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Critters of the Grand Canyon

Discussion in 'Wildlife-Nature' started by CWRailman, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. CWRailman

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    Jun 20, 2015
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    Though there are signs in various places around the Grand Canyon warning people not to attempt to attract, pet or feed the animals some of these critters are bold enough to come right up to the visitors and appear to be well aware of the treats available to them.
    Fuji X-T1, ISO 200, aperture priority, 18-55mm lens all at 55mm with various apertures and shutter speeds. As shown here, all at least 100% crop because unless you have food in your hand you cannot get really close to these critters without them running off and they are quite quick. This is one reason I always use a zoom instead of fixed focal length lenses. In several of these cases I had just taken a shot at the wide end of the focal length and a few seconds later after a few steps one of these critters appeared and they do not stick around long enough for you to be changing lenses etc. nor do they acknowledge your requests for specific poses.

    This critter seems quite proficient at getting treats and is in need of a weight reduction program.
    Grand Canyon 2017 227.jpg

    The post behind this critter which is munching on a potato chip is about 10 inches in diameter.
    Grand Canyon 2017 614.jpg

    Grand Canyon 2017 576.jpg

    Grand Canyon 2017 574.jpg
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    This one is from Yellowstone, and shot with a Pentax 18-55mm kit zoom - but shows a shocking disregard for the "Do Not Feed the Wildlife" signs.
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