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I just got an xf27mm to use on my xpro2. I formatted my SD card put the 1.10 27mm firmware on it. I attached the lens to my body with already updated 1.02 firmware. When I turn on the camera holding disp/back it takes 5 Full seconds before the firware screen appears and it only lists the body, no option for lens. I changed to my other 2 lenses and they work fine. Firmware screen loads immediately and the current versions are listed. I tried searching and I can't find anything. Got any ideas let me know please
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First Look Review: Fujifilm X-T2

Very nice and detailed review - I'd recommend reading everything by clicking on the link provide at the top...

For the lazy, excerpts from conclusions.

The Good,…

It appears that Fujifilm has been working very hard to come-up with a „complete mirrorless camera“ that can tackle almost any shooting situation and application, but without sacrificing the X-series DNA with its retro manual dials and controls. The X-T2 is compact, modular and robust, with a state-of-the-art sensor and a fast processor that ensure responsiveness and high-performance autofocus tracking. Improved ergonomics and the large electronic viewfinder make the X-T2 a pleasure to work with, and the optional Vertical Power Booster Grip is more than just a container for additional batteries. Image and video quality are both top-notch.

…the Bad,…

So what’s missing? Mostly details. The user-configurable My Menu should be able to store a few more items from the main menus, and an additional Fn button (as a replacement for the discarded video button) would have been a bonus. Frequently used functions like OIS Mode should be available as options in the Q menu or on Fn buttons—and why is there no indication in the display when the Natural Live View (PREVIEW PIC. EFFECT OFF) is in effect?

I assume some sports, action and wildlife shooters will be put off by the X-T2’s inability to adjust to quickly changing shooting conditions and requirements. Due to the retro concept with marked manual dials and controls, there’s currently no way to quickly change the entire camera configuration with pre-configured user presets. It would be nice if Fujifilm could find a clever way to add such presets without sacrificing the beloved retro concept.

Also missing are color RGB histograms (in the live view and during playback) and a highlight-priority metering mode. And what about user-favorites like a 24h clock display, multi-bracketing beyond three shots, or the ability to include copyright information in the EXIF data?

…and the Ugly…

As far as the new flash system is concerned, I am still waiting for samples of the announced EF-X500 flash and Nissin’s Fuji-compatible version of the i60A and Air Commander, so this topic will be covered in a separate article. However, the fact that Fuji’s wireless TTL concept relies on light signals instead of radio (and requires an expensive EF-X500 as commander) isn’t a particular source of joy for those who had high hopes for Fujifilm’s new flash system. On the other hand, the in-camera control of the flash units and groups looks really comfortable, so we’ll have to wait and see how things play out.

Another source of worry is the fact that my beloved Nissin i40 is not compatible with the current X-T2 firmware (beta 1.39). Assuming things stay that way, the i40 might even become incompatible with the X-Pro2 and X-T1 after these cameras will have received their promised flash system firmware upgrades. Will Fujifilm make improvements to the firmware to restore compatibility? Will Nissin offer (paid) firmware updates for the popular i40? The silence is deafening. And what about support for other third-party flashguns that are currently marked „Fuji-TTL-compatible“, like those from Metz and Meike?

So even after months of research and countless hours of putting heaps of information together in 12,000 words and hundreds of sample images, animated GIFs and videos, I have to conclude with William Goldman’s famous quote on Hollywood: Nobody knows anything.
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I was in Bristol on Sat dropping off my full frame kit in exchange for the XT2 kit, I did collect the 16-55mm f2.8 that is part of the deal so took the opportunity to grab some images of the street art event that was taking place.

There was some great art on private houses, public buildings and the opportunity to watch some of the artists in action as well as some interesting people!

The XPro2+ 16-55 was very fast to focus and delivered some images I am really happy with.

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Beg your indulgence on a request for a clarification on adapted lens mounts: SpeedBooster, Fuji M and the various others. Looking for some clarification, but here's what I think it sounds like:

Speed Booster mounts: You get an APS-C mm angle of view that is equivalent to 1.08 of the stated FF focal length. Magnification? I'm not sure. Assume something similar?

Various Others: You get an APS-C mm angle of view equivalent to 1.6 of the stated FF focal length expected AOV. Magnification... assume also 1.6.

Fuji M Mount: Like to think it works like the Speed Booster does, but am not finding much on Fuji's website other than the list of compatibility.

If I'm confusing my questions - a real possibility, please advise as well. Thanks!
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X-E2 135mm f/2.8 MD Rokkor: A favorite of mine when shooting my old SRTs/XD-11/X-700. Haven't done so for awhile so exercised it on the X-E2.

Answering the Bat Call
by David, on Flickr
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In July last year (2015), I gave my email address to Fuji (UK) so that they could notify me when a refurbished X-T1 body was in stock, but I have heard nothing. In fact, I bought a new one last August. I heard nothing regarding a refurb one, until today, that is. I have just received notification from Fuji (UK) that refurb X-T1 bodies are now in stock. Actually, I see they currently have 13 in stock. Some with 18-55 lens, some with 18-135 lens, and some body only. Do you think they may be having a clear-out before the X-T2 arrives?
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I'm still on my first trip to San Francisco (few more days left) and weather has been nice. I got a few images of the bridges -- more to come as I get them processed.

All taken with a rented Fuji X-Pro2, 18-55mm R LM OIS

ISO 200, APERTURE f/11, EXPOSURE TIME 30s (30)

ISO 200, APERTURE f/22, EXPOSURE TIME 15s (15)

ISO 200, APERTURE f/11, EXPOSURE TIME 0.6s (0.6)

ISO 800, APERTURE f/8, EXPOSURE TIME 0.00238s (1/420)
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More than 12,000 words, illustrated with hundreds of sample images, animated GIFs and videos. So here it is: the most comprehensive First Look Review you might ever read.

The Complete Camera
by Rico Pfirstinger

Click here: First Look Review: Fujifilm X-T2
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A Chamber of Commerce day on the Olympic Peninsula

X Pro-2
35mm f/2

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sold all my Canon stuff for a nice little X-T10 with a few nice lenses. Was shooting with the 18-55, mostly on a tripod with EVF only. Not much chimping. Only got about 150 shots on the first battery. While reviewing settings I saw the blinking green wireless icon. I don't use the wireless, just tested it once for remote control iPhone app. How can I disable the wireless activity on the camera?

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In the last two years I have made the move from taking pictures on my phone to actually trying to learn about photography. I started out with a Samsung NX Mini and in February I picked up a X-M1. Currently have two lenses (16-50mm and 50-230mm).

Most weekends during the summer I can be found at car events snapping away and trying to figure out what I'm doing. Look forward to learning more about my camera and photography from all of you.
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Hello everyone. I'm looking to see if anyone has some samples of there X-Pro or XT bodies with a Metabones speed Booster and Minolta 58 f1.2. I am looking for portait exampls closeup and full body. Thanks!
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There were dozens the day I was there. More here.

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Yesterday I took a series of photos (12) for a panorama. When I loaded them into Lightroom to create the panorama, Lightroom was unable to stitch them together into a panorama. I looked at the metadata of the photos and noticed that the focal length listed in the metadata changed randomly over the 12 photos. Actually, it changed randomly back and forth between two focal lengths. The metadata showed two focal lengths; 28.9mm and 30.2mm. Within the series of 12 photos, the metadata showed a focal length of 28.9mm for shots 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, & 12 and 30.2mm for shots 2, 5, 7, 8, & 10. This has happened before where the focal length has changed during the series, but never back and forth; so in those other cases I thought that I must have bumped the lens during the series. But, in this case it went back and forth randomly during the series. (I surely could not have bumped the lens repeatedly moving back and forth with such precision.) With such a small variation in the focal length, I cannot see any difference in the photos, but presumably the actual lens is not changing, but rather the focal length recorded in the metadata.
Has anyone else experienced this while taking a series of photos? If you think it would help, I could upload the series of photos.
Camera - X-Pro2
Lens - 18-55mm zoom
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I am looking at replacing my Canon EOS M with a Fuji mirror less camera, I have been reading about the xe2s and the x-t 10 both with the 18-55 mm f/2.8-4 lens. I shoot Canons both the 7d mkll and the 5d mklll. Would appreciate any thoughts on the matter. I would mainly use it for street pictures and a everyday small camera to carry around. I didn't like the EOS M as it didnt have the view finder.
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There was only one trail open at Logans Pass in Glacier National Park in Montana when we went. They are really restricting where you can hike because of so many visitors and the damage they do to the area. Fortunately we were able to see some Mountain Goats about a mile into the hike and some Big Horn Sheep on the way out. Here are a couple shots of the goats.


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XPro1 and XF55-200mm right at the end of a heavy Summer rain shower at a local MetroPark.
B&W conversion and background blocked up in PSCC 2015.5

Thanks for looking,
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I figured I'd post this shot from a few years ago, taken with the crappy S2000HD I had at the time. To appreciate this photo, a few points are in order. First, I am aboard the EAA's WWII B-17 bomber, "Aluminum Overcast." Next, I am one of only 10 passengers allowed per flight. Next, it was a hot, hazy, humid day, and as you can see, they decided to open the topside emergency hatch. Our airspeed was 155 mph. To get this photo facing the tail, I had to stand on my tiptoes for height, prop my left elbow against the fusilage while holding onto my cap with my left hand, hold the camera above my head to get all of the tail, and take the shot one-handed (again, in 155 mph wind). All things considered, not too bad!

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A mysterious, if not mystical, prehistoric burial chamber on the Pembrokeshire coast overlooking the Irish Sea - thought to have been erected over four thousand years ago. The intention was to go up there for the sunset, but we ended up leaving at half-past midnight! Used XT-1 with 14mm, 23mm, 16-55mm and Samyang 12mm. For once, the X70 stayed at home...

Stones sunset_edited-3.jpg

Megalithic Twilight_edited-2.jpg

Celtic Mystery.jpg

DSCF0754 (1)_edited-1.jpg

Dark Mystery_edited-1.jpg
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X-T1, ISO 200, 1/180 second, f1.4 35mm set to f5.6
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I am considering purchasing a MeFOTO Backpacker tripod for traveling with my X100T. Has anyone here used that with an X100-series camera, and would you recommend it?

I have a larger setup (Manfrotto 290 tripod, BH-30 ball head, L-Plate) for when I travel with my X-T1, but am for something much smaller to bring with me on getaways when I'm just bringing the X100T.

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Taken with XE-1 and 18-55@f5.6

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so I got my xpro2 plus the 16mm wr lens and I'm blown away.

But one thing niggling me - this sounds trivial. It is. But I'm weird that way........ The tamper seal was in place on the plastic bag containing the camera but it was applied vertically rather than horizontally which made me think has someone re-sealed it. However there is no sign elsewhere on the bag of any sticker residue

Anyone else had the seal appear this way?
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My first picture with this camera, I had to shelter myself since this camera is not WR. Bad weather is not a reason leave the camera home!!! Rain.jpg
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I have an X-T1 GS, plus the amazing 18-55 zoom lens. I am more than pleased, happy and satisfied with this combination. However, on occasions, I feel that I would like to be carrying something a bit smaller and lighter, one of the many reasons for coming to Fuji from Nikon! Buying another body is out of the question, I have no intention of having several cameras again! So, I am thinking, perhaps if I bought, say, the Fujinon 27mm lens, would that tick my boxes? It will certainly be smaller and lighter, but will it compare favourably with my 18-55 for image quality? I have read many, many, but conflicting, reviews of the 27mm lens.
Please, will the owners of the 27mm lens tell me, warts an' all, their opinions of this lens, and if I would have any reason to be disappointed in it?
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Lots of hazelnuts in our backyard these days – and every morning the squirrels come to have their feast.

X-T1, XC 50-230, uncropped
DSCF0215-LR.jpg DSCF0221-LR.jpg DSCF0177-LR.jpg
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Had XT-1 for 2 years. Focus assist always worked but not now. Confess to fiddling with menus but " focus assist " activated in menu but no magnification when "focus assist" button pressed in "single" or "continuous" settings.

Any ideas please
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All shots with X-T1, ISO 400, 1/60th second, 35mm f1.4 set to f2.0
For more of Nikki in her Black leather Check out:
Nikki 1
Nikki 2
Nikki 3
Nikki 4
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At this moment, I don't think the young man had realized that his Mom had taken her hand away and he was free-wheeling on his own.

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Area tribes of Native Peoples are participating in the Canoe Journey. As I was out hiking the beach yesterday, made this photo of one of the canoes.

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Here are 2 quick photos using the XT1, 56mm F1.2, Godox AD360C mkii, and Cheetahstand Colt 45 reflector.

DSCF4339.jpg DSCF4326.jpg
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X-T1 and Carl Zeiss Jena 70-210, f4.5-5.6. Cropped a bit.

Buzzing on a Thistle.jpg
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XP1, 18-135, Program mode.
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I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and photograph Herb Wright. He is 86 years old and is still going strong each and every day! Taken with my X-E2 and the wonderful 56mm. Natural light. Processed in Lightroom and Silver EFX. Herb Wright 3.JPG
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For the benefit of any of you Windows users that have not upgraded to Windows 10 yet, as from the 29th of July it will no longer be free to upgrade, so you will have to pay for it.
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As along time Serif software user, I am very interested in the direction they have decided to take with their software development.
The older lines of "XXXXX Plus" software are being phased out, but some lines are being replaced with "Affinity XXXX" (although replaced is probably not the right word) - they have started from scratch and so far have got betas of Designer and Photo into the public domain, although sadly for me, only for Mac at present. They are working on versions for PC at present though.
Looking on their site where there are a large number of video demonstrations suggests to me that Photo could be a worthy alternative to Photoshop although at present they have no equivalent DAM program available to replace Lightroom or Bridge.
Affinity Video Learning Zone
I would be interested to learn of anyones experience with this software and how they think it might stack up against any of the current programs.
Perhaps I should add that their marketing system is "you buy it - no subscription - and can continue using it as long as you like with no further cost. Although, obviously, when a new generation comes along, you might wish to purchase that. Presently the Mac version is on sale at £39.99
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