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Recently Added Posts


Face recognition

Today, 07:48 AM

how do I engage/disengage facial recognition on X100T?
Regards Graham ButlerFarnborough

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Decided to sell the xt10

Today, 07:31 AM

Posted by mickyc in X-T1 and X-T10

I got this thinking i would prefer using it instead of my X100T for street work  but alas  the X100T and conversion lenses win out although i may get an X30 just because lol  but i cant see anything replacing my X-T1 and 35mm simply amazing combination.

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Pro Optic 8mm 3.5 Nikon mount

Today, 07:02 AM

I have an opportunity to purchase this lens for $60. I'm just asking for anyones thoughts on this. I do have the 10-24. I know I'll need an adapter.

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Ley Hill Beer and Music Festival 2015

Today, 06:39 AM

Posted by ReporterMike in General

These are a few souvenir snaps of the first day of our local annual August Bank Holiday Beer and Music Festival.




Most are shot with the 50-140 2.8; a few with the 10-24 or Samyang 8mm fisheye.

If you're within transportation distance of Ley Hill, Bucks, it's a great day out for all the family.

All are welcome for some good times, food and great music.

If you see a guy with an X-T1 and an X-E2 around his neck, that would be me.  ;)

Ends tomorrow evening Aug 31.





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X-E2 Depth Of Field for Landscapes, Best Focus Choice Setting

Today, 04:49 AM

I'm a newbie to this Fuji X-E2 camera and a former Canon DSLR user. I cannot get my head around getting a decent understanding of checking the depth of field focus with this camera? What setting is best? Also I do not understand what CW and CCW relates to, in Set up menu of Focus ring? Cannot find anything relating to this in the Owners manual. Can anyone advise please?

  122 Views · 9 Replies ( Last reply by jamesanthony )


X-T1 + 23mm Portrait

Today, 04:14 AM

Posted by pixelements in 23mm f/1.4

Hey folks, 


I love my X-T1 + 23mm combo for portraits. It gives such a nice and interesting perspective.. I don't know how to describe it. Here is a portrait that I've shot lately. 




  51 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Js81 )


Classic Chrome settings

Today, 03:57 AM

Hi guys, have you made some changes on sharpness, color, etc. while on CC sim mode? Appreciate your feedback. Thanks

  86 Views · 1 Replies ( Last reply by imagesfromobjects )


Buttermere & Crummock Water 30.08.15

Today, 02:53 AM

Posted by fac123 in Landscape

Hi All


I went for a little wander in the Lake District this morning sun up was around 6.10am. All images taken with an X-T1 and a 10-24mm lens.


Buttermere and Crummock Water are my two favourite Lakes 


Thanks for looking :)



1/8th second shutter @ f16 ISO200



1/5th second shutter @ f14 ISO200



1/7th second shutter @ f16 ISO200



1/8th second shutter @ f16 ISO200











  114 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Pedro1948 )


'Lens Corrections' mysteries in Lightroom

Today, 02:07 AM

Hi guys,

I have a Nikon kit, and a Fuji (X-Pro1) kit. With Nikons I use Nikkor and Zeiss lenses, and with the Fuji, only Fujinons.

I use Lightroom 5.7 to develop RAWs from both kits.

When I develop a Nikon RAW in Lightroom, I can, under the "Lens Corrections" tab and in the "Basic" sub-tab, check boxes for "Enable Profile Corrections", "Remove Chromatic Aberration" and "Constrain Crop". Then, when I go to the "Profile" sub-tab, I can verify that the software has rightly detected the lens the photo was taken with (see screen capture below).



However, when I do the same as I process a Fuji RAW file, I see there are only  "lens profiles" for cameras types (not lenses), i.e., a Finepix, and the X100S and T (see screen capture below).



No sign of any of the mirrorless. Nowhere can I see I see something like a body profile by name (such as: "X-Pro1"), and a lens profile by name (such as: "Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2").

I specify that I'm not talking about film simulations, which can be found under the "Camera Calibration" tab, but about lens corrections.

Now, I have posted my query on another forum and someone pointed me to an Adobe page (namely: https://helpx.adobe....om-4.html#Fuji)that apparently says that with Fuji bodies and lenses, lens corrections are applied automatically.

If that is true, OK, why not, but then how can I choose to "unapply" them if I so desire? It seems strange that Fuji should not let photographers do as they wish, the way Nikon does?

Moreover, Adobe says on that page that only some lenses are supported, and that one should check the list below to see whether their lenses are supported or not. And when I do check, I see that the only "lenses" mentioned in that list are... well, the same Finepix, the X100S and T, and a teleconverter (see screen capture below). No sign of any Fujinon interchangeable lens...



Furthermore, when I am processing a Nikon RAW in Lightroom and I check the boxes to apply the lens corrections, even when shot with an optically nearly perfect lens, such as the Zeiss 135/2, you see small changes happening, as regards for example light falloff corrections, or distortion, etc. When processing a Fuji RAW, no such change ever happens... Does that sound normal to you?

And what happens when I shoot with a Fuji X camera but, say, a Zeiss lens, either with X mount, or with Nikon mount (with Novoflex adapter)? Is it also detected automatically, and are corrections so applied?

Using Lightroom and seeing exactly what corrections you are applying is so easy and self-explanatory with Nikon RAWs, I find it suprinsingly opaque with Fuji RAWs...

Thnaks in advance for the enlightenment!

  251 Views · 20 Replies ( Last reply by clipper )


(Macro) Coming for lunch

Today, 02:01 AM

Posted by SilvioR in Photos

I tried to shot this bumblebee in flight while reaching the flower.

I focused on the stem with a 300mm and tubes and waited. I missed many shot because the bumblebees were coming from different angles, but got also some keepers.






Incidentally  the flower is an Aconitum, one of the most poisonous flower of alpine region (and possibly elsewhere). Six grams may cause heart failure. At medical concentration it has many uses among which to alleviate pain from arthrosis and the like.



  71 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by jknights )


X-T1 35 1.4

Today, 01:28 AM

X-T1  35 1.4  

FULL SIZE http://fujifilm-x.ru...a/dasha.12119/ 

  112 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by YogiMik )


X-T1 35 1.4

Today, 01:27 AM

X-T1  35 1.4  

FULL SIZE http://fujifilm-x.ru...a/dasha.12119/ 

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highest acceptable ISO on camera flash

Today, 12:00 AM

Whats the highest ISO setting you guys feel comfortable with when using handheld on camera TTL flash?


For example if I want a correctly exposed scene with low ambient lighting and I wish to use a set aperture, the SS and ISO will change to compensate. However because I am shooting handheld I dont want the shutter speed going too low so in those situations the ISO gets bumped up (Im ok with going down to 1/8sec sometimes as the flash can freeze any motion) but I'm finding that at higher ISO settings (above 1600) it gets a bit messy (colours etc).



  92 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by Radiant Light )


The X-T1's Electronic Shutter Sucks!

Yesterday, 11:48 PM

Posted by Fenwoodian in X-T1 and X-T10
A couple of weeks ago I took photos at the USA Barefoot Waterskiing Championships in western Wisconsin.  I brought along two camera systems.
First, I shot my Nikon D7100 at its' fastest speed (1/8,000th) using its' mechanical shutter.  I got over 200 super sharp "keeper" images (see example below).
I also took about the same number of photos using my Fuji X-T1 camera.  I was so excited to use this camera  because it has combination mechanical and an electronic shutter.  I shot the electronic shutter at crazy fast shutter speeds (1/24,000?) that were much faster then the Nikon's 1/8,000th max speed.  The Fuji images looked fine on when viewed on the back of the X-T1.  But when I viewed these hundreds of Fuji images on my computer screen back home, all of the skiers were so terribly distorted that they looked like alien beings from another planet.  I did not have a single image from the Fuji using its' electronic shutter that was worth keeping.
I'm not happy!  I lost all of those terrific shots I took with the X-T1.  Had I known ahead of time that the X-T1's electronic shutter is no good, I would not have used the X-T1 for these fast action water ski photos.
Don't get me wrong, I like my Fuji X system and plan to keep it.  But based on this experience, I will never again waste my time with shooting the X-T1 using it's electronic shutter.  Why the heck did Fuji put an electronic shutter in this camera?  Was it for marketing purposes?
Have any of you actually used the electronic shutter on fast moving objects?   Was your experience the same as mine?

  339 Views · 11 Replies ( Last reply by lowercasef )


Police brass band

Yesterday, 11:42 PM

Posted by demoz in General

Voigtländer Ultron 50mm, f1.8




Soligor 105, f2.8






Thanks for looking.

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