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My camera bag trinity is complete after acquiring this lovely messenger bag from Manfrotto

1. Neewer Sling bag -> link to review

2. Cheerwing Backpack -> link to review
3. Manfrotto Bumblebee M-10 Messenger bag

CAMERA setup:
Fujifilm X-T2 + 16mm f1.4 + Veritcal Power Booster (main lens on camera and the VPB always stays on)
Also in the bag the EF-X500 flash, Zoom H2n external mic, Manfrotto tabletop tripod kit 209, 492 long. Additional batteries, headphones, Zeiss lens cleaning cloths.

Very satisfied with the size of this bag. Did not want something too big so decided to go with the Medium size model (they do have a large model). Main concern with the bags I have been looking for is if they can easily fit my X-T2 with the vertical power booster..... and that they have a quick access compartment to the camera that also can easily fit this X-T2 setup. The first two bags listed above do that perfectly. The specs of the Manfrotto Bumblebee M-10 can be found on the amazon or Manfrotto page - for more info watch the video and hope you like it. This bag is a keeper!

Link to AMAZON

VIDEO review:

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Just over a month ago I gifted myself with a Zhiyun Crane to use with my X-T2! It's taking a bit of practice to get it down, but I'm still really pleased with the X-t2 video capabilities! I thought I'd share these two examples with you all!

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I just received my new 50mm f2 today, to pair it up with my 35mm f2, I also have a Ricoh GR that use as my personal 18mm.

I love the performance of my 35mm f2, and It looks like the 50mm f2 is on par. But I feel like the seperation as far as FOV difference is not as big as I woud have thought (25mm difference). I thought about trading my 35mm for the 23mm f2, but Im afraid that the 23mm f2 might not be as good a performer as the 35mm f2 as Ive heard some people mention.

Anyone else own both 35mm and 50mm and how do you guys feel about the difference in FOV? Are they different enough to own both lens?
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I just processed some pictures from Boston yesterday, and they ended up evolving on my screen to have (what I would call) "postcard style". I am happy with them as they turned out, and thought maybe an open thread would be appealling.
These were with an X-A1 and the 18-55 zoom (my least-used lens!).

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Ho to all the members.i recently got a used xe2 and the count on my pics read986-5680.does anyone know what the first three numbers represent?
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For those of you who remember my original post and my project to try and photograph the Jewish Burqa Sect in Jerusalem

Jerusalem for the Street Photographer

Today, I threw total caution aside and photographed a Burqa woman face on....

DSCF9266T copy.jpg
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Blackpool on Lancashire's Fylde coast is one of my favourite places for a photo-walk. Armed with a flask of tea, a few sandwiches and an unobstrusive camera - it's a great place for photography as long as the Summer crowds are avoided.

This was taken with my X10 a few weeks ago. Processed in Lightroom and Photoshop CC.


The Seaside.jpg
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If any forum members are interested, please enjoy this video put together by Martin Hill. Damien and Martin are planning another adventure in 2018.

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Albany, NY
X100S,WCL, F5.6, ISO 200
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I have been using my T2 in BW film emulation since a bought it. As I generally work with RAW I can process later either in colour or BW.

Today I was shooting some very colourful scenery and switched to a colour mode.

The VF shows everything with a strong red hue, or a lack of G & B. The RAWs are perfect but the JPGs as seen in the VF.

I must have some colour setting incorrect but can't find it!? :-(

B&W JPGs produce correctly.

Would appreciate any ideas on where the problem may lie.


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I have been using AE BKT on my Pro 2 and T2 for HDR.

I think a recent firmware change has changed the way it works on the Pro2. When you select AE BKT I remember it asked for +- f-stops. I usually use 1 2/3. It doesn't ask any more. Where can I set the range for the apertures?

Or am I confusing myself with other X cameras? My T2 is set to 1 2/3 stops.


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In case anyone is interested :)

Silver XF23mm: £309.99 (7 left)
Silver XF35mm: £300 (3 left)
Silver XC50-230: £209 (7 left)

Each one has 2 years guarantee and extra 2 years for £15

Fujifilm 39mm Protector Filter £14.99 (3 left)

Fujifilm | Photography Offers | John Lewis
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X-Pro2, Revuenon 55mm f1.2

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Walking around town a few weeks ago, I came across a local Morris side giving it their best.

This fellow is called Brent, he's as nice a bloke as you could wish to meet and he's quite fond of the odd glass of cider. The team he's a member of is called Stone the Crows and the style of dance they perform is known as Border Morris because of its origins in the English counties that border Wales.

Fuji X10 with all processing done in Photoshop CC and Nik Efex.


Border Dancer.jpg
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I am looking to get a Nikon lense to put on my Fuji XT10, Do I have to get Metabones for better quality control or are there others I could consider which also may save me money? I also notice Metabones has a G & F version I am assuming that the G is for the new lenses is that correct?
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Because sometimes you just have to shoot the shit. MonkeyShit.jpg
Shot with X100T.
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Manila Bay, the place where every aspiring Filipino landscape photographer goes to practice. It was a beautiful afternoon when the sun was setting and illuminating the rocks and city.

XT1, 10-24

MANILA BAY 1  (1 of 1) copy 2.jpg
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I was in central Washington early this week and drove by a fence off area with several rodeo bulls in it. I had to stop and take a few snaps. Taken with the X-T2 and the 100-400mm lens
You want some of me--1.JPG I'm hot..-1.JPG Just Try It-1.JPG
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Just got back from a Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Crystal Bridges museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.


... and a few more if you follow the link ...
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Is it now possible to use the Metz Mecablitz 400 off camera, using a wireless trigger? I have previously asked about getting in to using flash on the Fuji, as a total novice in relation to flash, but the Metz could not be used other than on camera at that time, so I did nothing about it. I had also considered the Nissin i60, with the Air Commander module, but was put off by the fact that firmware updates cannot be done by the user, and I had previously had to pay a £35 fee to do this with an i40 (which I used briefly, then sold). The Metz offers user firmware update facility, which makes it more attractive for future-proofing, and I know it has just had a firmware update issued, but I am not sure if this now allows off camera flash, and, if it does, what trigger would be compatible. I'd appreciate a 'Dummies Guide from anyone.
I thought I would post a few pics from my visit to the Taipei botanical garden

1) Walk in the taipei botanical garden with my daughter (armed w / Ricoh GR) as a way to continue her interest in photography. I was snapping with xt-2 and 18-55 and didn't think to bring my recently acquired 55-200. Anyhow when we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised that the lily flowers were blooming. With that there were a ton of folks shooting. I these guys were shooting some flowers that grow in the trees and at times new folks would arrive and try and elbow there way to the perfect spot. I never thought photography was a contact sport

2) Nice touristy photo with he very capable kit lens 18-55

Thanks for looking


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I just bought a B+W polarizing filter (XSPro MHC circular) for my X100T.

I assume this was covered before but I couldn't find it: how can you use a lens hood (I use the JJC clone) with the polarizing filter, given that you need to be able to rotate the filter?

Any ideas?
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I'm just starting out and would like to build a profile in a theme of international news, ideally for images to be picked up by agencies, media outlets or NGOs. It's about profile building not $ at the moment.

I know this is a bold and possibly foolish aim.

I'm not looking for storage. I need to be able to tell a bit of a story. I would like to link up with others and become part of a community in my niche.

I've read some previous posts. What about Flickr, Tumblr, 500px, a dedicated website or other blogging platform like Wordpress?
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Just got back from Sri Lanka. Wonderful part of the world.

Shot with X-E2 and Contax Zeiss 85mm 2.8 MMG. Slight crop and processed with Silver Effex.
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Hello All,

Made this picture while walking through Antwerpen
With the X-T2 and the FX 16-55 F2.8

1/160 sec
ISO 400
16 mm
Under expo 1.3

Greeting Jakke

FXT29805 v2 FF.jpg
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I spend a lot of my time walking, looking and shooting on the streets of Vancouver. Gastown is one of my favourite neighbourhoods, where tourists and locals mix, and it was there I encountered this fun juxtaposition. Life imitating art.
The print in the window is by British Columbia First Nations artist Andy Everson.

Shot on X-T1, 18-55

Check me out of Flickr at

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The flash/Radio transceiver TT350-f is coming and firmware for the AD200 is out. If all goes well I think all else will follow soon.
From the pdf file firmware update for the
AD200 (aka Flashpoint Evolv).

Update: one of our fellow member pointed out that Adorama is taking pre-order for Flashpoint V860II-F and also the TT685-F

AD200 Firmware Instructions

1. Please update the firmware with Godox firmware update software G2. G2 can be downloaded on the official website. GODOX PHOTO EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD Download

2. Firmware Version Checking: Press the “Mode” button and switch the flash on. The firmware update version (e.g. Ver X.X) will be displayed on the LCD panel.

3. Version Instructions:


Updated Contents



1. Compatible with Godox wireless Olympus/Panasonic X system and Fuji X system;

2. Add the detection and application of separate LED head (AD-L);

3. Optimize the detection of LED head.


Note: For more details, please download the newest instruction manual on the official website
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Photographed with a Sony bridge camera a couple of years ago.

On holiday in Austria, I spotted this box outside our hotel - got some very strange looks when taking the photo!


A Boxful of Colour.jpg
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We had a brief cloudburst yesterday and when I went out to walk my dog afterward I couldn't help but notice this lovely flower with raindrops on it sitting in the bucket at the foot of the stairs to my building. I don't know why, but shooting flowers with large amount of magenta always gives me a terrible time, but I'm reasonably pleased with how these came out.

Fuji X-T1 w/Minolta Rokkor-X 50mm f3.5 Macro
ISO500, 1/60, f11
Processed in Capture One & Photoshop

Fuji X-T1 w/Kiron 105mm f2.8 Macro
ISO500, 1/60, f16
Processed in Capture One & Photoshop
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I always look for textures in surfaces
X-E1, ISO 200, 1/750 second, aperture priority, average metering, 18-55mm kit lens, f3.6 at 34mm Processed in Lightroom 6.8
General Store 20170618 006-Edit-2-2.jpg
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Sign up for educational pricing.

Eligibility Requirements
  • ✓ You must be a U.S.A. based educator or student in an accredited collegiate-level institution, in relevant programs.
  • ✓ (High School Educators of approved programs are also eligible).
  • ✓ A valid school issued ID.
  • ✓ Your current curriculum, class schedule or transcript.
  • ✓ Purchase to a US shipping address.
Once approved as a member of B&H's EDU Advantage, you will be eligible to make purchases through their EDU Advantage Website

examples of current discounts:

23/2 - $100
27/2.8, 35/1.4, 60/2.4, - $200
23/1.4, 56/1.2- $250
14/2.8, 16/1.4, 50-140, 100-400 - $300
56 APD - $400
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Soft explosion

Into the sun

The last leaves standing

The hanged light
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I may have posted this before in 2015 (can't remember, getting old) but I'm posting here so's to see how it'll work out using Flickr.

And because it's one of my favourite X10 shots!


[​IMG]Winter Trees by Stephen Morris, on Flickr
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My name is André. I'm new to these forums but changed to Fuji about a year ago when I sold my Nikon gear to become the proud owner of a Fujifilm X-Pro2 which I cherish and love.

Unfortunately, a couple of months ago or so, my wife managed to drop my X-Pro2 at home :eek: and despite a small leather half case, the damn battery latch bursted open and broke the plastic piece which keeps it closed.

This is no big deal at all, and I've been using my Fuji by simply placing a piece of cardboard to keep it shut but I'm now living in Dublin, and every single camera shop I go to, just want to ship the camera to the UK and charge me accordingly. Even worse, the whole procedure will take weeks.

Is there any place online where I can buy these specific part? I would gladly fix it myself.

Kind regards and thanks for any help you can provide,

Glad to meet you all,

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