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cam you switch on or off preview exposure in manual mode . When half pressing the screen goes really dark .
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I am looking into getting a couple of UHS-II cards for my X-T1 (along with my soon to come X-Pro2) and am interested in hearing if you use a Lexar Professional 1000X UHS-II SDXC in your X-T1. I have always used Sandisk but have found a good deal on a pair of 64GB cards from Lexar.

If you have -or have used- one of these cards I would appreciate hearing what you think of their performance.

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How large can you actually print and/or up scale x trans files, like the Xe1, X pro1, X100T and so on. Since the files are so amazing and full of detail, how large can you actually push the files in print and/or up res:ing?
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In order to compare the new 24.3 mega pixel sensor in the X-PRO 2 with the 16 mega pixel sensor of the X-T1 .

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For the full blog please go here.

I love my little Fuji XT-1. I now have 2 and and have been using them professionally for over a year. There is a lot I like about the camera.
Fuji have been very good in listing to their client base and implementing changes. Lets hope they read this as well.
  • The buttons are too flat and cannot be felt with your thumb while your eye is on the view finder. They just need to be raised a little. I have said this in a previous post and a bodge to put things right.
  • Cannot see the point of the Focus Assist button. The auto focus is that good it's simply not needed as a main button. Bury the facility in the menu and use the button for something more useful.

  • As with my Canon I would like the Fuji XT-1 to remember the landscape and portrait focus points. Shooting headshots for instance, you are always focusing on the eyes and it is a pain to keep manually changing the focus point between orientations.
  • After initially focusing the highlighted focus points should disappear like the Canon so you can see your subject without distractions. Its not so bad with single point focus but when your in Zone focussing there can be many focusing points illuminated disturbing your view of the image.
AE Mode

  • AE mode is canceled when you review the picture you have just taken. Why? You have set the shot up, applied exposure compensation, checked the picture and then the Fuji forgets the settings. This is especially frustrating using external speed lights when you have to check the exposure to see what they are doing.
  • With AE locked you can't access the Quick Menu and it locks you out of changing the focus points. Why! You may want to change settings when you have the exposure correct.
Drive and Metering Dial

  • I would like these dials to be lockable somehow. Perhaps you would have to push the dial button in to move it. Its far too easy to nudge these buttons while adjusting ISO and shutter speeds.
Front Command Dial

  • There is no problem using the manual exposure compensation dial when using the Fuji XT-1 in landscape but its very fiddly when using it in portrait. I have the battery grip attached which has the dial in a very convenient location just under the shutter button. I would love an option to use the dial for exposure compensation, overriding what is set on the manual dial. The camera knows its orientation so when the camera turn to landscape mode the manual button would override the dial.
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I've had my X100S forever, but have not been using it much lately. This morning I picked it up and it seems to be stuck in AF-C mode with a crosshair in the viewer. I've tried afew things to change it, cycling through the various AF-AE options in the menu to no avail. The AF Mode in the menu is grayed out and the Q menu cannot change it. I have the drive set to single. I know I'm missing something simple but how do I get back to usual focus square and AF-S setting?


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Summation: The X-PRO 2 really shines and shows it’s 33% more resolution in these examples!!

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This is the Part 1 of in-depth-coverage on Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder of X-Pro2.​

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I am proud new owner of XT-10 with 16-50, 27mm, and 50-230 bought as package deal. The lenses feel so so compared to my large Nikon glass, but loving the small body and its solid construction. I will be checking out the posts for tips and advice on usage and see what lenses I should acquire, I think an ultra-wide is in my future, hoping for an 8mm from Fuji one day.

Cheers from southern Ontario.

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image.jpeg image.jpeg heaps of light pollution but heaps of night drama. Couldn't resist swinging the lens around to the approaching front covering the new(ish) moon
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With El Capitan, we were forced to have Apple Photos. I HATE the f-ing thing, but apparently it is part of the OS and cannot be uninstalled.

Q1: Can anyone give me any reason not to hate the bastard?
Q2: Is there hack to disable it from constantly opening when a memory is inserted into the reader?

(Please no Windows fan boy messages, ok?)
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Being a vertebrate paleontologist I take lots of photos for work. Usually subject aren't too appealing for a general audience, because they are mostly details of bones and the like.
Last week however, for a project about comparing predatory behavior between extant and extinct fishes, I found myself taking lots of photos of fossil fishes with the prey in their belly. Some of these are not only interesting but also nice.
This is an example:


The black has been added in Photoshop, because photos were taken in museum deposits in far from optimal conditions, ( many museums lack stands etc., but this is OT) . Photos have been taken freehand with micro-nikkor 105 AFS VR (thanks to VR I got many keepers!) and D7100 with flash. Scale bar isn't nice but required for study.

NOTE The title is a joke: the fish didn't die for indigestion but, along with thousands of other specimens in the same level, it was poisoned by algal bloom that depleted of oxygen the lagoon waters. Age is early Late Cretaceous, 97-100 million years ago.
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Week 6 of my photo challenge was an artistic challenge, based on lollies (ok, the challenge was created by an American so the theme is candy, but here in Oz we call them lollies).

I thought I'd make use of the close up filters that I've recently bought off eBay, after I asked the forum for beginners macro advice.

What I enjoyed most about this weeks challenge was that it was fun trying a new technique. And great to be able to eat the props afterward :D

close up freckles.jpg
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Hi, I'm new to the world of Fuji and I've started off with a X30. I use the front ring around the back of the lens to change ISO. Is it possible to change the ISO increments to whole F stops (i.e. 100, 200, 400, 800, etc). The default setting has the ISO increments in factions of f stops.

Thanks for your help.
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Hi there. New to the forum and just got my XT1 today. I am a former Canon shooter that used Back Button Focus. Struggling on how to set up the new XT1 in a similar fashion. Have read a portion of some posts from here I believe from "Arjay". It seems like I can only get my AE-L button (on back) to focus, if I am in the "M" mode on the front. If I am in the C or S mode, it will only focus with the shutter. I have changed the P and S buttons in the menu both ways and it still doesn't work for me. Could someone please provide a "very detailed" menu option of what I need to do to get the AE-L button on back to focus all the time? Is this possible? I did update to the new firmware. Head is spinning after a day of trying to get set up, but think it will be worth it in the end:) Thank you for any help you can provide.
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I'm considering picking up a new X-E2S when they are released next week. I'm thinking of using a 90mm on it and I'm wondering if X-E2 users find it difficult to handle comfortably such a large lens.
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Dawn at the Hastings Marina this morning

Taken with the Nikon and 16-35mm lens


Thanks for looking...
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This mornings sunrise at the Hastings Pier

X-T1, 16-55mm lens, 3 bracket HDR


Thanks for looking...
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x-t1 & 35mm 1.4

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Pic from the mouth of the Old Mines Lagoon - Douglas Apsley National Park, East Coast Tasmania.
When this lens arrived I admit to being disappointed with the bulk after the kit 18-55. It's growing on me...

[​IMG]Shell by Nigel Cross, on Flickr
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X-E2 + 10-24mm

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Can't seem to figure out how to get the bulb mode to make an exposure longer than 1 second. Also ISO 100 and the H12800, H25600 and H51,2000 are grayed out. Any suggestions as to what I may be setting wrong?

P.S. The camera is an XT-10
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I took advantage with f/w 4.3 to assign the video button to a different function. I rarely do video, but when I do, I wonder how to start it now that I have taken away it's dedicated button. I don't see anything in either the regular or the Q menu...

Thanks for any advice
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Anyone looking for a black X70, message me...USA dealer has an extra available.
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Fuji X100t Swinging.jpg
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I've got the 35 f2.0 which I love. I'm going to pick up a lens for wider when they go on sale next week. I'd like to get the 16 or the 23.

16 makes the most sense to me because it would give me a good wide option and it has some distance from the 35. I'm only unsure because I have used the 23 before and I love the lens and the focal length. But if I buy the 23, I won't have a truly wide angle option. And 23 is closer to the 35.

I'm only budgeted for one. Thoughts?
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i must be doing something wrong, but I cannot access wi-fi when I press the wi-fi button on the top of the camera.
Any suggestions, please?
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Godzilla Approaching and coming up Prospect Avenue in Milwaukee. Just kidding! I don't stop by much nor post often, but I thought I would share the humor in my image for those of us old enough to remember Godzilla movies. Captured with X-T1 and 18-135mm out the window of my condo as I cower in fear.

Godzilla Approaches.jpg
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Running errands in town there was some fantastic light looking downriver.

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Jordan Steele has posted on his Admiring Light blog this summary of the various bodies. Lenses next.

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Forgive the title, I felt creative :D

We already had this kind of discussion and some people (most, I guess) will still stand by their cemented opinion after seeing my pictures.

What's it about?
It's about lens colors and how beautiful Leica colors are. NOT. (Don't force me to go and buy that 135/2.8 I found in a store, just to prove my point.)

My theory is that colors are entirely up to the user and there's no such thing as lens or sensor color in a thoroughly processed image.

I'm only talking about RAW data, because that's the stuff I and many other enthusiasts (+ most pros) work with.

My theory does NOT apply to JPG-shooters and film shooters.
In either case, you have almost no choice but to accept the color profiles dictated upon you by the manufacturer.
With digital sensors, you usually get a choice of several color profiles for your jpg and you can adjust the white balance to remove the color cast of a lens.
And with film, it all depends on your processing (use old chemicals, expired film, etc.) I guess.

So, I do see how people can get talking about lens colours when comparing different lenses on a single roll of film or even "sensor" colors when comparing jpgs shot under identical conditions.
But I really don't get how this ended up becoming "gospel" for everyone including the RAW shooters.

Let's look at some colors then:

Yeah, it's a pretty picture of the Colorchecker passport I got from Oli @(c)ow
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I picked up an Argus Sandmar 35mm f/4.5 wide angle lens that I am curious to see if I can try it on my X Pro1, if I can find an adapter for it. It also came with a nice leather case and an accessory view finder.

This is an interesting lens, made for the old Argus C-3 by Enna-Werk in Munich, Germany. The lens is also marked US Zone/Germany, so it was made in the early 1950's. These lenses, along with a companion 100mm telephoto, are readily found on eBay.

I was able to find a bit of information on the internet, but nothing on the thread mount itself. I did find some references to homebrew adapters, but nothing related to the Fuji X mount. Is anyone familiar with this lens and if there is an adapter that could be used to mount the lens on a Fuji X camera?

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I'm not sure what this is really called so tried a guess…

I'm using manual focus with EVF and my problem is when I'm setting aperture by the ring my fingers can't help but kiss the focus ring, this causes the 'detail view' to pop up in EVF (i.e it zooms in on focus point) I shoot a lot of infinity type seascapes and this 'feature' infuriates me as I've set focus and often miss a frame as this pops up.

Can it be turned off somewhere?
I can't find anything in manual or in menu…

Here's hoping!
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I'm considering getting some of my shots with the new Fuji x100T printed, and have heard good things about Whitewall.

However, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of choices they offer, acrylic, aluminum, framed, etc. etc. etc.

What is your experience with this provider, and do you have any recommendations which format/support to chose for which kind of pic? (currently I'm considering printing some B&W architecture pics and some color landscapes).

Online Photo Lab: Mountings, Framings and Prints - WhiteWall
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