A new serie that I'm doing in the harbor of Hendaye... I hope you will enjoy with it!


Both with the X100.​
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Sorry to maybe post this 2X but it went away in media section. Eva's Caribbean Kitchen is a dining and photo delight. Loved the approach with th Eva Sign FX JHDP4856.jpg e XE2 and 16mm.
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Where did the banners go? Did we lose advertisers/sponsors. Some offered very go buys to members.
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So my first weekend with the X100T ended up being pretty eventful...literally. It was a weekend of events that had me driving all over the area, eagerly snapping away.

I'm getting into the groove with this camera pretty quickly. I actually took a bunch of photos in almost complete darkness during the ABATE biker meet and ended up with a few keepers...or at least what I would consider keepers. My personal favorite style revolves around high contrast black and whites (although the Fuji colors are hard to toss away sometimes.) But one thing I like about black and white is that I can sacrifice all of that detail in low light and just try to capture light and shadows.

I learned a couple of things. Some of my favorite photos from this weekend were spur of the moment shots where I literally had just enough time to pull the camera up to my face and fire...another testament to the "snap shooting" ergonomics of the camera. I also learned how simple a completely mobile workflow can be. I shot a few pics of the band, processed them in Photoshop Express in about ten minutes, and had them emailed to the band's manager before their set was over. This is going to become my new standard workflow. I love it.

So here's a couple of my favorite firefighter shots from the weekend:
(NOTE: Totally forgot to mention why I'm posting firefighter shots after talking about the ABATE meet...one of the other events in the next town was a firefighter competition.)





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Hi all,

I am not trying to bash Fuji's customer service, I just need your opinion.

A few months ago I bought a black Fuji X-T1 and a 23mm lens on Marktplaats (the Dutch's version of Ebay). They were both heavily used - there were some scratches on the body and some parts had the paint peeled off.

Later I found out that the camera had the light leak issue and decided to send it together with the lens to get it fixed. Additionally I also asked Fuji to send me a quote for repainting the camera. They told me that it was not possible to repaint, instead the whole body had to be replaced. First they sent me a quote for cleaning the lens and the camera (around 90 euro). Later they sent me another quote for replacing the whole body (480 euro). Since it was so expensive, I told them to proceed with the "previous quote".

3 weeks later, I received a confirmation that the repair had been finished and they were on the way back to me. They arrived safely. I noticed that the camera was repainted. The new paint was darker than the old one. I was certain nothing was replaced because the scratches were still there (on the ISO dial, on the EVF hump, etc). Inside the box there was an invoice stating that the repair cost is 0 (zero) euro. I thought Fuji had decided to repaint the camera out of courtesy because the repair took so long. It took three weeks just to get a quote and my camera was sent first to Germany from the Netherlands, and later to UK. I got three different numbers to track on three different websites: Dutch, German, and English. In total I had to wait for 6 weeks just to get the camera repaired.

A few days later, a letter from Fuji arrived. On the letter, it was written that the repair cost was 480 euro, but it didn't say anything about how to pay. Normally in the Netherlands, they would write clearly something like "Please transfer the money to xxxx -xxxx". But on this letter there was nothing like this. It only mentioned the cost. Hence I made a conclusion "perhaps Fuji decided to repaint the camera under warranty. They found out that the camera wasn't so bad and could be repainted. This invoice is just a proof".

Just one week ago, I received another letter from Fuji telling me to pay 480 euro otherwise they would contact incassobureao (Dutch's debt collector). All cost involved would be paid by me.

Of course, I refused to pay and sent them an e-mail. My reasons are:
1. I never authorize them to replace anything (I have all the e-mail correspondences). In fact they never replaced anything, they just repainted the camera. But now they are charging me the cost for replacing the body.
2. There was invoice stating 0 euro cost inside the box and the other invoice did not state how I should pay it (it is not valid in the Netherlands).
3. I cannot proof anything now because I already sold the camera. If I really have to, I could ask the buyer to send me some pictures to proof that it was just repainted. But I don't want to do this because of the reasons mentioned above. It really should have never happened in the first place.

What do you think should I do now? The deadline is on the 8th and they haven't been responding for 5 days.
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I apologise for being so controversial with my post title. I posted because I have yet to purchase my X-100T and I read so many posts here about the (add your own superlative) quality of the Fuji 35mm f1.4 that I'm wondering if I'll be satisfied with the X-100T.

I say this from being a user of Nikon D810 with prime lenses and previously with Canon 1.4 lenses.

For the record I'm choosing the X-100T for its compactness.

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OK, I may use a converter in order to use my Nikon glass on my Fujis, but is there actually a perspective control lens that will fit this camera?

And having mentioned the lens mount adapter, which is the best to use my modern Nano Nikkor full frame lenses on my Fuji?
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hi all newbie here
i just recently got myself the x-t10 i have been shooting with canon for a few years
i was looking for something lighter and more compact for traveling that had great image quality
so glad i bought this x series camera
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Hi all,

Just got an XE-1 with 35/1.4 and I have to say the image quality is every bit as good as my old Nikon D700, possibly a tad better.

I have a small problem I'm hoping someone may be able to help out with.
I'm wanting to shoot a series of close up portraits with an external manual flash (no TTL here). But when I close the aperture down to f8/9/10/11 for depth of field and flash exposure control the EVF image, of course, gets dark - way too dark to be of any use. Can I somehow separate EVF brightness from aperture?

Many thanks,

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Hardraw Force waterfall (the bottom bit!) Fuji X-T10 with Oly OM Zuiko 100mm f2.8 lens. 1/4 second at f8. Processed in Lightroom.

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Where is Thomas Menk...I enjoyed his website and it has not been updated now for almost two months...

Fuji X-Pro1
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Came across this just now and the more I read the more I thought it might come in handy for the group. I'm presently watching an ebay item in which the seller doesn't identify the mount but it looks like a decent lens.

SLR Lens Mount Identification Guide
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South African gospel troupe member

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Chaotic branches, but my hand was calm and steady !!
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My wife is the vice chair of our local fine art society, and last week we went on a London walk around Mayfair, followed by a visit to the Wallace Collection.

Most of the 50 or so people on the trip had never seen the parts of Mayfair we visited, which was almost village-like, yet only a few yards from Piccadilly, Park Lane & Oxford Street. My photo taking opportunities were restricted due to some on-going back problems, but this was the first proper outing with my (new) XT10 and 16mm - a slightly more compact walkabout package than with the XT1. (Both are coming on an upcoming trip to China provided my back improves and we don't have to cancel..!)

Here are a few images from the walk:

Different Cultures.jpg

I liked the feel of different cultures here- the folk in the café behind, and the people on the seat in the square

Inside and Out.jpg

This was just off Shepherd Market - I liked the vibrant colours, although the mono version looks pretty good too!

Jack the Clipper.jpg

This was right at the heart of Shepherd Market

The Kings Arms.jpg

No cars - but only 200 yards/metres from Piccadilly!


And then we through into the slight busier Curzon Street, and this famous shop.
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Taken yesterday. The first signs of autumn are already clearly visible.
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Old Ford tractor.....still runs....

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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one of our favorite museums , the cradle of aviation museum in long island has really cool stuff as well as a great imax theater .

fuji x100s , all shot handheld and very high iso on most .

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Had a day out and happened to be passing the Kelpies on our return just before sunset. Spent a bit of time as the light changed and got these shots .All with X-T1 & 10-24

Just before the sun disappeared.

[​IMG]Kelpies by barrysprout, on Flickr

As the lights come on

[​IMG]Kelpies by barrysprout, on Flickr

Change of position for some reflections.

[​IMG]Kelpies by barrysprout, on Flickr

Light change and up to almost 30sec exposures and freezing.

[​IMG]Kelpies by barrysprout, on Flickr
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Contrasts in old and new on a sunny day last week XT-1 plus 50-140mm and 14mm

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Hi. Just received the Efx20 and the test light does not stop blinking. Flash works but the yellow test light never glows solid.

Any suggestions

Thank you
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Been researching on the 50-230 OIS II and cannot seem to find any literature or comparison vs the older OIS version.

Wondering if there are any improvements from OIS to OIS II for this lens. Hoping that the OIS II might be able to bridge the 1 stop gap it has versus the 50-200 lens.

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I am considering selling my 10-24. It has been used little and the 35mm dominates time spent on my X Pro.

Checking eBay I only found three used 10-24's for sale with the lowest price being $650.

Would any of you mind saying what you feel a good price is on a used 10-24? Something that is not a steal, but a good value to the buyer.
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DSCF3340 copy3.jpg Some images from the Washington, DC Fish Market.

X-E2, 18mm f/2.

More to follow.
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Headed to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong for work and need to travel light with the camera gear. Most of my shooting opportunities will be regulated to late day and evening with a fair amount of street shooting. I'll be taking my XT-1 and a pair of lenses. So far I'm thinking of the 23 and 56 for their low light capabilities. My kit includes 14, 23, 27, 35, 56, 18-55 and 55-200. The 55-200 is off the table for size and weight reasons. Any thoughts on what might comprise a better combo than 23 and 56? Thanks in advance for any input!
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Hey folks. Looking for some input on picking filters for my (future) Fuji X. I'm torn between two options:

1) Lee's Seven5 system.
2) Singh Ray filters in a Cokin P holder.

I like the size of the Lee for portability's sake, but I do find myself liking Singh Ray filters more. I also like that I would have more options with the Cokin holder (different polarizers, more slots) since it seems that LEE is the only show in town for the polarizer on the Seven5.

I can get a 2 stop hard edge GND, 3 stop soft GND, and a polarizer from Singh-Ray for $420 before the combo discount of 10% (Ernesto Santos Recommended Starter kit).

LEE's Seven5 Deluxe kit runs about $600 and adds The Big Stopper, gives me two hard edge GNDs (.6 and .9), a .6 soft edge GND, and the polarizer for $600.

Which route do you guys think I should go?
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Just looking for a small waist pouch that can hold two small primes (23 & 60) for walking around the city. Any suggestions? Don't want anything on the shoulder.

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Ok, I've had the XE-2 for a couple of days now. It's a big adjustment from my usual Canon arsenal. I enjoy the compact size but that's also whats taking used to. I do like the fact that the lens mounted aperture dial and top mounted shutter speed dial force me to slow down a little from my usual pace. This morning I went a little drive through southern Louisiana. I left from Houma, LA and drove through the communities of Pierre Part, Paincourtville, and Napoleonville. These communities were built on fishing and sugar cane.



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So many reports here of wonderful results with various vintage lenses prompted me to dig out my old Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 SMC (acquired probably the best part of 40 years ago with a Pentax ME when I was a teenager). The result was a happy hour or so in the garden in the Autumn sunshine.

[​IMG]Leaves, on Flickr

[​IMG]Apples, on Flickr

[​IMG]Rose, on Flickr

Follow the link to the Flickr album for some more.

Pretty much SOOC JPGs with some minor PP in a couple of cases - B&W conversion handled by the camera (X-T1). Mostly shot wide open at f/1.7, but the middle one above was stopped down to f/4, when the six-bladed iris makes itself known!
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I didn't even realize the festival was today and tomorrow. Lucky for me I nearly always take my camera downtown with me.

Bear with me as this is the first post I've made since the changes in the forum.

ss 1/1000
iso 640
F4 or F5.6 (can't remember!)
Both images have the same settings.
Wish I could afford the Fuji 90 f2, but this adapted lens will have to do me for a while since my latest purchase is an additional body (x-t10! Woot for silent shutters!!!)
Festival 2.jpg
Festival 1.jpg
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I have just bought the X-T10 and the shop said that CS5 would support the FujiX-T10 but I cannot for the life of me make it work. I have updated my RAW to 6.7.1 but it still won't open the RAF files. Have others had this problem and how have you overcome it please?
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Hello, I just purchased my Fuji XE1, I shoot film, and usually shoot with my Nikon F3. I have a lot of AI and AIS lenses I use regularly, so if I can use an adaptor so I can use the same 3 lenses on my Fuji it would be great. I found this one, has anybody used it? The lenses I'm going to be using with it is the Nikon 50mm 1:1.2 Auto S.C., 85mm 1.8D, and my 20mm2.8D. Also would like your feedback on using this body along side Nikons old AI-AIS and D lenses!

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