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External Flash/Triggers Issue with X100T

Today, 05:08 PM

I'm having an issue with using external flash via triggers with my X100T.  I have the flash setting on external flash and using Elinchrom Skyports to trigger a flash.  And if I try to shoot more than say once every two seconds, the X100T will often not allow me to focus, or if it focuses, the camera won't take a pic when I push the shutter button.   The camera is in AF-S mode.  In Manual, I can shoot non-stop.


It's almost like the camera is waiting for the internal flash to recharge, even though I'm in External flash mode and the internal flash isn't firing.  I tested my X100S, X-T1 and X-E1 and all will let me shoot as fast as I can focus in AF-S.  And as fast as I can push the shutter button in Manual.  But the X100T won't always do it, though sometimes it does for a bit.


Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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Istanbul, fuji x30

Today, 05:03 PM

ImageUploadedByTapatalk1435878072.802368.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1435878105.551721.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1435878195.351607.jpg

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flash confusion

Today, 04:28 PM

I've moved this topic over as I believe it is more relevant here.


Hi! Everyone. There is confusion in the phrasing explaining how the software is altered to enable the flash to work.  As a non technical person, the solution to this problem would appear to be a simple one.


If the camera recognises when the flash unit is fitted to the shoe, the camera then alters the programme so that the flash unit can operate. When the flash unit is removed from the shoe, the software then reverts back to your original settings.


Am I being over simplistic or is this a "no-brainer" of an idea that the team could send to the R & D unit in Japan. It would certainly end all confusion on the matter and we would not have to worry about going into the depths of the camera to find the programme to change each time we used the flash.


This idea would I believe, fit in with the Fuji philosophy of creating a camera that is intuitive in the workflow with as little interruption to the creative intent.



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X 100 S and RAW import into Aperture.

Today, 03:45 PM

Hi all, kind of new here.

I'm using Aperture to manage and edit my pictures and I've recently start to shoot RAW with my X100S. I've noticed that when I import the RAW files in Aperture for 1 or 2 seconds, while the "loading" spinning wheel is present the picture on the screen are all nice with warm colors and nice contrast. As soon as the file finishes "loading" the picture becomes all dull and colors are watered down. Is that normal? How do I go back to the initial image? Am I missing something? Thanks!

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Freedom Tower

Today, 03:01 PM

taken from the Westside overpass.  Every time I emerge from the Battery Park underpass, this building is in my sight and I am haunted by the memory of the hallowed ground on which it stands.

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Liking the ability to better capture moving subjects with 4.0

Today, 02:56 PM

I would usually need to put the X-T1 in continuous mode with a CH high capture rate to catch things in motion. I was able to just use the new wide focus mode and button smash it in single capture mode to get some fun swing set shots with my son. Pretty happy how the new firmware matches with 23 and 56mm primes.






DSCF6725 1.jpg

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Birthday 35mm and a willing model, Niu

Today, 02:25 PM

Well my Fuji forum friends, I reached a milestone today... turned 50!  To mark this occasion, my lovely, loving wife bought me a lens that was more befitting my inner age... the Fujinon XF 35 f/1.4.  I was on the fence about owning this lens given its reputation for being noisy and somewhat slow even though it created some amazing images.  A wedding photographer I know here in Ottawa warned me about buying it.  I've never been one to listen (so I've been told) so I thought I would add it to the arsenal which includes the 14, 23, (now) 35, 56 and the 18-55 (selling).  I think my lineup is almost complete... I think with the addition of the 90, I will be happy.


Here's a photo that was made possible by my wife, Lozeau Camera in Montreal (thanks for the speedy delivery), my model and finally the humble old man behind the camera.



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Color Shifts on Long Exposures

Today, 02:15 PM

Posted by DaHolder in X-T1 and X-T10

Last weekend I took some long exposures of sunsets in Siesta Key, FL. I was taking a shot about every minute. Each night I noticed that at a certain point the sky color changed dramatically from predominately orange to predominately violet. This effect was not visible to the naked eye. My best guess is that, at the moment the light on the clouds went from direct sunlight to reflected sunlight, the angle of refraction of the light rays changed and shifted on the color spectrum. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this and if my explanation makes sense. 


I've attached two images taken one minute apart. Other than resizing the images are jpgs directly from the camera.


Shooting data:

Camera - X-T1

Lens - 14mm

ISO - 200

Aperture - F22

Exposure - 20 sec.

White Balance - Auto

Filters - 2 stop ND + Graduated ND




  75 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by stephenskok )


OIS and high shutter speed

Today, 12:44 PM

googling around, same say OIS is useless with high shutter speed,

some say it can even lead to blurrier images,

some say there is no much difference with or without OIS


Of course it also depends on how fast is a "fast shutter speed"

Of course with low speed it has to be usefull ( fuji says 3 to 4 stops)

Probably it also depends on the lens and the firmware version.


Has anybody ever done tests on Image quality with or without OIS, using fast shutter speed ?


Is it better to disable it, or you get basically the same results when shooting handheld ?


  115 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by eurotrash )


Shutter sound/volume not working in FW4?

Today, 12:36 PM

Posted by petern in X-T1 and X-T10

has anyone noticed that setting shutter sound and volume can be done but it has no effect? I tried with sound&flash-off 'on' and 'off'

Please excuse me if this has been reported already. Perhaps the mods can delete this post, if that's the case.

  108 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Photogeo180 )


X-Pro1 v3.40 firmware upgrade and missing Custom Display settings.

Today, 11:46 AM

Posted by Jondoe in Troubleshooting

Hi folks, just picked up an X-Pro1 and pretty excited about entering the digital 'rf' world after many years using a Nikon S2 - though not ready to put down the medium/large format film cameras yet. So I dutifully updated the body firmware as recommended by FujiFilm to v3.40. Near as I can tell, the update was successful (camera told me so. . ). However, it appears that no matter what I do, I can't get custom display items to display in either the OVF or the EVF. I can set all the items on the 'Disp. Custom Settings' menu or none of them, but the result is the same - only the 'standard items' are displayed regardless of whether the 'Disp/Back' button is set to 'Standard' or 'Custom'. The Custom items ARE displayed on the LCD though. Am I missing a setting/configuration step or is this an issue with the firmware?

  127 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Jondoe )


Wide Angle Shift

Today, 09:10 AM

Posted by endus in Adapted Lens Forum

I'm finally selling my 5dmkII and Canon lenses, which is a big step.  The two lenses I'm going to miss are the 135 f/2, which contains moderate amounts of magic, and my 24 TSE.


I've been searching around for shift options for Fuji X, and have seen a lot of references on this forum to adapted setups which are almost there, but not exactly what I'm looking for, so I figured I would ask if anyone has done exactly what I'm thinking about before moving forward.


Purpose - Perspective corrected Interior Architecture and landscape panos.

Focal Length - 24mm equiv or wider.  Prefer wider.

Requirements - Sharpness, good amount of shift.  I hate CA but Lightroom has made it easy enough to correct now so I can probably live with some.  Must be able to adjust aperture.  Tilt is fun, but not required.

Price - $2k at the absolute extreme, prefer $1k-1200 all in.


I've seen that a number of users on this forum are using Voigtlander 12 and 15mm lenses on X mount cameras.  This seems like most promising option so far, but has anyone tried them using a Kipon shift adapter?  If so, how do they work?  Is the image circle big enough that you can a decent amount of shift without losing a lot of sharpness?


I've seen the Nikon 15mm 3.5 but its a little too big and clunky, and doesn't seem to have a reputation of being that sharp on modern digital bodies.  I looked for other potential Nikon f mount glass but did not find a lot that seemed realistic.


Really the voigtlander glass seems like the only realistic option I can find...I'm just wondering if people have used it with a PC adapter and how it held up.

  186 Views · 13 Replies ( Last reply by GregWard )


The only way is up

Today, 08:56 AM

X-T1 + XF18mm, hope you like it.



  84 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by cena3830 )


XE-2 or X-T10 for young "active" kids:

Today, 08:13 AM

Posted by GSW690 in X-T1 and X-T10

HI Mates


I have X-E1 that have been using for several years. I love the images i make with X-E1 and 35mm prime. I also have 18-55m that i bring for larger group shots and have 60mm that I use for macro.


90% of time, the 35mm is on as I am typically taking pictures of 2-3 people (my family basically), as I love bokeh and natural cropping POV from 50mm lens


That being said my youngest is 2.5 YO, and we all know getting 3 kids (all less than 10) all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time goes up non-linearly with every child you add to the picture :).


Basically, it is very challenging, so AF speed and intelligence seems to be biggest issue.


I believe the AF features that are most important are:


AF Phase detection (I believe the X-E1 is still contrast mode?)...are these two equivalent with existing FW?

AF Face detection...(Both have OR will have? with latest FW update?)...this seems like good feature when there is something in front of face and the selective focus goes to face, not closer object.

AF Eye Detection...(only X-T10 has?)... this seems key in getting best portrait shots for subjects that move around

AF shuter lag..same/negligible?

AF to account for moving objects that don't stay still (is this zone focusing)?? Both or just X-t10?


I am trying to understand this feature set, which I believe all is included in the X-T10...Is there any reason why to buy XE-2 vs. X-T10 for the $100 difference for the needs I express? If I buy used XE-2 there would be a larger difference.


Any nice ergonomic feature that XE-2 has or camera spec that maybe perceived better than X-T10?


Does the VF info/display actually differ between the two? Naturally i know the VF placement is in different locations... I don't know if that actually matters to me. I used to use SLRs for years than I switched to X100/X-E1 but with Digital VF/removing parallex and don't if there any practical differences anymore with regards to VF placement.

  158 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by stevez32 )

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