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I have just acquired an XP2 and am just getting to grips with the complexities of this camera. Might take some time I might add !

Anyway, I do not have any Fuji lenses at the moment but have a few bits of old MF glass and a M42-FX adapter so thought I would try out a Helios lens on this body on my favourite test target, Tilly the dog; see below.

This is clearly not the best image in the World, she is a Brittany Spaniel and never keeps still making MF tricky, but I am delighted with the focusing aids and general IQ from this body.

I still have quite a lot of Nikon kit and will keep D7200, D5100 and D3100 bodies and plenty of glass for action/wildlife and various other reasons but I am definitely loving the little Fuji XP2 and look forward to using this system for street/travel photography etc..

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Hello All,

finally an opportunity for testing the X T2 AF system
I can easily say that the AF system makes 85% sharp pictures
a great IMPROVEMENT of XT2 to XT1
Body settings
Zone AF 9 square
AF C custom setting 2
CH Drive
Shutter MS
Auto ISO

Lens settings
Distance Limiter 5m
OS on

Greetings Jakke

FXT21173 v2 FF.jpg

FXT21275 v3 FF.jpg

FXT21288 v4 FF.jpg

FXT21309 v3 FF.jpg

FXT22172 v2 FF.jpg
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If anyone is looking for an excellent Arca-Swiss plate for their XT-2 I can recommenced this one. It's a bit pricey but it came with my Kirks ball-head and I never used it so it was just sitting in the bottom of my bag. Anyway, it is built like a tank, fits perfectly, does not block the batter door nor the flip up screen and well, it a Kirks so it is probably made of battleship steel. Kirk UP-2 Universal 2 1/8" Camera Plate UP-2 B&H Photo
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Brought my 1 week old Fuji X-T2 to our camping/hiking trip in Mount Assiniboine and it performed as expected.
Quick AF, great colors, fantastic ergonomics although I noticed that the start-up time can be finicky at times as the EVF wouldn't start after a couple of seconds.
I was up there for only 48 hours as I had to cut my trip short due to busy work schedule but I tried to make the most of it and got one of the shots that I've always wanted to do.
Lenses I brought with me was the XC 16-50 and the Samyang 12mm.
I chose this setup instead of the 18-55 as I wanted to save weight and space as the 16-50 was able to provide me 24-75mm 35mm equivalent focal length.

by Earl Dieta, on Flickr

by Earl Dieta, on Flickr

by Earl Dieta, on Flickr

by Earl Dieta, on Flickr

we also tried to do some astro as sky was clear one night, however we were too late as clouds started rolling in again.
[​IMG]DSCF0355 by Earl Dieta, on Flickr
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Canon 5d mklll, using the 70-200 f/4L

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Hi guys, just wondering if there's something wrong with my X-T1 and/or the kit lens.

Two issues I have with it:

1. Aperture blade noise - seems very pronounced. You can hear it throughout the video I've included below and also at the end when I bring the camera closer to the mic.

2. LCD image stutter when autofocusing sometimes. You can see it on the 3rd autofocus attempt and also lots of times afterwards in the video. It seems to me the LCD refresh rate cannot keep up with the quick AF hunting? Seems as if the LCD is "stuttering".

Video sample is here:

Dropbox - x-t1_autofocus.mp4

Do you think these two things are normal or should I return the camera?

Have you also experienced this with your X-T1?


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Does the XE1 autocorrect the lens in RAW files on the XE1 and/or XE2?

Thinking about getting a 35 f2 for travel with one of my XE1's
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I hope these are not too risqué for the forum. mischkalacew.jpg mischkalace2w.jpg
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My dog had a friend over this weekend. Manual focussing on dogs is a challenge, but the smooth focusring on this lens made it pretty easy. sooc jpeg



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Shot with Fuji X Pro 1
37mm Mir 1B f2.8 at f8
6 seconds.
Hope you like! First time posting my work on here, more on my instagram @visualave

SF Bay Bridge.jpg
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In classic chrome.
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I have set my X-T1 to Release/Focus Priority on day 1. I did notice a while back that camera could, actually, shoot an out of focus images. So today I went on a walk and squeezed a few completely blurry images. Came home and repeated again (see attached). Does anyone know and can explain what makes the camera think that it found focus? Is it me and my strong ESP affecting it? :) Thank you in advance!!

P.S. Sorry if it was already discussed!
Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 12.17.37 AM.png
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Guys trying to get my head round a setting, on my xt2 I have auto ISO enabled, base 200, max 12800, shutter min 125, when I look through viewfinder or screen it displays ISO 12800 all the time even when the shutter is half pressed it never moves from 12800 (my xpro2 diplays the required ISO when half pressed) when I review the picture on my xt2 it shows the correct ISO I.e 200 or whatever, what does yours do please? Appreciate the help
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Hello, thanks for letting me join this site and will be posting here a lot from now. I grew up in Buffalo,NY and decided after seeing some videos online about photography and seeing my Dad friend studio that I wanted to become one. I had plans on buying Nikon when I first got into photography a couple of months ago but bought a Fuji x-e1 and Tamron 45mm f1.8vc. Love the setup.
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Just some fun in downtown KC with fast shutter. Also, the only time I could go shoot was around noon so had to get creative with the light.

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Boy at Enchanted Rock, Texas.
boy at enchanted rock.jpg
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I hope you all don't get sick of me posting these photos, but I'd like to share them with the forum. I post in small doses so you don't get overloaded. :) amber-fash4.jpg amberfash3.jpg
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First you make it, then you try to blow into it. More here.

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I have two suggestions for new lenses for the (excellent!) Fuji lineup.

First I'd love to see a 16mm f/2.8 (or f/2), WR lens. I'm sure the 1.4 is a great lens, but I want to keep my Fuji system as small and light as possible.

Second, I'd be the first in line to buy a 16mm shift lens. NOT a shift/tilt, as these are more expensive and in shooting architecture I almost never have occasion to use the tilt function on the 24mm tilt/shift lens I own. If I could get 10mm of shift with a Fuji-quality lens, I'd sell my Sony and the two shift lenses I already have.

Thanks for listening,
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A few days ago I picked up a Leica M9 that I sent in for the corroded sensor replacement. Along with the camera I got five lenses; three of which are gone. I still have the pair of Zeiss Biogons and I couldn't resist shooting a couple of pictures with the XT1. Even though they're Japanese Zeiss lenses they have the feel of a vintage all-metal lens barrel. The color is also superb. It's a pity I can't get the true field of view but they were fun to play with.
The horizontal shot is the 21 and the vertical is the 25.


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Taken with a Fuji X100s, ISO 200, f16 and shutter speed of 1/13 second. DSCF6803.jpg
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Just for fun.

From my "Dark Animal Portraits" series

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Is it me being stupid or have they now completely done away with the silent mode option?

I know it can still be turned off in each individual menu but it was really convenient being able to choose it through the Q menu.

Am i going mad?
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I was out shooting this weekend with my X100t, and noticed some odd behavior. With Auto ISO set, shooting aperture priority, I expect the camera to lower the shutter speed below the minimum when conditions demand it. But it did some weird stuff:

1. In very dark conditions, wide open at f/2, the camera would not go slower than 1/50 sec shutter speed no matter what I did. It was at ISO 3200, and the minimum shutter was 1/125 -- again, I expect the camera to choose a slower speed to maintain proper exposure, which it did, but it stopped doing so at 1/50. Changing the exposure compensation dial had no effect - the shutter stayed at 1/50 (and the photo was three stops underexposed). Switching to manual fixed it.

2. Same thing happened this morning, but with the max ISO at 800 and the aperture at f/16 to get a sun star, the camera chose 1/50 sec shutter, and underexposed by three or four stops. I didn't notice until I downloaded the raw files.

In every case, the LCD and the EVF showed the proper exposure -- but the camera would not shoot the proper exposure.

Any ideas? Is there a setting that I can't find that tries to maintain a hand-holdable shutter speed? I can easily recreate the issue sitting here at my desk.

Here's the photo from this morning -- again, it looked fine in the EVF:

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hikeymischka1.jpg lghikeymischka1.jpg
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There are so many things that are marvelous about Manhattan, and any discussion would have to include it's skyscrapers. From my recent trip up, I offer three I'm pretty happy with. I hope you will like them.
The high skyline and Chrysler Building were done with the Fuji 23mm 1.4 R. The Empire State Building from Bryant Park was done with the Zeiss 32mm 1.8.



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Having timed things really badly with selling my X-T1 and ordering the X-T2[1], I've been having a lot of fun with my X70. I miss having a viewfinder, but I'm finding the tilting screen is letting me get shots from angles I'd never attempt with a bigger camera. There's a lot to be said for a relatively tiny camera that can be easily slipped into a pocket...

I've also started having a bit of a play with Aurora HDR Pro (pretty quick for me, it's only taken since last November)...

Despite appearances, this narrow-gauge engine runs on the Brecon Mountain Railway in South Wales.

Brecon Mountain Railway - 20160924 - 01.jpg

[1] Dithered about it for too long....
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Zoo: Dierenpark Amersfoort / Netherlands






6) Zoo "Zen" ( Filter PS)
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A walk in the park with the XF 35mm f/1.4







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I took photos using X-T2 in a football game last night. I notice when I took with high ISO (1600 & 3200), the JPG and RAF files have 5 dark across the longer dimension (vertical lines in portrait & horizontal lines in landscape). You can see from the example file here - pay attention to the grass surface. Is there something wrong with the sensor?


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I know there has been comments earlier about an x100T update (or lack thereof), but I am happy with what the X100T offers as is. That said, why can't Fuji just give us that in love feeling again with a tiny update with Acros! I will continue to buy their new products as the technology improves, but in the meantime, can I play with Acros on my X100T?
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Spent a few hours in WSP----most fascinating part of my day was watching this little boy "PLOW" through each of his chess matches in fewer than 20 moves....and he always had the same look toward the end of each match: "the cat who swallowed the canary" :)

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I've recently upped my game equipment-wise, and not coincidentally, sold my house. What are folks doing for insurance?
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