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Recently Added Posts


Hello from Ljubljana

Today, 04:00 AM

Posted by lucky_me in Members - Introductions

Hi everyone!


I'm a new member of your great and very useful forum. Started on Pentax brand and than switched to Fujifilm X-E1 with Fujinon XF 18-55/2.8-4 OIS and Fujinon XC 50-230 OIS. I also have electronic flash EF-42. In the near future In intend to buy Fujinon XF 27/2.8 and Samyang 12/2.0 MF. 


Otherwise, I live near captial of Slovenia in a small town Medvode, between two rivers, in the middle of beautiful nature and very photogenic landscape. I'm married and father of my little and sweet daugter Gaja Lea. I am amateur photographer, taking pictures only for my own pleasure. But also want to share some of my "masterpieces" with your, dear Fuji friends.


So, I'm looking out for your experiences, problems, solutions and specialy for your "best of" photos.



Best regards, 


  121 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by rod.kendall )


Help please, identify this - Have I been sent the wrong soft shutter

Today, 02:10 AM

Posted by danwmids in Fuji X Accessories

Can anybody help identify what this soft shutter button is please?


I went to the match technical website and found their UK distributor, The Classic Camera, London, and I ordered a Bip in black.


The soft release I received this morning, looks fine in quality, but im not convinced its MT Bip, can somebody confirm please?

It has like a matt/rubbery finish on the top and a small channel around the centre.



Attached File  IMG_20140930_090304.jpg   76.97KB   8 downloads



Attached File  IMG_20140930_090402.jpg   84.49KB   7 downloads

  286 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Woody R )


Epson's new 'Luster Metalic' paper

Today, 02:09 AM

Posted by LincolnLogs in Fuji X Post Processing

Hi  Folks,


While making an order from B&H today, the salesman mentioned that Epson has a new  'Luster Metalic' paper.  I love Epson Premium Luster paper and also the effects of metallic in some photo's , so it seems like a fabulous option. I ordered 25 to test.  Has anyone had any experience with this new paper? Are there particular images that bring out its best qualities?



  254 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by LincolnLogs )


Filter photo posts from What's New

Today, 01:23 AM

Posted by Voxen in About the Fuji X Forum



Is it possible to filter out all posts coming from the Photos forum in the What's New page?

I find there are too many of those posts in there and its a lot of scrolling every day.


I enjoy to look at member photos time to time but I'd prefer to go in the Photos forum when I want, but I'd really like to have the What's New page as a quick look of the posts that are not photo galleries.


I'm not asking to filter them out globally of course but checking if there is a way to do it on my account preferences.



  249 Views · 16 Replies ( Last reply by JaquesP )


Ex-Pro getting an X-Pro, finally

Yesterday, 09:49 PM

Posted by jeffry in Members - Introductions
Hi from Tucson. Twenty five year veteran in the trenches of newspapers and magazine, got out during the purges a few years ago. Somehow I had the foresight and started training in the medical field when all the blood letting started. Now I primarily work on the trauma floor of a hospital and take care of the people whose misadventures I use to photograph.

Bounced around micro43 several times, with DSLR stints in between, and have, since it's introduction, been seduced by the X-Pro1 but have never succumbed until now. I used Leica M's and Contax G's extensively, and the X-Pro1 reminds me of those. Mind you, I don't have it yet, nor have I ever seen or touched one, but I just know. I've always known, I was destined for one.

Not doing any professional gigs currently, just wanting to shoot for me. Have the camera and a 23 1.4 on the way and will, as budget allows, flesh that out.

Looking forward to hanging out and hopefully sharing some shots now and again!

  243 Views · 12 Replies ( Last reply by Topsy )


glass dome over rotunda

Yesterday, 09:39 PM

Posted by Blazer in Fuji X Photos

Old Louisiana State Capitol... Capitol opened in 1851... severely damaged by fire in 1862 during Civil War... glass dome was added in an 1882 restoration...


Attached File  glass dome over rotunda.jpg   267.77KB   3 downloads

  127 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by fac123 )


Mammoth Ivory Tusks, Bali, Indonesia.

Yesterday, 09:11 PM

Posted by UbudHigh.com in Fuji X Photos

Attached File  mammoth_tusk_DSF3400.jpg   115.25KB   4 downloads

Attached File  mammoth_tusks_DSF3266.jpg   125.37KB   4 downloads


These pics from a shoot yesterday at a friend's workshop in Bali. They are ancient Woolly Mammoth tusks which he then sands and polishes to a T. Strange to think they were being waved around at Sabre-Toothed Tigers at some point… Shot on the X100 with the WCL at f2/2.8 in natural light.

  120 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by UbudHigh.com )


More from Downtown

Yesterday, 08:50 PM

Posted by dman in Fuji X Photos
A couple of photographs from Downtown during a photo walk. These were shot with a X100S.

Attached File  dt1928A.jpg   719.72KB   2 downloads

Attached File  dt2928A.jpg   456.75KB   2 downloads

Attached File  dt3928A.jpg   694.09KB   2 downloads

  162 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by SilvioR )


yet another x100s battery charger problem?

Yesterday, 08:50 PM

Posted by Pablito in X100, X100S and X100T Discussion

I've seen a number of threads about various problems with Fuji chargers. 


So, anyone seen this? I put the battery (original Fuji) into the original Fuji charger and the light comes on BEFORE I even plug in the charger. Then (after plugging into wall) it just stays on, no indication of when the battery is charged. 


Yes, I will replace the charger with something non-Fuji but has anyone seen the green light come on from simply putting the battery in the charger, with no current flowing into the charger from the wall outlet?

  417 Views · 17 Replies ( Last reply by BigJ777 )


x pro 1 w/18-55

Yesterday, 08:34 PM

Posted by pipes35 in Fuji X Photos

Attached File  27 d.jpg   171.32KB   3 downloadsAttached File  werc.jpg   73.83KB   3 downloadsAttached File  seven years.jpg   214.82KB   3 downloads

  89 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by SilvioR )


Mitzvah Tank on Broadway and 37th street

Yesterday, 08:16 PM

Posted by gene lowinger in Fuji X Photos

Here's a shot I took last week. The rest can be seen on my blog.


Attached File  140918_222_sep2.jpg   414.24KB   2 downloads

  217 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by coupdefoudre )


In a muddle, an Lr, Cs5, PSE12 RAF workflow muddle

Yesterday, 08:06 PM

Posted by Melly in Fuji X Post Processing

Hello All,


I have searched around for answers, and spent/spend a fair bit of time doing my best to get get better educated on image-processing, but I'm out of my depth here, so I decided I'd better put out a serious call for help :stuff:


As a proud owner of an X-E2 with 18-55mm lens. I've been using a friends Photoshop CS5 off and on for some time, and with my new camera it was time for new software. There's the debate about RAF files and the various RAW processing engines, but I only want something solid and reliable. Bought myself Lightroom 5.6, and I have to say, I love it.


However, the problems started when I then bought PS Elements 12 for the pixel level fun. I really couldn't get on with it, coming from a reasonable capability with CS5. Additionally, it won't work with 16 bit images, so I found myself reading up on all the workarounds for a reasonable workflow. :stuff:  :stuff:


I got the trial of XXL2 to beef up Elements 12, but that didn't really do it. I then decided it was time to finally splash out on Photoshop. I've already bought Lightroom, so didn't fancy the monthly photographers subscription. Besides, I don't need the latest version, I was always happy with CS5. So here's the thang, CS5 doesn't open up RAF files, duh!


I don't believe it, DNG conversion software, RAW File converter EX, uuurgh!


Now, if I may put a couple of questions to you all:


1. I understand that a RAF file is the Fuji variant of a RAW file, but what actually does something like SilkyPix RAW File converter EX convert it to? Is it in effect similar software to Lr? Or does it only partially process the file, for me to then finish it off in another program?


2. Can I not open RAF files in CS5 because fortress Adobe don't update their older software.


3. What do the rest of you do, what would you do with all this software lying around :bow:  I should say that I enjoy pixel level image processing, and couldn't imagine working with 'just' Lr.


Please feel free to signpost me to another thread, if this pathway has already been well trodden.


Huge thanks in advance, melly.

  249 Views · 14 Replies ( Last reply by David Grover )


Black or wait for graphite?

Yesterday, 07:47 PM

Posted by gazingsouth in X-T1 Discussion
Hi all
I've been given an X-T1 for my birthday this year (well part of it I have to contribute to the purchase as well)
I am just starting the journey at looking at lenses and other bits and pieces - I'll do some research in the threads here now I am committed to buy before posting however I e question I have - black or graphite??

Does anyone know when the graphite edition is expected to hit shelves? And for any Aussies out there do you know any timing for it to be in Australia?



  443 Views · 22 Replies ( Last reply by Paul's Pictures )


The Last food on Tress before Fall sets in

Yesterday, 07:38 PM

Posted by Arbib in Fuji X Photos

These berries are the last food the birds will have before Fall sets in....


Fuji X-E2

Fuji XF35mm

+5 Closeup lens


Falls last food for Birds: 2014-9-29 par Peter Arbib, on ipernity


Falls last food for Birds: 2014-9-29 par Peter Arbib, on ipernity


Falls last food for Birds: 2014-9-29 par Peter Arbib, on ipernity



  97 Views · 0 Replies


Akita and my Pentax Asahi SMC Takumar 135mm 3.5

Yesterday, 07:00 PM

Posted by marysky in Adapted Lens Discussion

What a  mellow dog and she's only 6 months.  I am trying to practice more with dogs that are not mine.  I'm trying to get a feeling if I can use a manual lens with someone elses dog.  Probably not every time, but I love this focal lengh.  I have an adapter coming tomorrow for the OM 100mm listed in my siggy.  That might turn out to be my go to lens for length.


She was quiet enought that I got several of her. 




f5.6 (I stopped down so I'd get her nose in focus too)

iso 650 (too high for the shutter speed...original was kinda over exposed)



Attached File  Web1.jpg   278.05KB   0 downloads


  99 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by JaquesP )


Hello from sunny East of England

Yesterday, 06:54 PM

Posted by Melly in Members - Introductions

Hi All, I've been taking my time with joining the forum, as I've been coming to terms with my first digital camera.


I live in the east of England, and as the locals are so fixated on talking about the weather, I shall attempt to do them proud :D


It is in fact one of the driest parts of the country, and apart from a bit of night-time showers and storms, we've had a beautiful long hot summer, still very warm and dry at the end of September!


So with that out of the way, down to business. I made the bad decision to upgrade to a Nikon F80 back when digital was still very expensive, and kind of was stuck with it, cause it wouldn't die on me. I then moved on to mobile phone cameras, and was getting along happily with an HTC One Mini, particularly because it is only 4.6MP, it does brilliant in low light with its larger than usual photo-cell receptors. However, while in the Lake District earlier this year, I came to my senses and realized I was doing things the hard way. Actually I resorted to filming with the phone, rather than taking photos, as the phone-camera was hopelessly under equipped to capture the magnificence of the land, but filming was a bit more up to the task.


After some research, I quickly decided on Fuji, in particular due to the x-trans story, Fuji colors, and also that Fuji's listens to its customers.


As I'm a life-long hobby shooter, I decided the X-20 would be enough for me, but I could not get on with the optical viewfinder. Therefore the X-E2 with 18-55mm lens was the right choice. I bought a Fuji refurbished by the way, after reading multiple recommendations on here, which I completely support.


Of course now the X-30 with EVF has been announced, so I may well downgrade at some point in the future. The EVF together with the f2-2.8 lens, compact size and lack of sensor dust, is most attractive. 


That said, I look forward to the 14mm (for abstracts) and possibly the 35mm lens (shallow dof), and entering the world of off-camera flash... so it could well be that the X-E2 is the perfect choice.


My two projects at the minute are an abstract interpretation of local life to be exhibited next summer, and a calendar for 2015.


Elsewhere I'm posting for help regarding RAF files.


Attached a low-light snap of my wonderful companion complete with butchered handgrip which works very well, shot under tungsten with said HTC phone (I know its a rubbish snap, just a bit of fun) :rolleyes:

  132 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Downderoad )

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