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On this morning this was as good as it got until well after golden hour. After these shots it just got thicker and thicker. (X-T1, 10-24mm)


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Thought you guys would like to see some pit lane shots from the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma from last weekend.

Simon Pagenaud

Pagenaud holding until pit lane is clear

Takuma Sato

James Hinchcliffe

James "Hinch" Hinchcliffe

Scott Dixon

Dixon gets a push out of pit lane...

Will Power exits pit lane...
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Somehow I overwrote the box where the q menu label for C1 - C7 appear and I can't get it back. Is there a reset or something to restore the labels? Thanks.

I found the solution. Edit the box and select SELECT CUSTOM SETTING. Duh.
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Hi all,

can anyone recommend a videos/tutorials of an iPad (Pro) and LR mobile- centric workflow? I like to travel light and end up doing most of my PP on the iPad, and now with the raw support, I need/want to change up my habits and would like to squeeze the most out gorgeous X-T2 files and iPad :)
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I took this shot at the end of a session of senior portraits. I just threw the hood on and shot it very quickly for the fun of it. It came out as one of my favorite shots from the whole shoot. Her's too!

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Has anyone used the cactus RF60 Flashes triggered with the v6ii on fujifilm. Will I get HSS? Are they reliable? I'm thinking of getting a couple for some outdoor portraits. I'm sick of waiting for nissin and fujifilm ef-x500 are expensive and only offer optical triggered plus you need a flash on the camera and I don't want that.
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I tried to take some stealth pics leaving the camera on a table while having a coffee.

Terrible lag made it near impossible.

Have any you tried this with better results?

Tried it twice. Once with 18-135 and once with the 18mm.

JPEG Fine.

Thanks in advance.
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While I was setting up for this shot at sunset, last week, I spotted a couple of guests smoking those vape things, so I recruited them to help me get something a wee bit different for the bride. The poor souls were wheezing like old men by the end as I kept asking them to keep 'the fog' coming, but they were keen to help out and everyone was happy with the results.
X-T1 with XF16-55mm f2.8 and 16mm wide-open. OCF was two YN560 III's, one as a back light used bare but zoomed to 50mm, the key light was used with a Flashdisc.

589A8971.jpg 589A8959.jpg KSG35903.jpg
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Shot more cats today with my XE2 and 56 1.2
Btw this isn't some specially trained cat, just a regular cat :)


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Taken with the 100-400 lens. This camera is way faster than the X-T1, not only in the autofocus but in bracketing. This is important to me as I often bracket exposures. With the X-T1 the lag between the 3 shots was so long that the bird often moved or even flew away before the third shot. With the X-T2 this no longer happens.

"NO, I am not the mascot for your baseball team"


"I dare you!"

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With a machine like this a field of barley was whacked down in only a few hours. In my grandfathers day the work was done by hand with an army of people that once populated the land.
The barley goes to makes Scotch Whiskey, and the maltsters pay a premium price to farmers for the top quality product, if it doesn't make the grade, it is fed to the cattle.
Due to our northern position we are amongst the last in Europe to bring in the harvests.
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spent today in was pretty nice.the best was the studio museum and the levain bakery .they have some of the most outrageous cookies you ever had

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Currently away at the most Westerly point of Scotland on a short holiday, internet is just available but s.l.o.w. Staying at the most beautiful location of Acharacle, close to Ardnamurchan point, Scotland.

Here's the view from our caravan;

[​IMG]Arivegaig Bay, Acharacle. by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

X-E2 - XF10-24/4
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iv noticed that the on/off button on my
New xt2 is different than the one in my xt1.

It is smoother , easier to push(not so good), and doesnt do a "click sound" when pressed.

Anyone noticed this also?

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Street photography B&W
people on the streets of Madrid

Old man putting on makeup in Madrid
XT-1 + XF35mm f1.4
ƒ/1.4 1/1100 ISO 200

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The Canon lens has been stuck for months on end. Not one picture (that I can remember) and I think only two people have had it since February and it has not moved in months.
The Jupiter has moved nicely for a while ( a few bumps) but is now stuck because the next two people in line have not responded to the guy who has it and is trying to move it along the list.

So .... should we send the lenses home and end the game?

Is there anyone on the list who is actually ready to receive the Jupiter (from @Michael Teresko ) and shoot with it?
Is there anyone on the list who is actually ready to receive the Canon (from @imagesfromobjects ) and shoot with it?

Or is the game over?
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Recently the tripod collar lock screw from my 50-140 became unattached and is now lost. I sent an email to Fujifilm support. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and any luck replacing theirs?
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I know, read the manual, but I cannot find it.
I know, search the forums, but I cannot find it.

I have to bug you. I'd like to change what is displayed on my X70's Q-Menu. I understand how to use the C1, C2 etc and change them. I would like to change what choices are available to me.

For example. on the first column, second row, I would like to have "HTone" displayed rather than "NR". How is that done?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Does anyone have any experience using the Nikon 35mm f/1.8 or Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art on the X-T2, X-T1, or X-Pro2? I am trying to decide if I am going to purchase one of the Fuji 35mm lenses while they are on sale, or if I should hold off and adapt my Nikon mount 35mm lenses.

I am interested in your thoughts on IQ, DOF, bokeh comparisons etc. between the two Fuji lenses and the adapted Nikon mount lenses. Also, if you have used these lenses on your Fuji, what adapter you have used.
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Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 cannot read my X-T2 RAF files. The error msg says "wrong kind of file". I downloaded Camera Raw Plug-in 9.7.1 (9/17/16 version) *.8bi file, copied into theh plug-in folder to replace the old file but it still doesn't work. I have done the same procedure when I had X-T1 and Elements13 and was successful. Is there any thing I can do?
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Amber Tutton DSCF0198.jpg DSCF0229 (1).jpg
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[​IMG]Floating Dreams by Ian, on Flickr

Floating Dreams by Ik-Joong Kang is an installation in the middle of the River Thames near the Millennium Bridge. Made from 500 drawings and illuminated from inside, the lantern is a memorial to the millions displaced during the Korean War (1950-53), and a symbol of hope for the reunification of North and South Korea.

Fuji XE1 and 35/1.4 lens
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Still sifting through my Doors Open Day weekend I came across these images. Like many industrial cities Glasgow has transformed previously industrial use buildings into hip apartments and shops.

Apartment Entrance - I don't know if the handle is lost on the inhabitants

Tannery 1.jpg

The ground floor is given over to an upmarket bridal shop. This is above the main display window.

Tannery 2.jpg
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Using a adapter with my Yashica 50mm lens. Cannot get the shutter to fire. Tried a bunch of menu settings, in manual focus, S mode. The aperture is showing as f/0 which I would expect given the adapter has no electronics anyway.

What am I missing?
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in Tuscany with Mischka Scott DSCF0697.jpg DSCF0715.jpg
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This orchestra illustrates a composition of different elements, a harmony between New vs Old, Digital vs Analog of my own collection in a sonata form. In another word, music to my ears. :)

Kid aside, shooting film (black & white) is still my favorite, top of the list. Although lately the Digital Arsenal team seems to be taken over the Analog team by force. Make no mistake, taken over but never for be forgotten the legendary of 35mm film.

Quick snapshots taken by my samsung note 7.

P.S. the "black" X-pro2 is by nature a conductor of course. :)



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I took my first shots with a new X-T2 today on the farm and set the camera for RAW + JPG on the assumption that none of my software had X-T2 RAW converters yet (and none of it does). I recorded the RAW files to one card and JPG to another, and some of the shots were with film simulations including black and white. (Thus it would be obvious on viewing when a film simulation was applied.) On import to the computer I stored the RAW files in one folder and the JPG files in another folder.

I expected to see nothing but "we can't do this" when I asked ON1 Photo 10 to open a RAW file, but what I got was the film simulation version, yet the file name still indicated RAW. (I also got the film simulation on the JPG files, of course.)

Logically then, since ON1 Photo 10 does not have a RAW converter for the X-T2 ( Digital camera RAW formats supported by OS X El Capitan ), it should follow that either one should not be able to see a RAW file, or somehow the film simulation is baked in with the RAW file. I discount the latter because the file size for RAW "simulated" images was identical to straight "non-simulated" images.

This leaves another possibility; that the Mac/ON 1 Photo 10 called on the RAW converter for the X-Pro2, as I had updated my Mac RAW converter software earlier in the week, and this was supposed to support RAW on the X-Pro2.

My inclination is to think that ON1 Photo 10 used the X-Pro2 RAW converter in the Mac to open the X-T2 RAW file. But why were the film simulations applied?

A curiosity, and there are many people on the forum who are far more knowledgeable than am I.
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Not impressive photos, but the following were taken after midnight, with moonlight, 2 weeks ago. SOOC.
My eyes could not pick up the colours and detail that the camera has done!

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Has anyone used a wired cable release with the XT2? If so, what brand? I have a "Vello ShutterBoss" that I thought was compatible, but I can't use it on Manual and hold in the button for as long as I want. It will do a 30 second shot and bracket shots (if I use the Timer Start/Stop button) instead of the button that one usually uses to take the shot. I used the Vello on my Canon Cameras in the past. I am getting ready for a big trip and would love to get this figured out soon. I don't know if it is a setting, or just not compatible. Thanks for any input.
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On my X-T1 I frequently change one of the function buttons according to my needs. I do that by keeping it pushed for a few seconds, which leads me into the function selection menu. Very handy!

But this doesn't seem to be working on the X-T2. Am I doing something wrong?
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This is a 12 shot panorama, taken with a Fuji x100s, iso 250, ND filter on, f16, 3 seconds.
We had to deal with tough bright sunlight which resulted in areas with high and low contrast. 22nd September.

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I currently have a Phottix Odin (Nikon) and Lumopro LP180R. I use it in manual mode successfully with my Nikon D810.

What I'm wondering is, can I use the Odin/Lumopro combination on my Fuji's (X-Pro1, X-T1, X100S)? I don't care about TTL or the ability to control the flash from the Odin. I would just like the Fuji/Odin combination to fire the Lumopro.

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Hi, everyone!

I'm new to this forum, having found it by chance when searching the internet for some help and advice concerning my X-T10.

I absolutely LOVE this camera! HOWEVER, I'm sad to say that I've just continued to experience one problem after another.

I bought my XT-10 just six months ago. After three months, I noticed these odd, dark lines streaking vertically across the image sensor (three of them in total, around two millimeters thick). I took it back to the retailer who sent it on to Fujifilm - it ended up costing my £130 to repair as it wasn't covered under the warranty (the damage wasn't caused by myself - I'm an experienced photographer!) Anyway, that's a story for another day -the point is, this was the start of many more issues to come.

The next issue I experienced was that the rubber started to peel off the viewfinder cup. This started happening about four months in. About five months in, and the chrome plating is noticeably wearing off the shutter button/power switch combo. Both of these issues are purely cosmetic, but really? I mean, this camera is practically brand new!

And now for the latest issue: the play button has broken! This certainly means another trip to the repair shop and possibly another £130 bill. I'm hoping it's covered under the warranty as it appears to be a common problem - see here: X-T10 Play button issue: Fujifilm X System / SLR Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Has anyone else experienced these issues, or am I just downright unlucky? If so, any help or advice would be appreciated. Just for reference, the camera has been extremely well cared for - it hasn't been exposed to anything other than normal everyday (average) use and has always been stored correctly.
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Our equivalent of the prosecutors office.

Statutes at Large
Statutes at Large.jpg

procurators office desk.jpg

procurators office stair.jpg

procurators office view.jpg
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When i set my camera in Programa mode I can only do program shift with the speed dial and the rear dial doesn't work, no auto ISO or Auto DR is set , I set P mode in my XT10 as usual and both dials can change the program shift with the same lens, I have the latest firmware installed
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The Duke of Wellington statue Glasgow's Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA).

GOMA 2.jpg
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I've just had Capture One Pro 8 broken by the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. C1 won't start after the update. However, our friends at Phase One are aware of this and there is a download to fix it - version 8.3.5
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I just purchased from B&H the XF 23mm f/1.4 for $649.00 after $250.00 instant rebate. I can't help wondering if I made the right choice? The XF 23mm f/2.0 WR is $449.00 and shipping next week. last week I purchased a XT-2. I wondering what the opinion of the Forum is?
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