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xt-2 and fujifilm app/wifi issue

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by teefus, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. teefus

    teefus Well-Known Member

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    louisville, ky

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    anyone else having problems using the fuji film app/wifi with their xt-2? never had issues with the xt-1. using a samsung s6 with all updates for phone and camera (until the new firmware today). i get the "problem connecting" message on my phone. it looks like the phone recognizes and starts using the cameras wifi but then immediately shuts the link down. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks. Craig
  2. mnflycaster

    mnflycaster Premium Member

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    Minnesota USA

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    I am having issues as well.... My X-T2 has sporadic issues with the Fujifilm Instax sp-1 printer. (yes I have location on... online advice for androids that helped a bit with the printer... still sporadic)
    It is actually much worse with the Fuji instax printer... Go figure... a fuji product not connecting with another fuji product....
    My X-T1 has no problems at all. I am hoping that the firmware release that is coming out soon will fix it... not holding my breath...

    I am thinking that the wi-fi might be a bit buggy on the X-T2 from all of the posts I have seen on the internet.
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