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Recently Added Posts


Would like some constructive feedback on my beginner photo

Yesterday, 11:30 PM

Posted by M2014D in Street-City-Architecture



The photo below is the Don Jail - a former jail in Toronto built in the 1850's. It has recently been converted into an administrative building for a hospital. Anyways, I wanted to take a night picture of it, and this is what I came up with. I tried to remove all the distracting elements, but it was not fully possible (i.e. there are some cars in front, and a fence). Anyways, any feedback (good or critical) on the composition or anything else would be appreciated. I realize it's not the most interesting subject matter, but something I still wanted to photograph. Thanks in advance.

  186 Views: · 12 Replies ( Last reply by lawsofphysics )


One of my first images

Yesterday, 10:40 PM

Posted by Fujicamera1 in X-T1 Forum

Thought I would share one of my first images with my XT-1.

I was shooting for a yet to come out article and took my Fuji along. During the course of the day I had been taking photos with my usual heavy kit and my right arm was starting to feel like it was dropping off.

Earlier I had found a magical wild daisy field and I was keen to do some of our afternoon pics there. Whilst the two girls were taking a short break I managed to grab this. As it turned out, it was probably my favourite image of the day.

From memory I had just about everything on Auto (shhh) The exif is 1/125, f4, ISO 200.

The image is cropped and yep it has a filter - Polaroid.


I have mentioned before that I really love the XT-1 and it's quirky habits of changing settings on me when least expected. All my fault and I am slowly learning.


I have been slowly adjusting my settings of late as for a while it would throw up weird plastic looking faces sometimes and at others, not. I have read somewhere it's caused by high iso and maybe the noise reduction settings. Someone here will know.


This is what I am currently using as far as settings, but I am sure these will change as I learn more.

I usually shoot in Classic Chrome 

Shadow tone +1

Sharpness +1

Noise reduction -2




  214 Views: · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Notts 1 )


Rainbow Hair Mural

Yesterday, 10:07 PM

Posted by Tara Elizabeth in Street-City-Architecture
Rainbow Hair Mural



A mural on a salon in East Sacramento

  47 Views: · 0 Replies


Picking up the wifes new toy

Yesterday, 09:23 PM

Posted by Richard_R in General

She gets the fast cars and fast motorcycles, I get practical cars ADV motorcycles and cameras. :D









  208 Views: · 10 Replies ( Last reply by veteq )


flash will not always fire

Yesterday, 09:08 PM

Posted by stevenrayla in X-T1 Forum

I am having a problem with the flash that comes with the XT-1.  Sometimes it will fire, sometimes not matter what I try it will not.  I have been checking to make sure I am not exceeding the synch speed (180th), but to no avail.  Then without my doing anything different, it will flash fine.  Is it defective or am I missing something?  I have checked to make sure the hot shoe is not dirty and that the flash is slid all the way in.  Please help!

  135 Views: · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Ken Bennett )



Yesterday, 08:03 PM

Posted by gene lowinger in B&W

Out after the 'big' blizzard. More pics here.


Attached File  150129_017_sep2.jpg   461.81KB   1 downloads

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  31 Views: · 0 Replies


New member! My names Chris nice to meet all of you!

Yesterday, 07:25 PM

Posted by ChrisJuliano in Members - Introductions

I have been shooting nikon for years, converted to fuji a few months back and loved every moment of it. I have an X-E2, Voigtlander 40mm nokton classic, and of the fuji lenses 14mm and 27mm, plans on selling the 27mm and picking up a 56mm.

Here are some of my photos, follow me if you want and let me know you shoot fuji and i will follow back!

I am in the current market for trading my X-E2 with cash ontop for an X-T1 so if anyones interested let me know!

Thanks again!

  127 Views: · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Jakke )


Why doesn't Fuji have a 7:5 or 5:4 aspect ratio?

Yesterday, 05:08 PM

Posted by M2014D in General Photography Talk

Besides 4x6, common printing formats are 5x7 and 8x10. This can create a problem, as the camera format for my Fuji X100T is either 1:1, 3:2, or 16:9.


Any idea why Fuji doesn't offer more formats to select from?


Also, when planning to print a photo that is a different aspect ratio than the camera, how do you work around that? Do you end up cropping, or do you take that into account when taking the picture?

  180 Views: · 7 Replies ( Last reply by David Schneider )



Yesterday, 04:54 PM

Posted by alveraz in Street-City-Architecture

Attached File  20130502-_DSC0250.jpg   156.45KB   3 downloads



  62 Views: · 3 Replies ( Last reply by thefeeling )


Returned my X-T1 and 18-135mm Kit

Yesterday, 03:29 PM

Posted by PowderWorker in X-T1 Forum

I returned my X-T1 and 18-135mm kit today.  I found in the 45 days I had it I did not use the 18-135mm as much as thought I would.  I ordered the X-T1 body and the 50-140mm.  I was able to talk Best Buy into $1320 for the 50-140mm.  Both will be shippped new from FujiFilm.


Looking forward to the new lens, but no FujiFilm until I get the orders.



  413 Views: · 8 Replies ( Last reply by echo )


Arca Swiss Walking Stick/Monopod/Cane

Yesterday, 03:17 PM

Posted by jwr in Fuji X Accessories

Because of a balance disorder in one ear I frequently have to use a walking stick (my wife calls it a cane... whatever) when I'm out walking. It can be a nuisance having to drop it or lean it against something while I shoot and then pick it up again, and I have the most trouble with vertigo in poor light, after sunset, etc. Times when a tripod would be handy.


I finally decided to do something about it and bought the cheapest tall & light monopod I could find (I'm 6'5") which cost $15. I found an aluminum cane handle on Amazon threaded for 3/8" (standard for tripods) and I had a little Arca Swiss compatible clamp lying around but I just checked and I paid $12 for it a couple of years ago.


I threaded a 38" to 1/4" adapter into the bottom of the cane handle then screwed a small Arca Swiss compatible plate on very tightly. I mounted the Arca Swiss compatible clamp to the top of the monopod and I was done.


The handle fits in my pocket so if I want to take a shot using the monopod I slip the handle off and slide the camera on (all my cameras have Arca Swiss compatible grips). The monopod expands to my eye level very quickly and I'm ready to shoot. When I'm done I collapse one section all the way and a second section to the spot I have marked, put the handle back on and I'm off. It's not very sleek looking but it's pretty light and all the clamps are tight so it doesn't rattle.


Next to my cane at walking height

Attached File  20150130_DSCF0810_X-T1_14 mm-800px-wide.jpg   343.13KB   16 downloads


Attached File  20150130_DSCF0811_X-T1_35 mm-800px-wide.jpg   598.2KB   13 downloads


The small clamp

Attached File  20150130_DSCF0813_X-T1_35 mm-800px-wide.jpg   491.92KB   13 downloads


Extended to my eye level

Attached File  20150130_DSCF0040_X100T_23 mm-800px-wide.jpg   251.75KB   13 downloads



  164 Views: · 7 Replies ( Last reply by jwr )


Fujifilm XT 1 Hand grips

Yesterday, 03:07 PM

Posted by V Food Photography in X-T1 Forum

Does anyone use a hand grip for the Fujifilm XT . If so which do you prefer?

I want to make the purchase and I am swaying toward the larger one, it seems to give a bit of heft to the camera. 


I purchased the battery grip and on day 2 it simply stopped working, I cleaned the contacts and no go, I have since sent it back to B&H. 




  286 Views: · 13 Replies ( Last reply by BillS22 )



Yesterday, 02:35 PM

Posted by jonjaz1956 in X-Pro1 Forum
Hi everyone just bought an X Pro 1 with the XF18mmF2.R and XF27mmF2.8 lenses.
My question is which telephoto or zoom lens would you recommend? I like to photograph birds in my garden. I am not super rich but would like to buy new from a UK supplier.
All comments and suggestions are welcome.

  223 Views: · 8 Replies ( Last reply by jonjaz1956 )


old Nikonian enjoying Fuji

Yesterday, 02:18 PM

Posted by hansNL in Members - Introductions

hi Fuji-friends,


I have been using Nikon camera's for over 40 years. First analogue (Nikkormats) later digital: D70 and D90 (both sold) and D7000 (still with me).

Last year I picked up a secondhand X100S, to see if a small and silent mirrorless camera would suit me taking pictures of people at close range (children, grandchildren, concerts). It was love at first sight, the X100S is so much less intrusive than my D7000 going ratatata. People think it's just an old grandfathers camera, I got perfect RAW-files. Yesterday I picked up the 16-55 mm zoom with my X-T1, the perfect silent set for people-pictures.

I'll keep my Nikon D7000 with 105 mm for macro-work, idem with 28-300 mm for wildlife, 12-24 mm for landscapes. We'll see what happens, maybe I'm Fuji-only in a year!




  107 Views: · 2 Replies ( Last reply by mellowcure )


16-55 mm 2.8 is in the shops!

Yesterday, 01:57 PM

Posted by hansNL in Fujifilm X News & Rumors

Yesterday I picked up my pre-ordered copy of the 16-55 mm lens from Cameranu.nl in Urk, the Netherlands. 1099€.

Today beautiful weather and a first opportunity to play with it on my X-T1.

Feels a bit front-heavy at first, but a joy to shoot with. So far I think the reviews are true, fast AF, razor sharp images.

And, with the electronic shutter from the latest firmware update completely silent!




  346 Views: · 8 Replies ( Last reply by ozer )


LR (5.7) and X100S, raw files settings (lens correction)

Yesterday, 01:53 PM

Posted by paras in Fuji X Post Processing


I have a question regarding the lens correction settings in LR 5.7 and using X100S raw files. In the side panel I have an option to activate lens correction, and in the drop down menus the X100S is listed as a profile. Should this be used or not? I'm having a hard time judging which is better and more natural.


I have included a sample image to demonstrate the difference. Note that with correction activated the image flattens out. 






  138 Views: · 3 Replies ( Last reply by thegreenman )


third party lenses

Yesterday, 01:22 PM

Posted by bluray in X-E1 and X-E2 Forum

anyone recomend any good 3rd party lenses,?

  211 Views: · 7 Replies ( Last reply by LCT )


'Blacking out' your camera

Yesterday, 01:04 PM

Posted by mellowcure in General X Camera Forum

I've been following an interesting trend seen in street photography where they would black out the camera logos (i.e. the Canon/Nikon logo) using black 'gaffer' tape, a sharpie/china-graph pencil, some even go as far as refinishing the entire top-plate of the camera. 


This made me interested in blacking out the white X-E1 logo on my Fuji to make it more 'discrete'. Of course, I don't want to balls up the job obviously. Risks are involved, but I can't help but feel that in an all black body, those glaring white letters stick out too much. 


What do you guys think? 




  855 Views: · 54 Replies ( Last reply by KeithT )


Fuji 18-135mm purchased through GreenToe.com

Yesterday, 12:24 PM

I ran across an interesting advertisement for a website called GreenToe.com the other day and took a look.  It is a site where you basically make an Offer for their list of products and then the retailers can look and decide if they want to sell it to you for that price.


I figured I'd give it a try since GreenToe's website clearly lists that they ONLY sell USA market (non-Grey market) new products with a 14 day return.  I've been wanting a Fuji 18-135mm since it came out, but didn't want to pay the $900 for it or even the sale price of $800.  


I put my offer on at $700 this morning and about 3 hours later, a store accepted it.  The store has an A+ rating on BBB so I'm hoping everything is legit.  Once I get it in my hands, I'll update this thread, but if this works well, it's a nice way to buy gear!

  284 Views: · 11 Replies ( Last reply by jon595 )

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