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Need recommendations for a messenger/sling bag (don't want to carry backpacks... always scared about theft) that could carry the GFX with (non-63/2.8) lens attached plus an extra lens plus the Godox AD200 (or another lens)?
Appreciate any input. Tnx in advance!…
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I am going on a trip to Japan. Lots of walking... I have a descent back pack but I need it for personal staff and I want the camera + one lens to be accessible at all times. Shoulder back will be uncomfortable with a back pack + mine is too large for what I want to carry.
XT-2+16-55mm lens +grip are big and heavy so I am looking for an alternative like a belt /waste pack or front pack to carry my gear.
Any practical advises?…
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Hi everybody and thanx for the help and the knowledge sharing!
I'm wondering which camera would be better for me and for
-street travel
-kids 2 yrs (indoor and outdoor) and family portraits
On the 2nd hand market XE2s and XT10 are around 300 dollars; X100s and Xt1 a bit more
What would you suggest me to buy?
Thanx again…
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X-T2 and XF55-200mm last week.
Thanks for looking,
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I bought a lens from FujiX-Forum classified (very happy with it), and thought it was a good idea to add it to my registration list on the Fuji Site (here in USA). I realize there is no warranty but it might be helpful with a repair issue or if it goes missing. However, the first required item is the Model, and everything I have tried is always immediately wiped out. No explanation; no help.
I have used the obvious XF23mmF1.4R and various model numbers I have found on online stores (eg B&H). Always immediately erased. How would they even know at this point that the lens isn't a new purchase? I have entered new and (I think) used lenses and cameras there in the past, but this one is a no go. Any ideas?…
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This is a comparison I don't see online, probably as they are different FOV, however, forgetting the FOV, I am interested to know how these two compare.
Looking at the Fuji site, it seems landscapers and night sky shooters favour the 16, while street and party people go for the 23.
My questions are;
Do they render differently.
Does one have more clarity than the other.
Is there one that is better as an all rounder (my all rounder requirements are: family, Landscapes, night skies, travel, people, architecture and street (in order of importance first, but all important)).
As regards FOV I can generally get closer or further away, so that's not an issue.
I only have one lens, the 56mm f1.2, but I am looking at one of these two to compliment it.
I previously had the 35 f1.4 which is a brilliant lens, but replaced it with the 56.
I also had the 18mm f2 which rendered beautiful photos, and I took some of my best photos with it, however, I am looking at making canvas and prints (to raise money for local charities) which I don't think the 18 was suitable for.
Let me know your views, even if you just have one of these lenses…
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I went on a two hour 'photo walk' thru downtown Reading PA earlier this week. I don't consider myself a street shooter of people, but do enjoy taking pictures of unique building architecture, etc. I normally shoot with two cameras, but decided to just walk around with the X-T2 and the 18-55. Although some of the areas I walked through were a bit rough, I did find most people friendly. I liked the colors of an apartment building and wanted to take a pic, but I noticed a man in the window, so I pointed to my camera and gave him a look like 'ok'? He gave me the thumbs up and I took his picture. I've also included a 100 percent crop. The verticals are a bit off. I also included a bit over the top hdr shot of the Goggle Works. The Goggle Works is an old factory (made goggles during WWII) that they converted to an art studio, as well as offices for various art partners. My wife works for a non-profit in the building. The good news is that within a couple of months there will be a pub in the building - I'll visit more often :)
C3XT206425 1.jpg
XT206383_Painterly 2.jpg
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If there is one thing I have learned since moving to the PNW, its that the mountains are STEEP. I made a stop into NCNP a couple weeks ago for a few days, spending a night down in this basin (Pelton) below Cascade Pass.
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I purchased three SD cards from this seller. They were listed as "new". When they arrived I found that at least two of them had been previously used. One in a Nikon and the other I am not sure about but it already has a file structure from some make of camera. The third one might be new.
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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,
This summer saw me traveling through China for about four weeks. The route was from Hong Kong to Beijing via Kunming, Yangshuo, Dali, Lijiang, Chengdu, Xi'an, Pingyao and Datong. Quite a lot of travel (to much) for such a short time. But very interesting.
I took my X-Pro2 and four lenses, 14mm/f2.8, 23mm/f2, 35mm/f1.4 and 50mm/f2 with me. Initially I couldn´t decide to use my 56mm/f1.2 or to go for something lighter. Well, initially I couldn´t decide at all what lenses to bring and I was quite stressed out. This is something that usually doesn´t happen to me, very strange. But it was a very good decision to take these lenses and to get the light and weatherproofed 50mm lens instead of the 56mm brick, even if I really like my 56mm lens. Mostly I used the 23mm and the 50mm lenses as they were really light and easy to travel with and could cope with the rain. The 14mm and 35mm often stayed at the hotel. I can imagine to travel with only the 23mm and the 50mm the next time. But I wish Fuji would give the 18-55 kit lens some WR love, this would be my favourite for traveling light.
Weather was monsoon season. Never before have I exposed a camera to so much heavy rain and humidity as the X-Pro2 with the 23mm and 50mm lenses. Several times I was fearing for my camera as I was caught in rainstorms I would describe as torrential downpour. But it survived without any apparent problems. Humidity always was a problem. Hotels with air conditioning meant some warming up of lenses and camera every morning before I could take a picture. And then the rain again. Did I tell you that it rained cats and dogs a lot? Well done Fuji, or maybe I was just lucky.
I will fill this post with photos during the next days. Hope you like them :)
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One of my best clients is the City of Grapevine, Texas and recently they had me document their 25+ city parks. This spanned about 8 weeks and close to 800 shots almost all of them taken with the 10-24mm lens. As a pro, I make more money from this lens than any other in my bag. I thought you guys might want to see what this lens can do shooting in a small suburban town in Texas. All but 3 (I think) of these were taken with the 10-24.
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Teaser shot...
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Noticed there was a slight discount being offered on the adapter so figured it was cheap enough that even I didn't care for it, it would be like a fart in the wind.
Anyone else have some playtime with one of these yet?
Hopefully, I'll have some time to get some samples together this weekend. [​IMG]
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Another sunday afternoon long walk at sunnyside-Toronto,kinda overcast sunny afternoon I had ND-filter on Canon G1o-
plus I figured they would do for B&W…
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Just received delivery of the Flashpoint Li-on R2 flash (AKA Godox V860II-F) and Flashpoint R2 transmitter (AKA Godox X1T-F) for Fujifilm from Adorama Camera. You may want to follow this posting I will be doing test with the AD360 mark 1, V850 mark 1, Xt16 controller, XTR16s receiver, and R2 flash & controller. The goal is to get R2 flash, R2 controller and Mark 1 equipment to all do HSS.
Update: It looks very promising image SOOC Jpg of flash alone was taken at f/6.4 SS 1/8000 with V850 Mark1 off camera set to HSS. Setup R2 transmitter in XT-2 hotshoe, Xt16 in hotshoe of the R2 transmitter XTR16s pluged into V850 Mark1.
Update 2:Godox Mark 1's it all works. In HSS V850 M1 and AD360 M1 with with above setup. I hate to sound like a infomercial but, there's more. All images taken at f/6.4 SS 1/8000 in set of 3 same imges SOOC jpg no edit. image 1 in set of 3 AD360 M1 camera left. Image 2 in set of 3 Flashpoint R2 flash off camera TTL HSS. Image 3 of 3 AD 360 off camera left and Flashpoint R2 off camera in TTL HHS. I put the AD360 setting in group B and R2 flash in group A. It all worked!!! The R2 transmitter knows not send the fire signal to pass-though on the pre-flash in TTL to the XT16 transmitter. To be clear the Mark 1 equipment will do HSS not TTL. But will work with the Mark 2 equipment that can do TTL & HSS. You will still have to set the output of the Mark 1 equipment.
View attachment 110535
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I want to re set my X-T2 back to factory settings, but I cant find anything through the menu's
how to do this ?
Does anyone know how its done ?
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This Chinese made, manual focus lens is available in various mirrorless mounts, mine is Fuji-X bayonet. It's nicely made in aluminium with (I think) brass helicoids, and perfectly damped, with focus ring and aperture having just the right amount of resistance. There's no slack in either and the lens looks and feels like a quality item. The packaging reflects the boutique feel, with an upmarket Western design not unlike Fuji's own silky black boxes.
The 25mm 1.8 is about the same size as an Industar 50mm 2.8, for anyone familiar with old Soviet rangefinder lenses, projecting forward slightly more than the width of my X-Pro1 body, with the tapered-in body style of Fuji's 23mm and 35mm f2 native lenses. Operation is better than any Russian lens I've owned, more German in feel than anything. The finish is virtually identical to the X-Pro, and aesthetically a good match.
Performance is slightly old fashioned to anyone used to modern digital lenses, sharper in the centre than the edges wide open, improving as the lens is stopped down before diffraction is apparent at f16. Out of focus details are always attractive, with none of the background busyness of some lenses and an almost Leica-esque feel to contrast and definition. Given a suitable editing pre-set, it would give a very good imitation of a classic film rangefinder optic, offering plenty of detail without the biting contrast of a modern lens.
25mm (37.5mm via Fuji's APS-C sensor) may seem an odd focal length, but the 24mm OVF frame shows no difference to the 25mm EVF, and most users would use the two interchangeably. The perspective is like the 38mm once favoured by film point and shoot cameras. If you want something wider than a FF 50mm and close to the theoretical human field of view, it's definitely worth a try.
The only complaint I have is the focus scale, which is sufficiently at odds with the reality through the EVF to make scale/zone focus a non-starter. The barrel contains feet and metre distance engravings, progressing (in feet) from 0.6, 1, 2, 5, 16 and infinity markings. Subjects at approximately 5ft - pin sharp at f1.8 though the EVF - showed closer to the 16 ft than 5 ft markings, and the void between the two makes hyperfocal shooting a gamble. It's possible, but you'd have to work out your own sweet spot and most users will confirm distance through the viewfinder. I assume the discrepancy is the result of the same lens being produced for a variety of sensor formats.
Who will it appeal to? Not an existing owner of the Fuji 23mm f2, who won't trade autofocus and exemplary optical performance. I think its market will be people buying first generation X-Series cameras on the used market whose budget won't stretch to new Fuji lenses, adapted lens fans who are looking for something more compact than an adapter allows, or photographers who want a slightly old school, film era feel. The bottom line is the price. Mine cost £51.00 new via eBay from China, which puts the 7artisans 25mm 1.8 in the same market segment as used FSU lenses that are decades old and of uncertain provenance. Probably even cheaper given the paucity of good lenses around 24mm mark. Add the convenience of a Fuji mount and the attraction is obvious.
Edit: perhaps this review should be in the X-mount forum?…
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Hi all,
So coming from Sony and Canon i have often wondered why the default ISO on the Fuji X-E1 is 200?
I understand this can be expanded down to 100 but is that then simulated 100 or real? if real why not unlock it by default?…
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I am planning to get the 14mm, but am a bit put off by the early reviews complainin abot the loose aperture ring with indestinct clicks.
Is it still a problem ? My refererence is the new 2.0 series. (newly aquired in a transition from Nikon)
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I've been thinking alot about the artistic "reason" behind photos flr many years. Often they do have a deeper meaning like all other art out there. But sometimes, isn't it just enough reason that it looks good or feels good or is interesting to look at?
I use to be a chef and usually the mark of a good chef is to take something cheap and make it into something extraordinary and delicious. That's often how I look at photos as well. Is the photo interesting because of it's extraordinary content that it captured or is a good tog someone who can take something boring and regular and make it into something special?…
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Fuji X-T1
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Taken yesterday with XE-1 and 18-55 lens.
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Fujifilm X-T2 with 16-55mm 2.8
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For about three days, I can't call up my Flickr page any more. If I click my Flickr link (below), I can have my page (photostream) displayed, but when hovering the mouse cursor over any of my images, it doesn't turn into a hand symbol, i.e. I can't open my images any more.
If I access the Flickr home page, it still displays all the new images uploaded by my Flickr contacts, but if I open any of these images (which the page allows me to), I get a display of this picture alone w/o any explanatory text (that's new). If I click the image again, it shows the usual page (image w/ text & all the usual links). However, if I click on the image author's name, I cannot reach that person's photostream. The page's progres bar always gets stuck somewhere in the middle of the process.
Does anyone have an explanation for this behavior? I looked for a way to post this question in the Flickr help forum, but I don't seem to be able to open an new thread in that forum any more.
It seems that since Verizon's takeover of Flickr, some substantial changes have been made to the site's code, which has rendered it dysfunctional. OTOH, I still see that other users can still upload and display new images.
Do I need to make any changes to my Flickr user account? Currently, I'm still using Flickr free of charge. Has Verizon changed Flickr's business model? Where can I find information that helps me solve this riddle?
TIA for your help…
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Someone in the recent "Post animals looking right at you" thread said he was tired of waiting for someone to start this thread - so here it is.
These little piggies are in a cured meat store in Florence, Italy. They are sitting around the table eating salami. I first saw them in 1979, but can't find those slides.
Here they are in May of 1990. Probably shot on Extachrome, then "scanned" with a Pentax DSLR and 35mm macro lens.
Here they are ten years later, in May of 2000. I'm pretty sure this was shot on Fujichrome 100, then "scanned" with a Pentax DSLR and 35mm macro lens.
In 2006. Shot on Fuji NPH in a Contax G2. Cheap drugstore-type process and scan.
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Just fun street photography. No political statement intended. More Please login to view links
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Ive been using the electronic shutter feature on my X-T20 for street photography. Im just curious if Im losing any quality on my image, compare to using the mechanical shutter?…
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I have lens that do not normally have a flair issue. When use them on a adapter, they flair quite easy, is this typical?…
I've seen lots off contradicting information on Godox off camera flash working or not working fully with the X100F/T camera. I'm looking at going the Godox rout but have recently downsized to just using an X100T and the two conversion lenses.
In an attempt to get the info in one place if you have first person experience with the Godox "triggers" triggering off camera flash it would be great if you could fill out the below info (copy and past and replace the red text). Please try to avoid any "this person said that this may or may not work if you do x y and z" :)
Godox X1T-F off camera ttl----flash triggering----works----doesn't work----if works up to what shutter speed.
Godox TT350 off camera ttl----flash triggering----works----doesn't work----if works up to what shutter speed.
HSS will not work with the X100 series and the leaf shutter is superior so who needs HSS.
Godox X1T-F off camera manual----flash triggering----max sutter speed at f2
Godox TT350 off camera manual----flash triggering----max sutter speed at f2
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X-Pro1, 50mm F2 WR f/5.6 @ 1/250sec, ISO 1000, 0 EV
CC, Silver Efex Pro2, and Iridient X-Transformer
Thank for looking,
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...or Iceland, China or Tokyo nor is it India or's plain boring Leeds.
untitled- copy.jpg
X100T of course. :)
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I look at the Fujifilm X photographers website to admire the photos and get ideas.
I love the work of Dan Bailley, Dyanne Wilson, Scott Grant, Scott Blackburn and Serkan Günes amongst others.
Looking at the lenses, the 16mm f1.4 seems very common amongst Landscapers and night skies, whereas both 23s seem to be predominately Streetscapes and people and party type situations.
Are these lenses more suited to these styles of photography?
Without trying to compare apples to oranges, would the 23 f1.4 or 16mm have any advantage over the other as an all round lens, ie., used for landscapes, streets, people photos and night skies?…
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My Fuji XT-2 (Body) wont auto focus or manual focus, ive tried it with all my lenses and its
still the same, ive had it from new 5 months ago with the store warranty of 3yrs.. however
the warranty only covers labour costs, not parts, so that 'could' be expensive if it needs new
parts right ?
So, from what I gather the store does the repairs, and if they need any parts they will have to
order from Fujifilm so they can complete the repair.. so I pay for shipping each way plus parts !
Now what I'm wondering wouldn't it be best for me to send it to Fujifilm direct, and would a
warranty be in force anyway as its only 5 months old ?
To be honest i'd sooner Fuji repaired there 'own' camera, rather than a store getting there screwdrivers on it ?
What do you think I should do ?…
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I have some problems with long exposure noise
Do any of you have the same problem or what can I do?
X-T2, 16-55mm, Lee Super Stopper
ISO 200
480 sek
Long exposure Noise Reduction ON
Left Lightroom, Right Iridient X-Transformer
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Today I went to Den Haag, to see a unique Mondriaan exhibition, covering from his earliest (figurative) works to his last New York work, including an overview of his life (photos, correspondence, etc)
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Some more photos in the next post…
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