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pick up stix
by kevin dixey, on Flickr

First outing with the 35. So far my main impression is that it flares like a mofo (i'm spoiled by the 28/2 AiS) and it has a really nice OOF rendering. I'm going to spend the day shooting with it. The fellow that sold it to me graciously offered to let me return it if I don't like it. It's in very nice shape physically and the glass is beautiful. It's not nearly as sharp as my 28/2 or 50/2 but I wasn't expecting it would be.
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My m42 adaptor is on its way so I am after recommendations on a tack sharp portrait lens to put on my X-E2 that isn't going to cost a lot

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Fuji X-E2, Zeiss Touit 12mm/2.8
Naked Whaler.jpg
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I've had a few days to play with the pairing of the X-Pro2 and the Fuji 16mm F/1.4 (with fancy retro metal lens hood) and I can honestly say it will likely be on my camera for a very long time. Impossibly sharp. Perfect wide angle. Wonderful low light performance. Great semi-marco. It is the finest lens I have ever used.

First shot I took in my always too dark house.

And the rest ...




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X-T1, 18-135, NIK Silver Efex Pro 2

B&W Okra.jpg
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Managed to capture a couple of reasonably close shots of two of my sons sailing our Dart 18 catamaran on the St. Lawrence River (among the 1000 Islands near Gananoque, Ontario). Taken from our small motor boat. Then I handed the camera to my daughter so that she could catch my wife and I on board.

Fujifilm X-A1 with the XC16-50mm lens. Image files are SOOC jpegs but with some necessary cropping and horizon-fixing due to the bouncing boat that I was shooting from. Full size images on Flickr.




by Robert Campbell, on Flickr
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looking for the next meal

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image.jpg XE-2 18-135
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I came across this view whilst driving through Exmoor at the weekend. It's the same tree but three different angles. Xf-18-55



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This is a really clever tool and it comes with fantastic 1st person customer support. For $50 this can't be beat for the low or odd angle shots. Handy carry bag that can clip to your case,belt with caribiner or belt strap. I got the $14 Giottos ball head that work fine with XP2 and primes. Have used on zooms that I have and it is quite stable. Have any questions?... email or call the designer and you'll get a quick reply. The leveling screws are a great idea. I will state as he does states that the camera should not be left in a precarious position without a hand on or tie down but this advice rings true on almost any stabling device except large tripods. It is about the size of an iphone. IMHO this is ideal for all the X cameras, especially the XE. There is a larger one (Max) coming soon about the size of iPad mini. Home

Please excuse the dog hair on product!

platypod MCU.jpg

platypod w XP2 35mm.jpg
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Stupid I know, but I hit the wrong button and the LCD/EVF have gone quite dark, especially the interiors. Please help me see the light.
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Day 59 of our travels with my 16-55mm; attached to a Fuji grip (not battery, the other one) & Black Rapid 7R (?) wouldn't travel without it, ever.
- the 16mm end
- fast focus - no complaints whatsoever
- feels good in the hand
- feels fine in the Black Rapid

Not so keen on:
- occasionally get tired of the bulk/weight (9-12hrs into the day); a real 1st world problem.

Next trip:
- leave the 10-24 at home
- leave the 23mm at home
- leave the Nissin i40 at home
- continue to always bring the Sony RX100 Mk 3/4/5... see Stephen Skok - PORSCHE MUSEUM on Exposure
- leave the grade filter kit at home
- handcuff my backpack containing my Macbook Pro, iPad, La Cie Rugged, batteries, charge cables, Leatherman ... you get the drift.
- your kilometres may vary.

Fortunately, all my pix were backed up & all my cards were elsewhere & intact.

So, until October I can only post pix transferred from my camera to my iPhone.

This one is from today - Rhodes, Greece. SSOC.

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Anyone tried both?

I've got a Hoya HD for my kit lens and it's been fine, but I've no other experience for comparison.

I want to order a 62mm CP filter for my 23/56 lenses.
It's between these two, they're approximately the same price, and most of the reviews for both are decent.

Wondering if anyone had use both on their Fuji kit and had a clear favourite.

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I have just returned from holiday where I took the XC16-50 zoom as the main lens. I have loaded up to lightroom and wanted to see, out of 600 shots, which focal lengths I use the most.

The results: over 200 shots at 16mm, and over 200 shots at 50mm !

Is this some kind of laziness? Or is it that these 2 lenths are really my prefered ( or, I seem to always want wider, or longer).

No other focal length had more than 5 shots each, (except for a few clusters around 24, 28 and 35).

Is this how everyone else uses zoom lenses, or should I be trying to utilise all the lengths in between?

I originally thought zooms were about having a whole range ofocal lenghts. However, would my photography gain more if I began to see it more as 4 lenses in one (16, 23, 35, 50)?
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A couple of shots from our walk yesterday. XT1 and my new 16-55mm - I'm really liking this lens. Weight doesn't bother me at all.
Edited with VSCO Ektachome 64. Nice preset for outdoor shots.

Aug 26 30_1.jpg

Aug 26 25_1.jpg

Aug 26 24_1.jpg
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The new Fuji EF X-500 flash is now available for preorder at B&H Photo. The site claims shipping on 9/8, depending on availability.

Now I have order the latest Fuji "trifecta": the X-T2 body, XF 23 f2 lens and the new flash. I'm so spoiled!

I have a mint X-T1 body, fuji battery grip and RRS L-bracket available for sale, if anyone is interested.

Bud James
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I decided to use my 50-200mm for a bit of landscape work. This is at 200mm looking from the edge of Yorkshire Dales NP over the Forest of Bowland AONB in Lancashire.

[​IMG]Dales sunset by MB, on Flickr
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I love a good sunrise. Been taking a shot like this, whenever I can, for 9 years now.
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On my last trip to Spain, I didn't use my camera as much as I wanted. But I took some photos in Marbella, fabulous place that we always visit when we come to Spain. 20160819-_DSF7444.jpg 20160819-_DSF7451.jpg 20160819-_DSF7454.jpg 20160819-_DSF7465.jpg
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I just added an 18-135mm lens to my kit bag, and had been out shooting RAW+JPG.

I am doing some LR post production, and found a distinct lack of lens correction profiles for Fuji! Are there any that can be added from an external source?

I am also finding that at least with LR, the rendition of camera jpg vs LR jpg are quite different. Looks as the the camera is applying an S curve. Additionally, there are sharpening benefits, which I presume is a mixture of distortion correction and lens modulation fix (whatever that is!).

Funny thing is that for some photos I prefer the raw/processed, but for other I prefer the camera jpg. For me, it looks like shooting both is essential.
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I know Fuji will update the AF on the X-Pro2 in the next firmware. Does anyone know if the AF during movie-mode also will be updated? Seems to me some functions can be added, most notably AF-S during recording (now you have to focus before you start the recording).

I assume the X-T2 has this corrected and it seems like such a small thing to add :)
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Be warned, the rest of the shots on my blog are NSFW, nor for the feint of heart. More here.

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Four weeks ago I bought the contax 4,5-5,6/100-300 lens and to say that I've enjoyed using it is putting it mildly. I've shot cats (sad) and trains and flowers (argh) and several other projects. Absolutely enjoying it.

Here are few from a outing to a nearby pond. All wide open Although it's not hard to find the focus point even at f11.

The flower in the middle facing straight up is the focus point.

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noticed this guy cleaning down a long corridor while we were all having lunch in a adjoining cafe. Felt sorry for him that he was working on a Sunday while everyone else was enjoying the weekend.
The butterfly was just a random shot that reminds me that Spring is close!
XT-1, 23mm


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Finally made the short drive to Biloxi to shoot this interesting architecture. If there was any lens distortion, you can't tell! X-E2, Fujinon 10-24 DSCF1283.JPG


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I just returned from a short trip to the Greenbrier with my wife who was there to attend a work conference. Since it's a comped room, I tag along and while she is in conference, I'm normally out hiking somewhere. This year I took a bit over an hour drive to the Falls of Hills Creek. It was spectacular. Here are a few pictures with a few more on my site here.

The tallest waterfall at 65 feet

The stream that feeds the above waterfall (about 10 feet behind where I took this picture)

The middle falls

And a friendly spider enjoying a meal

Hope you enjoy.
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I end up with a Fuji X-Pro 1, a couple of nearly 50 year old lenses in the Nikkor HC 50/2 and Nikkor-O 35/2 and am quite satisfied. I get the feeling I could have saved a whole bunch of money if I had gone about this differently. o_O

unimpressed with humans
by kevin dixey, on Flickr
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Grabbed this mage on my way to work tonight, the sky was simply beautiful. Wallace Monument, Central Scotland.

[​IMG]Wallace Monument by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

X-Pro1 - XF56mm - iso 400 - @ f/4 - handheld
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These are my first X70 images converted using Silver Efex Pro, I am very happy with the results and find the end results match those I used to get from the GR.

Yet again, the X70 proves itself to be a very powerful pocket camera to always have with me.

Glos 1 B&W.jpg Glos 2 B&W.jpg Glos 3 B&W.jpg Glos 4 B&W.jpg Glos 5 B&W.jpg
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Why are people happy to spend thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses and then want free processing software? Surely processing is an expense that needs to be factored in when budgeting to buy a camera?
In the film days nobody gave free film with their cameras and developing chemicals and paper and equipment certainly weren't given away free for those who wanted to do it themselves so where did this attitude that free software should be supplied as a right come from?
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Hello everyone,

recently I had the chance to test a fuji xpro2 against my Nikon D750 (mainly for the af speed). My question is if there is a free software that I can use for looking at the xpro2's raw files. My Lightroom v5.7 doesn't recognise them so I cannot tell about the IQ of the camera.

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