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My thumb rest came off my beloved X-T10 - can't find it anywhere. Mixed feelings about getting it repaired at fuji as it would cost £130 but I would get another 1 year guarantee (its currently not under warranty).

Instead I called fuji and asked if I could just have a new rubber thing to stick back on myself and they are sending me one in the post - no cost. Thank you fuji for a most sensible response.
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This is a very unscientific test, but it gave me some positive answers though. None of the filters tested gave any colour cast or vigneting, not even when stacked. I'm a happy camper.




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HI Everyone.

I was a member here for a bit, but forgot to add to the new member intro section.

I am a father of 2 boys, one 18.9 and in university and a 10 year old with autism. We love to travel, and my wife, and youngest do as much as we can.

I am starting to take the Fuji photography thing seriously now, I tried many other brands of cameras including canon, sony, Olympus and pentax, buying into their systems each time. My first "real" camera was a Fuji 9100 prosumer. I moved on from that to the above listed....I missed the "Fuji POP" that you can only get with Fuji camera sensors. I purchased an X-S1 and X10 a couple of years ago, and for the most part they sat in my camera bag. Only because I was busy with other things in our lives. This year, I am starting a new business, and the weekends are going to be more downtime and relaxing. I am going to be taking my cameras ALOT more on travels with my family and taking ALOT more photos! It has bit me again this past couple of months. We do a lot of camping, traveling to different places and adventure driving in the back country here.

I am going to be documenting that more. And getting our blog back up and running. Something I have a big interest in.

Stay tuned in for updates!

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I've probably missed it somewhere along the line, but I have installed the new firmware and would like to know if there is a full list somewhere that gives all of the changes and new introductions?

I've seen the copyright page as an obvious example - but ... what else exactly?
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Hi all, thanks for letting me join the party. I have after nearly 35 years of using Nikon SLR and DSLR kit, have now pretty much totally converted to mirrorless (just a D500 left with 2 lenses), after selling all my Nikon FF gear and 7 lenses.

My system now consists of a mature Olympus M4/3 set up (don't shoot me - it really is very good), and I've just added a new Fuji X-T2, with 18-55 F2.8-4 and Grip.

The Fuji setup is talking a little bit longer than expected to get to grips with after so many years using Nikon cameras, but I'm starting to really warm to it, and am liking what I've seen in my first A3 sized prints.

Looking forward to getting plenty of hints and tips from these forums - thanks.
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by kevin dixey, on Flickr

hunting for light
by kevin dixey, on Flickr

I'm pleasantly surprised how well the 60/2.4 works as a walk-around lens. I can't get over how much this lens reminds me of the Panasonic/Leica 45/2.8 macro for m43. They're kissin' cousins.
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When I decided to take digital photography as a serious hobby the decision was mainly connected to my ability to perform decent post processing (at reasonable cost, of course). Three years ago Adobe Photoshop Elements seemed the best piece of SW equipment for me. It made me learn a lot, but many times with much pain and many times with scars end results. So I started to follow other people experience with alternatives.

Just a few days ago and much to my surprise I discovered that the common Photos app in Win 10 is not only a photo gallery but also a PP tool! And what a nice tool: simple and acting nearly as it read my mind! I guess that with Photos I could enhance most of my shots just the way I like to.

Unfortunately at the same time I discovered also that the app is subject to obscure crashes and interruptions that requires a full time job to search for potential technical solutions and an army of MS experts to cope with. I've seen that before with another nice MS app, the Movie Maker.

My questions to the forum community would be:
- is MS Photos on Win 10 worth the effort to make it run?
- is there any post processing app that is simple to use, performs well and in a reliable manner?
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And I'm off to Beijing University in a couple of weeks and on the university's nickel to pick up my award. I came in 2nd place in a national photo competition entitled "China in the Eyes of Foreigners." There's a big banquet, speeches (including one by a Nobel Laureate), money awards, certificates, etc. over the course of the day. I believe I posted these a while back, but here again are the photos I submitted in the competition. My verbiage with them speaks of the Yangtze estuary city of Shaoxing where life along the old canals is fast becoming obsolete and scenes like the ones below will be but memories a generation from now. X-E2 with XF 18-55mm and processed in Lightroom 5.7 with my personal HDR preset. Best. Don


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X-T2 and XF55-200mm at a local Metropark yesterday.

Thanks for looking,
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Indeed... last Easter was an extraordinary adventure in the northwest of Spain, searching for original landscapes, lost spots and magic places... where I had the opportunity to get in touch with nature, alone, enjoying photography and taking the most of this holidays.

Welcome to my world:

Fujifilm X-T2 + XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS | ƒ/16.0 10.0 mm Shutter speed 3.7seg ISO 100

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This is a theory I came up with based off of the markings on the X series lenses. Since they are all FF equivalent markings perhaps at some point within the near or distant future Fujifilm would drop a full frame body and have firmware updates for the lenses that make them interchangeable between the APS-C bodies and the theoretical FF one. I think it's a pretty solid theory, especially in consideration of the GFX sensor being a little bigger than a FF sensor.

General Reference: This is How Fuji's New Medium Format Sensor Size Stacks Up

What do you all think? I can't stop thinking they've got one up their sleeve...

What MP would you prefer?

How pissed do you think Leica would be if they made a FF that was ten times more affordable?

Could we handle it?

I think so.
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Sometimes life puts me in the right place at the right time. I was waiting to meet someone arriving on a bus which was delayed and saw this old pickup parked on the opposite side of the street. It's position was such that I realised it was possible to frame it in such a way as to remove any modern bits from the shot.

I live very close by so I went back home, got my X-T1 and 55-200 zoom and took this. It is very slightly cropped to remove the door entry intercom but is otherwise a straight jpeg.


Tried this B&W conversion using Silver Efex for the first time since I downloaded it.

Old-Pickup-Truck-web B&W.jpg
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Was reading a story about one of my favorite cars that for a time was available with only an automated manual transmission. Got me thinking about X cameras and the manual controls available to us.
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I've search through Google and Here for a couple of hours now and cannot find and answer.

Did Update 5.01 break TTL with EF-42?

I have checked all my settings and even reset the menus and camera several times with no ability to enable TTL for the EF-42 when on my XT-1 Hot shoe.

Camera is not on silent mode.
Flash will fire when camera shutter is pressed.
Camera is set to single shot mode.
Tried with shutter set to MS and MS & ES (no change in either setting)
All options in "other flash settings" turned off.

I bought the EF-42 specifically for TTL capability but now it seems like I wasted money on it.

Very frustrated over this.
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I've bought and sold many camera bags over the years in the search for the perfect bag!

My current bag lineup for my Fuji kit consists of two Ona Bowery's (one black, one tan), a Domke F-2 Ruggedwear and a Lowepro Slingshot 100AW and I love each of these bags for different reasons.

I would like another messenger style bag which is sized between the Ona Bowery and the Donke F-2.

I'd specifically like to carry 2 bodies (X-T1 and X-T10) both with lenses attached with one lens being the XF55-200. I can carry 2 bodies with lenses attached 'back to back' in a Bowery but not the 55-200mm as it's too long to fit.

The Domke F-803 looks like a possibility as does the Ona Prince Street (or maybe the Brixton?).

I'm looking for the smallest bag that will carry the 2 cameras with lenses attached that also looks good and doesn't scream 'camera bag'!...

I recently bought a Think Tank Retrospective 7 however it was much bigger (externally) than I'd imagined and comparable in size to my Domke F-2 (but with much less capacity) so I sold it again.

If anyone could recommend one of the above bags (for my specific requirements) or indeed anything else I haven't mentioned I'd be most grateful...
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I visited the Wartime in the Cotswolds event at Toddington station recently as my wife was working there and I had to deliver some clothing for her.

It was as always a well attended event and the weather was perfect.

It gave me the opportunity to capture a series of photos of the day with the Fuji kit, I have converted them all to B&W as it is more in keeping with the era.

The full set can be seen here - 571 Photography





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Anyone have any idea when the next Fuji Cashback Promotion is due? - I notice Nikon have offers available but Fuji's last (UK) promotion expired in January
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Hi all, this question/bug may have been raised here before, but being new to the X-Pro2, and not being able to find reference, I thought I'd ask if this is normal.

I've noticed that when shooting with the X-Pro2, and when taking my eye away from the viewfinder, that the last shot is displayed on the LCD, as if the 'image disp' is set to 'continuous'. This is despite the 'image disp' being set to 'off'. This issue only occurs if the eye sensor is covered, either by my eye when shooting, or by finger whilst testing to replicate this issue.

Is this a known bug, or have I missed a setting somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

P.S. the camera has the latest firmware.
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Having used a two-screen setup (iMac 27" and self-calibrating Eizo CG245W) for years with Aperture, I switched nearly a year ago to Lightroom CC. I was used to having my library shown on my uncalibrated iMac on the left, with my selected image on the Eizo on the right. Of course, I edit on the Eizo.

I cannot make any sense of Adobe's two-screen setup. In the library module, I can have them in a grid on the iMac, then, of course, I go into Develop and the library disappears, pointlessly leaving my selected image on both screens - but I can't edit on the Eizo, not even a crop.

Has anyone ever managed to actually use the second screen for anything?

Capture One does this very well, even better than Aperture.

I've checked the tutorials but found nothing to help. The only thing that makes any kind of sense, is to run it single-screen on the Eizo.

Hopefully, one of you knows better!

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Hi everyone.

I use my X-T1 for portraiture and I have noticed a few spots on my images. Would anyone be able to recommend a good place to get my body and lenses serviced and cleaned?

Many thanks

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I have a brand new 35mm F2 with an X-T20.
Firmware - Latest on lens + camera
Performance - High Performance

So... All these review online praise on the speed of AF on this lens...and I bought the lens because of that.

Why does my 35F2 hunt SO much in relatively low light when focusing on dark objects!? We're talking about a 0.5-1 second hunt when focusing objects in my room in the evening with the lights on... My 23mmF1.4 focus faster in low light.

I get the whole contrast focus kicking in instead of phase focus theory. But even so, it's still very slow...

Here's a video for reference...

So... is this back luck for me? or is this normal?
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...and the 1.4 TC attached. I'm not a bird photographer, that is I didn't buy the 50-140 for capturing birds. But..if the bird is patient enough for me to grab my x-t2, fumble with the ISO settings and still wait for me to get in the right position - then yes I love this lens for capturing nature. Both these birds aren't common - in fact the owl shot is rare.
These shots for me are the reason I went to Fuji in the first place. Enjoy



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Fuji X-T2, 16mm f/1.4
Images shot at China Camp, an historic site in Marin County, CA. China Camp is the site of a Chinese shrimp fishing & processing operation that existed in the late 1890's. The site is adjacent to the San Francisco Bay. The images in this series reflect items from an era after the shrimp industry shut down but they have also been seen their era come & go and have been abandoned.




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I am unable to get the 'drive setting' assigned to a Fn button. I actually assigned it, but it does not function - it does nothing. Neither does Fn2, pre-assigned by Fuji.

I do not have a power booster grip. The camera is set to performance mode.

What am I doing wrong?
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Shot wide open at f 2.5.

1st Dafodil.jpg
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Multistitched panorama using the XF90 for wide angle landscape. The file is very large and contains a lot of detail - it's the XF90 so it'd never be any other way!

I'm pleased with how it turned out - the workflow was clunky (must practice more stitched pano's with the XF90...) but those clouds! I just had to capture them and the XF90 was on the camera so why not!

Stitched in Affinity Photo - a great alternative to Adobe. I swear by Capture One, so the two work well hand in hand.

Hope you enjoy the shot as much as I enjoyed those clouds last Saturday!

More shots in flickr (in my signature).

Eek - still uploading - hope there's not an upper limit on filesize on this forum... Yep - it's too big so I'll attach the flickr link and it's downloadable from there...

[​IMG]Skiddaw Panorama (large) by Alan Billington, on Flickr
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Prompted in part by some of the lovely images I see here from folks shooting RF lenses and my own experience shooting compact RF cameras in my film days. There probably isn't any way I could swing a Leica or Zeiss lens. I've shot with the Jupiter 8 and a few Industar lenses and they were fine but I wouldn't say I loved any of them although the Jupiter 8 was pretty good (the clickers aperture drove a bit crazy though). I like to get close to my subjects and I know that SLR lenses tend to do a better job with that.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for RF lenses I should take a look at? I'd be most interested in 28, 35 and 50mm.
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The vertical power grip for the X-T2 is now on sale at Amazon and BHPhoto for $299. I've been putting off buying one, but I've been doing quite a few events in which I shoot portrait mode quite a bit, and also having the extra batteries will be convenient. (Note - I believe one could get it for even less if trying to submit offer on greentoe)
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X100T DSCF8280-Edit-Edit.jpg
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I just bought a Canon 7 rangefinder body (and beat 50mm lens) and am thinking about getting some other lenses spruced up for use on this new to me body. One of the lenses is a Canon Serenar 50f1.9 collapsing lens, but the front element is very scratched and flares wildly when light strikes it. Beautiful images otherwise. I know getting this polished and coated is going to be pricey, and fairly risky, so I went to ebay to see what the current price would be to replace it... There is almost NOTHING for Serenar 50mm lenses on there right now!

I am certainly glad I bought almost an entire set (save the really rare examples) back when I got my Xpro, because prices have gone up, and now supply seems to be down. I didn't check other focal lengths, there are only a couple others that I would want and some of those are very rare (can't afford them).

I sent an email the YYe camera repair to see if he can look at it and maybe polish and re-coat, hoping it won't cost too much. And then I might have a very expensive collectable lens that also functions well.

Just for completion, since a few of you might want to know what I have:

21f4 Voigtlander (black)
28f3.5 Serenar (chrome)
35f3.2 Serenar (chrome)
50f1.8 Serenar (chrome)
50f1.9 Serenar (chrome, collapsing)
85f2 Serenar (chrome)
135f3.5 Serenar (chrome)
135f4 Serenar (chrome)

I think I have a few others, but they are not is the best of shape and stuck away for some day to fix them.

The Canon 25f3.5 is about the only other Serenar that I would want, but very rare and therefor very expensive when it does come up. Maybe the 19f3.5 would be nice as well.

Canon Camera Museum
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I find that the histogram disappears when I half-press the shutter button. This is unlike other cameras I own. Is there any way to have it continue to display the histogram thru the point of exposure?
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I finally got a XF100-400 to pair with my T2 a few weeks ago but did have a chance to try it out in a sport context until last weekend at the 16th edition of the annual "Vagues en Ville" Whitewater Festival here in Québec City.

It is a really nice 2 days event that marks the beginning of the season for the White Water community on a 4 km stretch of R3 rapids of the St-Charles River.

I have been shooting this event every year since 2013, first with a X-E1 paired to the XF60 or XF14mm (yep!) and now with a T2 and the XF100-400, nice evolution Fuji !!! :)

The Flickr album (32 pics):

[​IMG]VeV 2017 #21 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr

[​IMG]VeV 2017 #10 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr

[​IMG]VeV 2017 #13 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr

[​IMG]VeV 2017 #17 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr

[​IMG]VeV 2017 #30 by Gilles Baribeau, on Flickr
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Can X-T2 swap RAW in SD SLOT1 and JPG in SD SLOT2 to JPG in SD SLOT1 and RAW in SD SLOT2 ?

I shoot raw+fine mode and card slot use raw / jpeg.

I have a problem when I use wifi transfer JPG.
The Fuji app cannot see JPG file in SD SLOT2.If SD SLOT1 has no JPG, I cannot transfer picture to mobile.

Thank you for advanced.
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I'm looking for a way to view the video I'm shooting with my XT 10 simultaneously on an Imac. Is this possible?
And with program should I use on my iMac? Thanx already!
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I had, and sold, an X100 with WCL for way not enough. I loved and loathed that camera. In the past I have gotten along with small, fixed-lens rangefinder cameras but for some reason the X100 and I had issues.

Owning other Fujifilm cameras and wanting to dip a toe back into the X100 waters (and simplify my wife's camera setup) I shopped for a used S.

Yes, great cosmetic shape, he said. Nice little cam with just minor cosmetic dings, he said. If I ever meet real time someone who thinks major scratches and the use of super glue on a camera they are selling online is great shape, I will -- well, I'll be irritated and make sure I give the stink eye in their general direction.

The camera arrives and it is not pretty. Fortunately I am able to cover up much of the ugly with pretty. The autofocus is, thankfully, not like the original X100. The image quality, live view, and simplicity of one lens are outstanding. Transferring files via a physical direct connection to an iphone with a card reader has worked well and the camera is very quiet once everything is turned off. No slap. No, I am a DSLR hear me roar. Just click, image, next.

Unintended plus: prior owner's bruises means not stressing about babying it, so there is that.

So the size, simplicity, easy macro option, and image quality continue to make this a go-to camera in our cooking class business despite kitchens being a tough place to live for a camera. So far it is a flour and flame survivor and our X100S continues to prove itself as a happy workhorse despite its scars.
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firmware for fuji pro2 2.00 to2.10 nat on firmware pages to move to3.oo
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Hi, Folks.

After having issues upgrading the firmware, now I back to another issue, this time the upgrade for the X500 flash.

The firmware ver 3.0 for xpro 2 was installed successfully. I didn't know that the upgrade for the ef-x500 used the same firmware update for the xpro2 so I deleted the files previously used and downloaded a new one for the x500. Went through the same motions of saving, copying to the sd & initiating the upgrade protocol...& boom! My xrpo2 gave me a message that there is no firmware in card slot number 1!

So far, I have tried the following:

1. reformatted the same card used, deleted the downloaded firmware & downloaded a new one, did the same copy and firmware installation procedure;
2. tried 3 different sd cards, reformatted, and initiated the installation procedure;
3. reset my camera, & did 1 & 2;
4. I even tried slot 2;
5. I tried it with my Windows PC to download the firmware.

All the above gave me same results, xpro2 message "no firmware found in card slot 1".

Am I still missing anything?

Thanks, in advance....
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