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I've been back a couple of weeks now from a 3-week trip to India, taking in Rajasthan and Kerala. Apart from my better half, I was accompanied by my X-T10 and 35mm f/2, as well as a Nikon D7200 and a couple of zoom lenses. Out and about in the cities (and we visited a lot of cities!) I ventured out just with the X-T10, leaving the Nikon for the more 'tourist shots'.

The X-T10/35mm f2 combo came into its own on the city streets, being discreet and easy to operate either via the EVF or the LCD screen. I ended up switching to EVF after a few days for most of the shots, as there was sometimes just too much of a delay whilst the EVF woke up after a moment or two of inaction. Anyway, here are a few shots from the trip:

Chandni Chowk, Delhi
by Richard Burn, on Flickr

Sunday in Jodhpur
by Richard Burn, on Flickr

Life in Jaipurs Backstreets
by Richard Burn, on Flickr

Narlai Garden Girls
by Richard Burn, on Flickr

School Bus, Kochin
by Richard Burn, on Flickr

[​IMG]Backwaters Boys by Richard Burn, on Flickr
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[​IMG]Receding Tide on a Rocky Shore, Sooke BC by Isaac Hilman, on Flickr

Fuji XT-2, Rokinon 12mm F2 w/ 10 stop ND filter.

I finally made the drive out to Sooke BC this weekend, located along Vancouver Island's south-west coast. A beautiful place! You can see the US coast just to the south (the mountains in the background).

At one point on the drive my Cellphone provider sent me a message and welcomed me to the US, listing the exuberant costs to me if I were to do absolutely anything on my phone. And so it went directly into airplane mode :p.
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To switch quickly from single point AF to continuous AF with zone tracking... Ditch the single AF mode switch and just use MF switch (back button focus). This way you don't have to keep adjusting the AF zone and AF area. Just switching from MF to AFC on the front AF lever.
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It seems to me that the x100 has 2 benefits over the traditional ILC like the XPro/XT series:

1. Size

2. Leaf shutter

I see people gush over the size a lot but not nearly as much over the leaf shutter. Is that because most people really don't leverage flash much with the X100 series?

I am still waffling over the next purchase which I plan to make in 30 days. I have an XP1 which I just sent off for 720 IR conversion and a T1 with assorted lenses.

Option 1 is the x100T or x100F as a travel buddy - really interested in better captures of my family in harsh light times of day. I have the tiny fuji flash x20 and the Nissin i40. The idea of dialing down the ambient is pretty appealing to me. This would give me a capability I can't get today with my current gear.

Option 2 is the XT2 - better, faster everything. Size-wise, the T2 and the 27 is not very big so i can still use as very lightweight travel camera.

BTW, side question - why are the sync cords for camera big bulky and curly? Why not just thin - easily packed cord?

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I'm finally starting to really select out some recent weddings after switching to Fuji, and am noticing that I will hit the aperture ring when bringing the camera to my eye. It's sort of frustrating, as I don't always catch it right away. I will obviously start adapting and keeping an eye on it, but why don't these lenses just have a small latch/lock device on the aperture ring? It seems so easy.
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Post deleted
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an almost meditative look back Wav.jpg
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Walking along a trail in Exeter, RI yesterday and the early morning side lighting seem to hit this just right.

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I like that Nissin has a nice bundle price for the Di700a and Air Commander, but is the i60a a better flash? I plan to buy the Air Commander, but not sure which flash to get.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi, I have tried to search the forum but not found any to the point answers... My X100T, when set in AF-C, seems to work fine at aperture f5.6 or larger, but as soon as I stop down 1/3 to f6.4 it starts to focus hunt. The hunting means that the lens moves fully between the end stops without finding focus. Seems very strange that this behaviour is dependent on aperture (change of ISO or shutter has no effect). Further, good lightning doesn´t help out either.

I found this video on youtube which very precisely shows the behavior:

X100T owners - is this really a normal and expected behavior?
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Is there anyone that can confirm if it's possible to charge the x-t20 with a power bank?

- Eirik
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Saw this ride at a Carnival and was quite curious to what a slow shutter could bring out. Used a tripod for these images. :) EXIF in each photo.

MOMENTUM (Iso200 f5.6 1/2sec) 2 frames stitched together as I caught this rider on the left out of pure luck. Same shutter speed was used for both frames.

SPIN OUT (Iso200 f5.6 0.8secs)
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Does anyone know if the new WCL and TCL mk2's will work with the older x100 models?

I am asking because I know I will sell off my T for the F at some point but want the TCL now for some leaf shutter flash portraits.

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Every time I adjust my aperture setting in Aperture priority mode, the camera does not save the last aperture setting but always goes back to the lowest aperture f stop. Is there a way to force the camera to save the last used f stop rather than resetting itself back to the lowest f stop?
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I'm planning a bucket list trip to New York for a week in mid-March, just me and a camera.

I'm staying near the Chelsea Hotel and so far my list includes Aperture and The Oculus at the World Trade Centre.
Any suggestions of good places to photograph or visit? I'd like to try my hand at one of those iconic. Brooklyn Bridge shots. I'm not planning any gear shopping but if there's a camera store worth visiting for used Fuji lenses I'd be interested.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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This is my first night shot with this lens. I had to take a couple exposures to get the focus right (it's not the best in low light), but enjoying the results when it nailed it on the 3rd try.

fuji x-t1
52 sec
iso 200
by Scott Pilla
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Hi guys, I am new around here and I have been shooting with an X-T1 for not very long. Still in the learning curve actually. I was also looking at decent alternatives to LR and C1 for different reasons. I have been using ON1 Photo Raw since the pre-release and the software is getting better but still has a lot ng way to go.

By accident, I recently found Alien Skin Exposure X2 but I haven't tried it yet. They will be sending out a big update soon apparently with broad layering support so I wanted to wait for this update to download the trial version. By that time, I was wondering if anybody around here is using it and what results are you getting with X-trans RAF conversation. How is the details rendering?

Thanks for your help.
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W-T2, 23 1.4 at 2.0 and window light. The rolling curtain was halfway down, so the light was coming from below. An unusual lighting, but I think it works. What do you think?

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I love this camera. Long story short - after 15 years of film and dSLR Nikons, culminating in the D800, I sold all my (modern) Nikon kit to switch over to the XP2 in August last year. Don't regret it one bit.

Well, maybe one little bit. The damn' eyepiece in my XP2 has gone AWOL now 3 time since purchase and has been back to Fuji UK to be fixed twice.

It's really disappointing that such a great camera is marred by such a silly fault, and that Fuji frankly aren't acknowledging it. I'm not a pro, my kit is well treated although not babied. Fuji UK dissembled and waffled when I called them about it despite numerous reports online.

This time I decided that to hell with it, I didn't want to be without my camera that I carry every day for another 10 days only for a fix to last 2 weeks. So I decided to build my own replacement out of Sugru. Here it is...


Only half the eyepiece left


A hub from my 5 year olds' lego car was the perfect diameter to form the rest of the pupil.


In place


Sugru and my 9 year old daughter's craft kit.


Got the putty nice and warm by keeping it in my pocket for a while.


Forming the new eyepeice



Trying to replicate the original profile with a spatula



Pretty nearly done. Took about 15 minutes work. Use light finger pressure to smooth the Sugru off after making the new eyepiece. I'll see how long it lasts but I'm thinking I may end up making a mould to produce a whole eyepiece as Fuji UK won't send them out, insisting on you sending the body in (unlike Fuji USA, who reportedly just send you out an eyepiece, much more sensible).

I may need to clean the pupil after it set properly but I had a squint through it after about 3 hours and it looked ok. YMMV but this is looking good so far!

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XT2 and XF55-200mm today at a local State Park.
I've tried versions of this pic before and the sunlight leaking in usually renders the pic useless.
The XT2 has enough DR headroom to let me take pics that I stopped trying with older generation sensors.

Thanks for looking,
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Is their a way in fuji xt2 to check sharpness of an image, like zoom or something ? my xt20 has a touch screen which I will use zoom for to check, but I don't know how to do this on the xt2.

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I pre-ordered the F and have it in my hands. When my T was stolen a year ago I didn't replace it, glad to have a little camera back in my hands (instead of the beastly x-t2 :) )

The Screen Setup offers continuous review of the image one has just captured, 2 secs, .5 secs, or no review. But setting it on no review "off" doesn't work -- the image displays on the screen or in EVF until I press "OK."

What am I missing? Anyone?

thank you
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I saw the VW microbus parked here yesterday and came back for a photo, and was pleased to see an aging VW bug in the lead. I took several shots, expecting an angry homeowner to come out of the woodwork at any moment to shoo me away.

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I went out with my new X-T20 today to test it out and one of the pictures came out with some strange squiggle lines on it. Sorry I don't have anything to mark the spots but if you look left of the mushroom you can see it in 2 places. One is to the left and up a bit and the other is directly left between the mushroom and the edge. I was thinking I may have had electronic shutter on but I didn't. It was on mechanical. Anyone seen this before? I took about 25 - 30 shots and that's the only one that came out with those lines. I had also taken 3 other shots of the mushrooms and they didn't have the lines.

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The chalenge to photograph my child is the greatest pleasure I encountered in photography. There is no more satisfying or equally worth the while subject.

Yes, she actually jumps that high!
X-Pro2 and XF35/1.4, Acros, 200ASA, f/2.8, 1/680
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I've been taking the X-Pro2 on my nightly neighborhood walks with the dog. Love the mix of lighting at night.
Haven't been arrested yet for wandering around with a camera at night, so that's a plus.
These were with the 23 2, 35 1.4, and 60 2.4.





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One of my photo buddies does the event photo work for students attending Danny Walker's American Supercamp motocross riding school. I met up with him and shot a bit with the X-T2 in Fuji Acros.

50-140 f/2.8


These were taken with the new compact 23mm f/2...the AF was plenty fast enough. Love this lens.


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There's always something to photograph at night! I've been fortunate enough to visit Paris a few times, but first time on Pont Alexandre III.

DSCF4880 ret 82px5v.jpg
Pont Alexandre III

DSCF4800 ret crp.jpg
Pont Alexandre III

DSCF4857 825 ret 3 tonct 2xvig.jpg
Pont Alexandre III
DSCF4945  ret2 825px.jpg
side of Louve

DSCF5058 ND 825px.jpg

Norte Dame
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X-T1, Vivitar Series 1 70-210, f3.5, (Tokina), Metabones Canon FD dumb adapter, Dumb photographer.

Spring Litter.jpg
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Photographed at the Ripley Aquarium in Toronto. X-T2, 23 mm f 1.4 lens, shot at 1/60 sec, f 4, ISO 1600. Shot as JPEG, with colour balance modified and contrast boosted in ACR. To avoid reflections from the glass I used a rubber lens hood, pressed against the glass.

The first two are Australian Spotted Jellyfish, the second two are Pacific Nettle Jellyfish.




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I was looking at videos of this bag on YouTube, and it seems like it's exactly what I'd want in a bag for my two cameras and 4 lenses. But it appears that it's not in production anymore. Can anybody confirm this? And if this is the case, are there any bags similar to it?

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Today i took a free shots with my new baby and tried out the digital teleconverter.

1, bare lens
[​IMG]Bare lens by Trevor, on Flickr

2, 50mm Digital converter.
[​IMG]With digital 50mm conversion by Trevor, on Flickr

3, 70mm digital converter
[​IMG]With digital 70mm conversion by Trevor, on Flickr

Now with the TCL fitted, the digital converter offers 70mm and 100mm.
4, Bare TCL
[​IMG]X100f with TeleConverter by Trevor, on Flickr

5, TCL and 70mm Digital converter
[​IMG]X100f with TeleConverter and digital 70mm by Trevor, on Flickr

6, TCL and 100mm digital converter
[​IMG]X100f with TeleConverter and digital 100mm by Trevor, on Flickr

I'm impressed, Flickr has them full size
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My ongoing fascination with all things planes, trains, and automobiles.
All taken with the Fuji X-T1. The P51 with the Fuji 16-55 f2.8, the others with Zeiss Touit 32 f1.8



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Hello. I am waiting for my first ever Fuji X camera to arrive, the X-T20 and was wondering what would be the recommended Post Processing software to compliment my camera. I have obviously been looking at adobe, but I'm not sure about cloud subscriptions. ON1 looks interesting. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
I should say that I have done very little admustment of images in the past but I do want to try and get the best I can out of my new camera.
Thanks in advance.
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