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Recently Added Posts


From my hometown, more photos to come

Today, 05:16 AM

Hello all, I'm starting this tread to maybe get some comments on my photos and also show how beautiful my home place is. This is all taken with my X-T10 and mainly my 35mm 1.4, some of them is with my 60mm. Hope you will enjoy!

DSCF1634.jpg DSCF1643.jpg  

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Today, 04:25 AM

Posted by Bryan OHara in Macro


by Bryan OHara, on Flickr

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Photographing Fireworks

Today, 04:23 AM

I shot fireworks on the SP1 Mode using the ‘Scene – Night’ with tripod and many of them are OK. However, the photos I shot using the ‘Fireworks Scene Position’ and handheld were seem to be bit rubbish. Bit disappointed. Why the specified ‘Scene position’ is ineffective than the improvised method?

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Today, 04:23 AM

Posted by Bryan OHara in Macro


by Bryan OHara, on Flickr



by Bryan OHara, on Flickr



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Saratoga Race Track and American Pharoah

Today, 04:15 AM

Posted by trainer in General

Today is the Travers Race at Saratoga race track. The triple crown winner American Pharoah will be in the race. With big fanfare it was announced that he would make an appearance on the track for a light work out the day before the race. I decided I would go to the track to see this horse. He made one lap around the track then went back to the stables. His scheduled work out was from 8:45-9. There were large crowds to see this horse.


I took the X100S and the x-e2 with the 55-200. The x-e2 with the 55-200 was a huge disappointment. This combination would not focus on horses that were galloping, not close to race speed. It was very frustrating as shot after shot was out of focus. I am a fan of this lens and the camera but for action, as far as I'm concerned, forget about it. I ended up focusing on a spot and when the horse hit the spot I hit the shutter. This worked OK.


I enjoyed shooting the people with the X100S more than photographing the horses. The weather and the light were very nice.


American Pharoah



I had a small chat with this guy. He knew about the X100S but had never seen a "real" one. That's his editor on the phone.



Even people with huge hats do selfies.



Bob Baffert, American Pharoahs trainer, signing autographs before the crowd got out of hand and security had to get him out of there. I think he was there for about 1 minute.



I'm sure he got a much higher percentage of in focus shots of moving horses than I did.


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A wet and miserable August afternoon at Treemont

Today, 02:22 AM

Posted by Richard_R in Landscape

All photos X100S with WCL-X100 fitted.


Originally jpeg colour (Provia) Nik Silver Efex Pro simulation applied




Originally jpeg colour (Provia) Nik Analog Efex Pro simulation applied











  40 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by RyanSmith )


Arenas, arenas and arenas...

Today, 01:30 AM

They build arenas everywhere I think.

I am not at all interested in public sports events or going to large scale pop-concerts.


But even for an UFO like me, there is at least a possibility to make some pictures of those "Boyish-the-bigger-the-better-more-more-more-projects".



























  39 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by jknights )


Bird and Prey

Today, 01:28 AM

Out walking yesterday with the 50-230mm I came across this pair. As the butterfly moved from flower to flower the bird followed in the bushes above. The bird was eventually startled by a passing train and the butterfly survived this encounter. Unfortunately I couldn't remove the branch as he/she was sitting on it :)


This is about 90% of the original image f8 1/250 iso 400



This shot is heavily cropped - about 10% of the original image f7 1/500 iso400




These are jpegs with very little done to them other than a bit of brightness and contrast changes and sharpened for the web. Not bad for what is regarded as one of the lesser of the Fuji lenses

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Food photography with the X-100T... The good, the bad and the ugly.

Today, 01:15 AM

Posted by LuisJ in X100, X100S, X100T

Hi everybody...


Today is my second day with the camera and as a coincidence I had a photosoot of my own food, and since I have to mount all my lights and stuff, I decided to use the fuji as my secondary camera.




No pressure, if things didn’t work well, no problem, my good ol’ Oly was the main camera. So I placed my softbox and reflector, I was going to shoot with one light.


Food photography is a bit different... Your food dies by the minute. The steak gets cold and dry and of course it looks the part, your veggies and herbs start to get dry and ugly too. So, many details to take care and the clock tics merciless.


Both cameras on manual, and I made a quick test to use the flash transceiver on the fuji... It worked like magic at first try, no struggles... Nice! 


My “studio” is one corner of the dinning room wich is considered to be a “romantic” zone, due to the low light on daytime, and also I dim the lights for better control.


Here comes the beef carpaccio... An easy dish to photograph. It takes long to look bad, so I started with my Oly. No problem, handling it is a second nature for me. I used the 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens, wich is not my fav, but I was in lazy mode, so, my primes were not used today.



Classic chrome


I got a pic that fullfiled my espectations, and I switched to the X100-T... Wow! It was a very drastic change, the ergonomics, the controls, the focal lenght... Everything felt out of place for me, but the big BUT came when focusing on low light... Jeezz! I fiddled with the camera big time... It was not focusing properly and the screen wasn’t giving me enough feedback... I tried to get in manual focus but I couldn’t see anything.

The camera was hunting for focus and as soon as I was getting the “click” I was pressing the shutter... To my annoyance... The camera wasn’t giving me the image after the shot. I’m used to visualize my picture inmediately and now I had to press the “play” command on the left... What a bummer.


But truth to be told... This camera was not bought for the task, so, I was not going to be severe with it. Somehow I was seeing very acceptable images on the screen and I was going to be more objective once I could download them to my computer and see them full size.


OK, now, lets go to the dish of the day... A mesquite smoked new york steak with some salad and mashed potatoes (I’m in steak mood this week).



Classic chrome


I got the Oly and proceeded... Afterwards I grabbed the Fuji but honestly I started to get pissed by the combination of not being able to see my focus/composition and the image without pushing the button. :(


I got the camera on wi-fi, took my iPad and switched to remote control.


I’m not familiar with it but the short view of my picture on the screen, even for a split second eased me big time. Still struggling with the focusing and being frustrated for that, but no problem... I’m still a newbie with this camera (I was saying that to myself to ease my bad mood).



Classic chrome


I took some more pics and to my horror and surprise I realized that on the fuji I left the WB on auto and... Classic chrome... I was not supposed to play with that on food photography. Aaaanyway... I just smiled, cursed my lack of attention and went to “Provia” for a natural look


I got back to my Oly, brushed the slightly dried steak with some oil to make it look fresh and placed the Fuji on set to get a picture of the girl on her first “real” session.


I called it a day and went back to my kitchen to start the service.


A couple of hours latter, I downloaded the images and to my (big) surprise... Many images were just awesome. The CC simulations and the food really work well together. I was happy and grinning like an idiot in front of the screen.



Classic chrome


Actually, studing several food photographers, I was seeing some sort of vintage look on their images that I was not getting. Those “dulled” colors that innmediately transport you to a nice table at home instead of screaming “professional studio lighting”. I don’t know, it was ...Nice.


For sure I’ll have to work hard to tame this little beast. I tried to solve some issues by reading the manual, but I can’t find the answer. Here are some of my issues, so, if anybody can help me with 2 cents, I’ll appreciate it:


-I couldn’t use the ERF. I switched several times between EVF and OVF but I never got that mithical little window that was supposed to help me with focusing. I tried it with AF, MF, I made sure that I was not on macro mode, but everything was futile.


-Focusing in low light. I just don’t get it why I couldn’t find ALL the fucusing helping functions (F. Peaking or split image) helpful... They were not there when I needed the most. Any input on that?


-And also... Is there any function that gives you a view of your shot for a 1/10th of a second (or something like that) right after you take the picture. Sounds silly but for me it has been very helpful on my oly.


Ok, so far so good, despite the struggles, the image quality has been amazing, wich makes me very happy and forces me to commit more with this great camera.


I’ll shoot with her on a daily basis until I can feel it like an extension of my hand.





Best regards!


​PS… Besides some small cropping and slight "luminance" tweaks in lightroom… The pictures are pretty much OOTC. :)

  139 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by DHA )


Just joined the X-T1 club

Today, 12:30 AM

Hello everyone, after decades of point and shoot stuff, I've decided to get something decent, joined my local photography group and join this forum.

What could possibly go wrong?


So I bought a second hand X-T1, 35mm, and 18-135. After a small struggle I've managed to get it talking nicely via WiFi with my iMac, so it's all systems go.

  91 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by gduncanson )


DIY - Fuji X-M1 X-A1 X-A2 Finger Strap

Today, 12:19 AM

One more Finger Strap DIY for Fuji cameras.


X-M1 (A1,A2) have different strap connection, so this time I used two leather loops.

Materials needed: extra durable leather strips, metal wire (I used 316L stainless steel).


First cut leather piece for small loop. Insert it into camera strap connection, then join leather loop ends using steel brackets.

Width of small loop should exactly fit Finger Strap later.


Then just cut longer strap that is little bit wider, and loop should be just little bigger than finger diameter.

Insert it into small loop, and also connect ends with steel brackets. Move loop so connection area will be covered by small loop.



- it saves camera from falling out of hand even when palm got relaxed

- supports the grip, and helps to keep pointing finger in natural position above shutter button

- strap is tiny and neither taking space, nor accidentally disturbs the lens view like neck strap or long wrist strap

- quite easy to make


Let me know if you have questions : )










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A boy on his bike

Yesterday, 09:56 PM

Taken in Nuremberg, Germany while on vacation.



  144 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by 229s )



Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Always lived in the area, have worked in DC proper for years, but only today made my way up to the top of the Washington Monument. Weather couldn't have been more perfect for it, was so clear out. X100T performed admirably shooting out the foggy, contrast-killing thick windows up top…
(on flickr)

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Daylily #2

Yesterday, 07:06 PM

Posted by dpc in General


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35mm 1.4 on XPro1 Jpegs

Yesterday, 04:15 PM

Walked home from lunch and decided to shoot Jpegs which I rarely do. Well, it was pretty neat. XPo1 with the 35mm 1.4.

  478 Views · 18 Replies ( Last reply by kofa )

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