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Sorry for being lazy, but I wanted to ask if there was an easy way to transfer photos using a CABLE from camera to Android phone? I have USB leads and the OTG adapter.

DoI need some s/w App on the phone?

Thanks in advance,
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Hi guys, I like how the silkypix converts fuji raw files but the program itself is just very slow and clunky to operate compared to LR. Is there a way to just use it to convert/demosaicas the RAWs from fuji without that program applying its effects etc.. I just want the nice neutral files to further work in LR.
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bee sunflower-1.jpg
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I was out the other day with my X-T1 and took about 300 pictures. I was using the 18-55 lens and shooting RAW/JPEG. While going through the shots, I noted two (both RAW and JPEG) were blurred. I've never seen any of the images I've taken with the X-T1 come out this way.

I suspect they're caused by camera movement (that is, pressing the shutter while bringing the camera down) but the shutter speed speeds were 1/250 and 1/500. I don't know if I could duplicate that.

Does anyone have another idea? The camera is under warranty until next month. Thanks! Blur.jpg Blur-2.jpg
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I'm currently on a trip through Kansai region of Japan.

Here's a few extremely amateur photos I took while visiting one of the temples (Fushimi Inari Taisha). It was an incredible experience walking up thousands of steps as you walk through gates that line the pathway.

I currently shoot with the X-T10 with the XF 23mm 1.4R; only shooting in JPEG with some custom settings :). Please enjoy, and if you have any advice for me taking better shots please let me know what I can do better! I'm trying to take better pictures!





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It is hard to make a round walk by the Lake Bled without taking any picture. If you happpen to have a new X-T2 in your hands, that is impossible.



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Just wondering if there has been any consensus as to what one is better. I know when there were only the two there was debate in as much as some preferred CMOS I and others CMOS II images. There's naturally CMOS III now. Yes if you listen to Fuji they'll tell you its much better, in the way Canon and Nikon do. A bit of sales hype.

I have an XE1 and like it, however the card slot means I need to remove the tripod attachment to get into it. XT1/XT2 don't have that issue as they're on the side. I’ll be getting one of these, but do I need the latest thing. Mostly landscape, still, portrait etc. Don’t envisage fast action sport. Never say never

I know the differences between CMOS I and II were mild. Am I going to be blown away with CMOS III over these 2. I will keep the XE1 as well
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I was at the Photoplus Expo at the Javits center and I went to the Fuji booth. I said to one of the Fuji Reps I hear the EF-X500 is blowing up like the Samsung phones what's the deal? No one ever told any such thing I just said that so I might get a straight answer as to what's going on with the flash. The rep told me they're not blowing up but are overheating and that's the reason for the delay. I asked when it will be ready he told me November. But the look on his face said don't bet your life on it. I also went to the Nissin booth to check out the Nissin i60a that will do TTL with my X-T2. They had the i60a for Fujifilm and to my delight they also had a Nissin Air 1 Commander for Fujifilm. Using the i60a flash and the Nissin Air 1 Commander I was able to shoot off camera (see sample) TTL. I asked about HSS was told expects it be able to do it when Fuji make it available. I asked when the Air for Fuji would be available told me end of year. The Nissin air Commander is 2.4 GHz Radio TTL System controller. The X500 uses outdated Optical pulse communication. the Air 1 is priced at B&H at(no Fuji yet) at $79.00 the i60a is $340.00. That's still less than single a EF-X500 $449.00. well over 50% less than what you have to pay for the Fuji if you want to do off camera TTL. Remember if you want to do off camera with the Fuji you need two X500's. Last image used i60a and Air 1 commander in camera hot shoe holding flash in my left hand Full TTL. That's the reason for my question. Is the new Fujifilm EF-X500 dead on arrival?



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Taken with the 50-140mm at 140mm, f/9.0 1/210sec. Raw file processed in Lightroom

Nice birdie - 20161022 - 01.jpg
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I have an xp1 and I,m finding the learning curve for using the 100x400 pretty steep. I’m taking some shots that I quite like but it’s not easy getting the sharpness I’m hoping for. I think most of it is pilot error and less than ideal lighting conditions and hope some of my concerns will be addressed when I can afford the xp2. I’m hopping to be able to push the iso much higher and get better focusing. As I have said , most of my poor results are pilot error and having very high expectations . That’s just some of my thoughts but I would be interested to hear if anyone can compare using the 100x400 with the xp1 vs 2. I rarely shoot above iso 1600.

tod inlet oct 16-8.jpg

tod inlet oct 16-9.jpg tod inlet oct 16-10.jpg
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I think the sign writer got the wrong boat. Loch Lomond Balloch Marina on a cold but sunny day.

X-E2 with 16-50 @50mm f10 1/500 iso400
Loch Lomond Balloch Marina 1.jpg
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Recently I rented an X-T2 and found the buttons (AEL - AFL etc) to be small compared to the Nikon system that I have. Given my xl size hands, this was a problem for me. I'm wondering if others have addressed this situation and how they have done so. Thanks, Richard
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Thinking of investing in a Fuji, John Lewis in Newcastle have the xe2 + 18-55mm for £599.
Good price ?
X-T1, 50 Touit, f/8 1/60s
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Hello, people. Please help.

My X100T body got cracked right next to the little rubber next to the battery door. Weird thing is, I thought the top and bottom plates were magnesium or whatever any metal. But the bottom plate turns out, it is not! Now it is sort of dangling and it hurts me every time I see it. I searched through disassembly by iFixit, but was not too sure to disassemble this camera on my own. Well, I think I could, but I am worried about if the leather will stick back to the body after I remove it to get access to some screws on the side.

I definitely can't send it to Fuji because I live where there is no Fuji service center and I am sure I can't just apply super glue to the broken area. I attached photos below.

Any advice? :D

IMG_0703.JPG IMG_0702.JPG
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I seem to have a case of GAS. I am looking for some guidance as two whether I should pursue this sale.
Local Craigslist add has Pentax Spotomatic-BLACK for sale along with 28mm, 50mmstd, and 400ml telephoto lens. Also includes light meter which I have no specs. Nor do I have any more info on lenses.
Price is $225. Does this seem a reasonable price?
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I switched to Fuji as soon as they introduced the X series so that I could take smaller, lighter photographic gear on trips like this.

I had the wonderful opportunity to climb Germany’s highest summit, the Zugspitze, up the Höllental (Valley of Hell) route. This route has everything you could want: a spectacular gorge, tunnels, Alpine hut, hanging valley, glacier, Via Ferrata with nearly a kilometer of vertical exposure, and a beer garden summit destination.

Of course I brought my camera. Here's a photographic trip report.

[​IMG]Zugspitze Höllental (Valley of Hell) Route from Alpspitze by decineper, on Flickr

This is a photographic trip report of an ascent up Zugspitze along the Höllental. The route starts in Hammersbach, goes up through the Höllentalklamm, past Höllentalangerhütte, then up a Via Ferrata route on the hanging valley of the Höllentalferner, onto the Höllentalferner itself (white in upper left), then up another Klettersteig to the summit where a beer garden awaits.

[​IMG]Höllental Trailhead by decineper, on Flickr

A boring shot, but not if you have an idea of what's ahead.

[​IMG]Lower Höllentalklamm by decineper, on Flickr

[​IMG]Höllentalklamm Bridge and Tunnel by decineper, on Flickr

This deep gorge is carved from runoff from the Höllentalferner, coming ahead. The gorge was virtually inaccessible until these tunnels and bridges were built in the early 1900s.

[​IMG]Höllentalklamm Pool by decineper, on Flickr

The blue melt water from the Höllentalferner is caused by
"rock flour."

[​IMG]Höllentalklamm Tunnel by decineper, on Flickr

[​IMG]Höllentalangerhütte Power Station by decineper, on Flickr

[​IMG]Höllentalangerhütte 30 min by decineper, on Flickr

The hut of the river of the valley of hell.

[​IMG]Höllentalklamm Waterfall by decineper, on Flickr

[​IMG]Höllentalangerhütte 2016 by decineper, on Flickr

There's a debate about whether people like the old, traditional Bavarian-style hut that was torn down and replaced with this new one. I prefer the contemporary style.

[​IMG]Höllentalangerhütte 25-person Bedroom by decineper, on Flickr

I'm berth #25. Guy next to me snored half the night…

[​IMG]Höllentalangerhütte Boot Drying Room by decineper, on Flickr

More like the Scarpa Mont Blanc drying room.

[​IMG]Höllentalangerhütte Dining Hall by decineper, on Flickr

Lots of little kids hike up to Höllentalangerhütte through the Höllentalklamm. After this, it's a completely different climb, requiring lots of mountaineering experience, or a guide, or both.

[​IMG]Höllentalangerhütte Beer and Smokes by decineper, on Flickr

Remedies for the alpine air and glacial-fed river water.

[​IMG]Massifs above Höllentalangerhütte by decineper, on Flickr

[​IMG]Zugspitze from Höllentalangerhütte at 6 am by decineper, on Flickr

The destination. The lights on top are another beer garden, of course. The moonlight shows the three major parts of the day's climb: a glacial headwall, the glacial valley and glacier itself, then the upper Klettersteig to the summit. Perfect weather: a high pressure system this weekend kept things clear and cool with no surprises.

[​IMG]Zugspitze Climber Prep by decineper, on Flickr

[​IMG]Höllental Via Ferrata First Clip-In by decineper, on Flickr

Minimum necessary gear for this route:
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Via Ferrata Lanyard with K-rated carabiners
  • Via Ferrata Gloves
  • Mountaineering boots
  • Crampons
  • Ice Axe
Here's what happens if you fall off the rock with the wrong gear. And more on the necessity of at least an ice axe when I post the photographs from the glacier. I was solo, so I also brought along a personal anchor system and tied a couple Prusiks, expected to be unnecessary for this B/C rated route, but that made me feel better. I was expecting to see a few sloppy safety practices, but was amazed by what I really saw: obviously unsafe gear, and oftentimes no gear at all, climbing this route with no protection whatsoever. Inappropriate gear and usage appears to be the cause of the regular climbing deaths on this mountain.

[​IMG]Höllental Via Ferrata Start by decineper, on Flickr

[​IMG]Höllental Lower Klettersteig Ladder by decineper, on Flickr

The first ladder up the Höllentalferner's hanging valley.
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image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg I took the boat over to Hassel Island and hiked to Prince Frederick's BATTERY for a star shot I wanted to get with the new X-Pro2 and 16mm 1.4 lens. The reason BATTERY is in all caps is because I am yelling it out loud because I arrived after blazing a trail at night through "catch and keep" (thorny weeds) only to realize I forgot to charge the battery, and I had packed light- just camera and lens- no spare. I laughed out loud at my stupidity. Another lesson learned the hard way. I thought it was a fresh battery. It had enough juice for six shots.

The idea was to shoot on auto and then figure out the best exposure from there. So this was the camera's idea of what the shot should be. I want to get the sky darker and the stars still visible. I shot this once before with the LUMIX GX8 but the low light capability of that camera isn't as good.

Here is the challenge- the lights of St. Thomas are in the background (just visible in the lower right corner.). That complicates things. I was going to try a polarizer to filter out as much stray light as possible. (That fancy $80 one from B&W that lets in tons of light.) The light comes mostly from one direction.

I shot at ISO 6400 for roughly 10 seconds at f/1.4. It is pitch black out there. Here are my thoughts:
- I want to play around with light painting the top building from a remote led video light. Any thoughts on that? I'm afraid it might be too much light.
- Anything other than a polarizer to eliminate the light pollution?
- I'm open to other lighting tricks. When I stop down, I get the dark sky and stars, but the building is just a bit too dark. It works, but not ideal.

JPEG image straight out of the camera Darker shot is blurred- must have bumped the camera when I hit the button. Ran out of battery before I could get it again. The shot of the building from higher up was taken in such pitch darkness that even with a flashlight I could barely see to step around the cactus and thorns. I laid down on a small cactus. Ouch! But that's how dark it is out there.
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XT-2, 90mm@ f/2, iso 800, 1/200, edited in LR and PS
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Fuji X Pro1

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Fuji X100
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X Pro1 + 35mm f1.4

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IMG_1222.JPG near Rothbury, Northumberland.
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Sans the issue on the OVF since I rarely use it, will the image quality be heaps apart? Is the ovf the real price driver for the price difference?
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didn't quite get the focus :(

3 meteors-1.jpg
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This week I was at the Frankfurt Buchmesse, a fair for publishers, printers and everyone else related with books. As I wasn't there for photography, I only took my X100 with my in case something interesting would catch my eye. This photo was taken at the main entrance. Hundreds of people are navigating the hall, trying to avoid a collision, and the elevators are always packed. I thought this image caught the crush and the rush of the moment well.

Hope you like it!


(X100, f/4.0, 1/8, ISO200, processed using Silver Efex Pro)
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Image lit with only window light and a silver reflector for fill. Taken on my Xe-2 and the 56mm. Classic Chrome. Processed in Light Room.
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Took the X100s. I have way to many photos of guys in leather with crash helmets on. :D

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Another two in reply
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I've been working with a 20" Acer TN monitor for 3 or 4 years now. 1600x900. I got by with it but I knew the blacks were pretty crushed. I ordered a Dell U2415 and I am in monitor heaven. :) It's a modest IPS panel, 24", that covers sRGB and comes calibrated by Dell. Cost was $230. Anyway just wanted to share a little joy that I am having.
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a common disaster...




XT2 and XF55-200mm SOOC jpegs (resized in PSCC2015.5) from today at a local MetroPark.

Thanks for looking,
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It's a deliberately provocative statement, but while good equipment can help (but also be overwhelming!) with better photography, nothing will improve your photography more than exercising to actually look and SEE.

I often struggle with being satisfied by photos that I 'force' (i.e. I plan a photo, go on location, etc. but might lack the inspiration to create an unusual image). But at other times, I unexpectedly see an image, grab the camera and capture it. The success/satisfaction rate in the latter case is MUCH higher.

Like this image of a sprouting cutting of tortured willow sitting on the floor in the garage. The light just caught the vase perfectly. I couldn't have planned it any better. Well, I couldn't have planned it since I didn't even consider this as a subject...

But it does help that I feel hugely inspired by using my X-T2 ;-)

What are your thoughts on planned vs. unexpected images? I suspect one can learn to take satisfying planned pictures, but I find it much harder... Any comments very welcome.

X-T2, 56mm 1.2, F1.2, 1/32000, ISO 200

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Catching the last waves, Rest Bay, Porthcawl
Last Wave_edited-3.jpg
X70 18mm 1/60 f/11 ISO500
DSCF2487 Finished for the Day_edited-1.jpg
Finished for the Day... X70 18mm 1/60 f/11 ISO500
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Took a wander about the big smoke yesterday, used mainly the 35/2 on the X-Pro2, and used the Acros setting, it's my favourite.

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It is possible to assign this to a Fn button. But what is it exact doing, I tried out pushing it, but nothing seems to change.
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And with the X-T2 for that matter

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X-T1 and 16mm

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