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Finally made the short drive to Biloxi to shoot this interesting architecture. If there was any lens distortion, you can't tell! X-E2, Fujinon 10-24 DSCF1283.JPG


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I just returned from a short trip to the Greenbrier with my wife who was there to attend a work conference. Since it's a comped room, I tag along and while she is in conference, I'm normally out hiking somewhere. This year I took a bit over an hour drive to the Falls of Hills Creek. It was spectacular. Here are a few pictures with a few more on my site here.

The tallest waterfall at 65 feet

The stream that feeds the above waterfall (about 10 feet behind where I took this picture)

The middle falls

And a friendly spider enjoying a meal

Hope you enjoy.
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I end up with a Fuji X-Pro 1, a couple of nearly 50 year old lenses in the Nikkor HC 50/2 and Nikkor-O 35/2 and am quite satisfied. I get the feeling I could have saved a whole bunch of money if I had gone about this differently. o_O

unimpressed with humans
by kevin dixey, on Flickr
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Grabbed this mage on my way to work tonight, the sky was simply beautiful. Wallace Monument, Central Scotland.

[​IMG]Wallace Monument by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

X-Pro1 - XF56mm - iso 400 - @ f/4 - handheld
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These are my first X70 images converted using Silver Efex Pro, I am very happy with the results and find the end results match those I used to get from the GR.

Yet again, the X70 proves itself to be a very powerful pocket camera to always have with me.

Glos 1 B&W.jpg Glos 2 B&W.jpg Glos 3 B&W.jpg Glos 4 B&W.jpg Glos 5 B&W.jpg
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Why are people happy to spend thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses and then want free processing software? Surely processing is an expense that needs to be factored in when budgeting to buy a camera?
In the film days nobody gave free film with their cameras and developing chemicals and paper and equipment certainly weren't given away free for those who wanted to do it themselves so where did this attitude that free software should be supplied as a right come from?
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Hello everyone,

recently I had the chance to test a fuji xpro2 against my Nikon D750 (mainly for the af speed). My question is if there is a free software that I can use for looking at the xpro2's raw files. My Lightroom v5.7 doesn't recognise them so I cannot tell about the IQ of the camera.

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Hello, I took this photo in the city center of Madrid, with a cloudy sunset. I hope you like it:

X-E2 + XF 35mm f/1.4

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Hello, here is a portrait I took on holidays in Madrid (Spain). I hope you like it:

X-E2 + XF 35mm f/1.4

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I'm thinking about going into Fuji system.

Does Fuji provide any software for editing jpg/raws on Mac OS X similar to Nikon ViewNX ?

As I don't see it here
MyFinePix Studio | Fujifilm Global
Probably the most iconic image I captured this week, on my first visit to New York City. What an amazing place!
The 16-55 2.8 was too big and heavy so it stayed home. I'd been shooting almost exclusively with the Zeiss 32, but figured I'd need something just a bit wider for the Big city so I bought one. This was taken with the Fuji 23 1.4. What an awesome lens!

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I am a newbie with Lightroom so I apologize if this is a stupid question. Can anyone tell me if Lightroom 5.7 will have Fuji XT2 file compatibility? Thanks for some guidance!
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Deep in the labyrinthine gullies descending from the Tower of Innocence. Beautifully rugged terrain that's perfect for wide-angle photography.

East Rosebud Canyon, Montana Beartooths


X-E1 and 12mm Touit
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Shooting JPEGs in Fuji b&w mode, will I still have to use Photoshop's color RGB removal tool before printing,?
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Local outdoor weekend Koala market, never know what you will find, often on a tarp on the ground. It's never anything more interesting than box brownies usually, but it is still nice to browse the stalls in hope.

[​IMG]market assortment
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Hello All

I'm looking to catch the adapted lens bug. I've been exposed to this 'virus' for a while with a really cheep Nikon adaptor + Nikkor D 70-210/f4-5.6 and a Leica-R adaptor (Pixco) and my Elmar-R 180/f4.

Neither of these two adapted lenses have set my imaging world alight. They were lying around when I picked up my refurbished X-Pro 1 body before I had any FX mount optics so just used to get me started.

To be fair the focal lengths weren't best suited for my Landscape/Street/Portrait style but I'd like to dig deeper with the right combinations. I'd be working on a small budget but am interested in the results members are posting with the likes of the Helios 44 and and Rokkor lenses. The Pentax Takumar range seems pretty popular too but not some many opting for the later SMC Pentax lenses??

So the question is...
What reasonably priced Lens and adapter combination would you recommend in the 40-60mm range? I'd be looking for Character of image over technical precision in the lens but want an adapter thats a good physical fit (my first two are far from perfect).

If I have to invest in a high grade adapter, I'll need to stick with that mounting for other lenses I purchase in the near future, so this may effect my initial choice.

Thanks in advance
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Spend the last two weeks on holiday at the Costa Brave, in the small village of Sa Tuna. Besides swimming in the sea and lying on the beach (which I did surprisingly little), I spent most of the time hiking, and even found it in me to get up a little early for some sunrises over de mediterranean. Despite the determined mosquito attacks, I did manage to get some images I like. Hope you like 'm too! Any advice or comments appreciated.

The first and third image are done with the Samyang 12 mm, at something like f/11. The middle one is made using the 16-55 f/2.8 at f/8.0, all on the XT-1.



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It was our grandsons 2nd birthday last week so we all went to the wildlife park so he could see the animals, we had a great time despite the rain that came and went.

He walked (ran) about 4 miles in his enthusiasm to see everything and showed a great deal of interest in the animals that are so well looked after, thriving and have good enclosures.

Used the XPro2 + 100-400 and for some the X70.

WP 5.jpg WP 6.jpg WP 21.jpg WP 24.jpg WP 25.jpg
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hi people of the internet,

My I brought my trustee x-t1 to the beach and i got few splash of sea water and I don't think it was really that bad. I've experienced worst conditions with rain. It got hot.

My power switch is stuck and and need a lot of force to switch it on. My shutter curtain is also jammed. When i put on the battery, the screen flickers and shutter firing rapidly. Evf doesn't work anymore.

Btw, i was using the 35mm wr lens, which should have been protected from the water.

I'm sad, this is my main body :(
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Photos with the X-T1, 100-400 mm lens.

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You can use your Fuji X-series camera for medium format photography right now if you use it to "scan" images shot with medium format cameras on film. The image below was shot with 120 Kodak Portra 160 on a medium format rangefinder camera, then "scanned" with my X-E2.

RF645 Merry-G-Round P160.jpg
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Del Mar California
X100T SOOC BW+Y, Highlights +1, EV -2/3, then set white and black points in Picasa. I like creative restraints!
Starting to get the look from this new camera that I Like.
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Looking for recommendations for what would be the smallest decent camera bag that can hold a standard size iPad Air?
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So I finally had my birthday presented delivered earlier this week. A Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 in x-mount.

here are my first impressions and some candid shots at a local farmer's market:

- build quality is better than i expected (metal barrel)
- easier to focus than focus by wire FX lenses ... it is perfectly damped
- contrary to some reviews I had read online, there is absolutely no play other than the typical clockwise play on the rest of my lenses (I have a small X-E2 body)
- image quality is very sharp
- i love the way the plastic hood snaps on an off. much more reassuring than Fuji's

- noticing some CA and not sure how best to fix them easily, or if a lens profile exists on the web
- lens filter mount seems to be plastic

Photos are SOOC jpegs, in Pro-Neg Std shot 1.4-2.8

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XP-1 converted 820, 35/1.4. LR and Nik 015-Edit.jpg
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I have know this structure for a while and have wanted to photograph it, I have no idea of it's function. Anyway, driving past it this evening, there was a nice sunset, I just happened to have my 90mm Summicron attached to the X-Pro2, and here is the result.

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I want to make a speeded-up version of a drawing being created, but the 1 frame/sec interval (stills) option is way too fast and there is no choice slower than 24 fps in the movie options. And the project doesn't justify sourcing a accessory intervalometer.
I'm thinking the 3 fps "low" burst rate might be about right. I will be shooting normal jpg only and can use electronic shutter, which I think would be easier on the camera. I can combine it in Photoshop.
Does anyone have experience or opinion on whether running burst mode for 5 or 10 minutes (assuming no buffer problem) would harm my X-E2? Thank you.
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Saw this little gem on eBay last two weeks or so, and thought I'd bite the bullet. I'm rather glad I did! Just posting some example images in case someone else is currently deciding whether or not they should get the lens. All SOOC with no tweaking, though I have used Velvia simulation to push the contrast a wee bit.

Won't be the sharpest lens wide open, but at 2.8 and above, I'm pleasantly surprised at its performance. Haven't been using my Helios 44-2 since getting this one. ;)

At f1.4

At f2.8
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Hi there, its my birthday next week and I have dropped heavy hints about the XT1 I want to update from my old Olympus 4/3rd camera. In anticipation of this i now own:

2 spare batteries for XT1
Extended eye cup
Nice new fast SD card
Fujinon 56mm lens f1.2
62mm ND filter
Pfirstingers 111 tipsfor XT1

Hope that camera arrives on Thursday!

Anyway - pleased to be here on the forum
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Hi all,

I know there are loads of adaptors for the ex-2 but I want advice on the best one for m42 lenses as love the quirks and affordability of these old lenses.

Would be nice also to hear from people who use m42 screw fit lenses with the camera and the results they get please.

Would prefer not to spend a fortune.

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Raynox DCR5320 Pro



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Couldn't not take a photo of this little one. (X-T1 and 50-140)

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Help! I'm having a problem with my shutter appearing to freeze and the camera saying ' turn off and try again'- this does not rectify problem and it keeps freezing intermittently. I used a Remote shutter control and had camera shutter speed set to T last night and it is since doing that I have had trouble. I have reset whole camera to factory settings but problem continues. Have I broken the camera or is there something I could try before returning to the camera shop? Thanks. Ita
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