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I've been using an X-E2 for a long time and I git so used to how the AF lock works on that camera.

I set it to on/off switch, so even when I have the camera set to autofocus, pressing AF-L results in the camera to actually FOCUS, and LOCKING the focus, so I can shoot multiple times having it locked. The focus square gets green and that's really convenient to have a visual confirmation that it is locked.

Now why I can't have the same on the X-T2...? I don't think I'm doing something wrong...! The AF-L button just locks the focus..but it doesn't actually FOCUS! I have to half press the shutter to focus and then lock it with the the square doesn't remain green, which I hate...
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After last night's snow, first of the year. Fuji X-T1, Nikkor 35mm, f1.4 AIS.

WArmth of the Earth.jpg
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I'm not a street photographer at all....but like how this turned out

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Before the Internet, before TV, devices such as this provided entertainment, news and information, and occasionally, in a manner not unlike today’s media, misinformation. Click on the image to hear one of the most famous Halloween broadcasts which reportedly led to some hysteria as well as a few deaths.
Sinister Radio.jpg
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View attachment 93101 View attachment 93102 View attachment 93103
taken in Providence, RI.with 23 mm and 55-200mm lenses and grad. ND Filter 0.6. These two lenses did 95% of my 500 pics during my vacation, so I could leave my heavy gear- 3 more lenses 814mm, 35 mm, 60mm), tripoid, backpack- behind and have my shoulders enyoy just an easy carry-on bag with 2 lenses.
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Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver + Meyer Optik Gorlitz 50mm f/1.8.
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Good day all:

I just got a 27/2.8 on eBay and love this lens, but when the camera is set for C focus mode it continually goes in and out of focus. Set to S and it quickly focuses and locks onto the target. Now I don't mean when I am moving or when the target is moving; I mean standing still, focused on a fixed object. It never finds focus. Is this a problem with only my lens, or is this just what it does on C Mode. I am new to FujiX and also I never use C Mode. I had inadvertently flipped the lever and it took me a while to figure out that is what had happened. I flipped it back to S and it focuses fine.

Shouldn't a lens lock focus if set to C on the camera body but aimed at a fixed object? When I press the shutter fully and take a picture, even numerous times, it appears it does lock onto proper focus, but when depressed half way it continually hunts back and forth, regardless of the lighting or what object I point it at. (So it's definitely not that the object doesn't have enough contrast or lighting to lock focus.)
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I finally got my hands on an X-T2 and now I'm looking for an L-plate to go with it. While I was very happy with the cheap eBay plate for my X-T1, the current offerings for the X-T2 don't have any center marks on the horizontal or vertical part of the rail. These are very useful (or rather indispensable) to have for a panorama rig. I wrote to the eBay seller, if they can include these in a future version of the product, but I'm not holding my breath.

Is anyone aware of an existing or upcoming economical L-plate that has these center marks? One could file a notch into the eBay plate, but I'm afraid that might not be very accurate.

I'm aware that the RRS L-plate has these marks engraved, but it's IMHO obscenely expensive.
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Testing out my Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 pancake lens with my 7D yesterday morning... It's a very nice combination. :)



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First time shooting the X-Pro1 in a while since the X-T1 arrived, a bit clunky, but I love what it delivers;

[​IMG]floral by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

X-Pro1 - XF56mm - shot @ f/2.5
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Been playing about with my settings and have noticed when i set my ISO to Auto, it always seems to display my maximum default ISO (3200) rather than giving me an actual measured reading (when i focus for example).

It means I physically have to take a shot to see what ISO it is registering.

Is this a firmware bug or have i got my menu display set up wrong? I never noticed this issue on my XT1. I usually manually set my ISO anyway but would be nice to trust the Auto function on the XT2.

Not a huge deal i know but has anyone else noticed this?
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View west from Foel Drygarn
DSCF2552 Preseli Hills_edited-1.jpg
X70 18mm f/11 1/70sec ISO200
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Hello everyone, this are some photos I took at the studio to celebrate Halloween properly. I hope you like them.

X-E2 + XF 35mm f/1.4



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Dawsholm Park, Glasgow this morning. The turning of the leaves is definitely later than normal here but it's giving a riot of colour.
X-E2 50-230 @53mm f4.5 1/180 iso800
Fallen Leaves 1.jpg
X-E2 50-230 @85mm f5.2 1/180 iso800
Fallen Leaves 2.jpg
X-E2 50-230 @50mm f4.5 1/180 iso800
Riot of Colour.jpg

X-E2 50-230 @50mm f4.5 1/180 iso400
View From a Bridge 1.jpg
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So a buddy of mine called the other day with another question about his X-T2. It is locking up during a shoot, and he has to pull the battery to reset the camera. Odd, hadn't happened to me.

Well, it happened to me yesterday shooting a political campaign event. It was very strange -- the camera EVF showed the last photo I shot (even though I have Review turned OFF), but it also showed all the normal shooting data -- metering, the level display, etc. It would not shoot a picture, it would not turn off, nothing. I ended up having to remove the vertical grip and pop out the internal battery, which worked to reset the camera.

Anybody else see this happen? Any ideas?

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I'm having an issue with my 35mm 1:4 lens I bought recently second-hand: it crashes my X-T1 when I turn the focus ring either in full manual mode or AF+MF mode, but only at short distances (under 0.5 m) Focus ring starts to slow down (needs lots of turning) and then it freezes, the camera then crashes and urges me to restart. AF only does acquire focus correctly. Is this a known issue or do I need to have the lens serviced (Both the lens and camera have the latest firmware)

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Had a play this morning at product photography with available light and dabbling about, took an age to edit, learning curve stuff. Never tried this before....


[​IMG]Fuji X-Pro1 by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

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Hello, I'm a starter. I bought a X100T and happy to find this forum. As i want to learn shooting pictures i decided not to use crop, filters or anything else. Comments welcome, thanks, Kristof, Belgium
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Well as long as you own a Sony camera and Leica lenses. :)


Link here

It's an interesting concept and quite a nice execution. It will be interesting to see how in works in the long term and whether the technology can be adapted to other brands of bodies or lenses.
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just been to myanmar for a few weeks mostly with my xt-10 and xf23 (and very occasionally using xm-1 and xf56)

mandalay => bagan => pakokku => monywa => mandalay

an amazing county... friendly... interesting.... remote (one time i didn't see a "western face" for five whole days) and changing at a great rate as it stumbles into the current century... an inspiring trip.

[​IMG]fuji camera workshop by simon green
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Post processing of this photograph was done entirely in Lightroom. I'm just starting to get the hang of what Lr can do.
Xt-1, Fujinon 18 - 135, ISO 200, 19.5 mm, f/16, 1/100 sec Gulls on Goose.jpg
I started by doing an HDR composite (3 exposures) and then worked especially with the Graduated Filter to further work the sky and the brushes to warm and brighten the foreground. I would be very appreciative of any and all comments or criticism in terms of composition and post processing. By the way, the goose in question is the name of the lake. Thanks.
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Some images of the soul and inner workings of the swiss, as I see them. A unique, strange and fascinating people. On occasions like this, they gather together, brag a little in their modest and polite way, smoke a stoggy and drink disgusting beer straight from the bottle. They discuss sports like everybody else, but at the same time this is where local and national policy happens. This is where they form an opinion on whether the MOD gets new fighter jets or if a tax increase is justified or if an earth road gets bitumised, because all of this is for the people to decide. They are a crude, tribal society on the surface, but incredibly sophisticated underneath.

XP2M3259.jpg XP2M3280.jpg XP2M3281.jpg XP2M3285.jpg XP2M3296.jpg
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Our Lady of Hope waits for spring.

X-e2, 18-55 @50mm, 5.5, 1/20, ISO 400
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Still functioning saw mill at a nearby pioneer reconstruction.

Saw Mill-2.jpg
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Just purchased a Nissin i60A for use with my X-T2 and am having a very bizarre issue. It works fine in TTL mode until I chimp and review one of the images. Then it doesn't fire for the next one or two shots. This is virtually 100% repeatable. I know it isn't a recharge issue because I can fire off 20 or 30 shots in a row and it flashes every time. But, as soon as I review a shot, the next one or two will not fire (i.e. the shutter fires, but not the flash). I doubled checked with my older Fuji EF-42 and there are no such issues. Any thoughts??
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My neighbour's old cream cans...

Canon 7D + EF-S 24mm f/2.8 pancake lens.. This lens is new to my collection. This is the first time I've used it.

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I took my X-T2 out in the rain today to get some street shots. The only WR lens that I currently own is the 16mm. My other two lenses are the 23mm f/1.4 and the 56mm f/1.2. The camera and lens got pretty wet and performed well.

I found that when I got home and reviewed my images I had to crop most of the images significantly to get the final image that I liked. I think the 35mm f/2 WR will be in my future as I enjoyed getting out in the rain and shooting, and I think the focal length will suit me a little better for my general street style. Keeping my fingers crossed Fuji will have the 35mm f/2 on sale in the next few weeks for Black Friday or Christmas. I really enjoy the 16mm for certain situations, it just doesn't fit my style for general walk around use.

All images x-t2 with 16mm.
4 on Bike FB BW 2338.jpg

Dad Child Rain FB BW 2354.jpg

Alley Bikes FB BW 2389.jpg

Puddle Leaves FB 2415.jpg
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Fujifilm X-T1 - Fujinon 18mm 2.0 Jersie Strand sep. 2015-0624-Edit.jpg
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Hi, I am an experienced photographer but new to Fuji digital cameras. I just bought an X100T and I cannot figure out how to set the image review time. After taking a photo, the LCD does not display the image just taken, so I assume image review is turned off. However I have combed the menus multiple times and I cannot figure out where to change this setting. If anyone can help out I would appreciate it!
Lightroom 5.7 does not see the Raw file from my X-T2. Nor does LR CC, which I just installed. What shoudl I use?

Thank you for your help.
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Our local park has recently had a few trees removed, thought I'd get Breia to sit on a stump and strut her stuff.

[​IMG]Strike the pose by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

X-T1 -- XF35 f/1.4 -- 1:1 ratio -- @ f/3.2 -- iso 500
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Sigma DP3 Merrill ISO200 1/640th @ f8

First was uploaded as 1000 pixels wide and the second at 2000 pixels wide


Wheatfield larger.jpg

I've just dragged the two images off the webpage directly into PS and file sizes are 275K for the one uploaded at 1000 pixels and 257K for the one uploaded at 2000 pixels wide.

In FastStone viewer the 257K (downsized from the 2000 pixel upload) image looks distinctly better (CORRECTED BELOW)

Interesting ;)
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I have to admit that I missed out the fujifilm x-t10 giveaway at the last convention when they are the diamond sponsors...
With Microsoft being the diamond sponsor this round, and the recent announcement of surface book for creative professionals.. do you think the surface books will be given.. <sic> ... Free for attendees? Haha.. (one can't stop dreaming right)
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Things have gone into deep autumn mode here on the south-western Saskatchewan prairie. The colourful leaves are mostly gone and the landscape is largely one of dull browns and yellows. Still, I love it.



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