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Recently Added Posts

  • jknightsPhoto
    Checking Symmetry

    jknights - Today, 08:06 AM

    Would love to see a finished item.Very good.

  • nwcsPhoto

    For me it is in simplifying my gear. I'll be working with just three primes: 14, 35, and Zeiss 50m. Then it will be in practicing with lighting sce...

  • jknightsPhoto
    Coca Cola

    jknights - Today, 08:04 AM

    Fantastic range of tones. True black in the background and the rim of the glass is white.

  • Hps3Photo
    FS Fuji X100T black + extras

    Hps3 - Today, 08:03 AM

    Here are a few photos

  • elcid86Photo
    FS Fuji X100T black + extras

    elcid86 - Today, 08:01 AM

    Rats, I thought I had a GREAT deal!  GLWS.

  • Hps3Photo
    FS Fuji X100T black + extras

    Hps3 - Today, 08:01 AM

    Price is $1125. My phone auto corrected.lol

  • Hps3Photo
    FS Fuji X100T black + extras

    Hps3 - Today, 08:00 AM

    I'm selling a like new X100T. It's the black version and it's perfect. The shutter count says 400. I will also include a Vello filter adapter and h...

  • J. PegPhoto

    Received the 14 mm lens today.  I just wanted to say the lens was really well packed and exceeded my expectations.  It was listed as "gen...

  • AxelThailandPhoto
    23MM noisey creaking sound

    AxelThailand - Today, 07:52 AM

    Not a common problem, send it to Fuji warranty service.

  • lawsofphysicsPhoto
    LR5.7 and Fuji gear

    lawsofphysics - Today, 07:52 AM

    Choose the Film Simulation (color profile) first, then start making any adjustments. Don't choose the Adobe Standard profile. In fact, I go so far...

  • nwcsPhoto
    Fujinon 14mm vs Zeiss Touit 12mm

    nwcs - Today, 07:48 AM

    Just my little thought. I have had both the 14 and 12. They are very similar but I prefer the 14mm's field of view (roughly 20mm on FF) to the slig...

  • ReporterMikePhoto

    I have problems bending too. (Getting old isn't for sissies.) Luckily, I just got an X-T1 body. The tilt screen makes many angles a lot easier...

  • GeorgeSaltPhoto
    How does (exactly) the Macro focus switch work

    GeorgeSalt - Today, 07:39 AM

    Is it possible to disable macro mode? - or at least the default button that enables it.  I can't be alone in enabling it by accident far more...

  • nwcsPhoto

    This discussion pops up now and again. I generally don't make any particular effort to include EXIF or exclude it. Usually whatever happens happens...

  • ArjayPhoto

    The macro button will select a special lens motion strategy for auto-focusing which is optimized for higher precision and speed specifically for sh...

  • David RPhoto

    ...the things we often see, yet take for granted as being mundane and uninteresting photographically. And yet the photographer has found an angle,...

  • Mark2009Photo
    X-E2 cheat sheet?

    Mark2009 - Today, 07:12 AM

    Below is a link I found very helpful. http://cliftonbeard.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/5/fuji-x-e1-custom-settings-shared

  • Frank IPhoto
    23mm f1.4 af noise

    Frank I - Today, 07:11 AM

    Thanks for the response.  There is some noise i hear but it does focus quickly. The other thing when I hold and not focus sometimes i can feel...

  • Ken BennettPhoto
    LR5.7 and Fuji gear

    Ken Bennett - Today, 07:08 AM

    Choose the Film Simulation (color profile) first, then start making any adjustments. Don't choose the Adobe Standard profile. In fact, I go so far...

  • Rob M PoolePhoto
    Forum Challenge January 19-26: EMPTY MIDDLE

    Rob M Poole - Today, 07:08 AM

    My third entry. Are we allowed three entries?  Amsterdam-9 by RobertMPoole , on Flickr  Amsterdam at night. 

  • Ken BennettPhoto
    X-T1 LCD image review like dslr?

    Ken Bennett - Today, 07:05 AM

    Getting away from whether one would want to "chimp" or not, and answering the OP's question, no, it's not possible. Sorry. :(

  • GeorgeSaltPhoto

    The problem with a selfie stick is that it will tend to magnify any hand movement.  If you could combine a selfie stick with a short monopod/b...

  • petermfiorePhoto
    Dune grass in snow

    petermfiore - Today, 06:53 AM

    Leave the grass in the top left...it's what give this picture depth and a space. Like it very much. Peter

  • lysanderPhoto
    XF 23mm - love the 2nd time around

    lysander - Today, 06:49 AM

    I noticed the creaking sound when focusing with the 23MM is this common. Noisy lens. Sounds like a squeaky old door until it focus which is fairly...

  • xaitianPhoto
    My Samyang 8mm Examples

    xaitian - Today, 06:45 AM

    Some with an X-E1, some with an X-T1  _XT15122 by Photos By 夏天 , on Flickr  _XT15088 by Photos By 夏天 , on Flickr  fuji-xe1-131 by...

  • lysanderPhoto
    23mm f1.4 af noise

    lysander - Today, 06:44 AM

    I find my 23mm is much quieter than the old 35mm. The 35mm makes all kinds of noise when focusing. The 23mm makes much softer sounds. BUT, no Fuji...

  • jknightsPhoto
    Dune grass in snow

    jknights - Today, 06:42 AM

    Like the third photo best.I might clone out the stray stands of grass in the top left but maybe not. Nice images.

  • BeardsPhoto

    Here you go   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/390895763104?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT   Does the job and it has...

  • Peter TPhoto

    Peter T - Today, 06:38 AM

    Thanks for the comments.

  • BrianmiloPhoto
    FS: 60 2.4 Macro $315 shipped

    Brianmilo - Today, 06:38 AM

    Yes I will take $300 plus shipping :thumbsu: , or $315 shipped.  Your choice, PM me if your interested.  Thanks,Brian

  • Sela69Photo
    Going for a Stroll in Milan

    Sela69 - Today, 06:35 AM

    Thanks for appreciating !

  • klentzPhoto
    HOOTER CHALLENGE - all OWL contest !

    klentz - Today, 06:31 AM

    Stone Cold (X100S)


My Samyang 8mm Examples

Today, 06:45 AM

Posted by xaitian in 8mm Fisheye (Samyang/Rokinon)

Some with an X-E1, some with an X-T1


15749635554_908611d39f_b.jpg_XT15122 by Photos By 夏天, on Flickr


16183531899_a399cb3031_b.jpg_XT15088 by Photos By 夏天, on Flickr


8752910992_5c17a33839_b.jpgfuji-X-E1-131 by Photos By 夏天, on Flickr



  25 Views · 0 Replies


What is your favorite website/blog relating to the X100/S/T camera?

Today, 05:59 AM

Posted by zicitron in X100, X100S and X100T Forum

Hi all,


What is your favorite website or blog site that talks about the Fuji X100 series cameras (excluding review sites and forums!) ?


Or may be any particular X-100 photographer that you follow regularly?

  153 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by golgo13 )


Current Future Classics ?

Today, 04:19 AM

Posted by joshinthecity in Other Cameras

Let's say you wanted to start collecting. With what's available right now.. 


 Fuji X100 T 

 Ricoh GR V

 Sony RX1R


This is what I'm thinking...


What am I missing in your opinion?


Don't roast me for the obvious omissions .. I've only been thinking about this for 5 minutes..






  193 Views · 20 Replies ( Last reply by GregWard )


Australian Road signs

Today, 03:37 AM

Posted by Richard_R in General

Somebody has a sense of humour



  47 Views · 0 Replies


better investment for landscape

Today, 03:14 AM

Posted by allicio in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum
Hi there
Bit of a strange quandary I know but I'm looking for some opinions as to where my money would be better placed. I currently have a Fuji X-E2 and 18-55 and have been debating purchasing the 14mm for landscape work. The problem is that I also can't help thinking that a Lee seven5 kit would be a useful addition to my kitbag too. I can't decide whether to stick with the 18-55 and use the 18 end and get the filters or buy the 14mm for the wider field of view and add any filter effects in pp. Unfortunately I can't afford to do both. I appreciate its an odd question but I thought I'd ask what you landscape aficionados out there use most?
Many thanks for any advice

  151 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by allicio )


LR5.7 and Fuji gear

Yesterday, 09:36 PM

Posted by gduncanson in Fuji X Post Processing

Downloaded and installed the trial version of LR 5.7.1 this weekend. Then went out a took a series of pictures from around town in raw+fine. After watching half a dozen youtube video's from three different authors I'm beginning to see a standard workflow. And it's not as difficult as I expected to learn a new program.


The thing is, none of these tutorials were done with Fuji camera's. Two ended their workflow with exploring  camera profiles under camera calibration at the very end. My question is, is it typical to make loading the film sim first and then make adjustments or just dive in with a raw file.


And second, under lens correction, should LR 5.7 have all the Fuji lenses available. The only one I have is x100/S/T.


Thanks, Geof

  226 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by lawsofphysics )


What are those little "cans" above the S.S. and F-stop Indicators?

Yesterday, 08:46 PM

Posted by bjorke in X100, X100S and X100T Forum

I am stumped. They come and go by some odd logic of what is manually assigned and what is auto, but I can't quite make out a useful pattern to it. The indicators are not explained in the User's Manual, even though in the sample screen guide ("Camera Displays") there IS one of them shown! (right above #21)






At first I thought it was to show if one or the other settings was automatic, but that doesn't seem right, and besides, the P-S-A-M indicator is right there anyway. But if I set to "P" the cans appear, if I set manual F-stop they both disappear, manual shutter speed (or both) the F-stop one disappears but the SS one is on... whether I'm in auto-ISO or not...   grrr, why u no make sense X100T?

  336 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Voxen )


Apa Kabar from Indonesia

Yesterday, 07:51 PM

Posted by greynatalino in Members - Introductions

Hi Guys !

Selamat pagi..


I'm one of Fuji user from Indonesia. I'm glad to know Fujix-Forum.

I've been using Fuji since 2008, starting from Fujifilm finepix 31fd, then moved to X10 and finally bought XT-1 last year).

Cheers !


Lotus Flower (XT-1 + XF 50-140)

Lotus Flowers


  122 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by greynatalino )


Fine + RAW with WiFi

Yesterday, 07:07 PM

Posted by fivesense in X-T1 Forum

I'm set up to shoot "Fine + RAW" which I believe means RAW + JPEG fine.  I did this on the advice of an article I read whereby it suggested this setting so I could use Focus Assist to 100%.  I set my film simulation to Velvia.


I intend to use the FujiFilm app for my iPad, for the occasional transfer of JPEG images directly from the XT to my iPad.  First question- which FujiFilm app do I choose from the iTunes store?  There are I believe three different apps- I chose the Camera Remote one as it allows me to both control my camera from my iPad and accept image transfer from my camera.  Is this the best one to use?


Second question- when I want to transfer images via WiFi, does the JPEG image transfer with the film simulation applied to the JPEG image?  And I assume the RAW file stays intact for later download on my computer.


I'm just trying to weave through all the fantastic tech of this camera, hence the very likely basic question above.




  165 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by fivesense )


Going for a Stroll in Milan

Yesterday, 05:43 PM

Posted by Sela69 in Street-City-Architecture

Yesterday I went in Milan with my girlfriend for a stroll. The wheater was fine, and I took my X-E2 with 35mm as a walkaround lens.


In metro some kids were squealing with delight :


Attached File  _DSF0255_1024.jpg   393.74KB   8 downloads


Via Montenapoleone : shopping rules !!


Attached File  _DSF0259_1024.jpg   366.42KB   6 downloads


A little bit of italian pride ..


Attached File  _DSF0262_1024.jpg   357.38KB   6 downloads


... and a little bit of us pride !


Attached File  _DSF0272_1024.jpg   413.55KB   6 downloads


Desigual shop, the display was out of order :


Attached File  _DSF0274_1024.jpg   408.64KB   6 downloads


Heading towards Piazza Duomo, the Expo is getting closer ...


Attached File  _DSF0280_1024.jpg   390.05KB   7 downloads


Some street dancers were entertaining the people :


Attached File  _DSF0294_1024.jpg   442.73KB   6 downloads


And then inside the Vittorio Emanuele II, built between 1865 and 1877 :


Attached File  _DSF0316_1024.jpg   366.35KB   6 downloads

Attached File  _DSF0318_1024.jpg   363.62KB   6 downloads


The Savini restaurant, from 1887 is serving expensive food inside the gallery :


Attached File  _DSF0320_1024.jpg   389.81KB   6 downloads


Too many people, after a few hours we went back home ... by the way I'm a country boy !!!!


  112 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by Sela69 )


How to click from down without being down (physically)

Yesterday, 05:15 PM

Posted by Vaibhav in General X Camera Forum

Hi All,


I might sound not the best at 33 years, but with a problem in my knee, I prefer not to kneel or lie down to click photographs.


Just had a thought a few seconds ago, what if I use a monopod or selfie pod and put the camera reverse down and use the mobile app to click the photographs. Reason I mention this, carrying/ setting up a tripod is difficult more than.


Please advice, if there are any other suggestions.


If the monopod is the solution or any, request you to please suggest a name/ link too.



Thank you,

Cheers !!!


X-E2 is what I have right now.

  176 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by ReporterMike )


x100s LCD solarised and glitchy

Yesterday, 05:10 PM

Posted by hello people in X100, X100S and X100T Forum

Hey, I have had my X100S for about a year or so. It looks to me like the back LCD is on the way out. All the menus, images and everything appears glitchy and solarised. I have updated to the latest firmware...but there has been no improvement. Is this a known issue?


I've never dropped the camera...haven't had it anywhere near water...basically it's been very well protected and taken care of.


Any suggestions or knowledge about this is much appreciated



  132 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by hello people )


Business trip photos - Maui last week

Yesterday, 04:11 PM

Posted by liggy in Travel

I'm constantly traveling for business.  Mostly a pain but sometimes get to mix in some pleasure.  One of the reasons I went with the X100S was to always have a camera with me.  Prior to the X it's always been a cheapo point and shoot or iPhone.


Knowing my nature - if I bought an ILC there would be the inevitable flurry of lens purchases. 


Recently broke down and picked up an X-T1 and brought it along for a trip last week along with the 18-55, the 55-230 and the 8mm Sammy.


Just a few snapshots.  The electronic shutter was pretty nifty shooting into the sunset and for silent photos during a round of golf.  Had a chance to tee it up at the Plantation course in Kapalua.  Very nice.


All just jpegs - some cropped.  Have yet to delve into the world of lightroom or other photo editing programs.  Just trying to learn how to get what I want from the camera first.


As always - any and all suggestions/critiques are welcomed!


The stone whisperer in Lahina




Sunset @ Wailea




Comely gal enjoying the view




The Samyang 8mm fisheye has been a pleasant surprise.  For $175 used on eBay it's been very enjoyable.  Light and easy to use.









  98 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by liggy )


Wayuu gas station

Yesterday, 03:40 PM

Posted by barrotalvez in B&W

16340830436_769282940d_h.jpgEstación de gasolina Wayúu / Wayúu Gas Station by barro.talvez, on Flickr


A wayúu kid stands by her mother as she sells some smuggled venezuelan oil fuel at her ranchería (house) up in northern Guajira, Colombia. Shot on january 15 with an X-T1 with XF 23mm.



  76 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by barrotalvez )


Fuji X-T1 shooter wins Terry O'Sein Award

Yesterday, 03:30 PM

Posted by JonMo in Fujifilm X News & Rumors

Just a heads up to any that may be interested;


The Terry O'Sein Awards are given to up and coming photographers.

Giorgio Bianchi has won the top prize this year, he shot his series with the X-T1.


His series is called "Behind Kiev's Barricades". I found the images quite powerful.


As you could guess they are images based on what is currently happening in the Ukraine.





  186 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by RZP )


Hello from London

Yesterday, 03:27 PM

Posted by Kenchie in Members - Introductions

Hi all -


I have ditched my Nikon D700 in favour of something lighter as I was starting to get lower back pain after carrying the dSLR around all day. I am very much enjoying the XT-1 so far!

  80 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by StephenL )


Urban reflections

Yesterday, 03:09 PM

Posted by SilvioR in Street-City-Architecture

Attached File  urban1.jpg   564.7KB   3 downloads


Attached File  reflect.jpg   857.61KB   2 downloads


Milano has made  some face lifting in these years.

  51 Views · 0 Replies


Pine Creek Revisited

Yesterday, 02:28 PM

Posted by Dobson in General

I went back through my Pine Creek photos from last week. Nothing too fancy, just a fun day outdoors with the girlfriend. The color balance on the second pitch has given me a lot of trouble. The light was incredibly cool, so it took a lot of work to get something that wasn't overwhelmingly blue.


Attached File  DXE15462.jpg   373.83KB   4 downloads


Attached File  DXE15501sm.jpg   139.68KB   3 downloads

I thought the chasm formed by the waterfall was pretty cool. It's not a particularly difficult or dangerous pitch, but the climbable ice precarously perched above the raging falls gives a great "people shouldn't be doing this!" feeling.

  65 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Dobson )


XE1 and 14mm $700 (FM)

Yesterday, 01:13 PM

Posted by juangrande in Where to Buy — Deals — Heads Up

Pretty good deal here. Thought I'd post. No affiliation.





  79 Views · 0 Replies


What are you doing to improve your photography?

Yesterday, 12:14 PM

Posted by robert in General Photography Talk
Photo forums are often dominated by gear talk, even on forums which are not brand-specific. What lens should I buy, which kit is optimum for this situation, what I'd like to see in the next model, etc., etc.

This is all quite normal and reasonable of course. But sometimes it's a good idea to step back and look at things from the viewpoint of "what exactly do I want to accomplish? What are my goals? Or even, I have no real direction, it's about time I set some photographic goals..."

With that in mind, I'll start with my first personal goal: to simplify and improve my 'seeing,' if you will.

There are so many great images that have been posted on this forum over the past (almost) four years, and many of them are simply showing the every-day -- the things we often see, yet take for granted as being mundane and uninteresting photographically. And yet the photographer has found an angle, or unique view or used light in such a way so as to create a truly great photograph. No need to travel to some exotic location....they are all around if one just 'sees' them. So that is my goal...to improve my vision.

What are your goals?

  458 Views · 27 Replies ( Last reply by nwcs )

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