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Recently Added Posts

  • robertPhoto
    HU: New X-T1 Kit

    robert - Today, 08:00 PM


  • jwrPhoto


  • mr_nobletPhoto
    X-T1 Does Video!

    mr_noblet - Today, 05:26 PM


  • dpt.calvinPhoto

    I use leash and cuff with my X-E2, and love them, no experience with the clips but they seem a bit of an overkill  for our cameras I woul...

  • faberrymanPhoto

    The will always be a difference between a crop-sensor and a full frame sensor.  For every improvement in a crop sensor there is a correspondin...

  • dpt.calvinPhoto

    I have the Capture Clip v2 and love it. Also have a Spider Holster (Pro version, though it's overkill for Fuji. Had it from my DSLR days). Both are...

  • gianchanPhoto

    I use leash and cuff with my X-E2, and love them, no experience with the clips but they seem a bit of an overkill  for our cameras

  • robertPhoto
    Adapting Fujinon M42 lenses to X-Mount

    robert - Today, 05:19 PM

    Fuji Photo Film made an array of M42 ("Pentax" or "Praktica" screw mount) lenses back in the 70s. They also made so-called "X-mount" lenses for the...

  • adrianKeithPhoto

    http://www.fujix-forum.com/index.php/topic/22370-peak-design-capture-clip/ Ah nice, thanks!

  • lifthard11Photo
    F/S XE2

    lifthard11 - Today, 05:18 PM

     My XT1 is shipping out Monday so this one must go its in great shape ,screen protector since day one Im the original owner . Purchased from A...

  • SwldstnPhoto

    I've found a hard to find Pentax-M 85mm f/2. Sought it out since I also have the Pentax-M 28/2.8, 35/2.0, 50/1.4 & 50/2.0 and now the 85/2.0 and 13...

  • yendikenoPhoto
    F-Stop Shibata Bag Review

    yendikeno - Today, 05:15 PM

    Got my Shibata bag yesterday. First impressions - very good quality, pretty much exactly as OP poster described it. Great to get the discount, mean...

  • dpt.calvinPhoto


  • royukPhoto
    Raynox macro adapters - confused

    royuk - Today, 05:12 PM

    Or you can try this set of macro which attaches to the lens screwed on + step rings are available . http://raynox.co.jp/english/dcr/dcr5320pro...

  • adrianKeithPhoto

    Curious if anyone has any experience with these: https://peakdesignltd.com/store/?c=clips I'm going to be traveling to Italy in a few wee...

  • WuthoqquanPhoto
    New 10-24mm zoom

    Wuthoqquan - Today, 05:09 PM

    I can confirm that and I was worried about the lens sucking the battery empty. I sent it back to B&H and I hope I'll get a replacement without the...

  • absoluticPhoto

    in support to proposition of ISO 'massaging' by Fuji that I mentioned in above post, I'll cite dpreview's review of XE2 From the DPReview prev...

  • ronin65Photo
    x-m1 and focusing

    ronin65 - Today, 05:07 PM

    I've read most reviews/articles on the XM1 but to my knowledge there is no alternative guide or manual. Since much of Fuji's software will be commo...

  • WuthoqquanPhoto
    New 10-24mm zoom

    Wuthoqquan - Today, 05:03 PM

    Many thanks for the kind confirmation! It's a sort of relief to know that mine is not an isolated case! While handling the lens in the shop, I did...

  • RedneckPhoto
    New 10-24mm zoom

    Redneck - Today, 05:01 PM

    As for that hissing noise, it is audible regardless if the OIS is on or off.  I can confirm that and I was worried about the lens sucking...

  • bluebearPhoto
    X Series Landscapes

    bluebear - Today, 04:59 PM

    From a local walk this morning. XE1 + 35mm f/1.4 @ f/11. 200 ISO. -0.7ev

  • douglasf13Photo
    RAW file distortion correction

    douglasf13 - Today, 04:55 PM

    Wow, this subject has been the source of confusion for a while...and it is still confusing!  Like others have mentioned, I was under the impre...

  • lylegPhoto

    I hope you're correct that they fixed the banding. That's a very good improvement indeed. Regarding wax, its been mentioned before that Fuji can al...

  • Dave WilsonPhoto
    New member

    Dave Wilson - Today, 04:54 PM


  • ryboltPhoto
    New 10-24mm zoom

    rybolt - Today, 04:52 PM

    I can confirm that my lens also has the hiss. I had my much younger wife listen to it and she hears it.On the X Pro 1 on page 5 of the camera menu...

  • douglasf13Photo
    Love the "plastic" skin by X100S at ISO 6400

    douglasf13 - Today, 04:44 PM

    Lol. A prime example of feigning innocence after the fact. You'll remember my chiding you on FM forum about entering into a jihad on the subject....

  • WuthoqquanPhoto
    New 10-24mm zoom

    Wuthoqquan - Today, 04:44 PM

    I've to say that the lens seems to work properly (superbly I should say), but I was a little bit worried by this rattling noise since it is slightl...

  • PhoTomPhoto

    I hope you're correct that they fixed the banding. That's a very good improvement indeed. Regarding wax, its been mentioned before that Fuji can al...

  • AtelierPhotoPhoto
    X-T1 Does Video!

    AtelierPhoto - Today, 04:37 PM

    So that annoying non-programmable red dot button thingy can actually serve a purpose... As part of an introduction to a team presentation, I p...

  • Richard_RPhoto

    Richard_R - Today, 04:37 PM

    do not bash the book or seemingly all books because it is your choice to learn by doing. Sometimes books can be helpful, right???I was not bashing...

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Adapting Fujinon M42 lenses to X-Mount

Today, 05:19 PM

Posted by robert in Adapted Lens Discussion

Fuji Photo Film made an array of M42 ("Pentax" or "Praktica" screw mount) lenses back in the 70s. They also made so-called "X-mount" lenses for their line of SLRs in the 80s, which was a bayonet mount. This bayonet is NOT the same as the current X-series bayonet!


As far as I know, only one X-mount (film SLR) to X-mount (digital) adapter is made: this one, labeled Kiwi.


Attached File  DSCF1070.jpg   76.12KB   0 downloads


The M42 Fujinons were somewhat unique in that they offered open aperture metering. To accomplish this the M42 lenses had a small tab on the aperture ring, which was used to index the meter on the screw mount Fujica SLRs such as the ST801, ST901, etc.


Attached File  m42tab.jpg   65.25KB   0 downloads


This aperture tab, unfortunately, is non-standard for M42 lenses. So generic M42 adapters to X-mount (digital) are not likely to work, because this tab interferes...when the lens is screwed on, the lens won't reach infinity and the aperture ring can't be turned.


To get around this problem without having to modify the lenses by removing the tab, I discovered that Fujica, back in the day, made an adapter for their M42 lenses so they would work on the bayonet cameras with the X-mount (film SLR.) This adapter was manufactured to accommodate the tab.


It also has a metal piece which is used to press the aperture stop-down pin.


Attached File  DSCF1072.jpg   50.14KB   0 downloads

Attached File  DSCF1076.jpg   37.75KB   0 downloads


When I discovered this vintage Fujica adapter, I thought I had the solution complete:


- use the Kiwi adapter and a Fujica adapter together.


Unfortunately, the Kiwi adapter also had a physical conflict, but I felt better shaving down an adapter instead of a vintage lens. :)


Attached File  DSCF1077.jpg   46.71KB   0 downloads


I removed the bayonet flange and shaved the barrel down slightly, then reattached the flange. Luckily this does not change the flange focal distance, it only allows the Fujica adapter to mount properly. So this doesn't affect infinity focus.


Attached File  DSCF1079.jpg   66.08KB   0 downloads


Here is a 55/3.5 Fujinon Macro attached to the Fujica M42-to-X-mount adapter, attached to the Kiwi adapter. The close up shows the aperture ring tab clearance.


The last bit is making sure the stop-down pin on the lens is depressed when mounting the lens. I glued a bit of black plastic inside the Kiwi for this.


Anyone who wants more info on this, let me know, I'll provide more details as well as another solution I came across using a vintage Konica adapter.

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Anyone use the X-Pro1 with Peak Design's camera clip?

Today, 05:10 PM

Posted by adrianKeith in X-Pro1 Discussion

Curious if anyone has any experience with these:




I'm going to be traveling to Italy in a few weeks and wanted to pick something like this up. I'll probably get a strap as well but I want a quick and easy way to access it.


Anyone? I'm open to alternatives as well.

  24 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by dpt.calvin )


X-T1 Does Video!

Today, 04:37 PM

Posted by AtelierPhoto in X-T1 Discussion

So that annoying non-programmable red dot button thingy can actually serve a purpose...


As part of an introduction to a team presentation, I put together a quick video using the X-T1, and a couple FD lenses (28mm f2.8 & 58f1.2.)

The point of the video is to promote the concept of a new company "High Tech Coffee" which pairs electronics repairs with a coffee shop.


Fair warning: It's short, it's quarky, was shot in my kitchen/dining room, and by no means professional!... this was my first time recording anything, and first time using iMovie! haha. Enjoy!





  27 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by mr_noblet )


The $2.99 soft release button

Today, 03:54 PM

Posted by Darkstreets in X100 and X100S Discussion

I was making an Amazon order a few weeks ago and happened upon a soft release button for $2.99 (incl shipping) that especially called out that it was compatible with Fuji X100/X100S (but in reality I assume these buttons will go into any standard thread :) ).


I noticed it was made out of metal and concave (which I personally prefer) so I added it to my order.


About 10-12 days later a small package from China appeared and inside was this little button.

Now, it says it's made out of Aluminum but I can almost swear it's made out of plastic..but not 100% sure.




The threads were deep and pronounced so there was no issue in mounting it to my shutter release button.

But it never really 'locked down' or felt securely tightened onto it. Maybe I need to apply more force to tighten it..but I'm a tad hesitant to apply a lot of force around dainty equipment like cameras :)


Been having it on my camera since I got it and it has been out and about on the streets 3-4 times now and haven't fallen off or loosened so I guess it may be safer than what it appeared.


I rather like the feel of it - especially when compared to the feel of the original shutter release button.


I'd say it looks ok and for $2.99 at least I got to experience how a soft release can feel and work out for me in case I down the road want to shell out for a more expensive version of it.



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Putting the X-T1 to the Test with People and Places

Today, 02:03 PM

Posted by John Mireles in X-T1 Discussion

I'm working on a travel article about a seaside community in San Diego. I'm shooting everything with the X-T1. It's been a good little test to check out the new Lightroom profiles with a mix of people, places and splashes of color. I'm using the 18mm f2.0 and 35mm f1.4. I shoot my establishing shots at f4.0 for maximum sharpness and my people and detail shots wide open.




All photos were shot raw and have been processed with Lightroom using a preset that I created. The photo above and below was processed using the Velvia profile. The images with people were processed using the Astia profile. I find that Astia is less saturated and contrasty - which helps with the people photos.











This image was a solid stop and a half over exposed. Easily pulled it down in Lightroom. Really love these files to work with. There's so much information there.




Loving the sharpness and the color.






This type of shot is always a challenge. It's a tight shot so any little movement kicks the subject OOF. This is where I wish the Fuji had back button focus where I could adjust the AF sensor area. It would be helpful here to be able to quickly move the sensor around and not have to double tap a hard-to-find button wheel. 




Since I'm limited to the number of shots per each post, I'll post more in a followup comment.

  129 Views · 8 Replies ( Last reply by GaryX )


New member

Today, 01:15 PM

Posted by Graham p in Members - Introductions

Hi I am new to the site..from the uk and recently got an X-E2 which is fantastic....slr now sitting in a bag with silica gel !! :)

  68 Views · 7 Replies ( Last reply by Dave Wilson )


X-T1 + 23mm - B&W street photo in Washington, D.C.

Today, 11:18 AM

Posted by messay in Fuji X Photos

Taken with an off camera flash on 04/16/2014 at the Washington, D.C. Emancipation Day celebrations on Freedom Plaza. 

13924074263_7343babce5_c.jpgI D.C. Emancipation Day I by streetamatic, on Flickr



  99 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by messay )


Good news: AF Assist Lamp on my X-T1 is a false alarm

Today, 10:58 AM

Posted by Frederico in X-T1 Discussion
I previously reported AF Assist Lamp light leak on my XT-1. I re-tested it this morning and found the light leak is actually from front lens cap. I removed the lens and put body cap on, no light leak at 6400 at 30 seconds. Hurray!

Now I still want to send it to Fuji to fix side door light leak, but I'm expecting a 27 lens in a few days. Send it now or not, that's the question:)

  100 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by dpt.calvin )


Skipping sub command dial

Today, 10:26 AM

Posted by oblivionrpg in X-M1 and X-A1 Discussion


I have just bought a X-A1 and I have a problem with my sub command dial. Sometimes it just doesnt work. Or to be more precise, it works 100% only when I apply a little pressure on it. If I just rotate it it works for example for 3 clicks and 2 dont register etc. Is it a design choice or do I have a faulty camera?





EDIT: It must be a faulty dial. It doesnt register 100 % even when pressing now.. Oh well. What a shame..

  38 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by ronin65 )


Cracked my screen...

Today, 10:07 AM

Posted by Taz's Spin in X-T1 Discussion

X-T1 will be shipped off to Fuji Customer Service center in NJ today..


I went to the Smokey Mountains for my Spring Break and it got really windy up at Clingman's Dome which is the highest elevation point (6634 ft). Had my X-T1 mounted on top of my tripod and the wind just picked it up and dropped it to the floor.


Really wish I bought a glass screen protector like I did for the X-PRO1.


I'll update you guys on the cost to replace the screen for those who have an accident like me.


13823603815_f29dbb0d26.jpgCracked my screen by Taz Spin, on Flickr

  346 Views · 29 Replies ( Last reply by GaryX )



Today, 09:09 AM

Posted by Eddy.J in X-T1 Discussion

Experimenting  with NIK colors and getting the gist of it..in my 2 previous posts..with locks , apparently they turned out a bit to harsh.


Attached File  Reflections.jpg   760.31KB   4 downloads

  134 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Arbib )


55-200 LENS super tight zoom ring, lemon?

Today, 08:03 AM

Posted by Markoe in Fuji X-Mount Lens Discussion

Picked up a 55-200 lens from Amazon and when I mounted it on my X-T1, I though maybe there was a lock to prevent zoom creep.  Can't find a switch anywhere and assume there is no manual focus lock like the 14mm.  


It almost took two hands to rotate the focus ring.  I'll need to return it unless someone else has had the same experience and can comment on its solution.  Otherwise, its getting packed up and returned.



  201 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by yendikeno )


X100 - I.R conversion

Today, 07:30 AM

Posted by jango-fett in X100 and X100S Discussion

such a wonderfull camera, more images at website below.


Attached File  egyptian avenue.jpg   414.99KB   4 downloads

  171 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by jango-fett )


Light And Dark: The Racial Biases That Remain In Photography

Today, 06:27 AM

Posted by TropicalYankee in General Photography Talk



I found this an interesting read/listen.


  175 Views · 6 Replies ( Last reply by Delphititan )


Tulips in the Four Seasons Project

Today, 06:04 AM

Posted by technofan in Fuji X Photos

Latest update in Ruth's garden. Read about it here and see the other shots. Hope you like these.  :thumbsu:






Pete. :thumbsu:

  81 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by mhuang )

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