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With a streak of unseasonably warm weather, my wife and I decided to venture down to the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay in search of the best crab cake sandwich. We targeted St. Michaels, Maryland where 50 years ago I used to be recruited to help out on a commercial clam boat at times. Boy has that area changed!
Range Rovers and Porsches roam where dilapidated rusty old pickup trucks used to dominate.

Anyway, the food seems just as good as the ol-days, albeit at much higher prices. I grabbed this shot of the crab cake candidate, with my wife in the background about to enjoy her soft shell crab sandwich.

X-T1, 14mm f/2.8 wide open, Provia.

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Shot at New York Comic Con last week with my new x-t2. Very happy with it. Battery life I found was miles better than with x-t1. Focusing, love love love the joystick or whatever you like calling it. So happy there's also one on the grip too since I shoot in portrait often. anyway thanks taking a look, these are a couple favorites so far. first one w/ 35mm 1.4 second w/ 56mm 1.2


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What am I missing here.

By the calculations of DOF calculators the DOF should be 6" >infinity at f8, with a hyperfocal distance of about 11". But the DOF lines in the camera say 15"> infinity with a hyperfocal distance of 30" or so. It's actually hard to tell as it jumps and everything is compressed at that end of the scale. If I move the DOF bar so the left side is at 6" the other end is at 8.5" or so. Shouldn't it be at infinity? What am I missing here.

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Man on stairs.jpg Ponte Vecchio.jpg Trattoria.jpg Bicycle in alley.jpg
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Paddle boarding off Cattle Point, Victoria, British Columbia.

_DSF1060 copy copy.jpg
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Last Saturday I was at the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see the Chihuly exhibit. Had my X-T2 with the 18-55 mounted and battery grip fully charged the night before. Grabbed the camera and headed out.

After about 2-1/2 hours and 40 photos I noticed that the camera was reporting that both the grip batteries were depleted (battery icons empty and outlined in red) and the camera battery was at about 50%. Ok, I hadn't optimized the settings for battery life, but switched the camera off between photos most of the time.

Strangest part - when I got home and put the batteries on the charger the first grip battery was showing fully charged in less than 5 minutes, the second in about 10 and the camera battery was fully charged in about 2 minutes. So clearly none of the batteries were approaching empty, in fact they were barely discharged.

Anyone else seen this or have any ideas?

I did get some quite nice pics, though.
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Just a shot of a Pavement Artist that I was originally going to post in mono, but thought It would probably be better in colour so as to show the colours of his work.

X-T1, 18-55mm Lens, 1/1600 @ F4, ISO-200, Handheld.
[​IMG]Pavement Artist (1)-20016C by G.K.Jnr., on Flickr

Thank you for looking and any comments welcome.,

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Just a shot of a Thistle taken while walking up on the cliffs. Quite a pull up as I only had the 18-55mm lens with me and couldn't get as close as I would have liked.

X-T1, 18-55mm Lens, 1/350th @ F8, ISO-200, Handheld.
[​IMG]Thistle (1)-200057 by G.K.Jnr., on Flickr

Thank you for looking and any comments welcome.,

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1. Ravineside near Drumheller, Alberta. X-T10 + 55-200
2. Lakeside hill in the Rocky Mountains of south-western Alberta. Canon 5DMII + 16-35mm f/4L


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In the Okanagan Valley of south-central British Columbia.

_DSF0898 copy copy.jpg

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Yesterday I posted a panorama of the Helderberg Escarpment made around 11AM. I wished that I had the opportunity to do it again but at sunrise. I got my wish this morning. I shot several panos then the clouds rolled in as I was packing up to go back home. Both images were made with the x-e2 and the "kit" lens, 18-55. I used a Nodal Ninja pan head. Both are about 16,000x 4500.

Yesterdays photo at 11AM

This morning's photo about 7:30AM.
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A store front in Fort Langley, British Columbia, near Vancouver.

_DSF0945 copy-Exposure-Edit.jpg
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Taken with a Canon 7D + 70-300mm L lens:)

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Lakes around Banff, Alberta. Both taken with Canon 5DMII + 16-35mm L lens.


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Hello everyone

Long shot with this question, but I recently purchased earlier in the year a 7D Mk 2 + 100-400ii for anything that moves ! I was fed up with the T1 and speed.

Now I have the T2, things are slightly different. ! My only option is probably to hire a xf 100-400 and try the two rigs up against each other.

Anyone with the Canon combo above v the T2/100-400 care to share any findings ?

I am only interested in the exact Canon combo I have as I have never used the 7D with any other lens apart from the 100-400. I am rather fond of the Canon lens it has to be said, but its a heavy rig ! The T2 has obviously closed the gap a lot now to the point possibly moving to one rig !

It doesn't help that the pricing in the UK has gone up for the 100/400 (with 1.4x) so the cashback is not quite so attractive, but never mind !

Thanks to anyone that may be able to help :)
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I shoot flamenco dance photographs which usually occurs in low natural light or in mixed lighting (halogen, tungsten, fluorescent tubes) plus I also do some additional commercial and publicity shooting as well as my own personal shooting of portraits, travel and landscape.

I have shot film, and since 1998 digital photos. One of the persistent challenges that has been present is grain or digital noise in high ISO situations where the natural light is of low intensity or quality.
Many people in the past used to put their cameras away when shooting colour at ISO400 and the light levels had dropped below 1/30 sec, and a wide open aperture. Those shooting B&W and having a darkroom could push on until ISO1600, but at that point golf ball sized grain became an issue.
In early digital cameras the issues remained the same but with digital noise in one or all of the RGB channels. Shooting RAW and using aggressive noise reduction was a possibility but there were always challenges. Then in 2007 Nikon introduced the D3 and life was made so much easier if you could afford this wonderful camera. Then one to two years later they introduced the D3S and also the D700. The world of low light photography was now open to all serious amateurs.
At the same time as introducing the D3 they improved the AF performance so it now behaved very reproducibly in low light (EV1-5). This improvement has been seen in all the modern digital prosumer cameras in the ensuing yearsThis was all in the era of the DSLR.

Then came mirrorless cameras usually in cheap point’n’shoot cameras but that all changed in 2010 when Fujifilm introduced the X100. This camera provided great handling and brought a 12MP sensor whose colour and quality was awesome but the AF was slow like all mirrorless cameras. Subsequent releases of Fuji cameras suffered, to different degrees, with this AF slowness but all the time Fuji were improving the AF speed.
The Fuji XT1 was released in 2014 with a promise that its 16MP could equal the DSLRs that were out there. Without a doubt the results from RAW files was just as awesome or better than the X100 quality and indeed due to its small size and improved AF it seemed like the answer to the heavy DSLRs. However all was not rosy in the garden, the EVF refresh rate was an issue and the AF still not up to that which was available in DSLRs in low light (EV5), and so sports and wildlife photographers struggled while some others marvelled that finally they had a small, light, high quality camera.

The release of the Fuji XT2 in September 2016 has changed this with a vengeance. The step change is similar to that experienced with the Nikon D3.
The XT2 now focusses as fast as my Nikon D3S and perhaps also the D500 in low and normal lighting conditions.
However the D500 is a shade more sophisticated and works well to the extent that I am starting to challenge my need for FX cameras. This comparison is based on 12MP D3S v 20MP D500 DSLRs. Then you throw a 24MP DX (APS-C) mirrorless camera into the mix and do a comparison and there starts to be a degree of apples versus oranges comparisons so we need to be careful to couch any findings with the correct setting of expectations.

My assessment criteria:
1. Focus accuracy
2. Focus speed
3. Handling
4. Hi ISO noise
5. Ease of use (Difficult as this is very personal).

I did a flamenco dance shoot recently and I tried to keep my shooting as normal as possible but I shot with an XT2 with 56mm f1.2 lens at 1/250 f5.6 and a Nikon D500 with 200-500m f5.6 AFS VR lens at 1/250 at f5.6. Both cameras were used at ISO 3200 or 6400.

I always shoot in Manual mode so ISO 3200/6400 with f4 or f5.6 and 1/125 or 1/250. AF is set to AF-S or AF-C depending on the dance sequences. I also shoot in Single shot mode except occasionally I use CL to capture short sequences.

Image results were nearly indistinguishable. Indeed if I didnt know which camera took the images it would be nearly impossible to assess.

Focus accuracy was from both cameras was a huge surprise to me as I expected the D500 to blow away the XT2. It didnt it was nearly identical. Focus accuracy under the same conditions was nearly identical.
Focus speed was similar to the D500, in that I never waited for focus to be achieved before shooting as this is not effective in this type of dance photography. You shoot when you see the image.

The handling on the Fuji XT2 was something I have come to enjoy in the last two weeks. Sorry Nikon you have dropped behind in the UI and handling stakes. The Fuji is so easy to work with under dark conditions with the aperture and shutter-speed and ISO all being to hand. The only problem is the EVF refresh rate which left me with short black out periods where I didnt see where the dancer had moved to. I dont know if this is entirely due to the EVF refresh rate but I suspect it is.

Hi ISO noise, what is that? A thing of the past!

Ease of use will be a thing that will rankle with some. What is one person’s easy is awkward to another. I will keep it simple and say that from this point forward I dont have to take my Nikon kit to a shoot to be successful with my flamenco shoots. The Fuji XT2 is definitely there where the XT1 was just as good for static shots I couldn't use it for fast moving dance sequences.
One small bug bear is the EVF rate leave you with visually missed moments as the EVF refreshes after an exposure. I think this will this improve with the camera switched to Performance Boost mode but I dont know until next time when I have time to test.

So at this point in time I am thinking what happens next?
Do I get rid of all my Nikon kit?
At this point in time I think this may be too radical a move but I do think I will release a lot of Nikon kit to eBay.

Do I get another XT2 and trade in my XT1?
Actually I think my XT1 handles very well and has some handling features that are better than the XT2. What items are these? It is mainly around my familiarity with the menus and getting to what I need quickly. this will probably improve as I use the XT2 more. I will probably get another XT2 as soon as I reduce my Nikon inventory.

Do I need to get a Fuji 50-140mm f2.8 and 16-55 f2.8 lens?
Only if I get rid of some/much of my Nikon kit so that this is a zero cost option as actually I want the 10-24mm f4, 16mm f1.4, 16-55mm f2.8 and 50-140mm f2.8 and probably the still to be released 80mm f2.8 Macro.

Impressed? Yes, you bet I am. Thank you Fuji for a paradigm shift in the camera from XT1 to XT2. There are still some things that need to improve mainly around the menus and firmware and some small pieces such as tethered control of the camera. Also the camera tethering software needs to be provided for both Mac and Windows environments.
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Just got my xt2 couple of days ago and have been trying it out on my two resident models.

Have to say focus with the 56mm is so much better, really nice to use now.

2016_1020_09364000-01_wm.jpg 2016_1020_09075700-01_wm.jpg 2016_1019_11370600-01_wm.jpg
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Sadly, my favorite local camera store is going out of business. Keeble & Shuchat is an institution in Palo Alto. I first went into the store to buy a lens for my second hand Nikon FTN (25 years ago). It's been my go to place for photo equipment ever since. It appears that it's tough for photo stores to compete with online retailers.

It was a store that had workshops, classes, and a photo gallery. One of my favorite spots to visit was a large collection of old Leica film cameras kept inside a glass display case upstairs. A simple shot with my XE1 and 35mm/1.4 illustrates a small portion of the collection.

Keeble&Shuchat 5008.jpg
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Dragons and lions - the everyday hazards of street photography

DSCF5105tnsy copy.jpg

S0103754 copy 3.jpg

DSCF3603 copy.jpg

flyingd copy.jpg

DSCF3569w copy.jpg
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new XT2 user here. I've had XE1 and XE2 previously so im quite invested in Fuji :)

I've got a quick question regarding AF zoom in XT2. I've been having an issue with missing focus on objects especially when there is another object behind it with similar colors.

The setting i've been using is Aperture priority, AF-S, single focus (with smallest focus point/box) with ample lighting.

To minimize user error, I would like to be able to do AF Zoom just like in Manual mode to check focus. I am able to do it via the rear command dial in M mode but not in AF-S.

Anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this?
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Kitchen Workers

September 10- 2016untitled0009-2.jpg
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I was interested in Fujifilm a couple weeks ago and just recently got myself X-T10. And here is sample taken with Takumar 50mm 1.4.

@f2 1/180 ISO-640
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The Othello Tunnels near Hope, British Columbia.

_DSF1501 copy copy.jpg

_DSF1504 copy-Edit.jpg
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200mm, ISO 2500, 1/125, significant crop.

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As seen through the mail slot in the front door.

X-T2, 56mm 1.2, F1.2 ISO800 1/4700s

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My brand freakin' new XT2 and my good ol' XF55-200mm at a local MetroPark.
Holy crap! I love this camera :cool:.

Thanks for looking,
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While working on some post production stuff at my favorite coffee shop, the trash can across the way with trash sticking out caught my eye; it was a pity really, the light was dancing on the grave of the discarded in such a way that I proceeded to take out my XPro-2 place my 55-200 and shoot away.

Then I spent my time putting earrings on this pig; decolorize, soft focus, a little here, a little there. Had to resize to upload, so I hope the resolution comes through. SB-A-1aIP.jpg

I have been working on a coffee shop environment theme as a personal project, this may be added.
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Just from my walk this morning...


_DSF1847 (1).jpg
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XT1 Sexy Silver

JM Sharpen Resize.jpg
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From our latest trip to Durango/Silverton, Colorado. Durango & Silverton locomotive #480 pulling out of the Durango station for the early morning run up to Silverton. Watch a brief video we shot while chasing this train up to Silverton. While this image was shot with my X-T1, the video noted above was not shot with a Fujifilm camera. Turn on the HD mode for the best results otherwise the video does not look right.
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Several times a day, a Canadian National (CN) freight train rolls through a level crossing between the Dartmouth ferry terminal and a stairway to the street. Bell ringing and horn sounding. And when the train's passage coincides with rush-hour passengers off the ferry, there's always someone trying to out run it! The scowl of the fellow on the train says it all. Fujifilm X-E1 with SMC Takumar 45-125mm f/4 zoom (M42).

Four 45 Train 0938.jpg
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Went along for a day at the final round of the BSB at Brands Hatch last weekend.
Just used my XT-2 and 100-400 combo.

[​IMG]Brands Oct (4 of 9) by Graham Norton, on Flickr


[​IMG]Brands Oct (1 of 9) by Graham Norton, on Flickr


[​IMG]Brands Oct (2 of 9) by Graham Norton, on Flickr


[​IMG]Brands Oct (6 of 9) by Graham Norton, on Flickr


[​IMG]Brands Oct (9 of 9) by Graham Norton, on Flickr


[​IMG]Brands Oct (3 of 9) by Graham Norton, on Flickr

I was pleasantly surprised how it copied recently made the switch from Nikon to Fuji
and while imho its not as good has the D500 especially in the case of the initial lock on for the amount of motorsport I plan to do in the future its more than good enough.

Thanks for looking please feel free to comment.
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Pano of the escarpment from Indian Ladder Farm, an apple orchard. x-e2,18-55, 7 photos combined with ICE, 15,000x5000
Hopefully I can do the same image at sunrise.
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From the UWSP jazz concert last night.
X-T2 1/40 sec, ISO 2500, 156mm on the XF 55-200 hand held, Silver Efex.

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