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X-T1, ISO 200, 1/180 second, f1.4 35mm set to f5.6
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I am considering purchasing a MeFOTO Backpacker tripod for traveling with my X100T. Has anyone here used that with an X100-series camera, and would you recommend it?

I have a larger setup (Manfrotto 290 tripod, BH-30 ball head, L-Plate) for when I travel with my X-T1, but am for something much smaller to bring with me on getaways when I'm just bringing the X100T.

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Taken with XE-1 and 18-55@f5.6

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so I got my xpro2 plus the 16mm wr lens and I'm blown away.

But one thing niggling me - this sounds trivial. It is. But I'm weird that way........ The tamper seal was in place on the plastic bag containing the camera but it was applied vertically rather than horizontally which made me think has someone re-sealed it. However there is no sign elsewhere on the bag of any sticker residue

Anyone else had the seal appear this way?
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My first picture with this camera, I had to shelter myself since this camera is not WR. Bad weather is not a reason leave the camera home!!! Rain.jpg
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I have an X-T1 GS, plus the amazing 18-55 zoom lens. I am more than pleased, happy and satisfied with this combination. However, on occasions, I feel that I would like to be carrying something a bit smaller and lighter, one of the many reasons for coming to Fuji from Nikon! Buying another body is out of the question, I have no intention of having several cameras again! So, I am thinking, perhaps if I bought, say, the Fujinon 27mm lens, would that tick my boxes? It will certainly be smaller and lighter, but will it compare favourably with my 18-55 for image quality? I have read many, many, but conflicting, reviews of the 27mm lens.
Please, will the owners of the 27mm lens tell me, warts an' all, their opinions of this lens, and if I would have any reason to be disappointed in it?
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Lots of hazelnuts in our backyard these days – and every morning the squirrels come to have their feast.

X-T1, XC 50-230, uncropped
DSCF0215-LR.jpg DSCF0221-LR.jpg DSCF0177-LR.jpg
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Had XT-1 for 2 years. Focus assist always worked but not now. Confess to fiddling with menus but " focus assist " activated in menu but no magnification when "focus assist" button pressed in "single" or "continuous" settings.

Any ideas please
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All shots with X-T1, ISO 400, 1/60th second, 35mm f1.4 set to f2.0
For more of Nikki in her Black leather Check out:
Nikki 1
Nikki 2
Nikki 3
Nikki 4
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At this moment, I don't think the young man had realized that his Mom had taken her hand away and he was free-wheeling on his own.

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Area tribes of Native Peoples are participating in the Canoe Journey. As I was out hiking the beach yesterday, made this photo of one of the canoes.

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Here are 2 quick photos using the XT1, 56mm F1.2, Godox AD360C mkii, and Cheetahstand Colt 45 reflector.

DSCF4339.jpg DSCF4326.jpg
X-T1 and Carl Zeiss Jena 70-210, f4.5-5.6. Cropped a bit.

Buzzing on a Thistle.jpg
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XP1, 18-135, Program mode.
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I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and photograph Herb Wright. He is 86 years old and is still going strong each and every day! Taken with my X-E2 and the wonderful 56mm. Natural light. Processed in Lightroom and Silver EFX. Herb Wright 3.JPG
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For the benefit of any of you Windows users that have not upgraded to Windows 10 yet, as from the 29th of July it will no longer be free to upgrade, so you will have to pay for it.
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As along time Serif software user, I am very interested in the direction they have decided to take with their software development.
The older lines of "XXXXX Plus" software are being phased out, but some lines are being replaced with "Affinity XXXX" (although replaced is probably not the right word) - they have started from scratch and so far have got betas of Designer and Photo into the public domain, although sadly for me, only for Mac at present. They are working on versions for PC at present though.
Looking on their site where there are a large number of video demonstrations suggests to me that Photo could be a worthy alternative to Photoshop although at present they have no equivalent DAM program available to replace Lightroom or Bridge.
Affinity Video Learning Zone
I would be interested to learn of anyones experience with this software and how they think it might stack up against any of the current programs.
Perhaps I should add that their marketing system is "you buy it - no subscription - and can continue using it as long as you like with no further cost. Although, obviously, when a new generation comes along, you might wish to purchase that. Presently the Mac version is on sale at £39.99
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Greetings fellow Fujimentarians,

As much as I appreciate my X-T1, I find myself more likely to be shooting the range-finder styled X-E2. I much prefer a viewfinder in the upper left corner. So this year's upgrade will be the X-Pro2, which will be here tomorrow. :):p:D

From what I can tell, the X-Pro2 is a complex camera. This Jurassic Geezer could use some help. Is anyone aware of a source for a small and rugged X-Pro2 reference manual I can carry in a camera bag? What I have in mind is something on the order of the laminated ones with the ability to fold flat on any page I use for ham radio gear. I get them from this source: Ham Radio Guides, Books and Accessories | Nifty Accessories

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers 'n beers,
George - K9GDT
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Hello, I wanted to share this, and maybe also get some feedback. Is this OK, or just not interesting? I do like the effect from F16 on the moon, and it's impossible to get everything sharp. Should I have used HDR or stacking instead? I'm not sure. 20160719-_DSF6803.jpg
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Hey, it rhymes. Don't expect more.

X100s today



2 degrees C

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I was on vacation this week in Bornholm, and even if I used my 16mm most of the time, this was taken with the old 35mm 1,4. On camera flash, he was under the table and after we had taken some pictures, he wandered back out in the forest. Iv I had been braver, I would have gotten even closer. But I think it turned out OK. 20160722-_DSF7318.jpg
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I've been sick for some days now (I still am) but yesterday I went out to get fresh air and took my X70 with me. I got some pictures with me back home and here they are:

30 sec - f/10 - 18 mm - ISO 200

1/220 - f/2.8 - 18 mm - ISO 200

1/100 - f/4 - 18 mm - ISO 500
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XT1, 35mm f1.4 - it was the shadows that caught my eye...

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Vancouver Island has a thriving car scene with all sorts of sub-groups represented including hot rods. Al Clark is an internationally renowned builder of vehicles based on 1932 Fords, the "little deuce coupe." Al has been getting his friends together to celebrate this style of hot rod for over 25 years and what started as a small gathering has grown into Northwest Deuce Days. It is held every 3 years and this year over 1000 vehicles were registered.

It is a wonderful opportunity for photography and I count my self extremely fortunate to have it happening for four days right on my doorstep. When it last happened in 2013 I was new to Fuji with an X20 and a newly acquired X100LE, each of which had one battery and each of which mysteriously ran out of juice shortly into the one session I could attend.

This time around I have an X-E2s,several batteries, a schedule to do something related every day and a plan to devote each of my sessions to one lense and one approach. Thursday it was the 18mm, yesterday it was the 35mm and night shots and today it was monochrome with the 18-55mm and a determination to include the participants, which is something I usually go to great lengths to exclude in my car shots.

I've been so enormously impressed with the quality of the images I've been getting, particularly the jpegs which have needed very little tweaking. The camera itself is a joy to use. I don't recall when I last produced so many images I was so pleased with.

Here are a couple with more in an album if anyone is interested.

How about that Transport section moderators?





Northwest Deuce Days 2016 album
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I've had two X-T1s for the last year or so, and was intending to replace them both with the X-T2 in September. Then when I saw the announcment regarding the firmware upgrade for the X-Pro 2 scheduled to be released around the same time, I decided to give some consideration to the X-Pro2 as my 2nd body. I had previously road tested the X-Pro1 at the Fuji event at the Palm Springs Photo Festival the year it was released, and found the non adjustable diopter (and some other things) not workable for me. (I sometimes shoot w/ my glasses on, sometimes not - need to be able to adjust on the fly.)

Long story a little shorter, I bought an X-Pro2 and MHG yesterday and spent the day reading the manual and Rico P's tips book, configuring the camera, shooting test files and processing and printing them on my Epson P800 printer.

I'm VERY pleased with the new sensor and processor. I was expecting nominal improvement/advancment in image quality in prints, but find the quality increase more than I had expected. A really nice step forward. High ISO prints look "a lot" better at 3200 and above than the X-T1 files. I'm surprised by this and pleased. 17x22" prints from high ISO files look very tight and have excellent tonal transitions (I do fine art printing for photographers, so know a decent print when I process and print / "see" one.)

The shooting experience is very nice. And while many have reported irritation at the ISO dial, I don't find it objectionable at all. My last RF "style" camera was in fact an RF camera, and the X-Pro2 total experience is somewhat reminicent of my Leica M4 from back in the day. I like it.

One of the big surprises for me, that I'd not even thought about is the ease in tracking action via the OVF as opposed to the blackout of the EVF. Again, really surprised, and this body brings something to the table that I don't think even the fast rate of the X-T2 will be completely "solve" re the tracking blackout issue.

So, call me pleased.
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One of my coworkers wants to buy my X-T1/18-55. Going to make him a sweet deal in order to fuel my GAS. BTW, Fuji - that makes him my 4th friend to get into the X camera system if y'all are handing out commission checks. :D

Anywhoo... I really regret not getting the GS version of the X-T1.

Have those of you that have preordered heard about the availability of a silver model?

I'd love to preorder one if that is an option.
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Picked up at the supermarket carpark from one tree, shot in a moment of sun between waves of torrential rain! It's midwinter here...

Sony A7R with Tamron SP 35-80mm f2.8-3.8

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Had a chance to shoot custom bike builder Strife Charming with one of his creations today. X-Pro1 with the 10-24 lens. All natural light. Processed in Lightroom and Silver EFEX. Strife 4.JPG
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the thinker
by kevin dixey, on Flickr

Apologies for the double post. It's also in the Summer of Pictures thread but I wanted to share a bit more about the lens

I just picked this lens up this lens and like it quite a lot. It's not the Fuji 23/1.4 but then again it was also $800 less expensive as well. I've been looking for a 24mm for a while since there are times when my 28mm lenses aren't quite wide enough. I found this lens on Fred Miranda for a good price and figured it was worth a shot as I like my Canon FD 50/1.4 SSC quite a lot. It's not the sharpest 24mm I've ever had but it is very appealing none the less. I have always found these old Canon SSC lenses work well with BW. The build quality is nice (and a bit heavy) but it's smaller than I thought it would be.
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Many people at the wall, including IDF soldiers. More here.

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WPG MudHero 2016-21.jpg
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I recently submitted a portfolio of current work and was accepted to participate in the Observe Dallas Workshop. A documentary/street photo art project. I was scouting locations and working on project ideas, when I snapped a barber shop from across a multilane street.

barbershop (1000x795).jpg

I leaned against a parking meter waiting for another passerby, when a man emerged from the barber shop and approached me. “You can’t take pictures of my barbershop!” I politely engaged the man. Explained the project and was even able to point to a nearby building that was part of the project.

observe dallas (350x350).jpg
He would have none of it. “I’m gonna beat your ass and break your cameras”. I maintained my composure and never broke eye contact during his repeated threats. He finally walked back to his shop.

I called 911. Police were dispatched and I told them of the threats. The police asked if I wanted him arrested, I asked if they could explain the law to him and assure me that he was not dangerous.

dpd (1000x710).jpg
Spent the rest of my morning scouting locations and working out project ideas.

Thanks, Dallas PD.
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Just picked up an X-T10 and overall I like it but find it a little difficult to get a good grip on it. What thinking about selling it on for an X-T1 but thought I would find out if others have a similar issue and what solution you are using;
Thumb grip (lensmate, thumbs up, etc.)
Metal grip baseplate
Leather half case

All pictures welcome as well.
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Hello everyone,
I am new to ACTUAL photography. My present gadgets are a Fuji X-T10 and 18-55 lens. I am going to buy a Rokinon 12mm f2.0 lens. But I am stuck in another place. I have a few questions in mind. It will be great help if someone could just help me to find out those answers.
But first, let me briefly tell my situation. I want to buy a portrait lens. While the 55mm end of my present lens serves me well, I want those creamy bokeh. But I am also very short on budget. So....

Q1. Should I buy cheaper lens like new Meiko 50mm f1.2 or wait for a bit more to gather money to buy Rokinon 50mm f1.2 or even wait more to be able to buy fuji 50mm f1.4? Or how about fuji's cheaper 60mm lens? or even slower fujinon 70-230mm lens? Or should I opt for some other 3rd party lens like Canon or Nikon and maybe use them with an adapter? Or should I go for a vintage one altogether? Listen I know very well that the more you will spend, the better quality and options you are gonna get in a lens. So I need suggestions on the basis of cost-benefit ratio because for some less money, I can live with maybe-not-the-best-but-better-quality lens. And one other thing, many people adapt lens to their newer camera because they already had those lens, so it is very much justified for them. But as I want to buy a new one, will it be justified for me to buy other OEM or 3rd party lenses?

Q2. Which is the best online market to find vintage lens in UK and USA? Also any good site for vintage lens reviews? To look for vintage lens, which brand should I rely on most? And what adapter system should I buy?

Q3. I live in a country where Canon and Nikon cameras are mostly used. So should I import some adapters so that I can buy or use those lenses on my Fuji camera. maybe in future? If so, which adapters should I buy? I understand most newer Canon and Nikon lens don't include aperture ring which I think may become an issue for me, isn't it?
Q4. As I said, I already own the Fuji XF 18-55mm f2.8-4.0 lens and taking portraits with it is a good experience for me. So should I go for another 50mm lens with a higher aperture or should I go for higher focal length? As I said, please consider the cost-benefit ratio.

Well I know my questions are bit disorganised and amaturish. But I am stuck. So I will really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.
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I am wanting to sell my 35F2 since I never use it. And when I was taking images for eBay I noticed 2 specs of what seem to be dust. At least I think it's dust. I know some lenses throw off a small reflection that look like dust. I'm posting a pic...can you guys take a look and give me your opinion?

Also, if it is intact dust, what would a good price be to place on the lens? I've never noticed any spots showing up in the images I took with it. But I don't want to deceive a potential buyer either.


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Taken January 29 this year. How things have changed! I hope this will cool some of you suffering in this awful heat! NEX 7, lens Vivitar 90mm, f2.5 Macro, (Bokina)

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