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Greetings all.

Newbie here from the UK.

I am thinking of heading into Fujiland from m4/3'sland.

Having just returned from a trip abroad I have decided I am not happy with the performance of my current cameras. Currently I have a couple of E-M1's. I have recently started to notice the noise in the blue sky and I can't wipe it out of my mind and its driving me crazy. Having gone from FF to micro 3/4's I am also not happy with the subject isolation I can get with the m3/4's.

On the crazy front should I be buying a X-T1 now or should I be waiting for the mark 2. It looks like such a great camera and I really want to get one but if there is an update coming out soon I would rather wait.
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sorry for the stupid question, but I have been away from a camera for a good few years.

Could someone explain what a teleconverter lens is for.
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It''s Thanksgiving in US, and it's the Loy Kratong festival in Thailand.


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One I got this evening out with the dog, shot RAW, edited in LR to give it a Lomo feel.

X100T, 1/100 @ f/5.6, ISO 2500

Lomo Sunset
by , on Flickr
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Question…. Large print size from 16mb Fuji X. I know all about the charts and BS about print size from the different file sizes, pixel inch etc.

But……. I’ve seen some pretty spectacular metal prints from some low megapixel cameras. What size has any of you, in our group, enlarged to, getting a great looking sharp photo from “real world” viewing distance? We know the newer Fuji’s will have 24mp which will help a little.
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I've caught some of this daytime soap since my stroke, and recently Dr Jimmi has taken up photography. So, what camera has he got?
An X-Pro1!


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FUJIFILM FUJINON XF 27 mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens

If anyone was thinking about putting a pancake on their bodies... Only misleading bit is that the page mentions the £75 cashback - the 27mm is NOT part of the cashback offer. Would have been ridiculous walking away with the lens for 112 quid!
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Calla Lily.jpg

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I continue to enjoy my new 14mm lens. Now trying out different edit plugins. Have been playing with Silver Fx Pro 2 after reading about it in posts on this site. Here is one I like and share for comments. Today my 14 day trial expired... so I guess I will have to buy the Nik collection ....

14mm Silverfxpr02 .jpg
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Earlier this month I posted that I sent my X-T1 body, carefully packed in an Express Post bag (for next day delivery to Fujifilm Australia - the connector door was buckled & needed replacing) at my local Australia Post office.

I spoke to the Fuji service folks & they hadn't yet received the X-T1 - 5 days after posting. Express Post tacking showed that the parcel appeared to be going back & forth to a number of parcel handling depots.
Australia Post were polite and explained that from what they could 'see' there appeared to be an address issue - for some unknown reason, the automated readers couldn't read it properly. Further, when this happens, the robots make a number of attempts and then send the package to another facility to see if they can read it. The other facility then repeats the process and if it can't read the address it flicks the package back and so on.

The Australia Post helpdesk person explained that these facilities are totally automated and there are humans that she can call to intervene. Eventually, the robots will tire of their ping pong game and send the parcel back to the sender - assuming thy can read that address. She launched an investigation.

Long story, short, the parcel was found & delivered to Fujifilm. From arrival at Fujifilm to the date it returned to me, 10 days elapsed. Not too bad after all - 17 days from me posting to return to me. I can live with that.
May you all be at least as fortunate.
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Found this in my online wanders and found it really interesting...

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Rust courtesy of the Pacific Ocean & Oregon rain.

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I am experimenting with a variety of films in order to settle on some favorites. To my surprise I am finding the cheap and easy to find Fujifilm Superia 400 is one of my favorites. This was shot with my Minolta X-370, processed at a lab and then I scanned it myself and processed it with ColorPerfect in Photoshop and then LR. I am really enjoying working with film, and I fully expect that discoveries made messing around with analog gear and films will inspire some new avenues in shooting and post-processing my Fuji-X files as well. Shooting film is certainly increasing my appreciation for the film-simulation modes and working with Jpegs.

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Thought I'd add some photos for the Lensmate X-T10 thumb grip. I do think it helps with handling. Not 100% perfect for my grip style, but still an improvement over not using a thumb grip. I've now tried a cheap 3rd party aluminum grip from eBay, and that one was unusable (not fitting the hot shoe properly resulting in some wobble and torque, rotating the thumb grip a bit out of the hot shoe. Plus too short).

Here's what the Lensmate grip is like--sorry for the poor photos, I was literally photographing with a heavy camera with my left hand while holding the X-T10 in my right hand!

Craftsmanship is impeccable, nice even finish. The color is quite close to the original X-T10 silver though with a tinge of warmth (only noticeable upon close comparison). The grip is very lightweight. I'm using an $11 PU "leather" case I got from Aliexpress (same listed on eBay), and the two together provide greatly enhanced grip.





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One of the things I love about using my Nikon D7100 is the Auto Focus. It's fast and accurate most of the time. On my beloved Fuji XE-2 I have been spot focusing with the little green square and sometimes moving it off to one side to the subject as well. Has anyone been using the Auto Focus and just letting the camera decide?? I would love to here peoples thoughts on this. I shoot lots of fishing scenes on rivers and like the speed of the Auto Focus and am really keen to see what the XE-2 Firmware in January adds to all this.
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My wife and I are expingn our first child this spring - a baby girl! I've slowly been building confidence and I experience in my photography skills and getting comfortable with my current gear;

X-E2, 35mm 1.4, 18-55mm 2.8-4, and 60mm 2.4 as well as some adapted Konixa glass 57mm 1.4 and 100mm 2.8

... My question is, is there a lens I'm necessarily missing that will be valuable to capture precious moments in my child's first few months and years.

I find the autofocus and lack of wider FOV somewhat limiting especially thinking of taking pictures indoors and of fast moving subjects - maybe is just th GAS.

I should add that I do quite enjoy the 40mm FOV (as all my photos from a child were captured with my fathers 40mm Konica which is damaged beyond repair) as well as portrait photography.

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In my crabapple tree a couple of years ago.

_MG_5524 2_DxO.jpg
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Both cameras are set with High Performance and the latest firmware.

There is a noticeable, and fairly significant, delay when pressing certain buttons and the time that it takes for the XT-10 to proceed with the given command when compared to the XT-1.

Contrarily, the XT-1 is quite snappy when activating such buttons as the Q, DISP BACK, and MENU buttons.

Anyone else notice this?

Is this caused, perhaps, by a faster processor in the X-T1?
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