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I love shooting at the myriad of parades that take place in NYC throughout the year, and I spent several hours at the 6/25/17 NYC Pride Parade yesterday in Greenwich Village. There is something so deeply theatrical about these events that allows people to exude various sides of themselves and play to the camera in a way that they might not do otherwise. Virtually every single person that I want to shoot at these parades is both infinitely playful and very generous of time and spirit in allowing me and helping me to get the shot I want, and it's this interplay that I thoroughly love about street photography!

This is a marcher at the parade who, without a single word spoken between us, simply went into full tilt vamp performance mode, and it's my favorite shot of the day!

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With my beloved Konica 57 1.4 acting up I had been strongly considering selling the 50 1.4 to pay for repairs. I decided to give it one last chance to shine for what I had most wanted it for-gig photography. Since I have finally made the move to shooting RAW I thought it might give me a better appreciation of the lens.
And....over two days it delivered. Whether it was taking my time or more understanding the potential pitfalls or the increased DR from RAW I got some shots I was truly pleased with. With a bit of processing in Silkypix and Nik Color Efex, I was definitely impressed. I have to say, this lens renders skin tones better than any other lens I've used with the possible exception of the Jupiter 8.

Natalie Cortez Band at Torch Club. Sacramento, CA
The glowiness really suited this shot and I liked the outline of the tables blurred in the foreground.



Loose Engines at Blue Note Brewery 2nd Anniversary Show Woodland, CA


Garin looking up over his glasses at the camera


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I took a little walk with some friends on the streets of Los Angeles with the X-T10 - 16, 23(2), and 56. It was great catching up and shooting with some new to me gear.

by john matsu, on Flickr

by john matsu, on Flickr

by john matsu, on Flickr

by john matsu, on Flickr

by john matsu, on Flickr

by john matsu, on Flickr

by john matsu, on Flickr

by john matsu, on Flickr

by john matsu, on Flickr

[​IMG]FUJI3716.jpg by john matsu, on Flickr

by john matsu, on Flickr

Thanks for looking.
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Had a blast last week in Medellin, Colombia, enjoying a few days off with my wife. I shot a few street photos and here are some. PS processed for a bit more punch. All shot with my X30 in the P mode.
Velvia film simulation
P mode.
-2 highlights.

santa fe 8.jpg

santa fe 7.jpg

santa fe 4.jpg

santa fe 1 small.jpg

santa fe 5.jpg
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Three different looks on the same subject. I used PS to create the matt effect and add the titles. I also adjusted the levels very lightly on the first one and did a very faint almost imperceptible vignette on the B&W. Otherwise they are straight JPG's from the camera.
Velvia simulation.
A mode set at f11.
-1.7 exposure compensation on the last two photos to dramatize the saturated look.

lighthouse 1.jpg

lighthouse 2.jpg

lighthouse 3.jpg
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Hello you lovely people,

Could anyone tell me how to go about achieving the above?
Ideally I would like to use it to control the aperture or if that's not possible to disable it altogether.

At the moment I have a habit of trying to use it for aperture control and all I seem to be doing is changing the ISO, white balance, film simulation etc.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Spent the day at Classic Showcase in Vista,ca with the SD Jag club. Incredible restoration in process on E types (not this one) and others. Fun with X-T20 and 18-55, but still ,like XP2 best

jag paint-0634.jpg
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It was 105 in Portland.
X-T2, 50-140

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I gave up on ever hearing about an X-E3, so picked up a used X-T2 from Adorama for $1350 in excellent condition. I was surprised to see used T2s in good shape cycling through the used departments At BH, Adorama, and wonder if anyone has an inkling of an idea as to why? Just curious....nothing is perfect and the T2 might not be everyone's apple. Just seems strange to me, as I've been shifting to Fuji for a couple years now.

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So I'm going on a trip and will take my X100S with me, today I was testing importing raw files from a memory card to my phone and all the raw files import as 1920x1280 and without any exif data but all the jpg files I tested with came out as normal... Is there something that causes this in my phone (OnePlus 3) or is there something else could be done? Thanks in advance
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X-T2 16-55. Cranked up the ISO and shot at 2.8

I was on the wrong side of the plane so wandered to the forward galley to get these pics. :)



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Anyone shooting both? Just got the X-T20. Loving it but can see the usefulness of some of the features on the X-T2 - Weather sealing and slightly larger body when dealing with larger lenses. X-T20 size is great for walk around. Thinking of ditching my Canon gear entirely so will probably add some lenses like the 100-400. Any thoughts?
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A few light sprinkles of rain did not bother us as we walked in a little-used park just outside of town.




All from X-E2 with kit 18-55mm; probably used the closeup ring on the sweet peas.
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I've only had the GFX a few days and I love it, but today I was doing a portrait session. The guy had a blue patterned shirt on. The moiré was unbelievably horrible and the images took hours to correct. I shot with the X-T2 side by side, no moiré.

1) Are any of the rest of you having problems with moireé/aberrations?
2) Is this inherent in the GFX/MF systems?
3) Any way to avoid it?

This camera is cheaper than other MF's but still too expensive these images to have issues like this, very disappointing. I don't want to bring it back, but I didn't expect this.

I've read comparisons of this online, other cameras have the issue, but the GFX seems quite pronounced.

Sample image attached.

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Heavily visited and photographed location, but I had a couple hours extra while traveling in Portland for business recently. Had the Fuji X-T2 and 23/2 WR with me. Was raining fairly hard but the viewing area was still packed. The trail to the bridge was also very busy. Grabbed this with the assist of my stairway steady mount since I had no tripod. Very quick Fuji RAF to JPG conversion using Provia profile. Super light touch on shadows, +3 on vibrance in Lightroom, sharpen and output.
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Im looking for a cheap, affordable wideangle lens without sacrificing quality. I currently own the 35mm f2 and 50mm f2. Im willing to use a converter and use other lens outside of Fuji line. Ive heard good things about Samyang 12mm f2, but looking for something even cheaper. Manual focusing is ok.
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I have purchase 1 of the above adapters.
just unable to mount the lens onto the adapter.

line up the dots and turn the lens clockwise, there is a little movement then nothing.
did not wish to force...

any thoughts, all guidance appreciated

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Hi Everyone,

I know about the current deal for the grip but I only want the body. Does anyone have an educated guess on when Fuji will reduce the X-T2 price below the current (US) $1599? Is it still a year away? How long did they wait to drop prices in the X-T1?

I'm trying to convince myself to hold out a little longer.

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I have been using the XP-2 recently with the 55-200 lens as a walkabout camera to grab some nature shots and loving it.





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I have tried to do as many searches as possible. This forum has been a great resource thus far for a new (2 months) Fuji shooter.

I have the following as of today: Fuji xt-2 with battery grip, 18-55mm and 50-140mm 2.8 with OIS. I have a little bit more in my budget to get one, maybe two more lenses ($800-1000). Totally cool with used if I can find in good condition.

I am 70% photography and 30% video (non paying video, for fun). Lenses that interest me are:
10-24mm F4 OIS (wide and travel shots)
23mm f2 wr (35mm prime equiv)
50mm f2 or 56mm 1.2 (one great portrait lens)

I shoot family, friends, concerts, a few small weddings and occasional video live music performances. I would love to eventually have an 85mm equivalent for portraits. On my full frame nikon I had a 50mm 1.4 and it was fantastic, but I always wanted more reach. I have been really impressed by the 50-140mm.

Other than this, I am looking to round out what I already have with some really solid choices that could potentially be used for video as well (tripod and monopod). Any expertise/lens priority recommendations would be appreciated.
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The other night I was shooting with my X100F. The camera was set to store JPEG and RAW. Today I'm going through files and am not able to open the last 20 or 30 RAW files but the rest I can open. All of the JPEGs open with not problem. PhotoShop gives an error that reads "Photoshop cannot open this file". Lightroom just ignores the files.

Info that may be useful:

• I have all Adobe software updated to the most recent versions.

• The first file that will not open was taken within seconds of the file (and subsequent files) that won't open.

• At some point I noticed the camera started to take a long time to save files. I turned the camera off then back on and the slowness was gone.

• Last night the camera gave Write errors and would save nothing.

• All of my memory cards are always formatted in-camera, especially after I've backed files up to my Mac.

• The memory card works fine today.

Lots of weird stuff. I'm sure there's a solution.

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My first fuji camera was an X-E2, thank God.

I immediately fell in love with it's compact form factor and most importantly, the images it produced. After running through the mill of Canon bodies and the Nikon Df, I felt I finally found my camera. And I was happy...

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Until I saw there was an X-pro1. I don't know how or why I missed it before. Perhaps by then the x-pro 1 was considered obsolete compared to the x-e2 and x100T as my first time catching wind of it was a full 2 months after shooting w the x-e2.

I was in love. Man, the body is so sexy. Something about the optical viewfinder and the feeling of using it, I knew I just had to have it. So I sold my X-e2 and bought a second hand x-pro 1 (from a member here) and anticipated it's arrival. I was pleasantly surprised to find the camera in excellent condition. I threw on my 35mm 1.4 and started shooting right away. Instantly, I knew I made the right choice.


My images continued to sing. I would shoot w the X-Pro1 almost every day. Both for client work and also studio or street photography. But it's sluggish nature would sometimes bite me. Autofocus wasn't the best, but tolerable. I loved it so much, I shot a spec commercial for it that got 10k views in under a week because people thought it was a real spot for the next Xpro2. I even got a cease and desist letter from Fuji, prompting me to remove their branding, which I quickly did.

So when the X-Pro 2 was available, I jumped out of my seat! Improved autofocus, classic chrome, acros, oh my. In my mind I pictured the beauty of the X-pro 1 body but with the X-E2's quickness. I sold the x-pro 1 via CL and ordered the X-pro 2 from B&H, brand spanking new. I literally couldn't wait.

It arrived! I had already watched every youtube video on the planet and read line for line very review on b&h and amazon, so I knew what to expect. Loved the new position of the sd card slot, and my favorite new feature, the joystick. This thing was great. And oh, the EVF was much quicker. So I set out to shoot with this thing and after a few shots... I was not impressed. Wait, what? I mean, the images looked generally great... but they didn't have the magic of the x-E2 and X-pro1. So I shot some more... and some more. I had a fashion gig coming up and used the x-pro 2 with studio lights. Still, to me, the images were just 'ok.'

Then I noticed something... all the x-pro 2 images had this sort of pink cast. I could go into a whole other post on this here, but in short... after 2 trips to the fuji repair facility, phone calls back and forth... they found nothing wrong with my camera. But how, I said... it's obvious something is off w the white balance. The X-pro 2 has a tendency to increase the reds in anything that's also in the red channel. I sent them comparisons and still they said the camera was completely fine.

And then I stumbled upon this on Fuji vs. Fuji: Fuji X-Pro2 vs. Fuji X-Pro1
"I do need to bring your attention to the colour red, however, particularly in the third set of comparison crops. The X-Pro2 appears to be suffering from a loss of detail, or simply a blown red channel."

Ah ha! So someone else sees it. I even posted a thread on here: Pink skin

Here's the video I sent to fuji after they sent my camera back to the me the first time.

Was there something wrong with my camera or was it a fuji thing? So I went Samys and played with their x-pro 2. Same thing. I went on Flickr and even browsed some of the posts/images on here... same thing. Every image taken with the x-pro 2 had a pink cast in the skin tones and everywhere there was true white, unless there were obvious tweaks in post. However, I continued shooting with the camera and adjusted the white balance offset , with mixed results. This was ok for a while, but whenever I looked back at the images taken w the x-pro1 and X-e2, there is so much magic and quality to the images I simply did not see in the x-pro 2.

Whatever fuji did to produce this new sensor, it's just not the same mojo to me. Now, I hate this camera. I haven't shot with it in weeks and today I threw it on Craigslist. I don't care about the upgraded features like more mega pixels or dual card slots or even the quicker EVF. None of it matters... because I hate the pictures I'm taking with this camera. I hate that I spent $1699 + tax when I was very happy w my ($400) X-Pro1. I hate that this camera is different and not the X-Pro 2 I was expecting. Sorry Fujifilm. I still love you, but I hate the X-Pro2.
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Female red-winged blackbird...

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I rarely shoot "wide" - I'm more of a short tele guy (85mm on FF) - but every once in awhile it's fun to take my little Zeiss/Contax 28mm out for some exercise. Contax lenses are extremely well-built, and beautiful in their teutonic simplicity and understated style. The 28/2.8 is one of the heroes of the Contax CY line - critically sharp at all distances, even at f/2.8, and it focuses down to .25m/10" with very smooth and pleasant bokeh "for a Zeiss".

All with a Sony A7ii and all at f/2.8.

West Elm store in the new Empire Stores mall that is built in a restored tobacco factory in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

West Elm doorway.

Shinola Watch store sign at the Empire mall.

Close-up of the new all-weather ping-pong tables at Pier 2, Brooklyn Bridge Park. Already chipped...

One º15 Marina at Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge on the distance.
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The violent power of nature is giving way to nature's resilience.

Desolate Beauty.jpg
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I have my XT-2 with two SD cards #1 set to RAW, #2 set to jpeg. When I use the trash button to delete photos only the RAW files are deleted. How do I delete both the RAW and the jpeg?
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While in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we went out on one of their fabled Black Cab Tours.
The cab driver had identified in the past with one faction or another, but didn't say which.
He gave us a history of the troubles leading up to the Good Friday Agreement (1998), including how some of his own family and friends had perished.
This wall was put up to separate adversarial communities, but people with ill intent would climb over it.
So the authorities added a second tier, over which rocks, bombs and Molotov cocktails were thrown.
And that brought the third layer to be built, bringing it to its current height.
The wall stands now as a remarkable piece of urban art, a memorial, a dire warning and... a source of income from tourists.
X-E1 with XF 27mm f/2.8. Aperture priority, f8, ISO800, 1/800.

Belfast - The Wall DSCF3441.jpg 50%.jpg
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Parked in my street this morning!


X-T2 + 23mm 1.4 @ 1/250 f8 ISO 200
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X-Pro2, Revuenon 55mm f1.2

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I was out to get fuel yesterday and called in at a viewpoint that offers stunning views and is a good place to photograph changing weather.

There was a team with this car taking some still and drone images and when they were finished I asked if I could grab a few images, they were more than happy to let me do that and even moved the car into the positions I asked them too.

What a stunning car and friendly people and once more the little X70 did a stunning job in delivering images I am happy with.



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Most of the time I shall be shooting RAW only. I now have the camera appropriately set for this, with variables such as colour space, WB etc set according to my preferences. Can I now save all this as one custom setting accessible with one button press, so that if I change anything (deliberately or accidentally) I can easily get back to my own settings? If so, how do I do this? And can I name the custom setting?

Thanks for your help,
Does anyone know which specific leaf shutter lenses can be adapted to the GFX?

Any experience using them?

Limitations? AF performance?
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Hi, I had this problem while working on some corporate portraits with my Nikkor 105mm f1.8 at f2 on a Sony full frame body.


At first I thought it was the lens, but a deeper lens shade didn't resolve it.

I then got some black felt, on adhesive backing, for putting on the feet of furniture. I stuck it in the throat of the adapter, with the following result.





Total cost of fix - $2. :)
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