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.... this time in color. XT-1


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It makes a revealing exercise to revisit a 2013 X100S photo that someone developed in Iridient, documenting his process on a web page at
Processing X100S RAW with IRIDIENT DEVELOPER - Part 1 - The Visual Experience

I downloaded the RAF file from the web page. You can see the scene as developed again, this time in Raw Therapee, at
Only a downsized JPG is linked. However, the RT sidecar file is attached to this post; you can apply it in Raw Therapee, see the full-size result and how it was done, and play with it yourself. (Change the file extension from .txt to .pp3)

The original web post dates from March 2013. Someone might want to grab the RAF file and run it through the current version of Iridient - if you are not convinced that Raw Therapee delivers about as much as can possibly be found in the raw capture.
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A new Fujifilm patent surfaced over the web of Fuji 20mm F1.8 lens, take a look at the details below translated by google

Continue reading...
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I have an EF-X20 that never has functioned well and I'm not sure its functioning at all now. I want to get a new flash and I've also thought about trying off-camera. So what is the recommended course now?

Here's the options I've thought about: Metz AF26 (seems a nice little flash and cheap as chips but weak power), Lumopro 180 (not TTL but well made and great price and good start for manual off camera), and the Nissin i40 (about as far as my budget can stretch but heard great things and is TTL.)

BTW body is an X Pro 1.

I have a fuji x pro 1 and am just loving this camera. I have a 35mm wide angle lens which I use most of the time and a pancake lens which I'm still getting to grips with.
I use a little pocket camera for macro's and now I want to buy a zoom lens, but am horrified at the prices :)

So my question is - do I have to buy a fuji zoom for this camera, or can I buy other lenses and of so what make ?

I don't mind buying second hand but would need someone to point me in the right direction

Thanks everyone

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I hope someone can help...I've just downloaded CC and RAF files are not recognised.....I'm pulling my hair out as I've just signed up to Creative Cloud because my old version LR5 would not read the X70 RAF files.
Any ideas please?
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DSCF4457 (1).jpg
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Hi there!

My name is Bartek, i live in Lodz, one of the cities in Poland.

I'd like to say "hello" to all users of this forum and of course to users of FUJIFILM cameras! I'm really pleased to meet all of you

A year ago I got interested in photography. First, i learned taking photos with my sisters' Nikon d3100. In December last year i bought my first digital camera. I've chosen Fuji x30 because of few reasons:

-low price
-superb retro look
-manual functions
-silent mode

I thought that this camera is just adjustable for an completly amateur...

i think that this is great choice for beginners like me

So... I still learn photography with this small piece of electronic device and I'm still in love with this camera (In fact, i'd like to hold it in my hands all days)

After few months I know pros and cons, fuji x30 let me find out my favourite focal lenghts, etc. with this camera i could practice portraits, sport, landscape etc.

I'm interested in street photography and I learn to taking "hip shots" on the street.

I know that with this camera i can't be a pixel peeper, but instead of this i just... taking photos and have fun!

Here, below some of my photos.

my parent's dog


me ;)


dog's fight! (in fact, the're best friends)

shot taken near Piotrkowska street - the most known street in Lodz

I'd really appreciate any comments!!



p.s. sorry for my poor English ;)
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xe2 and the beautiful 90

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X-Pro2/35mm 1.4

GabePoolDay (133 of 166).jpg
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Just got back from a road trip through Quebec, the Eastern Townships and Montreal. Here are a few shots:






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Recently brought X10 to replace my Canon power shot G9 for holiday and snap shot camera.
Still have a Fuji S3 pro with Nikon lenses for more in depth shots but getting heavy now so me be up a change soon but in the mean time here's my first attempt with X10.

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Taken on the west coast of Newfoundland, in Canada with the Xpro2 and XF16-55mm lens.

I edited this in Iridient Developer and was amazed in just how much detail that program is able to pull out of the X-Trans files as compared to Lightroom! It's like the program reveals the true potential of X-trans files. I've been pretty satisfied with 20X30 prints from the X-Trans II sensor (16MP) developed with Iridient and wish that i had a larger printer to see how far i could push this file!

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X-Pro1/ XF35mmF2 R WR ƒ/8.0 1/125 iso800

X-Pro1/ XF35mmF2 R WR ƒ/8.0 1/300 iso400
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XPro 2 18-55...

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A great wine taster must concentrate on his craft. Very happy with X70 so far. ISO 6400, f 3.6. Minimal crop

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I have an XE2, XP1, Xp2 and now X70 and never had a good reason to thank my screen protector ...until today. After a sail, when I placed the X70 in what I thought was a safe spot, I picked it up to capture dolphins passing and to my horror saw several large scratches on the screen. Trying to be stoic I shot away. Getting home I discovered that my Gilrajavy BBar protector had done its job.

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It's always great to see the Swallowtails back feeding on Lilac nectar. A difficult subject to focus with a manual lens as they don't pose for you. Constant flittering is the way.

They should be called Flutterbys instead of Butterflies! :)

Swallowtail on Lilac.jpg
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Hi! I just returned from vacation and tried to download my photos from the SD card in a reader and I can't import all of them into either Lightroom or Photo. I keep getting an error message that says, " Card not ejected properly," but I never ejected the card improperly. All the images can be viewed in both apps and in camera, but the images won't download. What's going on? I'm going nuts trying to figure out what happened. My Mac is from 2009 and I'm on Yosemite.
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This series was taken Saturday for Memorial Day, 2016, in the United States.
Haven't been here in a few years, but when I do go, I always stop to visit my college roommate, T.K. Today the cemetery is very busy, a funeral is about to start, many family members are visiting graves, and a large contingent of grounds keepers are manicuring the lawns and headstones for the coming Memorial Day.
Taken at the Dallas - Fort Worth National Cemetery, near where I live and will be laid to rest, hopefully way down the road.
I tried to process all to a similar look, and I'm generally always happy when the skies are overcast. I was hoping for some magical sun to pop through, but it didn't happen, so you go with what you've got. Taken with the X-T1 and Zeiss Touit 32, a wonderful lens. Processed through Lightroom, Photoshop, and Nik Silver Efx Pro 2.

Remembering the sacrifice of the many, who have given their lives for freedom, here and around the world.




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Ok that's a strong statement... I am a former Nikon FX shooter (D800 + holy trinity). I am no pro, just an amateur who likes to get the best possible equipment (techy gadgety type). I confess, I am/was a pixel peeper, every shot I took had to go through lightroom before getting published to anyone, even my family and friends... I loved my Nikon gear, but I couldn't stand anymore hiking a forest path with family, my dog and a d800 + 70-200mm vrII over my shoulder. After lurking probably every existing fuji blog/post, I knew I wanted to go smaller, and I knew I could use the extra $$$ to a better end. So I did what I thought I would never do, I sold all my Nikon gear.

But then something happened... I got frightened to the point where instead of going straight buying a x-t1 as planned, I bought a D7100 with a 17-55mm and a few primes. A bit smaller than my FX gear, and with 3k$ extra money in my pocket... Lol!

But it wasn't small enough... So I finally ordered a Fuji X-T1, a 56mm f1.2, and a 35mm f2. And it was love at first sight!

Took a day or two to get used to this new gear, but wow... this is so game changer... I mean everything about this camera just leads you to shooting, without getting in the way... I just shoot... I have 2 young daughters, and everytime they had the huge Nikon bazooka aimed at them, they knew I was taking a picture, so they almost always "took the pose" for me... How cute...!

We spent last week-end camping with family around Québec city, and the x-t1 followed me everywhere... that alone is something... I snapped picture I now understand I would have never been able to get with my former Nikon gear. Then around the campfire at night I transfered my pics to my phone and published them straight to other family members on Facebook... I haven't thought even for a second I should get these through lightroom first... This is exactly when I understood how Fuji was about to "change my life"! Pictures of moment I would have never caught before, perfect as is, straight out of camera, and ready to publish... I must admit I wasn't expecting this much! And what a relief this is!
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Is there any way I can view Exif data in Photos on my iPad, IOS v9.3.2? I have looked at the apps in the Apple Store, but none of them get a good review!
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I know, it's a snapshot. :D Oh well. The beer is actually Ambergeddon, brewed by Ale Asylum. We just happened to use the Cahaba glass. Though my nephew is a co-founder of Cahaba, I've never tasted it. Alabama is a long way from here, and we can't get it... yet! X-E2, XC50-230 lens.

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hi, I have a 2010 MacBook Pro and after trying to install the latest OS update I can't get it to start up. I'm just left with the progress bar and the apple. I've googled and reset the pram but I can't get it to boot into recovery mode, option L doesn't work. I left it overnight but it's still stuck on full progress.

Yes there are photos on it and no I hadn't backed up recently or used time machine :(

Any suggestions?
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Just Let Go Rhoderdendrun-1.jpg
This image is no masterpiece, it will only be seen by a few individuals who would possibly say nice and pass on scrolling down the page; just another of the 1.8 billion images that I am led to believe are taken daily on mother earth.

It’s an image of a flower that sat close to the ground beneath its mother bush with just enough room to gather a modicum of light. It is clear that because of its positioning it would remaining in shadow for long periods as the sun traversed the sky. What left it even further from view is that it was hidden behind a privet bush and hardly visible to the public eye as they pass on by.

As an amateur photographer I have learnt as I walk to stare intently at everything which means, to the chagrin of my lovely wife, that I walk slowly and often stop to take in the view. On this occasion I spied this lovely flower set back and surrounded by dark green foliage. I was so struck by its beauty that I immediately sank to my knees, set my camera and poked it into the bush and carefully recorded the image.

I become totally immersed in the subject, no other thought entered my head, I gave permission for my mind to to let go and allowed my intuitive thoughts to take over the process of taking the image. The adjustment of light, focus and how to frame the scene suddenly left my conscious control. If the whole process lasted just two minutes then that is what it takes, but in that moment I could let go of the tangled morass of thoughts in my head and allow my intuitive thinking to take over. A serene, magical process of total immersion that required no artificial means to achieve, just the shear love of my hobby.
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the sunset in Sofia, Bulgaria, taken with Helios 44M-4
[​IMG]Sunset by Teodor, on Flickr
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Hi everyone. So I may have asked this before but I just cant remember. But a small issue came up over the weekend that leads me to ask. So over the weekend I shot a prom at The Palace of Fine Arts in SF. For those of you that have been there. Its beautiful in the dome and getting pictures there. So my issue is. The few ladies I was shooting for asked me if I can do a shot of them with the building behind. Using a 50mm olympus I had mounted, did not make this easy at all. So my question is. Im finding myself shooting a lot where people want the background. Such as golden gate bridge behind them, etc. Though the 50mm can do it, thats not always the case. So what is a good Fuji lens that you guys recommend where I can do this? I was thinking 23mm would be good for this. Stop it down and have my subject and the beautiful background in focus. But want more thoughts behind this. Thank you :)
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Sitting in the parking lot with my faithful pooch. :)

[​IMG]Untitled by j c, on Flickr

X-T10 35mm F2
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I just took advantage of the Fuji rebate sale and added the 14mm. So far I am impressed. This is a shot I took this weekend from just across the road from my mailbox in St. George, Utah. This is nothing too spectacular, but reminds me of a chat that I had with some Canadian tourists a couple of years ago in Zion National Park (about 40 miles from SG) who had just been in New Zealand. Having just recently been in New Zealand myself (a country that I dearly love), I asked if they had seen Fiordland and what they thought. They commented that Zion National Park impressed them more. (To all you kiwi's, I think NZ is a most diverse and beautiful country and I had longed for years to visit Milford).
Anyway, my point is, that we all very likely have spectacular scenery that we take for granted. This is a vista that I have taken for granted.
I hope that we all can appreciate the beauty in our own back yard. My X-E2 and the Fuji 14mm.
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Chiba, Japan. XT-1 Taken this past weekend... 4:30am sunrises are pretty tough to manage the older I get.. :)


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I've been lurking around the internet combining bodies with lenses fit for wildlife.

The first try was a new Canon 70d coupled with a 400mm 5.6L. While the lens was a fantastic performer in terms of AF, I could not judge it's optical performance due to the bad quality sensor they put in that camera. I was so disappointed that in 2 days I returned both.

Then I flirted with the cheap but seemingly fantastic Tamron 150-600. Coupled with the D600/D610, it can deliver incredible results from what I see on Flickr. While the image quality and ISO performance would've been amazing, the weight of the combination seemed high at ~2800g.

Now, for the same price as both of the combinations above, but for 1kg less, I had the crazy idea to get myself a Fuji lens, the XF100-400. I just hope I won't regret not getting the Nikon combination...

I still need to sell my beloved X-E2 to get the X-T1 (WR), so if anyone's interested in an X-E2 at about 10k shots we can arrange something.

Also, I will come with a follow-up when I tried the X-E2 + 100-400 because there doesn't seem to be alot of information around about how this combination performs.
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Floating Harbour taken with X100T
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Shooting at one of south shields beaches, i came across this rock, kinda looks like a zombie head.
More so in black and white.
XT1 18-55mm

scary rock1.jpg

scary rock1b and w.jpg
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I can't afford an X70 as I am saving up for an X-T2, so with cost being taken into consideration, I was wondering about a 2nd hand interchangeable lens body as a backup camera and for use as a kind of pocketable option when mated with 27mm.

Both the X-M1 and X-E1 are often on eBay for a good price. I know what the spec differences are, so I am looking for people opinion's on which they would recommend.
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