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Recently Added Posts


Zuiko 18mm 3.5 (OM) with Shift Adapter on FujiX

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

Posted by jecottrell in Adapted Lens Forum
I've been looking for a shift solution on Fuji bodies and thought I had the answer.

Marry this with this...

But, it looks like I've got a focus problem. It won't focus at pretty much any distance. I'm guessing I've got a great big extension tube and not so much of a shift adapter. I'm new to the whole "adapted lenses" program. Am I missing something, or am I out of luck?



  127 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by jecottrell )


A frenchie from Quebec, Canada...

Yesterday, 02:45 PM

Posted by PictoSeb in Member Introductions
New to the X family since a little less than a year ago. Switching my whole Canon system to Fuji. Too many reasons to enumerate here (don't wanna bore anybody with reasons you guys probably already know).
The difference between now and before - with my DSLRs - is that I carry my camera each and every single day. Now I have a "real" camera to take pictures on the fly instead of using my smartphone.
Anybody here made a complete switch like I did?

  123 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Oilseller )


Which way to go wider? 14mm or 10-24mm

Yesterday, 01:41 PM

Posted by RavaXe1 in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

I own an X-E1 with the "kit" lens 18-55 and if I'd like (I feel I need) a wider lens.

The 14 and 10-24 are AFAIK my only choices.

I'm so doubtful...I'm looking for somebody (You!) to convince me to go one way or the other! :-)

Please help!!!


Thank you in advance!!




  569 Views · 23 Replies ( Last reply by Squirrel )


The 27mm F2.8

Yesterday, 01:13 PM

Posted by noctilux2 in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

Just how good is the 27mm ?

  482 Views · 11 Replies ( Last reply by VisMom )


why no info on xe 3, pro 2?

Yesterday, 12:33 PM

Posted by joe aka back alley in X-E1 and X-E2

fuji listens and responds...that is their rep when it comes to firmware upgrades and giving the people what they want...except for news about the xe3 and the xpro 2!


do they have plans for these favourite bodies?

are these 2 bodies dead cameras walking?

is the fuji rf look gone forever and for those of us who love that look, are we getting the cold shoulder?


why no info fuji?

  631 Views · 23 Replies ( Last reply by johant )



Yesterday, 12:08 PM

Posted by Desert Photog in Adapted Lens Forum

Does anyone know if Zeiss has any plans to offer their Batis line adapted for the Fuji X mount?



  170 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Desert Photog )


Looking for feedback on Formatt-Hitech Filters

Yesterday, 12:01 PM

Posted by M2014D in Fuji X Accessories



I am interested in getting a filter kit for my X100T. In the future I may also end up buying an X-T1 with interchangeable lenses. I am aware of the seven5 filter system by Lee, but was also encouraged to check out the Formatt-Hitech filters (which I did, and they are cheaper than the Lee system). The Hitech filters also seem pretty good. I am looking for feedback on the following questions:


1) Has anyone used the Formatt-Hitech filters and would you recommend them over the Lee system? 


2) The Formatt system suggests a 67mm holder system for mirrorless camera systems (with a threaded 49mm adapter for Fuji X100T). Can I still use the 85mm holder (with appropriate adapter) with the Fuji X100T in case I move up to the X-T1 and use wider angle lenses.


3) For those who have an X-T1 with the Formatt system, are you using an 85mm or a 100mm filter holder?


I am trying to find the most strategic way of going about this so that I don't have to end up buying more than I need down the road.


Thanks in advance.



  176 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Fenwoodian )


Removing moire from video?

Yesterday, 10:52 AM

Posted by Wakeboxer in General X Camera Forum

Ok, I know most here don't give a hoot about video on their x-cameras, (otherwise they wouldn't have bought a x-cam, right?) but I was wondering whether their are any *post* processing tricks that can remove moire. Can anything be done with iMovie or Final Cut? Premier?



  73 Views · 0 Replies


Raf file previewed but could not be read on LR 5.7 (from X100s)

Yesterday, 10:37 AM

Posted by geraldtrepy in Fuji X Post Processing

Hi all,


I'm just starting with my X100S and Lightroom 5.7


I've got a bunch of .raf files that don't seem to work on my LR 5.7 version.


I've got the preview of my photographs on the finder of my mac 10.10.3 and on LR Develop window, but for some reason, there are some I can't develop on LR. I can't either export them in any formats from LR or even copy them somewhere else (computer's driver, other external hard drives) from the computer's finder.


I copied them directly from my camera's SD card, which I inserted into my macbook Pro's SD card slot reader, to my external hard drive.

I'm wondering if I should have imported them by connecting my camera to the computer instead?


Is there a way to restore those seemingly corrupted .raf files?


I used Fuji's latest version of Raw File Converter (silkypix), but I can't convert those corrupted pictures and I've only got Photoshop CS3, which doesn't read Raw files.


Thanks for your help,



I attached a pic of the window I get

  165 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by GeorgeSalt )


Camargue: culture and industry next to pink flamingo's nest

Yesterday, 10:25 AM

Posted by venatorlucis in Street-City-Architecture

Greetings Fuji enthusiasts,


I've taken my relatively new X-E2 to a trip in Camargue, southern France. Technically I had the camera, one lens - the Voigtlander 15mm Heliar lens (m39) and a Gorillapod that I did not use at all. Also, I only shot JPEG's.


To experience that place was amazing, and to be able to experience it without being burdened by loads of photographic gear was so liberating! Before picking the X-E2 as my camera I said to myself I need to shoot street photography because my previous DSLR's weren't unobtrusive enough to be efficient in the street, so until now I did not have decent street photography photos. This trip confirmed me that it was the camera was choice was correct. The big question right before the trip was if the 15mm will be a good focal length for street, as this was about to be its first ever test outside my apartment.


I reproduce one photo below - the entire article is at this link.

Let me know what do you think!


Attached File  0012.jpg   541.05KB   1 downloads

  86 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by venatorlucis )


Hello from Maryland! Wanna shoot?

Yesterday, 09:56 AM

Posted by ArtofRDM in Member Introductions
My name is Ryan Madison. Really interested in street photography as well as a bunch of other types but you should hit me up. I need more photo friends--all of mine are in AZ where I went to school.

Send me an email and check out my website if you want.

  116 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Rooster )


Hi everyone

Yesterday, 09:31 AM

Posted by niccolo.vonci in Member Introductions


I'm Niccolò from Italy, Florence in particular.

I'm an "X-shooter" since 2013, when i switched from Nikon to an X-Pro1.
Now i have also an X-T1.


I'm sure i'll enjoy this forum  :)




  124 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by John Lever )


Matera Italy at Sunset

Yesterday, 09:17 AM

Posted by skidzam in Street-City-Architecture

Just returned from a wonderful photo workshop in Matera, Italy with Adam Marelli http://www.adammarelliphoto.com/ and 7 other talented international photographers.


Matera has been named the European Capital of Culture 2019.

  118 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Dimka )


Cheeky blighter

Yesterday, 07:24 AM

Posted by magicaxeman in Wildlife-Nature

I had my XT-1/XC 50-230 outside on a tripod last night to try some remote shooting from my bed (I'm severely disabled and bed bound 24/7 for those who don't know).

As I'm laying there this cheeky blighter (wood pigeon) who must weigh at least 2.5lbs LANDED on the lens and then parked himself on top of the camera!!

I wish I'd caught a shot of him doing it but to be honest all I could think at the time was "don't poop, please don't poop!"


Here he is when he returned a little later and the camera was back indoors.


SOOC jpg, just resized, no other processing and as usual shot through the double glazing.


The clarity of this lens and quality of the bokeh is still blowing me away.




230mm F6.7 1/500th sec @ ISO 1250  NR set to -2 in camera to preserve detail.


Attached File  028.jpg   203.48KB   2 downloads


Attached File  027.jpg   203.15KB   2 downloads

  115 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by royuk )


fuji remote APP?

Yesterday, 06:26 AM

Posted by Fran in General X Camera Forum

I just downloaded the remote app.  Just wondering if anyone has tried it and liked using it?

  216 Views · 11 Replies ( Last reply by rpavich )

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