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Recently Added Posts

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My Wife saw my bags

Today, 11:32 AM

We decided to clean out an extra room we have that catches a lot of miscellaneous stuff over the years. I'd forgotten that my collection of camera bags was residing in one corner. Up till now, my wife didn't really know how many bags I'd accumulated.  Once we;d piled them in the living room I had to admit to her that "Yes, these are my bags".......... I told her that each one was purchased for a specific reason that made sense at the time.


She looked at the pile and said "well, there are fewer bags here than purses I have".......we both smiled and went about the day.


PS: There were at least 3 more bags that were stored in other places.


18845343443_447e196a5b_b.jpgPile of Bags by Dave Roth, on Flickr


  32 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by pichou )


Audi Museum (Ingolstadt, Germany)

Today, 11:26 AM

Posted by 13Promet in Still Life

I've just had a long weekend visiting a friend of mine in Bavaria.

During this time, we've been at the four rings firm museum.

Some shots from it (taken by 56, 23 and 18mm).



Luxury from the '30s

19283808100_c40d0020bb_b.jpgDSCF5108_PC (Large) by S A, su Flickr



Ancient F1 (not many REVs to play with...)

19445298786_a4e35bcf66_b.jpgDSCF5122_PC (Large) by S A, su Flickr


19283795658_e5ecfab8eb_b.jpgDSCF3776_PC (Large) by S A, su Flickr



More in the Flickr album...

  11 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by threeshoes )


This Old House

Today, 11:05 AM

Posted by Triple X in Photos

 Out on a Beautiful Morning Sunday drive with a good friend. Shot this old house with my X-T1 and the 50-140mm.

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Lens specific lowest shutter speed in Auto ISO

Today, 10:54 AM

Posted by bobbyzfx in X-T1 and X-T10

Is there a way to assign lens specific lowest ss when using Auto ISO? Right now I use 1/125 but then when using wider primes like 14mm, I am at much higher ISO. I know I can shoot manual exposure but auto ISO makes life easy.


Also is there a way to quickly change this value? I tried Q menu and I can't see this setting. I would love to be able to change it from say 1/60 to higher value like 1/125 or even 1/250 depending on the situation.



  64 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Arjay )


HOYA Pro1 protector

Today, 10:41 AM

what is your experience with clear filters will they hurt the image quality.

  56 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Mikess1 )


July 4th fireworks for 2015

Today, 10:37 AM

Posted by apsphoto in General

Taken with a XT-1 and 55-200mm, most exposures were between 8 and about 15 seconds, iso 400, f11 or f16. Taken from my house in Laguna Beach, you can see multiple shows in these images, there was also a show to the south but there were a lot of distracting things in the way for photography. Most of them are fired off from barges that are towed in a few hours before the show and then towed out afterwards. The generate a lot of smoke so it gets harder to see them. There were some high clouds but below was clear, we could even see the distant fireworks from Avalon, Catalina Island. I posted a total of 6 to flickr.


19444071861_d941d8e322_b.jpgLaguna Beach fireworks 2015 by Alan Smallbone, on Flickr


19413752666_a6ee3efee1_b.jpgLaguna Beach fireworks 2015 by Alan Smallbone, on Flickr


18819216423_3d3eea3dda_b.jpgLaguna Beach fireworks 2015 by Alan Smallbone, on Flickr




  34 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by threeshoes )


18-135 good for hiking

Today, 10:31 AM

Posted by carolya in 18-135mm

Hike Heather Lake-1667-2.jpg

  40 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by threeshoes )


Fuji Xt1, XT10 auto mode

Today, 09:42 AM

Posted by Szobod in X-T1 and X-T10


I'm new here so welcome everybody.

I like to buy X-T1 or X-T10.

My problem with the choice is that I sometimes have to borrow camera to my wife and she is completly newbie in photography. That's why I need auto mode.

I know that there is auto mode in X-T10 with 58 scene and no auto mode in X-T1.But I read that if I put all dials to A and AWB and AF in menu in X-T1 it shuold work like in Auto mode.

Is that true. Will it work like Auto mode swich in X-T10 with the scene or thats not working that way. Are the eaqual and what about photo quality in auto mode in both cameras?

What kind of lens should I buy for family photoraphy and holidays. 18-55 or 18-135?

Thanks for answers.



  118 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by eurotrash )


Dusk, Kuching Sarawak

Today, 09:42 AM

Posted by kenary820 in Landscape

After wanting this for a long time, I manage to get my first fisheye the samyang 8mm. Too bad I haven't got the opportunity to shoot a much as I wanted.

I am happy with it, sharp and fun to use. The limit only my personal creativity and POV. Suprisingly sharp, its a good thing as I don't do sharpening in post processing. However I still need to learn how to use this lens properly especially on how to use hyperfocal distance. Any tips are welcome.


X-E1 with samyang 8mm.


19468702515_23ae56e336_b.jpgDusk, Kuching Sarawak by Muhd Saiful, on Flickr



  36 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Garpo99 )


XF 14 mm vs. XF 16 mm

Today, 09:37 AM

Anyone compare on the IQ of both lenses.

Is it worth while to trade my 14mm in for 16mm. I do like the WR capability.

  146 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by Rvazhapilly )


Image quality of f/2.8 zooms compared to Canon equivalents?

Today, 09:32 AM

Leaving aside the issue of size and weight (which I realize is a big issue!), how do the Fujifilm f/2.8 zooms compare to the Canon equivalents? 


I'm pretty enamored with my new X-T1 and 35/1.4, and I just ordered a 56/1.2. But I still do find myself using my 5DIII + 24-70 II and 70-200 IS quite a bit. They are just phenomenal lenses.


I've read quite a few reviews of the Fuji f/2.8 zooms, and they seem somewhat underwhelming. If you look at B&H the reviews for these lenses are generally lower than for the primes. I'd love to get some perspective from those of you that have used these zooms on Canon and are now using the Fujifilm equivalents. 


I am particularly interested in the 16-55/2.8, as the 24-70 II is probably my favorite lens on the Canon system right now (and believe me, I never thought I'd say that about a zoom. It's just that good.)



  97 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by switters )


Crop or not, color or b/w?

Today, 08:42 AM

Posted by Tilman in General

I came across this beautiful Royal Enfield with a snapped clutch cable. Unfortunately there wasn't much space around it, so I couldn't avoid capturing some parts of the more modern motorcycles close to it.


So which (if any) of these versions do you like better, the original composition or the crop? I also did those extreme black and white versions – did I overdo it or do you like what you see?


The picture was shot at f.2 – does the DOF work for you or should I have stopped down? 


Please be gentle but honest in your opinions – but hey, this is not for the 'image critique' thing!



  120 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by Triple X )


Church Flowers

Today, 08:40 AM

Posted by Rambler in General

Flowers aren't really my thing photographically, but I came across this splash of backlit colour in a tiny rural church in Northumberland a few weeks ago.


Shot on an X10, it's been processed in CC and Nik Colour Efex.






  58 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by platinumjstrain )


Function Buttons after Firmware 4.00

Today, 08:23 AM

Posted by Suz1ek1ns in X-T1 and X-T10

I have changed the function buttons settings after upgrading to Firmware 4.0 but finding that none the buttons of the D pad selector work.  Function Buttons 1 and 2 are OK  I did have trouble at first not realising that I had to set to the FN button in the submenu but having now done this I still are unable to activate the programmable buttons on the D pad selector.

What am I missing?


All help will be greatly appreciated.

  143 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by Minigill )

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