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Recently Added Posts

  • chaddPhoto
    Birds with the X-E2 and 55-200 lens.

    chadd - Today, 08:01 PM

    Sorry, on my screen the eyes of both birds are visible. For some reason the net in general tends to darken things at times. If you're finding...

  • H-D RiderPhoto
    Face detect AF and TTL flash

    H-D Rider - Today, 07:49 PM

    Who did you send the email to? I went to the Fuji website and worked my way through contact information and wound up here. The reply came back...

  • LostinjapanPhoto

    This is very helpful!  Thank you for posting this. One question, I have been trying using Iridient to process the files as flat Tiffs the...

  • FredericoPhoto
    fstop bag shipped to canada?

    Frederico - Today, 07:38 PM

    i'm like a child…i know... i also ordered usps…   i paid $22. shipping for another bag that was sent the same day, also from the states and it...

  • back alleyPhoto
    A fancy strap was given to me for my birthday.

    back alley - Today, 07:32 PM

    it's just some sort of polyester material…but it's strong and being round it glides around on your shoulder nicely.i wear mine bandolero style and...

  • jwrPhoto

    I use modded N1's along with the 560III, on my x100s with no issues. Full output at 1/500 1 stop loss at 1/1000 (full power) Any higher SS, and you...

  • jo53moPhoto

    jo53mo - Today, 07:28 PM

    I agree Mike, I got carried away with the vignette. Thank you all for comments and looking.

  • dshombertPhoto
    Birds with the X-E2 and 55-200 lens.

    dshombert - Today, 07:28 PM

    I like both shots.  I can't identify the bird in the first - depending on its colors and the color of the background, maybe the photo would ha...

  • Matty WestsidePhoto
    Pseudo Double Exposure

    Matty Westside - Today, 07:27 PM

    Is the XT-1's double exposure feature different than that of the X100s or XP1? because this (a proper) type of double exposure is not possible. It...

  • GamlejohnPhoto
    Your favorite travel lens.

    Gamlejohn - Today, 07:17 PM

    I just left NYC - actually I am writing this in the bus going to the airport. I brought all my lenses and usted all of them. But 90 % of all my pic...

  • AperturepriorityPhoto
    Pseudo Double Exposure

    Aperturepriority - Today, 07:16 PM

    Extremely effective - photography morphs into art. Very well done !

  • noisejammerPhoto
    X Series Nature

    noisejammer - Today, 07:16 PM

    I think that's a sakura - aka Japanese cherry. We're due to get a bloom of them in Toronto - perhaps within the next week or so.Provided it stops s...

  • redshiftedPhoto
    golden morning...

    redshifted - Today, 07:16 PM

     sandstone and lichens  Ed

  • jo53moPhoto

    There is a store in NYC called Tents & Trails, located on Park Place that has rolls of it. The only thing is finishing the ends. I don't think it g...

  • tdyrkaczPhoto

    That's funny. I just bought a lance strap as well, then i realized that I don't like using straps on my cameras. Something I already knew but forgot.

  • RezolutionPhoto
    Shoulder bag for Fuji X system

    Rezolution - Today, 07:11 PM

    Packed the Billingham 107 for a trip: X-T1 with 56 attachedSony RX100m210-243514EF20 flashOCF cordManfrotto 209 mini tripod with 259B column...

  • tdyrkaczPhoto
    Fuji X100S Highlight Clipping

    tdyrkacz - Today, 07:07 PM

    Using the DR function on the Fuji X-Trans cameras gives you an inferior raw capture, period. In all circumstances a better raw capture is possible...

  • SavasPhoto
    A&A Half Case [AUS]

    Savas - Today, 07:05 PM

    Why'd they stop making that model ?

  • LegacyXPhoto
    Pseudo Double Exposure

    LegacyX - Today, 07:03 PM

    Be careful.  This could end up a whole career! Very nice.

  • T-BonePhoto

    Update successful and settings not erase on my black x100sCheers

  • justbeckmanPhoto
    Pseudo Double Exposure

    justbeckman - Today, 07:02 PM

    This is great work!

  • jwrPhoto

    Short answer: it's usually the trigger that can be the bottleneck. There is a time delay or latency introduced by any radio trigger system. It is n...

  • Chang HePhoto

    Where did you get that lens hood? It's nice.

  • TropicalYankeePhoto
    Cable Release "necessary"?

    TropicalYankee - Today, 06:48 PM

     I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that bulb isn't implemented because: the camera needs a consistent electrical connection a...

  • phatningPhoto
    Can't see OVF in daylight, what's wrong?

    phatning - Today, 06:45 PM

    I just checked with an adapted lens - it has been a while so I have to correct my post above. While in EVF mode adjust the brightness to +3 using...

  • SavasPhoto

    It was nice to get a fancy strap for my birthday. Something that I wouldn’t have sprung for myself. It’s depicted here in an image that I posted in...

  • firsttimefujiPhoto
    Just getting started

    firsttimefuji - Today, 06:42 PM

    Updated my Lr edits:   

  • ArbibPhoto
    X Series Nature

    Arbib - Today, 06:34 PM

    There is Wildlife, and Landscape, and Macro... but none for Nature, that are not landscapes...and not really close enough for Macro So, I Star...

  • gundaPhoto
    Fuji X-T1 Light Leak

    gunda - Today, 06:34 PM

    I'm not in a country where you can just send the camera back and order another.  (If it's DoA or with a serious fault out of the box then you'...

  • jwrPhoto

    Here are a few shots of the Speed Pro MKII Bracket with a V850 flash: With the QBox adapter And without: From the front: And one with the...


A fancy strap was given to me for my birthday.

Today, 06:45 PM

Posted by Savas in Fuji X Accessories

It was nice to get a fancy strap for my birthday. Something that I wouldn’t have sprung for myself. It’s depicted here in an image that I posted in, “How my X100S looks Like.”





But wouldn’t you know? The next day, my wife and I go visit a north shore arboretum on Long Island and I come across this sign.







It wasn’t so much the sign, but for the cord that the sign was hung with.






On close inspection, it’s starting to look mighty similar to my fancy camera strap! A little too similar!!






This could be the rope that is used in the Lance strap, for all I know….


What a disconcerting laugh among my wife and I.   ;)

  77 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by back alley )


X Series Nature

Today, 06:34 PM

Posted by Arbib in Fuji X Photos

There is Wildlife, and Landscape, and Macro... but none for Nature, that are not landscapes...and not really close enough for Macro


So, I Started this on going topic for all to share their non landscape nature images.


Here is a local tree (I am terrible at remembering different kind of tress) that just bloomed about a week ago.


Taken with the Fuji X-E2, and XF35mm f/1.4 with a +3 closeup filter


Any X Series Camera is just hunky dory :thumbsu: :pic:



Tree in Bloom: 2014-4-23 par Peter Arbib, on ipernity




Tree in Bloom: 2014-4-23 par Peter Arbib, on ipernity




Tree in Bloom: 2014-4-23 par Peter Arbib, on ipernity



  31 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by noisejammer )


Pseudo Double Exposure

Today, 04:25 PM

Posted by dpt.calvin in Fuji X Photos

Still learning and experimenting. Far from perfect.


X-T1 + XF 60mm



  99 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Matty Westside )


Your favorite travel lens.

Today, 02:31 PM

Posted by kianxvlvm in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

Going to NYC next week and wanted to pick up a new lens for the trip. 


I currently use a X-Pro1 with a 35mm 1.4. I used this setup on my last trip but I want to try something different this time around. 


I'm currently looking at the following:

14mm F2.8

18mm F2

23mm F1.4

56mm F1.2


I know they are all completely different so please no bashing on the fact that theres a 42mm gap. 


The main reason I put the 18mm on the list is because of how small it is compared to the others. I really like the 56mm F1.2 but I think I want something closer than my 35mm for this trip. Obviously as you can tell I can't decide. 


Any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated :)

  289 Views · 23 Replies ( Last reply by Gamlejohn )


Hello from MA

Today, 01:59 PM

Posted by BrianS12 in Members - Introductions

Just wanted to say hello.  Long time (and still) a Nikon user.  Just picked up am X-E2 and a couple lenses.







  52 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Blazer )


X20 Build Quality

Today, 01:56 PM

Posted by Dolphin in X10 and X20 Discussion
Further to my initial great impressions of the build quality of my new X20 I was rather dismayed to find that it would not turn off.

I then found that the entire front lens barrel was loose and coming away from the camera body.

Further investigation showed that the lens barrel is cheap plastic and not machined metal.

With the barrel removed it can be seen that the whole front end of the camera is plastic.

Having looked online it would seem that there is a history of this problem going back to the X10.

My dealer has acknowledged that this is a known problem and has offered me a full refund or credit against another camera.

At the moment I feel reluctant to go for another X20 given that my first one had only been used very lightly - how would it stand up to serious use.

My son is an engineer with Airbus - when I showed him the lens problem his comment was 'Bad design Dad, the materials are not up to the loading put upon them'.

Any thoughts?

  117 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by hsprouse )


Fujifilm SP-1 mobile printer

Today, 01:19 PM

Just a heads up.  B&H has the fujifilm SP-1 printer in stock.  Just picked one up.  Check it out...

  111 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by dpt.calvin )


TCL-X100 Review

Today, 12:56 PM

Posted by markgoldstein in Fuji X Camera and Lens Reviews

Ahead of our full review, here are 37 sample images taken with the new TCL-X100 tele-conversion lens for the Fujifilm X100/S cameras, including the full aperture range.


  111 Views · 0 Replies


Strange behaviour with 60mm and C focus mode

Today, 12:49 PM

Posted by BTBPhoto in X-Pro1 Discussion

Had a very strange issue while out at a country fair. I put the camera in aperture priority and focus set to continuous focus mode - C.


The 60mm seemed to be constantly trying to focus, which I accepted to be OK as it was in C. But,


After about 3 secs through the view finder it told me to switch off the camera and turn back on again. This happened about 5-6 times.

I found by switching the camera back to normal focusing and then switching back to C worked occasionally, but wasn't a good solution as I was shooting moving horses. I also tried covering the end of the lens to stop it hunting.. It kept prompting me to switch off and on again and again..


In the end I decided to switch back to normal focusing, and to my surprise found the 60mm focussed pretty quick on the rapid horses.


Curious to see if anyone else had this type of issue.. ??


In the end I did manage to get a few decent shots, but was very strange behaviour

Attached File  HB3.jpg   123.02KB   2 downloadsAttached File  HB5.jpg   123.06KB   2 downloads







  72 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Blazer )


Snagged an xt1

Today, 10:58 AM

Posted by hoobashoot in X-T1 Discussion
Out of stock everywhere. I called bh and they said none in stock I then checked the website 1 hour later and it showed they had 1 so I bought it. Paid for 2 day shipping because I cannot wait to get it. Man did I get lucky! How fast is the focus on 18-55 compared to the X-E1?

  209 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by hoobashoot )


Does the X-T1 get warm during usage?

Today, 10:55 AM

Posted by acesgoplaces in X-T1 Discussion

Took my brand new X-T1 out for a shooting session today & found that the camera felt warm on the underside after a while of usage. Is that normal?

  193 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Scott Grant )


Cable Release "necessary"?

Today, 10:44 AM

Posted by JDanvers in X-T1 Discussion

Question: I've got an X-T1 and am considering purchasing the cable release for it so as to do some long'ish exposures with some dark'ish filters (water, rivers, waterfalls, etc ...)

Is the cable really necessary though when one can simply talk to the camera via iPhone? Ie; I meter a scene "on exposure", then fire up my little app on my iphone that tells me what exposure I should use for a given dark filter. I haven't played yet with the iPhone and bulb mode on the Fuji but I'm assuming that there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to just "bulb" it via the cell ... ?

Anyone done this or is there in fact a "need" for the physical cable release?


  267 Views · 16 Replies ( Last reply by TropicalYankee )


Today morning from my car: the gardener

Today, 09:20 AM

Posted by nabil in Fuji X Photos

My 55-200 is always in my car


Attached File  DSCF6005.jpg   243.78KB   7 downloads

  172 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Londoner )


Fotasy Canon FD Lens to Fujifilm XF Mount Camera Adapter

Today, 08:54 AM

Posted by MTSHANK in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

I just picked up this adapter and wanted to know who else is using FD glass with this particular adapter and if you have run across any issues.


Here are the lenses I have to chose from


---->Canon 35/2, 50/1.8, 35-105/3.5 macro 2 touch, 135/3.5, 200/2.8

---->Sigma 35-70/2.8-4


I also have a few extension tubes FD25 and 50 to play with.

My also have a Canon F-1 that hasn't had film in for a while


What are your experiences and what do I need to know without reading the 4000 blog posts out there?


Thanks, Todd

  117 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by GlassEye )


Lens thoughts for Fuji newbie

Today, 08:27 AM

Posted by hypostatic in X-T1 Discussion

Hi everyone, I've started buying in to the Fuji system, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on my lens plan. I haven't received my X-T1 yet, so this is all based on what I've heard/read. 


First two lenses: 


XF23 f/1.4 --> will use this for low light and shots that I'd like to have the best quality; also some astrophotography

XF27 f/2.8 --> this will be my 9-5, everyday lens; taking it off will be an intentional decision (bought this already)


When they release: 


XF fast wide prime --> this will be my go-to for astrophotography and landscapes; possibly low light (see below)

Zeiss Touit 2.8/50 --> as awesome as the XF56 looks, I really do need a 1:1 macro, and this does that and portraits

XF16-55 f/2.8WR --> my 9-5 during travels/hikes (still switching to fast prime at night); water-resistance helps




I'm waiting on the fast wide prime as every review suggests that the XF18 f/2 doesn't exactly cut it. I think this covers the focal ranges I'm interested in (super wide, 35-41mm, and macro) pretty well. The only hesitation I have is with the XF23. I need at least one lens good for low light, and I can't help but wonder whether $900 is too much for that given the fact that I'm definitely buying the fast wide prime. I like the 41mm equivalent look a lot, and wouldn't necessarily feel like I'm missing much with the 35mm. Having said that, the XF23 is arguably the second best lens in the line-up, and I would likely choose it over the XF27 for photography-oriented day-trips. Thoughts?

  241 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by nervouspete )



Today, 08:03 AM

Posted by Scott Grant in Fuji X Photos

Well, that is kind of a lie.  Home is to the right and down about 1600 feet.  :)

In this image is outskirts of the closest city to the town of 300 that i live in on Newfoundland's west coast.  We're very fortunate to live in such a scenic place where the mountains rise out of the sea to elevations of over 2500 feet.

Shot on the X-T1 with the 35mm f1.4.

  182 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Aby_Cat )

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