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Unbeknownst to me this was the hay ramp's last day. The following day it was rebuilt not so rickety.

X-T1 and 18-55 1/170 f/10 ISO 200

Hay ramp's last day.jpg
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Recently noticed that my images seem ok in preview but seem to be at 16.9 in adobe cam raw?
I can't seem to find an option in cam menu to rectify this?
Is it a bug?
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I'm asking the opinion of those who know or have both 56 and 90mm lenses. Having the range of lenses seen in my signature, which one would you buy to complement, the 56 or 90. I can buy them for about the same price, I've owned the 56 before and I don't do portraits except for my kids, but I like a little longer focal then 85mm. Is the 90mm great also for general city and landscape photography?
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FujiRumours report The X30 is to be discontinued and the small sensor camera will be no longer!

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I have been using my Fujifilm 60mm to shoot macros but it's only 1:2. I want it to magnify more. I just found out that I can add an adapter called raynok to increase the magnification (wasn't sure if the AF still work?). Someone also recommended getting the Tamron 90mm SP which is a 1:1 lens but it's only manual focus (not sure that's true). Has anyone used both setup and advice the difference and which one is better? What's the pros and cons for each? Thanks in advance.
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A theme I've noticed winding a strand through my Lightroom catalogue, very much a work in progress.

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A day in the sun for strolling and shopping. More here.

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is it written anywhere what the difference between a premium member and a well known member is?
just curious & could not find it...
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I don't use my 8mm samjyang nearly enough, so i thought i would take it out with me in the fields today, and im quite happy with the images it gave, i even managed to stop the lens down enough to get some motion blur from the wind blowing the yellow flowers. For the price these lenses are pretty good i think.

Fuji X-A2
Samyang 8mm 2.8 mk2

yellow and blue.jpg yellow and blue2.jpg
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In early July I am shooting my nieces wedding (my second wedding BTW). Currently I have an X-E1 and find that it cannot focus well on people in low light that are moving and sometimes even when objects are not moving too. The camera is at the latest FW BTW. It would be nice to wait for the X-T2 but I need the camera before the end of June so that I can get used to shooting with it.

So I need to upgrade to a newer Fuji body that focuses well in low light.

Would really like an X-Pro2 but since I wear glasses full time I have read that that many have issues with the built-in viewfinder. I have no dealers in my area that sell Fuji stuff so I really can't see how well the viewfinder works with glasses so I need the opinions of the group here. If you wear glasses full time how big of a deal is the viewfinder?

I could also get a used X-T1 from a reputable dealer that is in 9 condition for $780. Also found a used X-T10 that is in 9 condition for $640. I could buy one of those now and perhaps sell it when the X-t2 comes out if I want to upgrade.

Have not seen many reviews of the X-E2s and if it focuses well in low light but I would be open to getting one of those.

My normal shooting style is a lot of landscape stuff and random street. To get an idea of what I typically shoot take a look at my flicker stream

So if you were in my situation what would you buy? Your opinons are most appreciated!
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XF 50-140
PS+ Nik software and a bit cropped and enlarged again.

Ouwehand Zoo Netherlands

(behind glass)
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I just recently sold my 10-24. I have an X100s, so I hardly used it at the long end. I also don't shoot very wide all that much, so it was essentially a really large 10mm prime.

I would like to keep a wide angle option, however.

I'm not interested in the 14mm. It's an excellent lens (sold it when I acquired my 10-24), but I'd like something faster. Nor am I interested in the Zeiss 12mm, for the same reason.

That kind of leaves me with the Samyang 12 and the Fuji 16.

Obviously, the Samyang is going to be much wider. I can work with either focal length, I think, as either should compliment my 35 and 56 well.

One of the things that intrigues me about the 16 is the crazy close focus, though I've seen some impressive things from the Samyang in this regard as well.

Any thoughts on the relative merits of both/either would be appreciated.

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Hi everyone

Can you recommend a lens hood besides the included one that does not cause edge vignetting? Thanks.
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How far away are we from a camera that can run a web browser - something along the level of 1st generation iPhone display (3.5 inch, 480x320 px touchscreen) and processing power - presumably only by WIFI but enough to allow direct uploading of photos to a cloud or website of choice?

Isn't this something that could be done for not too much money in a near future? Surely, Android can be adapted for such a purpose? Why bother going through a computer or a smartphone to get the images online? FWIW, the original Apple iPhone (1st gen) was released in June 29, 2007 - almost 9(!) years ago.
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I've just acquired an X70. Love it.

The flash bundled with the XT1 would be a perfect match...but does it work?

I traded my XT's for Pro2's so can't test and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere so could someone with both kindly confirm or deny.

Probably more likely it doesn't, but if it does, I'll be a happy bunny!

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Yesterday, I was drawn to these 3 roofers lined up, taking a break, but as I was framing the shot, I was struck by the similarity of the graffiti to the profile of the guy on the lawn. DSCF7230.jpg

Please check out my Flickr stream here John Jackson
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Continuing to dig thru some of my older images taken with the Fujifilm S2pro.. I swear, if I ever come across a decent used one again I'm going to buy it... Hard to believe that these 6mp camera's could produce these types of results.. I now have 10 extra megapixels to play with on my XT-1 but I'll be damned if I can tell any difference..

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for the new Leica M-D

no EVF
no LCF
no auto focus
Iso, Aperture and Shutter speed control only
manual focusing only
no Red Dot
no movie mode
no live view
quiet shutter
DNG files only
Only $800 MORE than the equivalent model that has all the features included!

There have been plenty of people on this and other photography sites saying for years that this is the camera they wish they could buy so I guess it's time for them to put their money on the table. :D


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Not long ago, I decided I wanted a new travel camera. I have a D90 with three lenses, and a Lumix LX3 and Lumix ZS3 that were my small take anywhere cameras (along with my iPhone 5S). Having grown up in the era of film and manual cameras (I have a few rangefinders,including a Leica M4 with a 5cm Summicron DR prime) and a couple OM-1's and Zuiko lenses), I came across the Lumix LX100. Seemed to offer most of what I wanted in a digital camera but then I started reading about Fujis.

Cut to the end of the story. I saw the XP1's were now $500 for the bodies and had had major firmware updates. The fact that it offered something close to a rangefinder experience with the OVF but also a TTL experience with the EVF, was an ILC camera that would also take my old Zuiko lenses, I took the leap. Bought it with the 35mm f/2 but added the 18-55 a couple days later.

I've only been using it this past week but boy oh boy, do I love this way of doing photography again.

Here's a picture of a birch tree in a local cemetery taken with the 35mm f/2. I adjusted with with my Macbook at full brightness so don't know if will look properly exposed on your monitor. Still, it pleased me.

I'm sure the XP2 is a giant step forward but for me, not at over three times the price.
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The Minolta 45/2 was called a pancake lens. Here is a somewhat unfair comparison with a rangefinder lens of 35mm focal length and only 3.5 aperture. Both lenses have adapters on them. SLR lenses need taller adapters.

Both lenses produce very good photos. The Minolta is not as sharp, but it renders textures well.

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XT-1, Lightroom CC v. 2015.3.

I have had the XT-1 with the kit 18-55 for a few months and I rarely take out my 5D anymore because of the smaller form factor.

However, the other day I was retrieving a file from the trash and when I double clicked on it, it opened in Photo Ninja(caveat, I know next to nothing about this software, and do not intend to start using it) that I have on my machine, and the difference in sharpness, and how the software handled the highlights and the shadows, was palpable.

I have been working in Lightroom on the sharpening issues, and I can almost get it where it should be, based on what I should be getting from the X-Trans sensor, and I can get the shadows where they are showing better detail, but the Highlights - I have to move the Lightroom slider to -100 and it still does not match what I see in Photo Ninja.

As I said above, I have no interest in moving my post processing to another program other than Lightroom. I also find the suggestions that people use another program such as Capture One or Iridium for initial RAW processing and then move a TIFF copy to Lightroom just too much to bear.

I love the XT-1, and would really like to continue to use Fuji cameras, and sell my Canon gear, but unless I can get Lightroom to process the files properly, I will probably end up going a different direction.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
d.p. jones
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X30 Jpeg, some tweaking in Lr..

Local 5-4.jpg always, comments welcome

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One second on a shifty sandy cliff today.
XPro1 and XF55-200mm at a local State Park.

Thanks for looking,
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I have been trying to get the above combo to work on my XT-1 with no luck - the EF-X20 won't fire

I have the EF-X8 mounted and set to Commander mode and have tried the EF-X20 in both P and N modes

The commander fires ok but the remote doesn't

I have waded through several threads here but not found anything that helps my problem.

Any advice would be appreciated
Just picked this lens up for about $20. I do not know what mount I can get for it but have any of you used it before?

It's a very clean lens. Cosmetics don't reveal themselves until you put it under light.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm looking to get a lens turbo so if this mount can be adapted this way I'd be happy.
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Taken in Bergen, Norway. X-T1 35mm F.1,4

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I recall reading something about a 10mm on the schedule from Fuji. Anybody have any info?
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I just saw a video that said the images are upscaled when the 35mm equivalent setting is used ......what effect doe this have on image quality...I assume the extra data is exterpolated to keep the file size the same.
The video was a GR / X70 comparison....which stated that the Ricoh files are reduced to 10MP at this setting whereas the fuji remain the this true? it a good function?
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Fiji XT1, 18-135. Processed in Lightroom and Topaz Impression

Shine the Light on me.jpg
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These Fuji lens hoods are usually big and take a lot of room on an otherwise small bag so if I can avoid taking them it would be great, so, what are the Fuji lenses that absolutely must have the hood on, I mean, the 56mm is flare easy, what about others?
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This wasn't the subject I set out to photograph on Sunday, it was one of those chance moments that caught my eye as I drove by..

lost world
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Anybody got any recommendations on how to link Lightroom to both an iPad and an iPhone? Note - the trick might be that I would ideally like to link between Lightroom and SEVERAL iDevices.

In the past I've used - and been really happy with Mosaic Archive. But they seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. For a while now there's been very little happening at their website and now clicking on...

... takes you to...

Award Winning Photography Software and Plug-ins - ON1, Inc.

I notice they have an App called "Photo Via" which sounds very similar to Mosaic Archive except it uses ON1 rather than Lightroom. If it's anything like as good then that's great news for anyone using ON1 but no use to me with my images in LR. I couldn't see any explanation as to why the web page redirects?

Since my Mosaic has stopped working (it will no longer sync to Google Drive) I need to look around for a replacement and wondered what others were using? I mean mainly for viewing images not editing them (which I would rarely need to do whilst mobile).

Mosaic will, I think, be a hard act to follow (for me at least). Here's how I was using it. Ideally I'd like a replacement that got as close as possible to working in the same way.

- In Lightroom I would process my images and then rate each one I wanted to transfer with at least 3 stars. Other processes were possible - but "3 star +" was what I used.

- The Mosaic plugin was set to automatically "publish" any image with 3 or more stars. Clearly it's not the end of the world to have to hit "Publish" manually. But it was nice that Mosaic didn't even need you to do this.

- In the case of Mosaic "publish" meant uploading the appropriate images to Google Drive. I've no loyalty to Google Drive though - so I'd be equally happy using some other location (e.g. Dropbox etc.)

- Then on the iPad you simply needed to open the Mosaic app and pull down to refresh. That made it automatically poll the Google Drive and download any new images.

- So the first important note is that the images were then downloaded to the iPad - so available even when offline. I understand others might not need this aspect - but I do.

- The second important aspect is that I could then go onto my iPhone (or a second iPad etc. - or even both) and repeat the previous stage. In other words I could get the images onto as many iDevices as I wanted quickly and easily. Again - not a feature everyone needs. But I always have my iPhone 6+ with me (so nice to have the images there) However, the viewer experience is always going to be miles better on my iPad Pro (for obvious reasons).

So what applications/processes are you using to take your favourite photos with you? As I said I'm more thinking about portfolio viewing and not about "editing on the hoof".

Others I'm aware of:

- Photophile - looks quite good (loads of features) but only works on one iDevice as far as I can see and needs the App to be open as/when the syncing takes place. Not a huge issue but makes it more fiddly than Mosaic.

- PhotoSmith - not used this for quite a while (as discovered Mosaic was much better) it was a bit unreliable and is again one device at a time. Although I guess you could setup multiple published services in LR? Again the iDevice needs to be active to work.

- Unbound for Dropbox - not tried this but it could be the closest thing to Mosaic? It seems to support multiple devices at the same time (and both iPhone and iPad) at the same time and works through Dropbox. I'm assuming that makes it similar to Mosaic. I'll try it if nobody has a better suggestion?

- Photo Manager Pro - again not tried it but it seems to work with multiple devices at the same time (iPhone and iPad). Export is via various options like ftp. I'm imagining this might be a bit more fiddly to setup - and I quite like the idea of having offline storage in the mix (via Google Drive or Dropbox etc.) So probably not my first choice unless one of you gives it rave reviews?

- Anything else?

<EDIT> I should have mentioned LR Mobile I guess. This seems to only work with CC though and I'm stand-alone. As I don't need PS upgrades I'm resisting CC. </EDIT>
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Horseshoe falls in the mist-0092.jpg
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Horseshoe falls-0066.jpg

Horseshoe falls Rainbow-0077.jpg
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I thought I figured out how to use BBAF and hope this will improve my operational speed. But I feel like I may be doing something wrong.

Here are my settings: -Manual Focus mode -AE & AF lock - On/Off Switch -AE AF Lock - AF Lock only

My workflow goes like this:
-Press down arrow to choose focus point
-Choose focus point
-Press shutter down halfway or back button or AF button to choose focus point (!)
-Press AE-L button to lock focus
-Press shutter to take picture

I feel like I am doing too many steps for this. My biggest issue is choosing focus point, then shutter to actually choose focus point, then AE-L button to actually lock focus. That seems like one step too many. I MUST be doing something wrong. Can I somehow get rid of the shutter halfway to choose focus point and just use the AE-L button to choose and lock focus?
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