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I know the X100F isn't reported to have the fastest AF (as compared to X-E3 or X-T2) and doesn't have AF tracking. But for those who have the X100F, is it sufficient for capturing KIF (Kids In Flight)? I'm not talking totally whirling dervish action, but just regular kids-running-on-uranium movement.
I'm considering the X100F as a complement to my D750 and want to know if the X will handle family kid candids in good lighting, and if the onboard flash will allow decent capture of always-moving kids indoors.
I know it's not a do-everything camera, especially with a fixed 23mm lens, but is the X100F ok for such candids as described above?…
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Wondering if this is a bug. When using the 'image display' setting (either .5 or 1.5s) with the OVF the image shown after taking a shot is very dim. If you review the image normally in the EVF the exposure is as shot.
This works fine on my x100f. Is this a bug in the xpro2 firmware or am i missing a setting somewhere?
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I made this image at a waste treatment plant outside of Boston on a clear, cool fall evening.
Fujifilm X-T2, 55-200 mm at 55 mm, f 3.5, ISO 200, 6.5 sec.
Processed in Silver Efex Pro 2
Deer Island plant.jpg
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Could a defective lens cause harm to a camera body?
I bought an open box lens from one of the big camera stores. When I put it on my camera the display just flashed until I turned the camera off. I turned it on once more and it did the same. I took off the lens and reattached and it seemed to work. But then I noticed very strong banding on my images. I tried my old lens and it had the banding too. I also noticed that the display had banding and flickering. After chatting with someone at the camera store he told me to take out the battery for 10 seconds and then replace it and try my old lens. That seems to have taken care of the problem with the camera. He said the lens was defective and gave me the info to return it. But, I can't help but wonder if it could have done damage to my camera though it seems to be OK at the moment. Should I still be concerned? (I have an xT10 and it was a 50mm f2 lens)
Thanks for any thoughts and opinions…
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my uv filter seems to have become welded to an adaptor ring...any tricks for separating them...have held adaptor ring with pliers and there is simply no turning the filter…
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I'm going to pick up one of these cameras soon. Major differences aside, I'm trying to narrow it down to relative IQ.
In general, how does the X100F compare across the aperture spectrum with the X-E3 at 23mm with either the kit 18-55mm or 23mm f/2?
Too broad of a question perhaps? I don't need hyper technical responses, just basic observations from those who've had or shot both. I'd think the IQ would be fairly similar due to each camera having the same sensor. I suppose the wildcard might be the kit 18-55mm lens?
Thanks for looking!…
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I got a rather peachy 50mm F1.8 M39 Canon Rangefinder lens, from the early sixties, amazing brass build and almost perfectly dampened focus throw.
Problem is using a M39 to M42 thread adapter and M42 mount adapter which I have successfully done with similar M39 Russian lenses and on the Canon the M42 mount adaptor behaves like macro tubes.
I'm assuming a Leica M mount adapter is the correct flange distance needed?…
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I had an R3 years ago and thought the lenses performed quite well. The lenses are dirt cheap these days on Ebay. Anybody have experience adapting the Leica R lenses to the fuji system?…
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The last couple of days I have been fixing both my laptops, as the Feature update 1709 totally screwed up the laptops. Had to wipe clean the drives and then re-install windows 10 back on both, and then get the 1709 update on, but on that I did it using the manual download, thank god both are now working fine, but in between moving about I have trapped a nerve in my shoulder, ouch…
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Just a simple snap taken at Kent UK of some Autumn Leaves & Berries that were part of a hedgerow.
X-T1, 18-55mm Lens, 1/140th @ F8, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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Hello, I am a new user of X-T2, wich I am coming to love very quickly!! Regards from Barcelona…
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If this has already been discussed on the forum forgive me, I did search and there were too many results to sort through relating to camera bags.
I opted for the T-X10 due the price and as we know it is not weather proof. I do have a camera bag where it comes with it's own rain coat to slip on should the need arise. I am thinking about treating my camera to a new home though with the holidays this year.
So I ask everyone, what is your favorite go to bag for your mirrorless kit? Pics are good too if you want to share!
And, what models are waterproof, without the rain coat?…
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Shot with single point AFC, SS 800-1000, ISO 1600, f2.8.
Thank you
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X-T2, 16mm 1.4. Spectacular combo.
Thank you
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I received my XF80 today. Updated - so far so good. Nothing worthy to post yet but I do think we are going to get along just fine. Now to learn how to macro. :D
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Will have to give it a better test run shortly but super slammed with work at the moment.
It isn't as big or heavy as I expected which is a plus…
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Is this whitebalance issue?
I use fuji X-T2 in different shots and its skin tones are off.
I used following settings:
Pro Neg Std with color -4 & Sharpness -4 & Highlights 0 & Shadows 0.
Whitebalance Auto.
Gopro I used Protune with flat colors and sharpness to low. White balance 'Native'. Skin tones are correct
I think issue with fuji is whitebalance. Any suggestion welcome. But in X-T2 we can set daylight 5600 or something else. There is nothing like "Native" what was in gopro.
Any comments/suggestions welcome
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During the later part of the evening we get a group of three Ringtail Possums running across the roof of our house. Our property, along with a few of our neighbours appear to be used used as thoroughfares since we don't have alot for them to eat. They must head further into our estate looking for fruit and plants in others gardens. They usually head back in the early hours of the morning to where they sleep during the day. I can't understand why they can't use the footpaths which the council provide :) They sometimes sit on our back fence for a few minutes before heading off for their nightly jaunt.
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Very well built (solid) and aesthetically quite nice...
(additional images)
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Playing with spatial perception...
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I love my Fuji X-T2 and XT1(s). But, RIGHT now, only 100-400 Lens is only choice if you want to reach 400mm (35mm equivalent). No other third party choices either! A few months ago, I decided to get 90mm & 56mm prime instead of 40-150mm. This combo was more expensive but I didn't like 40-150 for portraits.
I have 55-200mm but even with battery grip with X-T2 and performance in 'boost mode' and in camera settings too (300mm equivalent), it's too short and too slow for taking my boy skateboarding. There is nothing of XF quality after this... only 100-400. I wish Fuji or Third-party OEM makes around 300mm for Fuji system!
Currently, I am trying to setup my travelling kit to fit inside Lowepro Flipside 300 bag(s) and around 8-9kg all in. I take mostly landscape Panoramas, family portraits, actions and wide architectural photography etc. I am fortunate enough to have four different camera systems (Nikon, Olympus, Nikon 1 V3 and Fuji) to do the 'job' but I don't have medium zoom lens for action with Fuji right now and really frustrating me.
I went on holidays in Italy and Andalucia (in Spain) this Summer and end up taking Nikon cameras and left Fuji system at home. Still debating on 100-400 for Christmas but…
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I just read a review that says that the LCD screen can change functions/configurations when one's face touches it. Anyone experience this?…
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This is probably quite a basic question (so please don't laugh).
Can the remote App be used in place of a radio / wireless remote for doing long exposures (either on the Bulb or 'T' setting)? I only seem to be able to use it for standard / shorter exposures.
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I've been a satisfied Capture One user since late 2003, upgrading as necessary when I got new cameras. I currently have version 7, which worked with the cameras I've been using for the past few years, including my Canon 6D, Oly E-M5s and Fuji X-Pro 1. However, I recently acquired an X-T20 and C1-7 does not recognize its RAW files. I don't wish to pay $300 to upgrade to v.10, so I'm wondering if I could convert the files from that camera to DNGs, and then process them in C1-7. Will this work? If so, could anyone recommend a good, free (or cheap) DNG converter?…
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Just a simple candid street style snap taken at Canterbury Kent UK of a Muso receiving payment for a CD.
X-T1, 55-200mm Lens, 1/320th @ F5.6, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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I was convinced I wanted the X100F but I had the occasion to discuss the X-E3 with Fuji photographer Chris Upton and now I'm quite certain the X-E3 is a real contender for me.
It's a feature-rich, perfectly compact alternative to the X100F I was sure I was going to get. The lens interchangeability and the intriguing touch screen options (alas, no tilt) are exciting.
Regarding the X-E3, how does the kit 18-55mm perform with the new sensor? When I had it on my X-T1, I found it perfectly acceptable; nothing amazing, but a very good kit lens. I know the 23mm would make the camera very compact; I also know that although I want to become better with just a prime, I do like the flexibility of a good zoom. Ultimately, I’m sure I’ll pick up a stable of XF lenses, so it’s a matter of which one with which I’d want to start…
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After seeing a few images around from this lens I thought that for the low price of around £56 in the UK it was worth a try as with my 'adapted' lenses I only had a 28mm as a wide angle.
Overall I have been pleased with it - its a lovely little lens and sure it wont win any contests for edge sharpness but it still give some lovely results..
here are a few so far...
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X-T2, 16-55@16, f8, ISO 3200, 1/18.
An afternoon shot with light entering from the upper right, illuminating the statue of Mary on the left.
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Long-time Nikon shooter but the weight of the gear was killing me. I live in San Diego but I keep a place in Tijuana, too, and that's where I do most of my photography. (and no, I don't speak much Spanish!)
I made the jump this summer to a Fuji XT-20. I think I like it. Still hunting for that perfect lens/flash combo for the Fuji... I'm at the tail end of a multi-year shooting project of the redlight district in Tijuana where I used my Tokina 11-16mm, an SB600, and trusty old D90 99% of the time. This new Fuji doesn't make my neck ache at the end of the night but it also seems to focus slower and not as cleanly as my previous combo.
Hopefully I'll be able to get in the groove with my new Fuji and I'm looking forward to learning a few new tricks and tips on these forums…
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I’ve recently picked up a Minolta SR (MC/MD) mount Carl Zeiss Jena 75-300mm f4.5-5.6. I’d not seen one until I spotted a copy on eBay so for very little £s I thought I’d give it a punt, and I’m glad I did.
Here’s my album of test shots
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In a round about way I admit but if a NAS provider can do things like this why is there no decent alternative to Lightrooms DAM?
Taipei, Taiwan, November 20, 2017 - QNAP® Systems, Inc. today released Please login or register to view links, an iOS® mobile app that allows users to directly tag labels on photos from their mobile devices for personalized classification and more convenient searching on mobiles.
“In the digital era, we preserve our memories using our smart phones. With Photo Tagger, users can add tags to their photos for convenient and easy photo management,” said QNAP Product Manager Sherry Liao.
Photo Tagger is an iOS® app specially designed for adding tags to photos, solving the problem of the default “Photos” app not supporting adding tags or notes. Users can add self-defined tags to their photos before or after taking them, providing a smarter and faster way to manage photos. When users save their photos to their NAS, the tags are included in the file metadata for quicker and more efficient searching. Users can also create shortcuts to their most-viewed or most-visited photos by setting related tags as their favorite tags. A QNAP NAS is not required to use Photo Tagger.
Photo Tagger is now available from the Please login or register to view links for iOS devices. An Android version of Photo Tagger is currently in development and will be released at a later date.
System Requirements
Photo Tagger supports iOS 8.0 (or later). To fully enjoy Photo Tagger's features, it is recommended to use a QNAP NAS with QTS 4.3 (or later)…
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I've been researching Capture One Pro. I really like the sharpening and how straightforward the rendering of X-trans RAF files. My experience so far is that it is very well implemented as a photographer's tool (as opposed to having a strong graphic arts target population).
My impression was that it was an Adobe Photoshop competitor. The feature set seems to come up short in the layers and selection parts of photoshop that I'm used to.
I'm still looking for a more complete feature set listing but for me the economics don't quite work out yet.
So until I dig it out, how do the Capture One Pro users here rate it's importance and value to the post processing workflow…
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Hi All...I am shooting with an X-T2 with 2.11 firmware and on 2 shoots where I chose to capture in Fine+Raw there were a number of instances where the camera failed to make a copy in jpeg format saving, instead, 2 raw files named _DSFxxxx.RAW and _DSFxxxx-2.RAW. I used the 56mm f1.2 lens exclusively for each shoot. Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any thoughts on the cause/resolution? Thanks…
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Ok, I don't need another lens, but I do want another lens! However only ONE more at this time.
Have a look at my current line-up in my signature. So here are the ones that are tempting me. We all know the differences, so no need to point out that one is wider and another has OIS - just tell me which you would recommend for an "all around shooter"…