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Recently Added Posts


Piccure+ anyone?

Today, 05:42 AM

Posted by ishootyouDOTcom in Fuji X Post Processing

I came across this new plugin Piccure+ claiming to be able to turn water into wine, that is, unsharp into tac sharp images. I wouldn't give it a second thought if there hadn't been some very positive comments on the net so far, but I would like to hear the honest opinion of fellow Fujistas.


I did some testing today (they offer a free 14 day trial) and to me it is neither fish nor flesh. The applied sharpening does look better than what other tools offer, however to me an image that isn't tac sharp will never be any good, whatever I throw at it in post. 


Also please don't comment until you tried it yourself - I had a very harsh opinion until I gave it a try and it proved to be wrong. It is really better than one might expect, but is it good?


Can't wait to read what you guys think of it :)

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X100T - loose focus ring

Today, 04:32 AM

Posted by arkona in X100, X100S and X100T Discussion

I just got a X100T and noticed that the focus ring on the lens has some side clearance to the left and right (a bit less than 1 mm). Focusing works perfectly and everything else feels very sturdy but this play on the focus ring is quite irritating and makes me wonder if I should return it. Does anybody else have this with a X100 series camera?

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not color, not monochrome, must be stereochrome....

Today, 04:26 AM

Posted by demoz in Fuji X Photos

recovered a few underexposed boxing shots...


Attached File  DSCF5935rwc1.jpg   726.53KB   0 downloads


Attached File  DSCF5928rwc.jpg   738.1KB   0 downloads


What do you think about the processing style?

  43 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by demoz )


(UK) X100T free tele conversion lens offer

Today, 03:54 AM

Don't know if this is on anywhere else but just spotted this this morning. Free tele conversion lens when you buy an X100T with a wide conversion lens. 




I can't find any details as to how the offer works, whether it comes with the camera or you have to send for it as the more information link takes you to the camera information page at the moment. If you're buying now it's worth knowing about and if you discover how it works please post!

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Fujifilm Phils. - awesome service

Today, 03:18 AM

Posted by bongtris in General Photography Talk
Bought an black x100t a few days ago. Realized that the that the 4way controller specifically the right button is a bit stiff.

Contacted the store where i bought the camera. They told me i have to go to directly to fuji to have it repaired.

Went there this afternoon and also brought my x100 to repair a hotshoe problem.

Compalined about the stiff button. They told me it will take 3-5 days to repair or replace.(i think they will have to consult higher management for approval)

Lo and behold the guy who is assisting me handed me a brand new silver x100t for me to use while waiting for feedback on my unit. Never had this superb customer service with any gadget i bought.

Also i only paid 200 pesos(about $4.50) diagnostic fee for my x100. Which is deductible to costs for repairs on my x100.

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Kearny, San Francisco

Today, 02:25 AM

Posted by bjorke in Fuji X Photos

Any moment can be something.




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Nikon D lens using Fotodiox adapter on X-E1

Today, 02:00 AM

Posted by bestefar in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

I'm seeing different results on line with instructions on how to use the D (with aperture ring) lenses with adapters. I have a Fotodiox adapter that is good for both G and D lenses. I'm currently using it with the Nikon 85mm 1.8 g lens and it's simple. Just attach the two things together. The only limitation is the Fotodiox's four-click aperture adjustments. I do have several D lenses that have the aperture ring. In some posts I have found on line, I see directions that you should stop DOWN the Fotodiox, other places, you keep it WIDE OPEN. Stopping down to the smallest aperture seems counterintuitive, as the lens does the f-stop control. Can someone please weigh in as to what is the correct option? I'm confused, and Fotodiox's support is non-existent.

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Hi all from Bulgaria via uk

Today, 01:04 AM

Posted by mestala in Members - Introductions

Just wanted to say hi to all forum members as I'm new to the forum.

I'm a brit now living in Bulgaria,been here 6 years,originally from Yorkshire.


I hope to get info in general for the Fuji x system as I've just taken the plunge,all be it at the basement level,''x-a1'',good offer with the free lens promo,all for a bargain.


Please bare with me.


M :thumbsu:


  56 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Happy Haggis )


A week in San Francisco with the Fuji X100s

Today, 12:10 AM

Posted by IMPhotography in Fuji X Photos

Hey all!


I've been lurking on this forum for quite some time, but recently joined.  I blog often about my Fuji photography (X100S and X-T1).  Here is a blog post about a week I spent shooting in San Francisco recently:




Best wishes!




  71 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Richard_R )


New guy in North Vancouver!

Today, 12:06 AM

Posted by Freerange in Members - Introductions

Hey everybody!


Just thought I'd swing through and say hello.  Decided to finally get a camera after wanting one for more years than I can remember.  I've just never had the money, or the time to make it happen.  Well, the time finally came.


Been researching cameras for almost 2 months now (man there's a lot to learn haha) after a friend suggested I check out the Fuji X-T1.  So I did, and came across the forum during my information hunt.  I can't tell you enough what a great source of information you have going on here.  


Like I said, after doing a whole bunch of research, I just put a pile 'o' cash down on the Fuji X-T1 with the 23mm lens,  Should have it payed off at the end of this month.  I also decided to get the MHG-XT large grip as I felt I wanted a bit more in my hand.  Hopefully it feels good, as no one had it in stock for me to check out.  All I need now are a few more lenses, several batteries, and a couple of flashes.  Haha ohhh geez...what's happening?! 


I'll be shooting mostly street photograpy and buildings.  I will also be taking photos of bmx and mountain bike riding as I do alot of that myself.  Considering I live where the mountains meet the city, I'm sure to get the odd nature shot here and there as well.


Anyhow, like I said, first ever camera, can't wait!  All I need to do is figure out how to use it haha.  Looking forward to posting some images, and getting some feedback.




J.L. aka Freerange 






  45 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Happy Haggis )


Making a Film Border with free borders on the Net in PS

Yesterday, 09:09 PM

Posted by Arbib in Fuji X Post Processing

A few days ago, I was reading here, where a member was looking to make a film border for their photos.

Well, I found 50 film borders to play around with in Photoshop.

I opened up a photo to frame, and a frame I wanted to apply to it. But, I had a problem, there were no transparent areas and I was stomped for a little bit


After thinking about it for a while, I knew I had to erase the area I wanted to be transparent. Then I also remembered, that I needed to use a "mask" on the frame image to make it work.


I also had to resize the frame to have it fit over my photo. (I just used the long side pixels of my photo as my long side for the frame)..

  1. Open a photo
  2. Open a frame
  3. resize the frame to the long side of the photo
  4. Rotate the frame 900 if needed
  5. Add a mask to the frame
  6. Select the "Quick Selection" tool, and set between 10-25
  7. move the selection tool over the inside area to select it.
  8. fine tune if needed,. by selecting the "+" icon for the tool, and add the areas you want.
  9. You can subtract also with the "-" icon for the tool
  10. Now use the "eraser" tool to erase the selected area
  11. From the Menu Bar, "Select"/All
  12. From the Menu Bar "Edit"/Copy Merged
  13. now click on you open photo
  14. From the Menu Bar "Edit"/Special Paste/Paste in place
  15. DONE!
  16. See Video below
  17. Park the cursor so the title disappears from hiding the  menu bar in the video.  It is a bit choppy... it is my first Video Screen Capture... after 3 tries, this was the best.


  87 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by KeithT )


Making the switch to xt-1?

Yesterday, 08:29 PM

Posted by Juliene in X-T1 Discussion

Hi everyone!


I'm contemplating upgrading my gear (currently owner of a canon 7d and a fuji x100). Initially I was considering upgrading to a fullframe body (something like 6d) however, I'm very disappointed with the specs so lately I've been researching alternatives and turned to xt-1. I have the x100 which I love. It gives beautiful files and is real easy to use and from what I understand the xt-1 is a major upgrade from x100. However, I do have some doubts switching to a new system for my main camera and one question that I hope you can answer: Off camera flash. Currently I have an 430ex ii for my Canon which I can use as a slave with the on camera flash. Is there any similar alternatives for fuji? Are there radiotriggers I can by which allows me to continue using my 430ex ii?



  205 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by Michele070 )


Sticky aperture blade problem

Yesterday, 07:09 PM

Posted by Tectomoc in Troubleshooting

 think I put myself into a tough spot.

This Friday I met with a seller from Craigslist to purchase a used x100. The camera looked to be in great condition, it was focusing quickly and I took some quick exposures in P mode and they seemed pretty good. One or two were slightly overexposed but I chalked it up to user error. We were in a coffee shop so of course the photos that turned out were shot at or around f2. Everything looked to be in good shape so I handed over the cash and went on my way.

Everything was not in good shape. The seller seemed respectable but i should have definitely done more research and paid more attention. He gave me the wrong USB cable. The warranty and purchase receipt were not included with the other paperwork and boxes. And most distressingly now that I've had time today to properly test my new camera I'm certain it is suffering from the sticky aperature blade issue. I can inspect the blade visually and see they are not closing and anything above f2 becomes increasingly overexposed. 

I sent an email to Fuji asking what my options are. I've done some googling on the problem and it is my understanding that Fuji charges 140 for the repairs but only if you have the original purchase receipt. Even this is difficult for me to swallow. I waited several years for the price of this camera to come down to a level I am able to afford. I've seen people posting that repairs for this can be over 600 dollars if paying the full price. That's definitely more than I can afford. I'm hoping some forum members here will be more knowledgeable about the problem and I would appreciate any information ya'll have on what my options may be going forward.

If it helps the serial number on my camera is 14A00080.

Thank you very much!

  177 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Exsyv )


Hike in Arizona

Yesterday, 05:52 PM

Posted by Ed D. in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

Trail entrance is about 3 miles from my house, Tonto National Forest

  132 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by BazzaG )


Hi from Florida Panhandle

Yesterday, 05:03 PM

Posted by aslondon in Members - Introductions

Just thought I'd take a few minutes to introduce myself.  I'm obviously new to this site and to Fuji!  I had been a Nex7 user for a short while and when photographing some vintage car races, the Nex's shortcomings became evident.  I then moved to a Canon 70D and quickly to a X100S and an x-e2 with 18-55 (that is still on the way to me). The X100S reminded of my Leica my m2, m3, m4, m5's days from the 70's and the X100S felt that good.


I now have a learning curve again and haven't enjoyed a camera this much in years.



Al London

Monticello, Fl



  81 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Happy Haggis )


Wide angle for Timelapses/Star photos

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

Posted by Makaveli6103 in X-T1 Discussion

Switched over from Canon 5D3 and need a wide angle that I can use for timelapses and star photos. I was looking at the Rokinon 12mm f/2 but am not sure how sharp this lens is. Also what is everyone else using?

  191 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Phil_D18406 )

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