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I've been researching Capture One Pro. I really like the sharpening and how straightforward the rendering of X-trans RAF files. My experience so far is that it is very well implemented as a photographer's tool (as opposed to having a strong graphic arts target population).
My impression was that it was an Adobe Photoshop competitor. The feature set seems to come up short in the layers and selection parts of photoshop that I'm used to.
I'm still looking for a more complete feature set listing but for me the economics don't quite work out yet.
So until I dig it out, how do the Capture One Pro users here rate it's importance and value to the post processing workflow…
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Hi All...I am shooting with an X-T2 with 2.11 firmware and on 2 shoots where I chose to capture in Fine+Raw there were a number of instances where the camera failed to make a copy in jpeg format saving, instead, 2 raw files named _DSFxxxx.RAW and _DSFxxxx-2.RAW. I used the 56mm f1.2 lens exclusively for each shoot. Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any thoughts on the cause/resolution? Thanks…
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Ok, I don't need another lens, but I do want another lens! However only ONE more at this time.
Have a look at my current line-up in my signature. So here are the ones that are tempting me. We all know the differences, so no need to point out that one is wider and another has OIS - just tell me which you would recommend for an "all around shooter"…
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I know that there is going to be 4K video in the FW coming out in December ‘17. However, I don’t know any details. Is it going to be like the X-T20, X-T2, or something completely different.
I’d like this thread to detail what we know about and what we discover as it gets closer to time and after it deploys…
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This is philosophical .... if you would like to share your feelings on the topic in general, please dump them here.
I am a much better critic than I am a picture maker.
I don't mean that I'm overly nasty about it or that I am not at all creative. I mean that my sense of what is "a really nice picture" far outweighs my talents to produce one that I like.
The killer question that pops into my head is always "Does the world need to see this?" and almost always the answer is "No. It won't actually kill anyone to look at it, but it won't make anyone's life nicer either."…
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X-T2 and XF55-200mm on a wet day on the rocks.
Thanks for looking,
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Fuji X-E3 & XF 55-200mm
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Fuji X-E3 & XF 10-24mm
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I have a MacBook Pro (just updated to High Sierra). I got an XT-20 this summer. I decided to get the firmware update this morning as I feel like it's not quite focusing correctly and consistently and maybe it needs an update.
I downloaded the .dat file without issue and stuck a freshly X-T20-formatted card in my card reader on the MBP. I tried dragging the .dat file over. No luck. Upon examining the SD card info screen, it says it's READ ONLY and won't even give me the sub options of who has access to read and write for users.
Googled up a few videos and whatnot trying to figure out how to change it. The best option seemed to be half-way sliding the lock switch on the physical card and it seems many have had success with this but not me. I also tried the card in a Windows laptop (same read-only issue) and with the lock slider in the "locked" position just in case...
SD card is a 64gb SanDisk Extreme Pro class 10, if that makes any difference. I've used it many times in this camera and did try to just add the .dat file without reformatting in camera. No luck. Then I thought that maybe I should fully format it in camera and start fresh but no luck there either.
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I’m a new x-E3 owner. I’ve had limited experience with a loaned Canon EOS - about 13 years old and a different league to this new things.
A few questions for which I’d be grateful for some consideration...
1. What books (if any) do people suggest I read? I understand the rough physics behind ISO, aperture, exposure - however have almost no artistic ability. Or can I educate myself quite well from YouTube.
2. what type / size bag/case do you suggest for a motor less camera such as this (I only have an 18-55mm lens (so far)).
3. What order should I consider buying extras / accessories (filters, tripod, remote release, telephoto/wide/prime lens)?
4. Does the auto-transfer of photos from camera to phone / tablet drain the battery extremely rapidly, or can I just expect short battery life due to the processor / computer?
Thank you in advance!…
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My daughter Rachel, it’s her birthday on Wednesday
X-T2 + 23mm 1.4
Rachel 2.jpg
Modified version…
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This is for information, for those interested in photo books.
Every year I make a family year photobook, previously I used a company which was pretty good, but for this year I opted for Fuji and got an extra 12 pages for the same cost as the previous company, also, the site is very easy to use, very flexible for creating different layouts & backgrounds. The photos are quick to upload on Apple and your project can be saved for 2 months, also copied and renewed.
This is my Christmas shopping, make the photo book, order 12 copies and wait for the mail.
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X-E2 and 18-55 kit lens, taken at a white collar boxing match. B&W and most edits done in LR, a bit of PS work to remove nits here and there.
20171116 Fight Night DSCF4152-Edit_.jpg
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Last week, I met a young lady for some portraits. I went to my favorite spot the Portland Art Museum. There we spend the afternoon. I had a great time and Anna got nice portraits to share with her family.
Iris Anna PAM 2017.jpg
2017 Anna Huczkowski Close up.jpg
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Trying out my new 35mm f2, taken on an xpro 1 body, mostly at f11 this morning
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I took advantage of the near perfect conditions to get this shot of Low Force waterfall on the River Tees under the night sky.
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I won 2 Leica M Lenses, the 24 mm Elmarit 2,8 and the 40 mm Summary 2,4. I use both on my Fujis (x-Pro 2 and XT 2). Would love to "compare notes" with other Fuji photographers who use these and other Leica Lenses. If I compare them with my Fuji Glass, I find it difficult to see a difference in quality... What is definitely different is the handling of these lenses (manual focus) and the build quality which is good with Fuji but extraordinarily good with the Leica. What is the best set-up to fully exploit the quality of the Leica lenses?…
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Hi, I have an XT 1 and an X70 and I am thinking of buying an X Pro 1 to add to the collection, however I am a bit concerned about the lack of an Eye Diopter Adjuster on the Xpro 1, I wear glasses and also contact lenses and I and have my XT 1 adjusted so I can clearly see through the viewfinder, however I am worried that I might struggle with the lack of adjustment on the xpro 1. I know you can buy corrected diopters but Im not sure if I will need this or not (as I normally wear my contact lenses when I am shooting)
I would be interested to hear from anybody who has used this camera and wear glasses/contact lenses if they found it to be a problem or not?
Will I just have to get it as close as possible and then just live with it or is not really a problem?
Thanks for your help…
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I thought it might be a good time to get a general adapted lens thread going, just to see the range of what people are doing with adapted lenses on Fuji cameras these days. Here's one made with a Vivitar 20mm/3.5 M-42 mount lens on my Fuji X-E2. Hand-held at 1/140 second, 1600 ISO, stopped down pretty far (f11 or f16) and processed vigorously in Lightroom.
Vivitar 20mm Dandelion.jpg
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We've had a few flurries up to now, but nothing to write home about. This morning we got our first snow (granted, not much) that actually "stuck" for awhile. X-E2, XC50-230.
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Niki playing model while I play with my new XF 56mm f1.2 R. :)
Edit: I uploaded a smaller size pic
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Here are a few images from Yosemite, taken at the beginning of the month. XT1, various XF lenses. Second image is a tweak with HDR Effect. Thanks for looking.
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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I'm just learning the capabilities of the X100F.
Can you please point me in the right direction to learn about the lens converters? I've read that there are approximately 3 different focal lengths with converters. My apologies if I'm not articulating this well…
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Hello altogether,
I am currently thinking about booking a trek up the Kilimanjaro in Africa. It is not finally decided yet, but I wondered how I can use my X-Pro2 there.
If I book this travel my trip will be like this:
The route will take me up the Kilimanjaro via the longer Lemosho route. It will be cold at the top (like really cold, -15°C) and I will be without electricity for eight days or seven nights. Then I will be in a hotel for two days, one night. And leave for a Safari for another five days or four nights.
We all know that Fuji cameras have mediocre power management and batteries. And yes, spare batteries are cheap. But there is a reason that fellow photographers call it "my camera did a Fuji" when their batteries die surprisingly... .
I will be able to limit myself to one battery a day. I am hiking, panting and crawling up this mountain up to 5895m above sea level, it will not be mad full time photography. But still, it will be a once in a lifetime experience.
Would you carry something like ten fully charged batteries for such a trip? Would you carry even more batteries? They are small and reasonably light. Or has anyone tried a large power bank and one of these patona chargers that will also accept USB-in as a power source?
Hmm, this definitely was an advantage of my old Canon EOS 5DII. The batteries lasted days, even when hiking on glaciers. And my old Canon batteries were kept warm inside my sleeping bag at night. No problem as I needed only three of them for a whole week of mountaineering. But a bag full of batteries ... .
Has anyone done this trek with a Fuji X-camera?
Best regards,
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Fall is waning here in the PNW, the nice weather is becoming rare and it will not be long until it rains more often than not. That said, fall is beautiful and its sad to see it fade.
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Hi all,
I'd like to see whether or not I flagged a photo when in Loupe View. Can it be done?…
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Found this old truck in the mountains of northern New Mexico and happened to be there for the first snow of the season. XT-2, 18-55 at 28mm, f9, 1/1600. A little vignetting applied in LR Classic CC.
I'm reluctant to call this a landscape, but not sure what else to call it.
Truck in Snow #1.jpg
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I've had the X100F a few months now, and it's been a constant companion in the woods and on motorcycle trips'n tours through Europe ...
Apologies for another photo of mi dawg but she constantly poses ... you can see why :)
But here's one taken in Luxembourg ... another 'poser' ;)
More to come…
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She's a Maine Coon x Ragdoll on the prowl in our garden
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Hi, I shoot with 1 card RAW and one card JPG. How do I select which card show the displayed image on the back screen? Rich now I can only display and delete from card 1. I want to display and delete from card 2. How do I change?…
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One from yesterday, I was doing some editing when windows 10 decided to do the feature update, took ages to do.
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