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After having my 50-140 nearly fall off my tripod (camera strap fortunately still around my neck!), I replaced both the tripod and lens foot. Looking closer, for some CRAZY reason Fuji seems to have tapered the foot of the lens that comes with it. Why? How can you blow a basic thing like this? Dunno, but this means that unless you have a tapering tripod formed head plate... maybe you'll want to do as I did and grab a ReallyRightStuff plate to replace it with a straight non-tapering edge on both sides for a very secure mount. Price ain't bad.

BTW, RRS tripod and head prices... well, I'll say it - yes, they're bad. Ouch even. But after a photo safari with a friend who had one... gotta say their gear is first rate while mine was... well, adequate at best. Recommended highly. Lightweight, but heavy duty. Go this route and your tripod's gonna run close to the value of the camera but I'd doubt you could do better. Again... ouch. But I suspect in the long run, it's a once in a lifetime investment.

Problem of course is I don't use a tripod all that much, but maybe that's a failing on my part and a decent one like RRS offers would up the ante, make it easier to swing, and I'd go there more often? It's a thought. We'll see.
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XPro1 and XF55-200mm today trying to stay unstuck :cool:

Thanks for looking,
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My wife and I were visiting family in St. George, Utah, back in March when presidential candidate John Kasich held a town meeting. We decided to go see a real live candidate, and I wanted a chance practice some "photo journalism" and to try out my recently purchased XP1 and 18-135.


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Hi all, i Have three Fuji lenses to attach to my X-e2, do i need firmware for each? if i were to go by latest there are 2 separate for 2 of my lenses. i have the xf 18 -55 and the xf 55-200 both suggest different firmware available from same date! I also have the 35mm f1.4....currently my camera shows body vers. 4.00 and lens vers. guessing i should have lens vers. 3.12 for the 18-55....but the list suggest i should have Lens vers. 1.12 for the 55-200, both updates released same day.... Help...Please
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Hi. So I just switched to the fuji x-t10. At the moment I am using my old olympus 50mm f1.8 with my x-t10 for some portrait fun, the adapter im using has no AF Confirmation chip. My question is, is this the reason I can't zoom in during live view to check for focus? I use to on my canon and it was fine, id zoom in live view to check focus and snap my picture. If this is the case, is there any adapters out there or way to do this? If not I guess I will have to invest in native X mount lenses. I really like zooming in to confirm focus.
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Some of us have been discussing scanning old slides in a couple of threads over the past few days, which prompted me to dig out some of my old slides to find my earliest image (worth showing). Share your earliest creations here.

Gargoyle, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France. The image below was taken in March, 1959. I was sixteen years old at the time, and the slide was taken on Kodachrome with an Agfa Silette 35mm camera I had gotten for my birthday the year before, I think. Scanned today on Nikon LS-2000 scanner, PP in CS2 consisting of auto-adjust in levels, cropped to remove frame edges, and unsharp mask.

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I recently picked up an Olympus 35RD and shot my first test roll. These were developed at my local lab which I quickly digitized with a digital camera then inverted in LR.

There are these prominent brown streaks across the frame that seem to be somewhat consistent in pattern (see first two images.) The third image from the same roll however doesn't show any of those streaks.

This doesn't seem to be a light leak problem since they're brown but I could be wrong. Does anyone what could have caused this?

Thank you!



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I found this old schoolhouse in the Helderberg Mountains, upstate New York. No one was around and the door was openable. More photos to follow.
X-E2 and 10-24
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Besides my regular photography, I love combining my images with my artistic side. This is ground cover rose blossoms, taken with the 50-140. A watercolor texture was applied, then I had fun with the blending modes, then feathered hard edges somewhat. I think this blending mode might have been Hard Light.

_BAL1892-Wild Rose.jpg
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I am in flash limbo, need a TTL flash but holding off on hopefully a more feature option like the i60. Currently using other flash options in manual and auto but really like having ttl in quick draw scenarios. I know it's been said a million times before but why does Fuji continue to ignore such a vital piece to their system?

Any of you insiders have an idea of a release date on the i60. I first saw May but now BH has a July 25th date.
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A few B&W favorites from an outdoor session last week. Taken with the X-Pro2, 56mm and 35 F2.

DSCF3644.jpg DSCF3753.jpg DSCF3813.jpg

Saved as RAW images, converted to black in white with Lightroom CC's ACROS+G Filter profile, and calibrated for contrast.
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My local camerashop has a few new x-pro1 bodies left and they are now going for €750 (incl 18mm 2.0 and leather case). I tried one at the shop and it feels good in my hand. As a matter of fact it feels better than my x100t which I have had for almost 2 years now. Although I enjoy the x100-series... I kinda keep longing for the pro. And use a bit more wide angle and down the road add the fabolous 35mm.
However, it goes against my principle to have more than one camera. Once been on that road, and I like to keep things as simple as possible.
But am I crazy for wanting to buy an x-pro1 and sell my x100t (which is a bit more advanced in terms of new features?).
Please talk some sense into me ;)
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So who is setting up multiple menus? I can see the benefit of different noise reduction choices for different ISOs and I imagine there are similar logical adjustments that could be made. I'd appreciate hearing others thoughts on this.
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Anyone know when the general time frame for that will be?

I chose not to move up to the T from the S because it wasn't worth it for me, but I am hoping the next model will.

I am hoping it has the Zone and Wide Tracking AF's as options to use, along with it being faster, and with 24 that expected?

Thank you ahead of time!
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So i have been looking for an interval timer for my fuji x-a2 for quite some time now, tried various brands and models ranging from cheap £7 jobbies to more expensive £35 timers, none worked on the fuji x-a2, i was almost going to give up hope in finding an interval timer, but i didnt, then i found this...

LCD Timer Remote Shutter ReleaseTirgger RR-90 for Fuji Fujifilm X-T1 X-M1 A1 A2

only £13, so i thought i would take the risk, and the seller does state very clearly that it will only work on x-a2, a2, xm-1 etc.

It only bloody works, and it works when my yongnuo trigger is on top, so now i can set up speedlights and not worry about running back and forth to the camera for self portraits, i can now just set the interval timer to fire every 5 seconds, for as many images as i want!

I do a lot of self portraits but i never liked the 10 second self timer built into the camera's, and there is no way to shoot remotely using the x-a2, but this little gadget will help an incredible amount and i hope to use it this week in an orchard shoot!

The timer takes 2 AAA batteries, and using it is quite easy, self explanatory really, but so cheap too, good old China eh :)
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Background: my Epson Perfection V500 has died, more or keeps turning itself off even though plugged in and switch set to "on." The folks at Geek Squad tested it and told me that the power cord is at fault...something about too many (or too few) amps/watts/voltage (? definitely NOT and understander of electricity, can you tell?) getting through to machine.

Complicating this, I have just culled through all of my old negatives and slides and have hundreds/thousands, maybe, to scan.

What is the wisdom here for a great film scanner that does not cost the earth? I would prefer one that does not require acreage on my work area, though an Epson flatbed type will work. I am looking for quality product that will not take forever for each scan. I already have Vuescan on my computer. Use Windows, 64 bit. Most negs are 35mm, but I do have some 2-1/4 and 645 to scan as well.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm very pleased with customization options with Fujifilm X100T except for setting exposure preview on or off in EVF. I toggle this off when I'm using flash and putting it back on after I take the flash off. I'm using both flash and X100T always in manual mode and newest firmware in X100T.

I haven't found a way to map it to a fn button or add it to Q-menu.
Is there a quicker way to access it than going through the full menus?

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As those who have read one or the other of my lens comparisons on my Blog about vintage 50mm lenses, you might have realized that I'm a big fan of the Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm f/1.8.

Even though it's not the sharpest of my collection, nor has it the prettiest bokeh or can deliver the most natural colours, it's a hell of a lot of fun to work with, handles great and delivers a signature look no other lens could match so far.

There are a few things to consider regarding my copy of this lens:
1. It's a zebra from the 1963 - 1967 era, well before the Zeiss Jena company suffered a fall in quality due to the cold war and the shortage in quality material it brought along.
2. It has 8 aperture blades (which is not common in 50mm Zeiss lenses from that time, the Contaxes all only bring along 6 aperture blades, as do most other copies of the Pancolar.)
3. It contains radioactive glass. Which is pretty cool!
3.1 I even found someone citing a Zeiss rep from the Zeiss museum claiming that Zeiss never used radioactive glass in any of their optical products. (My GM-counter measurements beg to differ and even as a scientist I don't dare opening this lens without a big-ass acrylic shield inbetween me and the glass.)
3.2 the radioactivity caused the glass to acquire a yellow tint. I managed to remove the tint in my Takumar and Rikenon lenses and it improved a lot in the case of my Fujinon, but the Pancolar proved to be quite resistant to over 100 hours of treatment. I will give it another try soon, but I can live with it if it shouldn't be curable.

This is the lens with it's beautiful full-metal housing and the dreamy coatings.



Will add some more portraits in the next post.
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My name is Jurgen from the Netherlands and a big Fuji Fan.

I use multiple fuji's professionally and for fun.

my gear:

Fuji X-T1
Fuji X-t10
2x X-pro 1
Fuji X-e1
Fuji X100

Also i own most of the lenses

i hope to read some usefull tips and tricks and meet other fuji enthousiasts!


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Apologies for asking this old chestnut again but I’m stuck on the fence choosing between these two and would appreciate any opinions or advice from other users of either / both (or other X cameras for that matter). I’m much more interested in general usability and how people feel about their cameras then tech specs. Money is not too much of an issue (other than that I feel a bit more comfortable carrying a cheaper camera from a damage / theft POV). At least 50% of the use will be from a mountain bike, so having something smaller / lighter would be an advantage. Current thinking is to get the 27mm to start with for carrying the camera on my hip and then get some other lenses (probably primes – currently thinking 14 & 56 to start with) which I would carry in my backpack.

For reference, I’ve been using an X100s as my sole camera since it came out but now want to add something with lens flexibility. Here are the pros of each camera as I see them:-


- Nicer styling (don’t like SLR styling at all and I think RF style is much less intimidating to point at people)
- Just seems to have more “mojo” for me.
- Love the SS / ISO dial – I don’t like the feel of the click on the XT1 dials or the locking ISO dial on XT1
- Higher MP means more ability to crop or shoot different aspect ratios.
- Better high ISO performance
- OVF is really nice to have (though I very rarely use it)
- Joystick is great. Much, much better than the DPad on the XT1
- Buttons are much better placed for left eye shooter (nose / face is the way of the D-pad etc. on XT1 whilst looking through EVF)
- Higher MS shutter speed of 1/8000s (useful for shooting wide open in bright light without filters)


- Grip and weight balance of camera is much better than XP2
- 50g lighter (feels like a bigger difference than this)
- Smaller size: They are not that different really but the XP2 feels bloody massive to me, the XT1 feels like a perfect size for what it is.
- Tilt screen could be useful (I don’t really use rear screens but if it’s there, it might as well tilt and I’m sure I’d use it a fair bit on a tripod)
- Back button focus is in a perfect place, much better than the XP2 AFL Button, which is not only badly placed (IMO) but very recessed and will be hard to find in gloves (which I’m usually wearing)
- Better EVF, larger aftermarket eyecup helps with bright scenes and helps stop VF misting (left eye shooter)
- Cheaper

Thanks for looking, would be great to hear some opinions, cheers!
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Craiova - Centru Reflection

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I don't have a camera small enough for my new camera. I have narrowed it down to these two bags, I mainly want to carry just the XT1 with a lens attached and one other like a 56mm prime or maybe a zoom in the future, wallet, mobile, spare battery and maybe a passport etc. Anyone have any experience of these? Obviously one is way cheaper than the other but not a big deal though.
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Decided to do a selfie. Think I need a hair cut..:eek:

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x-pro2, 35mm f/2, Acros+G, cropped. H+2, S+2, Sh+1, NR-4
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Couple of notes from yesterdays shoot:

- (like I mentioned on other topic) White balance shifted without notice to top right causing pink tint on images
- Also, raw+fine was changed without notice to fine only. Luckily only few shots were made before noticing
- Q-button doesn't always work. Sometimes, after 1-2 shots you have to go to menu and back before it starts working again. And it's not because camera is writing data, led isn't blinking and I've waited 1-2 minutes after shots and it still doesn't work.

Firmware 1.01

Anybody else? *sigh* :(
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taken with E-M1 and 60mm lens

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wondering what method you use to test a used lens, to ensure its in good working order?
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Columbia Tower Club - Downtown Seattle. 76th Floor.

Decades ago I used to play most weekends with a few bands. R&B / Funk / Contemporary Jazz. Career got in the way of the music sadly.

Had the good fortune to get the green light to take care of entertainment at an awards banquet. Naturally I hired my friends. :D

[​IMG]Untitled by j c, on Flickr

Beautiful spot for an event. Was too busy playing and schmoozing to take many pics though...

[​IMG]Untitled by j c, on Flickr

[​IMG]Untitled by j c, on Flickr

X-T10 with 50-140 and 16mm
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In the spring of the past three years, robins have been building a nest on the downspout of my gutter and each time producing two youngsters. This baby robin had just left the nest for the first time and was working up its courage to try its wings.

X-T1 and Fujinon 55-200 at 200mm. ISO 800, 1/100sec, f/4.5. Hand held. The 55-200 is a fabulous lens!

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I see that Fuji will be putting the 100-400 + TC on sale for $1999 in the US and am considering pulling the trigger on it. I've upgraded my XP1 to the newest firmware for the 100-400 and would like to hear from those of you who own the 100-400 and use it on the XP1. I've already read about using it on the XP2 and have no interest at this point in upgrading to the XP2 so please keep responses to using the XP1 with the 100-400 and with the TC.
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It doesn't know, because it hasn't got there yet...

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I have a problem with owning way too many camera bags of all types and wanting the perfect setup for every situation. One area that has given me issues is airline travel. I always want to bring a laptop, water bottle, snacks, other odds and ends as well as all of camera equipment in a bag that fits under the airplane seat. For a while, I was using a messenger bag (Tenba Cooper 13 Slim, great bag btw) and it worked, but carrying that much gear was a pain and when I got my destination, I didn't want to lug around a bag that big.

Then I got fed up with traveling with the messenger bag and after searching for a good backpack, I settled on the PacSafe V17. It has room for a 13" laptop or hydration bladder, tripod or water bottle on the side, good size camera gear compartment with side access, good straps, built in rain cover and 2 more compartments for stuff. The additional anti-theft compartments were just extras and made it all the nicer. After an international trip already, it's worked out much better than a messenger bag.

This still leaves me with the problem of not having a small bag for the destination. Then I remembered that the camera insert in the backpack comes out and the drawstring enclosure can be opened to pull it out easily. Then I noticed that the insert was just about the same size as a Think Tank Retrospective 5...

So the bag in a bag concept works out rather well. When the Retro5 is in the backpack, it feels just like the insert is in there, just a little bit heavier. Everything else fits in the same. I think this will solve my traveling problems quite well.

In the last picture, all of the camera gear that is being carried is...

- Fuji X-T1 with Fuji 56mm attached (taking the picture, not shown)
- Rokinon 12mm f/2, Fuji 23mm f/1.4, Fuji 18-135mm, Fuji EF-X8 flash
- ThinkTank 2 battery case, Memory Card case (4), lens cloth case, LensPen in bag
- B+W 67mm Circular Polarizer 007 Nano coating and 62mm to 67mm step-up ring
- Amazon Carbon Fiber travel tripod
- Peak Design Leash, SlideLite and Capture Clip (attached to side of Retro5)
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Dear Fujifilm,
This request may not be a camera feature per se. However, may still work towards capturing market share "feature".
Will Fujifilm be able to tie up with capture One to have a scale-down Fujifilm version of the software? Hehehe.
Coming from the Sony camp, capture one has got a Sony only version that's $29 ..
Will this cause an exodus from other brands to Fujifilm cameras.. [emoji6]
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X-Pro2 / 35mm f/1.4 ISO 250
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