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Just loving the fall colours here in British Columbia and discovering the magnificent 55-200
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Thanks for looking,
50mm f/4 1/200sec ISO200 0e.v.
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These are my first paid photo shoots in my bedroom with AD200 and couple Yongnuo 560 IV in slave mode.
My first client is my wife who needed her picture for her business card as a realtor.
She paid me $1 for these. I need thousands of these sessions to pay for my camera lol
She liked the last one most but unfortunately focus is off on this.
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Prague is an amazing city to photograph, with an extraordinarily beautiful historic centre. The Federal Assembly Building is rather different architecturally, with a complex history of changes and additions, and an equally complex symbolism reflecting the different phases of Czech political history. See Please login or register to view links for a summary.
I find my X100 (original model) somewhat temperamental and finickity, but when it (and I) get it right, it captures a sense of light and colour which I find irresistible:
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I was intending to post a B&W version of this, Picked the wrong file. I'll post the other one later.
Rust in Peace.jpg
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Lat week I came across this floor mural in the atrium of the renovated Woodward's Building in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver.
The artists Sandy and Steve Pell created this for World Sight Day.
Every Oct, World Sight Day raises awareness and support for blindness and vision impairment.
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The English XE3 manual (page 137) says, "Choose the number of focus point avaiable for focus-point selection in manual focus mode or when SINGLE POINT is selected for AF MODE." The options are 91 or 325 focus points.
So when it it better to use 91 or 325 focus points?
I never thought about available focus points for manual focus mode. Does 91 or 325 points help the AF-L more? Does the number of available focus points help or hinder peak focusing?
Does the number of focus points act differently with AF-S or AF-C?…
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I recently bought a Fuji X-T20, and a K&F Concept M42-to-FX adapter I ordered has just arrived. Unfortunately, when I tried it out, focus peaking was not working, no matter how I set the MCS switch on the front of the camera. (I've tried with two different M42 lenses, FWIW, although I don't see how that would make any difference.) Focus peaking works fine with the two Fuji lenses I own. I've seen other references to focus peaking with adapted lenses, so I'd assumed it would "just work" when the feature is enabled in the camera's menus, which it definitely is. Is there some trick I'm missing? Thanks for any information!…
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A few pictures taken with an X-T2 and off-camera Godox flashes in Easter Island, Chile.
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Posting this here in case anyone has come across the same scenario and can offer some help. As it is, i’ve scoured the net and found no fixes.
I updated my Flashpoint and Godox X1-TF (Fuji versions) to ver 03 to enable HSS using for my AD200s (also updated those) with the G2 firmware exe file using a windows emulator on my iMac. So everything is good with the AD200s. Except I notice I can’t fire my AD600BMs anymore.
I uninstall the G2 exe file to install the G1 then proceed to update my AD600BM. I thought this would fix the issue but no. I can change the light settings remotely, and the test button fires off the flash but pressing the shutter button with the X1T-F fails to fire either of my AD600BM units (even tried both the Flashpoint and Godox versions with sadly the same result).
So now am stuck. If there was a way to revert to the old firmware just so I can use them again, never mind the HSS, I would. Am also contemplating buying a Nikon trigger and not updating the firmware, maybe that would work.
Godox has never given me this much problem before. It is sad that this should start now…
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X-T2 and 10-24...
Twilight taken this past Saturday evening. One ambient exposure and (3) flash exposures for the interior.
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Sunrise of the front of the house above. Shot this Saturday morning as the sun was about to rise.
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Different angle. We had not planned to shoot this, but when I arrived I could not help but try and capture the frontal view of the sun rising with city lights.
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Backyard of a home I shot a few weeks back at sunset...
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Kitchen of the same home shot at sunrise...
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Just a simple tourist type snap taken at Brighton Sussex UK of part of the Brighton i360 tourist attraction.
X-T2, 55-200mm Lens, 1/280th @ F8, ISO-200 Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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So I'm new here. Found it by searching for articles on 4k shooting with the X-T2. I have 2 of the cameras and I only use them for 4k video. I want to share some information with everyone regarding 4k shooting. After sending this letter to the Fuji techs-
"I'm having X-T2 issues shooting 4K video. I only use these cameras to shoot 4K. I have 2 cameras and both of them have been doing this. I use them on AC, with the motor drive( 2 different motor drives).
After 3 hours of shooting 4K and after a 1 hour rest, I insert a new card and after about 5 minutes of recording the camera just stops recording. The camera starts up right away. Then after a few minutes of recording again, the camera stops again. No heat warning no nothing. Again I can start recording almost

Thinking it's the card, I'm using a SanDisk Please login or register to view links,(but this is same type of card I've been using all morning), I switch cards to the SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Memory Card . After about 3 minutes of recording, it does the same thing on the new card.
So I don't believe it's the cards. The cameras are hot to the touch, so it may be a heat issue."

After talking to the techs, I found this in the instruction book, that no one seems to know about. (See image attached.) So according to Fuji, the X-T2 may shut down at anytime while shooting 4k video because of heat or the card.
I really enjoy these cameras and I'm very happy with the image results.But with what I do I cannot afford to have the cameras shut down. After 6 years using the Cannon 5ds, that never happened.
Anyway looks like my work around is going to be the the Atomos shogun for recording 4k. I'll post how it goes.

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Very overcast grey day here - testing the 100-400 with converter
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HI All,
Does the X-E3 support tethered shooting with Fujifilm Tether Plugin PRO, like the X-T1 and X-T2?
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Jacque is about to be married. While sitting on their outdoor patio, she is waiting for the minister to bring the marriage certificates and describe what will have to be signed after the wedding ceremony.
Fuji X-T1, ISO 200, 1/180ss, 35mm f1.4 lens set to f1.4, Yongnuo speedlight in softbox to camera left fired by radio trigger.
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Could some one advise me how to return the rear command dial to its default setting at the moment ive inadvertently assigned it as ---none on my x100f…
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Hellow fuji-folks!
I have a question about X-T20.
I binded ISO controls to the rear dial - so I can adjust it by pressing it. It is very comfortable. But unfortunately when I use touch screen to choose AF point - the dial can't be clicked. Or, more specifically, I click it to change ISO and there are no response. At the same time it works when I scroll it to select shutter speed. When I select AF point without touchscreen - everything is ok.
How can I fix it?…
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Sorry Frank.
I had the opportunity to see Queen at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1983 and I was too young to ever see The Doors in concert.
I've met Fleetwood Mac, I've seen my mother tell Rod Stewart off, I've met Kiss (in their heyday), I went home to see my Mum one night and Chrisse Hynde from The Pretenders was sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, I met Clint Eastwood in a bar in San Francisco when he was filming Dirty Harry Sudden Impact and I even saw The Beatles (not in concert) but none of that matches missed opportunities IMO.
Now lets see where this thread goes. :D
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I'm a new owner of the X-T2, 18-55 kit and picked up the 35 f2 and the 55-200. I know that I'm also going to pick up the 12mm Sammy soon too.
Like so many others, I've been shooting Canon and have an extensive kit to whittle down and sell. I tried going Canon mirrorless with the EOS M5 but the lack of native lens and Canon's ho-hum attitude towards mirrorless made me re-think how I wanted to move forward.
Though I enjoy my Canon gear and images, the X-T2 is bringing back some of the joy of when I used to shoot my good old Pentax Spotmatic F back in the 70's and 80's. Looking forward to contributing some here.
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Have been trying to buy an X100F for some months now, without success. Black ones are freely obtainable, but silver ones seems to be unobtanium. A sales rep at one Brisbane store lied about having a new one in stock, and although the factory seal seemed to be intact, unboxing revealed a dirty LCD screen, a fingerprint in the viewfinder and an absent battery. This particular dealer has prominent displays for most prominent camera brands, but an almost invisible display for Fujifilm cameras.
I rang Fujifilm Australia today to complain about the poor attitude of the staff member who tried the deception at the Brisbane dealer, but got no explanation for the short supply of silver X100F cameras…
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Here we have a Stroudley A1 Class 0-6-0T Tank Engine in the livery of the UK Southern Region
This particular locomotive 662 Martello was built in 1875 and has to date covered over 1.5 million miles
They are commonly known as a "Terrier" due to the barking sound of their exhaust
One of this class became the first locomotive to arrive at the Bluebell railway, which was itself the first preserved standard gauge steam-operated passenger railway in the world.
It is also said that this class of engine is the inspiration behind Thomas The Tank Engine
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As spring is now underway here downunder, the native flowers and orchids are also giving us some nice colour in the local reserves.
#1 Large duck orchid. These have just started to flower, and are quite small.
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So basically they got the 80D sensor, slap a new 24-72 eq sensor in it, and put the now ubiquitous OLED viewfinder, and call it a day.
It gained a better sensor, but lose in terms of brightness of the lens, but the DoF thickness should be the same with the mark II. But also gains in functionality due to the EVF.
I know the market for this type of camera might be vanishingly small, but for those of us who’ve been waiting for an X100 with a zoom, this might be the closest available alternative for now.
I’m thinking of saving to buy this camera and use it for video or for when I need zooming, and keep my x100 for the thinner DoF.
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Latest phot session.. Emily .. 100th street Lexington Ave.. east Harlem nyc..
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Dear Experts,
I have a few X Pro 2 questions which I hope you can help me with:

  • Is there some way to choose a registered (non-M) lens without diving into the menu? By assigning the choice to a Fn button for example.

  • Failing that, can it be assigned to "my menu" to save some digging?

  • I will use three full frame focal lengths of adapted lenses: 35 mm, 50 mm and 90 mm. Is there a protocol or preference for registering them at their full frame focal lengths or their respective equivalents? As in my case the lenses would be approximately 52 mm, 75 mm and 135 mm.

  • I realize the info will appear in the Exif data but will the frame lines in the finder be adjusted as well?

I have exhausted my research via the manual, Rico's Tips and Dan Bailey's book which of course doesn't mean that the answers are not there!
Thanks in advance,
Thanks in advance,…
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hello folks.
I have just bought a fuji 100-400 plus an XT-2 body and a 1.4 tc.
This is my first time testing both the lens and the camera.
I have encountered 2 problems:
1. When zooming out from 400 mm to 100 mm, the lens barrel stacks at 120 mm (aprox) and it does not reach 100 mm since there seems to be that there is anything inside the lens that blocks the zoom out to 100 mm.
I have to zoom in to 400 mm and zoom back to 100 ans it blocks at 120 mm, at times a little bit at 110 mm but still without reaching 100 mm. The lock switch does not move since the lens is not at 100 mm. I have to struggle a lot zooming in and out until the barrel gets released to reach the 100 mm again.
It seems that the lock switch is loose inside the lens blocking the barrel while zooming back.
2. When I couple the 1.4 tc on the 100-400, on continuous af, the camera, at times, does not focus, even though I press the af-on button or the shutter release or I try to focus manually.
It does focus neither autofocus nor mnaually. I had to remove the 1.4 tc and mount the 100-400 alone to the camera to get the autofocus react.
Comments are wellcome.
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The other day while visiting Vancouver, I did something I almost never do, I put the camera on auto everything ( ISO 200-3200 ) and just took photos without trying to think of anything but composition.
I found this very liberating and was quite pleased with the results. I was using the xp2 with the 18-55 and feel the camera did a great job of choosing the settings. This is not something I will do regularly but it is nice to know that I can let the camera do the thinking and let me relax. I do sometimes overthink things , and you know what they say... if you don't think to good, don't think to much. The third picture was not in Vancouver but at Genoa Bay on Vancouver Island and I liked it
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Perhaps the most photogenic farm in VT. I’ve been wanting to get up to this place for years. It lived up to my expectations.
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I took my X-E3 out today and did some shooting. When I try to load the .RAF files onto my iMac I run into issues. The files are imported but God knows to where. But "the files cannot be opened by Lightroom". (I have CC with the latest update.) Makes me wonder if something screwy happened or it just that LR has not updated for the X-E3 yet. Any ideas?
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Castle Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany, Autumn. X100F…
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I've just bought an X-T20 with 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses, and so far they seem great; however, I do have one concern: When I hold the Fujinon 55-200mm lens in my hand and shift its position, I can hear and feel something heavy shift around inside it. It's as if an internal element group has about a millimeter of play. Setting the OIS switch on or off has no noticeable effect. Likewise, zooming in or out doesn't change the sound or feel. The lens works fine, as far as I can tell (I took a bunch of photos with it today), but I'd like to know if this is normal. I'm not new to photography, and I've never experienced anything quite like this, so it strikes me as odd; but most of the lenses I've owned have been manual-focus models, mostly designed and built in the 20th century, so this sort of thing could be common on modern AF lenses, for all I know. Also, the lens seems to work fine (although I haven't yet studied the photos I took today, so I may be missing some subtle image quality problem).
I dropped by the store where I bought the lens (Hunts Photo in Providence) today to ask about this. At first the clerk seemed puzzled, then said it was normal; but the reluctance with which that pronouncement was made makes me skeptical. I'm hoping somebody here might be able to say something more definitive.
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I've just bought an X-T20 with the 18-55mm lens and a 55-200mm lens. (I'm also ordering Rokinon/Samyang 8mm (fisheye), 12mm, and 300mm lenses, but I haven't received them yet.) I bought the X-T20 less than 24 hours ago, and so far it seems great, although I've got a question I'll be asking shortly in the lens forum....
Prior to this, I shot mainly on film, but I just don't have enough time for the darkroom side of it any more, so I'm finally going digital. I'd dipped my toes in the digital world with a Sony DSC-HX400V superzoom, but I felt like I was fighting its controls, and it just didn't do enough. On film, I mostly used Pentax K-mount cameras (and I've ordered an adapter so I can use them, although most are redundant with the new lenses I've bought or have ordered), although my first SLR (which I've still got) was a Fuji ST-801, so the styling of the X-T20 is comfortably familiar to me. I've also got Mamiya C220 and Kiev 6C MF cameras, which produce great images but are beasts to carry around.
Anyhow, I'm looking forward to learning to use my X-T20!…
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Great time to shoot cars the sun is coming up or as it is going down. Taken with my trusty X10. SL500 Silver Arrow one of 100 right hand drive models.
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An unusual car park in Norwich UK.
Rose Lane Car Park.jpg