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On my X100, it's Spanner menu page 6

On my X-T1, it's Spanner menu 1 > SCREEN SET-UP > BACKGROUND COLOR

I can't see it on my X100T. Is it not possible to set the LCD background colour on this camera?
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i replaced my aging 32 bit PC running WinXP a year ago, and had to give up my LS-2000 scanner . Although I rarely used it in recent years, I missed having it. The LS-2000 is a great scanner and it didn't make any sense to buy an expensive USB scanner, so I started doing some research, and found a seller on eBay selling refurbished LS-2000's with a kit to use the scanner with the latest Windows versions on 64 bit PC's

This same seller offers a repair service as well, and I had sent my scanner to him in 2007 when it stopped working due to dried lubricants. So I contacted him to see if he would sell me just the kit, which he did. The kit contains a new Adaptec PCIe card and cable, 64 bit SCSI drivers on CD, and step by step instructions. Since there is no scanner software or 64 bit driver for the LS-2000 from Nikon, I had to purchase VueScan software, which installed the driver. VueScan is easy to use and has all the features and more of the original NikonScan software.

My LS-2000 is now working on a 64 bit PC running Win7, and if I upgrade to Win10, it will still work.

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I've had my X-Pro2 a couple of weeks.
Today, when taking an image with the 56mm/1.2 a message came up on the screen prompting to turn the camera off and back on. The image was saved ok, but wonder if others have witnessed this, and if it's maybe something potential bad !
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Hi everyone- I wrote a free guidebook that can help you become more familiar with your X Series camera. It's called FUJIFILM TIPS and TRICKS: My 10 Favorite Settings for the X Series Cameras.

These cameras are so powerful and they're packed so many features. I just felt it might be helpful to outline some the settings I use most often, and highlight a few of the lesser known features I think can really make a difference in the creative and technical aspects of your photography.

Having used the X Series cameras for almost five years, I'm happy to share my experience and knowledge of with other shooters. Let me know if you have any questions about settings, or better yet, share your own! Everyone has a different style and you might know some tips I haven't thought of!

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35 & 12

brook z.jpg

frosty tulip.jpg

my spoon.jpg
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Dear friends

i really liked cplor sets of xt-1 especially classic chrome and velvia.

First when i shoot jpg in fine setting pica about 3-4 mb is it normal?

Second when o shoot raw about 30 mb but any chanc i can bring camera color presets to lightroom? Like velvia chrone etc. Or i should use another program?

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Xpro-2, 23mm f1.4, iso400 1/60 f2, OOTC jpg. Taken at Frensham Sculpture Park, UK.

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it's may day throughout the world and in many places may days a big holiday.

post your may day images here
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Ouwehands Zoo Netherlands

(25 mrt and handheld) (behind glass)

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Just noticed this piece of metal sticking out inside the remote-release socket and it doesn't look like part of the grounding to me (or maybe I'm mistaken and this is fine). My X-T1 is less than a month old - warranty time?

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Went out for a walk last night in North Point HK . Out trying 56 & 35 f2 . Constructive comments useful. Thanks

HK North Point 1.jpg

HK North Point 3.jpg

HK North Point 4.jpg
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took my xt-1 along with my 5ds and 5dIII for an aviation shoot for a client this weekend. always impressed with the xt-1, it really holds its own against the big boys.
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One of the benefits of the Fuji X system is their ability to use legacy lenses alongside the excellent Fujinon lenses. This is something I frequently take advantage of, and it is aided by the ability to assign a specific focal length in the menu system to enable that length to be recorded in the exif data and, at least in the case of the X-Pro2, to allow the correct bright frame to be displayed in the OVF.

However, we are only able to customise two of the six slots to our own specific lenses. I would like the ability to configure any or all to any focal length, in order to cater for more lenses than those suggested by Fuji. In addition, I would like to be able to assign this selection to a Q item.

Am I alone in this desire? Is it something which could be catered for in a future firmware upgrade?
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Hi folks,

I upgraded the above to the latest version when prompted by Adobe. Afterwards neither would run.

After a search on the web, I got the latest driver for my graphics card.

This solved the problem.

So if you have a similar problem this may be the solution for you.

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Shot with the X-Pro1 and 35mm f1.4. _DSF1479.jpg
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I've just completed a 3 week safari in Tanzania & South Africa. I finally got a chance to test my CZ 300mm f2.8 on the X-Pro2. Several years ago I had modified this lens from its native Contax/Yashica mount to a Sony α mount, so I used a Fotodiox Sony/Minolta to Fuji X adaptor on the X-Pro2.

I also had the Fuji 100-400mm lens with me on this trip, I'll be posting some images from that soon.

CZ300mm f2.8 XP2.JPG
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Hi guys, I need a backpack to carry my Fuji stuff during my travel in European cities (Paris,Venice,Amsterdam).

Bringing: XPro2 with 35mm f/2 attached, 56mm, 10-24mm, batteries, charger, possible Panasonic GX85 +kit,but probably have my girlfriend bring that

Not bringing iPad, laptop and I'm not going hiking so I don't need a huge backpack. I want the smallest possible backpack I can carry with me around the cities.

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Now that the new firmware includes classic chrome in its film simulation.
Does lightroom allows selection of classic chrome when the raw file is loaded?
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The Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club annual link run.

Even though it was a wild, wet and windy day here in Melbourne, there was a good turn out of bikes.

Here are a few of my happy snaps from today

Fuji X-T1 and 16-55mm lens

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Use caution when going out this door.
X100T, 1/1250, f8 ISO400
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From what i've now gathered from reading and talking to my peers this is a problem since the beginning and Japan is aware but...


Fuji camera's cant do rear curtain sync with non Fuji flashes?! This is almost a deal breaker for me now. I have had my xt1 since January but just yesterday I took it outside with my yongnuo flashes and using my YN560TX on camera i discovered that even with the rear sync flash enabled it will not fire rear sync! How is this not fixed by software yet?! I'm in absolute disbelief and frustration over this issue. From what i understand the only way to rear sync my flash would be to trigger it slave mode with the fuji pop up flash thing.

Absolutely blown away.
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This 4-inch baby cottontail posed for this portrait while testing my new X-E2 and 18-55mm. image.jpeg
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Any X-T1 shooters here know what sort of situation could cause the ISO dial to stop working? My camera is only 5 weeks old. No matter what I try, the LCD and EVF both say ISO 200 regardless of what I spin the ISO setting to. Aperture, shutter speed, and command dials are all behaving as expected. Its just the ISO that doesn't want to respond. 99% of the time I just keep my ISO on Auto and let the camera adjust it as needed. I noticed it was stuck at ISO 200 even when it obviously needed to go higher to brighten the exposure, so I tried manually changing the ISO, but no matter where I position the ISO dial, the camera stays on ISO 200. I've confirmed my ISO Auto Settings in the menu have the Max Sensitivity set to 6400.

Do I have a defective X-T1 after only 5 weeks? Or am I missing something obvious here in the settings that can cause this? By the way, I tend to baby my camera's so there is no way this thing was physically damaged.

Thanks for your time and consideration in helping me solve this ....
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Hello All,

Photo made at the Abbey of Averbode

Greetings Jakke

GXT19686 v3 FF.jpg
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A very quick portrait session. Shot with my XE-2 and the 56mm 1.2. Natural light with a reflector.
Kari 5.jpg
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As a long time Nikon user, I am new to this arena so bear with me. Does anyone know if the PocketWizard IV work with the X-Pro2? Or and of the series?
Oops……..slippery hands
Everything went well, nothing to worry about further!

Ouwehands Zoo Netherlands

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Working back through the archive to clear out the excess, I’ve reached the X-S1 photos from a few years ago. I seldom use the X-S1 now, but a lot of the images remind me how good it can be. In the thousands of photos I took with that camera, I never once experienced the infamous blooming “orb” phenomenon. After a couple years’ use, the lens did start to creep slowly if the camera was pointed upward or downward (especially in hot weather), but if you support it by the zoom ring anyway, it’s not much of an issue. I remember this shot... I spotted the frog in an airport drainage ditch as I was walking to a parking lot. Reduced and cropped to better show the frog and surrounding "soup."

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I spotted this set of vintage scales in the dark corner of a local shop. I like old things, so I thought I'd share.

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Taken with a Fuji Finepix S5 Pro.

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All OOC Acro JPGs from the X-Pro2 with the recently arrived 10-24.


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Adventures with a vortoscope...

fractured i
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My name is emre, 38 years old wirh 2 sons aged 4 and 10

Names deniz (sea) and ozgur (free).

i had a mark 3 set. Sold it and get the following. A fuji xt-1 with 10-24, 18-55, 55-200

Nice to be here
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I'm the lucky owner of a XT1, XP2 and a couple of lenses.:cool:
So far so good!

Here's my dilemma:
Weather permitting I love to ride my motorbike and would like to take a camera with me, in stead of (what I've been doing so far) shooting with my iPhone.
Obviously, on the bike I don't want to carry 'bulky' stuff and therefore I consider both the XT1 and XP2 as "non options". What I would like to get is a compact camera delivering comparable quality.
I've read through various reviews of different brands, but would love to get some user experience from the good people on this forum before making my decision
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I just picked up a used x3o for a family vacation (love it so far) it came with a circular polarizer that I can use in a pinch as an ND (about 1.5 stops) but I'd like to get a 3 stop ND filter but I'm having a hard time finding anything in 40mm? Does anyone know of a filter that would fit. I don't want to go the direction of a large step up ring (ie 40-58) because I think they look ridiculous...a few mm would be acceptable.
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I am not sure whether there is something I did wrong but I have a problem with the auto is with my x-pro2.

I selected auto iso min 200, max 3200 and min 1/60ss.

Using a 18-55 lens. When I select manual aperture on the lens the auto iso works perfect when changing teh aperture. But when I select auto aperture on the lens and change the aperture with the front wheel the shutterspeed goes below the 1/60s and the iso stays the same at 200.

Does anybody knows what goes wrong?
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Looking on line in the X-PRO2 manual, I find the only way to change ISO is via the ISO dial.
Cannot locate it in menu. Am I missing something?
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So i headed to the coast last night hoping for a mindblowing sunset, possible what with the stormy skies in recent days, and i knew the tide was very much out, so i took along my samyang 8mm again, hoping for some lovely textures and light and shadow on the mudflats, but sadly it wasn't quite there, the clouds were amazing but the sun fizzled out by the time it reached the magic hour, the golden hour...


But the trip was not a complete waste of time, before i reached the above location, i stumbled upon these little beauties...

bluebells by alexandra starr photography (1).jpg bluebells by alexandra starr photography (2).jpg bluebells by alexandra starr photography (3).jpg

Obviously the light was fading fast when i took these, and completely hidden behind cloud within a minute of arriving there, but i did manage to get three images, and hoping to return very soon, maybe even later this evening but a bit less later =)

Fuji X-A2
Samyang 8mm 2.8 m2 for mudflats
Fuji 35/2 for bluebells.
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