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Bridge at night.

Discussion in 'Street-City-Architecture' started by DaveKennedy, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. DaveKennedy

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    Jan 28, 2018
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    Hughesville, Pa

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    So I'd hoped to go out and get some photos of this bridge in Jersey Shore (Pennsylvania). The stars weren't there but I figured I'd see what I could get anyway. I used a few lenses to get some different looks and settled on trying to see what the abilities are of my newest lens a Kamlan 50mm f1.1. Lens flare on this lens is noticeable, but I don't mind it. Chromatic aberration is also evident on most frames but I'm willing to work with it because I think the lens will have some character that other lenses might not have. This info about the bridge is copied from a webpage about the bridge, "Bridge in Porter Township is a historic lenticular truss bridge spanning Pine Creek at Porter Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1889, and is a single-span bridge that measures 287 feet (87 m) long and 20 feet (6.1 m) wide."
    Information about the image is, 25 second exposure, 800 ISO, about f2 (it's a click-less aperture ring). I took about 10 frames before I got this image with nice rim-lighting that lit the "bones" of the bridge nicely I think. All images taken with my Fuji XPro1 in fine, jpeg mode. No sharpening, no hocus-pocus or photo stacking fakery. Just a jpeg with just a hint of overall lightening in Photoshop 6.
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    Aug 3, 2014
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    Really good :)

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