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Now that I have chosen the wide angle lens ... what's next?

Today, 07:12 PM

Posted by JaquesP in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

A short title and lots of questions.

I am presently using the XE-2 with the 18-55mm lens.


It is very sharp, great at portraits (certainly not as good as a 56mm/1.2 though) and general landscapes.

I have also chosen which wide angle lens I will get soon.


That leaves me with some sort of dilemma especially with the forthcoming (when?) 50-140 mm zoom lens.

There is one slight itch: I would also like to be able to have a versatile lens with good portraiture IQ .... too much to ask for already?

I was thinking maybe* that to fill the missing focal length(s) at the long end, I should consider to :



1. replace the 18-55mm with the 18-135mm

2. wait and get the new 50-140 when it becomes available and keep the good 18-55mm lens. Granted, nobody knows how this will perform yet!


Am I going to loose IQ if I ever switch the 18-55 for the 18-135? (for within the same equivalent range ... 18mm to 55mm )

I did check the review here: http://www.fujix-for...135-35-56-lens/

and I assume I would loose a bit in IQ indeed. Not by much from what I have observed in the review but maybe enough to make me wait for the other lens (the 50-140).

I also saw this: http://www.fujix-for...ality-at-135mm/

and that sort of deters me a bit.


Opinions welcomed!






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Berger Brothers: Black X100S Special: $1169!

Today, 05:00 PM

Authorized Fujifilm dealer and forum sponsor Berger Brothers has a special on the X100S, includes free shipping and an 8GB SD Card.


Also, forum members get priority status on pre-orders of the newly announced Fuji products! Also, free shipping and a small thank you gift.


Contact Brad Berger, Lisa M or Jessica at the Amityville store; Phone: (631)264-4160


Credit cards, paypal, check accepted.



  98 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by NokiaX )


Hi there

Today, 04:50 PM

Posted by vonvinus in Members - Introductions
I'm Rui and I'm from Portugal . Photography is my hobby since I was a kid .
I just buy a Fuji X-E1
Hope to learn with yours expertise

  45 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by miguelgoncalves )


Don't upgrade Apple mobile stuff to iOS8 yet.

Today, 02:36 PM

Posted by Jannie in Forum Cafe - Everything Off Topic

I upgraded my Mini iPad and immediately lost 5 emails trying to use their swipe but not full swipe feature, but it won't let me and it just zooms right to trash without stopping no matter how I try. They'll get it figured out but I'm not going to upgrade my iPhone just yet. 


I wanted to try out the new photo features, some day I'll be set up so I can wifi photos from my XPro1 or maybe a newer version of the camera to my iPad right away. 


Oh well, they'll work it out. 

  261 Views · 17 Replies ( Last reply by redshifted )


Memorial Crank Up with Fuji X10

Today, 02:05 PM

Posted by Skankin_Giant in Fuji X Photos
Today I attended a memorial crank up of an old friend who passed away the other day, we fired up his larger Ruston Hornsby diesel engine for the day of the funeral, this was his pride and joy and gave his family and friend a chance to see it running once more.
Us other engine mad people brought our small lumps as well in memory of John and the good times that were enjoyed at Nance Cottage/Nance Sawmill 
Here is a video taken on my Fuji X10, now I was thinking about upgrading to something else for better video function but I think the X10 is more then good enough for my needs! 
15081220569_57bdb461b2_c.jpgDSCF2723 by skankin_giant, on Flickr
15244945206_4ef7eabdbe_c.jpgDSCF2705 by skankin_giant, on Flickr
15081214199_c804c06fd1_c.jpgDSCF2707 by skankin_giant, on Flickr
15081249760_2e20d10cd5_c.jpgDSCF2710 by skankin_giant, on Flickr
15081396918_04406c4655_c.jpgDSCF2724 by skankin_giant, on Flickr
15244957336_3b7c6692c7_c.jpgDSCF2729 by skankin_giant, on Flickr

A link to the full album. 
Cheers, Steve

  60 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Rodney9 )


Auto ISO/Shutter speed control setting - What's Yours Set To?

Today, 01:35 PM

Posted by erniethemilk in X-Pro1 Discussion
I seem to be missing quite a few images due in part to camera shake, so have upped my auto ISO to 6400 from 3200 and my minimum shutter speed from 1/60 to 1/125.

The result appears to be slightly quicker shutter speeds at not necessarily much increased ISO, strangely enough.

I was wondering how others set their auto ISO/shutter speed up for good results

  199 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by Arbib )


DoF calculation

Today, 01:20 PM

Posted by BreylPhoto in X-T1 Discussion
Hi there,

Is there a reliable formula - or even better, an app - to calculate depth of field for X-T1 with various lenses?
Particularly for portrait work with the 56 / 1.2.



  207 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by BillC-PA )


iOS 8 and the latest Camera Remote app -- Faster Connection

Today, 01:05 PM

Posted by jwr in X-T1 Discussion

I haven't said anything in the past because I was running a beta version but something in beta iOS 8 caused the Fuji apps to crash instantly on startup. Every time. I was a little worried but relaxed a bit when I saw that Fuji had released new updates to their iOS apps this week with iOS 8 being listed as a reason.


I installed the new version of the Camera Remote app yesterday and tested it this morning with the release version of iOS 8. Not only does the app work correctly but it connects much faster to my X-T1 than it did before.


In the past I started WIFI on the camera, set my phone to that network, started the app on my phone, pressed Connect on the phone, and then went back to the camera to press "OK", which finalized the connection.  Now as soon as I press Connect from within the app it connects very quickly to the camera with nothing else needed on my part. No more pressing "OK" on the camera. I think it's a nice improvement and wonder if anyone else notices the difference. 

  161 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by JBPhoto )


Hints at Remote and 3rd Party TTL firmware for X-E2

Today, 12:58 PM

Posted by Arbib in Fujifilm X News & Rumors

Fuji Rumors:


Looks like Fuji is looking into hadding Remote Control to the X-E2 with the Dec Firmware update..

And adding 3rd Party TTL flash also....

(I guess, like bats with a OEM sensor that the OEM Charger must read, so a 3rd party bat can't be charged on an OEM charger)


Good news, if the Fuji Team approves it!!


KAIZEN: Camera Remote control (and 3rd party flash support) coming for Fujifilm X-E2? + New feature coming soon

  140 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by nwcs )


Funky Stripes

Today, 12:32 PM

Posted by pvs in Fuji X Photos

Fujifilm X-T1

Fujinon XF18-135 lens

ISO 800


1/200 sec



Attached File  _VCS4349.jpg   433.79KB   3 downloads

  135 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Rodney9 )


Helios 58mm f/2 on X-Pro1

Today, 12:11 PM

Posted by ChrisPattison in Adapted Lens Discussion

Well, after hearing quite a lot of praise for this lens I bough one off Ebay for £20.

When it arrived I was disappointed to see it came with no caps and a very visible mark on the rear element.


Anyway, I thought I'd try it before sending it back to the seller.


Well, after seeing the images, I have decided it is a keeper.


The first image is at f/2.8 and the second at f/2



  148 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by joaogomesjr )


Oh Deer!

Today, 11:07 AM

Posted by pvs in Fuji X Photos

I went hiking at a local wilderness area at lunch. I realized I hadn't see a deer there for quite some time. As I was returning to the car, and being very quiet, I looked to my right and there she was!


Fujifilm X-T1

Fujinon XF18-135 lens

ISO 1200-2000


1/250 sec

135 mm


Attached File  _VCS4423.jpg   630.46KB   5 downloads


Attached File  _VCS4417.jpg   685.03KB   4 downloads


Attached File  _VCS4413.jpg   698.23KB   4 downloads





  204 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by juangrande )


Fuji X-A1 Video and Pictures (also Fotasy adapter + Canon FD)

Today, 10:33 AM

Posted by Circuit98 in Fuji X Photos

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a video I made using a Fuji X-A1 as a primary camera. I used the Fotasy adapter and used the following lenses: Canon FD 50mm f1.8, Canon FD 70-210mm f4.0 and of course the Fujinon XC 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 lens that came with the camera.

The link to the video http://youtu.be/x6NbYDRzgIQ
Some pictures taken with the same setup, hope you all enjoy it!
You can find more pictures at http://benvisart.blogspot.ca


 Canon FD 70-210mm 1/4000 ISO 200



Canon FD 70-210mm 1/200 and 1/320 respectively ISO 200 for both



Canon FD 70-210mm 1/320 ISO 200



Canon FD 70-210mm 1/1000 ISO 200



Canon FD 70-210mm 1/1000 ISO 200



Canon FD 50mm 1/2500 ISO 200

  70 Views · 0 Replies


Different I.D. for the new 50-140 and 16-55 zooms, superior optical performance?

Today, 10:00 AM

Posted by Earley Man in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

Has anyone else noticed that 'XF' on the two new large aperture zooms is coloured red? Could it be that in addition to being f2.8, they have been designed to give the best possible optical performance and that the red colour indicates this?

  192 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by Miyata610 )


Kibble Palace

Today, 07:26 AM

Posted by jamie allan in Fuji X Photos

I've a day off but the weather is overcast. I decided to go to the Glasgow botanical gardens. The main greenhouse was donated by a rich merchant who had previously had it in his garden. Looking from above it a bit like the shape of the starship Enterprise so there's plenty of unusual angles.











  71 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by yendikeno )


x pro 1 w/18-55

Today, 07:20 AM

Posted by pipes35 in Fuji X Photos

Attached File  sunflower.jpg   116.1KB   0 downloads

  102 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by tdyrkacz )

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