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First pics with x100s

Today, 09:40 PM

Posted by lonewolfcub in X100 and X100S Discussion

Well, I just got my X100S (black) and I'm really thrilled with it. Here are a couple pictures from my first few snaps. I'm sure there will be many more taken with this fine camera.






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Variable ND Filters for 58 an 62mm size lenses.

Today, 09:11 PM

Posted by Swldstn in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

I'm looking for a good quality variable ND filter(s) to use mainly on my 14mm and 23mm. 

Not looking to spend $300 but do want one better than average. If your using one with your Fuji lenses let me know. Want one with a minimum color cast/shift

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X-T1 at Samy's

Today, 08:53 PM

Posted by saltytri in Where to Buy — Deals — Heads Up

I called Samy's this afternoon and learned that they had just received some X-T1s.  The web site hadn't yet been updated to show availability.  Serial numbers were checked and found to be no lower than the 7000s.  Overnight FedEx to me was $30. This will replace the one I got today from BestBuy that was in the 3800s and had the light leak.  The moral of the story:  pick up the phone and call around!

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55-200 lens comments

Today, 07:50 PM

Posted by yendikeno in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

Have had the 55-200 lens for almost three weeks now and wanted to share some thoughts. First, image quality is excellent. This is a sharp lens and I'm usually very pleased with results from it. One thing with mine that is annoying is the very loose aperture ring. The first time out with it I set the camera to my preferred mode - aperture priority. I found that if I wasn't very careful with hand placement while zooming, I would accidentally change the aperture setting. The ring does have click stops, but moves way too easily throughout its entire range.


Anyone else with this lens notice that?

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XT1 and the 56mm

Today, 07:39 PM

Posted by Eddy.J in X-T1 Discussion

Taken downtown Toronto just of young Street... done with the 14mm   not 56..

Attached File  Entrance.jpg   616.08KB   0 downloads

  90 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by denissf )


x pro 1

Today, 07:33 PM

Posted by pipes35 in Fuji X Photos

Attached File  lamp shade 3.jpg   52.81KB   1 downloadsAttached File  lampshade 2.jpg   80KB   1 downloadsAttached File  canned .jpg   61.78KB   1 downloads

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X-T1 and X100S visit NY

Today, 03:45 PM

Posted by noeltykay in Fuji X Photos
This past weekend I was invited to New York to attend and photograph the baptism of a close friends twin daughters.  My friend lives in White Plains about 25 minutes from Manhattan, but they also keep an apartment on the Upper East Side on 63rd Street between first and York.
I arrived in New York on Thursday around 5:30 PM.  At 8:30PM I ventured out and walked to Rockefeller Center for a 10PM reservation at the "Top of the Rock".  If you have never been up to the top of Rockefeller Center it is well worth the $27.  I suggest going at night at around 10PM...less crowded and with a reservation you will be at the top five minutes from the time you arrive, at least that was my experience.  Anyway, here are some photos from my evening stroll which round trip was around 3 miles.
They do not allow tripods at Rockefeller Center...my Manfrotto Magic Arm came in handy!!!!  
The next morning I woke and was out the door by 9AM.  I had until 4PM to walk around and take pictures.  I made a minor mistake.  I brought my backpack with my X-T1, 14MM, 35MM and kit lens.  I carried the X100S and took most of my photos using the X100S.  The 23MM (35) is my favorite focal legnth and perfect for a 12 mile walk through New York.  This summer I won't make the same mistake...I will take only the X100S, or the X100S and the X-T1 with the 14MM to shoot wide.  The only time I took the X-T1 out was at Grand Central Station.  Here are some photos from my 12 mile Friday walk, from 63rd and first to 14th and 10th and back...well over 100 blocks....I was zonked that night!
On Saturday I attended and photographed the Baptism at the Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer - it is SPECTACULAR...this is a merge of 28 images....
Sunday we hung out and my buddy took me back out to the city from his home where I stayed one final night...I got out and shot by the 59th street bridge.  Glad I bought the Mefoto "Backpacker" before this trip.  It is the perfect inexpensive tripod to take with you on a photowalk!!!

  110 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by NickM )


A day out with the superb XF10-24mmF4.0

Today, 03:42 PM

Posted by mhuang in Fuji X Photos

It was the first weekend here in NYC that truly felt like spring so I decided to take my newly acquired 10-24 out for some much needed shooting.


High Line -- a mile-long elevated linear park built on an old railroad.  Never knew this place existed and I only have a little over 2 months left of living here in NYC.  :startle:





Saw this interesting looking building (you can see it in the background in the photo up top) up there. Really wish I had an ND filter to make the sky more dramatic. 



I've always been fascinated with church architecture and relish stumbling onto churches I've never been to before.  Stopped by St. John the Baptist Church in Manhattan to say a prayer and take some souvenir photos.






Waited out at Brooklyn Heights till after sunset to test out my newly acquired Sirui tripod.  I really like how light and portable this tripod is but after my first use the base plate wouldn't screw on anymore.  Also, the tripod's max height can't even clear the guard railings making it difficult to get a clear shot at the edge of the water.  It goes without saying that this is going back to Amazon and I'm awaiting delivery of a 3LT Dave instead.  :thumbsu:


We had 2 hours to kill before sunset so we treated ourselves to some ice cream.




Took a few sunset shots but didn't find the building silhouettes strong enough.  This last one was taken during the blue hour...




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Learnt this today... thought it might do this, and glad it does!

Today, 02:37 PM

Posted by walliswizard in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

I'm finding that when using my 56mm at 1.2 the DOF is narrow enough that I prefer to switch to manual focus, and press the "zoom" button to focus in on the part I want to get in focus (normally the eyes), and then use focus-peaking to get the sparkly bits dead on the eyes.  And then take the shot.

Thing is, the "zoom" always zoomed in on the area in the centre of the frame, and with portraits the face isn't in the centre, it's further up the frame (with the camera in portrait orientation).

And then I realised that if I switch to manual focus, the "AF" focus point "square" increases in size.  If I reposition that square just as I do when in autofocus,  the zoom area is now where that square is showing.

Not sure I'm explaining myself properly but the point is I can now get the eyes in the frame where I want them AND manual focus AND zoom in on the eyes where they should be in the picture.

Well, it delighted me anyway!  I probably should have known this before...

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Do you guys/gals make "master" files.

Today, 02:30 PM

Posted by Razeus in Fuji X Post Processing

So you work on a photo with all your tweaks, however little or great.  Do you guys make a "master" version of this photo file?


I say "master" as in the final product, they one which you would make prints, create portfolios, post online, etc.  Kind of like when a musician makes a master of his recordings to produce and album or whatnot - the final version of a product.


If you do, do you make it a full resolution JPEG or 16-bit TIFF?


I'm currently making both, but I'm wondering if I should do away with TIFF files.  I find I have never used them.  I've produced a few 24x36 prints using nothing but the jpeg and they look superb.

  145 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by lawsofphysics )


Using Expodisc with X-T1?

Today, 12:47 PM

Posted by f8lee in X-T1 Discussion

Is there a way to use the Expodisc to get custom white balance on the X-T1? 


On my DSLR when I set it to custom - it enabled me to take an "exposure" (after fitting the Expodisc on the lens) which did not record as an image but rather was used simply to assess color temperature. It doesn't seem to work that way with the X-T1, however...am I missing something?

  139 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Carlos Echenique )


Hello from Georgia!

Today, 12:43 PM

Posted by SangYuP in Members - Introductions

Hi, I'm a Nikon shooter who recently purchased a X100S and I'm loving it!  I'm currently looking all over the place (especially this forum) for more info and accessories for my new X100S!  It's addictive!!!

  90 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by Jody )


Spring is in the air

Today, 11:47 AM

Posted by Squirrel in Fuji X Photos

X-E2 + 10~200













  122 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by Activatedfx )


A part fell off of my X-T1!

Today, 11:44 AM

Posted by Richardsonic in X-T1 Discussion

I was sitting down at a table yesterday and hoisted the X-T1 over my head for a downwards shot.  When I pulled out the LCD screen, this little guy came falling out.  I think I see where it came from but I'm not 100% sure of which side of the LCD  arm plate it came from.  Or for that matter, what its function is. Does it go on the side where the ribbon is?  Or the other side where it appears there is a corresponding cut out on the back of the actual panel. Could someone please post a picture of their LCD arm with this little piece in its proper place so I can re-attach mine?  Thanks.



  450 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Richardsonic )

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