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I couldn't pass up the chance to get away from the ink extortion racket and picked up an Epson 2550 ecotank printer. It has been about a month with about 25 high quality 8x10 prints.


We wanted to create a few photo walls around the house, so I started doing 8x10s of my shots and mounting them on foam core board for hanging. It is about $20/each from Adoramapix.


The printer was a bit more expensive than your average printer, but the ink is a huge amount cheaper. About $10 per color for enough to go a long ways. Most average people could get 2 years out of one fill. I'm printing photos at 8x10 with a lot of color, so I doubt I will get that much time. Still, the ink is not going too fast.


So far it has been easy and a big savings to print and foam core mount anything up to 8x10.


I also added an Epson V550 scanner that can do my medium format and 35mm film making it easy to get all my photography into print cost effectively.

Digital files are great and I really like the versatility. All my film goes to digital files too. Even so, I can't imagine my daughter flipping through a digital file archive in 50 years like she would with prints. I hope this setup lets me continue to print often.
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Is anyone interested in the upcoming medium format Fuji?

Obviously this is very early, with the official introduction some time in the future, and availability most likely some additional time after that, but no harm in having a little discussion beforehand. :)
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This building caught my eye. Fuji X-A1/27mm. DSCF3939-3.jpg
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I was out today and grabbed a few flower images at the local allotment (XPro2 + 16-55 & 55-200mm).

It was a great day so I took advantage for a couple of hours to venture out and grab a few images.

Sat 2.jpg Sat 3.jpg Sat 4.jpg Sat 8.jpg Sat 9.jpg
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In some cases, I see Leica M's and R's aren't necessarily hugely as different on the used market. I'm sure there are distinctions I'm just not aware of, but to the unschooled, more similar in some cases than different. I'm curious whether folks shooting M's on Fuji are also using them on Leica digital... and how the results compare. R's and SLR lenses in general seem to have a rep for a better transfer to digital... but I'm curious what folks "see" and "like". In a sense, the question also pushes toward whether and to what extent "results" are affected by lenses vs. the camera's sensor tech (which might be the digital equivalent of film. FWIW, I like the Metabones effect on FF lenses... and that pushes toward an "R" perhaps one day. Thoughts of one day also having a Lecia... though push toward the M. Then of course there are the Zeiss.... but that's another kettle of fish (probably more realistic). ;);)
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Well I took the plunge and bought the X-Pro2 and Fujifilm XF100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR Lens + XF1.4x Teleconverter today. Having used an X-Pro1 and Xe1 for a few years, looking forward to using this new kit with hopefully faster autofocus.
Just one question, is the X-Pro2 compatible with the yongnuo 560 tx controller and 560 mark III speedlights as the X-Pro1 is? (assume also my nissin i40 will be ok?)
Hope to post up some images soon
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I've an X100S with an aftermarket PU leather case and strap. The strap is about 1200mm in length when affixed to the camera but I find it too short when carrying the camera diagonally over one shoulder with the case on. I'm looking for something nearer 1500mm after fastening. I've looked at eBay but can't find anything. Has anyone any ideas where I could find a strap this sort of length?
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Back in the 1990's someone in Glasgow had the grand idea of a 127m high tower that would turn with the wind as a millenium project. The design contest was won by Richard Horden whose design was based on an aerofoil - he also designed yachts. The problem was the design was based on the whole tower standing on a 650mm thrust bearing at the bottom of a 15m caisson.
Science Centre Tower Bearing.jpg
The bearing failed within a year of the tower opening and after a number of attempts to fix it the tower has now re-opened but it doesn't rotate. It's still an impressive structure though.

Science Centre Tower 1.jpg
Glasgow's coat of arms has a tree, a fish, a bird and a bell on it with the following rhyme
The tree that never grew
the bird that never flew
the fish that never swam
the bell that never rang

You could now add
the tower that never turned

Science Centre Tower 3.jpg

I am always taken aback with the quality of image from the X100S.
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I know the movie mode on the X series cameras is very basic, but I was looking for any tutorials that helped me use the function better. For example, what is the best focusing mode to use, C, S or M. In Manual mode, is there a way to choose a focus point quickly or are you just left with the focus ring to gain focus.
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Does this feature exist?
I love it with the x100s, but how about the x-pro2? It would extend the batterylife significantly as I almost always shoot in ovf..

(for those who doesn't know: the "ovf power save mode" on the x100s shuts close the aperture blades in ovf view when not pressing the shutter, as opposed to when the ovf power save mode is off and the aperture blades stay open and constantly adjust to the correct exposure, draining the juice of the batteries in no time)
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Commercial photography for a new brand of hand-made mechanical watches

Fujifilm X-T1 with Rikonon 50mm f1.7 @ 1/25 ISO 200
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I finally broke down and bought a Novoflex Nikon to Fuji adapter to use my Nikon lenses with my X-T1. While at the camera store buying the adapter I noticed a Nikkor-Q Auto 200 mm f4 lens for sale, $90 Canadian, and bought it too. I find it quite easy to focus manually with the focus peaking feature, and by setting the ISO to Auto, I can use the lens or the adapter to change the aperture quickly to the correct metering.

The lens seems sharp enough, although softer than my fuji 55-200. The photos below were taken at 1/2000 ISO 2500 (set automatically), f stop unknown. The CH feature on the camera captures the action well, albeit without tracking.

Any suggestions as to how to improve these uses of this lens?


BLAK0625.jpg BLAK0623.jpg BLAK0627.jpg
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taken with my xt10. 18-55mm
Natural light.
JPEG, I believe I set it to Classic Chrome, though I did some adjusting in LR.
Auto WB


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fist attempt
60mm macro, natural light via window. Lightroom + Analog efex pro to blur edges

Have to try with tripod and better light (lover ISO). pretty pleased anyway, I was just watching photos via camera and wife passed by. Stopped her and said don't move I'll take picture of your eye :)
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Out for a walk and found these Poppies, the only 2 (3) in the whole field. AF just wouldn't focus on them (not surprisingly) so I went to MF and the screen.

BLU14364 Fm RAW 10-8.jpg

The next day I took along a tripod but they had blown.

BLU14370 Fm RAW 10-8.jpg

Amazing how short a life they have.
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Sinister Melbourne


Looking north from Kangaroo Ground

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Difficult question to answer I know but I'm tempted to change my XT-10 for a used XT-1.

I love the XT-10 and the only improvements I can see with the XT-1 is the EVF and the much nicer handling - I think the cost to change could be around £150 - is it worth it ? Is the image quality identical ?

Thanks :)
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Fujifilm X-E2s and XF 18-55

5 (1 of 1).jpg
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After long hours of steep steps and dangerous ferratas we reach the East summit of the Hua Shan mount just in time to catch the sunset from the tp of the summit, above and then below the layer of thick pollution and smog.


Fujifilm X-T1 with 18mm f/16 1/105 ISO400 with Velvia preset and circular polariser
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I have owned both the XT-1 and the 23mm for the last year and a half without issue and just today I pulled the camera out of my bag (I keep the 23mm on there as a default) and went to switch to my 16mm and the 23mm is stuck. I hold the lens release button and the lens can twist the same amount as if I am not pressing it. I am assuming that the button is malfunctioning, or something is obstructing the lens from turning.

If the camera is on and I twist a little the lens will electronically disconnect but I cannot twist it off.

So I guess for the meantime I have the more awesome version of a x1oot, but I am curious if anyone else has had issues with the lens release button or a stuck lens. I emailed fuji in NJ to see what my options are but maybe someone has a trick!
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Since my last portrait that I posted was not well received by most, I wanted to put another image up. This one was also shot in natural light with a reflector for fill. Shot on my X-E2 and the 56mm. Processed in Lightroom. Kari 2.jpg
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It is possible, you just need to be creative.

This feeder is mounted on our kitchen window. All it takes is a little bit of patience and a bunch of cropping. I'm going to try some when they're flying - which will be more luck than skill. DSCF1256 (1).jpg DSCF1257.jpg
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I am really enjoying my Fuji 100-400 and xpro2.
Here are some recent dragonfly pics I took with it. All shots were handheld. I love the bokeh possibilities at 400mm.

[​IMG]tattered dragon

This one was cropped pretty heavily due to a photobombing damselfly.
[​IMG]blue dragonfly cropped

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So I decided that I needed to test the new continuous AF on something a little less predictable and a lot smaller in size. I booked an Isle of May landing trip through the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick, with a view of trying to capture Puffins in flight.​

Continue reading...
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Fuji X-T1, 18-135 @ 135. Processed in Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro 2.

B&W Echinacea_.jpg
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this was taken with an ND Filter and I added further blur to the water in PP. As per the previous thread (Jetty) I like this minimalist style but I am only just starting out so any advice thoughts welcome.

[​IMG]Docklands.jpg by -DaveBailey1-
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Fujifilm brings a “Photo Renaissance” to everyone in its new brick & mortar store located in New York’s historical Flatiron District

Valhalla, N.Y., July 18, 2016 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation has established a new, immersive photo and brand experience in New York’s historical Flatiron District, called the Wonder Photo Shop. The Wonder Photo Shop is meant to bring the message of “Photo Renaissance” and the joy of photography to all aspects of peoples’ lives. This first-of-its-kind retail store in the U.S. adds to Fujifilm’s other global Wonder Photo Shop locations in Tokyo, Barcelona, Bogota, Manila, and Shanghai. In addition to these Wonder Photo Shops, there are eight affiliate Wonder Photo Shop in eight countries (Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Thailand and Germany). The new Wonder Photo Shop will officially open on July 22 and is located at 176 5th Avenue.


The Wonder Photo Shop will live in the heart of the iconic Flatiron District, long-known as the “photography district” in New York City.

Visitors will experience a one-of-a kind creative space made specifically to reacquaint them with the joyand wonder of photography, and how they can bring their favorite images from smartphones and social media to life, through prints, personalized and wall decoration photo products, and unique DIY photo creations.

At the Wonder Photo Shop, guests will experience an engaging and interactive retail space with new,cutting edge Fujifilm products. They will be encouraged to provide feedback and share their ideas for using photos in their everyday lives. In this way, the store will act as a learning center giving guests the opportunity to influence product features as they share their own personal preferences and opinions. These interactions will allow Fujifilm to gain a better understanding of what the market wants, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

With a full range of Fujifilm’s instax instant print cameras and Share Printer SP-2, and the award-winning line of X Series digital cameras and high-quality lenses on display to touch and try, guests will see the true photographic heritage of Fujifilm and develop their own vision of how to creatively use their photos.

The Wonder Photo Shop is meant to act as a catalyst for a Photo Renaissance, a rebirth of the enjoyment of photography. Featuring quick print kiosks with connectivity to mobile devices, print stations with a wide range of product capabilities and a photo booth, guests can create a wide range of personalized photo products. There will also be various specialized stations for comfortable, creative crafting. The focus of Wonder Photo Shop is to create a warm, welcoming environment where guests will want to spend time and discover new ways to enjoy their photos and raise the level of creative output to new heights. A few of the exciting products and services include: Shuffle Print, a personalized collage print with a fun shuffle creation feature on the kiosk, exclusive NYC-themed instax film, a selection of patriotic accessories for X Series cameras, and ship-to-home capabilities for gifting products. The Wonder Photo Shop is also developing a line of interchangeable print wall collage accessories and unique print product bundles including DIY Supplies for one-of-a-kind gifting.

The store will also feature a DIY lounge where in-house experts and special guest crafters will lead classes, lectures and exhibitions to provide inspiration and teach new techniques. Customers can share their creations through personalized photo products such as photo books, wall décor and printed keepsakes.

The new Wonder Photo Shop will have an extensive social media presence. The Wonder Photo Shop website will serve to inform customers of the overall experience, including event sign ups, class scheduling, company and promotional information, video content and the option to sign up to receive emails for latest in photographic news. Wonder Photo Shop also has a Facebook and Instagramfor users to post images and DIY creations with hashtags to create excitement, and a Snapchat for sharing exclusive, behind-the-scenes store content.

Look for Wonder Photo Shop online at Instagram @wonderphotoshopnyc and on Facebook at @wonderphotoshopnyc. And stay tuned for new events, products and special photo classes – all coming soon to the Wonder Photo Shop!

Store hours

The Wonder Photo Shop will be opened Monday – Saturday, from 10AM-7PM; and Sunday from 12PM-6PM.
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Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this remote control - TriggerTrap??

The world's best camera remote releases

Combination dongle and Smartphone app.

As much as I "llike " using the Fuji app - the delay with the camera response (over wifi) is often very annoying.
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Thank you for viewing!

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Untitled copy copy.jpg
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Still looking and reading about the Fuji lenses and am looking at either the the 18-55 f/2.8 or the 35 f/2. This would be used as a street scene walkabout lens, I like the little zoom but also the prime side is always good, torn between the two any comments would be appreciated.
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So I need some help. I just discovered that you can achieve full frame DOF by using the metabones ultra speedbooster adapter, which is awesome.

I can only afford one adapter at this time, and I can't decide if I should get the SB adaptor for Canon, Nikon, or Minolta. I currently use an Xpro-2.

Here's my criteria:
1. Excellent for portraits
2. Excellent legacy lenses with narrow DOF...equivalent to F1.2 or F1.4 on a full frame (I love the DOF on the Sigma Art F1.4 or the Canon 85mm F1.2L lenses)
3. Sharp wide open with minimal vignette or CA
4. Fits reasonably well (size and weight) with the Fuji X-Pro2 or XT-2
5. Affordable lenses (i.e. similar in price to Fuji X mount lenses)

Based on my criteria, which adapter should I get? Canon, Nikon, Minolta? If so, why? And please recommend some nice portrait lenses to purchase.
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As the title says, I get more and more in love with my little X70. Such image quality in such a small camera. Last night I was out for a ride with the X70. Here are some pictures:

18 sec - f/11 - 18 mm - ISO 200

1/60 - f/11 - 18 mm - ISO 200

13 sec - f/11 - 18 mm - ISO 200
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A few shots from my trip to PV earlier this month.




[​IMG] [​IMG]
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SC20-2a.jpg Here is a color version of custom bike builder Strife Charming. I posted a black and white image a short time ago. This will be used to promote his business. Shot on my XPro 1 with the 10-24 lens. Processed in Lightroom and HDR EFEX Pro.
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My XQ1 always freezes recently. I cannot shut it down by pressing the on/off button. Therefore, I can only remove and re-insert the battery.

Tried solutions: (1) Update the firmware (2) Use a new SD card [Both ways did not solve the problem]

Anybody has any idea about this?

For your reference, I bought it in Dec 2014.

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Taken with a Canon 5DMII + 300mm f/4L IS lens... :)


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