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Recently , I have had problems with my feet /lower legs - age related ? which did not seem to affect my snap shooting ..
Then I realised that I was swaying when taking a photo with the X-M1 .
This has probably been going on for a while , but is most noticeable when holding a light camera away or as a waist level finder .
I am accustomed to a finder of some type , holding the camera to my face either eliminates the sway , or I am not noticing it .
I tried out the heavy M 8 , the opposite situation and found the same problem - especially with uneven surfaces .
It's less pronounced with the X-Pro 1 and my lighter DSLRs .
I know that I have balance issues , but the camera situation has probably been creaping up on me .
I guess I have to find stuff to lean on ! LOL
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I bought a cheap leather case for the brand new X-M1 which is fine but it came with a thin , shiny , strap .
My other cameras are reasonably heavy ... the x-M1 is not ..
I should have known better ...
You've guessed it , it slipped off my shoulder onto concrete .
The damage is minimal scruffs to one side and corner of the screen , which I have touched up with model paint . [ it's what I do ].
It now has a substantial strap with a Panasonic ID crisis !
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On my X100S I can set it up to work viewfinder only, but when I press Menu or Q they show up on the LCD. How I did this I no longer have any idea.
However, on the F I can set it up to work viewfinder only (and eye sensor - nice) But whenever I press menu or Q they show up in the finder, which I very much dislike.
Can anyone tell me how I can set it up to work like my S? The manual seems to be no help.
Really this new camera is frustrating me with its stupid limitations…
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Since I don't do official "photoshoots", most of my portraits are created during my photography course at school.
Unfortunately, this means two things:
1. My models are almost always under 18, so I need a model release to use the pictures I take (which I often don't go through the trouble of getting, since this means involving the parents, etc.).
2. Because I'm teaching photography, I spend most of the time during the course explaining how to set up the camera, pose the model, etc.
With the end of the school year, another fun photography course came to an end. I have loads of fun doing this, because there are always a few students that really want to improve madly.
Natascha is one of them, registering every word out of my mouth and very creative on her own as well.
That's her, using my Mamiya Macro lens to take pictures of butterflies and flower blossoms this spring.
I always have one of my cameras with me to document my students working, to create a "behind the scenes" collection for the students to look at. Most of the time, I use the Fuji X-T10 for this, because it's so light and unobtrusive to carry it along, but this year I often brought the Canon with some adapted lenses.
One day in early spring, when we started doing portraits, I managed to get quite a few very nice ones of Natascha. This was just one of those snapshots that I regularly take of my students, and it turned out great.
Canon 1Ds III with Zeiss Contax Planar 50mm f/1.4 C/Y
Having that AF confirm adapter makes the manual focus 50mm lenses a real joy to use. Focusing is incredibly quick and precise…
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A friend of the family who knows I enjoy photography wants me to take a fleet shot of his 8 flat bed tow trucks of which he is quite proud. He would like a large wall print if possible from the shoot. We plan on using a large parking lot at a nearby ball park. I have never attempted this type of photo before and have available my x pro2 with a 16mm 1.4, 23mm 1.4 and 18-55 for glass. Thinking of a pie shape shot with the owner in the middle and his drivers/trucks fanned out behind him while I am on a 6' step ladder for some height advantage. Any tips, hints, websites, etc for help would be appreciated…
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I've been in the X universe for about a year now, I have the XT-10, the 18-50 "kit" lens, the 27 2.8, the 10-24 f4 & the XC 50-230mm. I have a few dollars to spend. Would I be better served in investing in a few primes or should I start looking at a body upgrade? Maybe the X-T2…
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I've recently picked up an X-T2 and am running it side by side with my usual Pentax K3 for a while in order to decide which system to keep. I generally shoot portraits and travel and the DA 50-135 is by far my favourite lens in Pentax land. It's the focal length that works for me and I typically use it wide open. How I get on with its Fuji equivalent, the 50-140, when I likely take the plunge on it in the coming weeks is therefore crucial to how I get on with Fuji (I like the 56 1.2 but it's not quite long enough, nor does it give me the compression I often want).
So, my question to those of you who have come from Pentax is how you have found the two lenses side by side - not just image quality but also handling the extra bulk of the 50-140 over the relatively lightweight Pentax. I'm used to my 50-135 going with me everywhere and I suspect that won't be possible with the Fuji…
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I have assigned face/eye AF to the front function button. However, when I press the function button an option comes up where I must then decide what type of face or eye detection I want, only then, after turning the wheel to choose, can I take the shot. By that time my subject has probably wandered off or died of boredom.
Come on Fuji, this is as bad as the clumsy flash operation where I also have to press two buttons and make choices. How about sorting this out and making this work faster. Why isn't there the choice of choosing one particular mode of face/eye AF in the menu, and then using the assigned function button to just activate it?
The more I get into the detail of certain functions the more I'm experiencing some pretty poor ergonomic decisions that really need some firmware updating. How can they be so clumsy?…
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I am considering trying the Peak Design clips. I know that some people in this forum use them.
They sell 2 models, Capture and Capture Pro. What would be the model most appropriate to carry the X-T2 with the 16-55mm WR zoom?
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This might take a while.
I've been on a bit of a camera journey for the last few years. It's Fuji's fault completely. I was a Canon shooter. 10D followed by 7D at college. Flirted with Canon film cameras for a while. Scanner etc. the lot.
Then Fuji brought out the X100. Man, it was gorgeous. Too expensive at the time, but so pretty. Carried on with Canon, all the while cheating on it in my head with the X100.
Then I got one. Sold everything else.
Then I got an X-E1.
Then I got an X-T1. Lenses. 35...23...18-55. Wonderful.
The shortcomings started to creep in. The focus speed.
I started shooting weddings. X-T1 did a decent job but I never really got on with the DSLR styling. I kept it for a while then the X100T came out and that was my wedding combo. XT1/X100T. Did some lovely things.
Sensors started to get bigger. Focusing started to get faster. Suddenly I'm flirting with full frame Sony cameras...but no. I hate Sony.
Olympus. Man. That's fast. Smaller. Wonderful lens selection. Pen F. Gorgeous styling.
Sold all my Fuji stuff. Bought a Pen F and a few lenses. The focusing speed is incredible. Leica lenses gorgeous. Shot some weddings, holidays with it. Felt...happy..ish. Something wasn't quite right. It's the colours. The skin tones. They're just not Fuji. Plus limitations with regards to DOF unless using expensive 1.2 lenses and the noise wasn't nearly as pleasing at high iso, or as clean.
So now I'm selling it all and starting again. Question is, to what?
X Pro 2? X-T2? Future X-E3? XT-20?
I know I have a serious problem. No hiding it. No camera is perfect, just go out and shoot and not obsess over gear, but sometimes you need to. The tool needs to be right. Back to the drawing board. Feel free to chime in with recommendations…
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This guy and his buddies have been devouring my neighbor's tomato plants.
Fuji X-E1, ISO 400, 1/500 sec. XF18-55 at f=55mm, f/9, with +3 diopter closeup lens…
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Not the sort of photography that I normally do…
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Just returned to Fuji and bought the X-T2. Previously I last owned the X-T1 and X-E2 before going over to Sony for a couple of years but now I am returning.
I probably should have noticed before I bought that with the great addition of the thumb stick for moving the focus point around that the Focus Adjust button went away. This is the button which I thought was used for back button focus.
I know the camera can still be set up for back button focus but honestly IMHO the AE-L and AF-L are too small and in a bad place to really give me confidence I can find them easily when wanting to do back button focus.
I there any way to assign AF-ON to the Q button and the Q functionality to something else?
I know it may seem silly but I MUST HAVE back button focus with a real good button, and if I can't switch then this maybe a deal breaker for me. It works really good on all my other cameras.
Any help would be appreciated.
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I have a Zeiss 12mm, 23mm WR, 35mm f1.4, 56mm and 90mm. (I also have a 100-400mm That would go with me on special occasions)
With my old DSLR kit, most of the time I would travel with a large ultrawide zoom an a few primes.
But I am thinking my 12+23+35+either 56 or 90 would be very sufficient for most cases.
Do any of you travel with an all prime kit?…
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This time using image size on my iPad to see how it turns out…
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Finally found something to go with the chestnut seed pod.... At least that is what I think it is! ;) Found the pod in Nauvoo, IL.
[​IMG]Hedgehog Flower by Wes Taylor, on Flickr>…
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I have only used my X-E2, which gave way to an X-T2 last September, a few times over the past 10+ months but picked it up last night just to refresh my memory. I don't want to part with it for some reason. I'm not a buyer/seller/buyer and don't relish the idea of pricing/posting/selling/packing/shipping but I have some equipment I really should consider biting the bullet with and offer it to folks who might want/use it more than me.
That is all tangential to the post though. I was struck how after using the X-T2 that long, and now the X100F , alien the Red/Blue menu system and button layout is compared to the X-T2 MyMenu layout (using Dan Bailey's labeling). Fujifilm obviously listened to people since both implementations, buttons and menu, are much more sensible, at least to me. It took me a bit to get my X-E2 chops back but come back they did. They should have since I used an XE for 3 years. Then this morning I picked up the X-T2 and usage memory kicked in making it feel 'just right'.
I'll probably not part with the X-E2 since it makes a good back up to the X-T2 but I will have to refresh myself every so often…
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X-T1, XF 90mm @ 2.8, natural light…
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Ever since i had my first fuji x camera (x100) (today i have x-t1 + x-e2). I have used the electronic level feature and wondered when the implementation would be improved. For all these years nothing has happened.
Today (for me) is a choice between, clear nice screen without level information, or level information with a big fat line across the screen that disturbs my ability to compose.
Could the big fat line crossing the screen maybe be removed in the middle of the screen and kept at the borders (which tells the most anyway, because angle center is in the middle)?
That would give a clear view and enough information to get the level right.
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I saw a you tube video where for night photography, rather than using a tripod, it was suggested to shoot at high ISO in a burst mode and then "synch" the images in LR and export to photoshop where the layers are "aligned" and then "stacked" using a "median" or "mean" setting. But neither this technique nor using the Noise tab alone in photoshop seemed to do a good job for me in taking the noise out of the sky in high ISO images. can anyone recommend a good Denoise program?…
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I have used the auto save feature with me x-e2 for quite some time and have been very pleased with it. I have never had any problems.
I have just acquired a X-T1. The feature works as expected, expect when i have removed the battery for charge and i put it back in again, then the "PC AUTO SAVE" button in the playback menu is grayed out. I then have to repeat the process of setting up the camera with autosave.
My old x-e2 remembered settings when i changed battery
why does my new x-t1 forget the settings?…
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The castle of Horst, a medieval stronghold in The Hageland, Flanders, Belgium. Construction began in the fourteenth century. Today it is a reminder of our history and a link to the past. Went out at 4 in the night to capture the sunrise. Temperature dropped so there was some fog on the water. Ideal atmosphere for mystical pictures. Used the X-T2 and the 18-55 f2.8. It was very early, but in the end very rewarding. IMO there’s nothing that beats the light right after sunrise.
Fuji x 1.jpg
fuji x 2.jpg
This are some of the results
The first: ISO 100 ss 1/4” f9
The second: ISO ISO 200 ss 1/250 f6,4 This second picture was taken right after golden hour (but the sunlight was still warmer at that point then later during the day.)…
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I came across a good article while researching tips on how to improve color accuracy of images printed using Fujifilm SP printers when printing directly from Fuji camera (without using an interim phone or tablet)
The entire article is linked below, however, in a pinch, the author suggests using raw conversion with the following parameters : Velvia, boosting color (+1/+2), under exposing picture (-2/3 worked good for me), WB shift of -7 (towards yellow) and using Adobe RGB color space (during raw to jpeg conversion). I tried it out and my results were great using WB shift of -5 (best so far). Skin tones looked fantastic. I may try adding a bit of red in the future but since the film is expensive my experimentation was limited.
Would love to hear other's results.
Article: Instax Colour Tweak
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Iceland provides breathtaking landscapes wherever you go.
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Here is a shot with the xe1 , onboard flash , xf27 lens . Having some dinner in a very dark corner of the restaurant dining room . She is totally unprepared , even going to dinner was a surprise thus no makeup , nada.
victoria casa grande 3 - Copy (2).JPG
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Today I had to be in Edam, and I took the time for a short walk through the (small) city.
All with the X100T and Classic Chrome.
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My wife is envious of family members traveling the world. Do we ignore our own back yard in doing so?
I hope not.
Here is one shot yesterday in "my own back yard".
Tropic ditch ff (1 of 1).jpg
Most people we met, left their land to visit our back yard. Germany, UK, France, many US states, to name just a few.
Fujifilm X-E2 and XF 14. (The Nikon D800 had to stay home again)…
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Hi all.. I'm new so hello!
I wanted to know when I'm searching amazon for a thumb rest for my x100F i only get results for the S and T. Can anyone confirm the S and T thumb rests are still perfect for the F?
Thank you all! and Hello again!…
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I just returned from a 6000 mile roady trip starting in the PNW going to the SW and back again armed with only my X-P1 and 18/2. I also took along an adapted lens (Minolta 35-70) but after a few days I packed it away and went with just the 18. Most of the things we were seeing were big natural wonders (Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Bryce Canyon, North Cascades etc.) so the 18 seemed like a good choice. I liked the small size and the 18 has always struck me as a lens that delivers great images. I wasn't disappointed.
More details and pictures on the next post.
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I see canon sells a camera (EOS 5DS) which is not a medium format camera but has 50.6 megapixels, similar to the FGS 50S. While the canon camera is not a medium format camera it is less expensive. I am unclear what the day to day practical advantage is of a medium format camera compared to the non medium format, e.g., Canon, which has similar megapixels. Can someone enlighten me?…
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I have always been shooting JPEG Fine but last night decided to use the Raw setting. Now I see that Light Room 5 does not seem to recognize these files when I try to import them. Is this a known problem I was not aware of in view of my only have been shooting in "Fine" in the past?…
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The X-E3 will soon emerge…there are now cell-phone pictures leaking out!
So far, I’d believe the following features are in:

  • 24Mp sensor…16Mp sensor is passé.

  • 2.4Mp EVF…still hoping for a 3.7Mp version as used in the GFX.

  • X-Processor Pro…no one in the industry retrogrades.

  • Dials for Shutter/ISO, EV and of course Aperture ring [on lenses except the FX 27/2.8]

  • 1Mp 3”/articulated or joy-stick LCD, or 1.6Mp/joy-stick [as used in the X-Pro2]

  • Pic-in-pic digital Range Finder and Focus Peaking

And, of course, film simulation, CDAF/PDAF, auto this/that, Drive modes…blah, blah, blah… No one excludes existing FW features if supporting hardware components are there…
Personally, I need only direct access to Shutter, ISO, EV and Aperture, the rest I ignore or set once and forget.
I can’t do arm’s length photography, so LCD resolution is not important to me, but an articulated LCD is useful in very low-angle shots.
I MF by default, so AEL/focus-and-recompose…don’t need no stinking joy-stick. Magenta [R+B] Focus Peaking is my only wish…
IBIS is also rumoured to be in the works…hope it’s in time to make it out…others did years ago. If not, not a deal breaker, I’d continue to carry my trusty Leitz ball & socket table-top tripod.
I am pleading to Fuji not to go cheap…give us a one-piece metal chassis…like the X100, X-Pro and X-T models…please. I’d be happy paying the extra cost.
As I’d posted in other threads before, a 24Mp APS-C/4-micron sensor has the same resolution as a 24Mp FF/6-micron sensor…like in an M10. And I’d never succumbed to the mantra of seeing-beyond the frame…if there is any real room left in the FoV of a reverse-Galilean OVF… And that a 2.4Mp EVF is already beyond human visual acuity…at least in my matured eyesight…
Such an upcoming X-E3 would, once-and-for-all, kill my lingering interest in an M10……
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I notice in setting the image quality, there is for example L 16:9. 2601 and S 16:9. 10135.
My understanding is that the L is a larger image stored than the S? but what do the 2601 and the 10135 signify?…
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x-e2 with 27mm set to electronic shutter. Love the absolute stealthiness of this combination..
This was a heavy crop as she was well to the right of the frame.
Getting photos out of the grandkids.
Any feedback/suggestions gladly accepted.
iso 400, f/5.6, 1/450 sec. PP in luminar, black and white and crop, then a few minor adjustments in LR…