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When I got my first digital camera in the latter part of the last century, a 1.1 megapixel Sony Mavica, it recorded the images on 3.5in floppy disks. 4 images to a disk, it felt like I had gone back to the old 5 x 4 plate camera days, changing floppy disks. I decided to keep all the disks after transferring the images to my hard drive, in those days the post processing programs over wrote the the file each time you made changes. I still have all those floppy disks which, is more than I can say for all the photos I have taken since then, which led me to thinking that it might be a good idea to keep all my pictures on the SD cards, mark them with the date and location and store them in a box. SD cards are cheap and I will always be using new cards so no chance of corrupted cards.
I might just add that I don't take thousands of photos at a time.
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I stopped at one of our local allotments and took a walk around and chatted to some of the people working there, it is always a peaceful place that shows a lot of love and devotion to nature and some of its beauty.

Allotment 1.jpg Allotment 3.jpg Allotment 5.jpg Allotment 6.jpg Allotment 7.jpg
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I took this today of a train engineer at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan.
X-Pro2 + XF35/2.0

20160528 050b
by Ron Smith, on Flickr​
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Last week I acquired a 50-230 mm for a price that I couldn't refuse. I already have the 50-140, but it's quite a beast and I figured the 50-230 would come in handy when I wouldn't want to take the weight. These last few days I've been playing with it and testing it on some wildlife (mostly birds) in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, the 230 tele end is still a bit short and the autofocus a bit slow for bird photography (or I just need to get better at it, a very real possibility). I did, however, find some other subjects that didn't move as fast. Like eh, the sun..

Taken at the local lake (Kagerplassen). All photo's with the XC50-230 at it's tele end and mostly f/8. Do hope you enjoy them.

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I'm looking for a lighter & more compact tripod.

My current tripod is 8½ pounds and ridiculous overkill for my X=E1 so it mostly stays in the car. (Or house. It was bought mostly for a 4x5 camera.)

I suppose I could save some weight (and a lot of volume) by switching to over to a ball head, but it is still an awkward 30" collapsed. Or do I just need to make (or have made) a tripod sling?

Some of the Gitzo carbon fiber tripods look nice, but d*m they are proud of 'em. I'm not interested in paying the price of a 55-200mm lens for a three legged beast.
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Who is slower than you, and we are not so fast as to run over anything on the roads, this one a rail trail between Warnambool and Port Fairy, Vic. Not that one would cry much over crunching a humble snail perhaps, there were hundreds of them, all very single minded in their task of crossing the dirt road.

Just a fun snap with the very travel friendly XM1/18/55 combo.

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Enjoyed a visit with a friend, Brother Daniel, a Benedictine Monk (32 years) at Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside, CA. The grounds are amazing, a favorite retreat for contemplative meditation. XPro2 18-55 PC-Peace Abbey_000.jpg .
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You spend close to $600 on a ladder in order to be safe for multiple two story projects on the house this summer and you grumble about it because you keep thinking about the camera gear you could have purchased with that money. :p
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When using my Pro2 the EVF data vanishes after a few seconds. This is very weird as when I put the camera to my eye I can see everything in the EVF display, grid, exposure info, etc. But after about 2 seconds it vanishes. And sometimes the display on the back of the camera also does this. I poked in the manual but can't see a setting that would cause this. Any ideas as to what is wrong here?

Zack S
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Yes I'm fully addicted, bought 8 lenses and loving the range and prices of these amazing lenses. Combined with the XT10 or XT1 we all know how great the results are. Just love primes.

Question - with my collection growing quickly, how is everyone storing these lenses? I'd imagine I'll end up with 20 lenses :D from 28mm to 135mm, and with only 3-4 in my bag at once, I've been thinking about getting one of those Pelican cases with the pluck foam to safely store the rest.

Thoughts or suggestions? Thanks :)
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I was in the Denver, Colorado area this week for my niece's graduation from medical school, and I wanted to get her a Fuji Instax camera on the idea that she would, from time to time, have families who would appreciate a real photo of happy times when their loved ones were recovering from illness. So I hit the streets in search of the camera and walked in to Englewood Camera. (I live in Texas and my superb local dealer can't afford to stock a lot of Fuji gear.) But Englewood camera had it all, including multiple copies of every X-series lens. Knowing that the 35mm f/2 lens was sold out on the "big guy" internet stores, I scooped up my copy right then and there (not that I would buy from an internet retailer). So the moral of the story is that small camera stores, especially the independent stores, might just be the best places to pick up Fuji gear during this sale; it is worth a phone call inside your state or province. I have made it a point to always buy my camera gear from my local store, even though I could avoid sales taxes or save money if I bought from one of the big internet companies. Local matters, and I am happy to support my little store in Lubbock. (But this time I knew all of their 35mm f/2 lenses were on backorder at my local store.)
Not to bore anyone, but here is a post about my local camera store I wrote in my personal blog a couple of years ago. The title is Local vs. Online Shopping.

We have a real camera store in Lubbock, the only real camera store between Dallas, Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is not a Big Box store with inexperienced, rotating 20-somethings trying to sell cameras, computers and refrigerators to customers, it is a real store staffed by people who are expert photographers and who are devoted to photography and customer service; they want their customers to take great photos. I visit the store frequently and listen to the staff help walk-in people with camera problems, make honest recommendations on new equipment, and provide photographic advice. This is what is quaintly known these days as "full service" and it costs money to have experts on staff six days a week.

The store sells cameras, lenses and accessories for suggested retail price. The inventory is easily worth $250,000 just so that customers can buy what they need when they enter the store. My local store is in competition with online retailers and Big Box stores who, with lower prices and often no real inventory, offer no support or expertise and just sell cameras and lenses (and good luck if you have a problem with them). Why the price difference? The first factor is volume; it is cheaper to sell to thousands than it is to sell to tens. The second is service; local experts willing to help. The third is sales tax which is 8.25% here.

I do buy clothes online from retailers like LL Bean and Orvis because it is impossible to get quality cotton field clothes locally. However, I make every effort to buy local items from local merchants; if I can get it locally I buy it locally. The people in our small local stores provide excellent service at fair prices, and that is something I value. During my time at the local camera store I have seen people walk in and take an hour or more of the staff time to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of particular cameras, and then demand a discount equivalent to the price on some online store that provides no service and has no sales tax. You can imagine what I think about this behavior. (And how will my local store pay the man or woman who spent the hour answering your questions and providing you unbiased, honest advice?) The fact of the matter is that local is quality, local is service, and local is good for all of us. Buy local when you can, it matters.
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I would like to see a sub section called Transport (or similar) that could be a place for any transport related photos, cars, truck, rickshaws, planes, horse drawn buggies, bicycles and of course motorcycles. I don't know about others but I struggle with where to put these sort of pictures under the current section structure.
Does anybody have any thoughts on this?
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As the title implies, I finally made the plunge and purchased an X-T10 after admiring the Fuji X line for some years now. Before jumping to Fujifilm, I shot with a Canon 40D and a Nikon D5200. I shoot with a Fuji Instax (great party cam and great way to talk to people while travelling! ) and a Lomo Diana (which has been sitting on the shelf collecting dust...).

Anyhow, I wanted a smaller camera to take with me while I shot some city/street scenes in my new home of Washington DC and I wanted a smaller camera to take with me while doing some bike packing and hanging with the kids. The X-T10 was a great price point and I sold my D5200 and used the proceeds to fund my purchase on B&H. I'm super pumped that I made the switch!

I look forward to learning and contributing to the community!
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Hi, please can you delete my account.

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Discovered this morning my rubber eye cup for my X-pro2 is missing. It had fallen off once before but then I had found it. I think this time it is gone for good. Does anyone know where one can order this part?

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Hand made neck strap with a d0g's lea X100S.jpg sch
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So, everyone knows that Fuji cameras are rubbish at focusing on quick things, and doubly rubbish when wide open. These are my dogs catching treats. :) They're not "real" photos, just a bit of fun on a lovely summer evening - it wasn't even full sunlight.


/edit - ok, so they weren't technically fast focusing since they were on the same plane and I used single image autofocus - it was just an excuse to post a couple of photos of my babies. :p
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Hi everyone,
I've just sold my last piece of Nikon equipment after 10 years. I'm a real estate photographer and have gradually switched over to Fuji this past year.

Shooting with an XPro2 and XT1 and an assortment of Fuji lens.
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Hi to every one, I will like to take the advantage of the current rebate. I am checking out the XF 10-24mm, 35mm f/2 or the XF 100-400mm with tele. I already own the X-T1 ~ 18mm f/2 ~ 16mm f1.4 ~ 23mm f/1.4 ~ 27mm f/2.8 ~ 35mm f/1.4 ~ 56mm f/1.2 ~~~~ 18-55mm and the 55-200mm. I use them depending where I am going. For travel the 10-24 will be a good buy. Does it make sense to buy the 35mm f/2 having already the f1.4? Would the 100-400mm be use that much? Have someone purchase this lens and now have second thoughts ?
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I fell out of photography for a while but the x-pro 1 has helped me get back into it. After not shooting much for the past year or so I took it with me on vacation and fell in love again.

I wanted to get some feedback on this photo. I never really got involved in communities so I figured message boards, getting feedback and photo assignments on sites like 500px would help keep me going better than before.

This was shot with the X-Pr0 1 and 35mm f 1.4 lens at 1.8 seconds and f/16. Despite the long shutter I did this handheld because I left my tripod at home because it was a hike and I wanted to keep hear down. Also, I shot this in color and edited with Nik silver efex pro

Let me know what you think. Thanks a lot.

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A few shots from tonight on the west of Scotland, still experimenting with my new xpro2 + 55-200, what a great combination.

1.jpg 1-3.jpg

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Duck_516-2.jpg Duck_516-3.jpg Duck_516.jpg
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As I understand it, the hotshoe is disabled when the electronic shutter is in use. Can anyone explain to me why that is? It seems like it would be a great way to be able to 'overpower' the sun... since David Hobby is listed as a Fuji x photographer on their site I assume Fuji is aware of the potential of electronic shutters... so why would they choose to not give us the option? Is there some technical limitation that I don't know of?
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i can't get over how nice williamsburg has become , i actually was amazrd .

but still a great place to find street art

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Wanted to see how well silhouettes came out against the sky with the 50-140mm, so tried a location well known for its sunsets but where there were also plenty of telegraph poles and street lights to bring out fine detail in silhouette:

Village by the Sea
Village by the Sea_edited-2.jpg
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Hi, so today i picked up a Fuji 23 1.4 to give me something a little wider than my 35 f2. No complaints as far as build quality or sharpness, its a little bigger than the 35 f2 but not too big and seems to balance well on my xpro2. Now the only thing i notice is the AF is definitely a little noiser than my 35 f2 or 55-200, at times it sort of jitters back and forward, is this normal ? I also tried the 18-55 at the camera shop and its AF definitely seemed quieter than the 23 F1.4. My initial feeling is the AF on both 35 f2 and 55-200 is faster and quieter on my xpro2.


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Any pics out there? Thinking of getting one as a gift :)
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Why can't I see the histogram in the EVF but can see it on the LCD? In shooting menu I go to screen set-up I go to disp.custom settings. in screen setup histogram is checked and can see it on the LCD screen but not in my EVF If anyone has the answer to how to setup to see the histogram in EVF please post.
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Hi, I have difficulties to get my RAW(RAF files on my Imac El Capitan and Iphoto. Unable to read files comes up every time and only Jpeg is possible to get. Same story with my X pro-1 and now the pro-2. What is the problem?
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I wanted to see what my little Raynox M-150 clip on macro lens could do, so I put it on my Fuji 18-135mm lens and headed outside.
These were cropped slightly, but overall, I'm happy with the little adapter. Cheaper than a full on macro lens for now. Tech details are 1/180, f/13, ISO 400, off camera flash into a small Rogue FlashBender softbox via TTL cable and the camera mounted on a Cullman Magnesit tabletop tripod. I didn't get into focus stacking or anything, these are just single shots touched up a bit in Lightroom.
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Yep, just like me - past its prime!
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Here is a night shot of the Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia. XPro1

DSCF2390 (Large).JPG
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My son and wife expecting twin girls, their first children.

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Well, just came home from a trip up North in Pangasinan, Philippines. We went to different towns and shot several locations as well. I will be sharing and updating the thread from the first day we started to the last.

Enjoy and Cheers to all!

First day we drove about 12pm going to Labrador, Philippines a town we were just passing through and staying overnight. We didnt expect any good sunrise here and we arrive there greeted by rainy and heavy winds.

We woke up at 5am just to catch this fiery sunrise just behind our room. Yes it was pure luck, and really, after a rainy episode it usually fires up like this.




Thanks for viewing. Will be back for more in a couple of days... Cheers mates!

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For a couple of weeks at least I am being told by the ad at the top of the page that, no kidding, I am the 1 millionth visitor and could win something.

Trying to hold in the excitement.
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When I got out my X-T1 yesterday I found the shutter speed dial had gone incredibly stiff. The camera could detect what position it was in but it was very hard to turn- so much so that I had to use two hands to rotate it - I was worried it would snap off!

Upon investigation I found the speed dial had seized against the lower exposure weighting dial - which it was rotating at the same time.

I was going to take it to the camera shop to send it off to Fuji but I am going away in a weeks time and I wanted the X-T1 for that. I decided to dribble a tiny drip of WD40 between the shutter speed and exposure weighting dial. I gave this a go and after a few turns it was working perfectly!

I know the X-T1 is full of rubber weatherproofing seals, I am guessing one of these had slipped out of place and had jammed the two dials together. I am guessing the WD-40 probably just encouraged the seal to ping back into place.

Has anyone else had this issue? I hadn't knocked or bashed the camera before this happened and it's never had anything spilt on it or been in contact with sand or grit.

If this is something that happens a lot and is likely to get worse I will consider sending it off to Fuji after I come back from my holiday, else I'll leave it.

I have almost had the X-T1 a year so if it's worth getting fixed under warranty I'd like to get it fixed before the warranty runs out. It's the first time this has happened since I bought the camera.

Has anyone else had issues or was this just a one off that I can ignore?

As my first X-T1 was DOA out of the box, I can't believe I have had the bad luck to have anothe faulty X-T1 :(
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I captured this photo of my wife's father last year. During WWII he was a member of the elite 4th Marine Raider Battalion, so I thought the timing might be right to share this image with the forum. He's still hanging in there today and is a peaceful, gentle man.

Taken with my X-T1 and 35 mm F1.4. B&W post processing with Silver Efex Pro 2.
War torn Marine.jpg
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while ISO 1000 isn't super high, I'm pretty impressed considering I even pushed these 1.5 stops image.jpeg image.jpeg
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Has anyone purchased the Fuji X Passion Magazine?

Curious what it's like as the magazine + postage is almost $30aud....although they claim it's more like a book.
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This is an iconic, very ancient market in the center of Porto, Portugal, nowadays there's more tourists than customers inside, but most sellers keep the same traditions as for the last decades. It's a mandatory place to visit when you go to this historical city.

Some shots done with the X100T and processed with Silkypix exclusively:

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