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...for Fujifilm X-A1, X-A2, X-A3, X-A10, X-E1, X-E2, X-E2s, X-M1, X-Pro1, X-T1, X-T10 : Addition of compatibility with XF80mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro
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I seem to have taken this image by accident when photographing autumn foliage in Japan. I guess I had my camera pointing downwards as I moved along a path. I only cropped it a little to remove a couple of half leaves. I like the varied colours and shapes.
Leaves 1.jpg
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Does anyone know if its possible tu use aperture priority with one of the FN personalizes buttons instead of the ring lens or command dials.
Its looks like a strange question but its importante for underwater photography because the underwater housing I want to buy does not give me acess to the command dials or ring lens! Thks…
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Is there any way to check the actuations on th gfx . thanks…
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I have been informed by Silkypix developer ISL that Globell BV is no longer selling Silkypix through the .eu website. If you try to buy, nothing is added to the shopping cart. ISL have directed me to the ISL Online Shop, but I am indirect communication with Japan on the upgrade process from Pro7 to Pro8 for myself. If you want to communicate with ISL, use the email address They will respond, but the time difference introduces a day's delay, at least for me in the UK it does. They are very helpful…
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Bangkok, Thailand
Fujifilm X-E3 / 27mm f2.8
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I'm new to digital camera's itself. Until now I only used black/white analog photography on medium and large format Please login or register to view links as an art. So color is also new to me :) I still find a silver based baryta print which I develop myself having more soul and depth than a digital one (sorry for that).
Bought a second hand X-Pro1 2 weeks ago.
I want to use this along with my analog gear. Often I am in the woods, seeing things happening but always to late with my 4x5 field camera to shoot. So for this I want to use this camera.
I already got some answers about using this camera with manual lenses. Great.
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Does anyone know if Markins makes a plate for the X100F? Or who makes a plate that will fit a Markins Q-20?
(I've emailed Markins- just haven't heard back yet)…
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I’ve read a lot about Fuji lack of flippy screens and touch screens on certain models and how bad that is. I was just reading some on my new X100F and thought about something...
What advantage does the flippy, touch screen have over using camera remote features via cell phone or tablet?
Not trying to be argumentative, really wondering. I haven’t really found those features super on cameras I have/ had and don’t miss them on my XP1 or now the X100F. Haven’t had a great deal of time to mess around with the Fuji app yet besides transferring images…
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Three from a trip round some London Tube stations today:
Canary Wharf:
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All XT1 plus Samyang 12mm…
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I looked through the archived threads and saw some older suggestions, but am wondering what folks are using to protect their X100 series body (specifically the F, if there's any discernable difference), and what single hand strap they are using.
I've been using the Please login or register to view links (can't find mine right now!) on my Nikon and previously on my X-T1 and it works well. It doesn't get much in the way of style points, which is fine by me. But I'd like to know what other options people are using.
Regarding the cases, I'd like something that will protect the X100F when I put it in a backpack or camera gear bag. I'm not sure I want to get Please login or register to view links, as I want to keep the form factor small, but I can be convinced if people think it's the most comprehensive way to go. Ideally, I'll keep the hood on (assuming the JJC hood is reversible for storage on the camera when not in use).
Does anyone feel the need to protect the camera with a half case while shooting?
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Xpro 1 , 35mm f2, iso 500, f11, 1/60th
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Does anyone use a lens protector on their X100F?
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Just a simple candid street style snap taken at Brighton Sussex UK of the ball entering the basket during a game of basketball on the seafront.
X-T2, 55-200mm Lens, 1/1900th @ F5.6, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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Just looking on the Wex site and see they have dropped the price on some lenses. £250 cashback on 50-140mm, 35mm f2 £ 369 and 50mm f2 is £449…
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Hello all,
On the X-Pro 1, I use auto iso a lot without worrying about accidentally moving the exposure compensation dial. When I set both aperture and shutter speed manually, and the iso to auto, the exposure compensation dial does not affect the iso. Whether the EC dial is turned to +2 or -2, the value in the camera system is always 0.
However, on my X-T1, the exposure compensation dial will change iso when iso is set to auto. The other settings are the same, manual aperture and shutter speed.
I'm used to the X-Pro 1, and never paid attention to the EC dial when shooting with auto iso. Now with the X-T1 , I have to be careful with the EC dial. Like the attached image, many photos were accidentally 2 stops darker during a trip. Are your experiences the same? Thanks!
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Pretty first ...
Goofy to follow in comment upload :)
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Twice since owning my XT-2, it has given a false charge status. Meaning when I viewed the battery level in the viewfinder, it indicated that the grip batteries were fully charged and the camera battery was down just a little. Literally seconds later I happen to notice both grip batteries were shown to be fully depleted. It took turning the camera on and off several times before the indicators once again displayed the batteries back to charged. Anyone else experience this?…
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I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
I know that I have much to be thankful for.
It is my hope that you all do as well.
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What's the toughest shot you try for? What makes it so hard?
Post a shot, and explain why, if you like.
Here's one of mine:
Night, movement, bright light.
I do a lot of night shooting. I also love shooting trains. Sometimes, I like to combine both.
This was shot with my X-T2, with 90mm. It's close to what I wanted, but not quite. Nice to know that besides being an absolutely amazing lens, it's not too prone to flare.
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Saw this in my neighborhood today, and had to stop. It was so beautiful and it sure beats snow! :D
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Had my X-T2 with me and saw this stormy sky so I️ headed up to the beach and struck gold.
This is my first attempt at flash with the X-T2. It's not going well so far. I tried taking some shots of my wife's collection of Nutcrackers to send to a friend who also collects them. I put the TT350 in the hot shoe and set it for TTL. When I tried to take a picture, the viewfinder blacked out as soon as I achieved autofocus. I must have to adjust some settings on either the flash or the camera. I did search the forums before I posted this and couldn't find anything like this discussed. I hope someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. BTW, the flash worked great in the final file, but I just had to shoot blind which won't work for most things…
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My Wife and I went to Christmas at Kew this evening - a sound and light event where you wander through the gardens at night. Wow - it's really very very well done. Of course I took along the X-T2 and the 56mm f1.2. Normally my photography annoys my wife - but she was just as bad snapping with her iPhone tonight. Really worth a trip for anybody nearby. To top it off there's Mulled Wine for sale everywhere and a huge Hog Roast Sandwich for a tenner. What more could you want?
I'll try to post more pictures later - but work is really busy right now - so only time for this one quick image I'm afraid. But there are loads of different areas each with different styles of lighting etc. - including drawing Christmas themes with lasers on the water fountains. I just wanted to post quickly in case others might want to book tickets. It's open for a while I think but gets busy.
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I’ve been a Fuji X user for three years. Several camera body additions and upgrades. Keep accumulating battery inventory. (Prob have 12 or so batteries) I shoot both hobby and for work with different setups. Have not been keeping track of battery age. Do I need to? Do they have a shelf / recharge life. Newest ones a month old. Oldest could be three years.
Just use and forget? Anything to be aware of in battery charging and usage cycles…
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Is it just me, or are Fuji X lens prices slowly creeping upwards?…
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So far, so good. Handheld jpegs - small 3mb files to iPad No fancy lighting - just went on the deck and snapped away with the X-T20
First impressions - size / weight not as bad as I thought. AF is snappy in good light. Subjectively I don't think it is as fast as the 50-140 or 16-55 but that is pure speculation. IQ seems up to snuff. I think we are going to get along just fine.
Works well with the 16mm extension. Focus peaking is very handy but I found it easier to focus by moving the camera back and forth. :)
Looking forward to learning how to do the macro thing.
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Posting this mainly because I've been happy with the Multi-Mount Holster 30 (but I of course wish I'd purchased it at this price). Still not cheap, but...... : Please login or register to view links
FWIW the Holster 30 will (snugly) hold an X-T2 plus battery grip and 100-400mm lens. It's what I took to Alaska this year and will take to Zambia next year.
-tom a…
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So I went to the mountain today walking after the rain.
Photos taken with the X-T10 + 23mm f2, edited with Capture 1 and Photomatix for the 1st one (bracketing)
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I'm new to the forum and wanted to say hello and share some of my experiences with the X-T2 and particularly the MCEX-11 macro extension tube.
I have a small blog and over the Summer I posted about this and thought some people might find it interesting. Please login or register to view links
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I'm relatively new to the Fuji system but have been using the X-T2 for a few months now. Looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning from others.
I've also started posting bits on my blog as a sort of diary - Please login or register to view links
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Shot with X-T1 this past August on a month long canoe trip with my wife. We paddled from Northwestern Ontario to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba. This was a three exposure blend. ISO 200, 18mm (18-135 mm Fujinon lens,) f/16
I understand that roboshoot has suspended it's operations and is basically out of business. I'm just beginning to work with it with my nikon 900/800/600 and have lots of questions. If there are any others that want to have a discussion group, great. If not if there are any experienced roboshoot members that would like to offer a hand, I'd be greatful.
Happy thanksgiving
george whitson…
I understand that roboshoot has suspended it's operations and is basically out of business. I'm just beginning to work with it with my nikon 900/800/600 and have lots of questions. If there are any others that want to have a discussion group, great. If not if there are any experienced roboshoot members that would like to offer a hand, I'd be greatful.
Happy thanksgiving
george whitson…
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Here are a couple of photos from my trip to the Joint Security Area (JSA) last month.
The blue building on the left is the conference room where negotiations take place. The big building in the background is the North Korean base where running NK soldiers can be seen on this video Please login or register to view links This took place around ten days after our visit.
The second photo is inside the conference room. The soldier is ROK (Republic of Korea = South Korea) and is stationed against the door through which North Koreans enter the room. He is there to resist any attempt by North Koreans to snatch visitors, as they have tried to do in the past.
The line across the table indicates the border between North and South Korea. We were able to step into North Korean territory in the room, so, by a couple of metres, I have added NK to my list of visited cou