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I never use the function, but when I set the Screen Setup/Image Disp. on for testing, I get not one but three frames of the same image. Already quite weird. But weirder still is that when I put it to Off, I still get the same three frames review, but for only a fraction of a second. I'm sure I missed something somewhere and that there is a logical explanation, but what is it? Thank you…
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After shooting real estate last night and having a slow morning today, I completely overlooked the fact that I only brought my 20mm/1.8G attached to my D600 for a quick food shoot today and while I could've easily winged it, I'm glad I grabbed XP1 w/ 18/2 just in case since 27mm fares much, much better in these situations!
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Followed up a helpful suggestion from another member to use a 35mm lens to get roughly the same proportions for comparing a recent image with one I took well over half a century ago. The facade of the building has obviously been cleared of ivy and had a painting job. Unsurprisingly, the Fuji lens offers a sharper image even against one from a much larger negative - although it's probably an unfair comparison unless the b/w negative itself (lost) has been scanned.
Zeiss 105mm f/4.5 January 1961, from 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" negative (scanned print)
Dyffryn House, Jan 1961.jpg
Fujinon 35mm (f/1.4) @ f/11 January 2017
Dyffryn Fountain 2017 bw_edited-2.jpg
Anyone got any other examples of "Then" and "Now" images?…
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Vivitar Series 1, f2.5 macro on a Lens Turbo ii. Fuji X-T1.
Processed from RAW in Lightroom, then exported to Photomatix and re-imported for final adjustment in Lightroom.
Rockin' In The Snow.JPG
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My son just borrowed the X-T2 and he changed some of my camera settings. Now I have to go to the menus and make my own changes. Is there a way to save these settings so I can revert to it quickly…
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I consider myself pretty well set up now!
FUJINON XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R
FUJINON XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR
FUJINON XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS
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Just a simple candid street style snap taken at Folkestone Kent UK of a guy out on a paddle board with his dog.
X-T2, 55-200mm Lrns, 1/950th @ F5.6, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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Unless I'm confused (often the case) it appears my X-T1 files once converted to dng using X-Transformer can then be converted in CS6 including the use of the Fuji profiles like Velvia etc.
However, my X-T2 files do not appear to have this option and open with a proprietary IXv100b4 Iridient Standard (Fujifilm X-T2) camera profile. Any comments - please!…
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Last September, central market, Maastricht, NL
X-Pro2, XF 23mm/1.4, f/4, 1/500 sec, ISO 200
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Captured with my x100T, this 3 exposure bracket was processed using LR-->Photomatix Pro-->Nik Silver Effects Pro.
The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina is a fantastic hotel. This was the view from my room! No doubt I will go back someday.
Thanks for looking!
San Diego, CA USA.jpg
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I’m new to the Forum and having a great time exploring the capabilities of my X-T2 after leaving a Nikon D7000 some ten months ago.
My only slight concern is the use of the rear command wheel. It may well be my thumb (!), but when turning the wheel to make adjustments, I often find I have actually pressed the wheel so zoom in on focus. Do others have this slightly annoying problem? Or do you have any tips to help me avoid it happening? I don’t seem to experience any difficulty when using the front command dial . . .
I have tried wrapping a small, wide rubber band around my thumb which improves matters significantly - but is not an ideal solution long term. I have also ordered some rubber cashier’s thumb grips/needleworker’s thimbles from eBay to see if that resolves things. So if you see a Fujifilm user with a bright orange thumb, do come up and say hello!
Anyway, it would be interesting to hear from others about their use of the rear command wheel…
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Better in b&w. My challenge for the next week is only to shoot in this format.
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For those who are complaining about grey. :D
X100s, WCL-X100
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A crocus in a pot to remind me that there will be a spring, eventually. :):(:)
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Hello, a friend has asked me to quote a series of 8 images like this one:

I have limited experience with small Yongnuo 560 iii flashes in my X-Pro1. I'm thinking small flash guns may not be enough to fill scenes like this one.
Should I rent 400 or 600 watts studio strobes?
Thanks in advance!
Campaña Eqc 2018-3.jpg
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I feel that the whole photo community has become obsessed with sharpness and gear. I just feel like using only one camera and one lens for the rest of the year. It would habe been awesome to only shoot b&w, but I can't since my cat clients need colour for their purposes…
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This winter I spent five days on Safari at Serengeti National Park in Tansania. It was very rainy weather but still absolutely worth it.
My favorite were a herd of Elephants we met a few times. It is not allowed to leave the gravel roads and when animals move one can´t follow. Except looking where they may go to and see if there is another road in their path a few kilometers away and go there. This is what we did and so we had them passing us a few times.
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a few more in the next post. Regards,
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I am finding it very difficult to track BIF, especially using the mechanical shutter. It's slightly better using the electronic one but as soon as one hits the shutter the viewfinder image stops and starts making it very hard to track a moving subject in burst mode.
Where is the mechanical shutter? It's not in the camera body, in front of the sensor, or you'd see it when you take the lens off so it must be in the lens? Doesn't sound plausible to me?…
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Olinda, Victoria
X100s WCL-X100
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Mother, do you think they'll drop the bomb?
Mother, do you think they'll like this song?
Mother, do you think they'll try to break my balls?
Ooh, aah, mother, should I build the wall?
Mother, should I run for president?
Mother, should I trust the government?
Mother, will they put me in the firing line?
Ooh, aah, is it just a waste of time?
(quote Pink Floyd)
Dark Animal Portrait | Apenheul
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Taken today with X-T2 + XF 35mm f2 on the way to Brighton
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A (female) spotted woodpecker turned up today to get some gumballs from a liquidamber tree in my garden. Never seen such a visitor before and probably never again, since the magpies apparently resented the intrusion of their territory and chased her away- fortunately not before I had grabbed my XT1, switched lenses and took som pics.
18-01-18 2.jpg
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X-T2 + XF 35mm f2, couple of people just walking round Brighton.
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I recently add the 35/1.4 to my collection and have been testing it with my XE3. It feels like a balance made in photog heaven. Only I couldn’t warm up to the square hood, and if I wanted to use a CPL it would’ve been awkward. I just happened to have this round metal 62mm screw-on hood lying around, so I got a 52-62mm stepup ring and mounted it to the lens. Love it! No vignetting, and I can use my (already had) 62mm CPL, and adjust it by simply turning the hood. Dumb post I know, but I was bored and it’s too cold and windy to go out and shoot things right now. Here’s a couple of pics.
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After Heather's children gave up (Please login or register to view links) and headed back to the car I had a few minutes ( before she had to run after them) to photograph Heather without distraction. Heather who is a "Holistic Nutritionist" is undergoing treatments for stage three cancer and will be using these and other images in her campaign to let people know you can beat cancer and should continue to eat healthy and take care of yourself such as exercising etc during the battle.
Fuji X-T1, ISO 200, 35mm f1.4 lens
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I'm looking for acid free archival mats with a 9x12 opening. They are tough to find. Bought some from dickblick to find out they weren't truly acid free.
Where do you guys buy framing supplies?
Trying to avoid cutting my own mats as I need a lot.
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Noted X photographer Bert Stephani posted this in the GFX group on Facebook this a.m.
Just posting here as I do not know if he is a member of the forum...detective mode engaged.
Screenshot 2018-01-18 08.23.33.JPG
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Hello to all, Fuji user since may 2017 with a used X-T1 and 18-55 and many old/new Nikon lenses. Waiting delivery of the 23/2. In the past I've been a passionate nature photographer, more recently I just take photos for fun during my trips and my walks in nature or cities or... anywhere. Ciao Marco…
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X-E1, Kiron 28mm f2, Turbo II adapter. Cropped.
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Another image I captured at my Daughter's wedding. As I mentioned in my other post, I am not a wedding photographer by any means. I just thought that with everything going in this photo combined with the bubbles B&W seemed to work best. Processed in LR with Nik Silver Effects Pro.
Thanks for looking.
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Had a beautiful day near Hole in the Wall in Olympic National Park.
10 second exposure
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Anyone have experience with general repair costs on an X-T1? My EVF has a loose connection - if I squeeze both sides of the 'hump' I can often get it to work, but it's unreliable to say the least. Just uncertain if the repair costs are worth considering vs. putting the money towards an X-T2/3/X-H1 etc…
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Recently I stopped to work with this lens after I tried to update the firmware from 1.0 to 1.02. It happened an accident when I started the update. The problem occurs by my fault, I unfortunately interrupted the process because the battery fall down when I moved accidentaly. So, unhappy updated. Since then, that lens never works. It doesn't focus anything, and appears an error on screen Of Please login or register to view links, saying: " ! Please Turn Off the Please login or register to view links and swtich On again" and also blinking a red light near the button DISP BACK. I turned Off many times and started again at the beginning, but it doesn't work. I'd love to resolve this problem or get the old version of firmware Of this lens - FUJINON XF90 mm F2 R WR - The 1.0 - the old version - original - and trying again the update, but very very careffuly with a file ****.DAT in a Empty SD card and full battery, without any interruptions. I'm very sad about this, because I love this lens and it never
dropped down ... never. Only an accident happened when I was updating the firmware ... just it. If anyone knows how can I solve this problem, please: HELP-ME !!
Thanks for your attention. Regards…
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Travel photographer Mike Browne has been using a Fuji X-T1 for a little over a year now and has done a few videos with that body. Here he discusses and compares the 18-55 ( one of my favorite Fuji lenses of which I have one on each of the three bodies I may grab as I head out for the day) to the 16-55mm lens. Mike is just one of a growing number of professional photographers who are relying on variable focal length lenses (zooms for those born after 1970) for their professional work. Some will agree with what he says and some will not.
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Sometimes it doesn't pay to look in the mirror when you are cleaning your teeth. :D
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I follow instructions carefully. Charged battery. No lens. Formatted disk. Using good card reader. My current firmware is 3.4. I'm flummexed by the instructions that if you are using a Mac with Firefox that you must hold Command, Shift, and R key down. So I do that and click on download latest version for X-Pro1 and click agree to Fuji terms agreement. After that the downloading wheel in browser window whirls for up to 5 minutes.
So I tried just clicking on download proper upgrade for my camera and click on "Agree" and I get a download of upgrade that ends with .Dat. Drag downloaded file to memory card. Place card into camera and turn on camera and push Display/Back button and see window for upgrade from 3.4 but it does not state from 3.4 to 3.8, as shown in UTube demos. I click on "ok? and I see "BODY" and I click Ok. Then i get "New Firmware Not Be Found. Turn off camera." Tried this many times and same result. What am I doing wrong?…