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Pretty cool story. With the amount of film shooters in the PNW it's unlikely this camera dates from the 50s when it was likely originally made, but it sure would be cool to see what is on the exposed roll. Doubtful anything would survive the exposure to water etc. as the roll and camera back were damaged/punctured.

Watch: Oregon hikers find mysterious Soviet-era camera in Columbia Gorge
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I recently got an X-e2 for backpacking, kayaking, and bike touring (though I'm quickly falling in love with the system so it will get more use then just that I have no doubt). During those actititys I use a peak design capture clip, which requires you to use the capture clips quick release plate.

With the tripod socket being off center it puts the plate over the battery door. So I was looking at possibly getting a RRS base plate (no grip and no portrait orientation plate) or the Fuji hand grip.

My question is to anyone who uses those with the capture clip.

Do the plates (RRS or Fuji) move the tripod socket far enough for the capture clips qr plate not to interfere with the battery door? (as in you do not have to take the qr plate off to change the battery/card)
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