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Reflection.jpg XE 1 XF 35mm f1.4
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Fuji X-T1, ISO 400, 1/180 second, f1.4 35mm lens shot at f1.4
Fuji X-T1, ISO 400, 1/250 second, f1.4 35mm lens shot at f1.4
Fuji X-T1, ISO 200, 1/180 second, f1.4 35mm lens shot at f8
Fuji X-T1, ISO 400, 1/180 second, f1.4 35mm lens shot at f4.0
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I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this in. If not, Moderator, please move.
Sometimes there is no apparent alternative than using HDR to capture the full tonal range of a scene. Such was the case here as the shadows on the tree bark were deep and highlights beyond the ability of the camera to capture.
5 Exposures, taken with a Nikon D300 and processed in Lightroom and Photomatix Pro

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The Minolta SR System

came across this site, there is a lot of detail regarding serial numbers and how to tell them apart. Plus, an index, a database, specs for every lens.

just passing it along as general interest.
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Most images were shot at f1.7- f2.8 ISO200. JPEG Velvia. Fotasy MD-Fx adapter.





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I've been a canon full frame shooter for quite some years now. I've always loved landscape / scenic photography but have also had a good crack at weddings, live music, fine art, tabletop... I love it all! Since my first bambino came along 3.5 years ago my heavy stash of camera kit has seen less and less use. A 5dII with 2.8 L-zooms seems overkill when going out adhoc with the family, especially with my aching back when I have a 3 yr old on my shoulders and a scooter/ball to carry around! The photos from my DSLR have always looked great but regretfully I've found myself reaching for my iPhone rather than my DLSR, out of pure convenience.... So ashamed!

Having sought advice from close friends who are pro photographers and also Fuji users, reading tons of reviews / forums I've finally made the switch. Of late, true photography seemed to be just for special occasions! My hope is that a lighter-weight system might encourage me to pick up my camera and carry it around everywhere, just as I used to.

I've already sold my 5dII and most of my lenses and pre-ordered myself an X-T2. I can't wait to get going with this new system. I've ordered the XT2 with the 'kit' lens, which seems perfect for a compact and lightweight, but high quality system to just have with me when out about with the family.

But for when I get the chance to go full-on photographer I've set myself up with a selection of excellent primes. Today I received the 16 F 1.4 / 35 f2 / 56 f1.2 / 90 f2.

Now I just wait..... Cameraless..... and with amazing glass just itching to be used!

Seems like I'm going to have an adjustment period in moving from canon to Fuji. Is there anything I can do to prepare before I'm finally reunited with a camera?
Hi, my x-a2 smooths all my images, like when its in the portrait mode, but it does it in evey mode, how do i turn the smoothing off?
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hadn't been out much with my camera for a while due to work etc and the poor summer we have had here in scotland
last weekend i headed out on a little road trip to loch are near aberfoyle the weather was pretty poor
but i thought to hell i need to shoot some pics again
i took along the X-T 10 with XF 18-55
i just thought i would post some pics as i just loved the colours especially as it was dull and grey everything seemed to pop

loch ard-8.jpg ISO 400 F/16 18mm 1/60 SEC loch ard-18.jpg ISO 320 F/13 55mm 1/60sec
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As mentioned in another post I too have recently acquired this lens and so far struggle to get good focus. This is my best effort so far. DSCF6901-2.jpg
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They come as boys and leave as young men dedicated to keeping the flame of Torah alive. More here.

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Hi all, there are a ton of adapters for third party lenses to Fuji bodies, but does anyone have any experience of mounting Fuji lenses on Canon (or Nikon) bodies?

I only ask as my partner needs to do some video work and I'm thinking that a 5d mkii might do a better job of video than my x-t1. An x-t2 is probably beyond the budget as well…

Any suggestions and recommendations would be very welcome!
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I am thinking about getting an xt10. I will use it for hiking and landscape photo. Which fuji lenses will be a good match?
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Earlier today I went out early. I wanted to catch the sunrise and here are the results from my lovely X70:

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Just curious! Wondering if anyone knows what happens to the preproduction Fuji cameras sent to reviewers after the new models are released. Are they returned to Fuji, updated and refurbished and sold as new? If so, can one tell from the serial number if indeed it was a preproduction model?
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As a child i spent a great deal of time with my pop at his cabin in a Newfoundland outport community where he was born. We'd drive the couple of hours to the cabin and i'd spend a week chasing him around. Most importantly he took me fishing for cod very regularly in a place they called the Tickle, a body of water between the mainland and the island where he was born. My pop was a major factor in shaping who i am today.

Fast forward 30 years and this past weekend i was hired to shoot a wedding in the small outport town of Triton just a few kms from where i spent half of my youth. The day before the wedding i scouted the area and found this spot with a fantastic view of where my pop and i did all of our fishing. Sunset was almost a total bust but thankfully i got about 2 minutes of good light as the sun was about to set behind the mountains.

This image i titled 'The Tickle' and it meant the world to me to get this photo. I just hope my pop could see my happiness from the heavens.

Photo taken with a preproduction X-T2 and XF10-24mm.

Cheers all.

The tickle.jpg
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Hey ya'll,

I'm trying to find ways to boost the loading time for every action in Lightroom. I am coming from a 5d3/6d, workflow and have had the X-pro2 for a few months and the loading of X-trans files is significantly slower. I am shooting compressed raws and understand the nature of X-trans files is more intensive on the computer, but it is such a pain. I think i could load files and see the result of an action up to 5x faster with my canon Cr2's I have upped my Cache size in lightroom, I generally create catalogues for different projects. What can help speed this up, should I just shoot film?

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Hi all just got my X100T and pleased with it but last year when I used one from a comp win it was set up in a way that I could switch from colour to mono by if I recall using the lever on the front of the camera,could be wrong on this point
Anyone know how I would set this up on my current camera only had the use of this model last year for a few hours


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I recently got 2 new Yongnuo YN-560 III Flashes, both Canon specific, they work perfectly but they make a very loud "thunk"/"thuk" when they flash, one more than the other. My 580Ex's also make a noise when they flash but not nearly to this level, its a little disconcerting/distracting with the YN-560 III's.

Is this noise normal with the Yongnuo YN-560 III?
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I recently played around, for one of the first times, with the TCL for macro photography, something I hadn't done a lot in the past.

I'm very positively surprised how nice these snaps, simply taken on my terrace, turned out.

For those who've played around more with their X100x, does the TCL actually help macro or should I stick to the "naked" lens?

DSCF3660.jpg DSCF3658.jpg
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I am now, all of a sudden, getting significant color/exposure mismatch between what I see in the Capture One image editor window, and the corresponding output jpeg of the same image.

I've been using CO exclusively for a year or so, and generally this aspect as been spot on for the most part i.e. what I see in image editor is what I see in output jpeg.

I had this same issue happen once before, and it turned out to be a setting had changed in the Color settings, Rendering Intent was set to something other than Perceptual (the default). At that time, I reset this field, and all was good.

So this time round, very similar same thing happening again, and naturally the first place I look is in the Color tab in preferences, but rendering intent is set to Perceptual, so that's not the issue this time.

I was wondering if anyone else faced same experience with Capture One before, and if they remember what the cause was?

I do have a case open with Phase One support, but it's taken me 2 days just to get the issue understood.
So I thought I'd ask here in the it's driving me crazy!


Note: I am using the latest CO version
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Last weekend went sailing on the Markermeer, a 'great' lake near Amsterdam. After leaving the city of Hoorn in the morning we found the water looked like this. A beautiful sight: nog wind, no horizon, just a few boats floating in nothing (there were some places where the horizon had disappeared altogether). A very nice moment for photography (the flying geese made it perfect), not so much for sailing. So we went swimming instead..

Hope you like it!

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Spent a week just north of Lewistown at my son's boy scout summer camp. Came home the scenic route through Glacier National Park, stopped at the Palouse in Washington, then home to Portland. 9 days and nights in a tent.

All taken with my X-T1 and the least expensive lens I own, a Rokinon 12mm prime f/2.0 manual focus. (I might have one or two snuck in with the kit lens, can't recall)

Moccasin Mountains
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr

Glacier National Park, Montana
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr

Wild Goose Island
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr

Wild Goose Island Sunset
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr

Palouse Falls
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr

Glacier National Park, Montana
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr

Glacier National Park, Montana
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr

Milky Way at Glacier National Park
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr

Morning moon over Wild Goose Island
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr

Morning Moon at Glacier National Park
by Jacob Carroll, on Flickr
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Kind of a technical question because I can't figure it out.

Ignore the blown highlights, I was in a hurry. My question is about this guy's beard. His face was not moving, you can tell by the good focus on eyes and hat, even his shirt, but the lower beard has motion blur.

I was using the 18-135mm X lens on an X-T1.

Its annoying and I'd like to know what happened. I don't recall sweat or anything on the lens.

Is there anything else that can cause this type of blur besides motion and DOF?

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There are a lot of photos taken from this park in Seattle but I never get tired of seeing them or taking them. This is a 4 image stitch taken with an XT-1 and the XF90mm lens. The mountain is Mount Rainer
City of Seattle -.JPG
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Short question - big answers!

It is a very personal thing and also depends on trip circumstances, never the less, I would like to hear of your personal opinions, experiences and recommendations of what lenses do you/did you, take on touring holidays.

E.g. do you prefer to go as light as possible, maybe just an X100T or X70, or do you take mostly primes as they are smaller than zooms, have faster apertures and better IQ, or do you favour zooms so no need to keep changing lenses between shots, etc. Then do you go for smaller size longer range, like 18-55mm OIS, or 18-135mm WR OIS or large aperture f/2.8 zooms?

Please also share, of your experience on the trips. Did you really wish that you had one lens you didn't bring, or were you carrying around some lens(es) that hardly got used?
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Hi folks,

I am in Sydney, Australia, and have friends who invited us for a holiday visit to White Rock, near Vancouver, BC Canada. Dates would be early January or mid May 2017.

I was wondering if anyone with knowledge of the district of Western Canada/US would care to recommend some tourist/photo destinations. I like both nature (national parks, etc.) and "culture" (architecture, museums, galleries, etc.). I anticipate approx 2 weeks visit with either renting a car or using local facilities (fly, train, bus, whatever).

Any recommendations would be welcome.
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I just found firmware 4.30 (why isn't there an option to get notified?) and was seriously hoping to see something done with the bracketing. Anyone know if there's anything in the pipeline for HDR photography? I really love this camera, but I would like to get more dynamic range in my photos...
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My Lightroom updater tells me that Adobe have just released the update to Lightroom CC 2015.6.1 which is the same as Lightroom 6.6.1

This update has some fixes and also additional RAW support for the XT2.
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Where I used to see a choice of film simulations in Lightroom CC 2015 under Camera Calibrations > Profile, now in LR CC 2015.5 on an import I just did the Profile now shows "embedded". The simulation choices are not showing. Older collections show the choices, but not today's.

I am shooting RAW, and the Camera Calibration Process shows 2012 (Current).

I can use help in restoring my ability to used the Fuji simulations.


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Okay, my new filter kit (Out of town kit) arrived today. This is my first exposure to the seven5 system, but it appears very solid and easy to use.

I also ordered the new Lee Seven5 Filter Pouch along with the kit, but it is HUGE for my purposes so I returned it.

I am looking for recommendations for an alternate pouch, bag, box or whatever that will store my small kit in my camera bag without taking up so much camera bag real estate, and still protect the filters. I have searched the forums somewhat but most of the solutions I've seen are fairly large. Looking to fit, . . . .
58mm Adapter Ring
Seven5 Filter Holder
3-4 filters (I don't see myself collecting a bunch of these for my purposes)

Any thoughts or ideas will be most appreciated.
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Hi there,

I sold my X20 and bought a X30.

One thing I note a difference is when I press the shutter button, and camera makes focus, sometimes focus changes and the result photo is out of focus, it seems like camera auto focus,

any solution ????
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stumbled upon this 'beast' or is it? Seems like a good investment? Any pics outhere?
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I want to get something around 50mm for my X-T1 as I would like to have another compact option/combination without having to change lenses: the X-100T together with the T1 + 50mm.
Of course the 1.2/56mm comes to mind, however a fast lens like that for me is just a "nice-to-have" but not a "must have". Just a 1 1/3 f-stop difference or 200 ISO/500ISO. But now there is also the new 2/50 WR announced for release in spring 2017... So I wonder if one should wait for this lens or just go ahead and get the 56mm.
Is anybody in a similar consideration? Or any advice? Can one expect the IQ of the 2/50 will match or even surpass the 56?
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Took the change a few weeks ago to go to the British Museum with my girlfriend since it was the only Museum I hadn't seen yet. I really enjoyed it, but I have to say that It makes you walk waaaay to much! Hahahaha

Also, making photos of subjects behind glass is not easy! :O

[​IMG]DSCF7164 by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

[​IMG]DSCF7013 by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

[​IMG]DSCF7027 by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

[​IMG]DSCF7028 by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

[​IMG]DSCF7051 by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

[​IMG]DSCF7055 by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

[​IMG]DSCF7059 by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

[​IMG]DSCF7061 by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

by Kevin Maschke, on Flickr

I hope you enjoyed at least one of them :D
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