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Its my first time to shoot a firework show up close and the experience was pretty amazing. Made a mistake of bringing my tele rather than my Wide. Good thing the kit was with me. :)

To start off...

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Hi all, I'm a new Fuji X owner.
I'm switching from Nikon (D7000 & D610) to Fuji X-T2 with a 23mm f2.
I'm using it since a week and love it !
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Fujifilm X-T2|18-55mm|ISO 200|f/6.5|1/1500'

Trying to create a different perspective of a much-photographed structure...

Lighthouse 1.jpg
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Creepy looking cuttlefish photographed at the Ripley Aquarium in Toronto. X-T2, 23 mm f 1.4 lens, shot at 1/60 sec, f 2.8, ISO 3200. JPEG with colour balance modified and contrast boosted in ACR.

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Has anyone explored options or know of an available L-Bracket for the X100F?
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The rubber skin is lifting from my XT-1 on the bottom, right rear corner (by the control dial). Any suggestions on a specific type of glue or bonding agent to reattach it?
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I had picked up a TT Retrospective 5 in hopes it will be a good every day bag for my X-PRO2 with 23 f/2, 35 f/2, and 50 f/2. I also need to carry my 8 inch Android tablet.
Well the Retrospective 5 won't hold the tablet with the case on it. So it is going back.
I have been looking at the TT Turnstyle 10 sling bag and think it may do the trick. Just wondering if anyone here has used one?
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I've just got this lens, so I'm testing it - liking it lots so far :)
(Body : X-T2)





Views: 74 / Likes: 1 / Replies: 5 stresses me that I keep missing the formfactor, and simpleness (dont know if its the right word..) of the xp1 compared to my XT2.
I have had it almost 4 months now and it is like "I don't feel at home yet with the handling".
Always use it with the boostergrip but everytime I grab it, it feels to cramped and small for me the horisontal Way compared to to vertical position which is just about right! The thing is Im not a Pro and I no its stupid but I hate that it strikes me everytime. is short...and I am wondering if I should SWIFT it to the xp2 (I cannot afford both). Dont know but think my dealer would do it for me...maybe because the XT2 is still new in the market.

I loved the xp1 for the form and tactile surface. The invisible Factor compared to the "huge dslr style" that scare people;-)

I dont shot video as much at all as I thought I would. Never use the tilt screen. Dont change ISO that much...BUT I love the viewfinder!! (Eyewear user). Can I go back finder Wise?

Anyone Else having these debates with yourself?? Thoughts? Advice?

I dont want to "disturb" my good dealer with this issue until I have reach a decision...
I will really appreciate your thoughts Fuji friends :)
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Following my recent switch to Fuji X cameras for my commissioned work, I've put a few thoughts together about it on my website. Part 1 is about why I changed to Fuji X cameras for wedding photography. Part 2 (to follow later) will be my thoughts on using Fuji X cameras on my landscape photography workshops.

Part 1 is here: Fuji X-T2 Thoughts Part1: Weddings
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I need to open a lens with a smooth lens ring, ie no slots or notches to unloosen it with a lens spanner. Apparently the correct tool is called a lens ring friction tool, it's a piece of round solid rubber with a lip to grip smooth lens rings. I don't have these(you need multiple sizes depending on the filter/front element size of the lens)

I've tried using the cap of an aerosol tin with insulation tape placed on the lip, that worked on a Rikenon lens but not the Chinon I'm working on now, is there anything else I can try diy to loosen the ring?
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They must be to my way of thinking as they have obviously worked very hard to keep mention of this sensational game changing photographic device off forum pages

Incredible Mobile Phone Lens Is "Hottest Item" of The Year

Look at these specs,

"The WORLD'S BEST PHONE CAMERA ZOOM LENS has only just been released and it's already gone viral! It's so powerful, Canon and Nikon are trying to get rid of it from the market!"

"Images produced by HDZoom360 have been tested and found to equal or exceed the photos produced by such top makers as Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Canon and Sony. "

"With HDZoom360, you will be able to zoom in 18x and focus on what your smartphone can’t. With its included stabilizing tripod, you will get the perfect picture every time!"


At only US$60 for one or US$44 each if you buy three I could understand why the likes of Canon and Nikon are running scared over this incredible breakthrough but I am a little disappointed to think the owners of this site are part of the conspiracy of silence.

I have placed my order and already put all my Nikon and Fuji gear on eBay to try to sell it off before the wave of other similar products from pros and amateurs alike hits the market and ruins resale prices.

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I'm new here(I have posted in the non-Fuji area of the forum), but thought members might be interested in this deal from Massdrop. They have new X-T1 bodies available for $729.99(U.S.), plus S&H of $8.75 within the U.S.

This offer(drop in Massdrop terms) is only good for approx. another 24 hours.

I have not personally ordered from Massdrop, but from all accounts they are legitimate. I seriously considered this deal, but am too heavily invested in M43 at present.
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didn't get the show they got Wednesday but when it seemed we would get nothing, the sun peeked through just enough.

horsetail kinda fire (1 of 1)-3.jpg
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I was exploring my new X100F's menu, found "Format", accidentally opened it not realizing what format meant, saw the red screen, panicked, and immediately pushed the down arrow and hit OK. I erased a very full SD card that I had been meaning to clear out for several months...

Currently agonizing over my stupid mistake. Live and learn.
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Praised as the sharpest 50 in magazines in 1970s.

I don't know if true but this lens surprises me.

Had it for 30$

Even though the xf 56 will kick this lens out, this lens is a gem [​IMG]

Acros @ 5.6
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My wife and I are travelling throughout North America in a truck camper and I picked up a Fuji X-T2 because of Fuji's excellent JPEGs, which are perfect for my blog. To date I mostly used Apple Photos on a 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display because of its speed and flexibility. I recently thought I'd try Lightroom (v. 6.8) again - I've used it in the past - but the first thing I noticed was that the JPEG photos looked sharper in Apple Photos than in Lightroom. At first I thought this was my imagination, but I confirmed it by comparing screen shots. It surprised me that the same JPEGs look better in Apple Photos because, from almost everything I've read and heard, Lightroom is supposed to be the better program. Btw The JPEGs I used were not sharpened in camera (all settings zero).

In addition, when I imported some RAF raw files into Lightroom, no matter what setting I used for sharpening (I even tried Thomas Fitzgerald's presets), I couldn't get the photos looking as sharp and clean as the JPEGs in Apple Photos. It seems pointless to even bother working with raw files let alone JPEGs in Lightroom if the final version can't match OOC JPEGs in Apple Photos.

I'm sorry but I can't post samples because of limited data on the road (cellular data is surprisingly pricy in the USA).

I'm not sure if anyone else has encountered this issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My tools:
MacBook Pro Retina 13" (2015)
macOS Sierra v. 10.12.3
Adobe Lightroom v. 6.8
Fujifilm X-T2
Fuji 35mm F2
Fuji 18-55mm kit
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I've run into an opportunity to potentially trade my 23mm f1.4 for a 16mm f1.4. I definitely shoot more people than things or places. I rarely shoot any landscape and if I have in the past I have shot with the 18-55.

I own the 35mm f1.4, 35mm f2, 56mm f1.2 and the 18-55mm. I find that I like the look of the 35 more than the 23. The 23 is nice however indoors in tighter spaces than the 35, the original reason I bought it.

I'm not sure what to do...

Does the 16 have a spot in my bag over the 23 with my Xpro2?

It will definitely not be in least not now...
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my better half
by kevin dixey, on Flickr

I don't typically do shots of people. This was with with the Minolta MC 50/1.4 in afternoon light (I think it was f2). I sure do like Minolta color. After spending the last few weeks shooting native lenses it was nice to go back to MF. It was a little reminder of why I have been an adapted lens shooter for so long.
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From a recent camera club outing.

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XT2 and XF55-200mm looking at the casual banality of total annihilation yesterday at the USAF Museum.

Thanks for looking,
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Hello all,

Long time X100 series user. Just got the X100F. Everything was fine when I first opened it and everything continues to work well except that when I flip the lever to switch to OVF mode, the shutter doesn't seem to be going up. It did when I first got the camera (3 or 4 times when I was trying everything out), but now it doesn't.
Is it possible I've flipped a setting somewhere that is causing it to not open? Has anyone else seen this? The camera definitely thinks it's switching over as the EVF view goes away, but it's just black because the shutter isn't opening.

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XT2 and XF55-200mm yesterday at the USAF Museum in Dayton,Ohio.

Thanks for looking,
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The title says it all. Almost no store in the Netherlands has it. Many stores in other countries also don't have it in stock.

Anyone has a clue why?
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Learning how to get comfortable (if possible) with this metal beast :)))) Rollei 3.5.jpg
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This series of photos starts at dawn (photo #1) and then progresses through the remaining photos at 15 minute intervals. I was fortunate to catch a sunny day between all the rainy weather we're having in Northern California.
All shot with XF16mm f/1.4. Love this lens!




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I had been hoping that the big CP+ Show that opened in Yokohama on Thursday might have been the occasion for an announcement about a new Xe-3 body but there's been nothing.

Does anyone have an idea of a likely date for a launch tied to another big publicity event?

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Folks, I'm worried about my beautiful brand-new xt-2.

Just bought it at and as soon as I opened it, when inspecting and admiring the body, I couldnt help noticing this weird movement and sound coming from the inside.

When I move the body screen up and down, I can feel something moving slightly and it does a very subtle clunky sound. I thought it was from the articulating screen but it still happens even if I move the camera while holding down the screen.
With or without the lens (23mm 2/f), results are the same.

Did some research and 6 months ago people were wondering about that too. A consensus did not seem to have been reached as there were always other folks adamantly stating they did not experience the same "issue".

Since so much time has passed and my camera is obviously from a new batch, I was wondering if it is really by design or I gotta a lemon that needs to go back!

Please help.
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I have a general sharpening preset that I used to use on my Nikon files. Just got everything a little crisper and it generally did a good job with all my camera/lens combos. I just exported some files out of LR, shot with my XT-2, using the same preset... They were horribly oversharpened.

That made me go in and take a closer look at my sharpening settings, and I am realizing that these files really just don't need any sharpening at all. Adding just a tiny bit is OK, but it's almost pointless. It's really, really easy to oversharpen to the point of looking posterized.
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A couple of morning's ago, I went into downtown Dallas with my camera, looking for anything interesting to shoot. We all should do this occasionally, right? But, I don't go looking for eyeballs downtown, though perhaps in the suburbs, yes? Heck, I can't remember the last time I ran into an eyeball. But, I'm walking along, and sure enough, there one was! I crossed the street, looked it in the eye, and made a photograph.
This looks like computer generated art, but it's a 30' tall eye, in the flesh; "The Eye", by artist Tony Tasset of Chicago.
Fuji X-T1 with Zeiss Touit 32 f1.8.

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This morning got my 50mm f2.0. Very sharp lens on the X-T2. Happy with it.
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The electronic shutter on my x-t20 seems a lot less prone to warped images than on my old x-t1. On the x-t1 the slightest bit of movement seemed to ruin the image, but not so with the t20.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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Hi all,
just unpacked my new X100F. After a short while I noticed, that the camera did not leave the AF-C mode (shown in the display and also noticeable by the continuously adapting focus), no matter which mode is selected by the switch on the body side. Even when I switch to "M", AF-C is shown in the display and the "Control Ring" switches "the digital teleconverter" instead of manual focus.

Is there any "option" to disable this switch or is it a defect?

Many thanks,
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I have the ISO dial on A and Command selected in the ISO Dial Setting (A), but when I turn the front command dial it doesnt change the custom ISO settings. (Pg 6 manual)

It worked when I first starting playing with the camera, but now nothing happens.

There is nothing wrong with the dial as when in playback mode it scrolls through images.

I must have a wrong setting somewhere!

EDIT: The word ISO has a picture of the command dial behind it.
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There seem to be two main schools of thought on the best sort of bag in which to carry camera gear around. Some of us like the messenger/satchel style while others prefer the rucksack.

I’m pretty catholic on the issue with, perhaps, a tendency towards satchel: I find it easier to rummage around and find the lens or filter I’m looking for without having to actually take the bag off.

On the other hand, there is the question of snappers’ neck! Several professional pals of mine have wound up under the surgeon’s blade after decades of struggling round with a satchel stuffed with a couple of Nikon F4s, a clutch of lenses, tripod and hip flask. All that weight on one side of the torso is not good.

Another consideration in favour of the backpack style is that it is sometimes easier to get around while wearing them – you don’t have to do a crab shuffle when trying to get through a narrow doorway.

Happily, by complete chance, I have come across a hybrid that seems to cross the boundary of the convenience of a satchel with the portability of a backpack.
Wollffee 2.png

I live in a bit of north London called Crouch End, in the middle of which is Hornsey Town Hall. There are 75 or so micro business operating from there and one of them is called Wollffepack – named after the CEO and founder David Wollfe.

They design and make an amazing bit of kit. It looks like a conventional ruck but has a sort of rip-cord pull at the front: give it a tug and the pack partly detaches from the rear harness and swings round to the wearer’s front, allowing him/her to access, load or unload kit as they please.

Wollffe 1.png

A video is worth a thousand words so take a look at

The build quality of the bag is incredible and the thought and creativity invested into the capture is top notch. I haven’t had a chance to test one of these out yet but would love to hear from anyone that has.
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Hello everybody!

A friend of mine tried to photograph a solar eclipse with his x100s through a telescope. As a result, the lens got a bit of fogging and the aperture blades got bent and wrinkled. He got it serviced by an unofficial service guy that polished the lens and tried to straighten the blades. The result is in the image attached. The repairs costed 150 euros and my friend offered me the camera for 220 euros. The price is great but I fear the blades could give in at any moment. What's your take on this particular deal?

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