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Strait from camera - Astia film simulation and window light


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The Fuji Guys Billy (CAN) and Marc (UK) visit Japan to see the Fujifilm Sendai factory where they assemble various photographic equipment including the new XF35mmF2 R WR lens. They give you a behind the scenes look at how lenses are assembled and the quality and care taken in every Fujifilm product.

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i happened to read an article concerning stabilisation and problems that can occur when stab is not needed .
the article was advising people not to put it continuously .it explained that even at high speed it would still be working but to create blurred pictures!!
using my xe2 , from time to time i was surprised to find pictures taken at 1/400 s with kind of strange "moving" blur with no sharp point of focus
after having red the mentionned article ,i decided to put no stab on my 18-55 mm and the result is that now i don't have this problem anymore ...and it seems that direct jpg shots are little bit sharper straight from camera

hope ,this ,would be useful
see you boys ....and girls !
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I was posting a couple of recent Fuji landscapes taken in one of my favourite place in the English Lake District - Little Langdale, when I unearthed this old shot of mine taken a few years back on an 'old' Nikon D200.

Roy :)

Little Langdale 2 BLACK BG NEW TITLE smaller.jpg
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Hey guys, do you think the new 35/2 lens could be suitable for concert photography. I am not a pro and i am just doing it as a hobby, in small clubs in my city so i am really close to the stage and 35mm would be perfect.
Currently i am using old manual Auto Rikenon 1.4 and Pentacon 1.8 lenses and i am pretty OK with the results, but i am missing the AF:

I am not always shooting wide open so probably 35/2 @2 should produce quite good results in these conditons, what do you think?
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Was sitting in the backyard when one of our local hawks decided it was time to join in the Thanksgiving celebration--squirrel not so lucky. Anyway nothing fancy---just grabbed the XT1 and 50-140 before it took off with its meal....just a few quick snaps....although I shoot mostly with prime lenses---happy I made this purchase.




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This was taken in mid October on the XC50-230 at 85mm 1/75th at f/6.4 ISO200

Roy :)

DSCF5297 on black smaller.jpg
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Still trying to learn the best settings for autofocus - Should the "zone" setting only be used for moving subjects or is it also good to use with still and candid shots - I like to take some set family shots and candid shots during a get together - Should I be using AF-S with single point or AF-S with zone - Again thanks for any info
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As this is a range I won't be using too often, I decided to look for an XC in stead of the XF. I considered buying a second hand one till I found a new one for what I think is a bargain: 189 euro incl. free shipping in NL. Have a look if you're interested at
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A day out at the Market
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Loch Laggan

Blair Castle

Elgol, Skye

Forth Railway Bridge

Sligachan, Skye
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long time Nikon user (still) former Fuji film user 120 now with a slightly used xpro1
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Allanbill99's terrific recent post reminds me that winter's on the way.

So I had a look back to a month ago when autumn mists were still hanging in the Lakeland valleys.

This is an early morning shot in Little Langdale - a favourite place and home to one of my climbing club's cottages.

late edit: I forgot to mention that this was another taken with the XC50-230, in this case at the 'wide' end

Roy :)

a Misty Morning LL titled.jpg
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Inspired by RoyUK's Scottish shots, here's an Autumn-turning-Winter shot taken from the side of Helvellyn in the Lake District on Sunday. I was out for a long run with my XT10 / XF56 and took a wrong path - thank god I did - it's not often you see light like this - especially as I'd been looking at the inside of a cloud all morning!

[​IMG]Sunlight across Steel Fell by Alan Billington, on Flickr

I've been forcing myself to go out with just the one reachy prime recently (coming from a background of 27mm FFE) and I must say it is certainly encouraging me to look at things differently
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Still with macro add-on lens, Raynox DCR 250 and BW +10 close-up lens





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Seattle Center  (3 of 4).JPG Seattle Center  (1 of 4).JPG Seattle Center  (4 of 4).JPG On my way to work Monday I stopped by the Seattle Center to take a reflection shot. I had seen this puddle of water Sunday afternoon and thought that it might make an interesting shot. It was very dark and the only light was from a street lamp and the space needle. The photo was taken with an XT-1 16-55 lens iso 400 timed exposure from a tripod . Added are couple more shots from Monday morning
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It snowed seriously here for the first time yesterday. Out with my X100 this morning.



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I carry the X-T1 with a Black Rapid strap attached to the tripod socket. Tonight the socket came loose ... the 4 screws holding it in place are gone ..... removed the strap ... now when I turn on the camera I get the 'F0' on the display .. camera turns on ... but can't take pictures .... so it looks like it goes in for repair. (have my 23/1.4 in for repair .... ) ... I have an X-E2 as well, so at least I have a camera
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1. Tibetan singing bowl
2. From a modernesque (sic) totem pole

Singing Bowl.jpg

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