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Recently Added Posts

  • jo53moPhoto
    Sunset view from Brooklyn Heights

    jo53mo - Today, 03:08 AM

    Nice,,, what ND filter did you buy?

  • Richard_RPhoto
    New Lens Patent...

    Richard_R - Today, 03:06 AM

    Looks like a nice slow consumer all in one zoom to me.What it does indicate to me is that there is a stripped down consumer oriented version of the...

  • Ed TysonPhoto
    X-T1 Screen Protector

    Ed Tyson - Today, 03:04 AM

    I tried expertshield, coult not install it without bubbles underneath :( i tried several times. I'll PM you to see what we can do for you. You...

  • didgePhoto
    Fuji X100S Highlight Clipping

    didge - Today, 02:59 AM

    I thought that the Dr settings only affected jpeg images. DR reduces exposure, (by 1 stop @ DR200, and 2 stops @ DR400) so the raw files are a...

  • IshPhoto
    My Japan Travels w/ XE-1

    Ish - Today, 02:50 AM

    Lovely shots. Your photos say a lot for the one lens trip. What's the story behind the ring in the sand? :)

  • jo53moPhoto

    jo53mo - Today, 02:50 AM

    XE2 35mm 1.4

  • TexbazPhoto
    NYC with my family and my Fujis

    Texbaz - Today, 02:49 AM

    Very clean crisp, excellent. Thanks

  • PH68Photo
    Suggestions to streamline workflow

    PH68 - Today, 02:47 AM

    Shoot RAW.Import to LR.Scan through pictures, cull any poor shots.Sort the rest into 2 or 3 "batches", usually via a simple colour coding.Apply a s...

  • LondonerPhoto
    clarification on AF-L button

    Londoner - Today, 02:44 AM

    Yes, imagine you are trying to get shots of an animal; sometimes it is still, sometimes it moves.  The last thing you want is to be switching...

  • IshPhoto
    Greetings from Barcelona

    Ish - Today, 02:44 AM

    Welcome to the forum! You've come to the right place and I look forward to seeing your photos. :)

  • KeithTPhoto
    Scanning old Kodak slides

    KeithT - Today, 02:44 AM

    You have some lovely slide photography, Lincoln, and well worth the effort you are putting in to scan and restore them.  Your scanner works we...

  • TexbazPhoto
    Hudson River sunset

    Texbaz - Today, 02:44 AM

    Beautiful thanks for sharing

  • stephenskokPhoto
    Looking forward to a new way of making images

    stephenskok - Today, 02:42 AM

    Welcome aboard, Ken. I too scored a job with a wedding photographer when I knew bugger all about photography. However, I loved the on the job learn...

  • crumblyCakePhoto
    Need firmware V1.10 for XE-2 body.

    crumblyCake - Today, 02:38 AM

    Mmm I did think this afterwards, but during the upgrade process it just says "if the lens is attached do not remove it" and so that's what I did. I...

  • KeithTPhoto
    Soda Bread.

    KeithT - Today, 02:33 AM

    Cooked to perfection, Paul, with a wonderful crust and nice crumb.  However since making that loaf I have changed my bread flour from a local...

  • PiterMPhoto
    X-Series Wildlife

    PiterM - Today, 02:30 AM

    Hunting in the grass...  

  • tri elmar fuddPhoto
    New Lens Patent...

    tri elmar fudd - Today, 02:30 AM


  • PiterMPhoto
    X Series Portraits

    PiterM - Today, 02:28 AM

    My son with his favorite 'toy' :D 

  • NickMPhoto

    Hi and welcome to the forum

  • LuckshotPhoto
    Capture One Pro - 40% off

    Luckshot - Today, 02:25 AM

    Just got this in an email. C1P on sale for $179 (down from $299) until April 30th. http://www.phaseone.com/Online-Store/Capture-One-Pro-7.aspx...

  • Pietro FerrariPhoto

    Just completed a trouble free update of my X100s.  It did not reset my settings;  nor did it do so on my last update.me too.

  • Franco1947Photo
    "DSLR" Assistant for X-E1?

    Franco1947 - Today, 02:19 AM

    Honestly, I do not know if a 1:2 is good for my purposes, or a 1:1 suits better. I have never made macro in my life (and, honestly, I am an absolut...

  • mhuangPhoto
    Sunset view from Brooklyn Heights

    mhuang - Today, 02:07 AM

    Sure, this was supposed to be an experiment to see whether I would can use the grad ND tool in LR in lieu of buying an actual grad ND filter....

  • xpfloydPhoto

    Welcome from a fellow Scot

  • xpfloydPhoto
    Weekend Hikes

    xpfloyd - Today, 02:02 AM

    Great images especially 1,2,3 & 6

  • RawcollPhoto

    Fuji did not contact me by email or by any other means, but they had already given me a repair tracking reference number which I used, first for th...

  • milandroPhoto
    Rape Field

    milandro - Today, 01:57 AM

    Well, since the title of the thread was rather gruesome, I imagined that it would have been about... Rapeseed!  :devil: Nice picture...

  • milandroPhoto

    Wow, quite a pedigree there! Welcome to this forum Sir. I am new myself to this board and have had a similar background ( very little filming and w...

  • rpavichPhoto
    Alternative Hood for 23mm 1.4?

    rpavich - Today, 01:46 AM

    i thought we were talking about the hood for the 23? We were. And we were discussing the screw in vented hoods, and so I mentioned that I like the...

  • gnondpommePhoto
    X Series Macro

    gnondpomme - Today, 01:46 AM

    An other one with my good old friend teh sigma 105mm f2.8 macro in nikon mount on my X-E1  Wild flower par GnondPomme , on Flickr



Today, 02:50 AM

Posted by jo53mo in Fuji X Photos

X-E2 35mm 1.4

  17 Views · 0 Replies


New Lens Patent...

Today, 02:30 AM

Posted by tri elmar fudd in Fujifilm X News & Rumors

  27 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Richard_R )


Capture One Pro - 40% off

Today, 02:25 AM

Posted by Luckshot in Where to Buy — Deals — Heads Up

Just got this in an email. C1P on sale for $179 (down from $299) until April 30th.



  18 Views · 0 Replies


Looking forward to a new way of making images

Today, 01:10 AM

Posted by Gartmore in Members - Introductions
I'm Ken MacGregor and I graduated in design from The Glasgow School of Art (you couldn’t study photography there, then) and found a job with a wedding photographer, culture shock and a brilliant training in achieving a 100% success shooting rate and dealing with stressed people.

I subsequently joined the BBC as a Trainee Assistant Film Cameraman and enjoyed yet more training in lighting by guys with Emmy Nominations and Bafta Lifetime Achievement Awards, quite a privilege. I lit and shot films for the BBC and eventually I became a director specialising in Music and Arts documentaries and performance which I still do as a freelancer.

Throughout I have maintained a parallel career as a professional stills photographer using most camera brands at some point but have always used Pentax.

I'm picking up an X-Pro1 with 18, 35 and 16-50 on Saturday and I'm really excited about it.

  59 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by stephenskok )


Rape Field

Yesterday, 11:57 PM

Posted by bluebear in Fuji X Photos
Taken on a walk around my local village on Friday. There was some beautiful light on the rape that I tried to capture. XE1with 35mm f/1.4

  100 Views · 3 Replies ( Last reply by milandro )


Weekend Hikes

Yesterday, 11:30 PM

Posted by Aramalas in Fuji X Photos

Nothing horridly special, just some of the "okay" shots from my weekend.















  73 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by xpfloyd )


25% off Zack Arias OneLight 2.0: $56.25

Yesterday, 10:00 PM

Posted by dpt.calvin in Where to Buy — Deals — Heads Up

This is the cheapest you'll find it now after the pre-order price ($50) aside from finding a illegitimate copy.


Subscribe here to get code: http://tiffinbox.org...orkshop-review/

***I just use a junk e-mail


OneLight 2.0: http://dedpxl.com/product/onelight/


POTN discussion: http://photography-o...d.php?t=1364298

  70 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by mickeyjuice )

  65 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Didiergm )


Sunset view from Brooklyn Heights

Yesterday, 08:52 PM

Posted by mhuang in Fuji X Photos

Almost threw away this photo shot with the 10-24 on my X-E2.  It's remarkable how much dynamic range is in the Fuji JPG files.  I just purchased a grad ND and 10-stop ND so I'll try to retake this shot next time as a long exposure.



  75 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by jo53mo )


Another adapter + lens hood question x100s

Yesterday, 07:53 PM

Posted by jumbo in X100 and X100S Discussion

To use the popular Pentax "dome" hood with 30.5mm filter,





will this Cokin 49mm extension ring enable enough lens clearance?





  77 Views · 0 Replies


Hello from South Louisiana

Yesterday, 07:44 PM

Posted by RedWagon in Members - Introductions

Hello All,

I plan to purchase an X-T1 in June if all goes well. I've been scanning this forum since the release of this body and have been comparing the X-T1 and the Olympus E-M1. I've decide to go with the Fuji system mostly based on the quick response to initial release issues and, from what I've read they've taken feedback on things like the four-way buttons on the rear and seemingly adjusted that to many peoples approval. I've also followed another brand's release of a body that had dust/oil sensor problems and the general lack of a quick response to correct it turned me off from that line of high-end systems.


I do have a couple of questions, not sure if this is the right place, but here goes.


1. Fujifilm makes mention that the body is made in Japan, are the lenses made in the same country?

2. Is in-camera battery charging possible or is battery removal/battery docking required?


Thanks. I look forward to purchasing and enjoying the Fuji system and will continue to follow the threads here.



  86 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by NickM )


Macs, SD card readers, and Laziness

Yesterday, 07:20 PM

Posted by jwr in General Photography Talk

Let me preface this by explaining that my current computer setup consists of three 27" displays. My main display is in the center and being an iMac it's also the location of my built-in SD card reader.


My problem is that the Mac only detects the insertion of an SD card about 50% of the time. The other half I need to remove the card and insert it a second time--once the LR Import menu is displayed. It's always done this--even on my older iMac. With the latest iMacs the card reader is no longer on the side of the display but on the back of the display. Because of this and the fact that I have three displays I have to get up and walk around to the back of my desk to insert and remove cards.


After several years I finally caved last week and ordered a USB 3 SD card reader for $7. Now the only issue was the speed at which I can transfer images to my Mac. In order to do this I have several options. For testing I took 50 images, raw + JPG, for a total of 100 files and timed how long it took to read them into LR using each option. All tests were done with a SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro (95MBs) card. Here's what I found:

  1. The built-in SD card reader -- 70 seconds
  2. External card reader into a USB 2 port on the nearest display -- 90 seconds
  3. External card reader into a USB 3 port on the Mac -- 70 seconds
  4. External card reader into an old USB extension cable into the Mac's USB 3 port -- 95 seconds
  5. External card reader into a new USB 3 extension cable into the Mac's USB 3 port -- 70 seconds
  6. External card reader into the USB 3 cable, into a USB 3 hub, into the Mac's USB 3 -- 70 seconds

What I learned from this is:

  • The SanDisk Extreme Pro card definitely outperforms USB 2
  • It's no use using a USB 3 port if you're using an older USB extension cable
  • There's no performance difference between the built-in SD card reader and an external USB 3 card reader if it's plugged into a USB 3 port 
  • There's no performance difference between going directly into the USB 3 port on the Mac or a USB 3 hub plugged into the Mac's USB 3 port
  • Get a USB 3 cable if you're using an extension and a USB 3 hub
  • The difference between 70 and 90 seconds may not sound like much but it's just under 30%

All these statement seem to be true for the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB card but using a slower of faster card will probably give you different results. For now I can rest comfortably knowing my new card reader detects the card every time and I'm not losing any time by using the external reader.


Here's a photo of the desk that caused the whole problem--having to walk around the back each time I needed to reinsert the card. My new card reader is just off the back right corner of the keyboard next to the iPad stand and in front of the mouse pad.


Attached File  20140422-DSCF3260-X-T1-14 mm-blog-800x-wide.jpg   382.51KB   2 downloads

  117 Views · 15 Replies ( Last reply by jwr )


Exposure push/pull test

Yesterday, 07:16 PM

Posted by Luckshot in Fuji X Post Processing

Just for giggles I wanted to see what sort of latitude I could get out of .raf from my X-E1. I shot five frames with the same focus point, and then opened them up in Capture One. I didn't meter, just a sunny/16 manual exposure. The frames were:


1. f/16, 1/250, iso 200, 1/3 stop under exposed

2. f/16, 1/4000, iso 200, 4 stops under exposed

3. f/16, 1/1000, iso 200, 2 stops under exposed

4. f/16, 1/60, iso 200, 2 stops over exposed

5. f/16, 1/30, iso 200, 3 stops over exposed


100%, no correction:



Attached File  exp-test-c1p-orig.jpg   115.96KB   2 downloads



I then corrected the exposure by those amounts in C1. Looks good from a distance, but #2 is really hurting from the 4 stop push.


Attached File  exp-test-c1p-fit.jpg   106.73KB   2 downloads


100% from center of frame:


Attached File  exp-test-c1p-1.jpg   86.36KB   2 downloads


100% showing a variety of colors.


Attached File  exp-test-c1p-100-2.jpg   123.87KB   2 downloads


All said, it looks like for this scene, +/- two stops is pretty much ok. 

  51 Views · 0 Replies


Samyang / Rokinon 8mm - Mark I vs II

Yesterday, 06:53 PM

Posted by pechelman in Adapted Lens Discussion
Recognizing that the mark II has only been available a short while, I was curious if anyone has had a chance with the new version.

Ostensibly, the mark II is identical to the previous model save for one extra element and the associated slight increase in weight.

Any clue what the extra element is designed to do?
Reduce distortion, increase sharpness, contrast, whatever?

  66 Views · 0 Replies


Greetings from Barcelona

Yesterday, 04:26 PM

Posted by Egoskor in Members - Introductions

Hello all,

I'm back to photography since the analogical/manual times. Starting almost afresh with digital cameras & lenses (X-Pro1+18+35+60) 

I'm sure I'll learn a lot from all of you people, little by little though :-)

Hopefully I'll be able of sharing with you some shoots soon

Best regards 

  78 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Ish )


The Fuji X-T1 as a Pro Action Assignment Camera

Yesterday, 04:20 PM

Posted by Dan Bailey in X-T1 Discussion
I've been using my X-T1 alongside my Nikon D700 for most of my bigger shoots during the past two months, but last week, on the first day of a week-long assignment, my trusty Nikon went down. It seems that blowing snow from the heli got in under the plastic rotating aperture coupling ring on the front of the camera, so without a pause, I pulled out the X-T1 and kept going. Four days and almost 10,000 frames later, I ended up shooting nearly the entire job with the Fuji.
This was not an easy job either. It was a big production with lots of fast action, challenging locations, tricky lighting, off-camera flash, PocketWizards, a really wet scene with spraying water, people moving towards the camera, etc... and the X-T1 handled it all with no problems. Plus, the smaller Fuji setup allowed me to be more nimble, which helped us stay on schedule and get everything done on time. Art directors like this.
To me, this reaffirms even more that the X-T1 is indeed a full-on pro camera capable of shooting high end professional work. Six months ago, I never would have tried shooting a pro action/adventure assignment with mirrorless camera, but it seems that my world has changed.
Anyone else had similar experiences shooting high end jobs with the X-T1?

  253 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by Dobson )

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