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Vivitar 70-150mm f3.8

I love zooms with a close-focusing ability.
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Thought I'd share a few holiday snaps taken in the Loire this year where we had our family holiday - not been to this region before but once again France just seems to keep coming up trumps ! I'll get my excuses in now (keeping people waiting, always arriving at about 1.00 etc !)

The first are from Le Mans where we stayed overnight after a 5 hour delay at Eurotunnel !

I only associate Le Mans with the car race and wasn't prepared for how lovely it is






We then spent 2 lovely weeks visiting villages, Vineyards (the wine is excellent even by French standards!) and of course the odd Chateau








If you got that far then thanks !
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Got away last week for a few days to Bicheno, small town on Tasmania's east coast.

Gave the 12mm Rokky a run the first evening on the X-T1.

[​IMG]Waubs Bay II
by niggyl, on Flickr
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Recently watched a video about how to overcome the problem when you don't have your ND filter when you want to take silky water flow picture by using multiple exposure. But it seems like Xpro2 can't do more than 2 at a time. Any advise besides using LR or PS?
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A wonder of prehistory meets one of its equivalents of today as an America-bound plane automatically makes a change of course at its way-point high over Strumble Head, Pembrokeshire. Is it my imagination or do those ancient stones seem to be reaching skywards in a Munch-like Scream..?

XT-1 14mm f/2.8 1/75sec ISO-200
Shock of the New small_edited-2.jpg
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Just thought I would share this picture I made of one of my colleagues when we all went out for a day. We all work in psychiatric care. The idea for me was to take black and white pictures of my colleagues to make a collage of us all for in the hospital we work. I took a lot of pictures but not everybody likes to have their picture on the Internet.
I took the exposure with my x-t10 with a Asahi Pentax 50mm f1.7. Shot at f1.7. I love using this lens.

Any feedback would be well received.


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Ex photography teacher,shot medium & 35mm,& collected lenses,still do that.Bought the XT1 to use my lenses, which all seem to fit with adapters & manually which is fine with me,thats how i work. My favorites are LM& screwmounts, but I have drawers & trunk cases with the odd bits.Gave most of the Pentax to a cousin who showed interest,in 35mm.Hardly dented the collection.Exotica?a Schneider C mount super wide,which giver a circular format on the XT1. I never managed to fit it on my M series which was its targeted use, but its happily working on the XT1.Ive met few lenses I didn't like,just have some I never get to.My several dealers I work with, dig up stuff of interest,& occasionally I venture into the madness of Ebays listings.Remember Shutterbug? probably before your time.
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My X100t is suddenly giving message it is reading from internal memory only. I have formatted several different cards in camera and also formatted with no card in camera. Have reset. Can someone help. I have a sneaking suspicion I may need a new motherboard. Very disappointed if so as my xt1 needed a new board. Thanks to all. Lou.
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Summer Challenge-59.jpg
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Hi I'm not sure if this is the right thread as I am not sure what category a question like this falls under!

One of my favorite photographers is Alex Strohl who does a lot of outdoors/adventure/landscape stuff mainly in places like Canada and Europe.

Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) • Instagram photos and videos

I love the look and style of his photos, especially the ones in the mountains and forests. I'm not exactly sure how you'd explain it. I just like the colors and the mood and the lighting in them.

How does he achieve a look like this? I can never seem to replicate anything similar with my Fuji, the colours never seem to be quite right. He Shoots with a Canon 5DS.

Is this a look achieved more through post processing?

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Just a heads up that WEX online camera shop in the U.K. are offering 10% off Fuji lenses until 31st July with the code Fuji-10.

You can also get 2% or 3% cashback too by going through quidco :)

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Fuji X-T1, 18-135. Processed from a colour image in Silver Efex Pro. Acros film simulation.

I Get the Point.jpg
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I am struggling with the video settings. First of all, only mov mode - crap and then I experience a lot of light flickering. I think that can be fixed by choosing 25p over 60p. The biggest issue, I cant seem to refocus my camera during recording. Pressing the shutter does nothing - only continous AF or manual works. Is this normal?
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Hello All,

made this photo at Echternach Luxembourg
Fuji XT1 GS

Greetings Jakke

GXT12775 v2 FF.jpg
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I set myself a challenge the other day of taking an image of the Red Arrows that wasn't solely about their display... Do like the 16-55 2.8 as this was the result:


The eagle-eyed will spot two America's Cup boats in it too, one of which had far more support than the others put together!
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I am taking a motorcycle trip this fall and would like to have a graduated ND filter (or two) in my bag for use with my 18-135 and 10-24 lenses. I have a Lee Filter Seven 5 system (that I use with my 18-135) but its bulkier than I'd like, so I'm thinking about a couple of threaded filters that I could use with both lenses. Or, maybe one filter with some kind of adapter ring?

I've thought about buying an adapter ring for the 10-24 lens and using the Lee Filters...and I am aware of the vignetting issue at 10mm. Can I just crop that out? Or not zoom all the way to 10mm when using the

I'd like to hear from folks who've used threaded filters successfully (or not) to tell me what direction I should go. How many stops do you recommend with the ND filter?

Thanks for your help.

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I just would like to know if there is a way to turn LCD / EVF just black and wite

Thank you
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An ald car exhibition in San Telmo's street, the bohemian neiberhood of Buenos Aires.
There were cars from 1913 to 1980.

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Got an Expert Shield protector from Amazon. Went on perfectly except for corner which I think was bent in post. One Email, fast replay, new one on the way. Great service

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I just got an xf27mm to use on my xpro2. I formatted my SD card put the 1.10 27mm firmware on it. I attached the lens to my body with already updated 1.02 firmware. When I turn on the camera holding disp/back it takes 5 Full seconds before the firware screen appears and it only lists the body, no option for lens. I changed to my other 2 lenses and they work fine. Firmware screen loads immediately and the current versions are listed. I tried searching and I can't find anything. Got any ideas let me know please
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First Look Review: Fujifilm X-T2

Very nice and detailed review - I'd recommend reading everything by clicking on the link provide at the top...

For the lazy, excerpts from conclusions.

The Good,…

It appears that Fujifilm has been working very hard to come-up with a „complete mirrorless camera“ that can tackle almost any shooting situation and application, but without sacrificing the X-series DNA with its retro manual dials and controls. The X-T2 is compact, modular and robust, with a state-of-the-art sensor and a fast processor that ensure responsiveness and high-performance autofocus tracking. Improved ergonomics and the large electronic viewfinder make the X-T2 a pleasure to work with, and the optional Vertical Power Booster Grip is more than just a container for additional batteries. Image and video quality are both top-notch.

…the Bad,…

So what’s missing? Mostly details. The user-configurable My Menu should be able to store a few more items from the main menus, and an additional Fn button (as a replacement for the discarded video button) would have been a bonus. Frequently used functions like OIS Mode should be available as options in the Q menu or on Fn buttons—and why is there no indication in the display when the Natural Live View (PREVIEW PIC. EFFECT OFF) is in effect?

I assume some sports, action and wildlife shooters will be put off by the X-T2’s inability to adjust to quickly changing shooting conditions and requirements. Due to the retro concept with marked manual dials and controls, there’s currently no way to quickly change the entire camera configuration with pre-configured user presets. It would be nice if Fujifilm could find a clever way to add such presets without sacrificing the beloved retro concept.

Also missing are color RGB histograms (in the live view and during playback) and a highlight-priority metering mode. And what about user-favorites like a 24h clock display, multi-bracketing beyond three shots, or the ability to include copyright information in the EXIF data?

…and the Ugly…

As far as the new flash system is concerned, I am still waiting for samples of the announced EF-X500 flash and Nissin’s Fuji-compatible version of the i60A and Air Commander, so this topic will be covered in a separate article. However, the fact that Fuji’s wireless TTL concept relies on light signals instead of radio (and requires an expensive EF-X500 as commander) isn’t a particular source of joy for those who had high hopes for Fujifilm’s new flash system. On the other hand, the in-camera control of the flash units and groups looks really comfortable, so we’ll have to wait and see how things play out.

Another source of worry is the fact that my beloved Nissin i40 is not compatible with the current X-T2 firmware (beta 1.39). Assuming things stay that way, the i40 might even become incompatible with the X-Pro2 and X-T1 after these cameras will have received their promised flash system firmware upgrades. Will Fujifilm make improvements to the firmware to restore compatibility? Will Nissin offer (paid) firmware updates for the popular i40? The silence is deafening. And what about support for other third-party flashguns that are currently marked „Fuji-TTL-compatible“, like those from Metz and Meike?

So even after months of research and countless hours of putting heaps of information together in 12,000 words and hundreds of sample images, animated GIFs and videos, I have to conclude with William Goldman’s famous quote on Hollywood: Nobody knows anything.
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I was in Bristol on Sat dropping off my full frame kit in exchange for the XT2 kit, I did collect the 16-55mm f2.8 that is part of the deal so took the opportunity to grab some images of the street art event that was taking place.

There was some great art on private houses, public buildings and the opportunity to watch some of the artists in action as well as some interesting people!

The XPro2+ 16-55 was very fast to focus and delivered some images I am really happy with.

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Beg your indulgence on a request for a clarification on adapted lens mounts: SpeedBooster, Fuji M and the various others. Looking for some clarification, but here's what I think it sounds like:

Speed Booster mounts: You get an APS-C mm angle of view that is equivalent to 1.08 of the stated FF focal length. Magnification? I'm not sure. Assume something similar?

Various Others: You get an APS-C mm angle of view equivalent to 1.6 of the stated FF focal length expected AOV. Magnification... assume also 1.6.

Fuji M Mount: Like to think it works like the Speed Booster does, but am not finding much on Fuji's website other than the list of compatibility.

If I'm confusing my questions - a real possibility, please advise as well. Thanks!
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X-E2 135mm f/2.8 MD Rokkor: A favorite of mine when shooting my old SRTs/XD-11/X-700. Haven't done so for awhile so exercised it on the X-E2.

Answering the Bat Call
by David, on Flickr
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In July last year (2015), I gave my email address to Fuji (UK) so that they could notify me when a refurbished X-T1 body was in stock, but I have heard nothing. In fact, I bought a new one last August. I heard nothing regarding a refurb one, until today, that is. I have just received notification from Fuji (UK) that refurb X-T1 bodies are now in stock. Actually, I see they currently have 13 in stock. Some with 18-55 lens, some with 18-135 lens, and some body only. Do you think they may be having a clear-out before the X-T2 arrives?
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I'm still on my first trip to San Francisco (few more days left) and weather has been nice. I got a few images of the bridges -- more to come as I get them processed.

All taken with a rented Fuji X-Pro2, 18-55mm R LM OIS

ISO 200, APERTURE f/11, EXPOSURE TIME 30s (30)

ISO 200, APERTURE f/22, EXPOSURE TIME 15s (15)

ISO 200, APERTURE f/11, EXPOSURE TIME 0.6s (0.6)

ISO 800, APERTURE f/8, EXPOSURE TIME 0.00238s (1/420)
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More than 12,000 words, illustrated with hundreds of sample images, animated GIFs and videos. So here it is: the most comprehensive First Look Review you might ever read.

The Complete Camera
by Rico Pfirstinger

Click here: First Look Review: Fujifilm X-T2
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A Chamber of Commerce day on the Olympic Peninsula

X Pro-2
35mm f/2

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sold all my Canon stuff for a nice little X-T10 with a few nice lenses. Was shooting with the 18-55, mostly on a tripod with EVF only. Not much chimping. Only got about 150 shots on the first battery. While reviewing settings I saw the blinking green wireless icon. I don't use the wireless, just tested it once for remote control iPhone app. How can I disable the wireless activity on the camera?

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In the last two years I have made the move from taking pictures on my phone to actually trying to learn about photography. I started out with a Samsung NX Mini and in February I picked up a X-M1. Currently have two lenses (16-50mm and 50-230mm).

Most weekends during the summer I can be found at car events snapping away and trying to figure out what I'm doing. Look forward to learning more about my camera and photography from all of you.
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Hello everyone. I'm looking to see if anyone has some samples of there X-Pro or XT bodies with a Metabones speed Booster and Minolta 58 f1.2. I am looking for portait exampls closeup and full body. Thanks!
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There were dozens the day I was there. More here.

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