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Recently Added Posts

  • jknightsPhoto
    Machu Picchu only with X100

    jknights - Today, 06:17 AM

    Well done.  Sometimes less is more! Still on my list of places to visit :-(

  • jknightsPhoto
    Fuji X Trans RAW Sharpening in Lightroom

    jknights - Today, 06:13 AM

    For those of you who want the Presets pre-made here is a zipped folder of the four presets as described in the blog.   Unzip the file and...

  • usaftrevor87Photo
    First Shot

    usaftrevor87 - Today, 06:05 AM

    Where do you guys see a "bad boy"? I'm working a 12 hour shift now. I'm going to try it again when I get home round 5. I tried the aforementioned...

  • GriswoldPhoto
    G'Day from sunny Yorkshire

    Griswold - Today, 06:02 AM

    Hi, my name is Peter, a long term browser, (I hate the word lurker), of this forum.  So I thought it about time to say hi  :thumbsu:...

  • FwestivusPhoto
    X-Pro1 worth buying now?

    Fwestivus - Today, 05:56 AM

    When the X-Pro1 first came out, I remember lusting after it, but it being miles out of my price range at the time. I still ended up ringing around...

  • rutxerPhoto
    Neck strap or wrist strap on X-E1/X-E2

    rutxer - Today, 05:53 AM

    Nobody (I read the other posts quickly) mention the DSPTCH straps. I love them. Sturdy and well built and i can use them across the shoulder despit...

  • photographyknPhoto

    Yep, wait and see I guess :p

  • IshPhoto
    How important is "the look" to you?

    Ish - Today, 05:49 AM

    Call me shallow, but I find the aesthetics of things I own very important. On the other hand, if the X100n didn't perform well I wouldn't use it. I...

  • GiovanniPhoto
    Fuji X-Pro1 + 35 + 18 + Extras

    Giovanni - Today, 05:21 AM

    Let me know if, when camera is gone, you would send the 35 to EU Thanks and good luck

  • rpavichPhoto
    My 8 month old son :)

    rpavich - Today, 04:55 AM

    Thanks all, Rpavich, yeah i batch print them every week or two and put it into album we got for him.  Here are some more photos of h...

  • VisionPhoto
    My 8 month old son :)

    Vision - Today, 04:51 AM

    Thanks all, Rpavich, yeah i batch print them every week or two and put it into album we got for him.  Here are some more photos of h...

  • tomgePhoto
    X Series Street

    tomge - Today, 04:50 AM

    Lines by Thomas Geiregger , on Flickr

  • GiovanniPhoto
    X-Pro1 worth buying now?

    Giovanni - Today, 04:46 AM

     I think buying new would be a big mistake, but buying used you can't go wrong. I found the price of the used, at least on the UK market...

  • rpavichPhoto
    EDIT: The obligatory X100T Wait Thread :)

    rpavich - Today, 04:41 AM

    And for those who had  question about the focusing speed vs the X100S; Zack Arias answers that on his twitter feed.

  • Graham CPhoto
    How important is "the look" to you?

    Graham C - Today, 04:40 AM

    I walk into a large camera shop a few years ago. On display was just about every camera available at that time. Tucked away was the Fujifilm X seri...

  • BeenaPhoto
    How important is "the look" to you?

    Beena - Today, 04:36 AM

    . FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION !!!! That's the rule, but function doesn't have to sacrifice form completely. So many modern DSLRs are big ugly lumps of u...

  • dentonPhoto
    X-Pro1 worth buying now?

    denton - Today, 04:24 AM

    I was at the PhotoPlus show in NYC yesterday, the Fuji rep I talked to said she didn't have any more official info than the rumor sites, but she al...

  • michelliotPhoto
    How important is "the look" to you?

    michelliot - Today, 04:24 AM


  • rpavichPhoto
    How important is "the look" to you?

    rpavich - Today, 04:22 AM

    The look is definitely a big part for me. Obviously image quality, handling etc. are a massively important aspect too, but I was drawn in by the re...

  • trainerPhoto
    Both Eyes Open

    trainer - Today, 04:21 AM

    When I consciously try to keep both eyes open I can do it. I'm trying to train myself to keep both open, What I have trouble with is I'll be seeing...

  • beakhammerPhoto
    First Outing with X-Pro1

    beakhammer - Today, 04:19 AM

    Yes.... I was puzzled by that comment, too - but at this stage in my photography I'm grateful for any comment - so thanks to you all so far!  ...

  • BeenaPhoto
    How important is "the look" to you?

    Beena - Today, 04:16 AM

    The look is definitely a big part for me. Obviously image quality, handling etc. are a massively important aspect too, but I was drawn in by the re...

  • EdT5Photo
    Hi from Holland!

    EdT5 - Today, 04:12 AM

    Welcome to the forum!   Greetings from your colleague  :)  Dank! Grtz. Edwin.

  • beakhammerPhoto
    First Shot

    beakhammer - Today, 04:07 AM

    The ghost in the machine then. Seasonaly appropriate.

  • BeenaPhoto

    , Called them today, and they DID have it in stock but they've already sent out whatever they had to the first people to pre-order. Mine also sa...

  • jfordthompsonPhoto
    EDIT: The obligatory X100T Wait Thread :)

    jfordthompson - Today, 04:05 AM

    , Called them today, and they DID have it in stock but they've already sent out whatever they had to the first people to pre-order. Min...

  • BeenaPhoto

    I ordered from Jessops in the UK and yesterday the site said IN STOCK, so I was waiting for my pre-order to ship. Now the camera's been removed fro...

  • Jimbo70Photo
    How important is "the look" to you?

    Jimbo70 - Today, 04:02 AM

    Same thing as the X10/20 which I thought was a good looking camera. The change in the X30 makes it look like "Just another" mirrorless camera.

  • Krister Alcantara RuizPhoto
    Rumor: X-E2 to get Wifi of X100T but no Classic Chrome

    Krister Alcantara Ruiz - Today, 03:59 AM

    I hope we'll have em both.. For the wifi remote, i think it's just a matter of firmware + app update..

  • GriswoldPhoto
    X-Pro1 worth buying now?

    Griswold - Today, 03:52 AM

    My lovely wife just bought me one, with 18mm & 27mm lenses for a joint Birthday and Christmas present. Better still, I don't have to wait for my B...


G'Day from sunny Yorkshire

Today, 06:02 AM

Posted by Griswold in Members - Introductions

Hi, my name is Peter, a long term browser, (I hate the word lurker), of this forum.  So I thought it about time to say hi  :thumbsu:


I'm a long term Fuji user, starting with the S5 Pro, (which I still have), then adding an X10 before upgrading(? - I do mis the EXR functionality of the X10), to the X20.  And, thanks to my lovely wife Lynn, am now the proud owner of an X-Pro1 with 18mm and 27mm lenses - a great UK deal at the moment and my joint early Birthday and Christmas present.


My love of photography started in 1958 with a Box Brownie, which I still have, progressing through rangefinders to 2 1/4 square to manual SLRs to electronic SLRs to DSLRs and lately Mirrorless.  I still have a couple of my favourite rangefinders, (a pre war Contax lla with 8.5cm + Van Albada finder and a post war Contax llla with 5cm), so moving to the X10, X20 and X-Pro1 was a 'step back in time' with a modern electronic twist.


I hope that I can contribute to some of the discussions, but please be gentle with me now that I'm a pensioner.  ;) :D



  5 Views · 0 Replies


Both Eyes Open

Today, 03:22 AM

Posted by delb0y in X-Pro1 Discussion

One thing I'm finding myself doing on the X-Pro is shooting with both eyes open. I can do this on my other cameras, too - a Lumix G3 and a borrowed Nikon DSLR - but it's so much nicer on the X-Pro with the viewfinder up in the top left hand corner. It can get kind of weird at times (like have double vision!) so the left eye does get closed much of the time, but it's great to be able to see something approaching one's frame.


That's all!



  63 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by trainer )


How important is "the look" to you?

Today, 02:20 AM

Posted by rpavich in X100, X100S and X100T Discussion

While waiting for my X100T I was pondering the small body style differences that Fuji has made and a thought hit me: how much does aesthetics play a role in liking this camera?


What if they did something weird on the next one; they gave the X100F (for 4th edition) a 24mb sensor, an EVF better than the X-T1, the best wifi capability, whatever...it's just the X100 cam that everyone LOVES.



They changed the body style so much it was butt-ugly and lost all of the X100 mojo.



Would you still buy it or would you stay with the T or earlier X100 cam?



Just some fodder for discussion....

  158 Views · 11 Replies ( Last reply by Ish )


Can't focus manually with XF35 when shooting video

Today, 01:00 AM

Posted by Fredrik in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion
This is odd. I've noticed that I can't shoot video with manual focusing when using the XF35 mounted on an X-M1. The camera starts auto-focusing the second I hit the video record button even if the camera is set to manual focus. There's no problem with manual focus when shooting regular stills.

If I mount the 23mm onto the X-M1 it can record video just fine with manual focusing.

Is there a limitation to the XF35 (when shooting video) or is this some kind of bug?
Do you guys get this behavior with the XF35 on other cameras too?

  58 Views · 0 Replies


DIY - Fuji EF-20 Bouncing upgrade mk II :)

Yesterday, 09:32 PM

Posted by ducva in Fuji X Flash Photography

My first mod using bracket, TTL cord and ball head to make EF-20 swivel can be found here




Look a little bit overwhelming and bulky too ... so I decided to make a mark II that you can see from the picture.




It can swivel left to right with good resistance and keep locked in place. As you see from the picture, the TTL cord is butchered to a much smaller cord connecting one. And EF-20 can bounce freely while retains TTL :)



A side compare, it is likely the same height with EF-42 but but smaller to pack and lighter :P and cheaper too...


  147 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by ducva )


Is my X100s broken? OVF curtain behaves wrong.

Yesterday, 07:58 PM

Posted by yukosteel in X100, X100S and X100T Discussion

Just received X100S today, and immediately found problem with OVF curtain.


1. Out of the bag and no battery, X100S OVF curtain was 50% opened.

2. When I turn on camera OVF curtain keeps open but shakes about 5-6 times to 3mm up/down during 1/4 second.

3. When I turn off camera OVF curtain keeps open but shakes 3 times to 3mm up/down during 1/2 secon.

4. When I switch OVF/EVF - same shake appears, and often curtain does not close/open completely.


Do you think I should just return camera, or contact Fuji Service Center?

Anyone had similar issue?



  136 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by rpavich )


Portrait - Multiple people in the image, not clear results - help

Yesterday, 07:18 PM

Posted by Tpiorkowski in X-T1 Discussion

I have a question for the Forum members, and, need some help and advise. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, and, it's probably very basic.

When I am taking an image of more than one person, and the people are separated a little, the XT-1 seems to clearly focus between them, leaving my subjects out of focus. The background wall for example is tack sharp. It's fine for one person, and, I'm having difficulties with multiple people in the image.

How do I set the camera to correct this. I tried face detection, it doesn't do a great job. Do I need to fully extend my focus area? I'm shooting in aperture mode, and program. Maybe I need to shoot in manual?

Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  254 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by SunDevilStormin )


Anyone using Tap and Dye? Question...

Yesterday, 06:54 PM

Posted by mlcinema in X-Pro1 Discussion

Anyone using s Tap and Dye neck strap with their X-Pro1? Two questions....

Does the brass rivet get in the way when shooting?

What length did you purchase?

Do the bumpers fit on the X Pro?

Ok, that was three, but who's counting.

Thank you.

  104 Views · 0 Replies


First Outing with X-Pro1

Yesterday, 03:42 PM

Posted by delb0y in Fuji X Photos

First outing with a Fuji X-Pro1. Some photos of cranes...








I think this camera and I are going to get on. Only got the 18mm so far. Already GASing for a the 35mm.




  154 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by beakhammer )


London Town

Yesterday, 03:38 PM

Posted by trickletreat in Fuji X Photos

Photography came second during our recent trip to London, but still managed to take a few.



15049254083_c2bb7d149a_c.jpgDSCF5430 by trickletreat, on Flickr





15483809420_087da895c0_c.jpgDSCF5428 - Version 2 by trickletreat, on Flickr





15482972659_af9bd384b4_c.jpgDSCF5421 by trickletreat, on Flickr





15669500325_307ea054dc_c.jpgUntitled by trickletreat, on Flickr





15048510264_e75f8bd940_c.jpgUntitled by trickletreat, on Flickr





15483083888_d49f1e7b41_c.jpgUntitled by trickletreat, on Flickr15483653600_395ceca996_c.jpgUntitled by trickletreat, on Flickr





15645626996_cb9dbfef5f_c.jpgUntitled by trickletreat, on Flickr





15669355555_4bdf98feb9_c.jpgUntitled by trickletreat, on Flickr





15483340078_f24d2a4b33_c.jpgUntitled by trickletreat, on Flickr



  85 Views · 0 Replies


First Shot

Yesterday, 03:18 PM

Posted by usaftrevor87 in X-T1 Discussion
Wanted to show my first capture with an X-T1 with the 56 f/1.2
Just made the switch from shooting canon dslr (6d & 5d mkii). I'm pleasantly surprised so far! Can't wait to see what this bad boy can do!

  300 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by usaftrevor87 )


Challenge: first month with X100T, refrain from post-processing

Yesterday, 02:04 PM

Posted by Mandemaker in Fuji X Post Processing

Here's what I'm considering. In a week or so, my X100T should arrive. I have a number of RAW processors installed, with licenses, and I know my way, as an advanced amateur, around Photo Ninja, Iridient, Raw Photo Processor, and Lightroom. But post-processing takes a lot of time. What if I'd take the opportunity to limit myself, for a month, to JPEGs, either directly shot or developed in-camera? I would have to improve my knowledge of the film simulation modes, the brightness and shadows adjustments, DR settings, and above all: exposure. If, additionally, I would limit myself to 'one frame per situation', I might take my photography to a new level. As I said, I am considering this. I would like to hear your comments.


Of course, the level of detail Iridient and Ninja reveal is impressive, but should detail and sharpness get the huge amount of attention that they get in these days of retina displays? Photography isn't about scrutinising skin pores, is it? And to be sure, some frames could use a bit of tweaking, a bit of S-curve, a bit of highlight recovery, a bit of this-and-that, but how many hours do I want to spend sitting at my desk fiddling with almost-good images? Wouldn't it be wiser to learn to say good-bye to what, in the end, are not really keepers? (Can you make a half-baked image into a keeper? At what price?)


30 days of X100T 1-shot SOOC JPEGs. Does that seem like a good idea? Should it be done without using the in-camera RAW converter? To make it count, should I shoot JPEG-only, and not even keep the RAWs?


It would be nice to have a few fellow adventurers. If nothing else, we'll learn from it.

  222 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by Mandemaker )


Machu Picchu only with X100

Yesterday, 12:59 PM

Posted by Leandro in X100, X100S and X100T Discussion

Dear all,


I was brave enough not to submit the temptation of taking my DSLR with me for Peru and took only my X100 (my only mistake, forgot the TRIPOD).


There were some moments I hesitated a lot, but I can tell the results were great... Follow some of my photos:




Hope you enjoy it,  :pic:


Leandro Meinhardt 

  361 Views · 12 Replies ( Last reply by jknights )


New x100s , shutter clicks not being recorded.

Yesterday, 12:08 PM

Posted by Jeff M in X100, X100S and X100T Discussion

My new X100S, has zero shutter clicks, but even after shooting with camera all morning, still zero clicks. Is there something I need to set, or is this a malfunction?  Should I even be concerned. I really don't care about the shutter clicks, as long as it doesn't affect rest of camera operations. 





  204 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by rpavich )


10-24mm lens as travel companion to 18-135mm zoom

Yesterday, 11:28 AM

Posted by Mistik-ka in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

The current discussion of the Fuji 14mm prime vs. 10-24mm zoom is very helpful, but I have a specific area of concern in choosing one or the other for a six-week bicycle tour in England. I used the 18-135mm zoom on a recent holiday from the prairies to the British Columbia coast, and found it suits my purposes very well for most of my photographs — primarily non-urban landscapes. In England, however, I invariably use wider angles of view than I do in North America — more urban settings, more people, and everything is closer. In the past my most frequently-used focal length in England has been 28mm (18mm equivalent in Fuji APS lenses). For me the critical question is this: how does the image quality (however you choose to define it) of the 10-24mm compare to that of the 18-135 mm in the crossover region of 18 to 24mm? (Which lens am I more likely to want on the camera in urban settings where that crossover region is my go-to focal length?)


Thanks for your in-put.

  333 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by beakhammer )


Hi from Holland!

Yesterday, 11:07 AM

Posted by EdT5 in Members - Introductions

My name is Edwin and I live in Holland/The Netherlands.

Since only 1 week i can call myself the proud owner of a Fuji X-E2, silver/black + the 18-55 lens.
I've been a DSLR user for 6 years, using a D90 + Nikkor 18-200, 17-55 2.8 and 55-300.
Two of my colleagues, whom are also enthousiastic photographers with much more FF pro camera stuff and more xpensive glass, convinced me trading my stuff in for the Fuji.
I was already looking around for an upgrade to FF, but was still hesitant because I hadn't fiugured out yet what to buy.

Then the colleagues talked to me, showed me some pictures (one has the X-T1 and the other the X-E1) and I was convinced immediately. Why so quick you may ask? For 3 reasons.
1) the picture qualityfrom what I had seen untill then was fantastic and most certainly NOT less than my D90 with the 17-55, although I had expected it would!
2) the size and weight of the Fuji vs. all the Nikon stuff.
3) the fact that one of my colleagues had compared the image quality of his X-T1 to his Canon EOS 5D mkII and had to draw the conclusion that the image quality of the Fuji was comparable if not better, especially at high ISO.

Although normally I always scope the web for the best alternative, with this I didn't. Maybe there are better alternatives from other manufacturers (or is this concidered like swearing in the church, here on a Fuji forum? ;-) ) but I like Fuji for different ways. The way it looks, the way Fuji keeps caring about customers by updating software for the older camera's and because I have a positive, sort of nostalgic feeling with Fuji. And to me, when the feeling is good, all is good! :-)

Till now I'm still testshooting the X-E2 and I love it! I must say that it's not the easiest camera to control "button-wise", but that's no partyblocker for me!

Besides the image quality I also think the retro looks of it are awesome! Especially with the Fuji brown leather halfcase around it!

I hope to make some nice pictures with the X-E2. I'm really happy with it!

I've made some pictures of my new X-E2, see below.

That's all folks!

Have a nice weekend and happy photographing!

  127 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by EdT5 )

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