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  • Kirth GersenPhoto
    Grumpy, cold wife

    Kirth Gersen - Today, 02:56 PM

    Thanks both.  I think she likes it.  I posted it on facebook, and most of her side of the family complained about her not smiling. Philis...

  • Itchy-FishPhoto
    Has this happened to you?

    Itchy-Fish - Today, 02:53 PM

    A friend of mine just purchased a X100S and after 2 days, an error came up and it makes an interesting/scary noise when you shut it down. I've...

  • cugPhoto
    X100s as a portrait camera

    cug - Today, 02:52 PM

    I like all of them but #1 I really like best.

  • cugPhoto

    Hmmm. I don't find the XF35 very sharp wide open. But it is definitely sharper at f/2 than the X100T lens is. Although, that doesn't matter too muc...

  • Johnny_JohnsonPhoto
    23mm focus clutch issue?

    Johnny_Johnson - Today, 02:49 PM

    With the Focus clutch on AF manual focus simply isn't available. I suppose that you mean that "with the camera body switched to AF manual focus isn...

  • 13PrometPhoto

    Nice yard you have! ;)

  • JonMoPhoto

    Thanks Igor for posting the RAF to allow for examples.

  • moderntintypePhoto
    Fuji X Trans RAW Sharpening in Lightroom

    moderntintype - Today, 02:43 PM

    I will submit that when trying to get skin looking correct in the Adobe translators, Lightroom or ACR, when the detail slider is at 100; use the la...

  • JonMoPhoto

    As an assist to those using LR 5.7 to process RAFs of people and fabrics; 1. set color profile under "camera calibration" ( Match that used when ta...

  • GeorgeSaltPhoto
    A trio of corvids

    GeorgeSalt - Today, 02:38 PM

    Very nice! That is interesting to hear what food you are attracting them with.  We have tons of magpies in my neighborhood and I am glad they...

  • DevamanPhoto

    It is what they call  PU leather, in other words leather with a polyurethane coating.

  • sjsteelePhoto
    FS/FT Fujinon 18mm and 60mm

    sjsteele - Today, 02:35 PM

    I'm also looking to trade for a x-pro 1 + cash or straight over for x100s

  • juangrandePhoto

    I like the background for the 1st 4. I realize the choice is not always yours. The 55-200 is an excellent zoom!

  • ean10775Photo

    If you want to keep your kit to a minimum the TCL is the way to go.  However,  if what you liked about the 50mm on your FF DSLR was the s...

  • dotmanPhoto
    Great Bag

    dotman - Today, 02:30 PM

    You're right, the iPad does stick out. I don't typically carry it with me all the time, but I will be flying in a few weeks and it's nice to know t...

  • mcjtomPhoto
    AE-Lock and Exposure Compensation Dial

    mcjtom - Today, 02:30 PM

    Thanks, I noticed that locking focus, not exposure, (i.e. pressing AF-L in AF-C or AF-S modes) also dis-activates the exposure compensation di...

  • cugPhoto

    With the exception of the tripod (because I don't presently have a good way of strapping one to my current bag) I carry about the same amount of st...

  • kivisPhoto
    How can I use Wifi on my new X30

    kivis - Today, 02:27 PM

    whoa! This sounds very half ass to me. Was really hoping the X30 Wifi would evolve my digital work flow. Now I wonder.

  • kivisPhoto

    Hi Frap Snap This is the case I bought from Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/O-N-E-Leather-Lens-Jacket-Fujifilm/dp/B007YZ0ZN6/ref=sr_1_1?i...

  • beakhammerPhoto
    23mm focus clutch issue?

    beakhammer - Today, 02:19 PM

    As far as I know the other lenses are normal. I suspect contacts too and will try to take a closer look at that. This is my first focus clutch....

  • SnubblarenPhoto
    Second curtain x100t

    Snubblaren - Today, 02:13 PM

    But how does the shutter work it uses electronic first "curtain" . Normal leaf shutters are closed then open close but the Fuji is open close open.

  • JonMoPhoto
    A little sport with the XF50-140mm....

    JonMo - Today, 02:11 PM

    The triple linear motor in the 50-140 makes a world of difference. Focus rack is very fast on this lens. It may be coincidence but; the new na...

  • JonMoPhoto

    I will submit that when trying to get skin looking correct in the Adobe translators, Lightroom or ACR, when the detail slider is at 100; use the la...

  • juangrandePhoto

    bump for offers

  • ArjayPhoto
    23mm focus clutch issue?

    Arjay - Today, 02:05 PM

    This sounds a little bit like the electrical lens interface on your X-E2 might have a faulty contact. Do your other Fuji lenses behave normally on...

  • TomošiusPhoto
    Vivian Meier Developments

    Tomošius - Today, 02:05 PM

    All I see is greedy, selfish, aholes at work. The complete opposite of what Vivian was by all accounts. I hope they never see a dime.While I agree...

  • Reinholt56Photo
    Sony A6000 AF

    Reinholt56 - Today, 02:05 PM

    I bought one with the 'kit' lens just before Christmas. It's become my everyday camera when not shooting jobs (at the moment my XT1's are used here...

  • herp_photosPhoto
    Some birds from my yard with the X-T1 and 55-200

    herp_photos - Today, 02:04 PM

    I just upgraded to a used X-t1 last week and decided to try out the 55-200.  I have been extremely impressed with the 55-200 handheld.  I...

  • juangrandePhoto
    Hoya DMC Pro 1 NDx4 62mm (US) LNIB

    juangrande - Today, 02:02 PM


  • TomošiusPhoto
    Vivian Meier Developments

    Tomošius - Today, 02:01 PM

    Sorry all, the terms of service explicitly forbid me from cutting and pasting or re-posting the article here. According to the Tribune's websi...

  • ianpiperPhoto

    Not much in it, really. As I said in the review, if I hadn't already bought a Luigi strap I would have used this one.

  • lomomentumPhoto
    Lee Seven5 vs Formatt Hitech 85mm Filters

    lomomentum - Today, 01:55 PM

    So I ditched the FH system and went for the Seven5. This is Hadleigh Castle in Essex with a .6 GND. 15 secs f.8 Think I might enjoy these.


Has this happened to you?

Today, 02:53 PM

Posted by Itchy-Fish in X100, X100S and X100T Forum

A friend of mine just purchased a X100S and after 2 days, an error came up and it makes an interesting/scary noise when you shut it down.


I've attached a video where you can see the message (inFrench) and hear the noise.


The translation of the message is essentially... turn the camera off and turn it on again.


She will be taking it back for a full refund or an X100T.



Has this happened to any of you X100S owners?




  13 Views · 0 Replies


Some birds from my yard with the X-T1 and 55-200

Today, 02:04 PM

Posted by herp_photos in Wildlife-Nature

I just upgraded to a used X-t1 last week and decided to try out the 55-200.  I have been extremely impressed with the 55-200 handheld.  I haven't even put it on a tri-pod yet.

Anyway here are some shots of birds from my yard and neighborhood taken with this combination.


Dark Eyed Junco

16335243986_088a13ed9b_c.jpgDark Eyed Junco_01-24-2015_131956 by brianeagar, on Flickr


Downy woodpecker male

16173582598_265e968461_c.jpgdowny woodpecker male_01-24-2015_131533 by brianeagar, on Flickr



16335231286_ea13335ffc_c.jpgChickadee_01-24-2015_125730 by brianeagar, on Flickr


House finch

16360296132_b231c08e36_c.jpgHouse Finch_01-24-2015_130619 by brianeagar, on Flickr



16191053248_57b8c967d7_c.jpgrobin_01-25-2015_164440 by brianeagar, on Flickr


Northern Flicker

16352713386_c06a315112_c.jpgnorthern flicker_01-25-2015_162609 by brianeagar, on Flickr


Blue Jay

15738763204_7a737bb59d_c.jpgBlue Jay_01-24-2015_125942 by brianeagar, on Flickr


Of all the birds that visit my yard my favorite is the Stellar Jay.  Unfortunately I can't get one to sit still for a good picture in good light.  Here is my best attempt yet but I'm not at all happy with it.

16360307522_af4013d64b_c.jpgStellar Jay_01-24-2015_154837 by brianeagar, on Flickr


These Goldfinches are a treat but the only time they have been close enough for a picture is when they are at my finch feeder and I haven't yet tried to capture them by setting up my tri-pod aimed at that feeder since it is very unpredictable when they will come.  So I have to make do with a through the patio door shot.

16361212995_dc38ae90a4_c.jpgYellow finches_01-24-2015_162425 by brianeagar, on Flickr


This is what I believe to be a European sparrow (not native to North America and not really a sparrow but a finch). 

These guys show up in hoards by my feeder that sits next to a snowball bush and seem to deter all other finches from coming near.  

The native yellow finches and house finches only come when they aren't around.

16360289862_10d19f62bc_c.jpgEuropean Sparrow_01-24-2015_101155 by brianeagar, on Flickr


Let me know what you think.



  34 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by 13Promet )


23mm focus clutch issue?

Today, 01:31 PM

Posted by beakhammer in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum
My new used 23mm finally got here today and immediately presented me with a puzzle.

The focus clutch works as expected on my X-Pro1, but when I mount the same lens on my X-E2 the focus clutch does not work at all (it clicks back and forth but has no effect on focus mode); I have to switch between manual focus and AF with the lever on the camera body. This works fine.

The X-E2 camera body recognizes the lens as far as I can tell; the little MF/AF icons appear in the VF. The focus scales do not appear. The Lens firmware is v. 1.0 and X-E2 body v. 3.0. The contacts look fine. I tried hitting the "reset" button in the X-E2 menu.

Is there some setting that needs changing?

Why might the lens clutch work right on my X-Pro1 and not on the X-E2?

I am going out to use the lens for a bit. When I get back maybe you guys will be able to clue me in.

Probably should move this thread to "troubleshooting".

  97 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Johnny_Johnson )


XF18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR Manual Focus Problem

Today, 12:52 PM

Posted by teodor in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

Hello all,

I just got my new X-T1 with the XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR lens. I have a strange issue here - i switch the camera to Manual Focus mode, everything looks good - the distance scale appears on the screen, but when i rotate the manual focus ring, nothing happens, or almost nothing - the distance marker on the scale slightly "jumps" around its current position with about 0.2mm in each direction (but this is most probably caused by the fact i maybe slightly touch the zoom ring)... i can't hear the step motor or anything like this, no matter how long i rotate this ring.

Anyone heard of or having such issue with their lens?

  72 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by teodor )



Today, 12:33 PM

Posted by Rodurban in X-Pro1 Forum
When I use Lightroom 5.7. and try to settle the profile correction of the camera I only can see three models of Fujifilm but not my X1 Pro, how to do it?

  90 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by gduncanson )


Grumpy, cold wife

Today, 12:28 PM

Posted by Kirth Gersen in Portraits, People, & Pets

RAW - Classic Chrome simulation in LR5.  Pushed the highlights and the shadows all the way.  +20 Contrast, +9 Clarity.  Too much?  I personally like the image and the processing, but would genuinely appreciate any comments.


Attached File  DSCF1825 1mb.jpg   305.59KB   9 downloads

  72 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Kirth Gersen )



Today, 11:46 AM

Posted by SilvioR in Macro

Not a real winter here so far, daytime temperature always above 0°C(32°F).


Taken with XT-1 105 micro-nikkor f4 Ai and TC 14B (Ai converter), f11 1/15s 1600 ISO. Tripod self-timer (I will buy a remote trigger, as soon as I find the time):


Attached File  stinkbugwe.jpg   628.01KB   2 downloads





  25 Views · 0 Replies


ES issue?

Today, 11:43 AM

Posted by nwinspeare in X-T1 Forum
Hi, I've been trying the ES on the X-T1 and it is fantastic for street photography, I have noticed however that the resulting pictures are not as sharp as with MS.
I even tried at f/8 two identical shots of a building and I notice there is much less texture in the one made with ES.
Is anyone else noticing this?

  75 Views · 0 Replies


Steel Wool

Today, 11:30 AM

Posted by 3.14159265358979 in General


  92 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by yendikeno )


Evf & Lcd go black in manual mode

Today, 10:56 AM

Posted by jer1 in Troubleshooting

Hi everyone,

I hope it's operator error, but when I change to manual mode, my lcd and evf go black.

All the info shows at the bottom as it should, however the lcd and evf is black, no image.

When it is in all other modes it is normal. The lenses I use are xc 16-50, 50-230.

The F/W is up to date, Ver.2.40/ ver. 1.12.

I hope this is just an oversite . Maybe I should do a reset? If I do a reset, will I lose my



Thanks for your help.


  95 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by JonMo )


Color or B+W?

Today, 10:03 AM

Posted by Saibot in Fuji X Post Processing

Hey fellow Fuji'ers! I thought I'd enlist your opinion to see if you think I should process this image in color or B+W.

For the life of me, I just can't make up my mind!


In color:



In B+W:



Thanks guys.

  176 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by misternikko )


Great Bag

Today, 09:59 AM

Posted by dotman in Fuji X Accessories

Just received an ONA Bowery bag. The size is perfect and the quality is superior. Wasn't sure if if would fit, but an iPad air

fits in the outside pocket. Couldn't decide between the leather and the canvas, after handling both of them the canvas won

out because it is much lighter and thats one of the reasons I switched to Fuji. I got to old to lug around all that heavy equipment.

The guys at www.outdoorphotogear.com are great to work with.



  221 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by dotman )


Mini Review and How-To for the YN560-TX

Today, 09:56 AM

Posted by Saibot in Fuji X Flash Photography

Hey guys, I wrote a little post on setting up the YN560-TX since I had a tough time setting it up initially and the documentation is worthless.

I hope this saves you guys a little frustration! And by the way, the Canon version is they one you want to work with your Fuji, a X-E2 in my case.





  102 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by yendikeno )


Day 27. Not Quite Bresson

Today, 09:41 AM

Posted by secondintime in Street-City-Architecture
Day 27 from my "Daily Shot" project. Link below. Spotted the cyclist coming and snapped this one, I would like to think that subconciously I had Henri Cartier Bresson's photo in mind, and instinct kicked in to capture the shot. Its not quite a decisive moment but non the less its a picture I am pleased to share. Shot with the X100T in RAW, converted to B&W in camera, dropped the NR to make it a little grainy, cropped in photogene on the ipad.

1/60 @ f/5.6, ISO 200.

Day 27. Not Quite Bresson! by -Secondintime.-

  78 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Ken Bennett )


Have the x100t, want a 50mm, TCL-X100 or X-Pro 1 w/35 1.4?

Today, 08:30 AM

Posted by jypfoto in General X Camera Forum
So I picked up the X100T about a week ago to replace a E-M1 with lenses. Very liberating carrying a single camera instead of a camera and a bundle of lenses. Makes shooting easier for me instead of overthinking every shot. Before you suggest a X-T1, had one a while ago with the 18-55 but realize I'm more a fan of the rangefinder style camera as opposed to the DSLR style camera.

My favorite 2 focal lengths to shoot with are the 35 and the 50. I had the 50 f/1.8 slapped onto my D810 for the most part. So looking to get a 50 ish equivalent. I could either get the TCL-X100 or get a used X-Pro1 with the 35/1.4. Not looking at the X-E line at the moment.

Here are my pros and cons for each that I thought of
+ slightly cheaper
+ would take up less space
+ wouldn't have to carry two bodies
- would have to screw and unscrew each time and remember to set compensation in the menus
- because of this it would slow down shooting

+ having a second body would make shooting faster
+ having a 1.4 instead of. 2.0 would come in handy
- might be slower operationally than just using the X100T
- after using a better EVF and faster camera in the X100T, would the X-Pro1 disappoint?

I could probably pick up the X-Pro1 and 35 for around $800 or so. I've never had the X-Pro1 before but was always intrigued by it. Never considered it at $1,400 or so but now at $400-500 it might be worth a look.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

  164 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by cug )


Keeping the same focus between shots

Today, 06:54 AM

Posted by YonathanZ in X-E1 and X-E2 Forum



I noticed a strange behavior with my X-E1. When I half-press the shutter to focus, then take a shot, and then, after keeping the shutter half-pressed to retain the focus distance, fully depress the shutter button to take another shot - the camera re-focuses. On the Canon bodies that I previously had, the camera would keep the focus if you keep the shutter button half-depressed.

  175 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by 13Promet )


strange breakdown on my 27mm

Today, 04:39 AM

Posted by Squirrel in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

As you know, the 27mm have no aperture ring.


As I started my X-E2 yesterday with the 27mm mounted on it the "P" symbol appears on the left down corner of the screen.


I turned the rear wheel to go out of the program mode without results.

I tried to mount other lens and the "A" symbol reappears.


I tempted to clean the contacts at the rear face of the lens without success.


I mounted and unmouted the 27 mm several times, shake it (slowly), verify the lens was well locked, give a small pressure on the contacts of the camera body in case that one would be partially blocked,....always the same.


If I just unlock the lens a little bit the "A" symbol appears but no way to go out of the F0 aperture indication turning the rear wheel.


Camera works well with all other lens and the 27mm gives good results on that "P" mode.

It looks like a circuit is broken inside the lens.

Did you experienced that kind of breakdown and have some advice ???

  160 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Squirrel )


Nugget Point, Catlins (NZ)

Today, 04:34 AM

Posted by Harlem in Landscape

Early in the morning on my way into the Catlins (NZ)



  77 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by bacil )


NP-W126 PowerBank charger (DE site)

Today, 04:27 AM

Posted by Filenest in Fuji X Accessories

12000 mAh PowerBank should be able to charge a 1500mAh 8 times.

Practical for hikers, all day shooters etc.

http://www.amazon.de...-W126 Ladegerät

  114 Views · 0 Replies


After a year and a half with the X100, along comes an X-pro1

Today, 02:40 AM

Posted by Ruby in Members - Introductions

Hi all!


As a child of the '70s (has it been that long?!?) I grew up with Canonet rangefinders and my father's Leica M3 (and his Speed Graphic, but that's another story!).  Well, that and my Kodak Starflash Brownie...I learned how to make contact sheets with those negatives, when I was a preteen, that was fun.


As digital photography rolled on, my own life got busier and I just hung on with film.  My mom's Nikon FE, my Moskva-5 6x9 rangefinder, my Fujica...I'm sure some others here have been there!


A few years back I got into micro-4/3, but it never quite clicked for me.  I made some lovely pictures but using an EVF all the time never quite felt right, and I wanted some more control over depth of field and low light performance.


Enter the X100, about 18 months ago.  I got a good deal on one used, put the latest firmware on it and after a few weeks of arguing with it, fell in love.  It is small enough to drop in my purse and let me not feel stupid if I don't pull it out at the end of a day.  I loved the OVF and the fast lens and the picture quality and the manual controls.  It's a marvelous tool.


Eventually, though, I decided I needed more reach.  I like going on hiking trips with my family over the summers, and my micro-4/3 gear was getting long in the tooth.  Originally I'd been thinking of picking up a NEX-7 and using that with legacy glass, but then on a lark I looked up X-pro1 prices and went for it.  I'd always loved the idea of an interchangable lens X100 and hoped I would click with this bigger body, though I'd never picked one up in person before.


It's a different camera and that was frustrating at first, but I'm really starting to click with it!  I'm glad that a company had the courage to go against the grain in design, and I'm glad that firmware updates have improved these cameras as much as they have.


As an aside, pulling out an M8-sized rangefinderesque camera seems to be like a mating call to middle-aged guys.  I don't know about these cameras being stealthy, I get chatted up more about it than I ever did about my Fujica STX-1!

  150 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by fac123 )

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