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Short story to close Summer up here above the Equator. I have always liked RF cameras. I learned to shoot film with one and my dream camera (despite having absolutely no way to ever buy one) has always been a Leica M (digital) and a Summi-something 35/2 and 50/2. I have had a lot of cameras and lenses and quite a few of them were very good. I have enjoyed being part of communities such as this and learning the ins and outs of whatever gear I was using. Sometimes I would hit roadblocks with my photography or life would unexpectedly step in and change things in a much more significant manner.

Recently I have been pairing down my lenses and looked at my current kit and what do I see? An X-Pro 1 with a couple of of old Nikkors, a 35/2 and 50/2. I guess I just need to buy some red dots to slap on them. Too funny how things like this come back around.
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When you say an image isn't sharp or is sharp, or someone else says their images arn't sharp, what do you really mean? Or what are you thinking? In focus but 'soft' to view? 'Harsh/defined' to view? Do people have different definitions of sharp? How sharp you want an image?

Having an evening musing and would be interested to know others' thoughts. Samples welcome too.
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Anyone heard anything about delivery date?
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living at the bottom of the world I get that you pay more for things, but with 3 of us at work purchasing the XT-2 we have become acutely aware of the pricing.
On preorder our camera store said that Fuji NZ has given no indication of price ( yet ), so retailers were making their pre order price from the US B+H site which had the XT-2 at $1599 US. They did the exchange rate then added some postage and came up with $2699NZ. Local media had the price at $2399NZ.

Going through different countries and based on the B+H price, only Canada wins!
Equivalent to US$1599 in local currency ( XT-2 RRP in brackets)
NZ $2200 ($2699)
Australia $2125 ($2499)
UK £1215 (£1400)
Canada $2095 ($1950)

I have purchased a lens from B+H and it cost me $15 to post. I'm guessing the Fuji's in every country are getting the XT-2's wholesale unlike Amazon or B+H.
I understand that companies need to make a profit for warranty and advertising etc. seems to me though that's a massive margin, a lot more than the XPro2 which sells at $300 less.
I enquired with Fuji NZ about the media quoting the price at $300 less, but no surprises there was no response.
Btw well done Fuji Canada for negotiating a price under the US retail price. Someone there is doing their job!
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Apologies prob done to death but just ordered an X-T1 .

Need suggestions for a soft release , battery (that won't explode from China) & a strap.
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The North Canadian river runs next to Overholser lake in Oklahoma City, about 15 minutes from my home.These two were taken during the magical hour. _BAL2989-magic-hour.jpg _BAL2838-North-Canadian.jpg
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X-E1 & XF 18mm F2 - shot in Astia with LR 4.4 tweaks

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So I have a trip to a high peak of a Lebanese mountain (ski domain in winter), I will have on me the X-T10 and the XC 16-50mm lens, I will take photos with RAW+Jpeg, though here are my questions for taking the best landscape photos with this lens:

-What is the sweet spot for the f/ ? I have read some reviews saying f5.6 and others f8 to f11, obviously if it will be landscape photos I will need sharpness to be high on all the photo not only the center.

-What are the best jpeg settings for mountain landscape photos with the X-T10?
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I'm headed to NYC this long weekend, and am musing over what to bring. I know that whatever I bring, I will take home some great images, but I think these threads are kind of fun.

I'll be walking around a lot I presume (weather is looking very nice), so I'm looking to keep things pretty nimble. I'll be traveling down with a backpack, but that's going to get left at the hotel and will be using my ONA Bowery bag to carry my camera and lens choices around.

I currently have an X70, XE-2s, and the XPro-2. I love the XPro-2, for it's new sensor and general awesomeness, but the others are great too. I may toss one of the other cameras in my backpack. I was debating just bringing the XE-2s over the XPro-2, because it's so much smaller and lighter than the XPro-2. Hmm. I do find the XE-2s EVF just not as bright as the XPro-2 in the sun, so this could be an issue. The X70 is of course tiny, and might be handy just to have as a second camera for if we go out to dinner or what not and I don't want to bring a bag.

I have too many lenses (but whatever, I use them all and love them)! But, I've narrowed my choices down already a bit. For zooms, I could bring my 10-24mm for wide (architecture, interior) shots, and the 18-55 for normal walking around shots. I also have the 18-135 which I was considering, but it's rather large and heavy for walking all day with. I do have the 55-200 as well, but when I'm in the city I usually have little need for telephoto.

I also have primes. I've thought about just bringing the 14mm instead of the 10-24mm to save size and weight. Other choices in my arsenal are the 16mm, 23mm, 35mm f2, 56mm, 60mm. I was also considering just grabbing a trio of primes (14, 23, 56 or 16, 35, 60, or some combination of those) and just being done. It might be liberating to just shoot with the primes, and I do prefer the feel of those lenses over the 18-55.


I obviously don't want too much choice. Part of this little vacation is to grab some great images (photography is a hobby not work for me), so I don't mind a bit of lens changing.
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Hello there.
Here are some pictures of one of my favorite subjects. Our dog Saxo, who is 10 months old and loves to play in the water with his canine friends.
Fujifilm X-T1 - 16-55 1: 2.8.
It has taken time to get familiar with the 16-55 lens, but it has been sitting on my camera since I bought it, even though I have several other optics.




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X100 & wcl image.jpeg The sun shone...intermittently!
Few more inside :)
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I was Googling some memory card info and came across an interesting test done on the X-Pro2 with memory cards of various speeds.

Somewhat predictably, the UHS-II 2000x memory cards make a huge difference to write speeds as they they take full advantage of the extra bandwidth that the UHS-II slot offers: Best Memory Card For The Fujifilm X-Pro 2

So, if you are going to spend big bucks on an X-T2 and want to get the most out of it then it does not make sense to buy anything other than the UHS-II 2000x cards... a bit like only putting high-octane fuel in a performance sports car. They may seem expensive at $90 for a 64GB card, but it is proportional in terms of performance gain.

I know this may sound like obvious advice, but I have come across many people in my time who really underestimate the importance of a fast SD card, and instead buy cheaper high capacity ones and then wonder why they have to wait ages for the buffer to clear.

Personally, I think I will be going for 2x 64GB Lexar 2000x cards. :)

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I was inspired this afternoon after viewing a show of the early work of Diane Arbus. More here.

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A blindingly bright August day in Portland, Or.

XT-1, 35/f2

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First photos with the Kowa SIX. I shot four 12 exposure rolls over a two day period. (2 rolls of Ektar 100 and 2 Provia 100.) Metered using an iPhone app called "Pocket Light Meter".

These are all Fuji Provia 100F. Definitely my favorite so far when properly exposed. I also like that Provia is a "positive" film (Chrome) which is easier to scan and more fun to look at on a lightbox.

I had less "keepers" with the Provia due to overexposing (the Kowa lenses only go up to 1/500 and I was "optimistic" with my metering), but the shots I nailed have the "look" I'm after. Even slightly overexposed Provia 100 is nice, but more than one stop and it gets a deep blue cast that's hard to remove.

All shot at box speed. Processed normally at Duggal Visual in NYC. Scanned using a 120 film holder sitting on top of a lightbox, with a tripod mounted Sony A7ii and Tamron SP 90mm f/2.5 Macro lens at f/5.6.

Jane's Carousel - Accordion Door Detail. Kowa 150mm, f/3.5, 3stop ND, 1/500, Provia 100F

Manhattan Bridge Detail. Kowa 150mm, f/3.5, 1/500, Provia 100F (NO ND filter)

Locks of Love - Brooklyn Bridge Park. Kowa 85mm, f/2.8, 3stop ND, 1/500, Provia 100F (Slightly overexposed, but I like the high key image in this case. Need to get a stronger ND.)

Locks Close-up. Kowa 85mm + T1 Extension Tube, f/3.5, 3stop ND, 1/500, Provia 100F

Pier 5 Fish Cleaning Sink. Kowa 85mm, f/2.8, 3stop ND, 1/500, Provia 100F (This had such a deep blue cast, I ended up converting to BW)
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Hi, new guy here. I have been thinking about getting a nice camera for about 6 months now and have narrowed it down to Fuji, totally due to the images I have seen on Flickr and elsewhere. There seem to be more technically capable cameras out there, but none have the quite the image quality for JPEGs as I see from Fuji. I was pretty sure it was going to be the XT-10, with the 18-55 zoom and the 56mm f1.2. Then I saw that the XT-2 was going to be released and it seems to have all the technical capabilities of some of the other cameras I had researched. I have about 2000 dollars to spend and after that, I doubt if my SO will go for *any* upgrades in the forseeable future, so whatever I get now is it. That means I can either get the XT-10, the 18-55mm and the 56mm OR I can get the XT-2 and the 18-55mm. I *really* like the images I have seen with the 56mm and I naturally gravitate towards that focal length. From what I have read the XT-10 should give me the same quality images as the XT-2, but there are are those little niceties (especially the big EVF and 4k video), that would be missing from the XT-10. The images I have seen from the 18-55mm have been very nice looking and that looks to be a fairly compact good quality do-it-all lens, so no problem with that lens at all. I probably should go with the XT-10 since I would really like to play around with a prime that gives such nice creamy bokeh AND foreground images. And if I am mainly shooting just JPEGs, do I need a hugely expensive camera? But the XT-2 is such a *nice* camera (at least from what I have been reading). What would you guys choose if this was all that you could get?
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hello Guys, some weeks ago i was traveling by train and I notice a beatiful light in the Fulton Metro Station, check it out!


View attachment 89360



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Ever since I got my X-T10 I've been wanting to get back into street photography but haven't had the time. FINALLY I got a breather and took an evening out on the town and I truly love the X-T10 for street work!

All the building/architecture shots were with the 27mm f/2.8. The musician shots with the 35mm f/1.4. All shots were wide open. Amazingly sharp with both lenses! The 27mm/X-T10 is an awesome street combo.

Enjoy my home town!

[​IMG] [​IMG]
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XPro1 and XF60mm at a local museum.

Thanks for looking,
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Charles Bridge, Prague
by Timo Schnitzlein, on Flickr

Lucerna Shopping Arcade, Prague 2/2
by Timo Schnitzlein, on Flickr

Beware of Cobblestones
by Timo Schnitzlein, on Flickr

All the streets in Prague's historical city center are covered with cobblestones. If you explore the city exclusively as pedestrian like I did, you should better wear good shoes – high-heels are definitely not the order of the day.

Because of this, you're going to see a scene like this in Prague every now and then: A cavalier is carrying his companion from his car to the next venue that is free of cobblestones.

Want to see more? Then head over to my Prague album on Flickr, which currently comprises 28 pictures, with more to come.

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I haven't had any luck identifying the correct adapter for this lens and my X Pro2. I see a couple on ebay that may work, but the descriptions aren't specific enough for me to be sure.
Anyone have any experience with this combination?
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...and streeeeetch
by kevin dixey, on Flickr

It's a bit bigger and heavier than my old Super Takumar 50/1.4 was and maybe a bit sharper wide open. Other than that the images look remarkably similar. It has nice color, smooth bokeh and the build quality is very nice...on par with the Super Tak despite having a rubberized focus ring.

It's got about a zillion aperture stops.
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Admin please delete
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Been pretty active lately on YouTube and currently getting into daily vlogging. Right now I'm uploading consistently every other day or so but plan to make it an everyday commitment. Would love your support! Subscribe if you're interested in following the journey. Be sure to share with friends as well as on your social networks. Hope to see you all there!

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Lovely sunny day in England last weekend, so we decided to go for a drive, a walk and a pub lunch. I put my Canon 6D with a 24-70 attached in my bag, hefted it and said to myself "sod that", so grabbed the X100T and put the TCL in my pocket (a bit annoying, as its bulbous, but I could cope with it).

I decided to push the camera a bit, and it coped with a couple of silly user errors. I neglected to change the ISO from where it left off (800). So the shot in the car was at f/2.5 and 1/8000 sec! To my eye, her glasses and flyaway hair are pin sharp even at 800 ISO.


Then tried the TCL for a portrait at f/2.8 with some fill flash. Mixed results. I like the effect, but the specular highlights on her face are off-putting, and there is a strange colour cast on her face, neither of which I could totally clean up in Lightroom.


Her face looks better in the B&W, but this should be a colour image I think. I guess you just can't beat a decent off camera flash, but I didn't want to be encumbered.


The final photo hides my other user error (I had mistakenly changed the lens to "Wide" when resetting back to the Standard lens). Personally can't see any issues with the photo. F/2 with fill flash to give her some punch in the foreground, and EC - 1 stop to darken the glade. Can't see her face, so the flash works much better this time.


I've had it over a year and a half now and I still think what a remarkable little camera it is.

Comments/critique welcome.
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Any good backup on the go solutions for Fuji cameras , havent used the wifi properly for a while can you select all & save a copy to camera roll in the app?
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XPro1 and XF55-200mm for 12sec at the back of a small sandstone cliff overhang at a local State Park.
This seems to be a poisonous bioluminescent "Jack-O-Lantern Mushroom" (aka Omphalotus olearius).
It did seem to be glowing gently in the dim light.
Is there a mycologist in the house?

A guy hiking by asked me (in German accented English) -
"Iz it a magik mushroom?" :cool:

Thanks for looking,
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After returning from a long day at the beach , i saw this abandoned train. Could not resist to stop and take a few snapshots.
X T1 + XF 18-55
Edited with Organik
DSCF9673-Edit.jpg DSCF9675-Edit.jpg DSCF9677-Edit.jpg DSCF9679-Edit-Edit.jpg DSCF9680-Edit.jpg
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there's always a lot of chatting about raw conversions and developing fuji files around here.

.... does anyone have any tips for sharpening ?

either for apple aperture or maybe a plug in like nik (as its free)

what kind of workflow and settings are people using?
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We had a cycle race in town the other evening and I wanted to grab a few images using the XPro2+16-55mm.

My intention was to capture some sharp images and also some images with movement and blur.

I am more than happy with camera performance and the results - they are what I wanted.

Cyclists 1.jpg Cyclists 2.jpg Cyclists 3.jpg Cyclists 5.jpg Cyclists 8.jpg
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Looking to buy a Swiss Arca L bracket grip for my XE1. I've looking at different brands and am wondering if anyone here has had any issues using them. Does the side bracket interfere with you nose when using the vf? Or any other part?

Looks like most of them have a removable side bracket, but it would be good to leave it in situe.
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I'm really afraid of spiders, I can scream like a little girl when the big ones approaches me. But they are fascinating at the same time, and I like to take photos of them. Today I saw one with a big web between two plants, and it sat there all perfect for me to photograph.

So I dog out the MCE-11 adapter together with the XF35 and my Nissin flash with a cord, and got this.

I'm quite satisfied, but I hope the 80mm macro lens comes out soon, so I don't have to be that close...

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