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Seen in Belgrave yesterday. Nik Analog Efex.


X-T1 18-55OIS

X-T1 Tamron 135,, Pentax mount
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:) Not sure what's wrong here. There's a kind of greenish tinge to the file that's not there on my computer. I'd delete the entire post but I can't see how to do that.

View attachment 69342

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Looks like an interesting offering from Pentax. The focus ring is incredibly narrow...has anyone tried it with a K adapter?
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1. Looking down Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. The white blur in the middle of the picture is a snow squall up on the Victoria glacier.
2. Snowy mountain slope. The blur around the edges is not vignetting but rather elements of a snow squall.


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You never garden alone. :D
Both taken with the X-T1 and 18-55 @ 35mm. The first is cropped the second is not.


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I just bought a 50-140 lens for my X-T1. When I put the new lens on the camera it (view finder) informed me I needed to down load the latest firmware. OK. I go the the Fujifilm USA website, and after some difficulty find the firmware update section. Once I sort out the whole business about having a Mac computer it tells me to click on "Download" and save the file to my desktop. I do that. Then looking about I find…NO further instruction. I last did this over a year ago. I don't remember the procedure, largely because there were step by step instructions on the Fujifilm web site. What the heck happened to that user friendly approach?


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My mission today :: Create the ultimate selfie shrine to thyself. Behold my "six selfies in one shot" shot! Gonna print this BIG!!!!! :);)

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Went exploring around Death Valley this weekend. Here are some shots on an XP1 using the Rokinon 12mm

Bad water Basin


Mesquite sand dunes at night

(that's the moon)

Mesquite sand dunes at sunrise

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I have started using my flash xf-42 and I hope someone can help me with a couple of things. I don't really understand how it works with live view. When I am looking through the camera, should I just meter as I usually do and try to get the best exposure then just shoot? If I do this, I have to raise my ISO very high. If I don't do this, then I can see my subject. I know it's a very beginner question, but hopefully someone has the patience to help me. :)
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In about 14 hours the summer fire bans start here so yesterday everybody was getting as much burnt as they could. Made for some interesting effects in the late afternoon sun.

X-T1, 18-55OIS

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DSCF6571 Power of Water.jpg
DSCF6569 Gullfoss downstream_edited-2.jpg
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I'm ready to buy a trigger/remote and possibly a strobe but really need guidance.

I have a fuji ef-42 flash but wouldn't mind buying a strobe. I'm confused about the TTL issue and the Fuji. Do I wait for this robotshoot product or do I go ahead and buy the affordable Yongnuos? How hard is it to learn to manually set my flash for a beginner like me? At this point, when I have my flash attached to my camera, I have no idea how I'm working it. I just meter and shoot and it seems to work out.

If I buy a strobe, will I have the same non-TTL issues? I want to buy something this weekend with the sales, but this TTL thing is making it hard for me. Help please.
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I have been shooting Olympus m43 for 3 years now. I have an E-M5 with 14, 17, 45, and 40-150 lenses. Got it initially for the small size, including small lenses. I like the IBIS, tilting screen, and touch screen controls w/the Super Control Panel.
However, I picked up a Fuji X100 and love it - especially the smooth, pleasing colors (I thought Olympus jpegs were good), white balance, built-in flash and small form factor. So I'm thinking of getting rid of my m43 gear and getting an XE-2 and maybe the 18mm and 60mm lenses (I know the 60 is larger). Except for the 60, this will be about the same size as my setup now. I do like the rangefinder style.
Has anyone compared the two systems - X-trans sensor versus Olympus; lenses; easy-of use? I'm not a pixel-peeper, but good white balance and pleasing colors are important to me.
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I appreciate great optics, high resolution and technical perfection as much as the next person, but when it comes to judging images I often find that when images are too perfect they leave me cold. This is an entirely subjective thing. Does anyone else feel this way?

I like to see a bit of grime, or blur, or LDR, or some blocked shadows or maybe a blown highlight or acne, or grain, or SOMETHING anyhow that brings the image down to earth a bit. Without some sort of technical imperfection an image is in danger of becoming so antiseptic that it looses any connection to the real, imperfect, word we actually live in. There are certainly some technically perfect images that I like in spite of this preference that I have, perhaps those are images where the technical perfection paradoxically becomes the one fault in the image that brings it's meaning home. And of course, if an image becomes too darn grubby and low-fi that can easily become an annoying affectation as well.

Where do you draw the line between "Just Right" and "Too Perfect to Stomach"? Post examples.

This was shot with the XF18mm on the XE2 (200 ISO, f8, 1/200). The 18mm is not the sharpest lens I own. I left in some shadows, didn't sharpen too much, and tried to give it the real feel the place had when I was there. I like this kind of image better than those too-perfect images that one sees in a certain kind of magazine or web gallery, polished to the nth degree.
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This is Kayo, our Caramel Corn Snake having lunch. Jpg cropped and slight Vignette added in LR.

XT-1, 1/125 @ f2.8, ISO 2500, 18mm F2.

Noma Nom
by Peter Goodwin, on Flickr
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He's a perpetual motion machine! DSCF3031 (1).jpg
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Hi everyone!

So I just bought a factory refurb X-A1 from the Fuji UK site for the not unreasonable sum of £199 including Super EBC xc 16-50mm 3.5 - 5.6 lens. However I've noticed a couple of things and I'm not sure if I should ask Fuji to look at it.

1 - There is a very slight, almost imperceptible smudge on the sensor. Only visible from certain angles.

2 - The Zoom barrel control seems rather stiff, smooth, not gritty or anything just stiff. Almost like an old school grease and metal lens in cold weather.

I don't believe the smudge has any noticeable impact on image quality but haven't had a chance to look really closely yet.

Is the lens meant to be stiff/does it loosen with use?

They are both realistically quite minor issues but I'm in two minds at the moment!

Thanks everyone, some amazing images on here. Think I've got a lot of practicing to do! :)
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Fuji 56mm 1.2R lens



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