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The last day of the festival. More here.

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The X-Pro2 and 35/2 combo is proving infectious with me, especially for it's ease of use. And equally with closer shooting.
X-Pro2, 35/2, and Leitz Elpro V1b close up lens.

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Ancient fort, reproduced on top of the original dating back 2500 years
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Fujifilm X-T1 & Fujinon XC 16-50mm f/ 3,5-5,6.
Greetings from Spain.
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Fuji X-T1, Vivitar Series 1, 90mm, f2.5 Macro. Had to use a higher ISO and shutter speed due to the strong wind. Hand held, breath held and waited for a lull!

Milkweed Pod and Seeds.jpg
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Boardwalk in cedar forest near Revelstoke, British Columbia.

_DSF1548 copy-Edit.jpg
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Another shot of our (fantastic) border collie, she's so fit and alert for being 11yrs old;

[​IMG]Alert by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr

X-T1 -- XF56 -- iso 400 -- captured @ f/2 -- Pro Neg. Hi
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I posted this a few days ago but wasn't satisfied with it on reflection so I've gone back to the RAW file and reprocessed it.

Temperate rain forest in southern British Columbia.

_DSF1491 copy-Edit.jpg
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I really enjoy this view - 30 minutes of granny driving from home.

X-E2 50-230mm @230mm f10 1/500 iso400

Loch Lomond Shores Viewpoint.jpg
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I recently spent a very enjoyable five days with Damien Lovegrove.
Valencia - A Rural Photographic Adventure in Eastern Spain

Two days were spent scouting the locations that I had found in Spain in the Valencia region.
The final three days was spent with the other deleagtes on the workshop with Damien providing the expertise and guidance on shooting in these settings.

On the way back to UK after a very enjoyable workshop I had a chance to ask Damien about his photography.

Here are some of his responses to my questions.

Q1. (Jonathan Knights) What is your single formative experience that has shaped your photographic life?

A1. (Damien Lovegrove) These are summarised in an article that I wrote (5 Pictures that changed my career. 5 pictures that charted my career - Damien Lovegrove - ProPhotoNut ). Plus I suppose the one day shoot that I had to do to make a portfolio for my job interview as a BBC cameraman was a turning point as he was originally going for a sound engineers role.

Key moments:

1984 -1998 Within BBC - 3 different roles. Cameraman, Lighting Cameraman, Lighting Director - made redundant in 1994 - Worked for BBC News
1998 -2000 - Post BBC experience in Commercial Photography. Couldn’t make enough money to pay the bills
2000 - retrained as a social photographer and trained in business with a 1 year course at a cost of £8k - Money very well spent.
2000 - 2010. Working with his wife as a Wedding Photographer
2007 - 2010 Transition into teaching how to make a successful photography business and how to shoot weddings, use lighting etc.
2010 - current Retired from shooting weddings - Teaching the next generation of aspiring photographers about his photographic vision and lighting techniques. Traveling the world.
2016 - Writing, shooting personal work and running workshops abroad.

Q2. Lovegrove Photography is a transition from your previous wedding business to a photography teaching business. What influenced you to make this change?

A2. My daughter was going to secondary school and we wanted to be at home at weekends for her. Grandparents were less able to look after our daughter at weekends. It took three years to make the transition with the help of a business coach. The wedding photography industry was changing too and the time was right to move on.

Q3. Do you see Lovegrove Photography as your final photographic career change or are you planning more changes?

A3. Over the next couple of years I want to concentrate on traveling to amazing places and running workshops whilst there. This will take up 4 - 5 months of the year and ‘I’ll write, and shoot personal projects the rest of the time.

Q4. Why did you change to the Fuji camera system?

A4. I moved to Fuji from using Canon and Nikon gear. I thought that the Fuji X100 looked like a good camera that was small and compact but could produce high quality images. I purchased it on a whim as a private purchase rather than a work tool. This camera proved to be exactly what I needed to stimulate my passion for photography again. The colour rendition and image quality of the X100 output was great. Then just before my Route66 trip in the USA I bought a Xpro1 and three primes again as a private purchase rather than a work tool. Shooting with the X-Pro1 was a great experience and I have remained using Fuji cameras and lenses exclusively from that moment on. I currently shoot with the Fuji X-T2 but the new Fuji GFX medium format camera looks like a good tool for my move towards shooting more art and fashion images in the Landscape.

Q5. As a Fuji UK Ambassador what do you see as the various facets of the role?

A5. One of my roles is to add additional expertise input into Fuji camera product development from initial concept through to pre production product testing. I also deliver teaching sessions at retail stores and give presentations at trade shows etc. Through social media and blogging I help to bring Fuji products to a wider audience. I provide images to be printed at exhibitions in Tokyo and at trade shows around the world. I work with Fujifilm UK for about 3 days a month on their projects.

Q6. Is 24MP enough or do you need more MPs in the APS-C sensor?

A6. The current limitation by the die technology restricts the sensors in APS-C to 24MP without causing additional artefacts and limitations. But for my work at the moment 24mp is fine. I will move up to 50mp next year and maybe 100mp the year after as I move into the market of selling big prints from my images.

Q7. Will you transition to the Fuji GFX50 or is it too bulky for your style of photography? Or will you run the two formats side by side?

A7. Yes, as I move to shoot more art and figure in the Landscape photographs I will use the GFX camera and I’ll end up shooting it side by side with my XT2. The X-T2 is so fast to use and has little ‘impact’ on the psychology of the moment I capture in my casual portraits. The GFX will deliver a more formal feel to the images I shoot with it.

Q8. What do you see as your next (fantasy) big photo breakthrough technology?

A8. I see nothing on the horizon that is fundamental, I’m waiting for nothing right now. Within the next year we will see the emergence of 5kw equivalent LED spotlights but the housings will be big and they will need fans to keep them cool.
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Just wanted to share a small bit of Fuji fun for me at this weekend's PhotoExpo in NYC. Being such a newcomer to the Fuji line and just loving my X100T, I wanted to be able to actually handle some of the Fuji equipment everyone talks about. At the part of the Fuji table I was able to get to, I was able to play with both the XP2 and the Xt2. Both amazing cameras! The lenses on these camera's were the 23mm 1.4. I asked if it was possible to try out a 50 - 140 lens and the Fuji guy escorted me over to the loan window. They were loaning out whatever camera you wanted to try with whatever lens! I tried the Xt2 with the 50-140 and the 56. I cannot believe how light that 50-140 was compared to my Nikon lenses!

Then I asked if there was a tech guy there because my X100T needed a little TLC... actually a lot of TLC as I came to find out because my Exposure compensation dial popped off and it was NOT a simple fix. The tech guys were there (Steve and Steve S.) and Steve S. walked me right through what had to be done and how to send it to him. Super nice guy! Thanks Steve S!

The last time I attended the PhotoExpo, digital was a new medium. Boy how things have changed! They also changed because I walked right by the Nikon floor without a second thought...

Here's a photo of Steve and Steve S. of the "fix my poor Fuji, please!" department...

Here's a snapshot of the Fuji camera area... DSCF2586.jpg

View attachment 92760
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I made this video 3 1/2 years ago and forgot about it. The still images where made with a Canon 50D. I was uploading to Youtube today and ran across it and thought I would share it. My daughter lives just outside Cape Town so I was on a visit from the states.
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a question regarding program mode on the X-Pro2.
Usually I keep the camera on "auto everything". ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
Then I adjust aperture, speed or ISO as necessary.

Very often the camera will open up the aperture to the max and keep the ISO low when bumping at the lowest shutter speed that is set in the auto ISO menu.

Is there a method to keep the camera from opening the aperture to the max and increase ISO in these cases? I have some images where 1/40s was set as lowest shutter speed and a maximumof ISO 6400 was allowed.

The result was an image with 1/40s at ISO 200 and aperture f2.

Hmm, I would have expected to see balanced settings for all three parameters.

Best regards,

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Saw .. ahem somewhere else that X-A10 is going to be released . Any thoughts on this ?
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Still enjoying my X100T and brought it along on the way to New York yesterday to go to PhotoExpo 2016. When I'm in the passenger seat going into the city, I always try to get a photo of the George Washington Bridge as we drive by it. It was a horrible rainy grey day, but I managed to get this shot and kind of like it, although I wish there were more to the sky.Thoughts?

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Out and about with the X-E1 & Voightlander 15mm f4.5 this morning...

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Hi I'm Nono.
For some time I decided to change my reflex Canon equipment to work with Fujifilm.
I hope to learn and share with you all my work.
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Surfing off Vancouver Island last February... Taken with a Canon 7D + Sigma 150-600mm lens. My Fuji stuff can't reach as far as I needed.


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Anyone knows when or if Fuji will release the Xt2 Black & Graphite Edition?
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Every sunset the light looks amazing up my driveway and often at this time to Roos start to arrive for their evening grazing, so today I went and quickly grabbed my x-pro2 and 50-140 lens.
I had plenty of time to sit at the end of my driveway and wait for the Roos to cross and fire off some shots.
While I was waiting I thought I want a shutter of 200 to freeze the Roos jumping across the drive way. I had auto ISO no higher than 6400.
After about 10 minutes of waiting and a few crossing, this one Roo stopped and looked back towards me. He would have stopped in this position for about 5 minutes while I got heaps of photos and expressions. I was so excited to get him in perfect frame that I didn't think about my settings.
When editing I finally decided to think about my settings that I used. This photo was shot at 200, ISO 6400 and f4.
After seeing a bit of noise I'm kicking myself I didn't think about the settings and drop my shutter to 60 and my ISO would have followed down to 2000 with much less noise.
Lesson today, always think about your settings. I guess the noise isn't so bad, unless I print and enlarge the photo.

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So I eventually gave my X-T1 to my SO after upgrading to the T2. Also got her a couple of used lenses (XF18 and 50-230) to get started.

She seems happy.


And then the X-T1 got payback for being replaced by the new kid on the block. I got replaced! ;)


She's been sorta kinda interested in photography for a while, but never had a mentor or a proper camera. Tagging a long with me for the past year and a half since we started out while I've shot tens of thousands of frames haven't lessened her curiosity.

Time will tell if it "sticks" and her interest grows into something more passion-like or not. I'll just answer her questions and try to transmit my philosophy about making images for your own sake and enjoyment while you try to grasp some understand the technical side of photography. Worst case, the camera and gear is "in the familly" ;) I'm not one to have many cameras and backups of the backup body (lenses is different thing seeing as I have almost a full XF-lineup).

With about 40 000 clicks this X-T1 is still going pretty strong despite peeling rubber and some wear. Value on the used marked is of course so little, especially right now with cashbacks and stuff going on here, that I don't care to sell it for nothing.

What do you do with your old but usable camera bodies?

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I took my newly acquired 55-200mm lens attached to the X-T1 for a wander around the park this morning.

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Mountain scene between Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta. The wide shot was taken with an X-T10 + 14mm f/2.8 lens. I wanted a closer view of the prominence, so I took the second picture with a Canon 7D + Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens.

_DSF1554 copy-Edit.jpg

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I'm really confused and a bit angry. The XT2 and XT1 manuals both say I need a RR-90 remote release. I have one for my XT1 but the mini USB does not fit the XT2. Why would they change that port and what do I really need for the XT2? I don't want to depend on the IOS app.[​IMG]
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Sorry for being lazy, but I wanted to ask if there was an easy way to transfer photos using a CABLE from camera to Android phone? I have USB leads and the OTG adapter.

DoI need some s/w App on the phone?

Thanks in advance,
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Hi guys, I like how the silkypix converts fuji raw files but the program itself is just very slow and clunky to operate compared to LR. Is there a way to just use it to convert/demosaicas the RAWs from fuji without that program applying its effects etc.. I just want the nice neutral files to further work in LR.
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bee sunflower-1.jpg
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I was out the other day with my X-T1 and took about 300 pictures. I was using the 18-55 lens and shooting RAW/JPEG. While going through the shots, I noted two (both RAW and JPEG) were blurred. I've never seen any of the images I've taken with the X-T1 come out this way.

I suspect they're caused by camera movement (that is, pressing the shutter while bringing the camera down) but the shutter speed speeds were 1/250 and 1/500. I don't know if I could duplicate that.

Does anyone have another idea? The camera is under warranty until next month. Thanks! Blur.jpg Blur-2.jpg
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I'm currently on a trip through Kansai region of Japan.

Here's a few extremely amateur photos I took while visiting one of the temples (Fushimi Inari Taisha). It was an incredible experience walking up thousands of steps as you walk through gates that line the pathway.

I currently shoot with the X-T10 with the XF 23mm 1.4R; only shooting in JPEG with some custom settings :). Please enjoy, and if you have any advice for me taking better shots please let me know what I can do better! I'm trying to take better pictures!





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It is hard to make a round walk by the Lake Bled without taking any picture. If you happpen to have a new X-T2 in your hands, that is impossible.



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Just wondering if there has been any consensus as to what one is better. I know when there were only the two there was debate in as much as some preferred CMOS I and others CMOS II images. There's naturally CMOS III now. Yes if you listen to Fuji they'll tell you its much better, in the way Canon and Nikon do. A bit of sales hype.

I have an XE1 and like it, however the card slot means I need to remove the tripod attachment to get into it. XT1/XT2 don't have that issue as they're on the side. I’ll be getting one of these, but do I need the latest thing. Mostly landscape, still, portrait etc. Don’t envisage fast action sport. Never say never

I know the differences between CMOS I and II were mild. Am I going to be blown away with CMOS III over these 2. I will keep the XE1 as well
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I was at the Photoplus Expo at the Javits center and I went to the Fuji booth. I said to one of the Fuji Reps I hear the EF-X500 is blowing up like the Samsung phones what's the deal? No one ever told any such thing I just said that so I might get a straight answer as to what's going on with the flash. The rep told me they're not blowing up but are overheating and that's the reason for the delay. I asked when it will be ready he told me November. But the look on his face said don't bet your life on it. I also went to the Nissin booth to check out the Nissin i60a that will do TTL with my X-T2. They had the i60a for Fujifilm and to my delight they also had a Nissin Air 1 Commander for Fujifilm. Using the i60a flash and the Nissin Air 1 Commander I was able to shoot off camera (see sample) TTL. I asked about HSS was told expects it be able to do it when Fuji make it available. I asked when the Air for Fuji would be available told me end of year. The Nissin air Commander is 2.4 GHz Radio TTL System controller. The X500 uses outdated Optical pulse communication. the Air 1 is priced at B&H at(no Fuji yet) at $79.00 the i60a is $340.00. That's still less than single a EF-X500 $449.00. well over 50% less than what you have to pay for the Fuji if you want to do off camera TTL. Remember if you want to do off camera with the Fuji you need two X500's. Last image used i60a and Air 1 commander in camera hot shoe holding flash in my left hand Full TTL. That's the reason for my question. Is the new Fujifilm EF-X500 dead on arrival?



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Taken with the 50-140mm at 140mm, f/9.0 1/210sec. Raw file processed in Lightroom

Nice birdie - 20161022 - 01.jpg
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I have an xp1 and I,m finding the learning curve for using the 100x400 pretty steep. I’m taking some shots that I quite like but it’s not easy getting the sharpness I’m hoping for. I think most of it is pilot error and less than ideal lighting conditions and hope some of my concerns will be addressed when I can afford the xp2. I’m hopping to be able to push the iso much higher and get better focusing. As I have said , most of my poor results are pilot error and having very high expectations . That’s just some of my thoughts but I would be interested to hear if anyone can compare using the 100x400 with the xp1 vs 2. I rarely shoot above iso 1600.

tod inlet oct 16-8.jpg

tod inlet oct 16-9.jpg tod inlet oct 16-10.jpg
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