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    Setting up Flickr

    beakhammer - Today, 11:42 PM

    I like Flickr a lot.  I enjoy some of the small and obscure groups that post a steady stream of really interesti...

  • thienstravelographyPhoto
    Round the world with the XT1

    thienstravelography - Today, 11:23 PM

    KL, Malaysia 

  • thienstravelographyPhoto
    Round the world with the XT1

    thienstravelography - Today, 11:17 PM

    Thanks guys

  • SquirrelPhoto
    hello, I'm squirrel !

    Squirrel - Today, 11:16 PM

    I think it's exactly what I said to you when you joined the forum! If you ever go to Aix, you have to stay here!I'm t...

  • JezSPhoto
    90mm + macro extension tubes

    JezS - Today, 11:11 PM

    I've seen some photos from testers using macro extension tubes with pre-production versions, but has anyone seen what...

  • unclokiePhoto
    Rokinon 100mm Macro

    unclokie - Today, 11:11 PM

    Hey,I would be very interested in seeing much more from this lens. I am a fan of macro and I'm looking to get aX-T1 i...

  • mestalaPhoto
    X-T10 or X-T1 ?

    mestala - Today, 10:52 PM

    Thanks for that Charlie,I'll keep an eye out.  :thumbsu:

  • rexPhoto
    X100T observations from the field

    rex - Today, 10:40 PM

    I love this camera but have also experienced the optical frame lines and focus points simply not being there at times...

  • imagesfromobjectsPhoto
    Test (Flickr)

    imagesfromobjects - Today, 10:30 PM

    girls by images from objects , on Flickr test #3 , cool, so you can see that? for some reason it's not showing u...

  • imagesfromobjectsPhoto
    Test (Flickr)

    imagesfromobjects - Today, 10:28 PM

    yawn by images from objects , on Flickr test #2  

  • DavidWebbPhoto
    Test (Flickr)

    DavidWebb - Today, 10:23 PM

    I'm not a cat person by any means - but that is a nice image. 

  • robertPhoto

    This is in progress for gallery uploads. 

  • imagesfromobjectsPhoto
    Setting up Flickr

    imagesfromobjects - Today, 10:23 PM

    Yeah, I'm still having issues with these guys. Most of my albums aren't viewable after I got some warning email a few...

  • LonghikerPhoto
    X100T observations from the field

    Longhiker - Today, 10:07 PM

    Good working review. I used the X100 and experienced many of the same things. I did eventually sell it to get the X-E...

  • imagesfromobjectsPhoto
    Test (Flickr)

    imagesfromobjects - Today, 10:07 PM

    Cool, it seems to have worked. Was not thrilled with the way uploads were being compressed/resized, but this one seem...

  • M2014DPhoto
    X100T observations from the field

    M2014D - Today, 10:06 PM

    Great summary of your experiences with the camera. Thanks for including it here on the forum.

  • imagesfromobjectsPhoto
    Test (Flickr)

    imagesfromobjects - Today, 10:06 PM

    sasha by images from objects, on Flickr

  • gduncansonPhoto
    Sampling of the last week

    gduncanson - Today, 09:54 PM

    Beautiful colors on #2 and #6. Is that Classic Chrome? earlier in the month there was a promo on VSCO presets. t...

  • Fred ThomasPhoto
    X100T observations from the field

    Fred Thomas - Today, 09:35 PM

    Interesting read!  I would love to have the X100T.  Currently shooting an X Pro and shot with the XT-1 for...

  • demozPhoto
    Sampling of the last week

    demoz - Today, 09:30 PM

    Beautiful colors on #2 and #6. Is that Classic Chrome?

  • ByronPhoto
    X100T observations from the field

    Byron - Today, 09:16 PM

    I held off buying an X100 until the T came out. The rumor mill around the improvements over the S were too good and s...

  • kbredePhoto
    Photography Class from Stanford Uni

    kbrede - Today, 08:57 PM

    Thanks for posting. :) Kent

  • gduncansonPhoto
    Sampling of the last week

    gduncanson - Today, 08:57 PM

    Some varying images captured with varying degrees of success during the last week (for the photo challenge). One of t...

  • DimkaPhoto
    door bowing and rubber peeling

    Dimka - Today, 08:55 PM

    Well, mine wouldn't budge and I took a long "scenic" drive to Edison NJ today :)) Let's see how long the new cover wi...

  • Aby_CatPhoto
    Fuji 35mm f1.4 vs Zeiss 32mm f1.8

    Aby_Cat - Today, 08:48 PM

    Although the Fuji 35mm is really good, I found that I like the color and contrast better on the Zeiss 32mm.

  • trainerPhoto
    Frog on a fence

    trainer - Today, 08:34 PM

    Move in close and try not to center your subjects(usually :) ). Good shot though and rules are made to be broken. Hav...

  • gduncansonPhoto
    Photography Class from Stanford Uni

    gduncanson - Today, 08:34 PM

    Lots of interesting info here: CS 178 Digital Photography

  • Photogeo180Photo

    X-T1, XF 56mm @ 1.2    

  • Fred ThomasPhoto

    Any site that does not take into consideration the likes and dislikes of their users and bombards them with unwanted...

  • Fred ThomasPhoto
    Is the XPro still viable?

    Fred Thomas - Today, 08:21 PM

    ............... .......  The viewfinders are touch and go in low light (the refresh slows on the EVF and LC...

  • gduncansonPhoto

    My brother in law is from Portsmouth and named his boat 'Solent', after where he spent many years watching and sailin...

  • Miyata610Photo
    Fuji 27mm vs Fuji 23mm

    Miyata610 - Today, 08:14 PM

    If you only care about resolving power then the 27 is a better lens. But it has other issues, like field curvature....


90mm + macro extension tubes

Today, 11:11 PM

Posted by JezS in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum
I've seen some photos from testers using macro extension tubes with pre-production versions, but has anyone seen what the official close focus distance and magnification will be with the 90mm when used with the 11mm and 16mm tubes?

Thanks in advance!


  27 Views · 0 Replies


Test (Flickr)

Today, 10:06 PM

Posted by imagesfromobjects in Portraits, People, & Pets

16768760115_fe15d2ff35_c.jpgsasha by images from objects, on Flickr

  23 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by imagesfromobjects )


X100T observations from the field

Today, 09:16 PM

Posted by Byron in X100, X100S, X100T

I held off buying an X100 until the T came out. The rumor mill around the improvements over the S were too good and so I waited. Let me back up a little. I've been photographing since the late 70's. I was a professional photographer with work for clients, magazines etc for over ten years and I've got a lot of experience in film and now digital. Now that the background has been dispensed with I'll move on.


I have a lot of Nikon gear, all FX, old and new glass, I still use film when called for or practical, which is less and less of late. I'm also a traveller, spending a fair bit of time in Nepal, which is where I am at present, Japan, China, Vietnam and points in between. 


I bought the X100T as a potential answer to a pressing problem - weight - my full Nikon kit, versatile as it is, weighs an incredible amount and I don't travel with an assistant. The second problem I wanted to look at addressing was approachability - SLRs are imposing objects - I wanted a versatile camera that could deliver on performance and results while being less obtrusive - rather like my film rangefinders.


I've been using the X100T for six months now, every day and the Nikons have been put in my equipment locker for the time being. I wanted to focus without distraction on the handling, performance and results from the X100T. Here's what I've found so far.


As a serious photographer, the X100T delivers on results, the images are impeccable. That being said there are some nagging issues I find in the camera.


1. battery life. It's not great. I carry four batteries at all times and regularly go through at least 2 to three in a day's work. 


2. focus lagging. Yes, despite improvements over previous models I find the camera is not quick on the uptake and, as opposed to my D810 there are missed opportunities and images because of focus lag. 


3. optical viewfinder frame line render issues: the camera can be slow to render frame lines and focus. (see item 2) in some situations.


4. I'm personally more given to wider lenses but the conversion lens was (is) not an option.


You can work around these issues. Manual focus being one approach. Zone/Hyperfocal being another. (yes, f/8 and BE there.) I rarely use the rear screen, it's hard to see and it's one of the reasons the battery life is so short. No chimping. wait until the end of the day before reviewing images while doing the initial import and edit in lightroom.


I do most of my work in the field on a laptop. I'm a pretty ruthless editor and unless a shot is bang on it goes in the bin.


Now, on the plus side: 


1. It's unobtrusive and non-threatening - especially in chrome.


2. The image quality is superb.


3. The weight and handling are excellent, although, I have rather large hands and found that the addition of a grip made the camera quite a bit better in terms of fit. 


4. The controls are logical - not something one can often say about digital cameras. 




I'm probably going to keep the little beast. I'm in Nepal at present and I'm working it rather hard, probably harder than most might and I realize that using the X100T and imposing on it the same expectations I ahve of my DSLRs and film gear may be unfair, but apart from the quirks and annoyances above, the camera has been generally performing well.


I'll probably wait for an upgrade / revision to the X-Pro1 and get a 24mm equivalent lens and perhaps something longer, a 56 and or a 90.


(I for one would like to see the somewhat crazy race to create huge aperture lenses come to a stop - it seems to result in heavier lenses with no real benefit, and when it's your back that hauls the gear, lighter is better. I'd like to see a fuji f/2 series for professional use: 24mm f/2, 28, 35, 50, 85 - all prime lenses. The result would be smaller lenses, hopefully, superb quality and hey, someone has to go toe to toe with Sony's new f/2 lenses, right?)


So, if you've been sitting on the fence about the X100T and you're going to use it as a near to hand option, a second camera in the kit - cameras are tools after all, then I say go for it. If it's your first and only camera, I say go for it too, just buy a few extra batteries, a grip, and a better strap.


I admit I'm probably pushing the camera to its limits, but someone has to do it, right?











  93 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by rex )


Sampling of the last week

Today, 08:57 PM

Posted by gduncanson in General

Some varying images captured with varying degrees of success during the last week (for the photo challenge). One of the best features of the forum and gets me out shooting with a purpose, rather than just in documentary mode.



  24 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by gduncanson )


Photography Class from Stanford Uni

Today, 08:34 PM

Posted by gduncanson in General Photography Talk

Lots of interesting info here: CS 178 Digital Photography

  64 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by kbrede )


XT1 or X100S for U2 Concert next month

Today, 07:17 PM

Posted by Rvazhapilly in General X Camera Forum

I'm looking forward to taking my camera in for the concert and grabbing a few shots of Bono and team (assuming that they will let me in with a camera, not sure of the policies nowadays). Should I take the X100S and crop in later, or take the X-T1 with the 18-135 with it's OIS? Any input is appreciated.

Thanks, as always to the group!

  126 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Jonimages )


EV - totally confused

Today, 06:36 PM

Posted by bobjar in X-Pro1

The more I read, the more confused I get about something that I thought I understood - the EV wheel.


In short, how does EV +/- alter the exposure to apply the indicated adjustment?  I took two test images, one EV 0, the other EV +2 and see no difference in the RAF files.  Likewise, there is no discernible difference, to my eye anyway, in the JPG files - A, 1/250, ISO 400.


Variations, seems EV changes alter shutter-speed, when both aperture and/or shutter-speed are set to "A". "M" indicating a manual setting.




EV-no indicates neither A or S is altered, however the histogram does reflect a commensurate change per altered EV value, so what, if anything is changed?  ISO?  Again, test images show no apparent change in EV however the info panel shows EV +2.0 for one, and no EV change for the other - in camera display.


Further adding to the confusion, I read an article which purports the sensor, a Sony product, is ISO-less and ISO is applied post-capture.  


Too, EV changes are not available when in MF mode.


Hope all of this makes sense to someone.


Thanks for your time,



  138 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by adsinger )


Working with SOOC Jpegs - Sizing for Print

Today, 03:44 PM

Posted by Fred Thomas in Fuji X Post Processing

I have always shot RAW + Fine and processed RAW in ACR then Photoshop.  Often I will refer back to the SOOC jpegs to see how the camera processed the RAW files with the in camera settings I have made. 


Without getting into a debate on resizing and resampling jpegs and all of the inherent problems associated with doing so I am simply trying to wrap my head around using SOOC Jpegs only.



SOOC X Pro 1 @ Fine

  • 4896 x 3276
  • 3.86 MB
  • 72 ppi
  • Adobe RGB


If I were to choose to shoot Jpeg only how do you recommend sizing to obtain the highest quality print up to 11 x 14 / A3 with no cropping? 


Note:  I did a number of searches looking for similar topics and was not able to locate any.  If you are aware of something I missed please post a link.





  182 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by Fred Thomas )


OVF difficult to use in bright conditions?

Today, 02:52 PM

Posted by Martin E in X-Pro1

I have recently purchased a refurbished X Pro 1 body from Fuji. It really is like new and the price here in the UK was excellent.


However I am very dissapointed with the OVF. On a bright sunny day outside the white frame lines etc are scarcely visible in fact it's hard to tell the camera is even switched on. In these conditions it is frankly useless. The OVF really only works well indoors or in lower light conditions against a darker background.


I am using 18-55 and 14mm Fuji lenses and the camera has the latest firmware (if that makes any difference).

I have read that increasing the brightness of the LCD also brightens the OVF, not an ideal fix but it doesn't seem to work anyway.


Is there anything at all I can do about this or is this just a feature of the X Pro 1 I have to live with?

My X100 works much better in these conditions.

  251 Views · 12 Replies ( Last reply by Ian Kydd Miller )


A selfie in the mirrors...

Today, 02:22 PM

Posted by Wakeboxer in Portraits, People, & Pets

With my new x100T.




  134 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Alice )


What is the definition of a selfie? When is it a selfie or self portrait?

Today, 02:15 PM

Posted by infinapix in Portraits, People, & Pets

I rarely ever get in front of the camera. Do they call these "selfies"? What is the definition of selfies vs a true self portrait? I don't think of an image like this as a selfie, I believe because it took some thought, some skill on the camera to get the exposure the way I wanted it and I'm not holding the camera and taking the shot at arms length. Whatever you might define it as, it is a self portrait of the photographer behind Adam C Photography.

Fuji X-T1
ISO 200
Fujinon XF35mm f/1.4 R
1/8th sec.
Processing via #vsco Kodak Gold 100 Warm +



  108 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by beakhammer )


Pork Steak

Today, 02:12 PM

Posted by saf0911 in Food & Drink




Just learning to take pictures. Any advice is appreciated.

  72 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by GeorgeSalt )


Hood for x100T?

Today, 01:59 PM

Posted by Wakeboxer in X100, X100S, X100T

Anyone using these hoods?







I'm currently using this one. I like that I can use the stock lens cap on it. One slight con is that it does leave a small shadow when using flash in certain situations, lower left corner. I was wondering whether these two 3D printed cutout hoods might reduce that nasty veiling flare when the sun of just out of the frame. I don't use filters.




The regular lens cap doesn't fit on those two 3D printed hoods, but I did see a 3D printed collar that can wrap around the empty filter ring, which would allow the stock lens cap to fit.

  189 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by hdahl100 )


Frog on a fence

Today, 01:49 PM

Posted by saf0911 in Wildlife-Nature




I just got an X-E1 and have never had a real camera before trying to learn the basics. Taking as many shots as I can this is the first one I like enough to share. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

  70 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by trainer )


Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight Review: Action Viewfinder

Today, 01:33 PM

Posted by robert in Lens and Accessory Reviews

I just received the Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight from B&H Photo for review.








The EE-1 Dot Sight is described on the B&H site as follows:


Get some extra help when aiming at faraway or fast-moving subjects with the Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight for OM-D E-M5 Mark II or Stylus 1 Camera. This is particularly useful when using long telephoto lenses for applications such as wildlife capture. The sight offers a center aiming dot with adjustable brightness and position to enable fast subject acquisition and tracking. You'll be able to tell whether your aim is right on target or slightly off without looking through the camera's viewfinder or using the monitor. The EE-1 Dot Sight fits right into the camera's hot shoe and has a slide lever opening mechanism. Built for durability, it is both dust and splashproof.




However, looking at the design when this was first announced a few months ago, it was obvious this device would work on any camera, not just the OM-D models.


So I contacted the forum rep at B&H and asked if he would send me one for review.


As an avid photographer of auto racing and air shows, the EE-1 has the potential to really make a difference with mirrorless cameras, and even DSLRs, for that matter.


When it's fully calibrated, it is very easy to aim and fire the camera on a distant subject even when using a telephoto with a fairly narrow angle of view.


And following fast moving subjects like an aircraft or a race car without having any mirror black out (or viewfinder blackout in the case of mirrorless cameras) can make a huge difference in tracking.


What's really interesting, is how well this would work with cameras that don't have viewfinders at all! Or, DSLRs using live view for movies...as the viewfinder is then disabled due to the mirror flipping up.


Using a long telephoto with a camera like a Fuji X-M1 is almost impossible with action subjects, because it's so hard to keep the subject in the frame using the LCD. The same thing applies to DSLRs when using live view movie mode...


One of the most frustrating things when shooting warbirds or race cars is timing your panning with the speed of the subject. It's very easy to cut off the front or the rear of the car (or aircraft) in the frame. Sometimes it can be difficult using long telephotos just locating the subject in the viewfinder...let alone getting it framed properly.


I took the EE-1 out of the box, popped in a CR2032 cell I had laying around (although a new battery does ship with the unit) and within a few minutes had it calibrated.


It's about the size of a small flash unit, and weighs 73 grams with the battery.


It's so simple the instructions are only a single paragraph long. There are horizontal and vertical adjustments on the rear of the unit, as well as a brightness adjustment on the side.


The thumbwheels can be seen here:





Calibration is just a matter of making horizontal and vertical adjustments, taking a shot, and comparing. It's easy to fine-tune in just a few shots.




Here is what the dot looks like...although when shooting, you don't notice the EE-1 itself, you just see the LED target and whatever your subject is.




I don't currently have a Fuji camera here (they are on loan doing some important work) so I took a picture of the EE-1 in the hot shoe of an SLR.


DSC_1058.jpg DSC_1059.jpg


I also took some shots of distant subjects using a 300mm lens on a DSLR, and after calibrating the EE-1, the subject was dead-center in the picture, even though when the shot was taken my eye was about a foot behind the camera, with both eyes open.


In the photos below, calibrating the unit for the 300mm (450mm-e) took about 8 shots, and then the sign on the pole was dead-center in the frame.


post1.jpg post2.jpg


Anticipating motion is easy, as it's easy to follow the subject as if you weren't even using a camera...eyes open. And you can see 'outside the frame' so to speak.


In addition, on bright sunny days, you can wear your sunglasses. Of course this applies to eyeglass wearers, too.


One thing that will probably be required is image stabilization, since the camera is held away from the face, which is less stable. This shouldn't really be a problem for Fuji shooters (or anyone, for that matter) as both the telephoto zooms have IS, as will the upcoming 100-400mm.


Something tells me this is going to be a hot item for anyone that likes to shoot action with telephotos, on any brand or type of camera.


I'm heading to an airshow in a couple of weeks and will put the EE-1 to a real test...



  334 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by liggy )

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