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I found this 1958 video about Ansel Adams to be very uplifting and inspirational. It is about 20 minutes in length. After watching this, I will never again complain about the weight of my camera system that I carry into the field.

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Both of these shots were taken with the Fuji 100-400. The moon shot also had the 1.4 tele-extender and was tripod mounted. The bee photo was handheld with then 100-400 only. I really like how well this lens delivers.

The daylight moon watches quietly, and waits...

This guy really was busy with the new flowers we planted.

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DSCF5569 (2).jpg
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just saw a video of a Fuji presentation at B&H event space. The speaker talked about using the ERF in the lower right hand corner of the screen to view either the entire scene or zoom in to check for focus. Anyone know how to do that zoom? Can't find any info in the exquisitely designed manual.
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hi I am going up to street foto and San Fran and need a good bag for my trip and workshops . The ona Bowery seems the best . I can't seem to find any reviews on comparing the leather vs canvas versions . Do you guys have any opinions who have them. Is the canvas easier to use ? Which colors did you choose and what do you think?

Thanks in advance
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A little walk at the lake with my XT-1 and 60mm


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I just found the following video were in minute 12:40 he talks about ISO. He compares the ISO of a Fuji X-T1 with the ISO of a Nikon 3200, and at the same ISO, the Fuji image is a lot darker, but states that normally, images taken at the same ISO with different cameras should have the same brightness/light and/or darkness, since ISO is not established by the brands, but is a general technical term and in terms of brightness should be the same...

What are your thoughts about this? I just found this curious and since I´ve never owned a DSLR and my X-E2 is my first camera, I was intrigued. Anyone can give an opinion?

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Just announced by Fujifilm Australia

Link here

"From the June 1st 2016 until July 31st 2016, consumers who purchase one or more of the following lenses will receive $200 cash back per item.
The lenses include:

- XF16mmF1.4 R WR
- XF23mmF1.4 R
- XF56mmF1.2 R APD
- XF90mmF2 R LM WR
- XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR
- XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR
- XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR

It doesn't stop there; it also extends to the Fujifilm X-T10 with $200 cash back and the Fujifilm X100T with $150 cash back.

To put these savings into perspective if you were to purchase a X-T10 with a XF56mmF1.2 R APD and a XF16mmF1.4 you will receive a total of $600 cash back. That’s not too bad at all!"
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Hi guys I am looking at updating my current kit before I leave for my next trip through Asia.

Currently my setup is the XT-1 with the 14mm, 35mm and the 18-55mm.

I'm looking at definitely adding the 23mm for stuff like street photography as I am most comfortable around that focal length but still wan't to keep the 35mm as it is a great lens and just wouldn't be worth selling off second hand.

My biggest debate is whether or not to also get the 56mm. On my last trip through Asia I loved taking environmental portraits and close-ups of the locals and most of the time the 18-55mm was most used for this task. However the image quality just isn't quite there and I always had a hard time getting it right with the 35mm.

Does anyone do much travel photography / environmental portraits with the 56mm?
And do you think it would be worth the investment (it is quite expensive) or do you think I should be able to get by with the 23mm and 35mm?

If I do purchase the 56mm I guess I could also sell the 18-55mm as I would then be covering 14mm, 23mm, 35mm and 56mm.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi folks,

I'm a newb here (and a newb to photography also) and I suppose that means I'm in the right place. Actually, I've been lurking awhile and have gained quite a bit of info here, so thanks.

I've been learning a lot over the last year or so. I started out on my wife's D5500 and my interest developed out of a two-fold desire; to shoot photos of our family (we have a newborn daughter), and to shoot photos of flooring installations. I am an architectural consultant for a manufacturer and distributor of flooring products which are used for artistic / custom installations (think mosaics) in commercial buildings. I work with designers and architects to develop the designs, and we often hire pro photographers to shoot the more glamorous completed installations. That said, I simply can't afford to shell out the cash that would be required to have pros shoot all of the lovely installations. So, since we need to be able to use images of past installs either on our website or for reference when designing future jobs, I have determined to shoot some of the installations myself.

My wife has an ultra-wide zoom for her Nikon; a Tokina 11-20mm. It seems to do quite well for the intended purposes and I will continue to use it. That said, it's HER camera and I travel fairly often so I hate to leave her without it. I own an X100S that I bought used recently, and it is now one of my favorite earthly possessions. I just ordered an X-E2 because I'm interested in some other focal lengths (including ultra-wide) and because I got a good deal on an X-E2 w/ 18-55mm and some other kit items thrown in.

I have two basic questions; let me know if you have ideas:

1. Regarding lighting on the floor installation jobs, I currently own one speedlight with a radio trigger...that's it. Some of the locations I will shoot are not all that well lit and I'm thinking of expanding my lighting options. Obviously, light and portable options would be nice, but I want my shots too look good. I'm up for any advice. Some of the shots could be of fairly large facilities (think high-school cafeteria size). Do you have general advice on this, or on good resources for these questions?

2. I'm planning to either A) buy an adapter so I can use the Tokina 11-20 on my X-E2 (such as the Metabones Nikon G -> Fuji adapter) or B) wait a little while and buy the Fuji 10-24. It's just a big expense at $800, not that it isn't worth it. I appreciate any thoughts on this as well, including how the Fuji 10-24 would compare with the adapted Tokina (I realize there is no autofocus with the adapter and I don't see that as an issue) in terms of IQ, distortion (lack thereof), and ease of use. Also, I've read that the metabones adapters can be very tight, and the Fotasy ones seem to be well reviewed; let me know if you have experience on this.

Thanks folks.

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Well. we've been here before, so if anyone needs a recap Round 1 can be found at:

Ideas and Interest for Round 2 please!

Do we want a theme?​

What do people suggest as the timeline?
- period for taking the photos..
- target date to get cards out..​

It's summer (northern hemisphere) so it might be sensible to stretch the dates.

Proposing the same rules as before - adapted lenses only, with a Fuji body.

@F2Bthere @gduncanson @timichango @beakhammer @leoda1945 @magmouse @doet @Shab
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I have this problem with the Bowery. The end of the bag, close to where the strap connects, bends outwards. If it rains, the stuff at the ends get wet. Anyone else experienced this with the Bowery? Kinda disappointing for such a great bag.

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I have a question to x100/x100s/x100t owners (but this is rather a question about focal length than about device)

Is this camera your only camera? If yes, how long you used another focal lenghts to find out that 35mm is proper for you? (for example "ok, after few years I know that I shooting street photo most often, so x100 is adjustable")

Many says that x100 is good for professionalists, who use mostly one focal length.

What is your experiences? Is x100 useful for portraits, landscapes, family?
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Lee Varis Talks about the newest Fuji film simulations in his review of the Fuji X Pro 2 ​

Continue reading...
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Hi, I'm an X10 owner from London. I love this camera, but wanted something with a little more oomph, so I have bought myself a second hand XM1 and ordered the 27mm lens online.
I'm still waiting for the lens to be delivered so haven't had a chance to use the camera yet.
I must admit I'm a little dubious about it not having a viewfinder, even though I rarely use the viewfinder on the X10.
The shop I bought the camera from also had an EX1 for exactly the same money, so I was torn between the two. I chose the XM1 mostly because it has the same advanced filters as my X10 and the EX1 didn't. I like the 'pop' filter, it takes some stunning night time pics if the light is right.
I'm interested in seeing what the larger sensor does with the advanced filters. Everything else I shoot in black & white.
Love the forum, have spent several hours reading threads, and learnt one or two things too.
Thanks for having me.
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I just received a 2-battery/charger Wasabi battery "kit" for my X-Pro2. I've used that brand of aftermarket battery before in other cameras with good result.

However, in my X-Pro2, these batteries fit extremely close. IMO they are a touch too thick and the resistance that you encounter inserting them should be a clue to stop half way. I was able to extract them without tools but I did have to bounce the bottom of my camera against my hand and "accelerate" them out of the camera. Of course the battery door is perilously open during this operation and there's a free hanging strap to tangle. I think this is a disaster waiting to happen.

My next note will be to the seller for a RMA label to return them.

My original equipment batteries slip in and out easily.

The new Wasabi's appear to be slightly bulged, and out of thickness tolerance by a very small amount.
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I thought I'd share my thoughts on the pocket-ability of the you can see from the photo below its considerably slimmer than the X-M1 with 18mm lens....I'm finding it will go into my jeans pocket....and its best when contained within a small fabric pouch (which came with WD portable drive) and without the lens cap fitted. This is my best solution yet for when I don't want to carry a camera bag.

Also regarding sharpness...I'm finding I need to sharpen in post processing....but a test shot comparing the combination below could not discern a difference.

(BTW - this photo was taken with the humble X10)

[​IMG]untitled shoot-001-2-7.jpg by brianvickers, on Flickr
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May I kindly ask if there are L plate out there besides RRS?

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Any thoughts on the Peak Design Slide Light Strap? I am worried about the anchor links and some of the negative reviews on the internet.

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When attempting to upgrade firmware from 3.01 to version 4, I get a message stating that Acrobat reader does not recognize the file type, hence it won't download. I'm at wits end. Any info is appreciated.
I visit London usually once a month and thought I'd take my camera with me this time. Went for lunch at Oblix high up in The Shard although it was quite hazy so no shots from up there! Then a walk through Borough Market, St Pauls Cathedral and back along South Bank to enjoy the sun and some nice ale. :) Such a great day in the sun that I forgot to take photos, here are a few anyway...

DSCF4794.jpg DSCF4811.jpg DSCF4836.jpg DSCF4845.jpg
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I found Sandisk 16Gb Ultra SD card 80 mb/s and I currently have one same but in extreme series.

So can anyone tell me what is the difference? I googled it and it just says extreme is twice as fast, but with ultra and 80mb/s its the same speed as extreme... so got me confused! Can anyone rectify?
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Hi Guys,

Just joined this forum. Been a Fujiners since 2014. Nice to meet you all
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For those who don't know, "cosplay" is the practice of dressing up as characters, from TV, movies, video games, comics, etc. It's most often done at fan conventions, and I've been attending and shooting at them for years.

This last weekend was my first time attending one after trading my FF Nikon gear in on Fuji, and I'm absolutely loving the results so far. I mostly do full photoshoots and not quick walkaround snaps, and need to edit and retouch most of my photos before I can post them, but here are a couple of previews.

[​IMG]Witcher Teaser by cosplayshots, on Flickr

I'm particularly excited about the set the one above is from. The cosplayers were portraying characters from The Witcher video game series, and everything is real leather and chainmail and built to the standards of real fight-worthy historical armor.

[​IMG]Spider Jerusalem by cosplayshots, on Flickr

This was much more of an off-the-cuff snapshot, but I think it's pretty cool too, especially since this guy is from Transmetropolitan, one of my favorite comics ever.
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In this video, a Fuji representative talked about what they have done, and will do, in 2016. A good amount of time spent discussing technical details of the new sensor and processor in X-Pro2 (and all subsequent ILC cameras).

Processing power, sensor readout time, noise characteristics. Worth a watch, if you are into these sort of things.

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X-E2, XC50-230

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If you'd like to take that path and see what's in there, I guess the photo succeeds. :) X-E1, XC50-230

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Fuji _DSF2843.jpg X100S
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I just noticed that my XP2 with a 32 gb SD card shows I have 621 exposures when shooting RAW. I could swear that I had seen the display show over 1200 with a newly formatted card.

I have either accidentally changed a setting or am losing my memory and mind, which is entirely possible.

If it should be approximately 1200 exposures, what setting might I have changed?

If 600 plus sounds right for 32 gb for uncompressed RAW, please let me know that I am losing my mind.

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Hey guys early next year after a four month stint in China I'll be catching the Trans Mongolian Railway through Northern China, Mongolia, Russia and Siberia. It'll we be smack bang in the middle of Winter when I start the trip so I can expect snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

At this point in time my current setup is a Fuji XT-1 with a 14mm, 35mm 1.4 and 18-55mm. None of which are weather sealed, only the XT-1 body. I took this kit with me for 6 months through Southeast Asia and it worked a treat although the weather was not as extreme as it will be for my next trip.

I am already considering selling my 35mm 1.4 and putting the money towards the new 35mm f2 WR.

My next concern is whether the 14mm will be able to handle the cold temperatures and very likely frost and snow or if it will get ruined or damaged somewhere along the trip. The alternative is to sell the 14mm and put that money towards buying the 16mm WR.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge of how the 14mm holds up in iffy weather? I'd like to avoid having to fork out more money for the 16mm because I quite like how the 14mm performs but I don't want to miss out on some awesome landscape shots if the weather hinders the non-WR 14mm.

Thanks in advance.
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.... this time in color. XT-1


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