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Took a stroll at the cemetery next door last weekend and came away with this one.

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I like to visit this place when I can. It's in the Minneapolis area (Minnetonka, I believe), and is a beautiful old house on a nice bit of land. The sun was shining for a bit this weekend, which has been a rare site this winter. Taken with an X-T1 and XF 16-55/2.8 lens.

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X-T1, 14mm, 1/80sec, f/2.8, ISO3200

I really do like reflections.
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Doh, I just bought an X-E2 from the bay. Put a bid in just north of lowball and surprisingly, won it. Somewhat conflicted, since I have a perfectly usable X-E1. But I was compelled by the recent upgrade goodness that's been discussed so much.

I think that I'll dedicate the X-E1 to legacy lenses, as I'd intended when I bought it, and use the impulsively collected X mount glass for the 2 (Zeiss 32, Fuji 60, and Fuji 18-55).

GAS attack or reasonable? You decide.

Good to see y'all. John
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Thinking about printing. Mostly thinking that I haven't been doing it and I'd like something to hang on my wall as well as a handy non-screen way to check out whether I really like a shot. Casual looks here and there can sometimes tell you more about whether you like A vs. B than an intense moment of on-screen scrutiny will? Don't know... but seems to have some merit. Bear in mind I'm not thinking I'd be printing "art prints", but for everyday and workflow... seems there might be a point to those who suggest including printmaking in the creative process.

Maybe that's rationalization? Sure. Fact that there's not a section of these forums focused on printmaking might be suggesting I should think again. Fact is, there are a fair number of folks dead set against home printing. I've started out that way... generally 'cause of all those bad experiences with ink jets. "Been there, done that... not going there." Whose experience with these critters back before office lasers dropped in price... didn't run from foul to worse sufficient to swear off the beasts? Frankly... don't know the person. But it's been what... 20 years or more? Okay.

So I'm reading that's changed... but wondering, "Really? Didn't they say that back in the 1990's, too?" Interesting that Canon has a rep for "it just works" while Epson... not so much. But it brings other issues to mind:

1) How hard is it to calibrate the screen?
2) Do we calibrate the printer, too? or is that the same thing?
3) And is this the sort of exercise we should be doing anyway before shipping images off to print by third parties?

So maybe the squeeze is worth it no matter what. Curious what others think... or whether they're done thinking and quit the whole idea of printing and just use labs. If that's the case... then doesn't the calibration bit still matter? Hmmmm. Your thoughts appreciated.
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Which one is the best option right now? After the firmware release for xe2, these all 3 looks pretty similar on paper. So, which should I buy considering ergonomics, ease of use etc.?
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I realized that the bank at the back of my mum's house could be a reasonably consistent if not entirely scientific place to compare what different lenses do on the bokeh front. The photos were taken on 4 different days within a yard or so of each other, at their widest aperture and MFD. All focally reduced but due to M42Fuji adapter incompatibilities the Yashinon is on m43, so is at 70 rather than 50. In order of width:

Sigma 24/2.8


Yashica ML 28/2.8


MIR 35/2


Zeiss 45/2.8


Zeiss 50/1.7


Yashinon DX 50/1.7


I guess I've drawn some conclusions from doing this, but I won't bore you all with them. Yet.
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XT1•55-200•Lightroom/SEP image.jpeg
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I have an XE1 which I enjoy using. However, it appears to me that the color balance on the lcd if off because it appears more yellow than the actual pictures do when processed and displayed on my imac screen. I first thought the pictures themselves were to yellow when compared to the lcd of my other cameras, Pentax, Nikon and Olympus, but when loaded on the imac, they are just fine.
Is there some to check or adjust the white balance or color of the lcd of the camera?
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Hi all,

I am new to this forum, and unfortunately I would like to start directly with a problem.

I borrowed a X100s from a friend of mine and was going to test it before the delivery of my brand new X-E2. Now I have this problem (and I have seen a few posts about this subject) that when I turn the camera on it freezes directly and the on/off button doesn't work anymore. Removing the battery switches off the camera, but when I insert the battery I have the same problem. When I turn on the camera (after removal of the battery) and I press the Play button, I can enter the Play menu and everything works OK, but when I try to go to the photo-mode, same problem again. This also is the case when I turn on the camera (after removal of the battery) and press the 'DISP/Back' button, then I can enter the firmware update menu.

As said, I've seen a few posts on this matter, but there was no follow up how the story ended. I feel quite bad about this, so I would really appreciate some information/help.

Thank you from a desperate new forum member
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Has anybody tested to connect with USB cable to pc after upgrade to latest firmware on X-E2 ?
My camera can't be found in WIN7, or WIN10.
I have also tried to connect to another computer.
Camera acts as it not connected to pc. But if I remove the USB cable it hangs.
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The top 3 are from Belize, the bottom from Ernesto's Fajita Factory in Cozumel.. I really like photo #2, he was a river guide and was intensely looking for wildlife to show us.

DSCF5495.jpg DSCF5546.jpg DSCF5487.jpg DSCF5920.jpg
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Brand new X Shooter here.. Green as they come. In my quest to find the Camera that's right for me I was able to use an X-T1 with XF18-55 and Rokinon 12mm for a few weeks. It was a great experience, and I really started to fall in love with the Fuji System. I will be purchasing Fuji gear soon for sure..






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Dylan leading the first pitch of Leaning Tree. A little scrambling with my X-E1 and 12mm Touit lead to this photo. Really interesting light in the deep canyon.

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Fairly hurried and hand-held, set at 800 ISO and f/1.4 or f/2 aperture priority. Difficult to set up tripod and make careful exposure adjustments when you're in strolling crowds with your nearest and dearest who haven't brought their cameras along. Tried to take advantage of f/1.4 for both lenses but depth of field considerations made it more complex than I'd thought. Love these wide apertures on the primes but still waiting to try out the 16-55mm...

Paddle steamer Tattershall Castle

DSCF7729  Ship and HoP_edited-1.jpg

Festival Pier

Festival Pier Panorama night reduced.jpg

Houses of Parliament

DSCF7688Old and New H of P_edited-3.jpg

London Eye


Just a thought - do they allow tripods on bridges and along the South Bank? I'm asking because back in 1997 I got told to take one down while doing tourist-type shots of Darling Harbour in Sydney "because the pics could be sold as postcards"...
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And so I have searched and read some older posts about dealing with Henry's, the gray market etc.

Bottomline is that i preordered the XP2 from Henry's for $1358 understanding is that this will come with a two year Fuji warranty, the first year I can get serviced in the US and the second year, serviced in Canada..The camera is selling in the US for $1699. I would be getting it for $350 I missing anything, is there a cost benefit analysis that I am not considering. Do I cancel the order with Henry's and get from a local camera shop for piece of mind or do I save $350 and be smart???? Everything I have read indicates that I will be ok but just one last word of encouragement from someone that KNOWS would be appreciated...
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I'm curious about your idea of '3d pop'? Please let your images speak.
Here's one from the weekend (XF35/1.4@1.4):


Next please ...
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hi i have been thinking about this matter since the xpro2 dropped a few weeks back and i was thinking, as many on this forum seem to be thinking.. that i wish fuji would hurry up and deliver the new stock so i can "upgrade" quickly.. mostly... because the X-Trans™* CMOS III sensor & X Processor Pro (and "improved" AF and faster, cleaner ISO) .. does look to be the business.

however.. and call me controversial.. i'm not so cool about the xpro2 not having an articulated viewing screen.. not going to lie i was a little disappointed to learn this at the launch and it has been playing on my mind.

since using xm1... a lot... i'm finding the screen to be a god send especially for framing those low and high shots blah blah blah... its just ultra convenient not to have to stick your nose on the back of the camera all the time... and a moving screen has grown into a must have feature afaik... i can no longer live without one.

over the weekend ... out and about with my beloved x-m1... i was mulling over buying the xpro2 again blah blah blah and in a bolt of clear consciousness decided to make a firm decision and forget about upgrading anytime soon.

i love that my x-m1 is so small, cheap and light weight.... stick an xf 23mm lens on an xm1 and that is the perfect x camera afaik.

having said that i still fancy that cmos 3 sensor and the nu processor... so.. in my dreams i would be looking forward to fuji launching an x-m1(2)... but truth is i will take a box brownie with a cmos 3 + processor pro and an articulated LED screen in it.

question: has anyone heard any rumours about a forthcoming x series camera with a cmos 3 and an articulated screen?
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I have tried to assign one of the function buttons to Face Detection on my X-E2, but without success. There is probably a very simple reason, but I can't see it.
Can someone please help.

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My wife recently found a whole new part of her family, many are living, some have deceased. Traveling 3 hours to a remote cemetry to pay respects, the only lens I'd consider is the 23mm. It won't let you down



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Almost zero light pollution in the north of northland NZ. Another star shot. Astro is a funny path. You get addicted to it but those around you don't share your enthusiasm as 'one star shot is the same as the other'. To me it's a new frontier in photography, like underwater. The samyang for its price is fantastic. Highly recommended if you think you want star shots but are still saving for the Fuji 16mm'n

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hi could I have some recommendations for viewfinder on XA-1 & 27mm lens?
On a budget so used one is fine
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I have installed firmware version 4 for my XE-2. Takes some time to adapt and figure out all the focus options. Missed a lot of pics due to confusion from my part. The biggest problem, however, remains and old bug that haunted the XE-2 from the beginning: the impossibility to have EVF for shooting and automatic LCD for playback. I read several posts going back months ago, and many persons wished that Version 4 would solve that problem (which, incidently does not exist on other X models). Am I wrong? Is there a reason why Fuji did not implement this crucial change?
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It was one day after Fujifilm announced their newest cameras (X-Pro2, X70, X-E2s) and the newest XF telephoto zoom lens (100-400mm) that I sat down together

[​IMG]Continue reading...
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Been tinkering with a DIY ringlight last week. This is one of the shots I got out of it. X-E1 with the 56mm wide open.

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Taken with X-T1 , with simple LTM > FX 11$ adapter:

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Just thought I try my XT1 Version 4.0 continuous autofocus on wide mode, using the Fujinon 55-200





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My X-E1 had worked fine until I tried out the custom settings. After that, its operation is somewhat unpredictable. Like the settings changing unexpectedly (e.g. AUTO ISO changing to 200). Also the Q button just does not work properly. When I push the button, the options show up, but when I select any one of them, it just goes back to the image display.

I tried a reset, but that had no effect. Hope someone here can offer a suggestion.

Thanks in advance,

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This is what you get when you are on the phone around me and you get bored. lol

02-07-2016_XT10_cbus_DSCF9020.jpg 02-07-2016_XT10_cbus_DSCF9021.jpg
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Havent thought through any details but thought this might be a fun and interesting project. :)
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