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Hi all,

Until recently, Lightroom 6 (non-subscription-version) applied built-in lens profiles on all of my pictures taken with XF or XC lenses. Today I realized that this was no longer the case. Instead of the message "built-in lens-profile applied", the Lens Corrections panel now informs me that it's "unable to locate a matching profile automatically".


I did an update to 6.7 a few days or weeks ago, maybe that was the reason?

What's even stranger, Adobes's list of supported lenses does no longer include any of the XF and XC lenses: Supported lenses

Anyone else noticed this? Am I missing something or what's going on here?
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Recent street photography...I like going to hot rod shows because you get a real cast of characters.







NASCAR SaveMart 350, Sonoma Raceway, June 2016
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Hi, This is my first air show photography, I also never use XC 50-230 to photograph fast moving objects before, so I had hard time taking sharp close up of the planes, to make it easy for me, I then decide to go with shorter end of the zoom, now I think I should use XF 18-55 instead. Some photos, while panning, was directly at the sun, so pp might be not right. Thanks for looking, please cc
This is only sharp one I got.




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I'm considering selling my XP2 to pick up an XT2. Does anyone know what a used XP2 is selling for these days?

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Every October, we spend a week in Door Co., Wis. I usually try to get out on my own for a photo-only day, but this year our time quickly vanished, so that didn’t happen. I didn’t shoot very much at some places, simply because I have done it so many times already, or conditions were poor, etc. But anyway, here is a sampler, starting with our cottage on a fruit farm and the area nearby. I’ll add more as I go through them all and find some favorites. All were shot with the X-E2, handheld, and XF55-200 lens, unless otherwise noted. Some are from JPEG, some from RAW, some are cropped, some are not. I had no real agenda, so I just took whatever presented itself. I know some are snapshotty, but hey, it’s supposed to be a vacation, not a working gig. ;)



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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I've been having a debate in which lens to go with. So I own the Fuji xpro1 and ive done my fair share of portrait photography. I want to do more landscape and im not really cut to buy the 10-24. So I was thinking which of these two rokinons would be a better option? I will be using my set of cokin p filters and the widest lens i own at the moment is a 37mm. So I really need a wide angle for some landscape I plan to do in yosemite. Any tips on which of the two would be great help
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If you aren't familiar with Two-Cow Garage, you should be! One of the best rock and roll outfits in the US.
All shots taken with the Fuji 18-55. I had taken along my Konica 57 1.4 for low-light artist isolated shots, but discovered during the course of the night that it had de-centered (I believe) and failed to focus at all on the right side of images (or the bottom in portrait mode) :(

However, all was not lost as the 18-55 as usual came through with flying colors.

Two Cow 4wmforum.jpg

Reaching Outwmforum.jpg

Two Cow Letterbox BWwmforum.jpg

Two Cow 1wmforum.jpg

Back to the Audiencewmforum.jpg
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This weekend I ventured out to a local waterfall with my new tripod and trusty old X100S. I experimented with the built in ND filter so I could use longer shutter speeds. But that got me curious - how does the built in ND filter work? What does the camera actually do internally to give you that 3 stop effect?
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When in aperture priority mode (shutter dial set to "A") the camera will default to a maximum shutter speed of 1/30 and will go no longer than that regardless of the aperture and ISO. I fix the problem by going into the menu >SET UP >RESTORE ...however, at some random time, it will default back to the 1/30 maximum shutter speed. I can understand not allowing a longer speed than 1/30 in the auto mode because it automatically adjusts the ISO but not in aperture priority and with a fixed ISO.

I actually use slower shutter speeds and the lowest ISO quite often with the camera mounted on a tripod and using a remote release this is a bit of a problem. Does anyone know about this or have a solution?

Thanks, Mike.
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In southern Washington State. Didn't get much time to work the falls as I had to get my sister to the airport.


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Rain in the desert is always a treat. Pro-2, 90mm 2.0. Rain_La_Quinta.A.jpg
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Fuji Rumors says yes, later this week. I'm hoping it includes Tethering. That's on my wish list at numbers 1 through 9 :)
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I am on the market for a used X100 the original, I remember reading about this sticky blades problem and someone suggested that the camera between a certain SN range were the ones to be affected by this problem.
Can anyone remember? also is there anything else I shoud look for when I meet the guy to buy his used Fuji X?
thanks A lot
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Does anyone know if an NP-W126 battery with only about half the charge remaining be recharged to a full charge without any harm to the battery's life?
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The first chance for some shots, more later in the week. :)

Churchill 2016-01.jpg
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I have an X-E2 with the latest firmware. I'm old school enough that I like to shoot manually but not so old school that I don't want my histogram in the EVF. I have it on the LCD display but when I put my eye to the viewfinder and partially depress the shutter release everything but the histogram is displayed. Is it me or is that the way it is.
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I keep getting bombarded with invitations to buy this software at 50% off and like all new software it is "award winning" and it will apparently turn my ordinary photos into spectacular landscapes with but a few mouse clicks.

Has anybody actually tried this product? If you have what is the verdict?

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XT2 and XF55-200mm around central Ohio over the last few days.

Thanks for looking,
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Just when I thought I was as far down the rabbit hole I could get. Then I find an old Leica Colorplan projector lens, a roll of duct tape and an M42 mount adapter.



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After a windless day of sailing, the coastal fog moved over Dana Point Harbor. XE2 18-55

fog high-3755.jpg
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I would like to purchase a used Fuji camera body as a dedicated infrared camera. I was considering buying an EX1 camera body. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions. I am using my first Fuji camera, the XT2 and love. I have a 14mm and 35 prime, plus 16-55 2.8 and 10-24 lens. Would these work?

Thanks for your suggestions and feedback.

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What better way to while the time away as my wife shops.
The X-Pro2 and XF35/2, a happy combo for me, still undecided, XF18/2 or XF23/2. Or both?

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XP-2 w Nissin i40

  • ƒ/1.4
  • 56.0 mm
  • 1/1000
  • 200
  • Flash (on, fired)
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It was a bright sunny Sunday afternoon and my lady and I stopped at a biker bar in Cave Creek Arizona to check out the outdoor party they were hosting. There are scores of great looking women walking around, a band is playing, lots of activities, vendor displays of custom bike components, people are laughing and having a good time and this guy is sitting on one of the bars, his feet on the stool and his head buried in his cell phone. No, this was not a momentary shot. He was in this position for quite a while which is what prompted me to get up off my stool, turn the camera on, walk across the floor so I could get close and take the shot. I call this an addiction. Roadhouse Cave Creek 20161023 (61)-2.jpg
My lady and our Honda Valkyrie Interstate at the Roadhouse Bar and Grill in Cave Creek Arizona.
Roadhouse Cave Creek 20161023 (70).jpg
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Cedar forest in the mountains near Revelstoke, British Columbia.

_DSF1532 copy-Edit.jpg

_DSF1542 copy-Edit.jpg
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X-T2 and 18-55mm Existing Light
RAW to RFC Add ACROS with RED Filter
RFC to TIFF to CS6

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Fujifilm X-T1 +Samyang 12mm f/2.
It is a versatile lens for me, I do landscape photography and portrait photography.
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Searched, didnt see a thread, but I am on the road so apologies if this is a duplicate thread.

Aside from gaffers tape, has anyone found a solution to keeping the diopter from being adjusted when putting the camera into/out of a camera bag?
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In my big trade towards XT-2 I had to give up my X100S.
I´m a hybrid shooter so I needed the better video and XT-2 is really the reason that made it possible to return home to Fuji :)

But, I've lived daily with X100S and that field of view; 35mm is really that frame that I see naturally. I´ve learned to instantly know without even looking through the camera what a good 35mm frame is; thanks to X100S.

With X-T2 I got XF18-55 f2.8-4 and XF35 f2. I need those lenses. When I traded they didn't have the XF23 f2 in stock, so I ordered it later on. Today I got it in the mail :)

I will not buy X100F as I will now put my money towards the lenses so I can later upgrade the digital body whenever they make drastic progress.

I now have my daily camera back! But in the combination of XT-2 and XF23 f2. A little bulkier but I got now daily good video and a better photographic tool. I can live with the slight size compromise :)

The one lens I can´t live without, as I learned, is the 23.
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I'm not really a wedding photographer as I like my weekends too much, but I got asked by a friend to cover here wedding recently. I shot the whole thing with my Fuji system which performed really well throughout. I love candid photography so I shot it in a documentary style, inspired by the wonderful work done by Kevin Mullins. The light was generally terrible in the hall, very dim and flat. That said I was overall pleased with how it turned out and with the performance of my gear. More importantly so was the Bride and Groom :)

Bill Thornhill's Blog

My X-Pro1 struggled with the low light but I had very little issues with the X-T1. I purchased the 23mm f1.4 to use during the day, and found I shot over 70% of the day with it by the end.

CC very welcome :)
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Alice and Phoenix rest prior to a day poolside in Palm Springs. XE2 and 18-55

Dogs on PS sofa-3730.jpg
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Can't beat Palm Springs for color contrasts. Good ol' XE2 and 18-55

PS palms-3737.jpg
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