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XT2 and XF55-200mm around central Ohio over the last few days.

Thanks for looking,
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Just when I thought I was as far down the rabbit hole I could get. Then I find an old Leica Colorplan projector lens, a roll of duct tape and an M42 mount adapter.



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After a windless day of sailing, the coastal fog moved over Dana Point Harbor. XE2 18-55

fog high-3755.jpg
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I would like to purchase a used Fuji camera body as a dedicated infrared camera. I was considering buying an EX1 camera body. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions. I am using my first Fuji camera, the XT2 and love. I have a 14mm and 35 prime, plus 16-55 2.8 and 10-24 lens. Would these work?

Thanks for your suggestions and feedback.

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What better way to while the time away as my wife shops.
The X-Pro2 and XF35/2, a happy combo for me, still undecided, XF18/2 or XF23/2. Or both?

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XP-2 w Nissin i40

  • ƒ/1.4
  • 56.0 mm
  • 1/1000
  • 200
  • Flash (on, fired)
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It was a bright sunny Sunday afternoon and my lady and I stopped at a biker bar in Cave Creek Arizona to check out the outdoor party they were hosting. There are scores of great looking women walking around, a band is playing, lots of activities, vendor displays of custom bike components, people are laughing and having a good time and this guy is sitting on one of the bars, his feet on the stool and his head buried in his cell phone. No, this was not a momentary shot. He was in this position for quite a while which is what prompted me to get up off my stool, turn the camera on, walk across the floor so I could get close and take the shot. I call this an addiction. Roadhouse Cave Creek 20161023 (61)-2.jpg
My lady and our Honda Valkyrie Interstate at the Roadhouse Bar and Grill in Cave Creek Arizona.
Roadhouse Cave Creek 20161023 (70).jpg
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Cedar forest in the mountains near Revelstoke, British Columbia.

_DSF1532 copy-Edit.jpg

_DSF1542 copy-Edit.jpg
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X-T2 and 18-55mm Existing Light
RAW to RFC Add ACROS with RED Filter
RFC to TIFF to CS6

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Fujifilm X-T1 +Samyang 12mm f/2.
It is a versatile lens for me, I do landscape photography and portrait photography.
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Searched, didnt see a thread, but I am on the road so apologies if this is a duplicate thread.

Aside from gaffers tape, has anyone found a solution to keeping the diopter from being adjusted when putting the camera into/out of a camera bag?
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In my big trade towards XT-2 I had to give up my X100S.
I´m a hybrid shooter so I needed the better video and XT-2 is really the reason that made it possible to return home to Fuji :)

But, I've lived daily with X100S and that field of view; 35mm is really that frame that I see naturally. I´ve learned to instantly know without even looking through the camera what a good 35mm frame is; thanks to X100S.

With X-T2 I got XF18-55 f2.8-4 and XF35 f2. I need those lenses. When I traded they didn't have the XF23 f2 in stock, so I ordered it later on. Today I got it in the mail :)

I will not buy X100F as I will now put my money towards the lenses so I can later upgrade the digital body whenever they make drastic progress.

I now have my daily camera back! But in the combination of XT-2 and XF23 f2. A little bulkier but I got now daily good video and a better photographic tool. I can live with the slight size compromise :)

The one lens I can´t live without, as I learned, is the 23.
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I'm not really a wedding photographer as I like my weekends too much, but I got asked by a friend to cover here wedding recently. I shot the whole thing with my Fuji system which performed really well throughout. I love candid photography so I shot it in a documentary style, inspired by the wonderful work done by Kevin Mullins. The light was generally terrible in the hall, very dim and flat. That said I was overall pleased with how it turned out and with the performance of my gear. More importantly so was the Bride and Groom :)

Bill Thornhill's Blog

My X-Pro1 struggled with the low light but I had very little issues with the X-T1. I purchased the 23mm f1.4 to use during the day, and found I shot over 70% of the day with it by the end.

CC very welcome :)
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Alice and Phoenix rest prior to a day poolside in Palm Springs. XE2 and 18-55

Dogs on PS sofa-3730.jpg
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Can't beat Palm Springs for color contrasts. Good ol' XE2 and 18-55

PS palms-3737.jpg
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I currently have a 21.5-inch iMac (desktop) that I edit from, plus a 15-inch MacBook Pro for my mobility needs. I take my iMac back and forth from home to AZ when we go south for the winter (laptop as well). I am soon, going to need to replace computers. (thanks to my older graphics cards which I am not able to change out in either computer)

I have several options to choose from and am curious as to what others do. I would love to go to a 13 inch MacBook Pro for convenience and easier travel, but have also pondered the idea of just having a laptop and hook it up to monitors and work with the laptop from there. Does anyone do this, and if so pros and cons on this scenario? If I did this, should I stick with a 15-inch or would the 13-inch do as well? Dual Processors (13 in) vs. quad Processors (15 in)? ….I hate the thought of upgrading to 2 new computers. Thanks for any input.
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A once proud thoroughbred returning to the earth. Rust never sleeps.


Fuji X-T1
ISO 200
FOCAL LENGTH 19.0 mm (29.0 mm in 35mm)
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Took a little time to go around the neighborhood and stuck my lens up inside the canopy of leaves in a few trees. Simple images... nothing earth shattering... Just nice to get out and enjoy the warmth of the changing leaves.


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I managed to sneak away and get some light hiking in. Strolled to the top of an overlook called Split Rock and then back to the bottom at Jacob's Creek falls. All 3 shots taken with an X-T1, Rokinon 12mm with a Circular Polarizer on the front.
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This past weekend, a place where my family was staying had it's kiln firing and many pieces of ceramic artwork inside. The volunteers consisted of artists to keep the flames going for days. When I took these, the temperature was about 1,600 degree's Fahrenheit. These are a few of the pictures. I love the texture and color of the wood in the first one (Fuji 56mm). The 2nd picture is one of the holes in the side that they closed with bricks, but the flames found a way out (Fuji 56mm). The last is the back end of the kiln and the chimney (Fuji 23mm).

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Just wondering if anyone else with this combination has experienced this problem... When I have my Nissin i40 in Manual (M) mode and shutter speed on camera set to about 1/800 sec. or higher the flash would randomly lose sync. Exposures would be great for a number of frames and then I would suddenly get a dark or black frame. The only way to recover is to turn the flash off/on again.

This seems to be happening only when flash is in M mode. TTL and wireless slave modes work fine and reliably at the same shutter speeds.

Also, I noticed that the i40 when fired only on center pin using a non-Canon cable will only sync at 1/200sec. compared to my EF-42 which will sync at any speed.

Is this normal behavior for the i40 or is my flash defective?
Travelled for work to Vilnius this weekend. Had to travel extremely light, so I just took the good old X100 with me. Still going strong! 02-DSCF6639_Vilnius.jpg 01-DSCF6633_Vilnius.jpg 03-DSCF6704_Vilnius.jpg
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A question re: shooting with monochrome film simulation in an XE-2: can I shoot in monochrome AND expose RAW & FINE JPEG images? If so, please confirm that in the future using, say Lightroom, I can create both color and monochrome images from the RAW file. Up to now, I have been shooting in color (Provia) and exposing RAW & FINE JPEG images with the understanding that I can create monochrome images from the RAW file. Fairly new to digital (have been using Leica M's and processing & printing my own B&W film)
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Hi all,

I wanted to share my latest photo project that I used my X-Pro 2 & XF 16mm f1.4 lens for.

It was a very difficult lighting situation, one that I had struggled with in similar situations with in the past. But the most recent firmware updates for the X-Pro 2 and XF 16mm really helped to improve the AF in this backlit situation.

Here is the whole series of images and text for this project “Life in a tube“:

Life in a tube

And here is one of the photos of the series:

Life in a Tube ML 1.jpg
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There are different views on this lens but I like it vey much. Compact, sharp, good colour and easy to use. I have tried it in last Saturday morning and catch the early Winter in Winnipeg in my nearby Kings Park with mixed weather, fog, sunshine, and falling leaves.





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Nice hike up to Artist Point near Mt. Baker. This is Mt. Shuksan near Mt. Baker.
X Pro 2, 55-200mm lens

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Four images linked by Photomerge.
Fujifilm X-T1 + Samyang 12mm f/2.
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Toy camera mode
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Yesterday I was at an airshow the first time with the X-T2. AF (mainly Zone with Boost on)is definitely much, much better than on the X-T1 but still not perfect. The initial focus acquisition is still relatively slow but then it tracks pretty well.

A few more comments:
  • I took around 1800 pics with 3 batteries, all in boost with a lot of bursts. Not bad.
  • The shutter blackouts were much worse in CL than CH. I would have expected the other way.
  • Is 1/1500 too slow for a jet?
  • When you work the zoom a lot on the 100-400 it's pretty easy to also change aperture by accident.

It was very hazy so the pictures are not that sharp. I had to process the pictures with a lot of contrast and clarity to get them half ways looking sharp.
2016-10-22-X-T2-DSCF4969 2.jpg
2016-10-22-X-T2-DSCF4793 1.jpg
2016-10-22-X-T2-DSCF3632 1.jpg
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XT2 and XF55-200mm at a local State Park today.

Thanks for looking,
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Hi from Fort Worth!

I started in photography in the 70s with an Instamatic and graduated to a Canon Pellix then an AE1. When those were both ruined in a flood (along with all my prints and negatives) several year ago, I joined the digital world with a Canon XTi. I never got the hang of digital - too many things to have to access through menus - so I abandoned photography for a while, went back to school, changed careers, etc.

Now I'm renewing my love for photography! I started with an XT1 and 35mm f/1.4, found an XT10 and 18-55mm for a steal, and picked up a Rokinon 12mm on sale. I'm more of an old school manual mode photographer, which is why I think I like the Fuji cameras so much - they have the "feel" of a film camera and are so comfortable.
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This girl was in our barn. Just happened to have the 1.4 TC attached. This is quite rare to see a native owl in daylight. This was the reason I got the 1.4 TC so very happy

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Sharon and I rode the motorcycle up to the General Store in Scottsdale Arizona this morning for breakfast. After enjoying our meal I convinced her to pose for a few photo's while I did an off camera flash lighting test. She complained about having helmet head but went along with me. X-T1 and 18-55mm lens. Click on image for EXIF file.
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My wife and I went for a short walk in the park, avoided three different wedding parties, and I took a few shots. Nothing special.
I haven't done anything more than portraiture and events for a year or two, so I'm trying to rekindle the joy of simple B&W photography of our environment.

These were with XT1, 56mm, Silver FX Pro.



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