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Greetings! Another Sf Bay Area newb

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by ValveTubeHead, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. ValveTubeHead

    ValveTubeHead Member

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    Sf Bay Area

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    Hello all! -new x100s guy.
    Looks like a lot of fresh x blood influx with the current x100s shark frenzy... Can you blame us? The enthusiasm is contagious. I think a lot of dslr folks are looking to lighten the load with walk-around friendly kit...delivering the goods, and then some.

    forum appears an eclectic mix of fixated, spec heads and mature, self indulgent steady hands with eagle eyes and discriminating vocabulary. I hope the signal to noise ratio stays high as some of the new gear buzz wears off.

    Personally, I'm looking for additional motivation and subjects that will inspire me. Having a great career and occupation is a blessing, but exercising untapped brain matter is quite a therapeutic luxury. I love the technical stuff, but its less meaningful to me than it use to be... To me now, the best technology is almost transparent, simple and elegant; if accessible, drink it in with a big appetite and wear it like a favorite pair of comfortable pajamas.

    I've dabbled in motorsport photography and found paddock area shooting more fun than panning for tire&wheel blur or the odd crash & burn. Candid shots of the ballet and dance in preparation for certain forms of racing really is compelling to me; a huge range of color and emotion floats around the garage areas. It's great fun to meet some of your sports heroes and a thrill to be close enough to the action to try to make sure you're not part of it! Laguna Seca is fantastic!

    I shoot a lot of stationary plant life, macro and micro for work, and that carries over to similar subject matter after work. If science weren't a career for me, I think I'd draw more inspiration from this line of photo study. Biology is so complex and wonderful, it's information and discovery overload most of the time!

    I think I want to visit and document landmarks in my families local history before they disappear or fade too much. Many of the storytellers in my parents generation are eager to talk about San Francisco neighborhoods they grew up in, etc. It's just seems right to bring more of it together, with purpose and colorful personal perspective (multi-media). I think the x100s will just flourish in this environment; street views, intimate conversation and maybe some modest artistic latitude... A semi formal project plan or draft will probably serve me well. hah!

    Thanks for the inspiring stories and examples of x-series capabilities, Cheers!
  2. LCB

    LCB Member

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    San Diego CA

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    Welcome Matt. Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing a bit of your background. It nice to *meet* you.
  3. pictureted

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    Redwood City, CA

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    Welcome from another X100s owner from way down in Redwood City.

    flickr - pictureted

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