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Forum for X-T1 and X-T10

Today, 11:40 AM

Posted by 777clr in X-T1 and X-T10

I don't really understand why the X-T1 and X-T10 have been included on the same forum. Except for the letter T they are not that similar, in fact they are a completely different camera. Not an insignificant difference is the price i.e. the T10 half the price of the T1

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Orange Rose

Today, 11:27 AM

Posted by RedSnapper in Wildlife-Nature

From a local walk:





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Returning the favor to others with a free lens...

Today, 11:09 AM

Posted by Markoe in Adapted Lens Forum

I am fortunate enough to have been given this lens for FREE from our forum photographer Mr. Paul Rybolt about a year or so ago. I was so elated by Mr. Rybolts generosity and act of human kindness. It is now my turn to return the favor. I will ship this lens to anyone who is interested and sends me their USA address and name. I will ship, free of charge, via USPS or UPS the first of next week. Sorry, but USA addresses only. 


First come, first served.


You need to provide your own MINOLTA MD adapter to your Fuji X camera. 


Please continue the kindness if you like.


Here is the lens: MINOLTA MD 35-105mm MACRO.









  74 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Topsy )


This could be a keeper

Today, 10:37 AM

Posted by jdenlinger in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

Got a good price on an 18-135mm and decided to go for it despite my prime preference. It seems like a good lens so far despite the interesting whirring OIS sound even in Off position. bee JDE20361 (1).jpg

  65 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by superdel )


Steampunk on a train

Today, 10:00 AM

Posted by fatmod in Portraits, People, & Pets

Steampunkers catching the train,X-E1+18-55

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B&W San Francisco

Today, 09:58 AM

Posted by Chad Pippin in X100, X100S, X100T

Long time lurker, first time poster.


I bought an X100S last December on a whim.  I frequent a guitar forum and stumbled across a thread about photography.  One of the guys was posted some photos that really caught my attention.  He took them all with his travel camera, an X100S.  Having never considered photography as a hobby, I became immediately drawn to the idea of learning, and the more I read about the X100S, the more it seemed like a good way to educate myself and enter into this new world.


With all that to say, I really enjoy this forum and feel like I learn more and more every, day not just about Fuji gear, but about photography in general.  What I really have grown to love about the X100S is this...


I went to San Francisco last night to take in a ball game with some friends, and of course, my little Fuji friend came along for the ride.  I thought before hand it would be fun to shoot some B&W images.  So I got the camera all set up with a new B&W preset and off we went.  Even with the forethought of this being a photo op, I was still able to remain fully immersed in the experience.  The primary purpose of this night out wasn't to take photos, it was to root for my team, hang with friends, enjoy conversation, toss back a beer and some grub, and maybe take a few photos when I can.  This is the greatest thing to me about the x100/s/t....it is there waiting for you, not weighing you down, not distracting you (other than with it's looks).  


I took a few photos as I experienced the night.  I didn't go out of my way to find a photo, or to look for the perfect composition.  I just grabbed my camera a few times throughout the night as things caught my eye and snapped away.  I know these aren't the most amazing photos ever created, but each one has an emotion or memory attached to it that I will also have as a reminder of the night.


These photos are straight from the camera JPG's with no post processing at all.








  149 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Markoe )


Lightroom question

Today, 09:49 AM

Posted by sussex86 in X-T1 and X-T10

I keep seeing threads that mention changing the camera caliberation to aid the X-T1 RAW images but when I go to change the camera caliberation, nothing stands out as a Fuji preset?


It's Lightroom 5.7 for Mac and as far as I know it's fully to up to date. I've attached a screen shot of the images I get. Any help would be much appreciated?



Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 16.41.26.png

  145 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by ysarex )


Confused about Natural Live View in X-T1

Today, 09:29 AM

Posted by ianpiper in X-T1 and X-T10

I read something in BJP about a "Natural Live View" option in the X-T1. I'd missed this, so went to look on the Fuji firmware page. Sure enough, it says this:




One of the great benefits of an electronic viewfinder is that 'what you see is what you get'; the final image is displayed in real-time so any Film Simulation modes or other effects can be checked while shooting. But users sometimes need to see colors close to how they're viewed with an optical finder, or to focus on shadow detail, which some high-contrast effects block out. To aid this, the Natural Live View function has been added and, when "PREVIEW PIC. EFFECT" is turned Off in the menu, an image close to the naked eye is displayed during live view.


However, I've been experimenting with it and the "Preview Pic Effect" menu seems to make no difference to what I see through the EVF. For example, if I select the Pop special effect, it looks "Poppy" regardless of whether this option is on or off. Same with monochrome options - it's mono, on or off. Am I missing something?





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Anton Corbijn exhibit

Today, 09:25 AM

Posted by macroenie in Portraits, People, & Pets

Visited the Anton Corbijn exhibits in the The Hague last weekend. He is very blessed to be able to operate on such a close level with many artists.

Some of his shots I would classify as "being at the right place at the right time", you know those 'snapshots' that are made without much thought but are more lucky shots.

Still awesome though.

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XE2 external controls?

Today, 08:35 AM

Posted by barryd in X-E1 and X-E2

I have a X-E1 that I am very happy with. I need a second body and am trying to decide which would be best for me. I am seriously thinking about an X-T1 due to the external controls. I am also considering an X-E2.

My question is, does the X-E2 function exactly like the X-E1 or are there more external controls?

The VF being in the center or off to the side doesn't really matter to me. The more I can set a camera up to function like my old manual Nikon FE 35mm SLR the happier I would be.

No camera is perfect and the operator has to learn to work with the features that a camera has. The trick is to find the one that is closest to what works best for you...

  97 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by beakhammer )


Chinese Lantern Festival

Today, 08:28 AM

Posted by giuseppe pepperoni in General

At the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St Louis.  All the exhibits are made from recycled plastic - bottles, etc.  These were done with my X30 or iPhone, handheld, last night.  Maybe I'll go back with the X100T and give it a go again.










  35 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by dixeyk )


Locking OK button on X-T1

Today, 08:19 AM

Posted by 777clr in X-T1 and X-T10
Hi, on my X-E1 I could look the central OK button by keeping it pressed for 10 seconds or so, this helped stopping me pressing it by mistake when shooting. I now have the X-T1 and by prssing the central OKAY button for 10 seconds locks the Q button but still leaves the OK button active. On a number of occasions I have pressed it by mistake and made changes on the menu system in error.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there something else in the menu system to help, I notice the new 3.11 firmware has a locked option but it is not obvious how or what it does.

  133 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by 777clr )


Low back pain after a long shoot

Today, 08:17 AM

Posted by yamaha83 in General Photography Talk

I wrote an articel about low back pain in photographers with some causes and fixes. I figured some people here may find it helpful so wanted to share. 


Getting Low Back Pain After a Long Shoot? Here's Why and How You Can Fix It!

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X-T10..... Silver or Black ?

Today, 07:11 AM

Posted by Christi in X-T1 and X-T10

I can't decide which to pre order!

  172 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by noeltykay )


Equipment redundancy

Today, 06:40 AM

Posted by Vadimus in General X Camera Forum
I recently bought X-T1 with 18-135.
I already had X-A1 with 16-50 and 50-230 not to mention several M42 lenses.

Now the question is - do I really need all of these?
Should I sell X-A1 with 16-50?

Obviously T1 is a step up in many ways but looking through shots I took with A1/16-50 I cannot complain about picture quality.

  163 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Happy Haggis )

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