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Recently Added Posts


Manual Focus Assist - High and Low

Today, 09:58 PM

Posted by mcjtom in X-E1 and X-E2

Could someone more experienced with MF on X-E2 explain to me the difference between High and Low settings in Focus Assist?  I see the difference, sometimes, but I can't figure out what exactly the difference is nor which one of the two settings is most useful to see what's in focus, what's not.



  43 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by beakhammer )


mobius sky

Today, 07:37 PM

Posted by raggysama in Abstracts

reflections and cloudless skies


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June 23 Sunlight

Today, 07:28 PM

Posted by trainer in 23mm f/2 (X100, X100S, X100T)

I'm sure many here have watched the sun move around your living space. Each day of the year it finds a different place to land. During the early morning sunrise and the late afternoon the sun finds the windows, drapes and shades, lands on the walls, dancing and moving. Its warm color inviting. It reminds me of the ancient temples built to so the sun's rays land on a  certain space on a particular day of the year. I had an apartment and each year the sunrise would come through the window, across the living room, across the bathroom and land on the toilet. Only for two days a year and at a certain early morning hour.


X100S, ISO 200, F4, 1/125


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Focus Switch Issues

Today, 06:47 PM

Posted by bigfuji in X100, X100S, X100T
Quick little hardware issue with my new X100S.

My X100S is supposed to be new and everything is great but the focus select switch seems like it clicks between sections.

The entire switch all together just seems strange. It never seems like it fermly clicks into place.

Anyone else have these feelings?
Fuji person

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My eldest visits: a few head shots.

Today, 05:38 PM

Posted by Arbib in Portraits, People, & Pets

Fuji X-E2

Fuji XF35 at f/4

JPG/Classic Chrome


I usually shoot RAW, but, I used JPG and Classic Chrome for a change..

I also applied a little bit of the Clarify Plugin by Topaz to add a little pop to the CC colors




CC-Lr--006-2015 May 23-DSCF9247-Jayden-Jeremy-X-E2-XF35-JPG-CC by Peter Arbib -My Gerneral Galleries, on Flickr




CC-Lr--003-2015 May 23-DSCF9244-Jayden-Jeremy-X-E2-XF35-JPG-CC by Peter Arbib -My Gerneral Galleries, on Flickr




CC-Lr--004-2015 May 23-DSCF9245-Jayden-Jeremy-X-E2-XF35-JPG-CC by Peter Arbib -My Gerneral Galleries, on Flickr

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Does the XF55-200mm Lens Jiggle?

Today, 05:10 PM

Posted by lindyhop66 in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

I've had my 55-200mm lens for 2 weeks.  As soon as I lifted it out of it's box, I noticed the lens feels like something is jiggliing or moving inside with the slightest movement I make with it.  Is this part of the OIS system or is this a problem?


I put it to use for 2 hours today and the images are wonderful.  I just want to know if this is a common experience. If not, do I need to call B&H customer service?


Thanks for any info you can give.

  117 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by beakhammer )


My thoughts on the 16mm versus the 14mm

Today, 05:06 PM

Posted by tallone6ft5us in Fuji X-Mount Lens Forum

Picked up the XF 16mm and after shooting with it here are my thoughts when compared to the very excellent 14mm.  On an X-E2 the 16mm works extremely well and should be even better on an X-T1 or X-T10. 

  • Optically - both are excellent.
  • Build Quality - the 16mm is just a better built lens due to the "WR" designation.  
  • Weight - the 14mm is the lighter lens but the 16mm is not bad to carry around when compared to full frame fast glass.
  • Focusing Speed - the 16mm is more capable of fast grab shots than the 14mm when using auto focus.  We are getting closer and closer to traditional DSLR focus speeds with the latest generation of XF lenses.
  • Aperture Ring - the 16mm is dampened well and has definite clicks where the 14mm has a looser aperture ring.
  • Focus Clutch - the 14mm is really easy to shift into manual focus mode where the 16mm is much tighter and has a more definite click due to what I would assume are the gaskets for weather sealing.  The 16mm is less prone to being accidentally shifted into manual focus than the 14mm.
  • Overall - the 16mm is a tighter feeling lens than the 14mm.

The 16mm is another killer lens from Fuji.  For me the 16mm will replace my 14mm entirely.  My 14mm will be up for sale shortly.  The attached photo was shot at 2000 ISO down at Eaton's Centre.    



  227 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by tallone6ft5us )


Can you turn off the OVF information overlay's auto brightness?

Today, 04:49 PM

Posted by josiahpugh in X100, X100S, X100T

Is this possible? In dark rooms the OVF information display is too dim for me.

  100 Views · 5 Replies ( Last reply by josiahpugh )


Douglas A-26B Invader

Today, 04:22 PM

Posted by robert in Forum Cafe - Everything Off Topic

My father rose to the rank of Lt. Col. in the USAF, he was a bomber pilot in WW2 and Korea.


I had this commission done of his B-26 Invader (née A-26B.) (He also flew the original Martin B-26 Marauder in Europe.) When the B-26 was decommissioned they renamed the Douglas A-26 to the B-26 in order to confuse people. :)


In any event, here is the commission. The 13th Bomb Squadron ('The Grim Reapers') of the 3rd Bomb Group carried out sorties at night in Korea, mostly attacking supply lines. Convoys would travel under the cover of night, so the A-26 Invader became the Night Intruder. Dad was also a weather officer, so he often forecasted the weather for the missions in which he flew. Mountainous terrain in the dark is risky business...


Attached File  a26post.jpg   62.13KB   0 downloads

  136 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by sixtygp )


New Classifieds and Feedback System!

Today, 04:05 PM

Posted by robert in About the Fuji X Forum

Due to popular demand, we've now installed a fully-integrated code for Classifieds, and Feedback.


If you have any questions as to how the system works, or suggestions to improve the configuration, please post them here.


Classifieds and Feedback are both available from the menu bar:


Attached File  menu.jpg   10KB   9 downloads


To view member feedback, hover over their name in a topic


Attached File  hover.jpg   13.54KB   8 downloads


or view their profile.


Feedback is also visible in private messages.


To leave feedback for someone, click on their profile and then click on Leave Feedback.


Attached File  leavefb.jpg   5.13KB   8 downloads


The old Buy/Sell forum is now closed to new topics, but replies to existing ads are possible.


  310 Views · 19 Replies ( Last reply by galaxy66 )


xt-1 with pancake small bag

Today, 02:52 PM

Posted by prg in Fuji X Accessories


I am looking for a very small bag to carry my xt-1 with a 27mm pancake on it.

Any recommandation?


  145 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by RockyIII )


Do you think I should remove the trash can?

Today, 02:49 PM

Posted by michelliot in General

Kind of achieves balance within the image.  Not the greatest object to include in the field.  Should have waiting for a person perhaps.



  213 Views · 10 Replies ( Last reply by RockyIII )


Walk in the woods with 35-70

Today, 02:39 PM

Posted by gduncanson in Landscape

Here's a sampling of some pictures taken today on a walk in the woods with our dog. Our dog is getting older so shes not able to run while I bike anymore, but a 30 minute walk is still a pleasure she can enjoy without getting stiff afterwards.


I've been using a Contax Carl Zeiss 35-70 lens a lot lately. The equivalent lens in XF might be the XF60, the Zeiss has an awkward zoom range but a wonderful close focusing macro mode.


Attached File  DSCF0966.jpg   990.51KB   1 downloads

  80 Views · 4 Replies ( Last reply by Miyata610 )


Wild and domestic animals

Today, 01:20 PM

Posted by stash.rudolf in Wildlife-Nature

Have visited a small ZOO with my family and here are some results:







  31 Views · 0 Replies


A Church on the mountain Rogla / Slovenia

Today, 01:15 PM

Posted by stash.rudolf in Landscape

I have taken my family for a hike so I had the time to play with Haida 10stop ND filter



  47 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by Bobby_T )

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