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I haven't done much photography recently, this was take some time ago but only processed today, late afternoon sun kissing the rocks at Birubi Point, one of my favorite places near my home. A 4 image manual blend in Photoshop CS5, plus Topaz Clarity, Detail and a touch of Nik Color Efex Pro. Taken with an XT1 and 18-135 lens @ 18.5mm.

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Have recently bought a XE-2 with a pancake F-2.8 - 27 mm ( 35 eqvi ) lens, the lens has a filter on it, which I all ways have on.
The lens hood ( Fuji ) is great, but I can not attach it, as I have to take off the filter, so the hood will screw onto the thread.
I want to shoot with the hood on and a filter ( UV ) so the lens is protected, and I can reduce glare, what are the choice's?
Where I live UV during the summer months is very high, hence glare is high too.
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Have recently just got back into photography after more than eight years away, no photo's or camera at all during this time.
Loving the XE-2 and the fujix system, the Forum's are a great help.

tr 1.jpg



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Samyang 12mm

beer spice 5.jpg

back alley.jpg

sch 2.jpg
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...and it went well.

The thing is silent and incredibly fast at focus acquisition. I moved away from it when the light dropped but using it with AF-C on the X-T1 today during the after service stuff was really quite fun.

I'm not sure about the little lens hood though. Mine seems stuck on already and I can't remove it!!!
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I just had to reshoot some of my camera gear with the new fuji 35mm f2 lens, just placed lenses on the dressing table and used one light with a reflecter opposite.

Jupiter 3

Jupiter 8

16-50mm mkII kitlens

Helios 44-2

The edge of the dressing table just melts away to nothing, such is the shallow field of focus; all taken wide open at F/2, yet pin sharp where needed, this lens just blows my tiny little mind :)
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As a newbie to the world of Fuji cameras and the Fuji X Forum, I’d like to say hi and share with you how I arrived here. I developed a passion for photography several years ago and currently own a couple of Canon DSLRs and several lenses which have served me well through my learning and development. However, last summer I decided to look for a smaller, take anywhere camera to compliment my heavier gear. After much research and soul-searching, I stumbled upon this forum and settled on the X100T.

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you all on a great forum! Your knowledge, humor and sense of community have tipped me over the edge with my first Fuji purchase and the first forum I've actually signed up to! Secondly, the camera. I know you don’t need me to tell you what a fine piece equipment this is, what a beautiful body it has, and the gorgeous images this camera allows me to create. If I could remember that far back, I am certain the feelings of discovery I’m currently experiencing with this camera would be comparable to the feelings I experienced when I first learned to walk…

Which brings me to the title of my post. Is it just me or do any of you sometimes have the urge just to pick up and hold your Fuji X? Not necessarily to create images but just to hold it in your hands? I never felt like this with my Canon...or indeed any other inanimate object! Maybe it is just me and if that's the case, I’d better go seek some counselling.
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My daughter turned her X30 on today and it gave a "Card Error." The card is a Lexar 32GB Professional 633x. We tried the usual. Turn the camera off, remove the card, put the card back in. Same result.

We got home, and I put the card in the computer and downloaded the images with no problem and no need for recovery software.
Put it back in the X30, Card Error. Tried formatting. Card Error, so it won't format.

Then I put it in my x100s. No error. Formatted in the x100s. No problem. Put it back in the X30. Card error. Did the same routine with my X-T1. No problem, format, back to X30, Card Error.

The X30 has no problems with other cards, including other 32GB size.

Not sure if I should I be wary of using the card in my other cameras. Might this indicate coming problems with the X30? Is this just a quirk so I just trade cards with her and forget about it?
I realize the forum can't answer these questions remotely but might have similar experiences or ideas for further testing. Thanks.
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Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the States, marking the beginning of the holiday season. [Or maybe, it's actually Black Friday that starts things off, but that's another discussion. :) ]

So, to celebrate the season here on the forum, and to support your fellow Fuji-shooter, we'll use this thread to offer up any trinkets, unused gear, or doo-dads that you no longer need or aren't using.

I'll start things off with these items:

First up: Red Lizard Lensmate soft release ($20 retail)

Next: one of my X100T Multi Grips, this is an earlier revision with the thumb rest in the more traditional film-winder location ($89 retail)

These are available to ship anywhere, for postage.

If you want one of these items, reply in this thread, specifying which item you would like...first to reply, first served... :)

If you have items of your own you want to list, reply in this thread....

Happy Holidays everyone!


DSC_7342.jpg DSC_0919.jpg DSC_0920.jpg
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The Samyang/Rokinon 8/2.8 fisheye seems Universally loved, but I'm wondering if anyone here has and would like to comment on the Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5 Fisheye for Fuji? At ~$160 it seems the price is right for a novelty lens, I'm just curious as I haven't heard much about it at all here (good or bad.)
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I know a variation on this has been done before, but I thought I'd put a different spin on the stranded on a desert island theme.

So, you're stranded on a desert island. With you, you have just one Fuji X camera with one lens or one of their fixed lens offerings; eg XT-1 & 35mm or X100S or XQ2. For the purposes of this thread you have with you a source of unlimted power to charge your batteries and a laptop, which has infinite storage and a selection your choice manipulation software with which to process the shots. You do not have any other accessories and none are available, so it's just you and the basic camera, no grips, no soft button, no tripod etc.

What would you want to have as your desert island camera?

I'll kick things off with the original X100.
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Marko leading Black Magic (5.9 WI5, 55m), Hyalite Canyon, Montana


A frigid Thanksgiving morning in Montana. It was -11F (-24C) in the parking lot, which didn't discourage a few of us from enjoying the elusive ice and rock of Black Magic. This is the first time I've seen this climb form in six years, and it's already on its way out. The cold temperatures completely stopped water flow, so it's likely the ice will sublimate away to nothing in a few days. Black Magic is a Montana classic with engaging and solid rock climbing leading to a thin, ephemeral curtain of ice.

Not expecting to see another party on the route, I only had my 12mm Touit with me. The view is heavily foreshortened; it's hard to tell that the ice curtain is a full 30m long. I tried to make the most of the photo opportunities while struggling to stay warm before my turn on the route.
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Took this photo here in St. Louis in my backyard on November 22. There are some varieties of Iris that re-bloom in the late Summer - to early Fall and this is one. But there is no way these shouldn't have gone dormant at least 50 days ago. As it is my wife picked them and set them on the Thanksgiving table yesterday. They're very pretty but I am not thankful for what these flowers portend -- it's disturbing.

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The place where I live is rather barren, especially at this time of the year. Taken with my X100 a day or so before the snow started.

_DSF10091 copy.jpg
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_MG_8320_DxO copy copy copy.jpg

Iris Bud.jpg
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I sent my XT1 off on Monday for a repair, arrived there on Tuesday, and it's just been delivered back having been fixed this week. All done under warranty too.

Really quite impressed and so nice to have it back, so thank you Fuji!

(ETS: problem I had was it had completely stopped being able to write to memory cards, including brand new ones).
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I know the 16-55 is an amazing lens, and is my 'go to' lens for commercial work. But for weddings, it's primes all the way. This shows just how compact the new 35mm f2 WR is. Thank you Santa for my early present.

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