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Recently Added Posts

  • ParisPhoto
    Small Camera Bag

    Paris - Today, 06:31 AM

    I bought myself recently a custom made photobag by http://porteengear.com/I can highly recommend these bags . They are very well made and are perfe...

  • MitchellPhoto
    What Mics are you using? (with the X-T1)

    Mitchell - Today, 06:19 AM

    This is hard with the background music mixed in. In general (perfect world) you want to be no more than 3 feet away from your talent with a boom. I...

  • SquirrelPhoto

    I take all of them event if not the queen !!!  Very good quality (the photos I mean)

  • MattyHPhoto
    GGS, Vello, or Other Optical Protector?

    MattyH - Today, 06:14 AM

    Well just for your info I have now just binned my second LARMOUR screen protector for my X-E2, They came in lovely packaging but that's the only...

  • gduncansonPhoto
    contact patch

    gduncanson - Today, 06:13 AM

    Thank You  .

  • laramyPhoto

    my eye has the high priced curved sensor that everybody wants nowadays . rays coming from the wide-angle dont have enough space to build up to...

  • montymoPhoto

    montymo - Today, 06:11 AM

    Very creative! Nice job!

  • gduncansonPhoto
    Conquering the frozen boston

    gduncanson - Today, 06:09 AM

    nicely done, I really like 4,5,6. Boston certainly got whacked this year with snow. Is the issue perhaps that you needed to switch PP apps?...

  • SquirrelPhoto
    X30 poor online user manual

    Squirrel - Today, 06:06 AM

    Waiting for my new X30 I downloaded the online user manual in French.Very instructive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's take an example :title : Fil...

  • JHLPhoto
    How My X100S Looks Like...

    JHL - Today, 06:06 AM

    It's the one from Schnickerbocker @ Shapeways http://www.shapeways.com/shops/schnickerbocker

  • dergitPhoto
    50 With the 16-55 F2.8

    dergit - Today, 06:03 AM

    Although personally, this lens never tempted me due to size, those images are proof of what decent zooms can do.  Very nice colours too.....

  • gduncansonPhoto

    I had to :); last night I liked JBPhoto's collection of photographs and this morning it has the same number of likes/comments. this post (title and...

  • steve cPhoto
    X100 and XPro

    steve c - Today, 05:45 AM

    X100, to hell with it, this site seems to arbitrarily decide that some files are too large, despite being from the same session,same camera. Whatev...

  • redshiftedPhoto
    even i'm getting sick of winter...

    redshifted - Today, 05:43 AM

             ... and yet  ;) XPro1 and XF55-200mm from yesterday and last week at a couple of local state...

  • gduncansonPhoto
    Hello everyone

    gduncanson - Today, 05:41 AM

    welcome Xose, I look forward to pictures of your part of Spain.

  • maryskyPhoto
    Gent - Ghent - Gand

    marysky - Today, 05:37 AM

    I really love that first one. If you print it,print it BIG!

  • pixelementsPhoto
    X Series Portraits - [original picture thread]

    pixelements - Today, 05:32 AM

    56mm at f/1.8 on the X-T1. 

  • Dave JPhoto
    x100t screen loose in some corners?

    Dave J - Today, 05:32 AM

    Hi Dream3, Mine looks very similar you yours. I've been using it since mid-November without any issues whatsoever. The X100T is a very we...

  • monkeylikemindPhoto

    monkeylikemind - Today, 05:31 AM

    very cool. these are printed as stickers?

  • laramyPhoto

    i dont really accept egg-shaped x-mas-balls  if iknow they were circles before .

  • dream3Photo
    x100t screen loose in some corners?

    dream3 - Today, 05:01 AM

    Thanks Dave. I've been convinced now the flex thing should probably not be a real issue.However, on my unit, I did noticed the bottom right corner...

  • thomasscottPhoto
    Diffusion Filters

    thomasscott - Today, 04:58 AM

    Appreciate any input you folks can provide me.I'm impressed with the portrait potential of my X100T, particularly with the TLC.Back in the old days...

  • marsmailPhoto
    The Switch is Final

    marsmail - Today, 04:57 AM

    At present, I am keeping my Nikon D300s for use only with the extreme wide and telephoto lenses (8-16  and 150-500 Sigma). When Fuji finally g...

  • marsmailPhoto

    The cheapest way is to use some post processing software that does it. I'd be very surprised if Fuji should decide to issue a special firmware vers...

  • XoseMPhoto
    Hello everyone

    XoseM - Today, 04:41 AM

    I'm new here and really satisfied with my new x-e2  so far :wub: I come here to learn and help people whenever I can.  

  • xaitianPhoto

    xaitian - Today, 04:40 AM

    It was a slow weekend....printed my photos and covered one of my carry-ons with it.   Shot with my XT1 + 23mm, Cactus trigger and 60 flash....

  • Rob M PoolePhoto
    DE and LE experimental shots

    Rob M Poole - Today, 04:37 AM

    Really like the hand and trees one.

  • jknightsPhoto

    Results look very good but they were good before.  One thing I would like to see is the application remembering the folder it used last s...

  • DaveRowleyPhoto
    DE and LE experimental shots

    DaveRowley - Today, 04:19 AM

    Particularly like the first one. Must try the technique myself.

  • jknightsPhoto

    Works for me.  The 4K video is a nice to have item, as is any video in camera for me.  I would seldom use it.Wifi in camera is good as it...

  • jknightsPhoto

    Here is the link to the LR Backup plugin. http://www.photographers-toolbox.com/products/mdawson/tpglrbackup/ I can recommend it.

  • SquirrelPhoto
    Your Ultimate Travel Kit

    Squirrel - Today, 03:58 AM

    I think I would go for the 10-24 and 18-55 ideally on two cameras so you can just shoot without lens changes.expensive but crafty


X30 poor online user manual

Today, 06:06 AM

Posted by Squirrel in X10, X20 and X30 Forum

Waiting for my new X30 I downloaded the online user manual in French.

Very instructive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


let's take an example :

title : Film simulation

comment : You can change the film simulation.


INCREDIBLE I was not hoping so much information :thumbsd:


Fuji you have been a serious brand untill now, don't break it down.

  12 Views · 0 Replies


even i'm getting sick of winter...

Today, 05:43 AM

Posted by redshifted in General

Attached File  WinterEmeraldIce.jpg   482.35KB   1 downloads




Attached File  WinterIceFormsFlowingCreek.jpg   661.77KB   1 downloads




Attached File  WinterFrozenWaterfallHemlocks.jpg   467.8KB   1 downloads


... and yet  ;)


X-Pro1 and XF55-200mm from yesterday and last week at a couple of local state parks and state nature preserves


Thanks for looking,


  11 Views · 0 Replies


Diffusion Filters

Today, 04:58 AM

Posted by thomasscott in General X Camera Forum

Appreciate any input you folks can provide me.

I'm impressed with the portrait potential of my X100T, particularly with the TLC.

Back in the old days, I used a diffusion filter with my film camera's portrait lens with great effect.

Would anyone recommend for against a diffusion filter on my TLC?

I'm looking at a Tiffen BDFX1 Black Diffusion Filter but I'm not sure I'm processing the filter information accurately: relatively mild effect, smoothing skin imperfections without leaving an over-processed or artificial look.

I'm new to the forum and to the camera.



  17 Views · 0 Replies


Hello everyone

Today, 04:41 AM

Posted by XoseM in Members - Introductions

I'm new here and really satisfied with my new x-e2  so far :wub:


I come here to learn and help people whenever I can.



  32 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by gduncanson )



Today, 04:40 AM

Posted by xaitian in Photos

It was a slow weekend....printed my photos and covered one of my carry-ons with it.   Shot with my XT1 + 23mm, Cactus trigger and 60 flash.


16495180419_ddaeff35d0_c.jpg_XT15967 by Photos By 夏天, on Flickr


16679973381_93b7378b0b_c.jpg_XT15972 by Photos By 夏天, on Flickr

  45 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by montymo )


Now Stocking the Cactus v6 Radio Flash Triggers and RF60 Speedlight!

Today, 03:31 AM

Posted by PhotoMadd in Sponsor/Advertiser Forum

PhotoMadd are now official stockists for the Cactus v6 transceiver and RF60 speedlight.


Anyone who uses the Fujifilm system will find these of great interest.  They allow the control of a whole variety of speedlights from Canon, Nikon and Pentax using their TTL system to control the power output from the transceiver on your camera.  You can adjust the power in four groups allowing you to have full control in a multi-flash environment all from the top of your camera!


If you have existing speedlights from your Nikon or Canon system this allows you to control them wirelessly with a Fujifilm camera and chance the power output remotely, something you can't do with the Fujifilm speedlights.


I've just had stock in so they are available and ready to ship from the UK today!


The v6 Transceiver can be found here..  http://photomaddshop...transceiver-v6/





and the RF60 speedlight with built in radio trigger is here.. http://photomaddshop...ess-flash-rf60/





It must be noted that this is not a TTL solution for your Fujifilm X-Series cameras.  This uses the TTL function of the speedlights to control their power, you will still be using the speedlights effectively as manual control lights.

  17 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by xaitian )


DE and LE experimental shots

Today, 03:30 AM

Posted by bent_toe in X100, X100S and X100T Forum

The double exposure in-camera is pretty cool actually, sure it has it's limits (you can't pick any photo and add a second shot whenever, like in 5Dmk3) but once you get the grasp of it, it's pretty awesome.


Here are some Double exposure shots and some 60 sec +/- long exposures.


16495509297_37c3e3536e_c.jpgthe veins by bent toe, on Flickr


16692375581_8c5e006ae5_c.jpgIt grows within.. by bent toe, on Flickr


16487042807_8d6b409572_c.jpgDE son by bent toe, on Flickr


16684637752_417c2449f0_c.jpgLE rocks by bent toe, on Flickr


16684920725_62abed359a_c.jpglong exposure shipwreck by bent toe, on Flickr


16684927065_b073cc61b3_c.jpglong exposure portrait by bent toe, on Flickr

  64 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Rob M Poole )


Bb. Pilipinas (Ms. Philippines) Beauty Pageant 2015

Today, 01:46 AM

Posted by johnnydls in Portraits, People, & Pets

i forgot to bring my xt1 and 56mm on that day, good thing i always have the X100S in my bag. hope you all enjoy this set.



  89 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Squirrel )


Minimum focus distance: APS-C's biggest advantage over FF

Today, 01:37 AM

Posted by ohm in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

Though I think the illustrative example photo I have attached to this post is poor, I hope it helps show what think is the single biggest advantage that APS-C and smaller sensors have over FF cameras and lenses. 


That is: a 35mm lens will focus closer than its equivalent ~50mm FF counterpart. The XF 35/1,4 isn't any smaller than a Nikkor 50/1,8, but it is a hell of a lot more useful for everything for the simple reason that it can do close-ups as well as it can do portraits and infinity landscapes. 


In the post entitled Reach: APS-C's biggest advantage over FF didn't exactly dot the eyes, but I attempt to show just how much closer a 35mm lens on APS-C can get you to a subject than a 50mm lens will get you on FF SLR and/or rangefinder. While I wish Fujifilm offered sensor sizes larger than APS-C for their interchangeable lens cameras, going back to half a metre close focus would be very hard to get used to.


The 35/1,4 is sharp and contrasty enough and its minimum focus distance is so rockin great for shooting small portable amps and headphones and nearly always I'm shooting at f/2,8 or smaller, so there really is no personal advantage to go to FF except when adapting great lenses. 


I guess I want to ask this: is MFD a concern for you when considering FF? Is it one of the things that keeps you in the APS-C camp? Would you consider smaller sensors and equivalent lenses just to get closer?

  97 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by ohm )


Fujifilm Announces Pro Camera and Lens Rental Programs

Today, 12:11 AM

Posted by robert in Fujifilm X News & Rumors


Customers can experience an X-Series product, and photographers can rent familiar bodies and lenses during a repair 


Valhalla, N.Y., March 2, 2015 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced its new Fujifilm Professional Rental program for enthusiast and professional photographers who want to experience a FUJIFILM X-Series camera or FUJINON XF lens, and the Fujifilm Professional Repair Rental option to provide access to familiar X-Series camera bodies and lenses while their gear is in for repair.


The new Fujifilm Professional Rental program is aimed at giving current and potential new X-Series customers the high-quality experience of using an X-Series camera or lens for a limited time during a special event, a weekend getaway, or just for fun while out taking pictures. Customers can also take advantage of the program to try a specialty lens or different camera for a new photo shoot or project. 


Try an X-Series for yourself, or get one while yours is repaired

Both Fujifilm Professional Rental programs are designed to give customers the renowned X-Series experience, all in a simple program that includes:

        Award-winning X-Series equipment rentals that can be shipped anywhere in the 

      United States, including a customer’s destination for easier travel

        One Price Shipping in the United States (additional charges for Alaska and 

      Hawaii apply)

        Opportunity to use familiar X-Series camera gear while camera or lens is 

      being repaired for uninterrupted workflow (discounted rates will apply)

        Easy return shipping with a prepaid return shipping label

        The quality and craftsmanship you expect from the premium line of Fujifilm X-

      Series products.

To learn more or schedule a rental, please visit www.FujifilmProRental.com or call 1-800-800-FUJI (3854) option #3.



About FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Electronic Imaging


For more information, please visit www.fujifilmusa.com/northamerica, go to www.twitter.com/fujifilmus to follow Fujifilm on Twitter, or go to www.facebook.com/FujifilmNorthAmerica to Like Fujifilm on Facebook. To receive news and information direct from Fujifilm via RSS, subscribe at www.fujifilmusa.com/rss.

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries, including: healthcare, with medical systems, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; graphic systems; highly functional materials, such as flat panel display materials; optical devices, such as broadcast and cinema lenses; digital imaging; and document products. These are based on a vast portfolio of chemical, mechanical, optical, electronic, software and production technologies. In the year ended March 31, 2014, the company had global revenues of $23.9 billion, at an exchange rate of 102 yen to the dollar. Fujifilm is committed to environmental stewardship and good corporate citizenship. For more information, please visit: www.fujifilmholdings.com.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.





Matthew Schmidt


(914) 789-8529





  524 Views · 13 Replies ( Last reply by GregWard )


X100: Lens Flare With The Fuji Hood & PRF-49 Protective Filter

Yesterday, 07:48 PM

Posted by RTP in General

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a complaint post - as I rather like the effect. :thumbsu: 


That being said, onward to the images! (And hopefully, no filter/no filter arguments) :devil:


16538040342_1851cd3b84_z.jpgFeb 2015 San Antonio Coffee & Rides by RedTail_Panther, on Flickr


15996130344_d4e1a46c36_z.jpgMariachi Band Member by RedTail_Panther, on Flickr


16513802519_20f080ba4a_z.jpgThe Talking Tourist by RedTail_Panther, on Flickr

  107 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by Fred Thomas )


Fuji X-Pro II... rumored to have 4K Video..more

Yesterday, 07:32 PM

Posted by Arbib in Fujifilm X News & Rumors

Info from Fuji Rumors http://www.fujirumor...deo-new-source/



Fuji Rumors posted a possible spec for the Fuji X-Pro II





Fujifilm X-PRO2 rumored specs list

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past / ORS = other rumor sites)


- APS-C sensor (TS + AS + AS)
– 24MP sensor (AS) – More than 16MP (AS)
– dual SD card slot (NeS)
– coming late 2015 (TS + AS)
– tilt screen (AS)
– WiFi (AS)
– Non organic ASP-C X-Trans sensor (ORS)
– Price about 20% to 30% more expensive than the X-T1 (AS)
– 4K video (NeS)


Is this worth the higher price of the X-T1 (aside from the RF format)?


I see 24mp sensor (probably max for a APS-C sensor for a few more years)

Duel SD cards.... will it be able to use the 2nd card as an on-the-fly backup?

  188 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by jknights )


50 With the 16-55 F2.8

Yesterday, 07:31 PM

Posted by JBPhoto in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

Me try again.


A sunny day and I had 50 minutes to burn with my new XF16-55mm F2.8.









  137 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by dergit )


Unknown icon on display

Yesterday, 07:20 PM

Posted by Paul Marshall in X-T1 Forum



i have a icon my screen and in the viewfinder, it shows : M+E on the right side ??


any info would be great.





  173 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by kufel )


Conquering the frozen boston

Yesterday, 06:32 PM

Posted by LEDES in Landscape
After 2 months of blizzards, I couldn't wait more for going outside and take some pictures.
I´ve had the Fuji XT1 for 2 months now, and I love it but I can´t control the colors and the sharpness in post-processing as I used to do it with my nikon gear. I guess It´s me and I have to learn more how to control it.
All these images are taken with my fuji XT1, the 14mm and the 23mm and Haida and Lee filters.


1) gallery_40360_1677_8181854.jpg
7)Self-portrait at f1.4 1s 

  57 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by gduncanson )


Manual Lenses Only?

Yesterday, 05:41 PM

Posted by Paul70 in Adapted Lens Forum
Hi guys,

Just would like to know how many of you guys use just manual lenses only on there Fuji X cameras?

Also want lenses do you use?

Cheers Paul :-)

  225 Views · 11 Replies ( Last reply by Ruby )


contact patch

Yesterday, 05:32 PM

Posted by gduncanson in Abstracts

the contact pattern of a winter tire left in the ice. Continentals in case you're wondering :)


Attached File  conti_trac.jpg   812.72KB   2 downloads

  49 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by gduncanson )


Good resources/tutorials for Landscape and street retouching and post

Yesterday, 05:25 PM

Posted by hendodesign in Fuji X Post Processing

I was curious if anyone on here who primarily shoots street and landscape can point me to some good resources for retouching outdoor shots, or has some good tips for an accurate color but polished look.


I have been using Lightroom 4 and VSCO film set 3 but the look is starting to feel a bit too un-natural. I am wanting to achieve something where the colors feel real but it also feels more polished. (Dodge and burn, color edits to create good contrast points but not too in the instagram camp) 


For me lately I changed over to Capture one pro 8 after reading the review on fuji vs fuji to convert raw images from an XT-1 and it's been great, and I also use photoshop CC for when I really want to invest some time into an image. I just find I need to improve when retouching color landscape and outdoor shots and I have a tendency to push them a bit too far.


I really love the work of these guys:







Some are some other good examples that I have seen:















  186 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Radiant Light )


New XT1 coming

Yesterday, 05:05 PM

Posted by Drtmw in Members - Introductions
I finally took the plunge, taking advantage of B & H's great sale today. Got the 18-135 and 60 to go along with the XT1.

I'd appreciate tips on set up (I shoot raw with my current gear) and RAW development in LR.



  136 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by davidw99 )


Hi from UK

Yesterday, 04:55 PM

Posted by Bigyob in Members - Introductions
Hi all, this is my first post and like many posts on this site I have a dslr (Nikon D300) which I love and will never give up). But I wanted something smaller and more nimble that could do the image quality. I spent months reading media stuff and everything pointed to the X100T, so checked out results on various websites and had a play in store and was really convinced.
What really swung it for me was the review by Ken Rockwell. Not really read his stuff before but Google takes you to his site with X100T. I suspect he may cause arguments but I like the enthusiasm.
Anyway, and not all because of KR, I am now the proud owner of a black X100T and cannot wait to start using.

  85 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by fac123 )

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