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Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the States, marking the beginning of the holiday season. [Or maybe, it's actually Black Friday that starts things off, but that's another discussion. :) ]

So, to celebrate the season here on the forum, and to support your fellow Fuji-shooter, we'll use this thread to offer up any trinkets, unused gear, or doo-dads that you no longer need or aren't using.

I'll start things off with these items:

First up: Red Lizard Lensmate soft release ($20 retail)

Next: one of my X100T Multi Grips, this is an earlier revision with the thumb rest in the more traditional film-winder location ($89 retail)

These are available to ship anywhere, for postage.

If you want one of these items, reply in this thread, specifying which item you would like...first to reply, first served... :)

If you have items of your own you want to list, reply in this thread....

Happy Holidays everyone!


DSC_7342.jpg DSC_0919.jpg DSC_0920.jpg
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The Samyang/Rokinon 8/2.8 fisheye seems Universally loved, but I'm wondering if anyone here has and would like to comment on the Opteka 6.5mm f/3.5 Fisheye for Fuji? At ~$160 it seems the price is right for a novelty lens, I'm just curious as I haven't heard much about it at all here (good or bad.)
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I know a variation on this has been done before, but I thought I'd put a different spin on the stranded on a desert island theme.

So, you're stranded on a desert island. With you, you have just one Fuji X camera with one lens or one of their fixed lens offerings; eg XT-1 & 35mm or X100S or XQ2. For the purposes of this thread you have with you a source of unlimted power to charge your batteries and a laptop, which has infinite storage and a selection your choice manipulation software with which to process the shots. You do not have any other accessories and none are available, so it's just you and the basic camera, no grips, no soft button, no tripod etc.

What would you want to have as your desert island camera?

I'll kick things off with the original X100.
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Marko leading Black Magic (5.9 WI5, 55m), Hyalite Canyon, Montana


A frigid Thanksgiving morning in Montana. It was -11F (-24C) in the parking lot, which didn't discourage a few of us from enjoying the elusive ice and rock of Black Magic. This is the first time I've seen this climb form in six years, and it's already on its way out. The cold temperatures completely stopped water flow, so it's likely the ice will sublimate away to nothing in a few days. Black Magic is a Montana classic with engaging and solid rock climbing leading to a thin, ephemeral curtain of ice.

Not expecting to see another party on the route, I only had my 12mm Touit with me. The view is heavily foreshortened; it's hard to tell that the ice curtain is a full 30m long. I tried to make the most of the photo opportunities while struggling to stay warm before my turn on the route.
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Took this photo here in St. Louis in my backyard on November 22. There are some varieties of Iris that re-bloom in the late Summer - to early Fall and this is one. But there is no way these shouldn't have gone dormant at least 50 days ago. As it is my wife picked them and set them on the Thanksgiving table yesterday. They're very pretty but I am not thankful for what these flowers portend -- it's disturbing.

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The place where I live is rather barren, especially at this time of the year. Taken with my X100 a day or so before the snow started.

_DSF10091 copy.jpg
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_MG_8320_DxO copy copy copy.jpg

Iris Bud.jpg
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I sent my XT1 off on Monday for a repair, arrived there on Tuesday, and it's just been delivered back having been fixed this week. All done under warranty too.

Really quite impressed and so nice to have it back, so thank you Fuji!

(ETS: problem I had was it had completely stopped being able to write to memory cards, including brand new ones).
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I know the 16-55 is an amazing lens, and is my 'go to' lens for commercial work. But for weddings, it's primes all the way. This shows just how compact the new 35mm f2 WR is. Thank you Santa for my early present.

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Taken with X-E2 and XF 18-55 in Tossa de Mar (Spain)

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This is a non scientific , purley personal impressions of the 35mm,

I got the 35mm while keeping my Zeiss 32mm because i thought very few Fuji lenses could keep up with the colours, micro contrast and the punchiness of the Zeiss wide open...
my initial thoughts of the new 35;
-contrast and punch are up with the Zeiss. "not sure if it has to do with Zeiss magical coating, now the Fuji has nano coating"
-sharpness is the same! I did not test corners, not for this type of lens or my intended use.
-size; the Fuji feels much smaller, despite the minor difference in weight
-built quality; Fuji wins, the lens is very solid and tough, the Zeiss rubber rings spoil the party.
Bokeh; Fuji, no chance there!
Focus speed; a slight push for Fuji, 10-20% faster, but nothing major there.

I am very impressed so far, it seems that fuji keeps getting better by the day!

some history, I owned the 56mm, did not like the pale washed out look of it wide open so i sold it, a lot of people think that is nice for portraits and people, i got tired of it! I am not a pixel peeper, raw shooter or an expert...

Previous Fuji lenses, 18-55, 18-135, 35mm, 27mm.
Current lenses 16-55 and 35 F2 and the 32 Zeiss.

I tried to take pictures of my kids, but non would stand still and wait for me to change lenses, so i will update later with more.

All shots are at F2.

35 copy.jpg

32 copy.jpg


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Yeah, so... apparently I broke my own moratorium on GAS. I was searching around for info on how to open/service my Rollei 1,8/50 (minor haze inside that I want to have a look at), and accidentally stumbled across a Rollei Distagon 35 on auction with nearly no bidding activity, and located in Canada (!!!).

Managed to stick the winning bid in at the last second and snipe it for a pretty shocking price. Huzzah :) Yes, I have a problem.

Anyways, I'd heard that the Distagon 2,8/35 was a bit of a slouch compared to the Distagon 2,8/28 and the Planar 50s — and even moreso the Rollei variant, which is apparently a different/inferior optical design to the later Contax C/Y Distagon 2,8/35 — so long story short, I wasn't expecting miracles, and thought that at worst I'd satisfy my curiosity and then sell it on.

Additionally, I've got the XF 35mm, so 35 wasn't a focal length I really needed to cover/bridge. But I'm a complete sucker for a good deal, and Imagesfromobjects' Flektogon had an MF Zeiss 35 orbiting around in my backbrain...

Turns out though... it's no slouch at all. I really don't know what all of the ho-hum sentiment about this lens that I managed to dredge up was about. It rocks.

Lie Down
by Tim Lukian, on Flickr

^^^ f2.8! It's probably hard-ish to see in the embedded version, but click through and zoom in — you can see the texture of his eyeball for Pete's sake. In the white part. I ain't never seen that before.

I'm a bit giddy here, and need to spend some more time with this thing, but thus far I'm very enamoured.

Few observations:
  • It's a bit longer (optically) than the XF 35mm. Actually a bit more than a bit. Leading me to believe that the XF 35 is shorter than 35mm, or this Rollei is closer to 40mm. Which is cool. I love 40mm lenses.
  • Corners are a maybe smidge softer than the XF 35 at 2.8 (ie. both at 2.8)
  • In some cursory testing, it's a bit warmer and a bit brighter than the XF 35 at equivalent white balance & apertures.
  • Contrast/sharpness overall seems similar... though I'd give the edge in center sharpness to the Rollei.
  • I suspect this copy might be focusing just a hair shy of infinity at the infinity stop. I may need to make some adjustments — compared with the XF 35 at infinity, it's a bit soft, but that's not a tendency I'm seeing at closer distances, or stopped down. Need to do more testing, methinks.
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28 f2.8
50 f1.7
135 t2.5

all old lenses for Pentax cameras I had lying around. A $12 adapter off ebay and they are back in action for the first time in over 35 years. So far with a couple of simple test shots I'm actually pleasantly surprised how good the images are. I will be investigating further thats for sure.
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I have been using their products on a lot of my cameras for years and completely understand discontinuing an accessory for camera models that are no longer made, but the X-E2 is still a camera that is being made and sold new.

I have the L bracket 'grip' and don't care for the added bulk (even with the vertical option removed). I won't likely use my flashes with this camera usually and would really like to get a thumbrest for it.

Any suggestions at to acceptable replacements (either other Lensmate models that may fit or which of the many Chinese knockoffs are better fit?)
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Dabbled in some street photography during SxSW earlier this year. I think I rather enjoy it, but I've a lot to learn. C&C welcome.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

More images can be found here:

SxSW 2015 - georgehudetzphotography

Thanks for looking!
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The first real freeze here last week. Still no real snow to speak of (or Winter for that matter) with temps in the 60s ºF at the end of November. Fuji XPro1 and XF 55-200mm along a small creek at a local MetroPark.

Thanks for looking,
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All: X-E2 (which I just got yesterday) XF27/2.8. Classic Chrome.





With a shadow me and my dad.
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Am new here and to Fuji as well but I bought an xp-80 for the features. The wifi cinched it for me. For the life of me I cannot connect my I Pad 3 to save my life. Would some kind soul please tell me step by step how it's done?

The rest of the camera is pretty intuitive to me. It seems like it's well built and perfect for me. Thanks in advance.

Newbie Dale
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I should imagine that everyone on this forum has heard of him.
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