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One light with a 10° grid attached. X-T1, 60mm ƒ2.4- ISO 200, 1/60, ƒ8.
Image was processed and converted to black and white in Capture One.
It took a few tries to get the area I wanted in focus even at ƒ8. _XT14639.jpg
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Concentrate on what's in front of you! Never on what you left behind!

Concentrate on what's in front.jpg
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Stopped in at Toronto International for an hour to try out the new 100-400 attached to my XT-1... all OOC JPEG, no manipulations

DSCF0205 UEA A380 *.jpg

DSCF0173 Condor *.jpg

DSCF0166 British Airways B747 *.jpg

DSCF0110 Air Transat A330 *.jpg

DSCF0166 British Airways B747 *.jpg
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Finally managed to wake up in time to take it!

X-pro2, 16mm
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I recently purchased a Fuji 55-200mm and tested against my legacy Nikkor his 200 f4 at that focal length on my X-T1. The Nikkor seems a bit sharper and more contrasty at that focal length and seems to be slightly longer in reach. But for a zoom, I am pleased with the Fuji. It was interesting to see the variation in color between the two: the Nikkor showed a slight magenta cast while the Fuji veered toward green slightly. Both images were shot on a tripod at 1/500, f8, ISO 800. The first image is the Fuji, the second the Nikkor. I also shot the peeling paint house at 57.8mm with the Fuji and was pleased with the color and relative sharpness.

I have sold off all my Canon gear and am all in with Fuji. Thus far I am pleased with all the lenses I have added to my kit and am looking forward to using them for more serious work. I now have two zooms, the 18-55 and the 55-200, and three primes, the 14mm, 23 f1.4 and the 60mm. In addition, I have the ais Nikkor 55mm f2.8 macro, 105mm f2.5 and 200mm f4. These manual lenses take me back to my days as a photojournalist. The familiar smooth focusing suits me in many situations although at the longer end, OIS will certainly be welcomed. Fuji-55-200-at-200.jpg Nikkor-ais-f4-at-200.jpg Starter-Home2.jpg
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Ok I am coming back to Fuji , sold my X30 to help fund this next purchase .

I have 3 options

XT 10 with 18-55mm refurb
XT1 with XC 16-50mm used (but excellent condition)

Or the X100T

I know the X100T is a completely different camera but I'm drawn to the leaf shutter for HSS & the small size with a 35mm equivalent f2 lens

I previously had an XT 10 which I loved but sadly had to sell to make a full frame purchase , but I am selling off my other crop body & replacing it with Fuji .

The Fuji camera will double as an every day camera as well as being a second body on photo jobs like weddings & parties etc .

What would you do ?
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Can someone explain the value of Program Shift and how to setup my XP2 to invoke it?
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Fuji x-pro2 & 23mm f1.4

House of Olesh Restaurant, Midgal Emek


HaShuk HaAmami, Akko

Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

Allenby Street, Tel Aviv

Outdoor Sarona Market, Tel Aviv

Indoor Sarona Market, Tel Aviv


Zamir Beach, Haifa
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I searched and didn't see a dedicated thread to discuss all aspects of this lens on an ongoing basis. The 50-140 is on my "to buy" list, as I used to like my old 70-200mm 2.8 VRII and this lens is lighter and the IQ seems pretty damn good, with the caveats of APS-C zoom lenses taken into account. My questions are:

1) Do you find the general image quality excellent throughout the range? In the photos I have seen it certainly looks it.

2) Is the OIS noise a concern? I have seen many user reviews and forum threads where the OIS noise is mentioned, to the extent where some have noticed a mild buzzing (like a 56k modem connecting tot he internet) and others who had to return the lens as it was such a disturbance to them and those around them. I would be interested to hear people's experiences.

3) Is the bokeh only a concern on very busy backgrounds? I have seen some shots where the bokeh is nice and smooth, and some with foliage etc as a background where it looks distractingly poor. Is it a case of just taking the care not to have too many busy elements in the frame? I know all telephoto zooms suffer from this to an extent, but the times I noticed it on the 50-140mm, it looked particularly bad.

4) How is AF speed and accuracy, any observations or concerns? I know it is to a large extent dependent on what body it is fixed to, but still.

5) How does the lens perform with the 1.4 TC (other than the drop in aperture). Is AF speed still acceptable in good light, and is optical integrity still maintained? I have read a couple of online reviews, but would love to hear owner feedback.

Any other general musings, or thoughts you have on anything not listed above (OIS performance, which I hear is very good anyway), or simply posting to enthuse on how much you love it, are welcome. :)
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I had a great deal on a x-pro1 and 18mm kit. Photography usualy isn't that appealing to me, as I prefer to make video's. But boy, this thing got mojo! To be honest that is why I bought it. I like my stuff well designed, I can't help it. Turns out it's also very easy and fun to play with, and delivers results. Great.. now I have another GAS obsession.





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Another from the Chapel at the Rock of Cashel. Thanks for looking.

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I'm looking for an intervalometer for my new XQ2. Could anyone recommend me a compatible one. All the ones I'm looking at are either for Canon or Nikon.

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The new Fuji XF 23mm f2 prime lens just became available for pre-orders at B&H Photo.

I already placed my order. If this lens is as good as the XF 35 f2, then it should be a winner. I love the smaller form factor over the current f1.4 version - smaller and less weight.

Bud James
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I'm looking for an intervalometer for my new XQ2. Could anyone recommend me a compatible one. All the ones I'm looking at are either for Canon or Nikon.

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Hi guys, I've been lurking about in the shadows of various Fuji X forums for a while now and have finally taken the plung.

Have been using M43 for a while now, but have never really bonded with it. I recently made an incidental purchase, a Nikon FM2, 50/1.8, 24/2.8 & 100e/2.8. I absolutely love it, made me realise how much I miss physical controls. After a bit of searching I ddecided to make the switch to Fuji X. Although I'm drawn to the X-T1 I decided to look for a cheap buy in.

After a few weeks of hunting I managed to bag a bargain. On its way to me is a X-E1, XF18-55 & XC50-230, whilst not a big fan of zooms especially teles at £370 posted it proved too good to turn down considering its barely been used.

In addition to the 3 AI-S mount Nikon's, I also have some decent Hexanons, 28/3.5, 40/1.8, 50/1.7(⅓ stop version), 135/3.2 & 200/4 and I'm looking forward to using them. Anyone recommend a decent budget adapter brand.

No doubt I shall have plenty to ask you good folks and any pointers would be most welcome.

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Tall and beautiful Kayla....from a shoot on Monday.

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Hi Everyone!

I'm a new convert to Fuji X system. I was using Canon system for the last few years and decided to make the switch after many weeks of toying around with my friend's XT1. Really love the IQ and definitely much lighter than lugging around my Canon FF and the L lenses. And the dials! Love the dials on Fuji cams!

I got myself the XPro2 as a birthday gift for me a couple of weeks ago. Still learning new things about the camera but I really really love the dials which makes photography so much fun. I carry the XP2 to work everyday now (even more excited than when I first got my 6D).

Found a lot of good topics in this forum so I decided to join so you will be hearing from me again real soon.

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After changing some settings, I made the most of catching up with a friend and watching some polo. God I love this lens, it's a sheer delight to use, like a prime in a zoom body (and not a feeling I get with the 16-55!). If only it was longer, especially when you can only get close shots if they're right by you (fairly tight rules about where you can watch polo from for obvious reasons!).

All these are X-T1 single shot AF-C with the zone tracking (pony tied up was single point). Weather was hot and hazy so not ideal.

The F1 pit stop of polo


Arguably not the best shot but I like it


Taking charge




Sunbathing after a match

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So I received my Fotodiox M39 to Fuji X adapter several days ago and just today received an early M39 13-blade Helios 44. I screwed it onto my Fotodiox adapter and then mounted the lens/adapter onto my XP2. Nothing is in focus at any distance even at f16.

Is there a setting or some other adjustment that I'm possibly forgetting about either in-camera or with the adapter or even lens? I doubt it as it still should focus. I'm hesitant to return the lens as it's an expensive and slow journey back to Russia. Any help would be appreciated.
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The plowing match and farm show is on here. As un-oficial photographer I am free to document whatever I like. The 18-135 is very useful in this venue.

Old Time Steam Threshing.jpg
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FUJIFILM X-T2 has further enhanced the movie function of the X Series by enabling 4K movie shooting. Learn the behind the scene story of the 4K vide shooting.​

Continue reading...
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I imagine that most of you who have read our Fujifilm reviews are sick and tired of us preaching about the awesome image quality, colour, ISO performance, dynamic range, lenses, and durable build of the X series gear. So instead of focusing on the further incremental improvements in these departments, we will focus our attention on the new and exciting features of the XT2.

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A casual glance at the Fujifilm X-T2 and the Sony A7 II could lead you to believe that there isn’t much that sets these two high-end mirrorless cameras apart. In addition to having a weather-resistant SLR-like body and a large centrally-placed electronic viewfinder, both models incorporate a 24MP sensor with a 14-bit uncompressed RAW option and a hybrid autofocus system with contrast and phase detection points.

However, if we dig a little deeper, we soon discover that they target fairly different markets, as evidenced by the X-T2’s advanced autofocus and video capabilities and the A7 II’s large sensor and in-body stabilisation.

Interested in finding out more about how these two models compare? Then let’s get started!

Continue reading...
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I assume there's no such thing on the original X100? I had the X70 temporarily and it did. I just got the X100 so I'm playing with it and that's the first thing that jumped at me. I also tried going by the histogram but that didn't show me the true exposure when reviewing an image.

Am i missing something or any work around other than shoot, review, adjust, shoot again?
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Ok, here is the next lens in my recent vintage lens collection........The mighty Super Takumar 135mm f3.5.
I have to say, this lens is "Super", and its small, very small, only 3 and half inches, only half inch
bigger than my fuji xf 18-55mm. Of cause with the adaptor connected, that adds another inch and a bit,
but still small. IQ wise this lens is top notch, its sharp, even wide open, and it looks the biz, on the
end of my XT1. I paid £25 for this lens, with case, and metal hood, and i am more than happy.
Below is pic of the lens, and a few shots taken today.
Takuma plus case1.jpg beachcrop5 blackbwhite2.jpg beachcrop7blacknwhite.jpg beachcrop2.jpg beachcrop4.jpg
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In the historic downtown Savannah. I liked the b&w treatment on this one. I used to think I would want a tilt-shift but I think I like working angles and distortion better.

Cathedral of St. John
by Neil, on Flickr
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The Great Blue Heron waited patiently for several minutes for a fish to swim near enough. Then with a lightning fast jab it stabbed its sharp beak into the ocean. Finally, with dinner caught, it waded out of the water to enjoy its meal. Photographed at Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia.

Even at 1/250 with the 100-400 on my X-T1 the heron moved so fast on its spearing thrust that it was a blur.



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Battery is fully charged.
When I try to turn it on, nothing happens. I move the switch a couple of times (off and on) and still no power. I remove battery, put it back in
Sometimes it turns On. Sometimws it doesn't. Battery is inserted properly and batt cover is locked in place. Whats happening here? Thanks guys
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My son and brother in law fishing on Long Lake in Alpena, Michigan just after sunset. The moon was rising just over the lake.

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A street shot in Savannah. I thought this looked interesting. I'm curious to see what you all think. I like the guy's shirt, too: 12 reasons why handguns are better than women. lol. I don't agree but think it's funny. ;)

by Neil, on Flickr
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