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Near Hope, British Columbia. The first two pictures are obviously variations of the same file. You'll note the three fishermen on the rocks. They're actually conservation officers. I imagine they're part of some study of fish populations. Just a guess as to why they're fishing but not a guess as to whom they are.

_DSF1507 copyPR-Edit.jpg

_DSF1507 copy-Edit.jpg

_DSF1512 copy-Edit.jpg
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Here are a couple of shots, both cropped quite a bit. Shot with my X-E1 and XF 27mm. One shot is lit by a flashlight, the other by the camera's flash.

Cute little American Shorthair Possum just sat there letting me take its photo.



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Taken during our recent trip to Durango/Silverton Colorado. It was a cloudy day. To see our reason for making this trip check out my other posting. We usually make this trip on our motorcycle but this time due to weather conditions we drove the car. Check out this brief video (make sure you click on HD for the best results) and pay attention to what happens near the end of the video.
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One room school in a nearby pioneer reconstruction.

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Has anyone done this? How'd it go? Thanks.
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Last week my family and I went to Italy for a few days. We visited Pisa first and then stayed 3 days in Florence. Great cities with a lot to see (specially Florence) and to eat.

I took my X70 with a neck strap to be always ready to use, it was my most used camera, also a X-E2S with the XF14mm, XF35mm f2 and XF55-200. Of all these, the less used was the 14mm.

Here are some shots from both cities:







I have a lot more I could share, if you'd like.
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I've been looking into a weatherproof/resistent backpack to house my XT2 and lenses, eventually a new laptop. They're are a lot of great quick access messenger style bags, but for hiking and going about I prefer a backpack that can be tightly adjusted for no excessive movement. The few I've come upon (Paxis/Fstop) are a little steep for me atm. I do not trust amazon. Lowkey designs... No attention grabbing backs are hard to find. Suggestions?
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Hi, this is my first post in this particular thread. The four photos below are from a ride with my two kids this evening. Shot with my new XT-2 and XF18-135mm. Each photo has had limited post processing - some mild exposure adjustments and vivid selection in Silkypix raw conversion.

I personally like the close in photo of the chair, however, for someone who does not understand the context of the photo they would wonder why the helmets.

Advice on composition, camera craft or areas for image improvement in post processing is welcomed. My main interest is adventure/outdoors and I would like to improve my understanding of these photography fundamentals to help turn those fleeting moments into great images.

Also, this is my first time posting photos to a forum so I have screwed it up please let me know.


R&D Fox Hollow1.jpg
1/30, F5.3, ISO 800 (FL 66mm)

Robbie and Dana Tree Seat 2.jpg
1/50, F4.7, ISO800 (FL 44mm)

Robbie and Dana Tree Seat.jpg
1/45, F5, ISO800 (FL 60mm)

Dana Night Ride1.jpg
1/6.5, F3.5, ISO800 (FL 18mm)​
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Zack - my previous labrador on 26th October 2008 Dawsholm Park. Olympus E-410 with 17.5-45mm @40mm f4.0 1/80 iso200
Zack 26Oct2008.jpg

Ben - my 7 1/2 month labrador pup on the same pathway today X-E2 with 16-50mm @40mm f5.3 1/250 iso 1600 - because he's full of energy and won't stay still.

Ben at Dawsholm 2 PS.jpg
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Hi, what are people's thoughts on Acros with grain?

As I understand it Acros has it's own grain algorithm which changes with iso setting.

So how does the grain setting work with this, especially if you turn noise reduction to - 4?
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I went to Takeda Castle Ruins, Asago city which is popular among tourists for its "Sea of Clouds". I spent the night in the station and planned to hike the hill early in the morning to see sunrise. Knowing nothing, luckily, I got to see the autumn festival which was held that night.

Here are some pictures taken with X-T10 and Takumar 50mm 1.4 lens.

Takeda Station

Takeda Village

Autum Festival DSCF9403.JPG

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A discussion on the trend of Fine Art photographers feeling the need to provide a written narrative on their work verses allowing the image to stand on it's own.

About the author: Neal Rantoul is a career artist and educator. After 10 years teaching at Harvard and 30 years as head of the Photo Program at Northeastern University in Boston, he retired from teaching in 2012. You can find out more about him or see his photographic work by visiting his website. (From Petapixel)
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I have an x-xt1, a 18-135mm zoom and the 35mm f1.4 prime. I've been offered a 60mm f2:4 at a very reasonable price and am wondering if this will not be a redundancy with the zoom. I do not shoot any portraiture or studio work, I'm more into street photography. I love low-light though, I'm a nightly person, and am very pleased with my fast 35mm f1:4 which is a very intersting lens.
Given the significant price difference between the 56mm f1.2 I am also looking at, and the 60mm f2.4, I thought the 60mm could be an option to gain some IQ/stops over the (already very satisfactory IMHO) 18-135 which opens at f:5 max at the equivalent focal lenght. The excellent OIS on the zoom does the job as advertised and lets me gain some stops but that is only relevant for non-moving subjects of course.

I would appreciate some advice!
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Hi guys!

What do you think?

I use the camera for mostly online posts. My subjects range primarily from watches, people, cars, and nature trips.

My main gripe is really just the size. Im not sure if ill miss the viewfinder but ive grown to like it sometimes. Last is that sometimes i find 35mm a bit harder to do in landscape shots.

Would you swap and why?
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_DSF1578 copy2.jpg
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This isn't the famous Series One lens, it's the 1:1 macro with the ultra precise long focus-throw. This one is in Minolta mount, mounted on the X-E2 for a quick test here. This is pretty much SOOC Jpeg. I like it!
Vivitar 90mm Macro Tape sm.jpg
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Earlier this summer I took my camera to work and one of the images that I captured was a portrait of a co-worker. Today she asked if I could email a copy to her. However, I couldn't remember which camera that I used.

I found it, but while searching for it I looked through my X100T catalog. Big mistake. Not that I don't love that camera but ... I sold it when I decided to get the X-T2.

Now I am wondering how long I can hold off before I add one back to my arsenal?

The X-T2 is an excellent camera but there is something very special about the X100x series that keeps me coming back. Perhaps when I put my 16-55 on the market I will search the ads to see if I can find a deal ...
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New to Fuji X, new to the forum. Saying hi with a street shot. X-Pro 2 w 18-55

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is there a good camera shop in bangkok?

obvs featuring fuji and maybe xt2 in stock.
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The sun nearing the horizon and bathing the trees with light during "Golden Hour".

Late Afternoon Path.jpg
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Mountain forest near Hope, British Columbia. I've exaggerated the colours and lighting for effect.

_DSF1492 copy-Edit-Edit.jpg
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Grabbed a few shots on the way to work this morning...
X-E1 & Voigtlander 15mm f4.5...
DSCF1715 2.JPG DSCF1718 2.JPG DSCF1719 2.JPG
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With a streak of unseasonably warm weather, my wife and I decided to venture down to the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay in search of the best crab cake sandwich. We targeted St. Michaels, Maryland where 50 years ago I used to be recruited to help out on a commercial clam boat at times. Boy has that area changed!
Range Rovers and Porsches roam where dilapidated rusty old pickup trucks used to dominate.

Anyway, the food seems just as good as the ol-days, albeit at much higher prices. I grabbed this shot of the crab cake candidate, with my wife in the background about to enjoy her soft shell crab sandwich.

X-T1, 14mm f/2.8 wide open, Provia.

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Shot at New York Comic Con last week with my new x-t2. Very happy with it. Battery life I found was miles better than with x-t1. Focusing, love love love the joystick or whatever you like calling it. So happy there's also one on the grip too since I shoot in portrait often. anyway thanks taking a look, these are a couple favorites so far. first one w/ 35mm 1.4 second w/ 56mm 1.2


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What am I missing here.

By the calculations of DOF calculators the DOF should be 6" >infinity at f8, with a hyperfocal distance of about 11". But the DOF lines in the camera say 15"> infinity with a hyperfocal distance of 30" or so. It's actually hard to tell as it jumps and everything is compressed at that end of the scale. If I move the DOF bar so the left side is at 6" the other end is at 8.5" or so. Shouldn't it be at infinity? What am I missing here.

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Man on stairs.jpg Ponte Vecchio.jpg Trattoria.jpg Bicycle in alley.jpg
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Paddle boarding off Cattle Point, Victoria, British Columbia.

_DSF1060 copy copy.jpg
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Last Saturday I was at the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see the Chihuly exhibit. Had my X-T2 with the 18-55 mounted and battery grip fully charged the night before. Grabbed the camera and headed out.

After about 2-1/2 hours and 40 photos I noticed that the camera was reporting that both the grip batteries were depleted (battery icons empty and outlined in red) and the camera battery was at about 50%. Ok, I hadn't optimized the settings for battery life, but switched the camera off between photos most of the time.

Strangest part - when I got home and put the batteries on the charger the first grip battery was showing fully charged in less than 5 minutes, the second in about 10 and the camera battery was fully charged in about 2 minutes. So clearly none of the batteries were approaching empty, in fact they were barely discharged.

Anyone else seen this or have any ideas?

I did get some quite nice pics, though.
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Just a shot of a Pavement Artist that I was originally going to post in mono, but thought It would probably be better in colour so as to show the colours of his work.

X-T1, 18-55mm Lens, 1/1600 @ F4, ISO-200, Handheld.
[​IMG]Pavement Artist (1)-20016C by G.K.Jnr., on Flickr

Thank you for looking and any comments welcome.,

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Just a shot of a Thistle taken while walking up on the cliffs. Quite a pull up as I only had the 18-55mm lens with me and couldn't get as close as I would have liked.

X-T1, 18-55mm Lens, 1/350th @ F8, ISO-200, Handheld.
[​IMG]Thistle (1)-200057 by G.K.Jnr., on Flickr

Thank you for looking and any comments welcome.,

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1. Ravineside near Drumheller, Alberta. X-T10 + 55-200
2. Lakeside hill in the Rocky Mountains of south-western Alberta. Canon 5DMII + 16-35mm f/4L


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In the Okanagan Valley of south-central British Columbia.

_DSF0898 copy copy.jpg

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Yesterday I posted a panorama of the Helderberg Escarpment made around 11AM. I wished that I had the opportunity to do it again but at sunrise. I got my wish this morning. I shot several panos then the clouds rolled in as I was packing up to go back home. Both images were made with the x-e2 and the "kit" lens, 18-55. I used a Nodal Ninja pan head. Both are about 16,000x 4500.

Yesterdays photo at 11AM

This morning's photo about 7:30AM.
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A store front in Fort Langley, British Columbia, near Vancouver.

_DSF0945 copy-Exposure-Edit.jpg
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Taken with a Canon 7D + 70-300mm L lens:)

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Lakes around Banff, Alberta. Both taken with Canon 5DMII + 16-35mm L lens.


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Hello everyone

Long shot with this question, but I recently purchased earlier in the year a 7D Mk 2 + 100-400ii for anything that moves ! I was fed up with the T1 and speed.

Now I have the T2, things are slightly different. ! My only option is probably to hire a xf 100-400 and try the two rigs up against each other.

Anyone with the Canon combo above v the T2/100-400 care to share any findings ?

I am only interested in the exact Canon combo I have as I have never used the 7D with any other lens apart from the 100-400. I am rather fond of the Canon lens it has to be said, but its a heavy rig ! The T2 has obviously closed the gap a lot now to the point possibly moving to one rig !

It doesn't help that the pricing in the UK has gone up for the 100/400 (with 1.4x) so the cashback is not quite so attractive, but never mind !

Thanks to anyone that may be able to help :)
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