One of my first with a Fuji

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If I remember correctly, the original launched at 1600-1700 USD. Assuming the second iteration will be at least that much, what will need to be upgraded and/or included for you to be ready and willing to pay $1700+? In other words, what would need to be included in order for you to preorder without hesitation because it is just THAT AWESOME?

For me, it will be retention of the hybrid VF with some innovative improvements, much faster AF (noticeably better than the current xt1 with fw 4.0), better ISO performance with a much higher cap than 6400 natively, tilt screen with higher resolution than other current models, max mechanical shutter speed of 1/8000th, dual card slot, larger buffer, new processer with faster UI and general response time, slight increase in size if it allows for a larger battery.

If there is any possibility of introduction of the organic sensor (which will more than likely not happen) and/or a global electronic shutter, perhaps IBIS, then those things alone combined with the operating performance simular to xt1 would be enough to convince me. But I know these three things probably won't happen so I didn't want to include it in my list.

Just some random thoughts. Sorry if this has already been hashed and rehashed previously. I was just prompted to think about it since I just passed on buying a few other things in hopes that the xpro2 would be announced within the next 6 months.
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Bali theatre dancer

Bali Dancer.jpg
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Cowichan Bay harbour, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, last February. Taken with Canon 7D and a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 (IF) DX lens.

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this is the first shot i took with my new x-t10
it was taken in fuerteventura just as the sun was going down
think the foreground could have been shaper but i loved the colours in the sky
i downloaded to my phone using the wifi function and edited on my phone using snap seed
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Leaves in a fissure in my elm tree.

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Took the dog for a walk; shot with a Nikon D700 :)eek:)...
Processed using PS6 and Nik SW
Orvelte 0326k.jpg
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Hey all. Firstly, not sure if this thread should go under the 'accessories' category, but please feel free to move it if needed, mods :)

I've been taking four lenses on my shoots recently. Currently in constant carry for events are:

Gripped XT-1
12mm Zeiss
5 total batteries

Might seem like a lot to some, but I've found the need to have the 12mm on me for weddings in tight spaces. I've also found the need for extreme dof that the 23 offers...Dang it, lol. The 16-55 and 50-140 are just staples I can't do without due to the ever changing nature of weddings. Zooms just make my life a bit easier. I can justify it all day :p

I have this all stuffed into a Billingham Hadley Pro, but find that the larger lenses take up a LOT of room and am finding it difficult to navigate through the bag easily. I absolutely love the bag for a non-gripped camera with the 23 or 16-55 attached and a few accessories in the pockets, but when I plan on shooting with a gripped camera, the bag proves a bit too narrow..

What other bags should I look at to offer me a bit more room for my gear for events?
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Last Sunday afternoon, look like every body has left the city for fall colors in the countryside, except three to four persons. However, colours were there too.

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hello All,

made this photo with the Fuji XT1 and the XF 35mm

greetings Jakke

NXT14499 v2 FF.jpg
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I have to say that I looked forward to the "official info panel at top of portal that gave me update info, new product info etc. Is that making a return?
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While flying home after our recent I woke up to see this out my window. It was so cool.

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We brought Asmund home from the shelter a little over a year ago. He was malnourished, morbidly obese, and suffered a host of psychological disorders. He's much better now: having lost six pounds, gaining muscle in the process, and learning to trust people again. That said, we keep finding and treating previously unnoticed conditions; the latest being a large nasopharyngeal polyp that required cutting a hole into his skull to access. The eye issue (Horner's Syndrome) is a normal result of surgical nerve damage, and should clear up soon.

A quick post-op portrait taken with the 35mm and X-E1.

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I recently downloaded trials of OnOne Perfect Photo and Nik Efex, and tried using them as plug-ins within LR 5.7. I was motivated by some really flat looking b&w photos (they did not look like that on my computer, but did when they were posted on a web site).

The edits I made don't seem better than what I can get out of LR, and I really dislike having to deal with only one module at a time when I open the file through LR. I do love the fact that I can erase things quite well in OnOne Perfect (I tried Affinity and it didn't work nearly as well).

I am not willing to put huge amount of time into getting the most out of these programs, because I have plenty to do to improve my composition, and also plenty left to learn about LR.

So I am wondering:
-what programs do you use in addition to LR
-how much do you use it/them (and is the price tag worth it)?

Thank you.

p.s. I understand that for printing these may be really useful, but I print very rarely.
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I am very impressed with the X-T1. I sold my Nikon D5200, which had wonderful dynamic range but noise was a problem after 1600 or so. The X-T1 is great even at 6400. Here is a shot I took at Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach CA. Fuji 10-24 @ 13.8, f8, 6.5 sec and Lightroom CC 20150923-DSCF4579SAM2015-1.jpg
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1. Prairie slough
2. Bluff of trees along fence line
3. Fence corner with attendant trees

All from south-western Saskatchewan



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I was using the XT-1 last night and noticed that, switching between continuous- and single focus, the number of available focussing zones changed (all of them on Single Focus, only the central ones on Cont Focus), whereas earlier on I had all available on both modes - me confused!
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On my e2 where it used to say aperture it now reads FO, is there someone who knows why it would do that? and what does FO mean?
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I don't really use my X100S much but last August, when I started to use it often, the sticky/inaccurate shutter speed dial issue happened. I brought it in for repair TWICE in the Fuji Service Center here in Manila, and now, I will be returning it again for theTHIRD time. The issue is intermittent. Every time I pick it up from the service center, it seems fine after testing it -- but after I test it at home (I do toy photography) the issue comes back.

Now, the Program (Auto) mode is not working and it's stuck in 4000 (for Auto) so all my shots look dark and when I change it to 2000 (it becomes 1000), then for 2000 (becomes 500). I'm so tired of it. I expect that having paid more than 1000$ for a camera, it shouldn't have this kind of mechanical problem. Though the guy who repaied it was really accommodating, it's very disappointing. If this issue will still happen after bringing it in for the third time, I don't know what I'm going to do.

On top of that, my 1 year warranty will end on October 24,2015. I'm starting to really hate Fuji. I saved my money for this camera :(

Has anyone experienced this problem lately?
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I've been asked to take some photos at one of my daughters friends 18th Birthday party. (2 weeks time)

It's been held at a local rugby club, so mostly indoors, likely poor lighting, disco lights highly likely. I will try and do a recce but not guaranteed.

Have no other info other than that, no brief as to the kind of photos she wants so going on the basis of just trying to capture a mix of group, individual posed and candid, some of the decorations, presents if there are any etc. Just general shots of the occasion.

Kit wise I have an XT-1, with 18-55, 55-200, 35mm lens, an EF20 flash, and an X100T.

With the above in mind can you offer any top tips that will help make my life easier, and help me capture the best photos possible. Open to buying/hiring any new bits of kit too, always like an excuse. Have also been asked to do a wedding next year so any new purchase would get other official use.

Thanks in advance.
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Everyone will understand that the terrible storms and flooding that have devastated much of the area where I live near Cannes mean that I am absent from these forums at the moment.

I was not affected greatly, nor were my family. Some minor water damage and I lost phone and internet for 2 days but no serious material or physical damage. Many homes and businesses were wiped out.

I can't bring myself to take photos of this but there's plenty here and through google.

Intempéries: les écoles fermées ce mercredi dans les Alpes-Maritimes

France floods: 17 dead on Riviera after storms - BBC News

La chronologie des événements, au lendemain des orages meurtriers

L'A8 toujours coupée entre Antibes et Saint-Laurent, plusieurs routes impraticables

I'll be back here once I've helped my friends and neighbours as best I can.
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X-T1 55-200@55mm 1/400s@f7.1 ISO400 and a deliberate 3:1 crop!

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Haven't had much shooting or editing time, but these are a few from my first couple of days with this lens, loving it so far! Feel free to post here if you have this lens (or anything closely related).






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Hi all
At the end of the year I intend to go to some place where there is many wild animals to see and photography.
I was thinking to buy the Samyang 500/6.3 with the T2 to X adapter (and a monopod).
(I have also the 55-200)

Has somebody an experience with that 500 ???
Any advice welcome.
Thanks in advance.
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It seems the 'new' forum is dominated by photo threads - at least it feels that way to me, going through the 'what's new' portal dominated by big photos after big photos. Since I don't really care about looking at other people's photos (I could go to Flickr for that if I really wanted that) and even less about complimenting or criticizing them, it's harder than ever finding interesting discussions... Maybe it's just law of diminishing returns?
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This weekend was the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park (the name Hardly Any Bluegrass might be more fitting). On Friday afternoon, there was a performance of Big Star's album Third. The performance included a cast of nearly 20 accomplished musicians including a horn section with Ralph Carney and a string section that consisted of the Kronos Quartet conducted by Van Dyke Parks. Many other musical luminaries participated. The music was wonderful. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

I attended with my XE1 and 55-200 lens. Here are a few simple shots from the performance. I recently "rediscovered" this lens after concentrating on primes for the past year or more and ignoring this nice tele zoom.

Big Star - Mike Mills singing.jpg

Big Star - Ralph Carney at HSB.jpg

Big Star guitarist1.jpg
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Well I knew about it, and as you can see from the pics, the light is just to the right, but in electronic shutter, i get the HORRIFIC banding with my Fuji X-T10

and with the mechanical of course, normal

using ZEISS 50mm and metabones adapter in Aperture priority.


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I must have hit some button that changed my settings but I can no longer view images on the sd card on the LCD. I CAN see them in the VF and i CAN see the chimp view on the LCD that is set of .5 sec.

When I press the playback button, the LCD goes black and the playback shows in the VF. I have the view mode set to EYE SENSOR but changing it to LCD or std did not change this behavior.

Any idea how to reset this?


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Spent a few hours at a Jewish day school. More here.

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Dulac, Louisiana, a little fishing community about 55 miles southwest of New Orleans, LA. The image is a 3 photo RAW image HDR fusion processed through Photomatix Pro. I forgot my tripod so I had to improvise and shoot from a piling along the wharf. The piling was leaning so I then straightened and cropped the edges in PS. I then exported it from PS to a more web appropriate size.

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Xpro1 and XF55-200mm on a tripod today along a tiny creek at a local MetroPark

Thanks for looking,
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Took this with my trusty lightweight X20 just as the first raindrops were falling...

Approaching Storm.jpg
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For a couple of months I've been enjoying the forum on my phone via Tapatalk.
Ever since the new forum, I've been unable to access it.
I get the message "Tapatalk is disabled in this forum. Contact the forum administrator for more."
Any news on this?
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Another one from The Outer Hebrides. XT1 - 16mm.

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Is there a paper version of the 2nd edition of Rico'sX-PERT tips on the X-T1? And if so, where can one order it from? The source from which I tried to order it could only supply the e-book.
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I would like to do some timelapses and would like to know your opinion on how this should be done. Do you think it´s better to use the in build interval shooting mode or an external intervalometer?

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