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I have just gotten into Fuji mirroless with the purchase of an xt10 and a couple of light lenses (18mm + 27mm) and a leica m adapter. One of the few things that bothers me is that since there is only an EVF, when I pick up the camera to frame and turn it on, there is always a slight lag before the EVF comes into view. So my question is: for cameras with the hybrid OVF\EVF, if I would just leave it in EVF mode would I always have a viewfinder and frame when raising the camera to my eye, even while off or powering up? I assume so but wanted to confirm. Thanks!…
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Taken yesterday at Nymans with X-H1 and 16-55 f2.8 natural light with TT685F fill flash
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Is there anyway to up the contrast on the X100F, or any other Fuji camera for that matter?
I’m looking for a high contrast monochrome jpg out of camera. No editing.
Thank you…
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We are headed to North Dakota for a week to visit our daughter/husband and our grandchildren (all 8 of them!) Most of the time will be spent around their small town, although we will have a trip to Roosevelt National Park which is only about 30 minutes from their home. Also 2 days down to Mount Rushmore. I really want to pack light for this trip, so decided on just the 2 camera bodies (T1, T2) and 3 lenses ... 18-55, 55-200, and the 35/1.4 ... along with Nisin i40 flash ... and of course all the extra 'stuff'. Although I do have several backpacks, and two Think Tank rollers, I decided to go even smaller. I have a small insert for the gear, which then goes into the small Samsonite under-seat roller. It does fit under the seat of airlines, even the small regional planes .. as well as overhead. (cell phone images)
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My grandfather loved photography. He’d always roll up with this bag carrying his beloved Agfa. When I’d visit he’d bring out the bag and produce the camera like it was the Crown Jewels! He’d get me as a kid to write down speed and aperture settings when he was shooting. We spent a day trying to take a photo of a dart touching a balloon before it popped. We would rush to the darkroom and get 24 exposures of a dart hanging midair .
Now he’s gone I have this bag. It was his prized possession, which no one in the family seemed to know! His camera gear was the only thing I asked for. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy ( which I probably am). I want to put my Fuji gear on it, but don’t want to damage the bag and the memories. What do you think? Would you use it?
Took this with the legendary 23 1.4, a lens pop would’ve loved as he only had the 35mm
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I have this lens (XF mount version) for about 4 month, and like how it performs on Fuji X-E2s.
The only thing I was missing - is click-stop aperture. Today I've finally made that mod : )
It's quite simple if you have proper tools and repair skills, so including related article to use:
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XT-2 1000-400 @ 400 ISO 800 f5.6 1/500
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I've photographed this location many times and never found the sea to be as active as today.
I have had the 18-135 lens for several years and have neglected it for the primes. After using it today I'll keep it handy for future use.
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Is it possible to send lenses to Fuji in order to tighten up the aperture rings? Has anybody had any luck with this?
I own the 14mm, 23mm 1.4 and 56mm 1.2, and when pulling them out of the bag, the aperture changes every time, its really quite annoying…
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Just a simple candid street style snap taken at London UK of a very common site these days of someone totally engrossed in their cell phone texting.
X-T2, 55-200mm Lens, 1/30th @ F6.4, ISO-640, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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(sorry about the title, should've been "silver")
Hi folks,
I'm about to pull the plug on a bundle X-E3 + 23mm/f2. I already own an X-T2 and would like to try the X-E3 when I don't want to/can't carry the X-T2 with heavy lenses. Everything I own from Fuji is black.
I thought maybe for once buy a silver camera, like in the olds film days : ). The best deals on bundles include a black 23mm lens. My question for you, silver owners, is how does this (silver camera + black lens) look, good, bad? Should I pay more to get the silver lens? what do you think? The camera has that black front so I am not sure it makes a huge difference.
On the other hand, all the other X-lenses I have are black, so maybe I should just stick to that color and forget it....
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Just started plying around with ON1 to see if it is a worthwhile substitute for Lightroom. Seems to be a possibility aside from the multitude of gimmicks that are included. Still have to research more.
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As this thread title suggests, is there a way to stop the X100F from autofocusing when you depress the shutter button? And I mean TOTALLY deactivating it. I’ve programmed the button on the optical/EVF toggle switch to serve as AF Lock…
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X-Pro2, 35mm WR F2.2, 1/3500sec, ISO-200, ACROS + R sim (Kevin Mullins settings)
AstorFuji 35mm - 20002.jpg
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Story - I was sitting on a bench with those holes in it and had my camera sitting next to me with a quick strap on, so it was slinged on my body. I was waiting for the reception to start for a wedding. When I decided to stand up and head to the reception I heard this loud CRACK. At first, I thought my lens cap dropped, but when I looked at my camera that was the result. My theory - I had the peak design snap caps attached in place of the camera strap, and it fell in one of the small bench holes and yanked my camera apart. I didn't even know this could happen to cameras, it's almost comical. You'd think the strength of the camera would keep me in place. REST IN PEACE :(
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The blooms don't last long so I grabbed a few snaps while I could with my X-T10. This one is taken with the 18-55mm at 55mm, f4.0, 1/500 (it was windy), ISO 2000.
Full-sized file and two more at Please login or register to view links
Ethereal Iris.jpg
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I have a x-2 with a 27mm lens and hood that I am carrying around as my "always with me" camera, which I would like to protect more than just keeping it within my jacket! Am thinking of a soft ever ready type case or a neoprene type sleeve, something small and discrete. Any suggestions please?…
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Found a 2.0 TC at such a killer price that I figured “why not?” :)
Nice clear night. At 400mm with the TC being at F11 probably doesn’t matter much since the moon is so bright. Will try stopped down on a tripod tonight just for fun.
ISO 200. SS 1/43 according to Exif data. JPEG with a quick once over in Snapseed
I think IBIS really makes a handheld shot like this possible and love having it as an option.
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"Orange, dogs and monks"
Fuji X-T2 + XF35mm f1.4 R
You can follow my work here:
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X-T2 & 10-24 mm
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First of all this being my first post hi everybody! Also thank you in advance to those who'll take the time to read and reply. :)
I shoot just for fun and I used to have a Nikon D7100. My genre is definitely landscape, and of course family photos. Having a young kid and not much time for landscape photography any more - hopefully that'll come back at some point! - last October I decided to switch to the Fuji X-T20, also with the idea of having less - heavy - stuff to carry around. Lens-wise currently I only own the standard 18-55mm.
I must say the X-T20 is indeed a pretty nice camera, small, great to handle, highly customizable, nothing to complain there. Along with the 18-55mm lens it seems to produce good to great results when dealing with family photos, you know the usual one million portraits and candid shots of kid, wife, and various relatives.
When I switched, though, I thought I would still shoot some landscapes every now and then and this is where I'm not particularly happy with the camera. As far as I can see all landscape photos I took so far lack in sharpness to a certain degree, I'm not talking about fairly big foreground elements but those far away small details like trees, building, etc. that I used to get. With the X-T20 all such details seem to be slightly blended together and get confused, without any actual sharp edge.
I know that X-T20 sharpness is a topic that has been addressed many many times throughout the internet and I did read about that from a number of different sources but I just couldn't draw any conclusion. So I'm now simply looking for opinions here.
These are a couple of landscape photos I recently shot.

Do they look acceptably sharp to you?
Are my expectations just too high?
Is the X-20 not good for landscapes, even though this seems pretty unlikely?
Is the 18-55mm maybe not the right lens for landscapes?
Am I simply doing something wrong?
Again thank you in advance for your help!
DISCLAIMER: the posted examples suck, please check sharpness only! :p
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Just looking at the connector panel on my new X-T2 to answer another question on here, and I notice that the little door doesn't close properly, it sort of springs back up a bit when closing pressure is removed. I wonder if this will impact on it's splash-proof integrity? Should I send it back, it's only a week old?
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X100F six shot stitch.
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Saw this handsome bird at the zoo. It may be a king vulture, not sure.
Fuji XE2 + XC50-230mmF4.5-6.7
A few more from my zoo safari can be seen on my SmugMug site <Please login or register to view links>…
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Not a spectacular shot by any means, but you don’t see too many C’s or N’s in the sky right?
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Have a great day! :)
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Just bought an XT-20 - ay three - and am loving it...But I don't see any focus points. I saw them once on day one. Now I don't. What have I turned off or on that has taken them away…
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Is there a better cap option for the crushed can hood for the 35 F1.4? The rubber one tends to pop off and I'm going to end up losing it.
I saw something on YouTube a while back that showed a much more secure solution…
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Shot with X-T20 and 'kit' 16-50 lens at 16mm. Cropped as a panorama, tho just one shot…
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A cacophony of colors (XF80 Macro)
X-T2 | XF80 | XF2.xTC
In the second post of this topic more photos!
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Went out this afternoon to photograph Kingfishers having noted where one of their feeding perches was yesterday. Set up the camera 1/4000 shutter to freeze it, auto Aperture and ISO.
Before pressing the shutter half way, ISO showed 12800 then jumped down to the required setting when I half pressed shutter. All well, however, every so often the shutter would suddenly jump up to 1/6200 although "set" to 1/4000. Also, the ISO kept jumping all over the place and I couldn't "set" it with the dial.
Last week I updated the firmware to 4.0 but have since reverted using 4.01. I also carried out a "restore settings" using X-Acquire. Could all these changes have made the camera unstable?
Seems OK at the moment but missed several Kingfisher shots, this one was sitting when I tried to fire the shutter Grrrrr!!
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I drove out to the Alabama Hills in the Eastern Sierra of California to do some Milky Way photography with my X-T2. Gah...cloudy! So, I drove south about an hour and found clear skies. I spent about 5 hours shooting the Milky Way in the middle of nowhere with very little foreground interest. I shot with the following lenses:

  • Rokinon 21mm F/1.4

  • Rokinon 12mm F/2.0

  • Fujinon 18-55mm

My intention was to track and stack at least 10 images from each lens. Here is the result from the X-T2 with the Rokinon 21mm. The sky is 10 stacked images, ISO 800, F/2.8, 2 min for each image. The ground is a single image. There is a bit of greenish air glow in the image since it represents 20 minutes of exposure time.
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Did something today I've never done before -- submitted some straight out of camera jpegs from my X-T20 as part of the selection to accompany "Footloose in the Northeast Georgia Foothills," an article I wrote for Georgia Backroads magazine.
2. Healan Mill_resize.JPG
5. Banks County Courthouse, Homer_resize.JPG
13. Ragsdale Mill, Banks Co._resize.JPG
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All taken with the X-T2 + XF 18-55mm, yesterday was the London to Brighton Mini car run some folk came as far as Melbourne Australia just to take part. More in the reply.
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So went out with the X-T2 + XF 18-55mm to snap some of the London to Brighton Mini car run, I was enjoying it then I got run over by Action