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Recently Added Posts

  • KeithTPhoto

    Welcome to the site and have fun with you Fuji!

  • BandjePhoto
    2 lens choice for holiday

    Bandje - Today, 10:00 AM

    Like some have said here before: it depends on what kind of photography you want to do on your holiday. Personally I would probably go with the 35...

  • socal44Photo
    X Series Landscapes

    socal44 - Today, 09:59 AM

    Along the June Lake Loop in eastern California. XT-1 10-24.  DSCF0940 edit by redhawk44 , on Flickr

  • trainerPhoto
    Fuji X-E1 with big and heavy lens

    trainer - Today, 09:58 AM

    Something to consider. The Nikkor weighs 2.13 lbs. and is slightly more than 5.2 inches long.The Fuji  x 50- 140 weighs slightly more and is 8...

  • socal44Photo
    X Series Landscapes

    socal44 - Today, 09:57 AM

    Carson City, NV Courthouse. XT-1 10-24  DSCF0892 edit by redhawk44 , on Flickr

  • Valentin RizvanPhoto
    FS: (UK) Fuji 18-55mm Lens

    Valentin Rizvan - Today, 09:41 AM

    For sale Fujinon XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS Lens. The lens comes from a X-T1 kit and is unused. I can post photos if needed but probably there's no...

  • brettaraosPhoto
    x100s in San Fran

    brettaraos - Today, 09:39 AM

    Thanks guys ! I actually started with some of Eric Kim's film presets for lightroom but tweaked it to my liking

  • GlassEyePhoto

    I think X-E2 has X-Trans II while X-E1 has X-Trans (same as X-Pro). I have X-T1 and X-Pro1 and shot them side by side during anaglyph project, usin...

  • SilvioRPhoto
    3rd party manual macro lens

    SilvioR - Today, 09:20 AM

    More or less like Albertin, I use a 105mm f4 micro-nikkor Ais, great lens, 47cm (18.5")  minimum focusing distance means a greater working dis...

  • davidwrightphotoPhoto
    Fuji X100T ship date?

    davidwrightphoto - Today, 09:15 AM

    Hey folks, I'm debating about what retailer to order the Fuji X100T from (B&H, Amazon, local store out of state). Any recommendations? B&H say...

  • wbpPhoto
    Solar eclipse

    wbp - Today, 09:14 AM

    noisejammer: The seeing was actually not that great, but I shot 1600 images at 1/2000 second and managed to catch a few good ones. Alan: yes t...

  • GlassEyePhoto
    3rd party manual macro lens

    GlassEye - Today, 09:13 AM

    I think this boils down to question "what does 56mm have that 60mm does not and how does that apply to what you do?" Macro is arguably mostly focus...

  • visorvetPhoto
    EDIT: The obligatory X100T Wait Thread :)

    visorvet - Today, 09:11 AM

    Question for those of you who have been poring over the specs of the x100t. I would love to have some manual control of the internal flash, even if...

  • ArbibPhoto
    3rd party manual macro lens

    Arbib - Today, 09:09 AM

    Since you sold your XF60, I would guess a bit longer reach...a 3rd party 105 will cost between $300-450 for the BRANDED ones (N/C/P/M).... The...

  • NandoPhoto
    FT - 18-135 for 18-55 and 55-200

    Nando - Today, 09:07 AM

    Hi Bryan,  Sent you a PM..I think. It was responding funny.

  • BlazerPhoto

    Wow... that's a lot of gear if you are concerned about room on a bike... I'd max out with something like X-E2, 18, 27 or 35, 60, spare batteries......

  • DobsonPhoto
    Fuji X-E1 with big and heavy lens

    Dobson - Today, 09:03 AM

    I would be most concerned carrying the camera/lens by the strap while hiking. Lots of bouncing. A sling around the lens would help a lot there. I...

  • GregWardPhoto

    I'm not close to Canon developments (having switched to Nikon when they changed lens mounts back in the old film days I'm afraid!) - but aren't the...

  • FujimotoPhoto

    Why would it make you happy that he hates his 6D?

  • visorvetPhoto

    I would never take as much as you have on your list. When I travel with a lot of gear 3/4 of it never gets used, and I waste time worrying about wh...

  • AperturepriorityPhoto
    60 minutes film with Joel Meyerowitz

    Aperturepriority - Today, 08:45 AM

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching it - something inspiring for a rainy day. Thankyou.

  • wood-n-photographyPhoto
    Fuji X-E1 with big and heavy lens

    wood-n-photography - Today, 08:42 AM

    Hi I have the nikon14-24mm lens and a d800e plus a fuji xt-1. I Nikon lens is very heavy and my main concern would be if I mounted the xt-1 on. Tr...

  • DownderoadPhoto
    EDIT: The obligatory X100T Wait Thread :)

    Downderoad - Today, 08:41 AM

    Okay we have between 2 and 4 weeks to wait so I thought I would ask a few questions to those who have had experience with the X100/X100S. It is mos...

  • AlbertInFrancePhoto
    3rd party manual macro lens

    AlbertInFrance - Today, 08:40 AM

    Very nice. Usually flower close-ups leave me cold, but this I like. On the other hand it's not very macro.  :P   105mm Nik...

  • FujimotoPhoto
    EDIT: The obligatory X100T Wait Thread :)

    Fujimoto - Today, 08:40 AM

    Wait, what? Is Adorama usually pretty accurate with their release dates?

  • adsingerPhoto

    I do lots of motorcycle touring combined with photography (see my website) and am a minimalist when traveling. My last tour I took the X100S and th...

  • HawkmoonPhoto

    I'm not much of a portrait guy, and I've only been borrowing the lens for a couple days, but here's my contribution. F3.6 IMG_20141024_082043.jpg...

  • DobsonPhoto

    And here's a crop. I'm pretty sure this is the sharpest lens I've ever used, and probably the sharpest Fuji X.

  • DobsonPhoto

    I'm not much of a portrait guy, and I've only been borrowing the lens for a couple days, but here's my contribution. F3.6 F4

  • ysarexPhoto
    3rd party manual macro lens

    ysarex - Today, 08:25 AM

    Also not a heavy macro user but I do some and a lot of closeups of my wife's flowers. I don't want AF in macro mode and I didn't want to spend the...


Fuji X100T ship date?

Today, 09:15 AM

Posted by davidwrightphoto in Fujifilm X News & Rumors

Hey folks,


I'm debating about what retailer to order the Fuji X100T from (B&H, Amazon, local store out of state). Any recommendations? B&H says mid-November ship date, Amazon says end of November, local store out of state says they're receiving copies of the camera after it ships November 5th. Curious to hear your thoughts!





  29 Views · 0 Replies


Trying to pick gear for a 3,000km motorbike trip

Today, 07:45 AM

Posted by paul szilard in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

I am going on the Australian Snowy (Mountains) Ride next weekend. This is a charity event with typically 3000+ motorbikes riding around spectacular countryside.


I want to shoot both photos and video. I have max amount of volume for gear that will fit into my bike's top box. Which basically a Tenba back pack.


I am agonizing between absolute minimum versus everything I can possibly cram in! :)


If you could pick any items from the X range, including the X100S what would you take? I can also take a Sony HXR-NX30 camcorder.

  108 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Blazer )


3rd party manual macro lens

Today, 06:19 AM

Posted by icnoble in Adapted Lens Discussion
i need some advice. I recently jumped from Nikon to Fuji. I have the Fuji X f2.4 which I use in the studio and for macro/close up. I am considering selling this lens and getting the 56mm f 1.2 and buying a manual macro lens such as the Tamron or The Kirin 105mm f2.8 macro and using an adaptor. I use an XT-1. Any thoughts on this course of action would be gratefully received.

  138 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by SilvioR )


Request for xf60mm 3/4 - full length portrait samples

Today, 05:54 AM

Posted by Hawkmoon in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

So I'm thinking about this lens as a poor man's 56mm as I can afford the 60 but not the 56. I have seen a few sample headshots in the samples forum here but no real examples of 3/4 length or full length portraits shot wide open with this lens, which is most likely what I would use it for.So if you have any releavnt examples and don't mind posting them I would be really grateful - I'm particularly intrigued by what the subject - background separation would be like shot wide open, the sharpness and the bokeh.


Thanks !

  194 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by Hawkmoon )


Fuji X-E1 with big and heavy lens

Today, 05:22 AM

Posted by popeyebx in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

I'm thinking to use my Nikkor 14-24 f2.8 wide angle lens on my Fuji X-E1 body for some landscape shots by using an adapter. Carrying this lens plus a pro body size camera plus tripod is killing my back and arm. Just a bit worried if the body and adapter can support the weight of the lens + filters and holder when screwed on the camera tripod socket. I cannot find a lens tripod foot for the said lens.


Any ideas or suggestions on this one? I'm not looking to buy the Fuji UWA at the moment :)



  131 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by trainer )


60 minutes film with Joel Meyerowitz

Today, 03:30 AM

Posted by Madebyross in General Photography Talk

This is from Joel Meyerowitz's FaceBook Page


My Retrospective exhibition opened in Dusseldorf 2 weeks ago and has been drawing big crowds to the NRW Forum Museum.

At the same time a new, 60 minute film about me premiered, and can be seen here until November 10th 2014:




password: joelmeyerowitz01

The Director, Ralph Goertz hopes to make this slightly longer for a general Release, so all your comments and input may helps us get distribution. I hope you enjoy the film.




Enjoy !

  96 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Aperturepriority )


Custom setup question on x-e2

Today, 02:38 AM

Posted by trainer in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

This morning I thought I would start setting up the custom settings (C1-C7). It appears that custom settings will not allow the file format to be sticky. For example I was trying to set C2 to be b&w jpg and raw. If I am shooting raw then decide to go to the custom menu C2 it will still be just raw and not b&w jpg and raw.


Perhaps I am missing something here. 


It seems to me that custom setting should hold the file type(s) you want to set the custom setting for. If not I really think the custom settings functions is very limited in its usability.


Hopefully I'm doing something wrong here.. 

  101 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by TheGreenMan )


Did you buy X-E2, return it and stick with your X-E1?

Today, 01:19 AM

Posted by Hawkmoon in X-E1 and X-E2 Discussion

Over on DPR forums I read some owners who upgraded from X-E1 to an X-E1 returned their E2s, saying that they just didn't like the differtent colour reproduction of the E2 compared to the E1. I can see for myself that the tone curve and JPEGS look different, and I can see the plastic skin smoothing that seems to hap[pen in E2 high ISO JPEG portraits.


But I was surprised that even some raw shooters said they didn't like E2 raws compared to E1 raws.


I'm a 100% raw shooter.


What is the feeling over here on these forums? Has anyone here gone this route of returning an E2 and sticking to an E1 out of IQ/colour issues?


I'm asking as I am thinking of swapping out my E1 for an E2 for the better AF, but I LOVE the colors from my E1 in Capture One and Lightroom and am concerned about not getting the same great Fuji colours with an E2 without extra PP work?

  296 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by GlassEye )


Solar eclipse

Today, 12:56 AM

Posted by wbp in Fuji X Photos

Shot about 1600 images of today's solar eclipse to make a video. Still working on that but here's a still from close to the maximum eclipse. Fujifilm X-T1 with a Stellarvue SVR-90 "Raptor" telescope (630mm focal length f7). The detail in the sunspot group is amazing. Largest spot group I've seen in years.



15589811516_b91d3a44c6_c.jpgDSCF7582_cr by wbphelps, on Flickr

  107 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by wbp )


XF 18mm $A179 tax included

Yesterday, 08:10 PM

Posted by Miyata610 in Where to Buy — Deals — Heads Up
Authorized dealer so full warranty in Australia.


  194 Views · 13 Replies ( Last reply by paul szilard )


eclipse partial blues...

Yesterday, 07:00 PM

Posted by redshifted in Fuji X Photos

so it begins (sunspots and all)




wicked witch of the west flyby




eclipse fin pour moi




eclipse denouement




today's solar eclipse using an XPro1 and XF55-200mm on a tripod using a cable release shot through a Baader visual strength solar filter and an encroaching layer of Ohio clouds  ;) .


Thanks for looking,


  144 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Aperturepriority )


red eye using nikon SB600

Yesterday, 05:48 PM

Posted by jay pegg in Troubleshooting

At a recent function I used my X100S with a nikon SB600. Something I hadn't done before. Most of the images had serious redeye! Does anybody know what causes this? jp.

  225 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by fugimike )


What to do on a rainy day - part 2

Yesterday, 03:04 PM

Posted by jamie allan in Fuji X Photos

Kelvingrove art gallery and museum again. It's an amazing building






The restoration was in part funded by public donation with dedication plaques. My father-in-law was a park warden in Kelvingrove so it seemed fitting to contribute so his and his wife's names were here .




James Pringle - Optician Turned Artist




Old Heads and New







  116 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by jamie allan )


What to do on a rainy day

Yesterday, 02:46 PM

Posted by jamie allan in Fuji X Photos

I had a day off today but the weather was poor. So I visited Kelvingrove gallery and museum. Hope I'm not infringing copyright.


John Reid by Van Gogh. A wee ginger Glaswegian who was an art dealer and friend of Van Gogh.




Salvador Dali - Christ of St. John of the cross. This is hard to get because it's in a poorly lit small room.




Charles Rennie Mackintosh - The Wassail. I wish this was at a better viewing height though PS skew helps greatly.




Margaret MacDonald - The May Queen




Father and Daughter - this is a plaster statue but is lit really harshly so I've tried a black and white image



  116 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by threeshoes )


HDMI liveview output ?

Yesterday, 02:15 PM

Posted by Sam66 in X-M1 and X-A1 Discussion

Does anyone know if you can get a live view out from the HDMI port on the X-M1 or X-A1?


If you connected to an external monitor could you see the view from the camera or is HDMI only used in playback mode?

  88 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by paul szilard )


2 lens choice for holiday

Yesterday, 02:10 PM

Posted by macvisual in X-Pro1 Discussion
Hi all, off on holiday from the start of November for a week away to Fuerteventura.

I don't want to bring all four of my Fuji X lenses as it would be too bulky etc, so here's my current lens line up for my X-Pro1 body;
XF 10-24mm -- XF 35mm -- XF 60mm -- XF 55-200mm.

I was think about bringing both the XF 10-24mm and the XF 60mm.

Any advice appreciated.


  250 Views · 11 Replies ( Last reply by Bandje )

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