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Coming soon: Guy Gowan Post-Processing Webcast for Forum Members!

Request for images...we're looking for RAW files that Guy will use in the webcast.

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Recently Added Posts

  • tomchrPhoto
    Shooting Pets with Shallow DOF

    tomchr - Today, 01:17 AM

    Shallow DOF does make the subject pop and stand out from the background. Maybe that's why you experience a stronger connection with the pet in the...

  • GabberflastedPhoto
    X100s Successor To Be Announced At Photokina

    Gabberflasted - Today, 01:16 AM

    Wow. What negativity...  I personally don't care much about color peaking. I care more about a fix dealing with excessive smoothening at...

  • Frank1Photo
    Open air museum Arnhem

    Frank1 - Today, 01:12 AM

    X-T1 18-55mm 18mm f/8 1/680 Iso 200 

  • GabberflastedPhoto
    Shooting Fuji x in Raw

    Gabberflasted - Today, 01:03 AM

    If I switch to Raw, will I lose all the pleasant characteristics of the Fuji photos. As Raw format records unprocessed data, does it mean that we w...

  • eggwah123Photo
    Shooting Fuji x in Raw

    eggwah123 - Today, 01:02 AM

    Does it mean that Raw files created by different camera still carries unique characteristics? Or are they all look the same? For example, Olympus a...

  • Mr PerceptivePhoto
    Fujinon XC50-230mmF4.5-6.7 OIS

    Mr Perceptive - Today, 12:33 AM

    Another Bulb Exposure!!  Globe Inn Bulb sm by Mr Perceptive X100 , on Flickr

  • BrendonPhoto

    I didn't mention that because it's something that has to be done from scratch (color FP has already been done and "backporting" it would be almost...

  • tonybramleyPhoto
    Shooting Fuji x in Raw

    tonybramley - Today, 12:19 AM

    The latest version of Adobe Camera Raw now includes the Fuji Film emulations which are very close. However the final result  is still not quit...

  • hyhPhoto

    Wow. What negativity...  I personally don't care much about color peaking. I care more about a fix dealing with excessive smoothening at...

  • mashgauPhoto
    Desperately need good bag advice!

    mashgau - Today, 12:01 AM

    I did a brief review of the shibata a while back. its a great bag. http://www.fujix-forum.com/index.php/topic/22207-f-stop-shibata-bag-review/...

  • sizzlingbadgerPhoto

    I'm not sure what you find to be nonsense. Aperture adjustments to raw can't even migrate to iPhoto when it opens an Aperture library. The only thi...

  • RovermanPhoto
    Portrait of a friend

    Roverman - Yesterday, 11:56 PM

    I'd agree with Nicholas, his hand seems to grab the eye, possibly because it's highlighted and his face is more in the shadow.

  • mashgauPhoto

    Well...I'm now out of X-T1-land and back into X-E2-land....it's been nice...see you all later. A comparaison between both and especially you o...

  • BrendonPhoto
    X100s Successor To Be Announced At Photokina

    Brendon - Yesterday, 11:50 PM

    What I was trying to say was that all that "kai-zen constant improvement" was aimed to catch more customers, maybe disappointed by other companies...

  • beakhammerPhoto
    X100s Successor To Be Announced At Photokina

    beakhammer - Yesterday, 11:38 PM

    No need to come up with a cynical theory about Trojan Horses. The early Fuji models, X100 and XPro1 especially, really needed the firmware updates...

  • LuzidPhoto
    Future lens releases

    Luzid - Yesterday, 11:34 PM

    The 2.8 Zooms make no sense with X-Pro2.

  • beakhammerPhoto
    Is it this a beginners phase iam going through?

    beakhammer - Yesterday, 11:25 PM

    OOPS. By the time I remembered to take photos the food was all gone. Oh well, maybe next time. The vegetable-halibut soup was amazing; greed ec...

  • eggwah123Photo
    Shooting Fuji x in Raw

    eggwah123 - Yesterday, 11:24 PM

    I am switching to Raw format. Just not sure about one issue. I bought the Fuji X becuase I love the colour and picture quality and have been shooti...

  • kjphotoPhoto
    Bought an X-E2

    kjphoto - Yesterday, 11:02 PM

    It is fun to see all the XE2 converts. I have been shooting tons of images in the theaters this past two weeks. Then on top of that 4 hours of Vide...

  • BrendonPhoto
    X100s Successor To Be Announced At Photokina

    Brendon - Yesterday, 11:01 PM

    I guess that for the original X100 things were much harder because it was a totally different piece of hardware (no X-Trans, 1st gen camera, etc.)...

  • Aby_CatPhoto
    Shooting Pets with Shallow DOF

    Aby_Cat - Yesterday, 10:59 PM

    I love to shoot pets with shallow DOF - it just seems to bring out their personalities. Semi the Abyssinian - X-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/105...

  • DylanKirbyPhoto
    FS/T: x100s for XF lenses

    DylanKirby - Yesterday, 10:50 PM

    Hey all.  Picked up an X-T1 and XF 35 and haven't really touched my x100s since.  Looking to either sell the x100s (open to cas...

  • EverydayGetawayPhoto
    Fast 50mm options

    EverydayGetaway - Yesterday, 10:41 PM

    ^I second the Yashica primes.  I'm a particularly big fan of the ML primes, the ML 50/1.4 is my favorite lens to use on my 6D. I just pic...

  • wyldberiPhoto
    Bought an X-E2

    wyldberi - Yesterday, 10:28 PM

    As noted above, my X-E2 finally arrived, but I failed to return here and follow up. I like the new camera a lot. As I go about using it, I sense so...

  • DarkstreetsPhoto
    Muni in San Francisco

    Darkstreets - Yesterday, 10:26 PM

    Pix? Is it not showing? I can see it on my screen

  • JanniePhoto

    Stunning image, but I keep asking myself as I look at it: how is it possible for them to build that and live there?

  • CaryDeanPhotoPhoto
    HU: More 56mm at Samy's

    CaryDeanPhoto - Yesterday, 10:20 PM

    Not true. They have a 14 day return policy.Will only get charged a restocking fee if there'sany damage (light scratch) or any packaging is missing....

  • MarkoePhoto
    Muni in San Francisco

    Markoe - Yesterday, 10:19 PM


  • jorge ledesmaPhoto

    This item has been sold. 

  • hoobashootPhoto
    Love my Ricoh GR !

    hoobashoot - Yesterday, 09:56 PM

    I love my fuji's but having this little bad boy with me to take out when people least expect it has been an awesome treat. Ive had many shots that...


X-T1 UK discount for the 18-135 lens

Yesterday, 02:35 AM

Posted by maroo in X-T1 Discussion


      someone have some information about the 250 pounds discount that the UK buyer of the X-T1 camera should receive!?

      Please let me know, if you prefere in PM.






  316 Views · 12 Replies ( Last reply by adzman808 )


X-M1 Kittens

Yesterday, 01:15 AM

Posted by mustangu in Fuji X Photos

Some test shots of our kittens using the free 50-230mm free lens on the X-M1.

  255 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by Privatedoc )


The bigger the camera the better the picture, right? WRONG

20 Jul 2014

Posted by theycallmedavis in X-M1 and X-A1 Discussion

So this past weekend I was in Oshkosh for Dubs in the Valley, a european car show put on by a few of my close friends and attended by a mass of VW/Audi/BMW/automotive enthusisats from the Midwest. During most of the day, I carried around two cameras, my Fuji X-A1 and my Canon 6d. People asked me why I was using the smaller of the two cameras, and for that exact reason is almost why I used my Fuji more, as a conversation starter. Never before have I plugged a brand so much, but in my dealings with Fuji and this little camera's capabilities have I found myself more in awe and astonishment. Later in the evening, I pulled out my studio lights and before I knew it, a small crowd became interested in what all the bright flashing lights was about. My decided to switch cameras from my Canon over to the X-A1 just to see how many believers I could convince that just because it's a small, relatively cheap camera, that it was just as capable as my large full-frame Canon 6d with L glass attached. Here are two photos from that night, the first of which was taken with my Canon, showing my light setup and the second taken with the Fuji....needless to say, I'm more than happy with the results!


14517718219_02c6088e6a_b.jpgJesse Walton's Mk5 GTI by David Monzingo, on Flickr


and with the Fuji:

14518322987_78cae4f692_b.jpgBrian Frost's VIP Lexus by David Monzingo, on Flickr

  463 Views · 22 Replies ( Last reply by montymo )


Helios 44-2 can you help us find this lens?

20 Jul 2014

Posted by Amytug in Adapted Lens Discussion

I'd love to buy this lens from the us.  where?  how?  please help!!

  231 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by dpt.calvin )


Some photos from Boston

20 Jul 2014

Posted by dwdyer in Fuji X Photos

Thought I'd cherry pick some of the more pleasant shots from a trip to Boston.  My first travel excursion with the X-E1 instead of the D300.  Much easier to carry around, I was very pleased with the way it handled.  Some shots are more worked up than others in Lightroom, some from RAW, some tweaked JPG. I've got two more sets of these that I need to cull through and tweak over the next week.  My only complaint is that I didn't slow down enough in many cases -- I've got to fight that urge to hurry and get a shot, any shot, planning to work up in Lightroom later. The one here of the shoes and the last one of the chair are perhaps my favorites of all these.


Fuller albums are at http://photos.influx...n-Quincy-Market and http://photos.influx...-Public-Library  (Yes, the embedded links are from Flickr, I'm putting things in both places) I think most of these were with the 18-55mm.


14508499018_106bfd1b5d.jpgDSCF0424.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr





14508510249_42e741c070.jpgDSCF0450.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr




14671373406_3e659ff932.jpgDSCF0670.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr


14507716440_3afa802b9a.jpgDSCF0690.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr


14507755518_37e8c71499.jpgDSCF0700.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr


14714305333_58258b3a34.jpgDSCF0729.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr


14692051234_0b190024a5.jpgDSCF0742.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr


14692058274_27a6348140.jpgDSCF0750.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr


14507832558_2f50254f58.jpgDSCF0786.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr


14694210642_0a18380f07.jpgDSCF0798.jpg by dyerdw, on Flickr


  153 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Astroboy )


My parents left my open sensor X-T1 in the sun for a couple hours

20 Jul 2014

Posted by thephototruth in X-T1 Discussion
Came downstairs and my lens cap was off, sensor was exposed with sunshine beaming onto the camera, the camera was off but it's been at least 2 hours the camera was like this. Has this affected the sensor. I have to charge the camera but i'll check the condition when I can turn it on to see it still works. Thanks!

  805 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by jknights )


Question re the self timer and focussing

20 Jul 2014

Posted by Richard_R in X100 and X100S Discussion

If you are using the self timer of the X100S is focus established when you push the shutter release button (2 or 10 seconds before the image is captured) or immediately before the actual shutter releases?

Just curious I have never thought about it before.

  204 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by Savas )


Hola from Chile

20 Jul 2014

Posted by HughH in Members - Introductions

I just got my X100S. I´m a DSLR user with a Canon 30D and Sigma Lenses.

I've found useful information here, so i hope to lern how to get use to my new camera.


Thanks everybody here.


Hugh Honeyman .... my mother tongue is Spanish and also speak German, so sorry for my bad english.

  174 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by Francois )


Corkscrew Falls

20 Jul 2014

Posted by Jman13 in Fuji X Photos
Finally tracked down this little hidden waterfall. X-T1 with 55-200:

  473 Views · 18 Replies ( Last reply by gnondpomme )


Is it this a beginners phase iam going through?

20 Jul 2014

Posted by wforider in General Photography Talk
Seems like on allot of my shots I over Photoshop on the average ...color saturation...picture pop...will I get over this feeling "more seems better"?

  453 Views · 19 Replies ( Last reply by beakhammer )


X-T1 | & Carl Zeiss Touit 2.8/50M Part 11... What makes a small world big

20 Jul 2014

Posted by Macmodus in Fuji X Photos

X-T1 | & Carl Zeiss Touit 2.8/50M Part 11. What makes a small world big


FujiFilm X-T1

Carl Zeiss Touit 2.8/50M


Thanks for viewing



1  (Nik PS plugin)





















  157 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by BigT )


X-E2 JPEG Settings

20 Jul 2014

Posted by RobDMB in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion
Relatively new to the X-E2 and was wondering what kind of custom settings everyone is using for the JPEG output on this camera? Thanks.

  235 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Johnny_Johnson )


Topaz ReMask - 50% off

20 Jul 2014

Posted by dpt.calvin in Where to Buy — Deals — Heads Up

Code: julyremask



  130 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by dpt.calvin )


The Daily Grind... (X100S)

20 Jul 2014

Posted by TreveK in Fuji X Photos


  228 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Arjay )


Pizza and Potatoes with the X100S

20 Jul 2014

Posted by johnnydls in Fuji X Photos

Took these earlier at a nearby pizza place.









  192 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by GaryX )


X100s focus ring sensitivity

20 Jul 2014

Posted by miko in X100 and X100S Discussion
When using my camera in the manual mode, which I prefer, the focus ring is extremely sensitive to any touch. It is difficult to adjust the aperture without the screen switching to focusing mode. Thus the exposure meter scale is not available to help adjust the exposure.

My preferred way of shooting is to adjust the exposure first and then focus. However, this is difficult to do because it seems impossible to adjust the aperture without launching the focusing screen. The manual focusing ring just seems hypersensitive. Is there a workaround?

Thank you.

  272 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by miko )

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